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Oh friends, I am very excited to share this book with you! It’s Sherri Brooks Vinton’s newest work and I have a feeling you are going to love it. Called Put ’em Up! Fruit, it is filled with recipes on how to preserve fruit and then use up those preserves. If you’ve ever wondered what to do with your jams or chutneys once you’ve made them, this is the book for you.

Put 'em Up Fruit spine

I have long recommended Sherri’s first book (Put ‘Em Up) to people looking for a comprehensive canning book and I’m happy to find that this new edition is equally useful. The first 40 pages of the book are devoted to setting canners up for success.

There are tips on kinds of fruit that work best for preserving, a definition of terms, detailed information on pectin, a primer on achieving set for jams and, of course, everything you need to know about safely canning your food.

Put 'em Up Fruit introduction

From there, Sherri moves her readers into the recipes. These are organized alphabetically by kind of fruit (it starts with apples and ends with tomatoes). Within each section, there are both recipes for preserves using that fruit and recipes that help you use up that preserve.

This means that the recipe for Classic Cherry Jam is nestled up against a matching one for Sautéed Duck Breast with Cherry Reduction and the Dried Apricots (done in the oven) are paired with Wild Rice Salad that features dried fruit.

Put 'em Up Fruit cherry ancho chili jam

I’m looking forward to cherry season, so that I can make the Cherry Ancho Chile Jam and the Pulled Pork Tacos that feature that preserve! Sherri has made several videos to go along with this book. They’re fun, because you get a chance to see her make a preserve and then use it right in a recipe. There’s also one there that features the basics of boiling water bath canning, which is certain to be useful to some of you.

Put 'em Up Fruit rhubarb

I am one of a number of bloggers who is going to be featuring Put ’em Up! Fruit over the next couple weeks. Make sure to check out the rest of the folks in the coming days, to learn more about their experiences with the book and see the recipes they share.

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Put 'em Up Fruit back cover

Thanks to Storey Publishing, I have one copy of this book to give away. If you want to enter for a chance to win, here’s what you do:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite way to use a fruit preserve in a recipe.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, April 12, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog that evening.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents, only (so sorry, further-flung friends, I’m not in charge of the shipping).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.
Disclosure: Storey Publishing provided a review copy and a giveaway copy of this book at no charge to me. I was not paid to run this post or say nice things about this book, I just happen to think it’s pretty darn great. 

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591 responses to “Cookbooks: Put ’em Up Fruit + Giveaway”

  1. The sun came out in Seattle today and that means it’s almost canning season! Last year, my husband joined in and I taught several friends how to make and can jam, mustard and fruit butters. I can’t wait to get started again! Thanks for providing much needed inspiration over the winter! I would love a new cookbook to expand my “putting up” horizons!

  2. I love to use my jams to flavor buttercream and to use as filling for cakes! My kids also love to mix them into their yogurt.

  3. Oh jeepers. Is this book as good as it sounds? Seriously. Cherry Ancho Chile Jam and the Pulled Pork Tacos it rode in on? Well.

    I do make a lot of blackberry jam, because I have 3 acres of wild blackberries. When I’m not using this jam for filling danish or other pastry or thumbprint scones, I love it mixed with mustard on a *real* cheddar cheese sandwich. Of course, fruit (jam) laced sauces are often seen served with the meats on our table.

  4. I’ve been waiting for a way to try your three-citrus marmalade which I preserved a few months back. I stumbled upon a cranberry-marmalade upside down cake recipe that was scrumptious! And it turns out that I like marmalade on its own, too.

  5. i love using homemade applesauce as an oil substitute in all sorts of baked goods. it makes everything so moist and delicious!

  6. I love to glean fruit, and I love to make jam, but the truth is I don’t eat much jam. But I do like to round out my packed work lunches with a half-pint jam far full of delicious full-fat yogurt and a big dollop of jam. Yum!

  7. Our favorite thing to can is blackberry jam and I could just eat it out of the jar. In recipes, I like using apricot jam on pork. Roasting, slow cooker, or just spooning over pan fried pork chops, it’s all fantastic.

  8. My favorite way to use up preserves is in an everyday cake! Marmalade makes a fantastic tea cake, sour cherries are superb with a chocolate single layer cake, and apple butter works great in a spiced bundt cake.

  9. Seems like most of the jams made last summer have been eaten over the winter with steel cut oats for breakfast. Boring, but that’s how I’m enjoying them.

  10. not a recipe per se, but i always like to use up my jams in smoothies. it adds a little extra flavor than just using honey or other sweetener.

  11. This book looks great!

    My favorite use for jam is on toast that’s been freshly buttered. There’s nothing better!

  12. I’m still trying to figure this out! I made some vanilla melon jam last summer and decided that I don’t like it plain very well. I’m still trying to use it up!

  13. Jams and jellies make a great add in for salad dressings. One of our favorites is Rosehip jelly with balsamic vinegar and hazelnut oil. A little fresh herbage-rosemary, lime basil, or thyme, and a neutral flavored oil to thin out the consistency a little, and it’s all set to go. Cherry Brandy jelly with red wine vinegar, avacado oil and chives is very nice too.

  14. It almost never makes it to recipes because any open jar is dipped into w/ crackers. I use soft jams for yogurt.

  15. I love fruit preserves in cakes – mixed in the batter to flavor it, spread between the layers or melted & poured over the top as a glaze.

  16. hands down, most of my jam is used to flavor and sweeten plain yogurt. much healthier than buying the flavored stuff off the shelves.

  17. Honestly, my favorite way is spread on a hot homemade biscuit. It doesn’t usually make it to another recipe, though I’d love to try some ideas.

  18. This book sounds great, I’ll prolly buy it even if I don’t win. I happen to be eating pork chops cooked with a combination of spicy orange marm, apple cider vinager with a bit of cumin and coriander on the chops. Real tasty!

  19. When I make a layer cake I always spread a homemade preserve between the layers before frosting. Apricot is my absolute favorite with raspberry a close 2nd!

  20. Put ’em Up got me started on canning – love it! I’m sure the fruit version is even better. My favorite way to eat my jams is on plain yogurt. Can’t beat it!

  21. I bought SBV’s book a couple of years ago and love the arrangement/formatting and the photos of the finished products! No clever uses for jams in my house, but all the breakfast standards work for us – toast, yogurt, pancakes.

