Canning Book: Put ‘Em Up (+ giveaway!)

Put 'Em Up

One of the things I love most about the fact that canning and home food preservation is gaining popularity is how it’s meant an increase in beautifully designed, thoughtfully written and downright inspirational books on the subject.

Put 'Em Up

Take, for instances, Put ’em Up!, a new release by Sherri Brooks Vinton. The book bills itself as “A Comprehensive Home Preservation Guide” and covers not only canning, but also drying and freezing. And truly, after spending several days paging through this hefty number, I think she’s managed to cover just about everything you’d want to know on the subject.

Put 'Em Up

I’m particularly smitten with the line drawings they’ve used in place of illustrative photographs. Though I like a pretty food image as much as the next girl, I could see how they could be distracting when your primary goal is to convey deeply useful information in a crisp and intelligible manner.

Put 'Em Up

This isn’t to say that there aren’t any photos in the book. You’ll find pages like this at the front of each section, each featuring a number of quirky and colorful examples of what you could make, should you choose to pick up a copy.

Put 'Em Up

Don’t you just love this two-page spread on how to make fermented pickles! It’s just so helpful! As you can tell, I have something of a crush on this book. Call it my canning companion of the moment.

If you’re thinking that you’d like to make a copy of this book yours, leave a comment on this post. Tell me about your favorite pickle and do it before Tuesday, July 20th at 11:59 p.m. (I’ll be closing the comments at that time). I have two copies of this book to give away (provided by the publisher), so your chances to win are even greater than normal (and, if you don’t win, I’d still recommend picking up a copy. It’s less than $14 on Amazon).

Let the giveaway begin!

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560 responses to “Canning Book: Put ‘Em Up (+ giveaway!)”

  1. Alas, my favorite pickle is always one that someone else will eat for me. πŸ™ But I do love the idea of pickles! Plus, I really want to get better at canning/preserving. I’d love to be included in the drawing. Thanks!

  2. Just started canning!!! Have made saurkraut and pickles and these are my favorite sort of stuff in a jar. Basic and delish!

  3. The book looks fascinating–full of fun AND facts! I’d love to win one so I could add a pickling book to my cookbooks. My favorite pickle is pickled beets–like the ones my grandmother used to make, but I’d hurt feelings if I didn’t mention my fondness for pickled green beans and kimchee.

  4. My favorite pickle is a spicy (hot) bread and butter pickle. I have not tried to make these yet but there is a lady in the office kind enough to bring me a jar whenever she cans…

    Thanks for your great blog!

  5. oooh! how to pick my favorite pickles…opened a jar of last season’s pickled beets — golden beets, a kind of old-timey recipe with clove and cider vinegar. so good. but man. refrigerator pickled sugar snap peas, dilly beans…really, anything. i’d love to win this book.

  6. I just took a quick class and started to learn how to can things this spring. I am still trying to master the crunchy pickle (though the limp ones are tasty), and could definitely use this book in the learning process! I’m definitely looking for some out-of-the-ordinary ideas.

    My favourite that I’ve made are dilled carrots. I absolutely loved pickled carrots and had no idea until the class. So tasty and a great snack.

  7. Pickled grapes! and I am having two friends over tonight for a pickling party (going traditional – cucumbers and dill for the first time). so your post is apropos.

  8. Bread and butter pickles are my favorite, hands down. I’ve never made them, but will be making them this summer as soon as the cukes start showing up at our local farmers market. I’m rather partial to pickles in general and this week made my very first Dilly Beans (Ball’s Blue Book Guide to Preserving) and quick refrigerator zucchini pickles ( YUM.

  9. Ugh, I fail at reading sometimes. My favorite pickles so far and pickled carrots and pickled beets. I haven’t given homemade pickles a chance yet (hate storebought) and am intrigued to see how they’ll turned out.

  10. I’m partial to Bread and Butter pickles also but would love to try a spicy version that Stephen refers to above… Sounds tasty!

  11. my all-time fave is a sweet amish dill pickle my mother in law got the recipie for at a garage sale!! a keeper for sure. πŸ™‚

  12. My mother once found a jalapeno bread & butter pickle at a local farmer’s market. They were excellently sweet and spicy. I loved them to just snack on, and they were great chopped up in tuna. We’ve been working to re-create them. πŸ™‚

  13. I am not a huge fan of pickles, but I love making them for other people! Right now, I’m working on a pickle project for my anniversary, where I’m making as many different types of pickles as possible for my Jewish boyfriend πŸ™‚ This book looks awesome!

  14. I made fermented dills 2 years ago and we just opened our last jar a week ago. The batch was one of dozens over the century or so that the 5-gallon stoneware pickle crock has been in my family. So that’s my favorite!

  15. Lovely crunchy bread-n-butter pickles from an Ed Bruske recipe. Three days of liming, brining, and canning, but so worth it.

  16. My favorite pickles? Whatever jar I just opened! lol I love to make pickles and eat pickles…such a great snack and way to fill out a lunch for hungry kiddos (and I have quite a few of those!) But I love making my grandma’s sweet pickles. They soak in lime for a day and are super crunchy. I don’t add the green food color like she always did, but I always feel so connected with her when I make them…and eat them! And I love making my other grandma’s cucumbers and onions. We make a big batch every week when we come home from our CSA and the kids will pick at them while I make dinner each night.

  17. Pickles and tomatoes are my focus this summer…..I’ve never made them before! So I can’t really tell you yet which my favorite is. πŸ™‚ I do like pickle relish though. And swee’pickles in chicken salad!

  18. Hope this doesn’t get me tarred and feathered, but I hate pickles. I’m trying to expand my horizons, though, and hope this book will help me do just that. My husband adores pickles, and I love to make them for him!

  19. I made pickeled asparagus this summer for the first time and really like it! Would love a canning cookbook, I just bought my first one last month but need more recipes to choose from !

  20. I can’t get enough of my spicy garlicky pickled green beans! I made 40 jars last summer and just have 2 left. Good thing it’s almost time for green bean season!

  21. My favorite pickle of the moment is a simple pickled red onion–because it just adds so much to fish tacos or fajitas.
    Honorable mention has to go to Lebanese pickled turnips.

  22. Last summer we picked all of our lemon cukes and made a bunch of fridge pickles. We also had some very hot homegrown peppers on the vine so we put some of those in there. They were spicy, crisp and absolutely delicious!

  23. My favorite pickles are spicy garlic dills, slices or whole. I just made 6 pints this past week and simply cannot wait until I can crack one of the jars open. I’m also developing a fondness for pickled green beans.

  24. Sweet Ginger Cantonese Mixed Pickle. I mix up a big (1/2 gallon jars) batch this time each year, and add to the jar in my fridge all year long. Oh, and Quick Brined Dills with extra garlic, and traditional fermented half sours, and dilly beans, and… Ok, I like pickles too much. I hope I win this book, since it is not yet in my repertoire!

  25. My favorite pickles are my mom’s recipe for Dilly Beans: the most delicious pickled green beans. I’ll share the recipe if I win!

  26. My absolutely favorite pickle is the Bread & Butter recipe from Marilyn Kluger’s “Preserving Summer’s Bounty”. I thought it was just me but when I started getting regular demands for it I knew it was a classic keeper!

  27. That book looks wonderful! I would love to add it to my (slowly) growing canning/putting up book collection.
    Hope you’re staying cool in Philly!


  28. I love a spicy garlic dill pickle most of all, but I also enjoy the sweet gerkin on ocassion. I would love this book though, I’m making cherry jam this weekend!

  29. Pickled beets, dill and bread & butter pickles, green/yellow beans with lemon & rosemary, taqueria truck carrots, and so much more. Looking forward to doing some cherries from the ad hoc book and
    British style onions. Enjoy your blog; keep up the good work!

  30. My favorite pickles are my my Grandmother’s Bread and Butter pickles. Growing up they were served with nearly every meal. Thanks for all your great book recommendations. If I don’t win I may just have to buy this one too!

