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plum jam

It used to be that Weck jars were precious things, hard to come by outside of Germany. Then people started discovering how pretty and useful they are. Suddenly, stores from Crate & Barrel to Williams-Sonoma and beyond began stocking them.

No explanation is needed when it comes to storing dry goods in Weck jars, but when it comes to the actual act of canning in them, newcomers sometimes need a little help.ย A couple years ago, I wroteย a step-by-step guide to using Weck jars, and while I have no intention of reinventing that particular wheel today, I do want to pluck out a few of the most commonly asked questions about canning in Weck jars and highlight them here so that they’re easy to access.

mixed plums

How do you tell if Weck jars are sealed? You can tell that Weck jars are sealed because the little tab on the rubber seal will point downwards. You can also test your seal in much the same way that you do with Ball jars. Once the jars are cool, remove the clips and grasp the lid of the jar. Lift off the counter an inch or two. If the seal holds fast, you’re golden. If it starts to lose its seal or breaks the suction entirely, that’s a jar that needs to be refrigerated.

Can you reuse the rubber seal? In all printed materials available in the US, they don’t recommend that you use the rubber seal for Weck jars more than once. However, I’ve been told the instructions printed in other countries tell you that it is reusable until it is stretched out or begins to lose its elasticity. Because I don’t like to take chances, I replace the rubber seal with each use.

Can you pressure can in Weck jars? I have not tried it personally, but I was told that it can be done, provided you add a third clip to the lid, in order to help prevent siphoning during processing.

Is it possible to buy replacement clips? It is! You can actually easily buy replacement clips, rubber rings and even lids for Weck jars. MightyNest, sponsor of today’s giveaway sells all the replacement parts in their canning section.

multi-colored plum jam

Because Weck jars are quite a bit more expensive than traditional mason jars, I tend to save them for my favorite preserves. These are the recipes that I like so much that I tend to either keep them all for myself or share them with only those people who are truly deserving.

Plum jam is one of my most beloved preserves, because its flavor reminds me of the rummy jam my mom used to make with the fruit from our backyard trees, in Southern California, when I was very young.

For this jam, I combined 5 cups of chopped plums (a mixture of yellow and red) with 2 1/2 cups of sugar. Once the juices started to run, I cooked the fruit and sugar over high heat until the fruit broke down and the syrup thickened enough to hang off the spatula in little pink windows. A squeeze of lemon juice went in at the end for balance. Processed for ten minutes in an array of Weck jars, this is one preserve I’ll be rationing this winter, to ensure it lasts until plum season returns.

plum jam in Weck Jars

If you’ve been contemplating adding some Weck jars to your kitchen, you’re going to love today’s giveaway. It’s provided by MightyNest, an online shop and community hub designed to help people find a world of products (everything from kitchenware to personal care) that are healthy and non-toxic. Here’s what MightyNest has put together for this giveaway:

20 quart canning pot with a rack designed to hold 7 quarts
6 1-liter asparagus jars
6 1/2 liter tulip jars
6 160ml mold jars
Weck jar lifter (these are great, because they don’t catch on the clips the same way that jar lifters designed for Ball jars can).

MightyNest is also hosting a giveaway of my book over on their blog this week. If you’ve not yet gotten your copy, make sure to click over to enter!

If you’re interested in entering this giveaway, here’s how to do it.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me what one change you’d like to make to your kitchenware to make it healthier. If you’re stumped for ideas, head over to MightyNest and browse their many lovely kitchen items. You’ll be chomping at the bit for something new in no time (I want everything they sell).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm east coast time on Friday, August 24. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Saturday, August 25, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to US residents.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog, I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: MightyNest provided the jars, canner and jar lifter for this giveaway at no cost to me. I have not been compensated for my time or this post. My opinions remain mine entirely.ย 

Founded by two parents, MightyNest is an online store, resource center, and community dedicated to helping parents create healthy, safe homes. Our mission is to give families the ability to research, get advice, and buy natural, non-toxic products all in one place. From kitchenware to skin care, MightyNest’s safety experts have built the webโ€™s broadest selection of products that are free from known toxic ingredients such as BPA, PVC, Phthalates, Lead, Melamine, Formaldehyde, Parabens, and more.

MightyNest is a place where people feel motivated and welcomed, not discouraged or judged; somewhere people are empowered to make changes in their lives, whether large or small. For the growing number of parents seeking high quality, healthy and safe alternatives to everyday products for their family, MightyNest is their most trusted resource.

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2,083 responses to “Weck Jar FAQ and MightyNest Giveaway”

  1. I would like to be better about canning tomatoes for the year before the chickens pilfer them… No BPA’s in home can tomatoes and we sure use a lot!

  2. I have plastic locking lid boxes that I’ve really liked for food storage, but now that the locking tabs are starting to fail, I’d love to replace them with glasslock boxes. I don’t like to reheat food in plastic; glass is safer. Moving slowly in that direction!

    Plum jam: That’s my favorite, too. One year I gave too much away, and ran out in March. Now I’m always careful to ration it so that I’ll have enough for me, me, me.

  3. Like earlier commenters, I’d like to replace all my crappy plastic containers with glass. I get enough exposure to carcinogens elsewhere and don’t need them coming from my food storage. I think my brain would explode with happiness if I got this giveaway.

  4. I’d love to replace my kids lunch containers, I have a lot of glass that we use at home, but it can’t be sent to school. Stainless steel would be ideal, but it’s not in the budget right now for four kids. Someday!

  5. I’d love to get brave enough to try pressure canning. I can only imagine how much healthier that would be than the processed stuff in the stores!!

  6. I would like to use only reusable containers. no more ziploc bags, and I am trying to convert to only self made products. I just began canning last year and LOVE IT!

  7. I’m always trying to make as much as I can from scratch. I use produce grown in my own garden for canning and all natural ingredients. Anything I can use to help protect my family from chemicals is welcome in my home!

  8. Like several other people, I’d love to be using less plastic. I’m able to pack my partner’s lunch in mostly glass containers–a combination of canning jars and Pyrex, mostly–but my daughter’s school has a no-glass-containers rule that I’m continually running afoul of.

  9. replace the plastic lunch containers with stainless steel, and the plastic serving/cooking spoons with wood and stainless as well. i’ve already got tons of glass.

  10. I’d like to find a healthier alternative to my cheap non-stick pans…something that is not a nightmare to maintain (which leads to me not cooking) and not too heavy for me to lift with my bad wrists.

  11. I’d love to add more cast iron cookware to my repertoire. I have one pot and one pan, and the foods I cook in them always turn out amazingly flavorful!

  12. I would really like replacement lids for my pryex storage containers. Alas, they’ve changed their design, which would mean all new containers and lids, and none of them are currently as big as the biggest one that I currently own. I use the big one the most, too. The lids lasted about 10 years, and I’ve had them for 12.

  13. I’ve slowly started changing over my plastic lunch containers to glass. I would love for all of my plastic items to be glass (mixing bowls, measuring spoons etc) but decided to start with the lunch containers.

  14. I’m in the process of replacing all the melamine kiddo dishes with new glass and ceramic. I didn’t know how bad melamine dishes were until recently and I’m appalled at how so many kids dishes are made of such a toxic substance.

  15. I would like to replace all of my plastic food containers with glass containers – at least the containers that I might be tempted to throw in the microwave for a couple of minutes!

  16. In order to make my kitchen healthier I would love to 1] have more guests over-happiness factor 2] use cloth napkins instead of paper All the time..Thanks for facilitating that thought process.

  17. I’d like to find/get some more silicone lids to use on big bowls for storage in the fridge instead of using plastic wrap!

  18. Wow! Awesome giveaway! I really like their website, too, and think I’ll be purchasing a few cases for on-the-go lunches. Top of my list is to get rid of all non-stick cook and bakeware. Bit by bit I’m replacing.

  19. I would like to learn to pressure can so I could can my own soups! Also, I would like a pantry to store all my delicious canned goods that are in my cluttered cupboards!

  20. Getting rid of Teflon & other chemical nonstick: check.
    Learning to ferment: check.
    Learning how to season/maintain cast iron: check.
    Learning how to season/maintain carbon steel: check.
    Getting rid of all the aluminum: work in progress.
    Getting rid of the rest of the plastic, especially for frozen things, like broth: WIP.
    Love the blog & loved meeting you at the Millers’ cheese stand at the PFM! ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. I agree with most other readers: I’m replacing my old plastic storage containers with glass. It’s affordable. If only I could as easily replace my non-stick pots and pans.

  22. I too have been slowly replacing all of my plastic storage with glass. The next step, however, is saving up and replacing my scratched and non-stick cookware with higher end stainless steel.

  23. My kitchen would be much healthier for me and the environment if I were to get a new fridge. The temperature is not always stable and often my produce freezes. So frustrating. I would also like a much bigger freezer for putting up veggies in the winter. My current freezer only has enough room for Salmon, Halibut, and Blueberries. We all need our priorities! A
    This is an amazing give away. I love Weck jars, but they are still so hard for me to find in Alaska.

  24. i’ve got to echo that i would like to replace all my plastic containers with glass. i did swap out about half a bit back, but really need to make the total transition!

  25. Like many others, I would like to finish replacing plastic containers with glass. I also would like to have more convenient lunch-size containers in general to make it easier to bring home-made lunches to work every day.

  26. I would like to replace all my plastic storage containers with new glass ones and add some Weck Canning jars to my collection. I think they are so pretty and the Asparagas jars are awesome none of the ball ones seem to work for pickled Asparagas!!

  27. What an amazing giveaway! I’ve had weck jars on my list for a couple of years now but haven’t got any. I am working to eliminate all unsafe plastics and replace with glass or metal

  28. I would love to learn how to properly use and care for cast iron skillets and be able to use them instead of non-stick cookware.

  29. We recently got rid of our microwave! Now I need to replace all of my plastic containers with oven safe glass for reheating those leftovers.

  30. One big change I would like to make to my kitchenware to make it healthier would be to remove all plastics! I’m using all glass, metal, ceramic and wood. It ‘s hard to give up the convenance of plastics, but I feel like its an important change.

  31. I’d love to set up a baking area in my kitchen: jars filled with flours, sugars and chocolate chips. But mostly to make many batches of giant thumbprint cookies with my homemade jams. I would purchase the jars at MightyNest. They have a lovely selection and are very reasonably priced.