  22. Ree Drummond, the pioneer woman, has a strawberry oatmeal bar that calls for strawberry jam. An easy way to have tie yummy “on the go”!

  23. Lately I’ve been putting jam in my plain yogurt — it’s really good. I also like mixing it in when I make scones.

  24. I thin apricot preserves with a touch of soy sauce, and then use that as a glaze for duck. Jalepeno jelly also works great with lamb instead of mint jelly (but I make both). I can recommend a dollop of mint jelly in the bottom of a glass of iced tea. Otherwise, I infrequently do any “recipes,” we just eat the stuff straight. Every now and then I wind up with something that doesn’t get used up quite as fast, then I have to figure out what to do! I’m not as creative as I should be when that happens.

  25. I’m still working on how to use all these yummy preserves–so far I haven’t managed to be much more creative than using slightly-thinned jam as a glaze for pound cake, so this book would be a real help to me!

  26. I love to make mystery muffins with as many different kinds of jam/preserves that I have in the frig.

    • I love, love, love this idea! I make all my own salad dressings, but I never thought of putting my jam in one. Thanks so much!

  27. I’ve never gotten much further than jam on toast or biscuts. Sometimes I spread some on roasting meat, but not near often enough. I need this book to expand my horizions and add a personal touch to same-o, same-o food.

  28. I am not so exciting.. toast and biscuits are my favorite medium for jam. It is also my “syrup” for pancakes and waffles. But I have used them with pairings of cheese and fruit and occasionally as a glaze or mariniade.
    Ok..a little exciting.

  29. You had me at the tacos made with the cherry ancho jam (oh, Amazon!…)
    I definitely need to get more creative with jam… I have been mixing marmalade with fruit, nuts & seeds in my oatmeal, making turnovers, pairing it with cheese and crackers, etc. – but my fav is Greek yogurt and fig jam breakfast parfaits with walnuts & pumpkin seeds. Now, do I have another jar of fig preserves lurking in the pantry?…

  30. I use jam to fill my mini tarts. I used to make them for holiday parties, but now my relatives insist that I make them for all of our family functions.

  31. Sometimes I run across a jam or jelly that I think I could just eat with a spoon! I pack it up into those tiny 4oz. jars & stack them in my liquor cabinet. To use them, I dump them in a cocktail shaker, rinse the jar with vodka & add that to the container with some ice. Then I just shake, pour, & enjoy! This isn’t quite as healthful as some of the other suggestions, but it’s sure is nice on a warm evening watching the sun go down!

  32. We love our savory jams with cheese and crackers. And I like to use some of that peach bellini jelly as a bribe!

  33. I use my cherry jam as cake or cupcake filling, and use applesauce to make my ‘go-to’ last-minute company’s-coming or potluck cake, which is the applesauce cake recipe from an old version of the Betty Crocker cookbook.

  34. I love homemade jam stirred into yogurt and on a good PBJ. I love homemade jam so much more than store bought jam, but obviously need to be more creative!!

  35. I mix jam with greek yogurt and granola. or eat it on toast. or with a spoon. I could definitely use some more ideas.

  36. Most of my jams are gifts, because funny enough, I am not a huge jam lover. I do love my blueberry lemonade jam. On toast. I may mix some into vanilla or plain yogurt- but haven’t gotten around to it.

  37. I pretty much stick to jam on toast or hot pepper jelly with cream cheese and crackers, or sometimes heat up a jam or jelly as an ice cream topping. I’d love to have more ways to use my preserves.

  38. My Grandson’s love my dewberry jelly on biscuits or stirred into home made yogurt–they call it ‘Grandma’s jelly’.

  39. MMM..tomato chutney on top of samosas or curried cauliflower crepes have been rocking my tastebuds this winter. Looks like a great book!

  40. I love to use raspberry jam flavored with rose geranium in a pan tart – it’s got a delicate and unique flavor that really makes the dessert stand out.

  41. My favorite thing to do with my strawberry jam is just to use it on toast or a bagel with cream cheese, so that I can really taste the flavor. I love the concept of this book, what a great way to share her ideas.

  42. Over ice cream, in yogurt, on scones, in tiny cookie turnovers… there is no favorite!!! Can’t wait to see inside Sherri’s new book, loved the first one!

  43. I’m so boring…I just like jams on toast with some cream cheese. Maybe this is why I need to learn to expand my horizons??

  44. I just saw this book in the bookstore yesterday. It looks really nice, and I like her first one and use it a lot.

    The only preserve I cook with is applesauce in things like muffins. I very often serve one of my chutneys along side some plain, grilled chicken. It lets me cook the chicken quickly with no fuss but still have lots of flavor when eating it.

  45. I like to use jams between cookies, (and PB & J thumbprints! yum!)

    I’m curious though, were vegetarians, and most “use up your preserves” recipes I see involve meats. how useful, really, would this book be for me? (besides the recipes for the preserves themselves, that is)

  46. Honestly, my favorite way to use my jams and jellies is on a piece of toast. Yummmm. That is dessert. I also like to use conserves with cheese and crackers.

  47. I use my mango chutney in a family favorite recipe for tropical chicken served over brown rice and topped with green onion, fresh mango slices and almond slivers. Yummy!

  48. I love to use peaches preserve to make my birthday cake filling. It’s yummy, sweet, tangy and moist. Can’t wait to try new ways to use them!

  49. We don’t usually get past putting the jam I make on toast or pancakes. I would love more ways to use my preserves.

  50. I use my marmelades and citrus jams in sauces and stir fry. I make a Thai pepper jelly that is great for cornbread. I always have people asking me how to use thepreserves I make so this book will be a great resource! Thank you for the opportunity!

  51. I love filling mini tarts (cream cheese pie crust recipe) with my homemade jams and making light as air danish and filling them with my jam! The danish recipe is from my Grandma’s cookbook collection!

  52. I make a caramelized onion chicken recipe that calls for raspberry or apricot jam (I use apricot) and it’s LOVELY… super quick, delicious dinner. I use plenty of marmalade on toast, tho’… ;^)

  53. I need this book, because pretty much the only thing I do with my jams is put them on toast or yogurt. That cherry ancho chile jam sounds insane.

  54. I make of lot of Habanero Gold Pepper Jelly and my DH uses it on everything! His favorites are hamburger & ham sandwiches! I also use it when grilling chicken or pork tenderloin.

    I’d love more ideas for using the various fruits I preserve.