  31. OK, so it isn’t my favorite pickle: my mom once put up her own pickles, but didn’t use quite the right brine. They were so salty and sour that they literally made your eyes water and your jaw tighten! πŸ™‚ It was like 10 movie theater pickles all in one bite! This book can teach me how to NOT follow her example!

  32. When I was eighteen I worked at a lovely little cafe and we bought pickle spears in five-gallon buckets. I can’t remember where they were bought from, somewhere in the US, but oh man were they good. The big buckets would be kept in the walk-in fridge and when the bucket was first opened they were as crispy as a cucumber, smashing!

  33. I love a garlicky dill pickle most of all, but I also love delicious Middle Eastern pickled turnips, bright pink from beet brine.

  34. I have an undying love for anything pickled. I’m partial to spicy, garlicky pickled asparagus but have never made it myself and won’t buy it because I’ll eat the entire $7 jar in one sitting. I also love that Italian Garden mix with carrots and cauliflower and peppers. I’d love to try my hand at making my own!

  35. Add me in! Bread and butter pickles are my favorite “traditional” pickled item…after that I love all different veggies pickled, especially in the winter. Its like a little summer tucked away!

  36. I have been looking at books to get me into canning and putting my own spoils away. This looks like a great book to do just that.
    Love your site & fallow you on facebook… Thanks for being a great source for us newbies.

    4449 S. Corbari Ave Boise ID 83709

  37. Without a doubt, my Babci’s ogΓ³rki kiszone (Polish fermented pickles). Sadly, she passed away in October and I doubt I will ever have them as good as she made them, but I’m going to give them a try.

  38. Pickled Asparagus also gets my vote. My mom used to make it when I was a kid and now that she can no longer make them for the family I have started making it. This is my first year canning in 20 years, (since I got married and moved away) I am loving it. What I learned is that I don’t have to do 100 pounds of everything like my mom did, (we lived on her canning during the long hard winters) now I am able to can for enjoyment. I am constantly looking for books about canning and any that you could recommend would be much appreciated!!

  39. Mustard pickles! They are absolutely delish and they have the added bonus of reminding me of my dear departed mother-in-law who I adored. I aspire to find a recipe as good as hers!

  40. My very favorite pickle is the pink pickled ginger that you get at sushi restaurants. This year I am growing some purple shiso herb (the plant that makes the pickles pink), in the hope of making some pickled ginger of my own

  41. Oh, I have been wanting this book! My husband is OBSESSED with your garlic dill cucumber pickles, and I like them too. I also enjoy a good pickled beet with black pepper and caraway.

  42. Definitely has to be pickled carrots. I use a simple brine then drop a slice of jalapeno in the jar with the carrots for a perfect spicy kick. Love them!

  43. My favorite pickles are bread and butter anything. But the thing I am most excited about trying are the grape pickles in Molly Wizenberg’s book.

  44. Pickled Asparagus! This year my boyfriend & I canned it for the first time and used a recipe that was different from the standard ‘dill’ pickling I find most of the time. They are so scrumptious, everyone loves them but we are reluctant to give jars away as we have been coveting them…maybe next year πŸ˜‰

  45. My favorite; the pickled hot Mexican carrots that you get brought to the table at most Mexican restaurants in the West. I make jars of them and we always run out before the next harvest.

  46. Sadly, I have never had a pickle that wasn’t a grocery store dill, unless you count the quick pickles that they serve as appetizers at down-home restaurants in Japan. I’m about to try pickling a surfeit of CSA turnips, though; maybe those will be my favorites??!

  47. Mmmmmm! I didn’t like pickles until I started making my own, now I can’t get enough (of my own or anyone elses). My favorites are pickled beets, half sours, and quickles!

  48. Ooh, that book looks awesome, and I have been wanting to try preserving.

    My favorite pickle is probably pickled ginger, actually. I can’t get enough of that stuff!

  49. My absolute favorite pickles are the small sweet crunchy ones. LOVE THEM! I would also love to win a copy of this book. πŸ™‚

  50. just made ’em today: pickled red beets! I’ll post about it next week. They are a PA Dutch/Amish favorite, and we marinate hard boiled eggs in the leftover pickle juice. Yum.
    Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  51. I am a simple girl, my favorite pickle is a standard crunchy dill pickle. (spicy carrot pickles are a second fave)

  52. I quick-pickle carrots all summer long. Not only are they refreshing (and hey, even healthy) and fun, but it’s a great way to suck the last of the flavor out of spices that have seen fresher days.

  53. I love pickles of all kinds — like the mixed jar at momofuku noodle bar. Also, the “new pickle” at Zingerman’s deli. We’re just hitting cucumber season here. I can’t wait to get started.

  54. It’s a toss-up between pickled beets or bread and butter pickles. One year I made b&b pickles with zucchini. They were great! I’d love to win the book, I’ve just started canning again.

  55. My favorite pickle and the only ones I make are form my Grandmothers recipe for Kosher Dills.The Kosher part always makes me chuckle since my Gram was from N.Dakota and a form Lutheran.
    My favorite pickles from these jars are the ones that have set next to the whole chilies,they are super zippy.

  56. I love all pickles!!! This week however, I am making bread&butter pickles, as that is hubby’s favorite! Garlicky dill’s after that! Yummm!!

  57. In general, I am anti-pickle, although I do love pickled chile peppers on nachos and I’m getting fond of my Tigress Can Jam-inspired pickled shallots. My husband is the pickle LOVER in our house, so I pickle many a veggie throughout the summer.

    Book looks fabulous; always nice to have anything canning reference.

  58. I love a good crunchy garlic dill spear. I love dills on sanwiches of all kinds. I like bread and butters, but I LOVE dills!

  59. I love the pickled carrot slices they use to garnish the hummus at the Pita House. Also, although I don’t really like okra as a general rule, homemade pickled okra is fantastic!

  60. You know, I always think pickles are going to be less work than jam because you only have to bring the liquid to a boil, but packing the veggies in the jars can be so time-consuming. That being said, I do adore dilly beans and I love how people react to them. I put up pickled asparagus in late May but haven’t cracked open a jar yet. I’m excited for those.

  61. I’m a new canner and would love this book! I love bread and butter pickles. I could eat way too many in one sitting which is why I generally don’t keep in my house:)

  62. My favorites from last year are made with the “End of the Garden” recipe from the ball book. I made them with yellow squash and they are a revelation! Great on green salad. Kids love them, really they do. Will definitely use that recipe again, it has dry mustard, ginger and apple cider vinegar, a really different taste. Hope I win that book, it looks great!!

  63. New books are always great.

    I’m partial to my grandmother’s olive oil pickles. Easy, no processing needed, and they keep well forever.

  64. I love sauerkraut, but my favorite summertime pickles are pickled grapes! Sounds weird, but they’re amazing πŸ™‚

  65. My grandmother made bread-and-butter pickles that were out of this world. The recipe is lost (she wasn’t known for being a great cook, and her pickles were a notable exception), but it’s just as well for they were far too sweet than I’d be comfortable making.

    Looks like a great book! I’ve been poking all over the Internet today: the dehydrator is stuffed with herbs, cherries are awaiting pitting and canning tonight, peaches are in line to be turned to peach butter… Yum.

  66. i love pretty much anything pickled, but for the real “OOH tasty”, it’s a pickled asparagus spear in a bloody mary!!

  67. I don’t like cucumber pickles, but I do like kimchee (spicy Korean pickled cabbage). We don’t tend to can it because it just keeps getting more sour over time. My husband really likes garlic dill pickles.

  68. I love dill pickles!!! Right now I am canning all kinds of pickles. I can’t wait to try all the different receipes in a few weeks when they are finally ready. Would love to have this book πŸ™‚

  69. The only pickle that I’ve made before last week has been pickled garlic. I made a few jars of garlic dills and one of dilly beans last week from my CSA leftovers – hopefully they will be good too! I’d love to learn to make bread & butter pickles…

  70. 30 years ago I begged and pleaded endlessly until I got a friends mother to give me her 14-day sweet pickle recipe. Oddly, I have never been a big fan of sweet pickles but these! They are crunchy-sweet with just the right herb & spice mix. Once someone tries them, they beg & plead endlessly and shamelessly for the recipe – who knew?