  32. I’d like to finally get rid of all the plastic containers. I’ve just started taking my breakfast to work in a Weck jar instead of the usual Lock & Lock containers we’ve been using for ages, and it just seemed so much nicer.

  33. Along with the rest of the crowd, I’m trying to replace my plastic storage containers with glass. We’re about halfway there…

  34. I have been trying to make my kitchen healthier by replacing plastics with glass, stainless steel or wood, and by canning. I especially love the Weck jars. This giveaway looks amazing!

  35. The one new change we are focusing on this year is dehydrating instead of just canning. This way we can measure out just what we are needing instead of ending up buying prepackaged stuff that are laced in chemicals in order to not waste. The Weck jars would be a great jar for canning or storing dried goods (without plastic).

  36. What a fantastic giveaway! Loveliness. I still need to find a BPA free alternative to our current canning lids. And by find, I mean just suck it up and try the Tattler lids already.

    Fingers crossed.

  37. I would also like to replace my plastic storage containers, but for a different reason. They are all opaque. If I had glass, I could see the contents. This would let me make better use of healthy left overs and make sure I use them before they spoil. Seeing them might also make my husband more likely to eat them and less likely to open one of his high fat/high sodium/low fiber cans he keeps sneaking into the house.

  38. I am phasing out plastic, like so many others. But now that my 10 year old is starting to cook, I would also feel safer if I had an induction cooktop instead of a gas range – even though I’m always around, I’ve become more anxious about the flame now that there’s an active child nearby. Sigh, in my dreams.

  39. I have been trying for some time to switch to all glass rather than plastic storage containers. I use Mason jars for some things, but getting larger storage options can be pricey, and even “nice” storage square/rectangle containers that are all glass, for stuff like leftovers, are not cheap. Another issue is getting away from using Ziploc baggies in all their variations. If I suddenly came into some money right now, that would be one of the things I take care of ๐Ÿ˜‰

  40. I would like to do a better job of keeping my freezer stocked by doubling recipes so that I don’t resort to unhealthy food when life gets busy.

  41. Like many others, I’d like to gradually replace plastic storage containers with glass. I’d also like to be a little more organized to avoid waste and try to be a little more adventurous with food choices

  42. I wish I could compost, but my building doesn’t. I *should* start a fire escape garden so I can use more fresh herbs and home grown veggies in my kitchen, but haven’t gotten around to that yet.

  43. I’d love BPA-free canning jars and lids. The Weck ones look amazing, and would make my kitchen a much happier place. ๐Ÿ™‚

  44. I would really like to start dehydrating my own stuff. We are really starting to make headways in really making most of our food and this could only help. Also I recently got a soda stream for my birthday and its helping me cut down on my diet soda intake.

  45. I’m working on using more environmentally-friendly (and people-friendly) cleaning products on my dishes and kitchen surfaces–I like the thing where MightyNest will send you a set of cleaning products on a regular basis so you don’t have to remember to shop for them!

  46. Popcorn being a popular snack in our home, I would love to replace microwave popcorn bags with a glass, microwave popcorn popper. So many benefits! Eliminates chemicals from microwave bags, unhealthy chemicals used as preservatives, contributes to a ‘greener’ world by eliminating the bag and replacing with washable glass, and tastes fresher, AND allows for using a variety of types of popcorn for a different taste each night ๐Ÿ™‚ GREAT product and awesome giveaway by MightyNest…kudos!

  47. I see I’m thinking the same thing as a lot of people here : I would like to replace my plastic storage with some nice glass storage.

    Also – being new to canning, preserving food is actually something I want to incorporate more of. And this set looks such a SEXY way to do that! Very pretty.
    I have a glass top stove and just learned I should use a flat bottom canner (which this looks like it might be) so I really hope to win!! Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I would love to get a cast iron skillet instead of using crappy nonstick teflon pans. I am new to canning and so excited about this giveaway!

  49. I’d love to make the full switch from plastics to glass. Convenience is a tough habit to break, though. ๐Ÿ™‚ But really, glass is SO much fun, and prettier too!

  50. Plastics for me too! Isn’t it crazy that we are all stuck on this one? I have made so many changes over time, to try to have the healthiest kitchen for our family, but with a four year old, we have always had some plastic things for her to eat from. I never put it in the microwave, nor in the dishwasher, so I’m as careful as I can be with it, but I would like to be rid of it entirely. As she’s getting older, it’s easier and easier to do, since she’s much less likely to toss things onto the floor or bang them together and break things.

    Thanks for offering the giveaway! My fingers are crossed!

  51. My kids love dried fruit. I would love a food dehydrator to make my own. I would also like a larger cast iron pan – love my cast iron!

  52. Being a new mom, I was astounded at how I suddenly realized I had been decieved into being a “sheeple” all of these years. Since my daughter has arrived (7 months ago)I have been making changes- some gradual, some with a bit more “oomph”– to lessen my impact on the environment and to change us around as a family to being more green as well as self sustainable. I think in the kitchen the one thing I would do would be to remove all the plastics and switch over to all glass storage ware and utensils. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  53. I need a new salad spinner. My son “over loved” mine by spinning dinosaurs in it. As such, we don’t have salad as often as we used to! Love this give away, and I’m anxiously waiting for your book to arrive- i ordered it yesterday!

  54. One thing I’d really like to do is can all my tomatoes for the coming tomato-less months, after finding out just how bad cans are and what’s being leached into my store-bought stewed tomatoes.

  55. It would have to be replacing our leftover yogurt containers-as-leftover-food-containers with non plastic (probably glass) storage containers. I feel good in that we’re keeping plastic out of the landfill by repurposing them to hold leftovers and lunches, but I know that plastic isn’t the best thing for our bodies.

  56. I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it! I’m new to canning, so I would love a real canner. I just use the biggest pot I have and a dish towel on the bottom. As I result many of my jars were processed in green or blue water, and I can’t process anything bigger than a 500ml jar. Overall I’m having fun!

  57. We bought a small farm a couple of years ago, and are trying to raise most of what we eat. We have a large garden and several chickens and ducks, we also have quail and rabbits, two pigs, and a calf. I can most of the garden. We freeze most of the meat we butcher our self, some of it I can, like chicken,and rabbit. I also can a lot of soups and chili, and my own broth. These jars would be a great addition to my pantry. Thanks for such a great give away. I’m sure whoever wins tham will enjoy them dearly.

  58. I’m really in need of a enamel coated cast iron pot for the oven and some non-reactive glass bowls for mixing… really large bowls. I was canning zucchini relish this week and had a really hard time finding something to let it sit in over night (the zucchini, onions, and salt). And if I could… I’d add some of those gorgeous Weck jars!

  59. I would love to add some of the stainless baking pans to my kitchen. I try to not use non stick and I use a lot of glass, these would be amazing (and my husband, the retired chef, would think he had died and gone to heaven)

  60. I just found your website the other day when I was looking for recipes to send out with a CSA newsletter. It’s great! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am actually pretty conservative with what I let into my kitchen anymore– I use glass pyrex with rubber lids instead of tupperware, all cast-iron pans, heck, I even wash my dishes with homemade baking-soda cleanser.

    I WOULD love some weck jars though. I’ve read that Ball canning lids have BPA, which is kind of the point of home canning–avoiding the added chemicals. ๐Ÿ˜›

  61. since i began canning i have always looked for innovative ways to do it…glass is perfection and stainless steel is great for those with lifting disabilities like myself…if i could change anything it would be all glass or all stainless steel…but for now i will settle for half and half

  62. I see lots of readers making the switch from plastic to glass: awesome endeavor I have undertaken as well. For, me, I would love to cut down on my processed food (that is, prepackaged) and make more homemade meals. These jars would be prefect for storage and my own plum jam recipe!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  63. I’m using less sugar in my jams and jellies, and trying to use natural pectin instead of commercial pectin. With these changes, I’m getting used to a softer set, which I’m starting to love!

  64. Oh, I’m drooling over those Weck jars! I’d love to replace all my plastic storage containers to glass ones. I’ve started, but it’s a work in progress!

  65. I’d like to get rid of the white beet sugar…maybe even the cane sugar. I’d also like to convert completely over to “friendly” cleaners…I’m almost there, but still use a chemical polish on all of my copper…I’m lazy…it works faster than salt and a lemon!

  66. I love when I find something that I really need that I didn’t even know existed — like a glass microwave popcorn popper. I have a stressful job in front of the computer and crunchy snacks, especially microwave popcorn, often get me through the day. This green kitchen gadget is awesome!

  67. I would like to finish replacing all my pots & pans to stainless steel. I just have one aluminum pot to swich out – my popcorn popper.

  68. Our kitchen is already pretty healthy, so I’d probably have to give the ice cream in the freezer to someone else. But that Weck kit really looks handsome. Count me in.

  69. Love the store! MightyNest carrys many items I have purchased or eyed with open want locally ;). Always great to have a new resource! I have been wanting one of the Chemex coffee makers and will likely go that route when my trusty stovetop espresso maker loses its handle as it is threatening to.

  70. I have started changing over to all glass storage items and my teflon is ancient, most of the new ceramic looks very tempting, and non stick to boot. I love canning and this would be a tremendous gift.

  71. It’s definitely time to replace my aging non-stick frying pans. The one ceramic coated pan I tried is chipping badly and has never been anywhere close to “non-stock”. I think I’ll be upgrading to good stainless and carbon steel to complement the cast iron I already have.

    Other than that, I’m trying to replace the plastic with glass or metal storage containers.

  72. I would like to have a small pressure cooker to make cooking beans a snap. I like to include at least 1-2 bean meals/week, and this would make it much more likely that I buy them in bulk instead of canned. More economical & healthy =) I’m a baby jam blogger…baby in the sense of sporadically and not at all the expert. I generally make a couple recipes/mo. and can lots of other produce in the summer. I would be estatic to win a set of Weck jars!!!!

  73. I would love to get more glass containers for the refrigerator, to replace the plastic baggies we often use for odds and ends of food.

  74. I would love to add Weck jars to my canning supply. Also it would be great to have a larger food dehydrator. Really, there are so many things I would love to add to or to replace…one thing at a time, I suppose. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the entry to this great giveaway.

  75. I make stinging nettle soup from my yard then jar it for my hubby to take to work. It’s VERY healthy and surprisingly nommy even though it’s just a simple weed! Very good alternative to eating fast food they order at work and it’s all contained and grown naturally in my yard.

