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April 9, 2013(updated on April 24, 2023)
Put 'em Up Fruit cover

Oh friends, I am very excited to share this book with you! It’s Sherri Brooks Vinton’s newest work and I have a feeling you are going to love it. Called Put ’em Up! Fruit, it is filled with recipes on how to preserve fruit and then use up those preserves. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your jams or chutneys once you’ve made them, this is the book for you.

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I have long recommended Sherri’s first book (Put ‘Em Up) to people looking for a comprehensive canning book and I’m happy to find that this new edition is equally useful. The first 40 pages of the book are devoted to setting canners up for success.

There are tips on kinds of fruit that work best for preserving, a definition of terms, detailed information on pectin, a primer on achieving set for jams and, of course, everything you need to know about safely canning your food.

Put 'em Up Fruit introduction

From there, Sherri moves her readers into the recipes. These are organized alphabetically by kind of fruit (it starts with apples and ends with tomatoes). Within each section, there are both recipes for preserves using that fruit and recipes that help you use up that preserve.

This means that the recipe for Classic Cherry Jam is nestled up against a matching one for Sautéed Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction and the Dried Apricots (done in the oven) are paired with Wild Rice Salad that features dried fruit.

Put 'em Up Fruit cherry ancho chili jam

I’m looking forward to cherry season, so that I can make the Cherry Ancho Chile Jam and the Pulled Pork Tacos that feature that preserve! Sherri has made several videos to go along with this book. They’re fun, because you get a chance to see her make a preserve and then use it right in a recipe. There’s also one there that features the basics of boiling water bath canning, which is certain to be useful to some of you

Put 'em Up Fruit back cover
Disclosure: Storey Publishing provided a review copy at no charge to me. I was not paid to run this post or say nice things about this book, I just happen to think it’s pretty darn great. 

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591 thoughts on "Cookbooks: Put ’em Up Fruit"

  • Favorite, but infrequent, use for jam is on kolaches. Most often, it is just added to home made yogurt. Yum! Altho, pineapple jam on vanilla ice cream is pretty good, too!

  • I make a rustic tart of sorts: pie crust coated with apricot preserves, carmelized onion and the creamy cheese of your choice. From time to time I add other things, depending on the type of cheese I use, but that’s the basic recipe

  • Favorite use for any jam, savory or sweet:

    Jam + cheese + cracker. Or, when I’m feeling saucy,
    Jam + cheese + bread and grilled.

  • I have never experimented with using preserves in recipes, other than spread on toast or English muffins…looks like I really need this book!!!

  • Easy dessert bites!

    I cup graham cracker crumbs, a little melted butter – mix til it holds together in the palm of your hand – adjust butter as needed. 2 TBSP of crumb mixture in the bottom of each cup of a silicone mini muffin pan and press with the back of a spoon.

    Cream together a pkg lite cream cheese and a squirt of agave nectar – set aside.

    Put a dollop of low-sugar blackberry preserves on top of crumbs, press down with a spoon. Top with cream cheese – spread cream cheese to sides of mini muffin cup.

    Refrigerate dessert bites and when ready, just pop them out and set on a doily on a plate.

    They taste rich and creamy with minimal calories! Everybody loves them!

  • I really love using raspberry jam when making dressings for salad. It gives that perfect fruity punch to dressings. I also love to use apple butter baked on pork chops. So yummy!

  • i love jam on warm, freshly buttered toast! i also enjoy experimenting with preserves in savory sauces and marinades. yum. ^_^

  • I did a batch of plum jam that didn’t set, but tastes delicious! I throw it into my plain yogurt for instant plum yogurt, yum! 🙂

    Gorgeous book, I am so excited to get my hands on a copy! 🙂

  • I’ve been making my own yogurt recently, and putting preserves in the bottom of half-pint jars with it.

  • I use raspberry jam in thumbprint cookies and also like to stir a dollop of jam or fruit butter into my oatmeal.

  • I love to use homemade preserves in my rugulah. But there is nothing better than good old peanutbutter and jelly.

  • I bought her previous book on your recommendation, can’t wait to see this one! My favorite way to use preserves in a recipe is my mother’s recipe for Marmalade Cookies.
    The original recipe calls for orange marmalade, but over the years my sister and I have made them with a variety of jams .

