Weck Jar FAQ and MightyNest Giveaway

August 21, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

plum jam

It used to be that Weck jars were precious things, hard to come by outside of Germany. Then people started discovering how pretty and useful they are. Suddenly, stores from Crate & Barrel to Williams-Sonoma and beyond began stocking them.

No explanation is needed when it comes to storing dry goods in Weck jars, but when it comes to the actual act of canning in them, newcomers sometimes need a little help. A couple years ago, I wrote a step-by-step guide to using Weck jars, and while I have no intention of reinventing that particular wheel today, I do want to pluck out a few of the most commonly asked questions about canning in Weck jars and highlight them here so that they’re easy to access.

mixed plums

How do you tell if Weck jars are sealed? You can tell that Weck jars are sealed because the little tab on the rubber seal will point downwards. You can also test your seal in much the same way that you do with Ball jars. Once the jars are cool, remove the clips and grasp the lid of the jar. Lift off the counter an inch or two. If the seal holds fast, you’re golden. If it starts to lose its seal or breaks the suction entirely, that’s a jar that needs to be refrigerated.

Can you reuse the rubber seal? In all printed materials available in the US, they don’t recommend that you use the rubber seal for Weck jars more than once. However, I’ve been told the instructions printed in other countries tell you that it is reusable until it is stretched out or begins to lose its elasticity. Because I don’t like to take chances, I replace the rubber seal with each use.

Can you pressure can in Weck jars? I have not tried it personally, but I was told that it can be done, provided you add a third clip to the lid, in order to help prevent siphoning during processing.

Is it possible to buy replacement clips? It is! You can actually easily buy replacement clips, rubber rings and even lids for Weck jars. MightyNest, sponsor of today’s giveaway sells all the replacement parts in their canning section.

multi-colored plum jam

Because Weck jars are quite a bit more expensive than traditional mason jars, I tend to save them for my favorite preserves. These are the recipes that I like so much that I tend to either keep them all for myself or share them with only those people who are truly deserving.

Plum jam is one of my most beloved preserves, because its flavor reminds me of the rummy jam my mom used to make with the fruit from our backyard trees, in Southern California, when I was very young.

For this jam, I combined 5 cups of chopped plums (a mixture of yellow and red) with 2 1/2 cups of sugar. Once the juices started to run, I cooked the fruit and sugar over high heat until the fruit broke down and the syrup thickened enough to hang off the spatula in little pink windows. A squeeze of lemon juice went in at the end for balance. Processed for ten minutes in an array of Weck jars, this is one preserve I’ll be rationing this winter, to ensure it lasts until plum season returns.

plum jam in Weck Jars

If you’ve been contemplating adding some Weck jars to your kitchen, you’re going to love today’s giveaway. It’s provided by MightyNest, an online shop and community hub designed to help people find a world of products (everything from kitchenware to personal care) that are healthy and non-toxic. Here’s what MightyNest has put together for this giveaway:

20 quart canning pot with a rack designed to hold 7 quarts
6 1-liter asparagus jars
6 1/2 liter tulip jars
6 160ml mold jars
Weck jar lifter (these are great, because they don’t catch on the clips the same way that jar lifters designed for Ball jars can).

MightyNest is also hosting a giveaway of my book over on their blog this week. If you’ve not yet gotten your copy, make sure to click over to enter!

If you’re interested in entering this giveaway, here’s how to do it.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what one change you’d like to make to your kitchenware to make it healthier. If you’re stumped for ideas, head over to MightyNest and browse their many lovely kitchen items. You’ll be chomping at the bit for something new in no time (I want everything they sell).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 24. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 25, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: MightyNest provided the jars, canner and jar lifter for this giveaway at no cost to me. I have not been compensated for my time or this post. My opinions remain mine entirely. 

Founded by two parents, MightyNest is an online store, resource center, and community dedicated to helping parents create healthy, safe homes. Our mission is to give families the ability to research, get advice, and buy natural, non-toxic products all in one place. From kitchenware to skin care, MightyNest’s safety experts have built the web’s broadest selection of products that are free from known toxic ingredients such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Parabens, and more.

MightyNest is a place where people feel motivated and welcomed, not discouraged or judged; somewhere people are empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. For the growing number of parents seeking high quality, healthy and safe alternatives to everyday products for their family, MightyNest is their most trusted resource.