  76. Hmm, well, in order to not sound like a broken record, I’m going to go with finding a way to clean my oven that doesn’t involve scary toxic cleaners (and replacing the rest of my plastic containers with glass)!!

  77. One goal I’ve been working on is to eliminate as much processed or pre-made food as I can. I’m still having trouble with bread (I actually enjoy making it, but some weeks I get lazy and buy a loaf) and I’d love to make my own nut butters.

  78. I’d like to find some reusable produce bags and ditch the plastic ones. And like many others here, I’d like to switch to glass storage.

  79. I’d like to say that I would start using the reusable produce bags…. But their glass containers are so gorgeous I know that’s what I would really want! No more storing in plastic then microwaving for me!

  80. I love that you posted a plum jam recipe. I have 6 italian prune plum trees that each produce about 100 lbs of plums. My favorite recipe so far has been an orange plum marmelade.

  81. I have the same pots and pans I was given 40 years ago, and have only added a couple of cast iron over the years for size. I only use glass containers for storage and being vegetarian, I am very careful to use only non gmo organics if they are available. I would like a larger dehydrator. The one I have is getting aged and with two new grand kids, I think its time to upgrade. I saw a wooden one a while back, very expensive but maybe the lottery will smile on me. Love this blog. Why is Amazon sold out of the book?

  82. I’ve been doing lots to make my kitchen and our food safer and healthier but I just can’t seem to let go of my non-stick plug in griddle…I know, teflon is terrible! I need an option, I’m going to go see if they have something at MightyNest ๐Ÿ™‚

  83. I’d get a better steamer for my vegetables. The one I have now is probably thirty years old and not a great shape for some vegetables.

  84. I would love to replace my small nonstick skillet with a ceramic one. I would also like to eliminate more plastic from my “Tupperware” collection.

  85. While it’s difficult to think up just one thing I would like to change to make my kitchenware healthier, I would have to say switching to all glass is at the top of my list. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s better for us, has more uses, and lends a sense of nostalgia and comfort that is often lacking in today’s society. I want my daughter to grow up with the warmth that I felt when pulling a jar of pickles or jam from my grandmother’s pantry.

  86. I’d love to switch over completely to glass instead of plastic storage containers. But it’s so tempting to re-use quart sized yogurt containers when we’re finished with them!

  87. I’m working on preparing more healthy meals AT HOME. I get lazy & we go out. Too many $$$’s and too high in fat~salt~calories. Also agree about changing out glass containers for plactic & plastic bags.

  88. The one piece of equipment I would really like is a dehydrator. When there’s a glut of fruit or vegetables, I can only freeze, pickle or preserve so much. Drying would be a great option.

  89. I’ve been using plastic yogurt and cottage cheese containers for leftovers, but I’d like to switch to glass. It’s so important to switch for health reasons, but it also reminds me of how my mom cooked. She always used those lovely glass containers.

  90. I really hate store canned foods and have been trying best I could to elimate any in our household. I much rather grab a jar of what I have canned and that way I know what is in it.

  91. I would like to replace my plastic storage containers with some nice glass ones and also my plastic cooking/serving utensils.

  92. I would like the bamboo utensil set to replace my plastic cheap ones. they cant be good if plastic comes off after each use. and some glass ware to replace plastic containers. thanks

  93. 2 things- I have to complete my switch over from plastic storage containers to glass and I would love to buy the stainless lunch containers for each of my four kids, with a back up for each so that I don’t have to wash it every night if we get too busy with activities, etc. Thanks for the hook up on their site! I am loving it so far and bookmarking it for future use. And I LOVE weck jars but haven’t used them… yet!

  94. I haven’t quite eliminated all of my plastic leftover containers, but I’m working on it! I love Weck jars, and use them for all sorts of canning and dry storage. This is a wonderful give-away! (pick me! Pick me!)

  95. I have been using Weck jars for a long time and I reuse the rubber seal if it still holds its shape and doesn’t show any fissures. To soften them before the use, I bring them rapidly to a boil in some water and ordinary vinegar as that is what the Weck book recommends. Testing the seal by having a look at the little tab pointing downwards works if you are using the new version of Weck jars, the so called “Rundrandglรคser” (which you are showing above) but the tabs are pointing upwards or horizontally when using “Rillenglรคser” (looks like a key and slot joint) or “Massivrandglรคser” (jar and lid just lay on each other without any “frame”). Even if Weck doesn’t sell those any more, they can still be found second hand a lot (and they need their own rubber seals and clips).
    I hope that helps!

  96. What gorgeous things they offer. The glass food storage jars would be very welcome in my home. The Weck canning jars are lovely and the round-sided ones especially so! Thanks for showing me this terrific store! Outstanding plummy jam, btw :). I grew up on So Cal ripe fruit trees too, so do know what you yearn for. I’m in New England now and apricots off the tree are a sweet memory. Thanks again, for the new store!

  97. I would love to switch over to all glass containers and BPA free food storage containers. I love how beautiful the Weck jars are!

  98. I’d like to completely switch over from plastic to glass for leftovers and packed lunches. I’ve started (with an 8-piece set) but need another set or two before I can say good-bye to my plastic containers completely.

  99. I guess I’m in the “replace plastic containers” camp – and I know if I made my own yogurt, I wouldn’t have MILLIONS of yogurt containers to repurpose!

  100. Making the switch to glass from plastic is a resounding resolution from a majority of comments here. I have to join the parade. My husband takes lunch every day and microwaves a majority of the time so I have been convicted about the dangers of plastic containers. After all, I actually like the guy and would love to have him around for a long time!

  101. Definitely working on making the swap to glass storage from plastic. I’ve got the dry goods in glass but haven’t been able to completely make the shift for leftover and lunch storage.

  102. I’d like to get stainless steel tiffins and for lunch to replace the any-old-yogurt/sour cream-containers I generally use!

  103. I just got a dehydrator, and can not wait to dry some of natures bounty, that way I know what is in my spices/food. I would love to eat healthy home cooked foods, and if I won the jars, I could put up more food for winter. The one thing I saw that I would love to have.. is the stainless lunch containers, do you know how many bags I have gone thru??? some of the plastic sandwich keepers do not keep your lunch well nice and I think those would be lovely, plus they are completely reusable.

  104. I’m working on cleaning out the oven so it’s not quite so carcinogenic, replacing the plastic seltzer jars, taking out the garbage far more often, and cleaning the mixer so it doesn’t contaminate my GF friends.

  105. Like most I’d love to finish switching over to glass leftover containers. I’ve already switched over for spices and most dry goods but the leftovers are taking longer.

  106. I’ve gotten rid of most of the plastic containers from our kitchen but still need to switch out a couple of the plastic spatulas and a couple of emergency non stick pots I have poking around.

  107. I, too, want to switch comepletely to glass storage from plastic. I could also use some good freezer storage containers that can easily nest on top of each other in the freezer.
    Plums are currently on sale here, I think I’ll make some jam.

  108. I would love to replace some of my ancient, bulky plastic utensils with bamboo or another natural product. Thank you for the chance at a lovely giveaway!

  109. I would eliminate all the plastic cups and get new glass ones, actually, the weck jars would make great drinking glasses when they’re not in use otherwise…

  110. I’ve been looking at Weck jars for a while. The clips intimidate me a bit, but hopefully next year I’ll grab some and give it a go! I’m mid-way through the process of eliminating plastic from my kitchen; need to bite the bullet and get some glass containers for taking lunches to work in!

  111. Another one for switching out the plastic. Almost done with the storage containers, just need one more set for left overs, but still need lunch box/bag compatible ones. Next on the list will be replacing the plastic spatulas and serving spoons.

  112. I am making the gradual switch over to glass containers for freezing, leftovers, etc… but I have a few carryout plastic bowls that I still use once in awhile…

  113. I’m trying to move all my leftovers into glass containers, and get rid of my non-stick pans for some nice stainless steel ones. These weck jars are beautiful!

  114. I just saw the stainless compost bin & would love to have that in my kitchen! We’ve started a compost “pile” eventually figuring out what kind of outside bin we want to purchase. I like many others here, would like to rid my house of plastic containers & really like the glass containers the Mighty Nest has! Thanks for this opportunity!

  115. I’d like to replace some of my containers with stainless steel ones. I like glass best, but my kids aren’t allowed to bring those to school!

  116. I kind of want to reuse baggies! I feel like they are such a waste. We get a lot of stuff like that at BJ’s, so they are the nice quality ziplock ones. Maybe they can be washed and reused? If I am having pretzels everyday for a week for lunch, I do reuse that bag for the week. Hmmmm, interesting. I am also a paper towel hog. I can’t imagine my kitchen life without them cleaning up chicken goop and all of my other spills. I feel terrible, but they make the gross jobs easier.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. I’d like it if someone would invent a canning rack and pot that wouldn’t rust. The rust on my pieces concerns me. I’ve been told it doesn’t matter, but I don’t like it!

  118. I too am in the replace plastic camp. The current plastic that we have is BPA Free, but ideally we want to switch all of it over to glass. Not only will it last longer, but it makes reheating things easier. No more emptying food from the plastic container into a glass bowl or pot to reheat…It would be better for our family and also save time in the evenings.

    The link to Mighty Nest is definitely helpful! Thanks so much for including that. I didn’t know there were so many options for lunch containers ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. I’d definitely love to replace my plastic food storage with glass. My nonstick cookware is also aged and suspicious.

  120. I’m on a mission to get rid of a lot of chemicals. I just discovered my favorite dish soap has SLS in it, so I’m on a mission to find a new one that I love just as much. And I read that it’s possible to replace dishwasher detergent with baking soda. Can’t wait to try that as soon as good old Cascade is gone. It sure feels good when greener is cheaper.

  121. I’ve switched to glass containers a while ago, obsessed with putting food in jars! I cook in cast iron, bake with stoneware and have quite a few bamboo utensils. What I need to complete this transition is to obtain items for packing my husband’s lunches…unbreakable things, reusable items!

  122. I am still trying to get rid of the plastic. I almost have enough glass now that at least I only have to use it for cold storage now, and have enough glass to-go containers for things that I warm up for lunch.

  123. Over this year and last, I’ve begun canning. I read how the linings of store-bought cans, especially of tomatoes, may contain BPA. Because of this, I’m canning all of the tomatoes I think my family will need until next year. So far, I’ve got 35 lbs. stored away in my new Ball jars. Halfway home! After looking into Weck jars, I now read that the metal lids on my own canned tomatoes may contain things I don’t want in my jars. I’m now seriously thinking about gradually moving to Weck jars with their glass lids.