  • I made peach butter last year, and it was perfect in the rye crumble bars in Kim Boyce’s “Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours.” Outstanding.

  • Lately, I have been on a kick using my cinnamin-cardamon apple butter in my banana oatmeal muffins. Also like to throw pepper jelly into the mix when I am making chicken stir fry…a nice sweet and sour flavor.

  • I combine a fruit syrup, sauce, jam, etc. with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes to make a salad dressing.

  • Plain on toast is my absolute favorite but I also like a dollop of jam with vanilla Greek yogurt, a few slices of fruit and a handful of homemade granola.

  • Mostly on toast, which is an every-single-day occurrence. I also love to use my apricot jam when cooking a pork roast. Delicious!

  • I love the first Put ’em Up — binding is falling apart!!! Jam in yogurt, on toast, out of the jar with a spoon…

  • My favorite way to use a nice tart jam like apricot or early golden plum is to spread a thin layer between dough and streusel in my great grandmother’s teased coffee cake.

  • I just had a wonderful sandwich at an Austin, TX restaurant with strawberry jam, sprouts, cheese, and chicken breast. It was amazing and I’m looking forward to making it at home! I also love yogurt with homemade jam of any flavor.

  • I love the first Put ‘Em Up book! My favorite way to use fruit in a recipe is the classic orange or lemon chicken. A half pint of marmalade and the chicken is fabulous.

  • I like to turn plum or peach jam into barbecue sauce (it’s awesome on pulled pork!). Other preserves mostly get eaten straight from the jar or spread on toast.

  • I make what my kids call “jam squares” as a go-to recipe when I need to take a quick dessert somewhere. It is cookie bar with oatmeal & brown sugar & butter 🙂 They think it’s best with plum jam.

  • I am absolutely still trying to find something that I like to use my jams and jellies in, because I don’t love PB&J enough to use up my jam fast enough that way 😛 I’ve considered trying to make jelly donuts, actually, but I’ll have to find a suitable recipe (I have a bit of an egg allergy).

  • I take jam flavors and jam “experiments” that I make that aren’t that popular with my family and make them into dessert bars (shortbread crust with jam in the middle and topped with an oat/brown sugar crumble). The greengage plum jam that my daughter said was “Gross” made delicious dessert bars that she gobbled up!

  • I like to melt my raspberry preserves, hit it with a shot a balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over chicken cutlets.

  • Oatmeal tends to be the most common use of my jams lately but I’ve recently started using a nectarine jam in stir-frys. Occasionally, I’ll use them in vinaigrettes.

  • My mom used to make a simple, delicious, food storage dessert with her canned peaches (I make it now too!). It involves a pat-in-the-pan crust, the beautiful canned peaches, then a custard made with some of the fruit’s syrup, eggs, canned milk, and cinnamon.

    I might have to make one for dessert tonight. LOL

  • I think the reason I need this book is because I DON’T have a favorite preserve recipe. I love fruity, savory foods though as a general rule, so this seems SO up my alley.

  • Most of my preserves get eaten on bread, biscuits, in PB&J, etc. My family does like it when I make mock turnovers with crescent roll dough and preserves.

  • simple, but true– salad dressings. there’s always a bit of preserves in mine. and so much better than the store bought varieties.

  • My preserves are used with good crusty bread, a bit of cream cheese and a good cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning! On those special days, I’ll do a quick cheesecake and layer the preserves on top! Hubby thinks I’ve slaved away all day! 😉

  • I just made a strawberry margarita jam to spread over a margarita cheesecake and it was a hit! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  • I love putting a few dollops of fruit preserves into my waffle mixes, to make a sweet, fruity waffle.

    It’s also great to put a spoonful of raspberry jam or strawberry jam into a mojito before muddling, to give it a fruity flavor!

  • I use my peach jam or preserves in a marinade with serranos and shallots with s&p and olive oil for chicken overnight, grill it and then create a dipping sauce with the same ingredients on the cooktop, plus a bit of white wine vinegar to cut the sweetness – fantastic sweet & spicy dish – pairs great with grilled peaches and sauteed spinach. Yum! Can’t wait for good peaches this summer!

  • I made cherries in vanilla bourbon syrup. The cherries are good in cocktails and I use the syrup to make homemade sodas with. Yum!

  • Just using up some fig jam with a pork roast. Got to make room on the shelf for the upcoming season!