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2,079 thoughts on "Weck Jar FAQ and MightyNest Giveaway"

  • I’d like to switch over to non-BPA canning lids and maybe try all cast-iron cookware (though I will have to remodel my kitchen to fit it in my cabinetry)

  • I could make my kitchen healthier by going to all glass food storage containers. And oh, to have NEW good quality canning equipment!

  • I am slowly replacing all my plastic food containers with glass. I have also started a garden this year after many years of not gardening…have already made strawberry and blackberry jam and can’t wait to start canning tomatoes (with your recipes from your book of course!)

  • I would love to try preserving food, to try and avoid cans at least a little.
    I’d also like to figure out my cast iron pan!

  • I would love to replace my dishes with some made in the US pottery, and my glassware with beer bottle glasses. 🙂

  • We are doing more and more glass storage, rather than plastic, something I used to do much more of, then got lazy for convenience.

  • Oooo, to make my kitchen healthier? I would love to get rid of all the plastics I use for storage. From zip top bags to plastic containers, even reusing them feels like a waste of resources.

  • I would love to get rid of all my plastic and use nothing but glass. I just started canning this year and would love to have the Weck Jars, canning pot and pot lifter. Thank you for giving me the chance to win them MightyNest.

  • We are working to get rid of the last of our plastic storage containers in our house. Almost there! I’m really interesting in canning, too. I love these Weck jars, they look so beautiful, how can you not enjoy eating what’s in them?!

  • I would love to stop using plastic in my kitchen, but somehow I keep falling back to using it for some things.

  • I’d love to do eliminate the few remaining non-stick items we have. More stainless and cast iron.

    And I’d REALLY love to win this giveaway! 🙂

  • Most of the pans I own are ones I have inherited from my family. One of my oldest ones I own is from my parents and they got it used before they got married almost 40 years ago. I am pretty sure we have consumed all the tephlan from the bottom of that pan as there isn’t any coating left on the bottom but plenty left on the sides. My goal is to replace the pans in my kitchen…pans that will require less oil to cook with as well as don’t include putting a plastic coating chunks into the meals I make. 🙂 I have been working a bunch over the last year thought work at encouraging less waste to be produced by my kitchen (which hopefully will help with the health of not only our family but the planet). Our waste is now being put into a compost pile, we are doing even more recycling. The great thing about the compost pile is in the future it will help to improve our garden soil which should also help us put even more local/healthy/organic food on our kitchen table and also locally (I have started up some food swaps in our community-the sharing of what we are producing in our own homes/gardens/ and so on.). When I have attended lunch events that used a great deal of plastic containers I have taken them home to wash and reuse instead of sending them to the dump. It is about doing what we can in our own homes awe well as helping to support/celebrate those in our community that are doing such great good while also helping to reduce our waste.

  • This would help us with our green mission. We breastfeed, cloth diaper, compost, buy local, then buy organic, have a small family car for the 4 of us, use cloth napkin, towels, family cloth, and feminine hygiene products…our next steps include growing more of our own food and jarring to stay “local” during the winter months. I really hope to be the lucky winner here!

  • I would like to try and cook more with cast iron and less with non-stick. Also, try to buy more organic items for meals.

    lovely giveaway.

  • I’m slowly but surely replacing my pantry’s dry goods (beans, flour, etc.) Tupperware storage containers with glass jars. Mostly using repurposed jars from food items, but also having to purchase the larger sizes.

    I’d love to can produce, salsa, pasta sauce, etc. but have been concerned about the BPA in the lid lining. These are a fabulous option!

  • I’ve already gotten rid of nonstick cookware, using mostly cast iron. I’d definitely use a lot more glass instead of plastic, too. But with 2 toddlers that like to play with the storage containers, that may just be wishful thinking! 🙂

  • I would love to use the Weck system to start canning more of our food. We’ve found a wonderful farmer’s market and would love to buy more local produce. This canning system would give us the opportunity to preserve some for later.

  • I am trying so hard to purge all the plastic from my kitchen, ugh. No sooner do I weed some out than someone gives me a set of containers as a gift. I would also love enough tiny containers to eliminate the need for plastic bags.

  • Oh wow – My heart skipped a beat when I saw this giveaway!