  124. I’ve made over most of my cookware already, but I’m still addicted to plastic storage bags and plastic wraps. This time of year, I freeze a lot of produce from the garden, and usually use a ziploc style freezer bag, or a Foodsaver bag. I would love to switch over to a healthier option for those.

  125. I would love to have a commercial grade juicer to speed through the process of making juice from all those pounds of tomatoes from the garden! Currently I use the old fashion foley food mill to press the juice from the pulp!

  126. I used to store bulk grains and flours in plastic bags in tins. A couple of months ago I started storing grains, brown sugar, and specialty flours (2 pounds or less) in glass jars that I label. I find I use these foods more frequently now that I can see them. I also love to see how organized they look in my cabinets. Today, I am inspired and will toss my small plastic containers into the recycling bin.

  127. I’d like to eventually replace my non-stick pans with cast iron, and like many of the above, phase out my plastic storage containers with reusable ones (glass and/or stainless steel)!

  128. I agree with those who want to switch to glass over plastic storage containers. I also use stainless steel bowls to mix in. I dont know why I have so much plastic. It just seems to breed and grow in my cupboards.

  129. I am jonesing for this give a way!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have gotten rid of most of my plastic replaced with glass containers. I also replaced quite a bit of metal with bamboo. But there is always something else I could do I am sure….these nice new Weck jars would help too… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  130. Pick me, pick me! I love these jars — on my wish list. I have been replacing the plastic with jars in my cupboards — looks so much prettier (and healthier too!).

  131. I have switched all my plastic “tupperware” storage system to glass! Love it. I also want to replace my burned out immersion blender – you can do many healthy things with that including making your own soups (less salt); whipping your own cream (no additives).

  132. After a 20+ hiatus from canning/preserving, I have come full circle and am once again “putting up” my garden’s bounty. Winning this package would be the boost I need. I, too, have been replacing my plastic with glass. And I never have enough glass jars! this would certainly help.

  133. I would love to change out my two frying pans for well seasoned skillets. These glass jars are amazing and I would be so excited to add them to my collection! They would be filled with Roasted Red Pepper Jelly and Peach Basil Jam.

  134. I would love to buy one of those Catamount glass microwave popcorn poppers. . .my family eats popcorn every day and this would be so much better than regular microwave popcorn. Thank you so much!

  135. Oh the beautiful jars!

    We’re hoping to continue to get rid of the plastic from our house. Next out, plastic straws. I can’t decide between stainless or glass though.

  136. I visited the Mighty Nest website, and now I am chomping at the bit to do some shoppin’! I love those glass storage containers with snap on lids… just bought a second set at Costco, but would love additional sizes. I also love those “old fashioned” glass bake and store containers with glass lids! I am part of that “get rid of the plastic” camp. Besides, those glass containers are so pretty, and I just love packing my healthier-than-eating-out lunches for work in them.

    • I would love to finally switch over all of my tupperware to glass. They are so much safer to cook, microwave, freeze, & store food in. It also wouldn’t hurt my feelings to have some Weck Jars to add to my kitchen!!

  137. I’ve never actually entered a blog giveaway before because I’m convinced I’ll never win, but this haul is too good to resist! I’m a fellow Philadelphian and I love your blog, Marisa.

    Like many other folks, I’d like to make my kitchen healthier by removing plastic. I’ve replaced some of my storage containers, but still have more plastic ones to get rid of!

  138. Oh, to have a pantry full of beautiful healthy food in glass jars that would have the kids begging to explore! Less plastic and more glass in my life.

  139. I think different cooking utensils would be high on the list – I’ve pretty much changed over from plastic to glass, but these would be some frosting on the cake! My canner is showing some hard wear too…

  140. Not only are the weck jars great for canning and storing foods. It’s great to be able to see what you have. I am so glad that Mighty Nest is giving this givaway, beacuase I also found things I wanted to buy. Such things as a Lodge cast iron Cleaning Brush, and they sell the replacement rings for the jars. What a score. Well I need to be going for I have some early morning shopping to do! ๐Ÿ™‚

  141. I am enjoying your blog and have added your page to my blogroll. Our farm CSA members are always looking for more tips about canning and you have done a beautiful job describing the process with both words and pictures. I, too, use jars to store as much as I can and you have inspired me to post a picture on my blog…which I may get to today ๐Ÿ˜‰

  142. I use Mason jars – big ones -for storing all sorts of dry goods and we re-use peanut butter jars and others for storing things in the fridge. A conversion to the really nice snap top glass storage would be heaven. But Weck jars are just gorgeous. My mustard would look especially inviting in one of those!

  143. Still working toward totally plastic free storage for produce and leftovers.. I find the fine mesh bags don’t keep greens from wilting in the fridge, I’d LOVE a solution!

  144. I’d like continue greening my kitchen by ‘greening’ my cookware, so would chose the Xtrema Ceramic Square Cake Pan for starters. Thanks for this opportunity. I’ve got my eyes, toes and fingers crossed!

  145. I have been using my canning jars for kitchen cupboard storage long before most probably thought about it…40 yrs ago. I do have only a few pieces of plastic in my kitchen, such as the original ‘Tupperware’ celery keeper…I have never found another storage container better suited for that purpose . I am switching all my extra large bowls for produce from the garden from plastic to the stainless steel ones. Those big plastic ones are nice to carry two or three dozen tomatoes or cucumbers in!

  146. What a GREAT! giveaway! Have been canning for almost 40 years. I have gone from canning as a necessity to it now being a hobby. I love it! and have gone through 2 canners and it is time to retire this canner. Would love to win this canner set and jars! Problem is, I give most of my stuff away as gifts. Would have a hard time giving these jars away! May just keep them for myself ๐Ÿ˜‰

  147. I’d love to store leftovers in glass containers- not used yogurt containers! Recycling is good, but plastic is scary, especially if you put something in hot. I’ve been eyeing glass “tupperware” for awhile now….

  148. After an extended vacation, I came home to find the bread accidentally left on my counter still soft and fresh, with not a speck of mold! I’d love to ditch all of those preservatives and learn how to make good bread for our home.

  149. The change I am currently in the process of making to make our food healthier is to “put up” more local and buy less from the grocery stores. This year, in addition to our usual quarter calf that was raised by my FIL, I’ve ordered a local hog to split with my in-laws, as well as freezing local cabbages, brussels sprouts, onions (diced), peppers (diced). I’ve found a recipe for vegetable juice that I really like, which I can make with all local ingredients except celery – nobody around here seems to grow celery. So local, often organic or at least gently raised, and stored for the winter. It’s a work in process, I come up with a new idea for something to add every few days.

  150. What gorgeous jars! I’m gradually weaning my pantry/storage containers away from plastic—everything goes in glass jars and glass storage ware if possible. To be able to completely get rid of BPA aluminum lids in everyday canning would be a dream.

  151. Ideally, I would like to replace all of my plastic food storage containers with metal, glass or some other non-porous material. Even with plastics that are labelled BHPA free, I’m still suspicious. I’m really stumped for finding a replacement for plastic when it comes to freezing.

  152. What a great giveaway!
    The one thing I’d like to change about my kitchenware to make it healthier is to invest in a good steamer. I know boiling veggies leaches out nutrients, so I’d really like to steam more.

  153. I am looking for a healthier kitchen compost bin. We bring so much in from the garden, and produce a lot of veg scraps. It sits in a plastic container next to my sink all day and gets dumped once or twice a day. Then I have to spray it with disinfectant each time. I’d love to know what others that garden are doing.

  154. I am moving away from storing grains in plastic bags and plastic containers, storing them in jars is so much healthier and much more appealing to look at.

  155. replace all my old cooking pots and pans that have missing lids and loose handles and aluminum cookie sheets have got to be replaced as well

  156. I looking for a better method for storing/freezing single servings without using zip tops. This is a great offer from Mighty Nest – Thank you!

  157. I want to replace those last few teflon pots with good sauce pans, as well as the sauce pans that are discolored from having stuff burned solid into them.

  158. We grew lots of flour and flint corn this year in our garden. We’d love to get a grain mill to process them for corn meal and corn flour!

  159. Not a unique comment by far, but reducing the use of plastics is certainly high on the list. That and cooking more veggies.

  160. Love the Weck Jars. I keep home made yogurt in mine. Looks awesome in the fridge. Storing food in glass jars, vacuum sealed has been a quest all summer.
    Thanks for the give a way!

  161. That is some giveaway! ๐Ÿ™‚ I would really love to have a juicer (for fruits and veggies) and something better than my current citrus squeezer.

  162. I still see a pile of aluminum baking pans in the back of the cupboards I’d really like to replace with glass. I don’t use them often but there they sit. Some wecks couldn’t hurt either, in the quest for a healthier kitchen ๐Ÿ™‚

  163. What a great giveaway! I would most like to replace the tupperware and ziplock containers we are still using for lunches. Mightynest has several things I would love to buy– the glass lock containers and the lunchbots containers. Between those, we wouldn’t need to use the plastic for leftovers or lunches.

  164. What an amazing set of products! I like the divided stainless lunch containers. I think they’d help eliminate a dozen baggies and tupperware containers at lunch each day. Thanks for letting us know about this company!

  165. As it’s back to school time, I’d like to use less plastic and disposable containers for lunches I send to school with my son and general storage for leftovers, etc.

  166. I looked through their site and really like the reusable coffee cups. Think of how much cardboard could be saved if we all used them…

  167. Like just about everyone else, I’d like to move to more glass storage instead of plastic. Love Weck jars, would love some ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. I would like to make my kitchen healthier by not relying on so many pre-made foods or packages/cans with a ton of extra salt/chemicals. Canning helps me do this!! I know whats in the jar and it helps me make a fast meal.

  169. I’d really like to switch from using plastic containers for bringing my lunch to work, to all glass containers. I have started buying some glass, but still have a lot of plastic ones to get rid of.

  170. Hi Ya’ll,

    My kitchen improvement involves using actual natural soap for cleaning and washing dishes more. Most commercially available kitchen cleaners are detergents and not the soap our grandmothers were likely to use. Detergent happens to be a relatively recent; they’re actually petrochemicals– ick!

  171. I would get rid of all the plastic. It’s hard to avoid plastic bowls and plates because I have young children, however they are the prime reason Id like to avoid harmful plastics. Can’t wait to checkout the store!