  71. My favorite is the one I can’t duplicate. My mom was a master as pickles and preserves. I’ve tried a dozen different recipes for mustard pickles and none of them even come close to those she made. Sweet, crunchy, mustardy, tangy. Cucumber, cauliflower, carrots, baby onions. Makes my mouth water. And makes me sad that she’s no longer here to make them.

  72. Well, (un)fortunately, my favorite pickle has to be zuchinni pickles…. why? Because its the only thing that I have have success with, both in the garden and in the pickling. All other pickles that I have tried my hand at, have turned out less than edible…and have been unceremoniously fed to the chooks.

    By the way, I’m in Australia, and p&h would be VERY expensive, so whilst I would like to be considered to win the book, it just would not be economically feasible for you to send it here!

    Bye for now,

  73. I’ve yet to really delve into pickles… we made a quick spicy dill pickle the other day with some of our CSA produce, and for someone who has never liked store-bought pickles, it was darn tasty! I am very much looking forward to learning more about different homemade recipes.

  74. My favorite pickle of all time is a Watermelon Rind Pickle. I have yet find one that can compare to those my grandmother used to make! I have just started pickling things this year and can’t wait until the watermelons ripen!

  75. My favorite are spicy pickled carrots and my friends love my pickled dilly green beans. Can’t wait for the weather to warm up here in Seattle so the veggies are ready for pickling!

  76. All time favorite pickle came out of a giant barrel that looked perfectly aged in a little hole in the wall pickle shop somewhere on the Lower East Side of NYC. It was eaten early in the morning after a night of too much booze and it tasted like heaven…..My life’s mission is to either find that store again or to replicate the taste in my own kitchen. So far I’m waiting on the cukes to grow….

  77. I have a library copy of this book and will CRY when I have to return it. It is so beautiful and I srsly want to try every recipe in it. My favorite pickles, being the only ones I’ve made are fermented cukes. I really want to try garlic and carrots this year too.

  78. I’ve been waiting for this one to come from the library! My favourite pickle are little gerkins, especially served in tiny crystal bowls with shrimp forks. So cute and yummy!

  79. Oh what a great looking book! I adore kosher dills. I’m notfond if sweets but will make the family recipe for them as a special surprise at the holiday season. πŸ™‚

  80. I like good old fashioned dill pickles! Sometimes a little spicy is nice too πŸ™‚ Thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  81. I love making my mother’s 10 day sweet pickles. It gets involved, many jars on the counter for several days and the syrup is so sticky–but oh! so worth it.

  82. It’s hard to choose just ONE favorite pickle, but my favorite at the moment would have to be pickled turnips! I first tried them at a Middle Eastern restaurant and I was instantly smitten. Even my kids love them πŸ™‚ I’ve made two batches using some turnips and beets that came in my CSA a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still perfecting my technique. I’m also new to canning in general so I’d love to win a copy of Put ‘Em Up to add to my arsenal of information!

  83. Well, my favorite pickle that I’ve ever made was a delicious sweet/spicy red onion pickle. absolutely delicious, but could not hold a candle to my all-time favorite pickle–a spicy pickled cucumber from a coworker’s wife. I got her recipe, and am now anxiously waiting for my pickling cukes to ripen so I can try it!

  84. I like Japanese pickles – my mother decided not to do them so my daughter made them – but she likes spicey!

  85. My favorite pickles are dill, but I only like the taste – the consistency gacks me out so I very rarely eat them. But I will suck all the juice off a dill slice every once in a while. πŸ˜€

  86. My Great Grandma Bessie’s PUCKER PICKLES!! We are still looking for her recipe and she passed away over ten years ago! We love you Bessie, and will always remember your fantastic pickles, even if we can’t recreate them πŸ™‚

  87. Favorite pickles . . . hmmm . . . can I do top three? I love a good garlicky dilly bean (the better to stir a bloody Mary, my dear), spicy pickled carrot spears, and pickled green tomatoes top the list. Also love full sour koshers. I’m hoping to make a bunch of these myself this year!


  88. Hmmm. I haven’t met a pickle I don’t like yet. But, the peach pickles I made last year are the current favorite – spicy, sweet, and sour all in one! Yum!!

  89. My favorite pickles are bread and butter pickles. They’re great on a sandwich and perfect with cream cheese wrapped in a slice of salami.

  90. Did my first canning last summer, started with pickles and they turned out great. My pickled Jalapeno’s turned out awesome, but are about all the heat I can handle :).

  91. My fave pickle by far is the bread and butter pickles my parents have been making since before I was born! I have no idea where the recipe is from but they’re so crisp and crunchy! πŸ™‚

  92. I love tiny French cornichons. I haven’t tried to grow my own cornichons so that I can pickle them myself, but someday…

  93. My favorite pickles were the ones that this place called Jaybird’s BBQ used to put out on the tables when I was little. The restaurant shut down a long time ago and I haven’t been able to reproduce them. πŸ™

  94. My favorite are the sweet & sour pickled red onions recipe you posted a while ago – I make em every couple weeks and eat them with almost everything!

  95. My all time favorite pickle is a crispy garlic dill. I just canned my first batch ever the other night and was actually successful! Here’s to years more of canning & preserving!

  96. I’m a good Southern girl, and I’m hoping the watermelon rind pickles I just put up last week will be my new favorite! I’ve *gasp!* never tried them before… I’ve been canning like CRAZY… and I couldn’t BEAR the thought of wasting those beautiful rinds, so in the jar they went! SO anxious to try them! πŸ˜€

  97. I canned some pickled asparagus this summer and it turned out so sweet, but pickled carrots was a very good surprise. My favorite is a dill pickle spear, cold, and with a little bite too it. I look forward to your posts and awesome blog!

  98. I am not a fan of pickles usually, but currently I am pregnant and my neighbor makes bread and butter pickles that are to die for! I used her recipe last year and ended up giving most of the pickles away to a friend… and now I am wishing I had planned better and kept them myself!

  99. To be honest I haven’t met a pickle I didn’t like. I make sweet one, dill, garlic, and hot pickles. Sounds like some cool new recipes in the book.

  100. I have a confession. I hate cucumber pickles. With a passion. We just don’t get along. That said, I can eat pepperoncinis until the cows come home. Anytime I find a Greek or Italian restaurant that has them, I always ask for a bowl of those lovely peppers, and devour them until my fingers and chin are stained with brine.

  101. Pickled Pears! I made a dozen pint jars of these with my grandma last summer and they are perfect for adding a little zing to a salad, spicing up a drab turkey sandwich or just cutting up to have with a mild cheese. Delish!

  102. My favorite pickle is pickled beets. I also love spicy pickled okra! And our pickled cucumbers aren’t so great, by my husband’s grandma makes GREAT bread and butter pickles.

  103. Oh lordy that book looks wonderful. I have a particular weakness for spicy pickled okra. I would love to learn more things!

  104. My favorite pickle is really a spicy pickle relish that I make. I had it to everything from egg salad to hot dogs.

  105. I love canning, cooking and gardening books…. I have not seen this book before and would love to add it to my collection. Pickled food is delish and something I have yet to try but would love to do it this year (I will send you a photo of my finished products if I win it! and perhaps send a photo even if I don’t win it). Glad I found your blog; I am so sensory I love your food and jar photos. Thanks for taking the time to share with the world. Sally in Seattle

  106. my favorite pickle is the first type i made(escabeche? i think it would be called), spicy carrots and serranos, i was scared that i did it wrong and poisoned us all but luckily they were great and we survived my first pickles. i really need to make more of those things.