    We have already made major changes to our kitchenware that is healthier..we don’t use plastic, we use canning jars to store our leftovers, cook in cast iron.. but one thing I’ve been wanting to get lately is some stainless cups and plates as they’re non toxic, heavy duty and toddler friendly!

  • I would really like to go to glass containers and transition from plastic. Glass is beautiful and the plastic seems to break down so much and I worry about how much of that breakdown goes into the food being stored.

  • I’m really trying to buy more bulk and divide out portions. And canning more things since food prices have started rising.

  • I’ve always loved the Weck jars visually, but was afraid to try them out for canning. Good to hear that they are definitely usable by modern safety techniques

  • I would love to try these jars with all the canning that I do. I also freeze a lot of berries and tomatoes and am trying to use alternatives to plastic freezer bags and eliminate them all together.

  • I’ve been canning much of my life. I would love to start getting away from the BPA lids I normally use to these glass jars/lids!

  • Great refresher on the Weck jars! One thing I’d like to change would be to move away from plastics (BPA free or not) for storage. Winning the give away would be a great boost towards that goal since especially since I don’t own my own canner yet – and I could definitely use the lovely weck jars. Eco-friendly is the way!!

  • Definitely the little bites silicone ice pop molds…we’ve been eating LOTS of popsicles this summer and I want to start making our own healthier versions!!

  • I used to help my grandma can when I was younger, and would like to start doing it myself. I would love an actual canning set!

    I would also love to replace our nonstick cookware with cast iron.

  • I am trying to use less or no plastic to store freezer items. But it is expensive to change to glass for everything.

  • I am slowly phasing out plastic storage containers, and also non-stick cookware. The hardest part is getting the boyfriend to take care of the cast iron! 🙂

  • Me and my 2 daughters are on a mission to get healthy. My 9 year old has shown a great interest in cooking healthy foods for our family. We would love to be able to preserve some of the yummy things she has made into jars.

  • I’d like the get away from using the plastic zip bags and I’d like to swap my aluminum stove top popcorn popper for a stainless steel one.
    I do a lot of canning, but hate that the inside of the lids are lined with BPA. I’d love to try the weck jars to get rid of that problem.

  • I’ve used cast iron cookware since I first moved out on my own at 18, and love, love, love it. Four years ago I bought a house that came with a hanging pot rack, which makes me love my cast iron all the more. I have been canning for about ten years, and every time I see a Weck jar I have unbelievable jar lust. My goal for this year is to increase the amount of lunches I take to work that are “home made” rather than eating out or buying something frozen for convenience.

  • One positive change I want to make in my kitchen is to switch from steam canning to water bath canning. I only do high-acid foods, so our risk has been fairly low, but I do need to make the change.

  • I’m working on making my kitchen healthier by using less plastic. I’m also trying to help the environment (and my budget) by using more of my leftovers and turning kitchen scraps into stocks, etc.

  • This summer I have been freezing and preserving every weekend. I hope to make our CSA share and small garden last until next summer!

  • Fantastic giveaway! For my kitchenware wish, I wish I had more glassware so that I could completely phase out plastics from my kitchen.

  • I really, really need to replace all my cooking pans. I want to move away from teflon all together, but still have many pans with it lingering.

    And WOWZA — that’s a lot of Weck jars!!

  • One thing I’d like to change to be healthier: I never realized that the old cookware we’ve used could be detrimental to Thyroid Health – leaching of metals etc. I’ve begun to replace our cookware, old plates etc., to those less harmful to my family.

  • For a few years I have been using glass jars for just about everything. From vases to drinking cups they will get used. I only have one tiny Weck jar in my possession. It looks like MightyNest is a great source. Lovely and informative post.
    One thing to make my kitchen healthier would probably be to replace my old frying pan with a good cast iron pan for everyday use.

  • I’ve done quite a bit already to clean up my kitchen. In looking at the MightyNest website, the glass microwave popcorn popper would be fantastic! My daughter loves popcorn, but I refuse to buy microwave popcorn because of all the chemicals.

  • I am on a quest to remove all plastic from my kitchen. I have replaceda a lot already with pyrex and anchor hocking products. The Mighty Nest website looks great. I like that glass popcorn popper. I’ve been using paper bags in the microwave, but I’ve heard they can catch fire, so it’s made me nervous. These canning jars would be wonderful to have.