  55. I love to put a layer of preserves in between layers of cake. It has something special and another layer of flavor to any cake! YUM!

  56. I didn’t know she had another book coming out–that’s so exciting! If tomato jam (your recipe!) counts as a fruit preserve, I like to make vinaigrettes with it. otherwise my favorite way to use homemade (sweet) jam is to make jam bars. I use a finagled-over-time version of this recipe, but with MUCH more jam in the middle!

  57. My favorite way to use a fruit preserve in a recipe, is a cookie recipe called “Cherry Twinks”. It is a thumbprint cookie with jam in the center. The cookie dough has poppy seeds in it. I just bought poppy seeds so I could make a batch of them!

  58. I’m one who cans and then hoards because I’m not always sure how to best use my creations, and they’re too precious to experiment and end up wasting them! I’d love to win and get some help in that department … But will probably end up buying one when I don’t win! This book looks great.

  59. I LOVE Fig, bourbon and vanilla bean jam with Greek yogurt for breakfast.

    Have to add this book to my want list as I’m not a toast with jam eater and am always looking for ways to use jams. Of course winning it would be awesome.

  60. I know it’s cliche, but our favorite use of my homemade jams and preserves is a good ole fashioned PB & J!

  61. I usually make a pectin-less marmalade to add to my homebrews when I want to add fruit to a beer I’m brewing.

  62. Fruit’s my favorite thing to can. I use Cranberry Apple Chutney as a meat marinade, especially on pork and turkey. Great flavor complement and keeps it nice and moist.

  63. I love putting a spoonful of jam in the middle of muffins so that you get a nice jam-filled muffin at the end.

  64. I recently made Asian BBQ sauce out of cranberry ginger orange preserves…it was rather amazing, I must say. 😀 Thanks for the chance!!

  65. It’s not really a recipe, but my favorite thing to do with my preserves is to layer them with yogurt and quick oats for lunch. I do a layer of preserves, a layer of yogurt, a layer of oats, then repeat to fill a half pint jar. It makes a great lunch.

  66. My favorite way of using jam is as a finishing glaze for grilled meats. Especially hot pepper jelly thinned with some Hefeweizen.

  67. I would love to give that Cherry Ancho Chile Jam a try – sounds like a great use for those tart cherries I have in the freezer!

  68. I use fruit preserves on BBQ meats….tis the season finally…here i come BBQ!!

    thanks for an opportunity to win!!

  69. Irma Rombauer’s jam cake in the Joy of Cooking is great for using up odds and ends of jam-I like to mix the last few spoonfuls from whatever jars I have lying around for a nice fruity-but not a particular kind of fruit-flavor.

  70. I really love to spread preserves on cheese and eat them that way, and I also like using a variety of preserve flavors when making hamantaschen.

  71. I’m sadly not too creative in this department – would love some help!! Jams pretty much go onto toast right now.

  72. Thumb print style cookies – I have sweet based and a savory base that give all the right options for all the right fruity goodness!!

  73. This book is great!!! I just made orange marmelade. The process takes two days to perfect so it is something you will do all the time. And now that I have all this marmelade, I am running out of ways to use it all. However, I just made a delicious ham steak and I used the marmelade as a marinade. It was soo good! This book would be really helpful!

  74. My favorite is either using strawberry jam in thumbprint cookies for sweet, but savory would have to be hands down roasted garlic and onion jam on roasted chicken. The best of both tastes.

  75. My favorite ways to enjoy preserves (other than straight from the jar) is to use them as toppings for whole grain waffles, syrups for banana softserve and, of course, mix-ins for overnight oats!

  76. The glazed carrot recipe I use calls for orange juice and honey. I didn’t have any of either on hand the last time I wanted to make them, so I pulled a jar of Spiced Plum Jam (from the Food in Jars cookbook) and boiled some water, and that was the base for my carrot glaze. OMG YUM. My kids went nuts for it, and I’ve never had such tasty glazed carrots. The complex flavors really bring out the flavor of the carrot, and the spices just accentuate the sweetness nicely.

  77. I am sadly uncreative with my jams and jellies. This book would be wonderful for me .Thanks for the chance to win one.

  78. I love it when my children and grands ask for my jam over the store bought kind. I like to put it in my bake goods

  79. I don’t bake much, but I always seem to have jars of preserves needing eating. My kids are voracious yogurt eaters, so instead of buying flavored yogurt I usually mix into their plain yogurt a couple spoonfuls of whatever preserve is open in the fridge.

  80. different jams make a nice, thin, not too sweet filling for cakes – changes up the flavor, too (mixed fruit marmalade in chocolate cake – someday want to see what a savory jam with chilies would be like with chocolate cake, ala mole) – I would try more if I made more cakes!

  81. The whole reason I bother putting up fruit is to have delicious toppings for my oatmeal and yogurt all winter!

  82. I love to use jams in the simplest way possible — paired with cheese. My particular favorite is pear-vanilla jam with a soft goat cheese, or mango chutney on a grilled cheese sandwich.
    Also, a spoonful of lemon curd in plain yogurt (perhaps served over raspberries or blackberries) is a sublime afternoon snack.

  83. I found a scone recipe that is rolled instead of cut. You spread jam on the dough, roll it up, and slice it. I’ve used my fig jam in this recipe. It’s awesome!

  84. Just this weekend, I made cinnamon buns, but instead of putting in cinnamon, I used the last of the Black Forest (cherry/chocolate) preserves I made in summer 2011. Breakfast this week has been incredible.

  85. I love doing a simple dinner of bread, cheese, pickles and preserves. Homemade hot-pepper jelly over goat cheese. Crabapple jelly and white cheddar. Yum!

  86. My favorite way to use fruit preserves in a recipe is to serve the sweet preserves over something savory, like roast pork or grilled chicken.

  87. I always add a spoonful of whatever preserves are kicking around in the refrigerator to homemade vinaigrettes. Fig jam is especially nice with balsamic vinegar, yum!

    Thanks for the giveaway; I loved Sherri’s first book!

  88. My basic arsenal for using up my preserves right now is: stir them into yogurt, spread them on toast, shake them into cocktails, or eat them with a spoon. Clearly I could learn a lot from this book!

  89. Oh this would be a great gift. Always looking for new ways to use my canned goods. Most often I put my jams in Kolaches turning them into a great breakfast treat or a savory take it to go snack.

