Links: Thumbprint Cookies and a Breakfast for Dinner Winner

April 1, 2013(updated on October 18, 2023)

Just a few links tonight and the Breakfast for Dinner winner. I continue to make steady book writing progress, though I found myself possessed with the need to step away from the computer today in order to sort, clean, and purge instead. Our closets and bookcases look much roomier and more organized, but it didn’t do much for my word count.

Breakfast for Dinner
So many thanks to everyone who jumped in and got on board my speedy weekend giveaway. I got a kick reading about all your favorite breakfast foods to eat for dinner!

Our winner is #3, Krisann. She wrote, “The best breakfast for dinner has got to be Waffle Wraps. Basically, picture a breakfast burrito. Now it’s a breakfast taco. Now it’s in a waffle instead of a tortilla. You’re welcome.”

Krisann, that’s brilliant. I have homemade waffles in my fridge and I WILL be making that soon.

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3 thoughts on "Links: Thumbprint Cookies and a Breakfast for Dinner Winner"

  • I feel just like that time in third grade when I went to the school fundraising carnival night and accidentally won the cake walk. This is so exciting!!

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