  • I love to can our own food and am really excited to try new jars. I would love to rid my entire Kitchen of plastic including my awful plastic ice cube trays.

  • I’ve made my kitchen healthier by only using glass to store food, I heat our food in or on the stove, and eventually will not own a microwave. All this, while I hypocritically stuff my face with a bag of chips! Ugh. (i hate when i do that) And about that; I often satisfy my craving for chips by making my own dehydrated version.

  • I would love this collection of weck jars to complete my farm-to-table regime. With my backyard square foot gardens, spoiled-rotten chickens, and 2 local farms that I volunteer at, I could use these gorgeous jars! Since I began canning this past summer, I have become highly addictive to perserving the bounty that I’m reaping. I live in Austin, Tx. where we are fortunate enough to have a zero waste grocery store. The concept is simple – bring your own container, weigh your food, then pay. How I could use more containers!

  • I would like to get all of the plastics out, once and for all. I’m working on it, but tupperware and baggies are so damn handy :-/

  • I would love to add glass juice canning jars to my preserving kitchenware. To enjoy homemade juice would be quite a treat for me.

  • Not to copy everyone else, but I’d love to get to a point where I have all glass and no plastic. I’m getting there, but it’s surprisingly expensive to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • I’d like more glassware and less plastic. Also a reusable to-go container of some sort to use when we dine out.

  • Yeah, I have been looking for more glass for canning, as I am just starting larger canning project. I have not liked the lids because of the BPA so not canning yet. I would love to get to know Weck jars. Pick me please. Thank you for the contest and a chance to learn about a healthy product.Right now I eat frozen food to stay out of the can!!

  • I WANT EVERYTHING!!! i’m working on eliminating plastic from my kitchen. working with more glass containers. would love to try the Weck jars!

  • I’d like an in sink hot water dispenser so I can have hot water for cleaning handy and immediate. It takes too long for my water to get hot for cleaning and I admit, sometimes I just don’t have the patience to wait.

  • Like many others, my kitchen wish would be a plastic free kitchen! I still have too many cheap tupperwares and mixing bowls that I just cant seem to replace with glass/pyrex/stainless steal.

  • I would like to make my kitchen healthier by having more home canned products on hand (especially made with the produce of our organic CSA neighbors!)

  • Having grown up on a farm, I have always grown a large garden and preserved my own fruits and vegetables. My son and daughter-in-law now have the chickens for eggs. I do not waste money on buying packaged foods from the grocery, knowing they are not healthy and costs so much more. I save on cabinet space, counter space, and refrigerator space by using fresh and preservative free foods.
    I have everything I need but the cow!

  • Reading all the comments here, I have also been slowly getting rid of my plastic. I’m buying a new Pyrex every time I go to the grocery store. I thought I was alone in my new obsession, welcome friends! 🙂

  • I am dying for a porcelain travel mug and they have such cute patterns! So many amazing things to choose from!

  • oh my are those ever pretty!!!! I have been working on getting rid of plastic in my kitchen and also using more glass cooking dishes

  • I have a bad plastic habit – zip bags, take-out containers. While I’ve replaced some with glass jars, I need MOAR. This giveaway would totally help improve my kitchen health.

  • I’d like to start using less paper in the kitchen. Cloth napkins (even for taking to work), and a paper towel substitute.

  • I am learning how to can (organic veggies) for the first time tomorrow and am very excited. I would love to rid my home of plastic that is toxic and replace with either glass or non toxic plastic!

  • Looks like I have alot to learn. Going to start reading up now and hope to win the set to start me off on providing a healthier kitchen for my family! Thanks for the info 🙂

  • I would love to start canning to have healthy, cheaper food sources all year. I go through summer withdrawl every year, longing for yummy fruits and veggies. I would also like to try the glass popcorn maker, I love popcorn, but microwave bags a just yucky.

  • I’m trying to get rid of BPA in my kitchen. My little one will be starting solids soon so I want to eliminate the possibility of storing in plastic.

  • Storing (and worse, microwaving) food in plastic containers is a habit I really should stop right now since I know better. Like most other commenters I want to get away from plastic and nonstick stuff for my cooking and storing.

    I’d never heard of Weck jars ’til now, but now I reallyreallyreally want some. What a great prize!