  90. My go to granola recipe is a spin off of a granola recipe you did here using fruit butter or sauce and I make it almost weekly with applesauce for my husbands breakfasts!

  91. Oh, you mean people do other things than eat them straight out of the jar with a clean spoon? Well, in that case, I’d say I like to use bits in salad dressings and sauces or drizzle on baked goods.

  92. My new quick and easy way to use my preserves is as a vinaigrette dressing. I thin out some jam with balsamic vin and a little olive oil and it’s delicious on any salad. A little sweet and a little tangy and better than the store bought stuff.

  93. This book looks so good! I like to use my preserves for pancake & waffle topping. I’m not a big syrup person, so the vanilla pear jam is awesome spread on top as is the blueberry butter!

  94. No recipe needed-My husband & I just love fruit preserves on lightly toasted bread-borning answer, but really tasty and yummy!

  95. One of my husband’s favorites uses your recipe for Strawberry Vanilla jam. We take a 1/2 pint jar of the jam and mix it with 4 cups of plain greek yogurt and a few tablespoons of homemade vanilla and then freeze it in the ice cream maker. Delicious and so fresh tasting.

  96. I use last summer’s fruit butters almost daily on my breakfast: in greek yogurt, on toast etc., but its also fantastic as a glaze on chicken or pork!

  97. i’ve just recently discovered canning fruit (i’d been stuck on pickled veggies), so my experience has been limited to apple butter and apple jelly, and used both to give as gifts and spread the rest on toast. basic but YUM. i think it’s clear i could use the guidance and innovation in this book!

  98. This book looks amazing! I’m always on the lookout for something new to can. I’ve got my fingers crossed for this one. We live in the middle of the city and have slowly, within reason, transformed our property into the urban homestead of the block.

  99. With anything involving cheese…preferably grilled cheese in deep winter. Put ‘Em Up is my go-to canning book. The Fruit version would be a great addition!

  100. simple as it is I love using up tomato jam on biscuits paired with roasted chicken. yum! loved her first book, excited for this one, too.

  101. I love Put ‘Em Up, so I’m very much looking forward to this new book! I found a great little tea cake that has you dollop jam on top before baking — very yummy!

  102. I like to make a chunky puree with the fruit. Then use it as a dip for hot waffle sticks instead of sugary syrups. For a tasty difference, add some of the puree to the waffle batter before baking. Kids love it.

  103. A well mad fruit preserve is delicious on anything, my favorite way is just simply on toast with pastured-cultured butter!

  104. I love to make pimento cheese and put a heaping amount of strawberry preserves in the center of the bowl. Wonderful.

  105. Probably not very creative, but I love using my jam in pb&j for my kids (they don’t know what store bought jam is!) and in fruit and yogurt parfaits with homemade granola…yummy!


  106. As a glaze, always. Or to perk up a salad dressing. So many awesome ways. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book.

  107. When not using preserves as a cake filling, I like to make a sweet & sour sauce for meat(less) balls using either apricot or peach.

  108. I liked her first book and have adapted a few of her wonderful recipes to my own tastes. I especially appreciate preserving books that include recipes for using the preserves, and I would love a copy of this one to be inspired by.

  109. I love them just on toast or an english muffin. I forget to use them on other things, but they would be so good on a sandwich.

  110. In a grilled cheese sandwich. Tomato jam, various chutneys, orange plucot butter, even marmalade. It just depends on the cheese and your mood. (But never a processed cheese “food”.)

  111. Large bowl. 3/4 to 1 Cup of plain fat free Greek yogurt. Cut up fruit ( strawberries and bananas, etc.). Handful of walnuts or crunchy cereal ( fiber one, cheerios, rice chex, etc).
    Big tablespoon of jam ( current favorite is pineapple – jalapeno). Stir.

    Sit down at kitchen table, eat slowly while reading favorite canning book.

  112. On homemade bread! I cannot wait to peach season this year, need to make twice as much peach jam this year than last. Also yummy on icecream

  113. My fave way to use my fruit preserves is in yogurt.

    I have to say, I only have two canning books – yours and Sherri’s first Put ’em Up book – and I love them both.

    Ok, three. I have the Ball Blue book as well.

  114. I love to make Tomato Jam! I use it like ketchup in any recipe. I also use my Spiced Peach Jam in my muffin recipe. Fill the batter half way up add a T. cover with batter and bake.
    Both Jams also make a great dressing for a spring salad.

  115. I don’t have just one favorite way to use preserved fruit, but one that I do often with a variety of fruit is to dehydrate them! Fruit leather or just dried fruit chips are a tasty, healthy snack. The only problem is that I eat them too quickly and by the time the dark days of winter are at their peak, all the treats are gone!

  116. So many great ideas have been shared. My family loves to eat raspberry preserves with out seeds in a chicken dish that everyone wants seconds.

  117. After a very LARGE failed batch of sour cherry jam, which essentially was cherries in syrup that failed to gel at all, I baked the cherries into an upside down cake and used the remaining syrup for DIY sodas.

  118. My very first attempt at Meyer lemon marmalade did not come out as great as I had hoped. It was quite thick, not great for a spread. So, instead of tossing it out, I now add a 1/4 cup to my cream scone batter and make Meyer lemon scones that are incredibly moist and flavorful.

  119. a spoonful of jam with tint frosting naturally, and the raspberry we used this weekend gave the standard buttercream a huge flavor boost.

  120. Oh yay, I really liked Put ‘Em Up. Most of the time I am boring about my preserves – strawberry rhubarb jam on toast or yogurt or ice cream, etc. – but my husband really likes our homemade applesauce used to cook pork chops.

  121. I use my homemade sugar free applesauce and applebutter in place in butter in my sweet breads and pancakes to save on calories and fat.

  122. I love my original Put em Up book, and am looking forward to the Fruit version! I love pickled figs on pot roast. Yum!

  123. i love making small batches of the not-usual preserves, salsas, etc. my favorite way to use them is anyway that my son will eat them. he is a man who likes his preserves straight up, so he is my challenge. yuck yuck! i am always needing inspiration on how to use preserves. please help me

  124. Favorite, but infrequent, use for jam is on kolaches. Most often, it is just added to home made yogurt. Yum! Altho, pineapple jam on vanilla ice cream is pretty good, too!

  125. I make a rustic tart of sorts: pie crust coated with apricot preserves, carmelized onion and the creamy cheese of your choice. From time to time I add other things, depending on the type of cheese I use, but that’s the basic recipe

  126. I have never experimented with using preserves in recipes, other than spread on toast or English muffins…looks like I really need this book!!!

