Preserves in Action: Slow Roasted Tomato Dip

February 4, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

two cups tomatoes

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve surely heard that the Superbowl is this weekend. And despite the many hours I logged during my youth with my dad at Civic Stadium watching the Portland State Vikings, football really isn’t my thing. (I was really just there for the food.)

frozen slow roasted tomatoes

However, there is one aspect of the Superbowl I can get fully behind. The dips. And though I love all those terrible classic dips like sour cream and onion and queso made from processed cheese, I decided that this year, I would try to make a real food dip using something I squirreled away earlier in the year.

roasted tomato dip

After assessing the stores, I settled on the oven roasted tomatoes from the freezer. I plucked out 2 cups (measured while frozen) and let them defrost on the counter. When they were nice and squishy, I combined them in the blender with 1 cup sour cream, 1/4 cup creamy goat cheese, a generous handful of fresh basil, 2 garlic cloves and the juice of half a lemon.

roasted tomato dip

I blended them until smooth, added a pinch of salt and a few grinds of pepper and blended again. After tasting with a pretzel, it took all my willpower to close the jar and put it in the fridge (I could have happily eaten half for dinner with an assortment of dippers). Once again, I’ll be showing up for a football game just for the food.

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23 thoughts on "Preserves in Action: Slow Roasted Tomato Dip"

  • Oh yum, this sounds like a great use for those frozen maters. I just made a dijon mustard-dried apricot dip today, with plans to pull it out on Sunday 😉 I will have to print out your recipe for later.

  • i was just looking at my roasted tomatoes tonight and thinking that i should do something with them. definitely need to try this out.

  • Holy cannoli, that looks amazing. You had me at “roasted tomatoes and goat cheese”! What a lovely way to inject a little schmancy into an otherwise dude-erific occasion!

  • I have dried oven-roasted tomatoes and pesto in the freezer. What do you think of substituting those for your frozen tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic cloves?

    1. You can give it a shot. If your oven roasted tomatoes are really quite dry, you might consider rehydrating them a bit, or using fewer and adding some extra liquid to the dip.

  • Nice recipe!

    But no need to live under a rock to ignore about Superbowl… living outside the US dramatically increases the chances to ignore about it, no matter the type of roof 🙂

  • I don’t have any oven roasted tomatoes (though you can be sure I’ll make some this fall…)
    Can I oven roast quartered tomatoes I have canned from last season? As an alternate, approx how many tomato halves were in your 2 cups? I’m open to buying enough ripe fresh ones to make the recipe…

    1. I don’t think it would work to roast canned tomatoes, there’s just too much juice. The tomatoes I used from my freezer were about five tomatoes worth.

  • Are you trying to tell me there’s a reason to watch the Super Bowl other than food? Because I don’t believe you. Unless its for commercials.

  • Yum, sounds good!

    And for the record, I just heard that the superbowl was today. My family still doesn’t know. Of course, we live out in the country and don’t watch TV (yep, under a rock and we LOVE it! LOL)

  • I ended up making this for the Superbowl yesterday, everyone loved it! I slow roasted cherry tomatoes the day before for about 5-6 hours and they turned out fantastic. Thanks for the great (and easy) recipe!

  • Every year I dehydrate and freeze tomatoes. And then I give them away because I don’t really like dried tomatoes – but, hey, social currency. But this dip looks delicious – with all of the good dried tomato flavor and none of the annoying texture.

  • I did a version of this and made an Adult Grill Cheese sandwich. I left out the sour cream and added just enough plain yogert to make the mixture spreadable. Then grilled as with any grilled cheese sandwich. Delicious!

  • Marisa – I have been eye-balling the recipe for the roasted tomatoes for about a year now. I finally found some nice looking romas at a farmers market and tried it out. AMAZING. I am trying the dip today. Thanks so much.

  • I finally made this, Marisa, with some roasted tomatoes I had squirreled away in my freezer. Yummy 🙂 It was good with carrot sticks dipped in it and also just plain spread on bread. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • These roasted tomatoes are sooo good and so easy! I am lucky enough to have a friend who gifted me a big bunch of Romas and I tried the first batch of two big trays just to see how I would like them. Tonight I’m on my third batch and tomorrow will be my fourth..Needless to say, I will not be turning down any Romas in the future. Will certainly be gifting a batch to my friend to enjoy. Looking forward to this dip recipe. Thanks to Lisa for the tip about cherry tomatoes. Will try them next. Love this site. Glad I found it. Thank you!!