  107. My favorite pickles are bread & butter pickles. Not too terribly sweet, but not sour. I lost my love for all things sour when I had my first son…I can’t do them anymore πŸ™

    Thanks for the chance!!

  108. Pickled carrot sticks are what sustained me during my pregnancy. I enjoy pickled foods normally, but, man, I really had a hankering for anything soaked in vinegar.

  109. Thanks for the generous giveaway! I really enjoyed your dilly beans recipe, which I made last year. Otherwise I just make a simple dill pickle – delicious!

  110. I love all kinds of pickles, but I really love pickled eggs. It sounds so gross to some people, but they’re just awesome when they’re homemade.

  111. I canned dill pickles for the first time last year. They turned out wonderfully! They’ve been my favorite, and the only ones i’ve eaten all year. I used a spice mix that I don’t quite remember. I’ll have to track it down for a repeat this year. I’m also wanting to make my own bread and butters this year. Yum.

  112. My favorite pickle is Bread and Butter Pickles. They remind me of the years I lived with my Grandmother. I guess I think of them as love in a jar..

  113. I love pickles that come in my bloody mary or on my burger or with my sandwich. I also love pickled beets that come in my salad. Mmm pickles!

  114. i love me a giveaway! and i’m going to be canning my own pickled carrots this weekend! wahoo!

    but, my favourite pickles are my husband’s grandma’s bread and butter pickles. OMG so sweet, crisp, and delicious. YUM xo

  115. I love dilly carrots. i made a batch last year and they tasted just like a cucumber pickle! pretty amazing. i am intimidated of fermenting pickles, but i think i will give it a whirl soon

  116. My favorite pickle is made by someone else. I have yet to acheive pickle perfection myself. Several times a year we head out to Lopez Island, home of Linda’s Pickles. LOVE!

  117. My Mom’s Bread & Butter pickles were the best. Just thinking of them makes me salivate. Like no others. Now she can’t find the recipe (she moved). Sad….

  118. My favorite pickle is something a local coffee shop makes with whatever veggies they have on hand. They’re beautifully colored, very fresh, with a tangy bite, and just a teensy bit of sweetness to the brine. The one constant, though, is jalapenos! These pickles are just spicy enough to be fascinating, and I love them! The shop ended up needing to sell them by the bowl, not just as a condiment, because so many people were requesting them.

    I want to work at the shop just so I can get the recipe.

  119. Hands down, my favorite pickle was consumed in the late summer of 2004. It was a homemade jar of pickles given to my boss. I remember being skeptical, like why would I want to eat just a pickle? All by itself? And it’s homemade? So what?

    Oh. My. God. It was incredible. I don’t know what kind, or who made it, or how, but sweet jesus. I’m pretty sure it was a bread and butter pickle? I think? And it was so sugary and crunchy and crisp and mmmmm. Pickles. I can still remember it to this day.

  120. My father makes a traditional Lebanese turnip pickle. It’s sour and spicy and crunchy, and he puts beet in the brine so it colors hot pink. They sit in a jar in the fridge forever. He makes them at least once a year, and we eat them at his house with cheddar cheese, cornichons, olives, and crackers.

  121. Traditional Polskie Ogorki pickled cucumbers. YUUUUUM!

    When I was a kid and I first discovered pickles, I fell so completely in love with being sated by that crisp, dill-infused flavour and satisfaction that I kept going. I just ate pickles all the time. Compulsively. Nothing and Nobody could restrain me.

    And then….. BAM! I developed an allergy to my beloved pickles… that’s right, I had OD’ed on my favourite food to the point of physiological rejection. I was devastated, nibbling on my most delicious delicacy resulted in an intense and downright ugly breakout of hives. Itchy, ugly, painful hives. My best friend, also a pickle addict, taunted me while she satisfied her own urge. I was dill-pickle-green-with-envy. Oh how I wanted to sink my teeth into that flavoursome, vinegary, salty treat. But I couldn’t.

    So for years, I abstained. I never forgot what my favourite food was like, but I couldn’t allow myself to partake in its’ immense enjoyment. And I pined for them, oh pickles!

    Happily, my childhood allergy expired. And now I eat them every day. And pickle them every chance I get. That’s how much I love pickles. I would dearly love to add a very special-looking book to my collection… all in the aid of furthering my pickle-rich experiences.

    Viva La Pickle!

  122. My favourite pickles are bread and butter cucumbers. My great aunt used to make them all the time and they remind me of my childhood

    Thanks for the prize!

  123. The favorite pickle I’ve made has been pickled garlic cloves with Serrano chilies. These have been requested over and over from the friends I have given them to…I always give away what I create, be it quilts, pickles, jams or cakes.

  124. Dilly Beans of course….well to be honest I don’t think I have ever met a Pickle I didn’t like. Would love to be a winner in this Giveaway. πŸ™‚

  125. I made amazing radish pickles one year with an excess of white radishes from my CSA. They were a little spicy and so lightly vinegered! I wish I had taken notes so I could duplicate it!

  126. We’re growing Boothby Blonde cucumbers for the first time this year, and I have been looooving making little sweet/sour pickles with them. So right this moment, these are my favorite pickles.

  127. I haven’t made “real” pickles in a few years because of poor cuke crops, but this year (fingers crossed) I have a zillion baby cukes on the vine and I’m really looking forward to making classic dills.

    In the meantime I’m making some quick refrig. pickles with grated ginger, soy sauce, and honey. Mmmm.

  128. I am not a huge pickle girl, but I do love to can! Besides, my husband loves pickles. I have a curry pickle recipe that I want to try for him.

  129. Wow! What a beautiful book! i could find a use for it this summer. Especially since the plum tree across the block is just dripping with ripe fruit right now!

  130. I love pretty much any pickle! My favorite is ginger pickles, a delicious sweet pickle we’ve always made in my family.

  131. I love almost all pickles, though bread + butters are not my fave. Lately I’m really into pickled beans, and I put up some pickled asparagus earlier this year that is totally totally awesome πŸ™‚

  132. My favorite pickles are the ones I’ve just attempted so far…refrigerator bread and butter. I just keep adding more cucumbers to the brine, and it’s lasted a good while!

  133. My favorite pickle is a “Half Sour” recipe (I use the term loosely) that I blogged about earlier this year here:

    The recipe was given to me by a local restaurant that is pretty much known for serving these pickles alongside the bread. From what I can tell, they’re not really half-sours (they’re not fermented) but are simply brined in a whole bunch of salt and seasonings. There’s no vinegar or acid in the mix and they don’t spend enough time at room temp to develop any acid or bacteria of their own. I’d love for someone to tell me if I’m right on the food science and if there’s any history behind this method. They seem to taste just like those pickles you get alongside a sandwich at a great deli.

  134. I love all pickles. This year I made pickles by slicing my cucumbers from the garden one inch thick, packing into 16 oz wide mouth mason jar. I steeped a mixtures of vinegar, sugar, whole cloves, cinnamon oil, pickling spice, extra mustard seed, whole peppers and whole garlic cloves to cukes in mason jar. Then processed in a hot bath to seal jars. They are so yummy. Everyone loves them. I get the food grade cinnamon oil by asking the pharmacist at the drug store. They keep it behind the counter. Very inexpensive and will last forever. You can also ask the phamacist for food grade clove oil. I used whole cloves because the clove oil can be expensive.
    I would love to have this book.
    Good Luck to everyone!

  135. I LOVE bread and butter pickles, but the best pickle I had was at the Kansas City Renaissance Festival. They had barrels of ice with dill pickles in them, and they were so cold and juicy!

  136. I haven’t heard of this book yet, either. Dropping it into the Amazon cart – that thing is getting really heavy.

    My two favorite pickles are the ones I grew up eating: plain old dill pickles that my Gram and Mom always made, and my Gram’s sweet pickles. Sweet pickles took longer and the fat coins were so full of sugar and vinegar that you would pucker. I’ve made the family Dill Pickle recipe, but haven’t done the sweet ones yet… maybe I’ll have to start!