  • I usually mix jam in my morning oatmeal or use it for sandwiches. Creative I know lol. I need this book!

  • I can’t think of a time I’ve used fruit preserves other than on bread, in yogurt, or on crackers with cheese. Dried apples got put into granola. And frozen picked blueberries go into everything, but mostly corn muffins, so that’s probably the closest I get to using “fruit preserves” in a cooked recipe.

  • I have her other book and love it. As for my favorite way to use fruit preserves…mostly just to slather onto bread. I did love using my applesauce in your applesauce cake recipe, though. That reminds me, I should make that again!

  • I love putting jams on toast or on top of cheese as an appetizer. But I also like cooking pork chops in the crock pot with cranberry preserves and a sliced orange, served on top of wild rice.

  • I have become obsessed with tomato jam (and tomatoes are a fruit!). It is a breakfast staple — toast, tomato jam, and a fried egg!

  • I LOVE the first put em up – this new one looks awesome! My favorite way to use preserves in a baked good is in a jam tart…super easy and delish!

  • I like to stir your Pear & Vanilla jam recipe into oatmeal. I don’t have to add anything else other than some chopped pecans for a yummy breakfast! Gee…is it morning yet?

  • No recipe, just add fruit jam to unsweetened plain yogurt. Oh my, delicious!! Or put it on chicken, almost never fails.

  • Christi Jorden over at Southern Plate has a recipe for Baked Peach Oatmeal Pudding, I sub my canned apple pie filling cut the sugar and wow is it great.

  • I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now and recently checked out your book from the library. You’ve inspired me! The last time I canned I was in my very early 20’s and was a follower of the philosophy “less is good – more is better”. Needless to say I haven’t canned since; my massive canning projects had me convinced that canning is a all day all encompassing process.

    Now I would love to can again – in small batches. However, I have one little issue. I now live in a third floor apartment with no central air. I live in a climate where one month out of the summer (2 weeks if I’m lucky) is miserable but the rest is liveable and so I put up with it and enjoy the energy savings.

    So here’s what I’m wondering, is it worth canning if I have nowhere cool to store the finished products. My apartment gets to the low 90’s in the July afternoons. Will the canned food deteriorate rapidly in this environment?

    Any input or tips you can give would be much appreciated!


  • I adore those buttery oatmeal bars with a layer of strawberry jam in the middle. My mom made them when I was a child and now I make them for my kids. So delish.

  • Oh, I love Sherri’s first book—my copy is dog-eared and even has a couple of splatters (whoops). This would be great!

    Lately, I’ve been using fruit preserves to make a sauce for my latest fascination, Jell-O molds. Whisked over a low flame with a little liqour, juice, or even water, they make a pretty and tasty addition to jiggling things. 😉


  • Oh my gosh, I just made these amazing jammy ginger-oatmeal bars (think a gooey oatmeal cookie but in bar form with ginger, cardamom, and a layer of spiced peach-plum sauce), and they were the best! I’ll be blogging the recipe soon.

  • I use plum or pomegranate preserves as a glaze on ribs. I also make a spicy plum sauce to serve with roast pork tenderloin.

  • I’m excited that this book is out. Put ‘Em Up is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see what else she’s come up with. We generally just eat jam as jam, but sometimes also use it as a middle layer in a cake or stirred into a marinade. Thanks for the great review of this book! winterwrens at gmail dot com

  • Aloha from Maui,

    I think this book is so brilliant to offer canning recipes and then a way to use what you can. So glad someone thought of this!

    I use my mango chutney mixed with cream cheese for an appetizer plate when I need something in a SUPER hurry. Served with veggies and crackers it’s a hit every time and takes no time at all.


  • Lemon curd layered between coconut cake or raspberry rhubarb jam with candied ginger scones. Yum…so many, how to choose.

  • I love marmalade in my pork stir fries. I make one with oranges, lemons and tangerines that has that bright taste that sets of the taste of a crispy pork short rib. Then top it all with tangerine sections and toasted almonds.

  • My favorite way to use preserves is either on yogurt or on top of chicken. Some preserves of any flavor on top of chicken in the crockpot is just magic. Not really sweet, but just enough to give plain chicken yummy flavor.


  • I just discovered over the weekend the the apple preserves I put up last fall make a very tasty crisp! It’s today’s favorite use of a fruit preserve : )