  172. We’ve been trying to do more local and more homemade. But we don’t have a good canning stockpot or rack, so this would be an AWESOME giveaway to win. My current stockpot can handle (barely) half pint jars, but nothing taller.

    • I would like to cook mire during the week. Once school starts up the evenings seem to disappear right into night along with my time to create a family meal.

  173. I’d like to try some of the Glasslock containers to replace my plastic ones for food storage. I’ve been slowly getting rid of plastic in my kitchen to make it healthier.

  174. I would like to start transitioning to using glass containers rather than Tupperware. I’m starting the build a collection, but it’s a little cost- and space-prohibitive to do it all at once.

  175. Growing and canning more of the foods we eat. Also trying to weed out the plastic used in the kitchen and going to using non-chemical cleaners around the house. This set looks awesome!

  176. Our next big kitchen goal is to replace our non-stick pots and pans with stainless steel. No more worrying about reactions, scratches, or chipping that could get into our food.

  177. I am trying to make my kitchen healthier by reducing the number of plastic containers for storage. I’ve switched to a lot of mason jars with the white plastic caps.

  178. We hav almost eliminated processed food, but i would like to begin canning more of the staples such as tomatoes and broths.

  179. What a fabulous giveaway! I’m making the move to not use any plastic for storage in my kitchen. I’ve got glass bowls for leftovers, but I want to switch away from plastic wrap for the tops and plastic tupperware-type containers for dry storage too. (BTW, we attended your demo in Cambridge, MA and it was great; thanks for coming up our way).

  180. I’ve had my eye on Chemex Glass Coffeemaker for a while now, love the look and idea of it! And omg I’d love to win this giveaway, perfect winter project for us when the season here on MV is over! Crossing my fingers!

  181. In browsing through their products, I like the recyclable bags for the compost bucket. I never thought of that before, and I abhor washing that bucket! LOVE IT! But my main concern mirrors that of everyone else… reduce our use of plastics in favor of glass. I tried to make the switch before, but the glass always breaks in hubby’s lunchbucket. ~sigh~

  182. Getting rid of BPA plastics and Teflon coated pans. Replacing pans with ceramic and stainless. Replacing canning lids with BPA free lids.

  183. I’m replacing my plastic containers with glass – slowly but surely. And I try to cook more from the produce and frozen sections of the grocery store rather than relying on packaged foods. Learning to can looks like a way to get even more control over my food – so this would be fabulous to win!

  184. I have some Teflon-lined pots and pans that I’d like to replace. I feel a little guilty, though, because my mom gave them to me as a gift. But some of them are badly scratched, and I need to put health first, guilt second…

  185. trying to eliminate plastic as much as possible. currently on the priority list for replacement: canning funnel and camp dishes.

  186. I do some preserving already, but I need to start doing my own pickles. My favorite brand isn’t organic ๐Ÿ™ and it will probably take me years to try to get the recipe right.

  187. I’ve been working on getting the plastic out of my kitchen for a while now and switching to glass containers. I use a lot of pyrex for cooking and baking also. I still have too many plastic utensils which I need to upgrade to something else.

    This is a really fabulous and generous giveaway!

  188. I am ridding my kitchen of all toxic chemicals…plastic containers – gone; non-stick pans – gone; homemade natural cleaners – in. I like knowing that I am doing my best to make sure my kids have healthy lives. I had breast cancer at 34 and am certain that toxicity in my home is the culprit. Thanks for the opportunity for such a fantastic giveaway.

  189. We could totally use some more eco-friendly food storage and lunch containers! And I always need more canning supplies! What a great giveaway. I’d try for the one with your book – but I already have it! On second thought, I would totally give it as a gift! Going there now!

  190. I would like to finish eliminating plastic tableware for my children. I only have a few plastic bowls and plates (no cups) but I would love for those to be gone, too!

  191. With a husband who’s recently diagnosed with diabetes, I have to make many changes in how we eat at home. I am ready to try anything to reduce our calorie intake (since weight reduction is recommended) for healthier life. I would love to have the Glass Microwave Popcorn Popper available on MightyNest! It looks handy and stylish. It would be certainly healthier than heavily oiled/buttered commercial popcorn.

  192. Due to food allergies I have no processed food in my kitchen. Now I need to work on getting rid of plastic bags, paper towels and sponges. Oh, and my husband needs to be converted. He threw away all of the reusable kitchen clothes I bought.

  193. We’ve been cooking on cast iron pans / dutch ovens all my life so that wasn’t a large change for us. Just acquiring it was (we prefer well used to buying new). We’ve been switching out our plastic containers for glass. And I’ve now replaced almost all plastic serving/cooking utensils (think spaghetti thing-y and spatulas) for stainless. I’ve switched cleaning supplies to all-natural (Shaklee and Bon-Ami) as well. I think the best thing to do with that kitchenware is to clean it properly once it’s used – hate finding those baked on stains that just don’t disappear (inherited some old Pyrex like that and they’re finally getting better after much elbow grease!).

  194. I would love to have some more glass containers for leftovers & lunch packing. Also, I would Love to have a Chemex coffee maker!

  195. That’s a tough one. I already got rid, of teflon pans, plastic storage containers and aluminum. Well, I do have a big aluminum pot that I would love to swap for stainless, so this giveway would be perfect. And would love to get rid of all BPA, including canning lids.

  196. I would like to try to make my food storage a little safer, I just use plastic containers so the stainless steel or glass containers would be a nice thing to have. Thanks for the giveaway these jars would be fun to try.

  197. I only have a little bit of plastic in my kitchen, and I’m keeping it! Yogurt containers are perfect for freezing stuff. When they fall over in the freezer they don’t shatter!

    About to make tomato jam…thank you Marisa!

  198. I love this site and the thorough way they describe their products. I see so many things I’d like in my kitchen but will probably start with the Catamount Popcorn Popper. It looks like a great alternative to the “chemical in a bag” type of microwave popcorn. Thanks for the link to this site. BTW, love your blog & your cookbook (my go-to canning book of the year!).

  199. I am in the process of getting rid of as much plastic in my kitchen as possible. This is more difficult than I thought it woud be!

  200. I am in the process of starting a balcony garden for my salad fixings and root veggies, this giveaway would be sooooo lovely to win so that I can finally learn how to can and have no excuse to do so because of the expense! Thanx for this giveaway opportunity…

  201. I am in the process of getting rid of all plastic storage containers, and I have to say that just cleaning out the random lids has left a ton of room! I’m replacing them with some vintage Pyrex glass refrigerator containers as well as new ones.

  202. I would LOVE to eliminate some of our old pots/pans and cooking sheets. The coating is starting to peel on a few and while I try to avoid using them, sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.

  203. I’d like to replace my ratty wooden spoons and cheap plastic stuff with some good quality wood or bamboo utensils.

  204. I’ve been slowly replacing all of our crappy, old, plastic containers with glass and stainless steel, so I’d like to finish that up. I’d also love to replace all of our plastic utensils (ladle, mixing spoon, pasta fork, etc.) with stainless or wood.

    This is such a great giveaway. Thanks!

  205. I had no idea that the weck jar rings were not supposed to be reused. I’ve been reusing them without any problem, but I guess I should get some new ones soon. I am always looking for good reusable glass storage containers for dry goods, leftovers and transporting food while at work. I also want to do better at bringing jars to the store when I buy in bulk to further eliminate plastic from my home.

  206. It has been said before, but I would get rid of all the plastic in my kitchen. I have slowly been doing it, but those darn sippy cups and reusable take out containers are still floating around everywhere.

  207. Like so many others, I am also swapping out the plastic ware for glass and stainless, but what I would really like is to figure out a way to get away from the zillions of zip top baggies that we go through in a month.

  208. I would love to replace my plastic food storage containers with glass, and also would like to replace my aluminum stockpots with stainless steel.

  209. I love the great supply of stainless steal containers that Mightynest sells. They look so durable. The stainless steal wine glasses would look great in my kitchen!

  210. I would love to change all of my plastic storage containers to glass as well as change all of my cookware to cast-iron. I have a few cast-iron pots and they are the best!!

  211. We’ve been eliminating plastic and non-stick in our kitchen. So I’d like to finish that process with some more wood spoons, etc. and stainless steel pots!

  212. I would love to make my kitchen healthier by finding an alternative to my teflon griddle (pretty much only used to make pancakes). I’ve only used stainless steel on the cooktop for years now. Another area that I question if I should make a change is in regards to my “stirring” spoon. What is the preferred item for stirring items on the stove in prep for canning? I’ve wondered about my plastic spoons (tho I know they’re made for high temps,…I think). Or my wooden bamboo spoons…does bacteria hide deep inside the fibers?

  213. What an awesome giveaway! I’ve been wanting some glass straws for a while (for smoothies), so I think those are what I would pick first.

  214. Those Weck jars are so cool! I would like to start cooking with cast iron again..I love how it cooks food and the healthy benefits to cast iron plus the economical benefits to cast iron these pans–except for the enameled variety–cost MUCH less than other kinds of cookware and they last forever….AND the Mighty Nest has some very cool ones!!

    thanks for an opportunity to win.

    Melissa from Naches, WA

  215. Those are some beautiful jars! I don’t know exactly what I’d put in them, but I know they would be used. Heading to Mighty Nest to see what else is fun to play with. ๐Ÿ™‚

  216. Thanks for the link – so many great items. And I’ve already ordered the glass popcorn maker. So excited to try this alternative to the popcorn in a bag!!

  217. I am working on replacing anything containing plastic and BPA from my kitchen. Unfortunately the lids for regular canning jars contain BPA do I need to replace those with the glass version.

  218. I’d love to change out my plastic storage containers to glass, rid my kitchen of plastic bags and find a plastic wrap/aluminum foil substitute.

  219. I am retired and on a limited tight budget. Winning these beautiful jars would enable me to preserve foods when they are “in season” and better enjoy a quality diet. Thank you for this opportunity!

  220. I recently went to the trouble of getting all the nonstick cookware out of our house and I’m trying to transition all our food storage to glass and metal…

  221. I’m trying to eliminate all plastic food storage – containers, etc. we’ve transitioned to reusable sandwich bags for lunches, but now it’s time to get rid of the little “toss n go” kids containers…

  222. Ahhhhh! I’d love to win this set. I love canning and the Weck jars have always intimidated me. I’d love to give them a try, though! We are making our kitchen healthier/greener in many ways, including storing FOOD IN JARS in stead of our standard plastic containers. I have a really good set of Rubbermaid containers that are really handy to store food items in, but alas, they are being relegated to the garage for nuts and bolts instead. Thanks a heap for this chance to win!!