  137. I am still refining my canning skills, and I would love to make my own pickles. As a child my favorite was an ice cold dill from the fridge alongside a grilled cheese sandwich. As a an adult my favorite pickle is a cornichon alongside country pate. Even though I love to eat them straight from the jar, I think pickles really shine as a complement to rich food. That is when they fulfill their destiny.

  138. I’m totally addicted to dill green beans! I’m looking for a fabulous recipe if anyone wants to share! Thanks!

  139. Lemon cucumber refrigerator pickles! They are a little sweeter than regular cucumbers, and I eat them so fast it is not even worth canning.

  140. Own and love the book. I turned to pickling because it’s become increasingly difficult to find full sour kosher dills.

  141. My Aunt Irene made the best watermelon rind pickles. Also, I have heard about, but never tasted, the cucumber pickles that my mother’s best friend’s husband makes.

  142. Holy moly, this post is popular! If sauerkraut counts as a pickle, then it’s my favorite. Otherwise, I am especially fond of my asparagus pickles that I just opened, and my pickled peppers from last year blew my socks off.

  143. I’ve seen the book on Amazon, but didn’t know what to think. My husband is Polish and a pickle addict. I’d like to start making them for him, and this sounds like it may be just the book to have.

  144. The first pickles I ever canned was your garlic dill recipe rom this site. It is still my favorite today!! Thanks

  145. I realy like very little young zucchini (we call it “courgette” here, I’m in Qc, Canada) and specialy the kind that we call patisson.

  146. Perhaps it’s time for me to break down and finally make some pickles. Perhaps I can get my husband over his pickle-aversion.

  147. I love all pickles, but my favorite for sandwiches and to cut up into potato salad is my Moms 9 Day Sweet Pickles. They stay super crunchy and I can also use to make Last of the Garden which has baby onions, baby beans, carrots, you name it. YUMMY.

  148. My favorite pickles are what they call venΓ€lΓ€iset kurkut here in Finland. That’s Russian cucumbers. And they’re fermented too. I can get them at my locan shop but I don’t know how to make them yet.

  149. My hubby and I can many things, our favorite is a pickle relish we call Christmas relish (cukes,red/green bell peppers,vinegar,tomatoes) and this year we are going to try pickling bananna peppers in a sweet brine for the first time. This book looks so awesome! Thank you for offering it in a give a way!!

  150. my favorite pickles are the classic dill pickles. whole, chips, whatever. πŸ™‚ i’m also enjoying pickled cabbage that hondurans put on pupusas. πŸ™‚

  151. I was just checking your site the other day trying to figure out a similar way to re-produce the pickles from Jimmy Johns. Have you ever had them?? They are out of this world! Crunchy, just tart enough, not too sweet or salty….just right! I’ve never made pickles before, but I want to try with my cucumbers that should be coming in soon.

  152. Especially now that I’m pregnant, I love *all* pickles, but really my favorite for some months now have been the refrigerator pickles recipe that you posted last year. I toss a few fresh Hatch chile rings into each jar (in season) and am lucky if I can make a jar last a week!

  153. Garlic/hot pepper pickles. I just learned to make them exactly right last year. Yesterday at a local thrift store, I picked up a Tupperware pickle container for $1.00. I was so excited! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway. LOVE getting your updates in my inbox!

  154. woops forgot about the pickle….my mom’s dill from back in the 80’s. Not sure what she did back then but it was good…he recipe/method has definitely gone south since then:(

  155. Pickles..memories of home. My favorite are a piece of my past- old fashioned bread and butters. Crisp and tangy- goes with everything: hambergers grilled in the backyard, sandwiches at the picnic..or straight out of the jar.

  156. My grandfather makes the best pickles in the universe. Perfectly crunchy, just enough spice and garlic, with homegrown cukes.

  157. My favorite pickle is always the current pickle. Right now it’s all about the jalapeΓ±os, but next week it’ll be all about the dilly beans. I wish my okra ever turned out as crunchy and satisfying as the commercially produced kind. Maybe this book would help me with that.

  158. The unfermented dills I made last year were my favourite. Lots of pickling spice, dill, garlic and crisp cucumbers fresh from the garden.

  159. Pickles are great, but I think my absolute favs are bread and butters! I haven’t tried to make my own yet though, I’m hoping to try this summer.

  160. Anything dill and with lots of garlic! But I would love to learn how to make cornichons! Wish I could find a source for growing them too!

  161. I was a pickle hater for 56 years. Then I made dilled zucchini sticks for my husband last summer. They were so yummy that I made pickled watermelon rind and dilly beans. Nope – the zucchini sticks remain my favorite! Would love to have more pickle recipes that I can use with all the cukes and zucchinis that I hope will grow in my garden! Thanks for the great blog!

  162. My favorite commercial Pickle is Bubbies Kosher Dills. I love the crunch, the good bacateria, and how delicious the juice is in my tuna! But my favorite pickle of all times are the crock pickles my great grammie would make. I loved sneaking into her pantry and pulling a pickle from the crock. When asked who was in her pickles all us kids would giggle. Her pickles were slightly sweet but mostly dill. They crunched like no other pickle i have ever had. I never got her recipe tho because she passed when i was younng. it would have been nice to make such greatpickles

  163. Green tomato pickles – can only get them in Philadelphia from my in-law’s grandfather who knows the best deli. Maybe I’ll try them myself this summer, as I always end up with a bunch of green tomatoes at the end of the season.

  164. The spicy mixed veg quarts we put together as a kid – onions, green beans, carrots, cauliflower, whatever we had from the garden or picked up to add in. Lots of garlic, dill, something hot. Sooooo pretty and extremely tasty, too!

  165. I *love* brined pickles. Making them in the fridge is sooo easy–I can’t have too much vinegar due to dietary restrictions. Crispy, salty, a bit of garlic–yum!!! Aside from home-made–the brined pickles at Kenny & Ziggy’s in Houston are *wonderful*. They bring you a small bowl to munch on until your meal arrives.

  166. I adore pickles! Lately my favorite has been the pickled pears I put up last year, but my all time fav has to be pickled pepperoncini peppers! I’ve tried to recreate them at home, but haven’t had any success. Maybe if I win this book I might have a chance at good homemade pickled peppers πŸ™‚

  167. My favorite pickle is a bread and butter recipe that was given to me by a friend. It was her grandmothers recipe. It is by far my favorite and yields a deliciously sweet pickle every single time!

  168. My favorite pickle is a spicy, pickled green bean. I love them on their own, in a bloody mary or on a sandwich. So excited about this book giveaway!

  169. I think that pickled fiddleheads are my favourite. Partly because it’s so much fun to say “pickled fiddleheads” but also because it’s preserving a short-lived seasonal item so I can eat ’em in the winter…

  170. My favorite pickle was my Grandmother’s Bread and Butter pickles. It was a very long time ago that I used to eat those delicious pickles when I visiting her. When she died I was not old enough to make pickles so I have never tried making any kind of pickles. I just found your blog and am really enjoying your wonderful ideas. I have made chutney and Blueberry, Peach Butter, for the very first time. You CAN teach old dogs new tricks, and so at 71, I am hoping I will win “Putting ‘Em UP” so that I can learn to make pickles that my grandchildren will think their “Ad-Dah’s” pickles are their favorite pickle

  171. My husband just made some pickled prunes, using a Boat Street Cafe recipe and the prunes that he made last summer for this very purpose. They won the Best Savory Item contest that our in-laws had on Independence Day!

  172. I’m a bread and butter pickle fiend for sure! I especially like the ones that have thin slivers of onion in with them as well. I’ve decided that I need to make pickled onions just because of that. I love them in an intense way πŸ™‚

    Thanks for the contest!

  173. I recently made my first “pickles” – that Pickled Roasted Red & Yellow Peppers from the Ball recipe. They were so tasty, that I ate them straight out of the jar. They still had a nice little crunch to them. They were quite easy to make too, so they are my current favorites!

