Things to Make for Holiday Gifts

December 4, 2019

Every year, I pull out preserves, make some snacks, and work up a collection of baked goods to create gifts for neighbors, friends, and Scott’s coworkers. There’s so much joy in giving gifts made with love.

Occasionally, I even take the extra step to prettify my jars and personalize them for the receiver (though I can tell you, that’s not happening this year).

In the decade that I’ve been writing this site, I’ve cataloged a multitude of my favorite seasonal snacks to give away, as well gift guides for fellow canners and cooks to use for inspiration (or perhaps inspire others on behalf of your own canning adventures). Enjoy!

Edible Gifts in Jars

One simple gift is that of homemade granola; it’s perfect for breakfast, tossed into a backpack for the busy student or on-the-go commuter, or just lazy, wholesome snacking. Bake and gift this Salted Maple Walnut Granola, Maple Chia Granola, or Coconut Quinoa Granola to one of the busy bees in your life.

For those who are keen on baked goods, Jan Hagel Cookies, Ginger Spice Delights, or these Salted Rye Cookies make great pairings for all hot drinks poured in this time of year. The Salted Rye Cookies in particular are buttery, sandy, and ideal for dunking. For pastries, try this homemade Rugelach with a batch of applesauce, or this Cranberry Orange Scone Mix.

For people who prefer to tread on the savory side of life, these Handmade Spice Blends would be a lovely, personalized addition to any cabinet. If you’re gifting someone with a sweet tooth and a taste for old-school recipes, a jarful of Rocky Road Candy is guaranteed to please.

Likewise, for all things sweet and savory, brittle or boozy, check out this previous round-up of sweets and treats. This post includes, to name a few, Pumpkin Seed Brittle, Burnt Sugar Toffee, Oven Toasted Caramel Corn, Roasted Chex Mix, and all sorts of drink mixers for your to bring along to holiday parties (never underestimate the pleasure of homemade syrups and shrubs).

Of course, it can go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. Any of the preserves on this blog make excellent gifts! Gift the preserves you have an excess of, or whip up a versatile favorite, like this Holiday Berry Jam; for more seasonal inspiration, check out these pear, apple, and cranberry round-ups.

Finally, we’d love to hear what you’re making and giving this season! Feel free to share your links in the comments!

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