  223. I’ve been slowly working to replace the old tephlon pans I inherited from my mom when I moved in to my old place with stainless steel or cast iron. It’s been a slow, budgeted, ongoing switch, but I’m glad I’m doing it.

  224. OK, pretty much want everything over there but the one thing I would love to do (but that would be hard for me) is to replace all the vintage tupperware that I have and collect. I get a lot of ribbing for my avocado tupperware with the mismatched tops but I do love them. But new storage thingys would be great and healthier I believe. And, of course, I want all those weck jars for canning!

  225. We have recently started using The Fresh 20 for meal planning and we need some containers that are non-toxic in which to keep our fresh ingredients and dry goods. Your canning ideas sound exciting and inspiring!

  226. i would love to can more to eat more locally grown food throughout the year. we have successfully canned our own maple syrup (from our backyard!), but less successfully canned tomatoes. hoping to change that this summer, and this kit would help!

  227. I want to remove all plastic storage containers from my kitchen. The larger Weck jars are so lovely that I wouldn’t mind storing my dry goods in them on an open shelf. Storage as art!

  228. I just started canning this year, so far I’ve made strawberry, black raspberry, and blueberry jams, and dilly beans. I’d love to expand my canning supplies. I’d also love to ditch my plastic food storage containers, and get some nice BPA free glass ones. I bring my lunch to work every day, and those cheap disposable plastic containers are not cutting it.

  229. I would love to get rid of all the plastic stuff in my kitchen. If I could store everything in jars, I totally would, but not sure I could stand the “harumph” I’d hear from my husband every time he’d open the fridge!!
    This is a great giveaway – I’ll keep my fingers crossed!!!

  230. My kitchen is pretty good these days on the healthy front, but my current purse isn’t big enough for both a book and a grocery bag, so I often don’t have one on me when I just run into the supermarket on my way home from work. But I would love some jars to add to what’s already in my kitchen (and it’s my birthday this weekend, so it would be a nice gift for me).

  231. This is to answer the question for MightyNest’s giveaway:

    The tulip jars are wonderful for jams – and much to my horror, I have never made OR tasted fig jam. That is definitely on the list…and those little tulip jars would make it that much more appealing. I’d like to trying pickling asparagus, too…in the asparagus jars, of course!

  232. The glasslock containers look great. They’d be a big help in getting the plastic storage containers out of the kitchen.

  233. I’ve been slowly transitioning my food storage/lunch containers from plastic to glass. It’s a slow slow process, as I feel obligated to use the plastic containers (mostly Rubbermaid stuff) until they fall apart or break.

  234. I am trying to learn new gardening techniques (like organic pest control) so we get a better harvest from our garden. I’ve been gardening for many years but we just recently set up our garden at our new home in south Philly and I am having to deal with a whole new set of challenges including squirrels (we have the only nice green space for quite a few blocks and it us full of food!), stray cats, and the swarms of horrible borrer bugs that completely killed our squash plants this year. I am also learning new ways of preserving food for the winter like fermenting, drying, and of course canning.

  235. I’ve replaced most of my plastic with glass containers. I’ve also replaced my non-stick frying pan with cast iron. Next, I’m looking for an olive oil spray canister – the kind you can pump up with air.

  236. I *really* want to switch to BPA free Tattler lids for canning, but replacing all my lids will be such an expensive task! Will have to do it incrementally…that’s one of the reasons I love the glass-topped Weck jars!

  237. I agree with a lot of others, more glass over plastic would be nice. Of course whenever I think that I knock something out of the fridge and cringe before it bounces and I’m relieved because it’s a plastic container and not glass…but that’s a whole other matter.

  238. I am growing, preparing and preserving foods for my grandchildren with dietary issues. The Weck jars make the process so much more satisfying. The sparkling glass jars of fruits and vegetables are so appealing……taste is a visual sense as well as olfactory and gustatory…..plastic containers with no visual appeal are not an added value option.

  239. I’ve done healthy reusable lunch containers for my kids, steel water bottles for all of us, the awesome steel straws and bamboo utensil sets. We always microwave in glass with wax paper. Next thing would be to replace cookie sheets and baking pans that are non-stick. And getting into preserving would be awesome. Family faves are elderberry and yellow tomato jams. Also would like to try my own version of a recent favorite of mine which is a fig, raspberry, orange, ginger jam.

  240. I’m trying to use fresh fruit and veggies as well as some of the spice from our garden. I think this website could be very dangerous. The prize look fabulous

  241. What a great giveaway! I would like to replace the plastic food containers that my DD uses for her lunches with some stainless ones. (I’m afraid of breakage if I send her to school with glass containers in her lunchbox!)

  242. Our daughter is starting school in September, and I would love to get rid of plastic and use some of those stainless steel food containers for her lunch!

  243. I’d love to make the switch fully to glass containers. I’ve started with some ball jars I had leftover from canning for grain storage. But there is still too much plastic storage especially when it comes to leftovers storage. I’m trying to replace as my budget allows (much to slowly unfortunately!).

  244. I echo a lot of the comments about glass over plastic, but what I’d really like to do is to get more cast iron in my kitchen (my wife would beat me if she heard me say that).

  245. I’ve been longing to replace my Ball jars with Weck jars (because of the BPA factor). This giveaway is amazing! I’m excited to look at the Mighty Nest’s site.

  246. I would love to be able to use more Weck jars! I have very little plastic in my kitchen, but would still love to replace what remains with wooden, metal, or glass items.

  247. I’m in the process of replacing my plastic storage containers with glass ones. I already use canning jars for many things. I think the Weck jars would make great looking storage containers on my pantry shelf. And you can never have too many jars for canning fruit, jam, preserves & veggies.

  248. I need to invest in some casserole dishes and glasswear with lids! I waste so much plastic wrap covering them up in the fridge. Or just some better glass storage containers in general. I am still using the plastic tupperware that was given to me by my aunt (shows how long that stuff lasts), but glass is so much better in my opinion.

  249. i’ve been working on having my own successful small garden of herbs, fruits and vegetables and have loved learning to can this past year. stocking up on weck supplies would be oh-so-wonderful to keep my new hobby going!

  250. I’m trying to ditch plastic as much as possible in the kitchen. Recycling jars is a handy way to do it. Also – Weck jars are gorgeous!

  251. I would love to have a plastic-free kitchen. It’s hard with a toddler and all her various unbreakable dishware, but upgrading all our Snapware to glass storage dishes is high on my priority list!

  252. I’ve been trying to make my own food and not eat processed “enriched” foods. I keep running out of jars for my food. I would love more and these are beautiful!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  253. I would like to get rid of all the plastic containers I use for food storage and leftovers and to switch to glass. I even save all those yoghurt, cottage cheese and sour cream containers to reuse! I hate to waste things. Thanks to you and Mighty Nest for this awesome giveaway!

  254. I’m trying to get my household away from plastic as much as possible, especially for work lunches. Instead of packing things into disposable sandwich bags, we’ve been using the Mason jars I have for canning. I would love some gorgeous Weck jars to add some variety to our green living, and the other kitchen storage products on the web site look great, too!

  255. I am new to your blog, and am very excited about this giveaway! I would like to get rid of all plastic in my kitchen and convert to glass as much as I can. This canning set would be amazing of course!

  256. I am eliminating plastic containers and non-stick cookware. I am down to a rice cooker and electric pressure cooker that has non-stick inserts.

  257. I want plastic out of my house not just my kitchen, synthetic fabrics as well. I am focusing on the kitchen and sleeping areas first. Luckily I love the wabi-sabi boho look. I especially love old style enamel kitchen ware and shop antique stores to find it, classic, charming and they do not look like they came out of a lab. Love canning and I like the look and function of the weck jars and yes I re-use the rubber seal.

  258. I would like to get rid of plastic food storage and switch to glass and stainless steel. Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  259. We’ve just moved this summer, so my biggest move for a healthier kitchen is to either find a local source for meat (not easy around here, unfortunately) and establish a kitchen garden (I’ve berry bushes out the waazoo but no veggies!). There are “beds” that, at one time, contained veggies or *some*thing, but they’re so overgrown it may be easier to start from scratch elsewhere. I’m determined to get one such bed prepared enough in the next month to take garlic for next year, at the very least!

  260. While I’m not exactly afraid of Teflon (it’s safe as long as it’s not overheated), I’ve never been happy with it’s durability. And heck, if you can avoid the environmental and health concerns altogether, why not? For those reasons, I’ve been wanting to try some of the newer types of nonstick pans (often touted as more environmentally friendly). I believe many of them are coated in ceramic of some type.

    That Weck set is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been wanting to try some Weck jars for a long time and I just couldn’t bring myself to fork-over the money for both the jars and the expensive shipping. The pot seems nice and sturdy as well. I’m currently doing BWB canning in a $10 lobster pot (hey…it works).

  261. I want to eliminate non-stick stuff from my kitchen. I also have a couple of plastic storage containers that I haven’t been able to let go, but I really should.

  262. I’m working on starting to compost, and replacing my food storage containers with glass/stainless steel. What a great giveaway!

  263. I would love to replace my old somewhat worn out nonstick pans and pots for well seasoned cast iron. I’m not so good at keeping cast iron properly seasoned, no matter how hard I try. Maybe starting with preseasoned is the key.

  264. We already eat as real as possible, but the one thing I crave to really up the ante is a pressure canner. I frequently dream of all the wonderful things I could can that I could never do in a water-bath.

  265. A year ago I dumped all of my non-stick kitchenware, but I have not replaced it yet. We’re just cooking on what we have. It would be great to have some options in pans again with healthier cookware!

  266. Everything on MightyNest is beautiful and functional! Maybe because it is morning, but I’d really love the Chemex Glass Coffeemaker.

  267. Ideally, I would store all of my dry goods in glass and/or stainless steel containers. Pantry moths have been a big problem for me in the past and I don’t like to store grains and dried fruit in the refrigerator or freezer.

  268. When my husband & I got married I only registered for kitchen items that were wood, metal, glass, or rubber. But I neglected to think of how I’d store food items longer term. I’ve been making large batches of things like pasta sauce & jam and freezing them in freezer bags but I’d love to can these items instead. Not only because it is a toxin free way to store food but because it also uses no energy to keep it stored (unlike freezing).