  174. My favorite pickle is a sweet dill made with store bought whole dills chunked up and canned in sweet vinegar. There are not overly sweet, retain a lot of the dill characteristics, sorta sweet & sour, but not quite like bread and butter pickles either. Just GOOD!

  175. The best pickle I have ever put out is based on your recipe for garlic dills on this site. The crushed red pepper flake makes the pickle awesome. Plus I usually add a few thai chiles for an extra kick. I’ve won contests with those pickles and people beg me for them this time of year. I find myself making at least a case of pints a week just to keep up with the demand! I guess I should thank you!!! THanks!!

  176. My grandma makes pickles every year, and I make the tomato sauce. I love b&B pickles, cut like potato chips! So yummy!

  177. My favorite pickle is Bread & Butter. I have spoons that have a yellow discoloration from all of the bread and butter pickles.

  178. What I want are the pickles in the picture at the top of your page! I have been wondering about that recipe… I generally love pickled everything – japanese pickled vegetables and radish, and sour cucumber pickles the most.

  179. To tell the truth, I don’t know much about pickling, just canning and freezing. The closest I come is a quick refrigerator pickle with cucumbers and vinegar, which I don’t think really counts. Then there was the sentient sourkraut…. But that’s fermentation, not really pickling either, and we didn’t dare eat it.

  180. I love a dill pickle. My grandparents’ were the best. I’ll have to see if my mom or someone else in the family has the recipe. Also, they made a quick pickle called No Can Cucumbers which was a sweet cuke & onion refrigerator pickle. Hated it when I was a kid. Made it last year and ate the whole thing by myself.

  181. Rick’s Picks makes a stellar curried green tomato pickle that’s my absolute favorite, but I’m pretty fond of my mom’s dilly beans too.

  182. My favorite pickles are sweet pickles. I love them right out of the jar and in potato salad, tuna salad, etc. YUM!

  183. my favorite is dilly beans: green beans, dill, garlic, hot pepper flakes plus cider vinegar and water and a little sugar and salt, in two weeks you have your dilly beans. MMM, and a great way to use up the green beans if you’re sick of them

  184. Wow-sooo many comments, and I read them all! Now I HAVE to eat a pickle. My faves will always include the ones I just made, McClures Spicy Dills, Brooklyn Brine’s Lavendar Asparagus, Wickles (sweet and spicy) and Philly’s own Zayda’s!

  185. I love to make pickled carrots and garlic. Yum! My favorite cucumber pickle is dill. Crunch crunch all the way.

  186. I made some pickled carrots from the “Urban Pantry” book that have replaced my previous favorite pickles (“spiced” peaches). They are amazing – spicy, sweet, and packed full of flavor. I highly recommend them.

  187. My favorite pickles were the homemade Polish dills my Nana made. Considering how much I raided her garden for carrots, beans and peas, I’m surprised that anything was left to pickle. She had an old-world method for making delicious pickles that I would plow through every year. I really miss that, those, and her…

  188. I am brand new at canning/pickling. I’m looking for a really good sour pickle-no dill. I’m really excited starting this adventure

  189. A friend gave me a dill cucumber recipe she has been using for 40 years. Dill, a garlic clove and a hot dried chili in each jar give the pickles a subtle smoky heat. I am aiming for 80 quarts this year, just for myself and my husband

  190. I have actually never had any kind of pickle in the raw. HOWEVER…I have had deep-fried pickles with a remoulade dip, which was surprisingly amazing. (Oh, New Orleans, you and your wacky food.)

  191. I love just about anything pickled. I would say my favorite would be pickled red onions. I don’t usually like raw onions on sandwiches or pretty much anything else. But, if pickled, pile it on! As a side, in sandwiches, in salads,…so versatile! Love it!

  192. My favorite pickles are ones either homemade (and usually given to me as gifts). My trusty reliable source are Zingerman’s “new” pickles!

  193. Pickles- mustard or dill, or ginger, or or , spicy garlic cucumber chips or… I will keep looking πŸ™‚ so far I like them all!

  194. My favorite pickles are a family tradition. I am now the one who makes them. They are a sweet pickle called 9 day pickles.

  195. My favorites have always been bread and butter pickles, and last summer we were able to make a batch from our cucumbers. We were completely shocked that they tasted just like they were supposed to!

  196. My favorite pickles are spicy ones! They’re yummy, and since I’m the only one that likes heat, I get them mostly to myself. πŸ™‚

  197. My favorite pickle is a crunchy whole garlic dill that you get to accompany a sandwich. Yum. As far as home-made items, I had some dilly beans in graduate school (made by a fellow teaching assistant), and they blew my mind. I made some of my own this summer, and am letting them sit and get good and tasty. I can only hope they are as good as the ones I remember…

  198. Beet pickles. I’m trying to get enough beets out of my garden this year to do myself a large large batch. I still have good memories of making these as a kid (purple hands) and my guy doesn’t like beet pickles so this batch will be for me to hoard and share with other beet-o-philes as they visit πŸ˜€

  199. Less than $14? Wow.

    As for my favorite pickle. Classic dill baby. Well, maybe with a hot pepper added. Though I did try some interesting Pickled Rosemary Lemon Green Beans. I think the recipe was from Emeril.

  200. My favorite, is still the ones my Mom made from her garden. She used pickling spice, dill, pickles and a couple of grape leaves on the top before sealing the jar. I am also interested in learning how to put up figs, as I am growing a fig tree this year. I just love ’em! Thanks, for the chance of winning the book. Good luck to all.

  201. On my trek across the country I was staying with some lovely homesteading folks in Georgia, and they had the most delicious pickled radish relish (hard to say, easy to eat). I would love to learn to make these delicious pickles.

  202. I really really want to try spiced pickled peaches. But my favorite pickles are pickled mushrooms. I’ve never actually canned the pickled mushrooms because they never last long enough at my house to get canned. LOL

  203. It’s actually been a while since I’ve consumed pickles, but I have fond memories of pickled pearl onions my mom made once when I was a little girl.

  204. I like the sweeter bread and butter pickles, especially on turkey burgers. As far as canning goes, I think it would be cool to try pickling green beans, those are tasty too. I would love this book!

  205. My favorite kind of pickles are the ones I’m currently making — Sunshine Pickles. My mother and grandmother’s recipe. Yum!

  206. My very favorite pickles are some I made last year from a recipe I found on a blog: sweet freezer pickles. They’re super simple; you pop your ingredients in the jar and whisk them off to the freezer, where they will supply your pickle cravings for the entire year — especially if you have a great cucumber crop, as we did last year. Here’s hoping that this year’s is just as good!

  207. My absolute favorite pickle are sweet and sour beets – no, wait – it’s hot pepper and cucumber pickles. I’m forgetting japanese pickled eggplant! I adore pickles of all sorts – there is no way to just pick one! I am biased toward my own garden-grown cucumbers put up as refrigerator dills. Left whole to soak up the brine, they are delightfully crunchy, sour and hot-day refreshing!

  208. I’m not a huge pickle fan, but I must admit that I haven’t tried any in years. Maybe homemade pickles would be a LOT better than what I’ve tried in the past. I need to broaden my horizons and I would love this book!

  209. I love dilly beans and asparagus pickles in bloody marys. I just made the beans for the first time. Can’t wait to try them in another couple of weeks.

  210. Bread and Butter Pickles are my favorite. I have been using the recipe from “Putting Food By” for some 30 years!

  211. My favorite pickle – well, dills are great. I just put up cinnamon stick pickles and watermelon rind pickles (both are sweet) and I love them!

  212. Thanks for the giveaway! I’m always looking to add to my collection of canning books! Recently I picked up a copy of the US Dept of Ag’s book on canning, I LOVE it!

    My favorite pickle recipe is a refrigerator dill pickle. My brother’s friends start hounding me in June as to when they will be ready. In their words, “D, those pickles are epic!” hahaha

  213. my favorite? a nice, super-crispy, bright green dill pickle. can’t quite bring myself to do bread and butter or sweet pickles when there are still dills out there to eat!