  127. Easy dessert bites!

    I cup graham cracker crumbs, a little melted butter – mix til it holds together in the palm of your hand – adjust butter as needed. 2 TBSP of crumb mixture in the bottom of each cup of a silicone mini muffin pan and press with the back of a spoon.

    Cream together a pkg lite cream cheese and a squirt of agave nectar – set aside.

    Put a dollop of low-sugar blackberry preserves on top of crumbs, press down with a spoon. Top with cream cheese – spread cream cheese to sides of mini muffin cup.

    Refrigerate dessert bites and when ready, just pop them out and set on a doily on a plate.

    They taste rich and creamy with minimal calories! Everybody loves them!

  128. I really love using raspberry jam when making dressings for salad. It gives that perfect fruity punch to dressings. I also love to use apple butter baked on pork chops. So yummy!

  129. i love jam on warm, freshly buttered toast! i also enjoy experimenting with preserves in savory sauces and marinades. yum. ^_^

  130. I did a batch of plum jam that didn’t set, but tastes delicious! I throw it into my plain yogurt for instant plum yogurt, yum! 🙂

    Gorgeous book, I am so excited to get my hands on a copy! 🙂

  131. I love to use homemade preserves in my rugulah. But there is nothing better than good old peanutbutter and jelly.

  132. I bought her previous book on your recommendation, can’t wait to see this one! My favorite way to use preserves in a recipe is my mother’s recipe for Marmalade Cookies.
    The original recipe calls for orange marmalade, but over the years my sister and I have made them with a variety of jams .

  133. I made peach butter last year, and it was perfect in the rye crumble bars in Kim Boyce’s “Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole-Grain Flours.” Outstanding.

  134. Lately, I have been on a kick using my cinnamin-cardamon apple butter in my banana oatmeal muffins. Also like to throw pepper jelly into the mix when I am making chicken stir fry…a nice sweet and sour flavor.

  135. I combine a fruit syrup, sauce, jam, etc. with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, garlic and crushed red pepper flakes to make a salad dressing.

  136. Plain on toast is my absolute favorite but I also like a dollop of jam with vanilla Greek yogurt, a few slices of fruit and a handful of homemade granola.

  137. Mostly on toast, which is an every-single-day occurrence. I also love to use my apricot jam when cooking a pork roast. Delicious!

  138. I love the first Put ’em Up — binding is falling apart!!! Jam in yogurt, on toast, out of the jar with a spoon…

  139. My favorite way to use a nice tart jam like apricot or early golden plum is to spread a thin layer between dough and streusel in my great grandmother’s teased coffee cake.

  140. I just had a wonderful sandwich at an Austin, TX restaurant with strawberry jam, sprouts, cheese, and chicken breast. It was amazing and I’m looking forward to making it at home! I also love yogurt with homemade jam of any flavor.

  141. I love the first Put ‘Em Up book! My favorite way to use fruit in a recipe is the classic orange or lemon chicken. A half pint of marmalade and the chicken is fabulous.

  142. I like to turn plum or peach jam into barbecue sauce (it’s awesome on pulled pork!). Other preserves mostly get eaten straight from the jar or spread on toast.

  143. I make what my kids call “jam squares” as a go-to recipe when I need to take a quick dessert somewhere. It is cookie bar with oatmeal & brown sugar & butter 🙂 They think it’s best with plum jam.

  144. I am absolutely still trying to find something that I like to use my jams and jellies in, because I don’t love PB&J enough to use up my jam fast enough that way 😛 I’ve considered trying to make jelly donuts, actually, but I’ll have to find a suitable recipe (I have a bit of an egg allergy).

  145. I take jam flavors and jam “experiments” that I make that aren’t that popular with my family and make them into dessert bars (shortbread crust with jam in the middle and topped with an oat/brown sugar crumble). The greengage plum jam that my daughter said was “Gross” made delicious dessert bars that she gobbled up!

  146. I like to melt my raspberry preserves, hit it with a shot a balsamic vinegar and drizzle it over chicken cutlets.

  147. Oatmeal tends to be the most common use of my jams lately but I’ve recently started using a nectarine jam in stir-frys. Occasionally, I’ll use them in vinaigrettes.

  148. My mom used to make a simple, delicious, food storage dessert with her canned peaches (I make it now too!). It involves a pat-in-the-pan crust, the beautiful canned peaches, then a custard made with some of the fruit’s syrup, eggs, canned milk, and cinnamon.

    I might have to make one for dessert tonight. LOL

  149. I think the reason I need this book is because I DON’T have a favorite preserve recipe. I love fruity, savory foods though as a general rule, so this seems SO up my alley.

  150. Most of my preserves get eaten on bread, biscuits, in PB&J, etc. My family does like it when I make mock turnovers with crescent roll dough and preserves.

  151. simple, but true– salad dressings. there’s always a bit of preserves in mine. and so much better than the store bought varieties.

  152. My preserves are used with good crusty bread, a bit of cream cheese and a good cup of coffee on a lazy Sunday morning! On those special days, I’ll do a quick cheesecake and layer the preserves on top! Hubby thinks I’ve slaved away all day! 😉

  153. I love putting a few dollops of fruit preserves into my waffle mixes, to make a sweet, fruity waffle.

    It’s also great to put a spoonful of raspberry jam or strawberry jam into a mojito before muddling, to give it a fruity flavor!

  154. I use my peach jam or preserves in a marinade with serranos and shallots with s&p and olive oil for chicken overnight, grill it and then create a dipping sauce with the same ingredients on the cooktop, plus a bit of white wine vinegar to cut the sweetness – fantastic sweet & spicy dish – pairs great with grilled peaches and sauteed spinach. Yum! Can’t wait for good peaches this summer!

  155. I made cherries in vanilla bourbon syrup. The cherries are good in cocktails and I use the syrup to make homemade sodas with. Yum!

  156. I can’t think of a time I’ve used fruit preserves other than on bread, in yogurt, or on crackers with cheese. Dried apples got put into granola. And frozen picked blueberries go into everything, but mostly corn muffins, so that’s probably the closest I get to using “fruit preserves” in a cooked recipe.

  157. I have her other book and love it. As for my favorite way to use fruit preserves…mostly just to slather onto bread. I did love using my applesauce in your applesauce cake recipe, though. That reminds me, I should make that again!