  269. What a generous give-away! So exciting, as I’ve been wanting to try Weck for awhile now. I too have long been a fan of MightyNest for awhile and have been grandually replacing my kitchen items with safer stuff. I finally have a good supply of glass storage containers, and would now really like to get some of the stainless steel lunch containers they have at MightyNest, since they’re so much lighter to carry.

  270. I am trying my best to do more storage of staples in glass jars and can and freeze more of my garden produce. This giveaway is fantastic.

  271. I’d love to replace all of the store bought juice my kids drink with home made – canned juice. I’ve done some of this with standard (Ball) jars, which don’t handle table use very well. So far I’ve canned grape juice, only to find my kids don’t like it…so I’ve been blessing my friends with unsweetened natural grape juice since last fall (a friend and I picked about 300lbs. of grapes in a 2 hr. span)

  272. I have been slowly replacing my plastic tupperware with glass storage containers. If I do need to store leftovers in the tupperware, I make sure to put it in a glass bowl for reheating.

  273. I am wanting to replace my water bath canner and purchase a pressure canner.
    Thanks for all the canning info you offer.

  274. I’ve been working to replace my plastic containers with glass. Love the refrigerator dishes, and the large Weck Jars are fabulous!

  275. Found your great web site when I read the Food in Jars blog. I have really embraced the canning thing! Homemade things make the best gifts! Absolutely love the Weck jars. So glad they are more readily available.

  276. I have slowly been replacing anything plastic in our house with stainless steel & glass equivalents. Weck Jars are high on my list for more storage & this years new interest in canning anything I can get my hands on! Thanks so much for introducing me to MightyNest! What great products – I will definitely bookmark their site for future purchases!

  277. I’d love to get some new pots and pans. Most of mine are from when I first moved into a “real” apartment after college over a decade ago. They’re all non-stick and could certainly use some updating.

  278. I would love to find the perfect size BPA free container for salads in school lunches… and this giveaway would truly be a dream come true! You see I adore Weck canning jars and have wanted them for almost as long as I’ve been married. The other things is my water bath canner has sprung a leak. This is the 3rd canner in 20 years so something more durable like this would simply be heaven! (it could be a belated anniversary present…)

    Thank you so very much for hosting this giveaway!!!

  279. I’m trying to do a better job of packing lunches in reusable containers-plastic wrap and baggies are convenient, but the waste does pile up.

  280. I’d like to decrease my reliance on plastic wrap. I’m already working toward that goal, but have a ways to go… The weck jars are absolutely stunning. I’m canning this week and would love to try some.

  281. We have made a lot of progress in this department, switching to Pyrex with glass lids for food storage and making tons of use of cast iron and stainless steel, but there is this one last remaining non-stick pan I just cannot live without. It’s a nice ten-inch-er and we use it for egg scrambles. I’d be lost without it–but I would so love to find a healthy replacement!

  282. I love that they have baby/toddler stainless steel flatware! I would totally get some of that to get rid of the last few plastic spoons we have. Do you know how hard it is to find “real” silverware in that size? All of it we have now is vintage because I couldn’t find it anywhere. Seriously though how have I never heard of this site?!? It’s so awesome. The toys, swoon. I’m in trouble.

  283. I would love to get stainless steel cookware to replace the non-stick stuff I have. And keep making my own preserves to avoid the store bought ones with preservatives and extra sugar.

  284. I just said goodbye to my microwave and now I am looking forward to getting rid of my plastic hot water pot too! I just bought a pretty, fancy tea kettle and can’t wait to use it! The next on the goodbye list: plastic bags.

  285. I would LOVE the glass microwave corn popper! I’ve never seen one! And just about one of everything else at this amazing site! I feel some serious wish listing coming on…

  286. I want to replace my cutting boards and keep separate ones for separate duties… one for veg, one for meat… etc. I love the kitchen in my new home, but we don’t have a dishwasher for sanitizing things, I rely on a kettle of boiling water. Separate cutting boards seems even more important now.

  287. Ive slowly been making my home less toxic. Beginning with cleaning products, laundry products, storage containers and now the leap to lunch products for my 3 year old twins starting 3 days a week “school”. Since my IVF treatment, I began making healthier food choices for myself, nursed the babies for their first year and continue to make better choices for them and my family. I would love this collection as I would continue my progress and make a good example for my kids ands friends for healthier living.

  288. I’d like to stop 100% with paper towels. I don’t use too many, but I still haven’t been able to completely part ways with them.

  289. I’m in the process of changing over any plastic or bags I use for storing my dry goods in my pantry and I would like to switch to glass containers.

  290. I’m slowly switching out my plastic food storage containers for glass. I’ve started storing all my dry goods in large mason jars and I really like the look it brings to the kitchen, while knowing its a healthier choice!

  291. Like many commenters, I’m trying to have a mostly plastic free kitchen, but I just don’t have the inventory for it right now. Since Weck jars are our favorite vessels for leftovers, this would help a lot.

  292. I’ve just recently found your blog and am planning to attempt canning for the first time. Tomatoes from my garden! I have no supplies, so I have a long way to go!

  293. I replaced all my condiment containers with Weck canning jars; not only healthier but it looks way cooler and they stack so nicely. I made Sriracha Tomato Jam last night and it now sits proudly in a Weck jar in my refrigerator next to all sorts of other goodies. My other large healthy splurge was a Vitamix. I now take fruit on the verge of spoiling, freeze it and have terrific smoothies all the time. I make the best Gazpacho from my garden almost daily. I can make soups in minutes from whatever vegetables I have. I debated a long time before buying it, but it was worth every penny!

  294. I’d like to switch over to mostly glass food storage containers ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband microwaves his food in the plastic ones and wrecks them

  295. I’m hosting a canning party next week and made favors for everyone in small Weck jars to get them started…Peach Rosemary Jam! My healthy habit has been to replace plastics in my inventory of containers with Weck jars. My daughter got me started years ago.

  296. Personally, I would eliminate all the plastic lunch/leftover containers in my kitchen, and just replace them with dedicated glass jars. We have tons, and I rarely use them anymore as I prefer jars, which don’t leak into my lunch bag. But I’m on the fence about throwing it out, and most of it is not in good enough shape to donate.

    • Anna, I’ve been making yogurt for a while now and use nothing more that a quart jar, stainless steel pot, large dish towel as a blanket and my oven prewarmed to barely 100ยฐ and then turned off with the light left on. Do it before going to bed and have fresh yogurt by morning.

  297. I need to get a new non-stick pan, one with the newer safer coatings (and not chipping/peeling like my current one is). I’d also like to get into composting and gardening, which would obviously be good for me and the environment!

  298. I would love to replace all my cookware, I have slowly made changes to other areas of my kitchen, this would put me at ease! Thanks for such a fantastic giveaway, I have been wanting to start canning for so long and have just needed the push to get going!

  299. Wow. Some many things I want to change to make my kitchen healthier. This first thing is probably to have more probiotics sitting on my counters.

  300. I already use mason jars instead of tupperware for almost everything, and stainless and/or cast iron pans vs non-stick, but I would love to have glass “tupperware” to use for those things that just won’t fit well in mason jars (like leftover pizza!).

  301. I remember being in the kitchen when I was little watching my Mother and Grandmother canning. The smells we delicious! I have not done any canning since I was in high school. I would LOVE to start this wonderful tradition with my children as well.

  302. I would love switch all of my baking dishes and pans to stoneware. I just got a pizza stone and my next purchase will be stoneware cookie sheets!

  303. I’d love to eliminate the non-stick cookware from my kitchen (minus maybe one pan for eggs!). We’re doing it gradually but I can’t wait!

  304. I keep on saying that I’m going to use jars for things instead of plastic containers. I know most manufacturers have stopped using BPA in their plastics, but the thought of heating up my lunch and it sitting in chemicals freaks me out. I use corning bowls now, but I need to invest in some more.

  305. I really should replace all of my plastic containers with a BPA free option, but for now I’ve just been trying not to microwave them. I would love to try using Weck jars for canning and storage!

  306. In Southern California the glass jars are so expensive and somewhat unaffordable for most people. I’m making my way toward having nothing but them!

  307. Change over to glass storage containers. Particularly when I bring something to work and want to heat it up – have to put in bowl or plate I keep at work = more dishes to clean up!

  308. I’ve got a lot of things to can as my garden enters the final hurrays of summer. I’ve got salsa to make! Thanks for the giveaway!

  309. Hate using plastic. Glass is healthier and green! I’ve been reuseing glass containers for years and have just started to can this year

  310. I would like to get all of the non-stick stuff out. I still have a few in the cupboard, but have been trying to move over to cast iron exclusively…

  311. We are in the process of detoxing our kitchen–eliminating plastic and processed food. The Weck jars are lovely and would be a great start to canning. P.S. Love Mighty Nest, items ship quickly and the glass we received was perfect and wrapped in brown paper instead of plastic. My daughter is having a hay day coloring it all.

  312. I want to buy a non-toxic, non-stick griddle for things like grilled sandwiches, pancakes, etc. I’m planning to dehydrate veggies and also want to try canning.

  313. The first thing that came to mind for a change in my kitchen is to use glass storage for food/leftovers. Then I read everyone else’s posts, and nearly everyone has the same goal!

  314. I am working on keeping all plastic storage out of my house. I like the glass so much better. I may occasionally re use a yogurt container to take a cold dip to a party (always end up losing my good glass stuff) but it never gets heated. The next step for a safer home will be making my own cleansers for kitchen and bath with only natural non toxic ingredients. Already experimenting. I would REALLY love the canning set though b/c it is something I have wanted to do for a very long time.

  315. I’d love to get rid of my old non-stick frying pans that may be flaking their coating off into my food and replace them with some nice non coated ones.

  316. I am slowly replacing all my plastic with glass storage containers. I also need a few more pots and pans, and we are slowly accomplishing that!

  317. I am just getting started setting up my hope chest-I want to start off right with all manner of healthy kitchen supplies!

  318. The main thing I need to do and haven’t yet, is to replace my water bottles with safer containers. I have a few non BPA water bottles, but really need more because I don’t do dishes very often. I would love to try the Weck jars for my jams and preserves. And yes, I would use them for my special recipes and keep them for myself and not give them away!