  214. i have made many, many batches of the pickled blueberries from linda ziedrich. they are one of most requested jars. i really love the unexpected flavors of fruit pickles. this book is adorable.

  215. This book looks awesome. I love how they have pictures of the process. Definitely one I would like to add to my kitchen.

  216. I haven’t made pickles, just started canning this year, but there is someone local who makes and sells them at the local farmers market and they are so tasty. I usual stick to the dills, I not a fan of sweet pickles.

  217. My favorite is one I call a Georgia Sweet Hot. It’s a modified bread and butter pickle with Visalia onions and jalapeΓ±o peppers. It is perfect with the slow smoked pork butt that my husband makes! The onion and jalapeΓ±o are fantastic on a BBQ sandwich. This year will be a good one, the Kirby’s and jalapenos are really producing. Thanks for the fantastic inspirations!

  218. I love to make “Higgin’s Damn Good Refrigerator Dills”. Hands down the best dill pickel I have eaten, and I got a blue ribbon at the county fair with them too.

  219. Last year I planted my very first garden, and canned my very first EVERYTHING! Not a single one of my cucumbers made it, and this year I am about drowning in them. I was super excited to run across your blog for “dilly beans”. I cannot wait to see what we get to enjoy this year! My favorite pickles were the ones my aunt made when I was a little girl. I should go track down that recipe!!

  220. I don’t care much for pickles (and other sour things), but I do love the idea of putting up canned vegetables, fruits and jams for the long winter…and a book to help is always lovely.

  221. Right now my favorite pickle is a sweet but not too sweet “ice” pickle that we bought at a small farm in Mississippi. Delish! I’d love to win a copy of this book – we have apple butter in the works as I type!

  222. i’m split between bread and butter pickles and dill pickles. btw, commenter #389–parkway deli, hell yes! i don’t live in maryland anymore but i still agree, parkway has THE BEST pickles in the universe.

  223. I made some refrigerator dills….I changed the recipe a tad and added lots of garlic plus chili flakes. Spicy and crisp.

  224. My favourite has to be my mom’s pickled beets, followed by her garlicky cukes, and then spicy green beans. Unfortunately she lives too far away for me to drive and get some of her homemade pickles!

  225. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    My favorite pickles by far are the ones my Aunt Noreen used to make when I was a kid. She’s no longer with us and sadly, I don’t have the recipe but I’d love to try to recreate them!

  226. my favorite pickle is pickled green tomatoes. My dad once bought a couple jars of them, and I ate them all, and he got all angry at me because he didn’t get any. Now that i’m with my husband, he doesn’t like ’em so I get the whole jar(s) just for me >D

  227. I made a big batch of bread and butter pickles last weekend, but my favorite sweet pickles are the bright green sweet pickles a friend makes using lime. Too time-consuming for this busy girl, but now that the garden is starting to produce, I’m looking for new pickles to try!

  228. I love dill pickles – almost any dills! Back when I was in university, I’d make a meal of saltines and pickles. Not because it was all I had, but because it was just so delicious!

    I happened to see this book in a shop yesterday, and it looks seriously awesome!

  229. I think my favorite pickles are cornichons, those little french pickles also known as gherkins I think. Or the ones my mom used to make and can, those were very tasty.

  230. This book looks beautiful! My favorite pickles at the moment are bread and butter pickles. I have a newborn son who enjoyed these in utero as I managed to eat my weight in them throughout my pregnancy.

  231. I am brand new to canning and have been reading your blog for ideas. Therefore, I have never canned any type of pickle. However, I have all my equipment ready to go. I just bought, and read, The Art of Preserving by Williams-Sonoma and some of the recipes look incredible. I would love another cookbook to help educate me!

  232. My favourite pickle is my grandmother’s basic dill pickle. It’s a vinegar pickle with her own special touch. Reminds me of summer days in my childhood.

    This book looks amazing! I’m just learning to can, and I really need a good reference book.

  233. Watermelon pickles! They are what inspired me to give canning a try since the only way to have them is to make them yourself.

  234. Pickled okra, definitely. I use my own tweak of the famous LBJ Ranch pickled okra recipe – so delicious!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  235. My favourite pickle is the classic crunchy dill, but I’m always tempted to try pickled watermelon rinds. Has anyone had them? What do they taste like?!

  236. My favorite pickles are my Grandmother’s sweet and sour pickles. They are the perfect combo of sweet and sour. Every time I make them, more people become fans. Thanks for the giveaway!

  237. My favorite recipe was passed down to my father, I’m not sure what it is but hopefully I’ll get the recipe soon! I also love half-sour pickles.

  238. My favorite pickle is homemade kippered cherries! They’re supposed to be served with meat, but I love them straight out of the jar!

  239. I LOVE Bread and Butter Pickles, the ones my grandma made were the best. I’ve tried several times to duplicate them with no such luck. Mine end up more like Aunt B’s ( if anyone knows that episode)!!!

  240. man, oh man, do I love me some garlic dills with a big old jalapeno stuck in the jar. It’s everything that’s good about a pickle, plus some SPICE!

  241. My favorite pickle is my grandmother’s watermelon rind pickles, which were sweet, with a hit of clove, and CRISP, not soggy like the ones you can (occasionally) buy in the store.

  242. I Love pickled beets and pickled cucumbers with some shitake mushroom, Asian style. I just started to can and helped make some fruit jam, and I would love to learn more about canning and preserving all kinds of food.

  243. Although I don’t really like pickles, my daughter would tell you her favorite are little dills. She’d eat a jar a day if I’d let her! πŸ™‚

  244. Bread and butter pickles are the best. Borrowed a library book to teach myself about canning – now I am hooked! Friends and neighbors always want more – the usually eat the whole jar of pickles in one sitting!

  245. Hands down around my place, Bread and Butter! We all love them, and family looks forward to jars at Christmas. I once had a whole bunch of extra zuchinni and used those insteas of cukes, those were a hit and earned a blue ribbon at the local County Fair.

  246. A family friend provides us with a few jars of her delicious bread and butter pickles every year. I am always excited when one of those jars comes out for family get togethers.

  247. I don’t like pickles, but if I get desparate enough with the zucchini situation in my garden, I might try to pickle some of those…

  248. This book looks great! My favorite pickles come from The Pickle Man, who sells his briney wares in Allentown, PA – inside the farmers market on their Fairgrounds. Great market, and the pickles alone are worth making a trip.

  249. It’s a tie between the first recipe I’ve ever tried for fresh pack dill pickles, and my grandma’s super-sweet bright green pickle chunks that take 9 days to make. Every time I eat one I think of family, and she’s been gone for 18 years.

  250. Though there’s really nothing better than a super garlicy dill, I have slowly found a soft spot in my heart for bread & butter pickles. Also – pickled green beans are seriously great!

  251. A book that covers canning, drying and freezing would be invaluable to me! I’m currently on a bean-pickling jag and would love the inspiration.

  252. I shared my jar of peach jam I made at your latest canning class – hands down – it was a winner! Anyway, I pickled some carrots and threw in a store bought pickle – wow – the combination made the ho-hum pickle so much better!

  253. I too love all the beautiful books that are coming out on this subjest as well as so many other, like keeping chicken, growing food, etc.

    We’re getting close to pickle season here, I can’t wait to pull out my vintage Farm Journal Country Cookbook to make a variety of their fermented pickles – MMMMMM.

  254. I love all pickles – maybe bread and butter are my faves. I just tried making my first dill pickles this weekend and am eager to find out how they come out.

    Tomorrow is almost my b-day so it would be perfect to win πŸ˜‰

  255. dill pickles! dill pickles! I love carrying home the dill from the market and smelling it all the way. soo good.

  256. I don’t know exactly how to can yet. I helped my father-in-law can one season and I have been dying to try it on my own since. My favorite pickles are my father-in-law’s bread and butter pickles. I count the days until I can try to make them on my own!