  158. I love putting jams on toast or on top of cheese as an appetizer. But I also like cooking pork chops in the crock pot with cranberry preserves and a sliced orange, served on top of wild rice.

  159. I have become obsessed with tomato jam (and tomatoes are a fruit!). It is a breakfast staple — toast, tomato jam, and a fried egg!

  160. I LOVE the first put em up – this new one looks awesome! My favorite way to use preserves in a baked good is in a jam tart…super easy and delish!

  161. I like to stir your Pear & Vanilla jam recipe into oatmeal. I don’t have to add anything else other than some chopped pecans for a yummy breakfast! Gee…is it morning yet?

  162. No recipe, just add fruit jam to unsweetened plain yogurt. Oh my, delicious!! Or put it on chicken, almost never fails.

  163. Christi Jorden over at Southern Plate has a recipe for Baked Peach Oatmeal Pudding, I sub my canned apple pie filling cut the sugar and wow is it great.

  164. I’ve been reading your blog for a bit now and recently checked out your book from the library. You’ve inspired me! The last time I canned I was in my very early 20’s and was a follower of the philosophy “less is good – more is better”. Needless to say I haven’t canned since; my massive canning projects had me convinced that canning is a all day all encompassing process.

    Now I would love to can again – in small batches. However, I have one little issue. I now live in a third floor apartment with no central air. I live in a climate where one month out of the summer (2 weeks if I’m lucky) is miserable but the rest is liveable and so I put up with it and enjoy the energy savings.

    So here’s what I’m wondering, is it worth canning if I have nowhere cool to store the finished products. My apartment gets to the low 90’s in the July afternoons. Will the canned food deteriorate rapidly in this environment?

    Any input or tips you can give would be much appreciated!


  165. Oh, I love Sherri’s first book—my copy is dog-eared and even has a couple of splatters (whoops). This would be great!

    Lately, I’ve been using fruit preserves to make a sauce for my latest fascination, Jell-O molds. Whisked over a low flame with a little liqour, juice, or even water, they make a pretty and tasty addition to jiggling things. 😉


  166. Oh my gosh, I just made these amazing jammy ginger-oatmeal bars (think a gooey oatmeal cookie but in bar form with ginger, cardamom, and a layer of spiced peach-plum sauce), and they were the best! I’ll be blogging the recipe soon.

  167. I’m excited that this book is out. Put ‘Em Up is one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see what else she’s come up with. We generally just eat jam as jam, but sometimes also use it as a middle layer in a cake or stirred into a marinade. Thanks for the great review of this book! winterwrens at gmail dot com

  168. Aloha from Maui,

    I think this book is so brilliant to offer canning recipes and then a way to use what you can. So glad someone thought of this!

    I use my mango chutney mixed with cream cheese for an appetizer plate when I need something in a SUPER hurry. Served with veggies and crackers it’s a hit every time and takes no time at all.


  169. I love marmalade in my pork stir fries. I make one with oranges, lemons and tangerines that has that bright taste that sets of the taste of a crispy pork short rib. Then top it all with tangerine sections and toasted almonds.

  170. My favorite way to use preserves is either on yogurt or on top of chicken. Some preserves of any flavor on top of chicken in the crockpot is just magic. Not really sweet, but just enough to give plain chicken yummy flavor.


  171. I just discovered over the weekend the the apple preserves I put up last fall make a very tasty crisp! It’s today’s favorite use of a fruit preserve : )

  172. Apple cranberry jam on a turkey sandwich is a favorite, peach jam in a vinegarette, and I love cranberry vanilla syrup on French toast. Mmmm.

  173. I’m a new canner and love the first book. It’s been so informative! But now I want to know how to use my creations with everyday meals. I think this would make the process come full circle for me!

  174. I suppose I am not very creative bc I love just smearing it on biscuits or toast. Its a great pick me up after work. But my favorite, less used way, is in my grandmothers jellyroll cake recipe 🙂

  175. I’m always on the lookout for ways to use my preserves, to prevent the standing-in-an-open-fridge-eating-jam-out-of-the-jar-by-the-spoonful syndrome.

  176. Boysenberry jam (with berries I picked myself) is always a must in my cupboard. I eat it on toast and on plain yogurt over homemade granola.

  177. I’m a big fan of traditional thumbprint cookies filled with unique jams and marmalades, but I also love using sweet and savory jams as a cheese board extra. I eat A LOT of cheese, and I share A LOT of cheese, so it works.

  178. I love adding peach or apricot jam to BBQ sauces . . .or finishing roasted meats with a dollop of jam . . . .chicken with your Blood Orange Marmelade and some chili flakes is wonderful. Your Meyer Lemon Marmelade was a wonderful substitute for lemon peel in a recent glaze . . . .I would say most of my jams end up as components to something else . . .

  179. I want this book! Lol. My fave way to use up preserves in a recipe is either in a jam bar cookie, a fruit preserve-swirled coffee cake, or just dump on top of some plain Greek yogurt yum! I do happen to like fruits and meats together but that combo isn’t a hit with the people I entertain most for (grumble grumble). Also, when you have the right cheese, meat, and bread, and a perfect preserve to go along with it to create a memorable sandwich, the stars have aligned and my belly is happy. I recently made a grilled cheese using multigrain, fromage d’Affonois, arugula, and black mission fig jam. To use the word sublime to describe it is just trite.

  180. I don’t know if I have a favorite, but the latest as for individual fruit tarts made in muffin tins. I love the sweet roll idea I saw posted though, and may have to try it this weekend with some of the caramel apple jam from last fall.

    Other than with cheese, I’m at a loss for ways to effectively use jams in savory ways, as they don’t seem to lend themselves as readily to vegetarian cooking. Or perhaps that’s food my kids will eat.

  181. Looks like a great book. At our house, the Teenager and I use our homemade jams & jellies as the sweetener for fruit smoothies.

  182. I am so excited for these giveaways, I’ve gotten so much use out of Put Em Up! The other day I used my apricot jam as an ingredient in a dipping sauce for summer rolls, it was awesome!

  183. We have tons of ways that we use preserved fruit in recipes. Right now, we’re absolutely obsessed with making a super-mustardy vinaigrette with salt-preserved lemons mashed up in it. SO GOOD! We also use a lot of tomato jam in BBQ sauce and as glaze for mini-meatloaves. Thanks for the chance to win!

  184. Homemade Rainbow cookies :-). And of course the usual, toast, PB&J (best with raspberry), rolls, waffles, & scones.

  185. I use my apricot jam combined with grainy Dijon mustard, apple cider vinegar, sea salt & a pinch of cayenne as a glaze for pork chops

  186. I’ve been making a ton of kimchi for the last year, and experimented a bit with marmalade this winter. When a neighbor threw a pizza party and asked guests to bring toppings, my partner and I knew what to do! We grabbed a jar of kimchi, which we used for sauce, threw on a light layer of cheddar, and topped it all off with little dots of cranberry meyer lemon marmalade. It was a hit!

  187. I just found your blog after reading about your book on Amazon…looking forward to perusing your earlier posts! As for my favorite way to use preserves: slathered on top of the delicious cheese blinis my Latvian sister-in-law taught me how to make.

  188. I know it is simple, but a heaping tablespoon of my homemade jams or jellies goes into the bottom of each 8oz jar of milk w/yogurt culture before it goes into the incubator. The result is a superior “fruit on the bottom” yogurt. My black currant jelly is one of my favorites consumed this way.

  189. I absolutely love to make pear jam or raspberry jam and put them on thumbprint cookies. My husband is so sick of thumbprint cookies he could scream! I guess there are worse things in life though. I would love this book to hopefully widen my repertoire of canning uses 🙂

  190. I love getting fresh raspberries and making raspberry curd. Opening a jar in the dead of winder really makes me smile!

  191. I baked a pork loin with canned apricots, red onion slices, carrots and some fresh minced ginger, a bit of salt and a good bit of ground pepper. I used some apricot preserves with hot red pepper added as a glaze after warming them up together for a few seconds in the microwave.

  192. Would love this book. Just bought a crate of Mangos. Made the Tomato Mango Jam to marinate chicken or pork and to donate to my school’s bakesale. Not very hopeful of winning.

  193. I use raspberry preserves in my chocolate drop cookie recipe. Would love to get my hands on this book and start making so new jams!

  194. The book looks great! I love adding some spoonfuls of jam (especially blueberry) to the top of my coffee cake batter and giving a little swirl before putting it in the over.

  195. Love reading these posts to get ideas – I’m afraid we’re pretty boring, using jam for…..toast! Part of the problem is that I am losing my sweet tooth as I get older, so a jam glaze on pork, for example, has very little appeal. However, we go through your Caramelized Red Onion Relish and other savory items in a flash. Would love to have this book for some new things to make and ways to use them.

  196. It’s not actually baking, but I like preserves with creme fraiche on scones – I always aim for it to taste like they do at Cafe Latte in Saint Paul, MN.

  197. I am eagerly awaiting our local farm store to reopen for the season and this book would be great. I love to use the preserves I make in oatmeal, plain soy yogurt and of course as a snack after work on a slight of wheat toast. My mother-in-law when she visits always squirels a jar or two away in her luggage because she loves to use them on pancakes instead of syrup. Says it makes them taste like a decadent dessert!

  198. I’m still fairly new to the “true” preserved world so I need to figure out more uses for the finished goods! For the moment I put them in a lot of smoothies and eat a lot of toast.

  199. Oh – fruit preserves – raspberry jam, especially – are a part of my favorite dessert ever, a jam-oatmeal-bar-thing that’s SO GOOD.

  200. I have an usual recipe for a Southerner I met a couple of years ago. He didn’t like the conventional wings sauce so I created a hot -n- sweet -n-zingy recipe using cherry preserves. Just “Wing” it creating your own!

  201. I use Pineapple mango chunky jam with a fresh pepper mixed in for a spicy sweet to go with grilled fish tacos. Serve with fresh coleslaw made with jimica and cilantro and you have crunchy, sweet, spicy and savory all in one.

  202. Citrus curd: on everything. Eaten like pudding w/whipped cream and lots of fresh berries on top. Used as frosting with whipped cream folded in. Swirled into a cheesecake batter before baking. Spread on toast or scones. I also have some delicious spicy jalapeno, pineapple, orange preserves from Hawaii that I love over crispy rye crackers with thinly sliced aged cheddar. A happy ending to dinner that’s part dessert/part cheese plate.

  203. Oh excellent! I have her first book and love it. Will have to get this one too. My new favorite way to use up jam is actually a chocolate and jam tea cake (bread?) that I found a link to recently. Actually, I thought I found the link in one of your posts, but now I can’t find it, so maybe I’m remembering wrong… Regardless, it’s an awesome bread that uses a whole cup of jam. I made mine with cinnamon pear jam and it was really tasty.

  204. I usually just put on toast or stir into greek yogurt. I’m getting alot of good ideas reading thru these comments though! I need this book to get more creative I think.

  205. Living on a peach orchard, we have lots of peaches we put up! I love to use them mostly in desert-y baking. Peach cobbler is my favorite!

  206. Jam tarts. When winter hits and the only in season produce is citrus, a good sour cherry jam tart will make you remember the warmth of summer.

  207. It’s not glamourous but my favorite way to use up preserves is by stirring glistening spoonfuls into plain Greek yogurt. This, along with a hefty tumble of my homemade Coconut Almond Granola is my breakfast more mornings than not. I’m currently alternating between Strawberry Vanilla Jam and Blueberry-Maple-Pecan Compote.

    A close second is mixing with cream cheese and using as a cracker dip/spread or sandwich spread. Cream cheese layered with spicy tomato jam was the surprise hit over the holidays.

  208. This book looks beautiful! Definitely going on my wish list. I suppose it isn’t a “recipe,” but my favorite way to use fruit preserves is in oatmeal. We use plain oats, homemade jam or fruit butter, and raisins in ours. That way, I can drastically reduce the amount of sugar in my son’s breakfast, but give lots of flavor.

  209. Love jams any way I can get them! Sauces, vinaigrettes, on pork or lamb, in my yogurt–but my favorite, hands down is on a biscuit, warm, just out of the oven. Nothing better. The definition of comfort food!

  210. What a very nice book! Here in my area, the Japanese Loquat trees are absolutely loaded all over town. I was given the gift of a lot of these wonderful little fruits, but they didn’t even make it to the kitchen. They’re like nature’s candy and you really can’t eat just one.

    I also like that the author gives great ideas on how to use up preserves. My kitchen is full of unused preserves and I’m hoping this will give me some ideas on the best way to use them up. I need the jars…lol.