  257. I love pickled carrots and cauliflower! My mom used to make pickled veggies when I was a kid and when I have them it always reminds me of her.

  258. My favorite pickle is the fermented kind we make with lots of garlic and red pepper flakes. Mmmm. We don’t can them because that would kill the beneficial probiotics, but there are several other things I would love to can!

  259. My favourite is the classic dill, last year my husband and I picked,washed,and canned 20qt jars. It was a alot a fun and loved the outcome.

  260. I personally love a good cucumber pickle, but my favorite for canning is pickled carrots. YUM.

    Thanks for the chance to win, and I’m certainly adding the book onto my wish list!

  261. My fav is dilly beans even though it’s such a pain to get them in the hot jars tightly. It’s worth it in February to have a grilled cheese with dilly beans melted inside.

  262. I bought frozen pickle bars–and no one would touch them! What does get eaten around here however is any good dill pickle. A goal this summer is to make some dill pickles for the very first time. I have 2 hungry boys who consume a lot of food. Please take pity and bestow that wonderful book upon us! Thank you.

  263. pickled peppers, pickled onions, pickled cucumbers, I love them all. But, this time of year? I especially love some pickled okra. Delicious!

  264. I love all kinds of pickles, but right now I’m thoroughly enjoying the latest batch of dilly beans. Pickled onions are next on our list!

  265. hummmm, my favorite pickle, well, it’s not really a pickle but a pickled green bean that my Aunt use to make. She called them Dilly Beans! Yum-o-rama. I have tried to duplicate the recipe but I have not been able to figure it out. My next favorite pickle is from Chompie’s Deli in PV, AZ they have fresh dill pickles that they set out on the table to much on before your order comes. They are the best!!

  266. I make and eat all kinds of pickles. I still love bread and butter pickles the best..followed by picked jalapenos.
    I’m a canning fooooool! πŸ™‚

  267. i am so interested in this book. spicy dilly carrot pickles are the best, but i’d also like to try those fermented pickles….. πŸ™‚

  268. My favorite thing to pickle is jalepenos. I’m the only one in the family who eats them, so i’ll pickle a peck and eat them all season long.

  269. Well, my favorite pickle is my girlfriend – whom I fondly refer to as “pickle” πŸ™‚ But seriously my favorite real pickle is kirby pickles. I pickled some a few weeks ago and they were deeelish. Half sour and so so so so good!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  270. Having grown up with a mother who had a masters in Home economics, we spent a lot of time canning and preserving food from the garden. While I have done a little canning, i really want to expand my knowledge (and my cupboards!). Saurkraut continues to elude me (scienece projects each time). Love all types of pickles!

  271. I made my first batch of basic dill pickles over the weekend with a couple of pickling cucumbers I got in my CSA – they are already so delicious and I can’t wait to get home from work today and try them now that they will be cold in the fridge! Thanks for the inspiration and great cook-book offer!

  272. Well currently I have been taking the Hot N Spicy Tabasco pickles, (48 oz), throwing away the vinegar, cutting up the whole pickles, add 2 cups (or so) of sugar, and you have the MOST amazing easy quick tasty sweet-savory pickles!

  273. I love bread and butter pickles to pile on top of veggie burgers… or a good kosher dill to crunch on after a summer meal. Mmm, pickles!

  274. ’tis the season to pickle peaches! when i was a kid, my parents and i came upon a windfall (literally) of peaches in an abandoned orchard. we studded them with cloves and put them up in a sweet vinegar brine, and man oh man were they good that winter.

  275. I love bread and butter pickles in the winter. I just made my first batch of half sours and I am really enjoying those!

  276. My (current) FAVORITE pickle is Sun Pickles found at I learned how to make them last year. They are cold packed in a dill brine, then set in the sun. They got rave reviews, and the recipe is an old-country classic.

  277. I never did like pickles, except pickled onions, but I really want to learn to! I’m not sure if it’s the cucumbers (don’t like them in most contexts) or the pickling, but this distaste is limiting my canning and I cannot let that stand. There’s a recipe for pickled cherries (from a can jam) over at that’ll sure make a girl want to like them.

  278. Love garlic dills, but tried lacto-fermented last year, and they were great! This year I will do both, along with dilly beans. Hope to win!

  279. Dill pickles with lots of garlic are my favorites. I love pickles. I used to get caught…and get in trouble when I was younger for drinking pickle juice.

  280. this book looks beautiful AND useful, can’t wait to take a look. my favourite pickles are the ones made by my grandmother. my grandfather is the gardener… he grows the crunchiest, most delicious lebanese cucumbers which my grandmother then lovingly pickles (of the dill variety).

  281. My favorites are South Indian fermented chilli lime pickles, but I’m also partial to a good half sour cucumber pickle.

  282. Oh wow… I’d certainly love to have this book. Being so new in canning and preserving, it would be a great help πŸ™‚

  283. Oops… forgot to mention my fav pickles. Do erase the previous comment then.

    My fav pickles are gherkins. I’d certainly love to have this book. Being so new in canning and preserving, it would be a great help πŸ™‚

  284. As lame as it is, my favorite pickle is the Claussen kosher dill spear. I’ve been searching for two years now to find just the right replacement recipe — and I’m still looking! I need that crispy crunch and perfect flavor!

  285. In truth, I cannot stand cucumber pickles, but I dared myself to try pickled asparagus and I fell in love!! Yum!! I am just getting into canning and would love this book!

  286. My favorite pickle is the sweet relish my husband makes from the Ball Blue Book. He makes it chunky, with lots of sweet red peppers. It’s the secret to my potato salad, and is wonderful on hot dogs.

  287. My favorite pickle of late is pickled grapes, featured at my local bar. So good on a hot day! I’d love to learn how to make for myself!

  288. My favorite pickle is this zucchini dill pickle that my boyfriend’s grandma makes. It was crisp and very dilly. I think it’s better than a cucumber dill pickle. And I’m so making it this year!

  289. I haven’t made my own pickles yet. But the some of the best I remember trying were bread and butter pickles from a friend.

  290. My favorite pickled item that I have made is a garlicky-bread-and-butter asparagus. Sounds strange, but they are amazing.

    For pickles not made by myself (yet), the half-sour always wins πŸ™‚

  291. I love all these fun summer giveaways – and I’m glad my fun summer get-away didn’t mean missing the deadline!
    I love all things dill pickle…I don’t love sweet or bread and butter pickles, or at least, I’ve yet to find the right one.
    last night I was just telling a friend about how reading this blog makes me want to make dilly beans. πŸ™‚

  292. I love the sweet pickles my grandmother brings to every Christmas or Thanksgiving get together. I wish I could tell you more about what kind they are, but sadly I am a novice at canning and hope this book can help!

  293. My friend Kris turned me on to her grandmother Palmina’s refrigerator pickles. I can make them myself so I guess they’re my favorite. But I also like the pickled cabbage you get in Vietnamese and Thai restaurants. Sweet and savory.

  294. I’m a beginner canner and your blog is one of the best ones out there! Thanks a bunch for all your tips and tricks. I’d love to be included in the drawing for the book too.

  295. I’m only recently learning to like cucumbers, but I love pickled everything else! Especially spicy pickled carrots, and yummy pickled zucchini.

  296. I’m in a pickle! Obsessed with Ball jars and fascinated with canning but a bit timid to try. Searching for confidence & instruction. Love the baby gherkin.

  297. I have just started canning and the first pickle I have canned is the pickled pineapple!! I want to learn how to make the garlicky kosher dill pickle. Those were a classic in my house growing up.

    Thanks for your great site!! I have learned so much already. πŸ™‚

  298. Well, so far I’ve only made one batch of pickles and while I halved the recipe in general I forgot to half the salt… so they were super salty. I’m sure the next batch will be amazing in comparison.

  299. With so many pickles (and pickle-relishes!) from which to choose, I’d say a new dill pickle in a great deli with a corned beef sandwich (or would that be a cornichon with wonderful pate or??).



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