  211. Raspberry jam on brownies then topped with chocolate frosting, pie filling in puff pastry for a quick breakfast treat, apple butter in oatmeal, but my day has to start with almond butter and jam on toast.

  212. Depends on the preserve.
    Tomato jam: with cream cheese on whole-wheat toast.
    Apricot jam: as the glaze on chicken roasted in the slow-cooker (add diced onion; we don’t like our meat dishes too sweet).
    Berries: Linzertorte. Which is basically a jam-dot cookie that went to college. Use either shortbread or piecrust for the base; either are good.
    OK, now I need to make a Linzertorte with tomato jam on cream-cheese shortbread. H’mmm, is that the appetizer or the dessert?

  213. Probably my favorite way to use fruit preserves is in meat dishes as a part of the sauce. They are especially good with pork and chicken.

  214. I like to use up preserves by making a glaze for pork or chicken. Just about any jam I can think of tastes good on pork chops or chicken legs and it really makes an ordinary dinner seem a little bit better.

  215. I like to take peach-honey-ginger preserves and smear it on top of brie, then wrap it in puff pastry and bake it in the oven. Yum!

  216. In homemade yogurt is a pretty yummy option. I have been gifted chutneies and no clue how to incorporate them, so I would love a gander at this book

  217. I use them on chicken and pork or over cream cheese for crackers. Sometimes I’ll use them in between layers of cake.

  218. I made some plum jam that was a little on the “stiff” side…okay it was like cement lol! Anyway, I’ve been using that jam in different types of basting sauces and BBQ sauces. The most successful was an orientalish sweet~n~spicy sticky sauce for oven baked wings. Those were some of the best wings I’ve ever eaten!

  219. As a glaze for meat. There’s always something that will work no matter what meat you have. Would love to have this book! Thanks!

  220. Such a clever title. 🙂 I made my very first muscadine jelly last year. Made it from my very own vines. This might be my year to try fig preserves. Growing up I only liked the fig syrup. I gave the figs away. I’ve followed you for over a year now and am only returning to thank you. Thank you. Inspiration goes a long way. You never know when you have a student following.

    Be well.

  221. I love pear jam on toast. I like marmalade type preserves with fish. And any sort of salsa with fish. Hmmm. Now I am hungry!

  222. I’m just getting into canning so this would be a great help. I recently bought your book, FIJ and am excited to try some of the recipes. I have a good friend who is going to help me with my first canning adventure :0) What I’m looking forward to the most is canning tomatoes. I have fond memories of my grandmother canning them.

  223. I love to mix my cherry preserves into a cherry-balsamic vinaigrette! So simple you don’t need a recipe, and always gets comments. One tip, though: warm up the preserves in a microwave-safe bowl so they melt just a bit, then blend in the rest and it will be smoother.

  224. We went rogue this St. Patrick’s Day and made a whiskey-orange marmalade reduction for our corned beef…UNBELIEVABLE.

  225. Looks like a great book and how nice to have a recipe to try out as well. Even if I don’t win this is a book I will most likely purchase.

  226. I mostly use my preserves on toast, however at the holidays I do a baking marathon with my mom & we use them in thumbprint cookies. They are a sort of butter cookie rolled in chopped nuts, baked, and then a dollup of fruit preserve is put in the center and baked for a few more minutes and it sets to an almost candy like consistancy. This year we used strawberry, blueberry, and wine jelly!

  227. I would love to add this book to my small, yet growing collection of canning/preserving books! My favorite way to use preserves is on top of homemade English Muffins. I thought English Muffins were good, until I made my own and discovered they are divine!

  228. A little bit of blackberry jam in the rub for a roasted duck breast or black currant preserves on a venison roast – I love a savory meet with a hint of sweetness!

  229. i used my lemon-lime jelly on apples for apple pie, lemon marmalade for jazzing up frostings. cherry-blueberry jam on cookies and cheesecake.

  230. My dad gave me a cookbook when I was young and one of my favorite recipes in it is sunrise muffins. It is just a basic muffin batter with cream cheese and preserves in the middle. They are simple and I think they are delicious.

  231. Looks like another great Storey title! I always make too much jam so after the standard toast and jam, cheese and jam, peanut butter and jam sandwiches and cream cheese and jam sandwiches, I use a jar and make a jam cake. Plays well for flavor and to make a nice moist cake. Easy, too!

  232. My favorite is to mix a citrus marmalade with a little Dijon mustard and black pepper. Put it on top of chicken or pork and bake. What an easy entree!

  233. Looks like a yummy suite of recipes with many appetizing pictures! I love to add either blueberry preserves or plum ginger jam to thai peanut sauce and then pour over sauteed vegetables and black rice. Yum!!!

  234. I have to admit that I have never used preserved fruit in a recipe – it has always been used merely as a spread for bread or toast. Much of the reason is because, other than with game, I don’t really know good ways to use it – this book looks like a great way to find out!

  235. My family’s favorite appetizer is major grey’s chutney over cream cheese on crackers… So excited about learning more about using preserves in cooking!

  236. I am so thrilled to have found your blog! And how fortunate that I did at the precise moment you are holding this contest 🙂
    I make jams of all sorts during the summer months and take them to my preschool classroom in the fall. Once a week, our class has’Tea time” (lovely tablecloths, napkins, darling cups and saucers..) We make scones and enjoy them with jam. Perhaps this is less exciting and innovative than some of the other posts, but I have 15 very sticky and happy four-year olds who are learning about tea time manners.

  237. I had a blackberry apricot jam (your recipe) that was delicious. I found a recipe for a blackberry bundt cake that called for just the right amount of that jam. It was delicious.

  238. Yellow tomato Jalapeno jam for eating with goat cheese.
    Smokey Tomato Jam with all sorts of meats, cheeses and crackers.
    Peach Raspberry Jam with pork loin (and PB&J of course)
    Plum Raspberry with brie for baked brie!!!

  239. I like getting to experiment at Purim with new jam flavors in hamentaschen. It always makes me so excited to get to explain the flavors to people and tell them that they’re all homemade (and not just the cookie part).

  240. My favorite, easy breakfast treat on a weekend is often Marisa’s Pear Butter (with lime rather than lemon) stirred into thick cut oatmeal…mmm.

  241. I like to use my marmalades with cheese and bread- orange spice and brie or grapefruit ginger jam and brie are the current favorites.

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