  319. We’ve eliminated nearly all purchases of store-bought items in tin cans to eliminate BPA transfer into our 1 year old. With one exception (refried beans), we’ve eliminated tin cans in our kitchen. Anyone want to share a recipe for refried beans?

  320. After coming across your blog, I began making jellies, and trying to convert to jarring for healthier eating (no preservatives) for my family…. thank you for the chance to win! ๐Ÿ™‚

  321. I am changing out all my plastic for glass storage containers…these fabulous containers are the perfect size…Thanks !

  322. I would like to change from buying (organic) baby food to making and storing my own baby food. I am of average skill in the kitchen but am so nervous about trying to make and store baby food that the Weck system would give me the motivation and courage to do what is best for the babies!

  323. i want to completely finish my transition from plastics to glass containers. not only is it healthier for us….but it’s healthier for the planet too!

    thank you for the lovely giveaway!

  324. What an awesome giveaway. In my house we’ve been making the leap to glass food storage instead of plastic, but one thing I have my eye on @ MightyNest is the Logic cast-on griddle to make my pancake making teflon free ๐Ÿ™‚

  325. It’s a toss up between ridding my kitchen of plastic, and getting a high powered blender, mainly to grind my own grain. LOVE weck jars!

  326. I am getting rid of all the toxic plastic storage containers and would like to try the new glass storage containers at Mighty Nest. I would love to win the wreck jars for my canning!

  327. glass storage containers, for sure!

    the weck jars are so, so, so pretty. i think i’ll be making some plum preserves this weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  328. I already have a 15+ year old Vita mix for healthy smoothies, ice cream, juicing, grinding,etc. NOTE I did say 15+ years old and still running perfect even with almost daily and often during canning season heavy use. If you are on the fence about getting one – yes they are worth the price for the life of it alone. Don’t own any old Teflon and store most things in glass. My next major investment will be a grain mill. I grind grains in the vita mix now but while it does a good job to do a lot I have to take it kinda slow because it will heat the flour too much otherwise.
    I love the wreck jars and would be extatic over winning this lot. I have some that my German mother in law gave me but even with the my hundreds of ball jars I never seem to have enough. I know my two pressure canners are among the most used items in my entire kitchen. But then we only buy a few canned items from the grocery stores and most of what I can is also grown by me.

  329. First thing I would like to do is to replace all of my storage containers with glass, instead of plastic (thankfully, the grandchildren are getting old enough that I don’t need to worry overmuch about breakables).

  330. I’d love to ditch ALL my plastic storage containers and convert entirely to glass. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway! I’ve just purchased my first round of Weck jars and am loving them…

  331. For some food storage, plastic ziplock bags are still the easiest and best containers. I’d love it if I could find an alternative for storing things like bacon and lunch meat in the fridge and vegetable scraps for stock in the freezer.

  332. I would make a better effort to can tomatoes every year. Some years I make it, and some years (like this one) I don’t. Hate having to buy the store-canned stuff.

  333. i’d just love a gas stove, but then, that’s dependent on the apartment building – haha. in the meantime, the healthier option is probably more about the food i buy – and using all of it before it goes bad!

  334. I’d like to find an alternative to the plastic bags I use to store the bountiful produce from the garden and the next few days of washed lettuce. I do re-use them, but I know that’s not quite enough.

  335. Like everyone else, I want to ditch my plastic storage habit and my teflon crutch. I also want to find a way to source decent kitchen utensils that aren’t cheap and throwaway and dollarstore sketchy that doesn’t break my bank.

  336. I have a teflon griddle; the last teflon item in the kitchen. I would love to replace it, but just can’t part with it. It’s perfect for pancakes! I’m on the lookout for an equivalent non-teflon grill.

  337. I’ve been getting rid of plastic and switching over to glass, and at this point all my storage containers are glass only (yay for reusing jars!). I’m in the process of slowly replacing my measuring cups/containers as well to stainless steel and glass.

  338. I would love to have more canning jars. I would like to start canning more than we do now. This way I can feel better about the food I make for my family.

  339. I too have been moving away from plastic for food storage, and have been slowly weeding out the teflon from my cookware collection.

  340. My biggest goal for the kitchen is teaching my 2 yr old how to eat healthy fresh food. Slowly changing over his kid plastic plates and cups to glass/pottery. Thank you for the canning inspiration.

  341. Oh goodness, that is an incredible giveaway! Wow! I have already switched my kitchen to using iron cookware, but the lunchbox and pack ware look so neat! I will need to order that stuff soon! Great site!

  342. i’d like to get a sharper (read: not so dull it’s a danger to use) mandoline so I would have more ways to prepare and eat veggies.

  343. Like many of the other posters, I’d like to continue getting rid of plastic in favor of glass or metal in my kitchen. This is proving extra difficult with kids’ stuff, because there are a million super-cheap options for babies in plastic but glass or metal options are so much pricier!

  344. My big push right now is to stop or minimize use of plastic for food storage. Slowly building a collection of glass and enameled containers and bowls. Jars work too of course! Home canning and preserving is also helping me minimize purchased metal-canned foods and whatever coatings are on those.

  345. I have a few weck jars that I store things in but only the large ones for things like dry goods, and I make sun tea in them:) I haven’t wanted to shell out the money for the smaller jars to try to actually can with them, but I really want to bc I can then avoid the lids that come with the mason jars which hve BPA. I’ve been using the Tattler lids but even though thy don’t have BPA I’m assuming they have something else that’s not good!

  346. I’m working on eliminating plastic for food storage. I’ll probably still need to use some for taking my lunch to work, but I’m trying to use reusable containers instead of disposable baggies (although I did get a reusable snack bag as a gift… but I haven’t tried it yet!).

  347. Oh what wouldn’t I do!! I’d like to get rid of all plastics and most silicones except perhaps a spatula and *maybe* a silpat (I’m not totally sold that silicone isn’t bad for us somehow… especially since some of it smells plastic-y). Change most cooking utensils over to wood/bamboo and metal. We already got rid of the nonstick pots, but I’d like to get more cast iron (love how nonstick they get!) so I wouldn’t be as tempted to use so much veggie oil and could save my expensive, high-heat oils as ingredients. Oh, and switch most of my pans to baking stones and glazed stoneware. I LOVE the heft and visual weight of stoneware. Can I just say I also love that Weck uses natural rubber seals! You can just toss them in the compost pile when they’re done. Oh, definitely also ditch the microwave, we barely use it anyway.

  348. We’re trying to use more glass for storing leftovers. We have a lot of plastic containers from lettuce and lunchmeat that I’d love to do something with other than recycle though.

  349. Oh wow! I adore Weck!

    I’d love to switch from plastic food storage to glass and stainless steel -I just pulled some plastic out of the dishwasher that had that weird white bloom on it -what IS that??

  350. Teflon, plastic containers and plastic wrap and wooden utensils have just about disappeared from my kitchen. going with glass and stainless steel.

  351. The one change in my kitchen that I’m working on to make it healthier is switching out plastics for glass. Slowly but surely making progress! I see so many items on MightyNest…. I just wish my budget was as big as their selection!!

  352. Except for two, I just replaced all my teflon cookware with stainless steel and I love it! Melamine and plastics are the next things I’m losing. Glass storage here we comeโ€“wow those Weck jars are beautifulโ€“I’d hadn’t heard of them before this blog. Glad I did!

  353. Probably more glass storage containers to replace plastic, also if I had a better seasoned cast iron skillet, I might replace a non-stick pan. Though both those replacements make for heavier boxes when I move!

  354. Ohhhhh my goodness, I have been dying for some Weck canning jars, but can’t find any near me! Plus, my canning pot is too small for quarts or even more than a few pint-sized jars, which has become a problem–this one looks about right!

    I’d like to continue ditching plastic in favor of glass…it has been a slow but steady process thus far!

  355. Would love to get rid of the plastic in my entire house, starting with the kitchen. I am never sure what is leaching and what is not, and getting rid of it all would take care of that problem!

  356. Like many of the others, I too would like to replace my plastic food storage with glass. I have also been wanting some Weck jars, but haven’t been able to make the investment. I also need to get more reusable jar lids (to make it easier to seal and reseal once things have been opened) and would love some of those pour spouts for canning jars. I make a lot of liqueurs and infusions in canning jars and they can get messy pouring from the big jar openings.

  357. I’d love to replace all of my old, scratched non-stick pans with cast iron. Unfortunately, given the family budget, I’ll have to do it one pan at a time.

  358. I got rid of the plastic containers for glass, but I still have plastic wrap & plastic bags – I’d love alternatives for those!

  359. I really need a pot for canning qt jars. I have to do everything in pt jars at the moment, and it would be so nice to do somethings like pasta sauce and tomatoes in qt jars. I’d also love to get more glass storage, tired of the old plastic and a bit scared about it.
    Thanks for all your great ideas.

  360. On my donate list: all the “non-stick” pans, most of the plastic storage containers, and a ton of plastic mixing bowls. I just need to get a few hours all in a row to really clear out my cupboards!

  361. I am in the process of replacing plastic storage containers with glass & teflon pans with cast iron. I’d like to switch from chemical cleansers to’better for the environment’ things like baking soda & vinegar.

  362. I’ve switched from plastic to glass for most of my food storage, from teflon to Pyrex for most of my bakeware and from teflon to cast iron for my frying pans but my stock pots, water bath canner and pressure canner are all aluminum and I would love to upgrade them to stainless steel.

  363. I would like to get away from using plastic to store food by adding more glass storage. Things like this would help. Besides that, they would be adorable for canning jam!

  364. I’d love to start putting up small batches of canned fruits and veggies not just for healthy reasons but for economic ones too! LOVE your blog – Portland misses you!

  365. we’re pretty good with glass (glasslock and old kombucha bottles), and plastic bags (reusies has groupons!) but I know that there is still bpa in some of our old nalgenes and weird stuff on some old non-stick pans of ours. we still have to get the chemicals out!

  366. I’ve eliminated most of the plastic in my kitchen and switched to glass, with the exception of my mixing bowls. I’d like to switch to glass mixing bowls and ditch the plastic ones.

  367. Since discovering your site a few weeks ago I’ve been canning with ancient jars I found in my great aunt’s basement. I will be buying some Weck jars in the near future, I love the look of them.
    I’m also trying to rid the house of plastic food storage containers.

  368. I would like to replace some of my stock pots that are aluminum with stainless steel or cast iron. I’m headed that way, but not there yet!

  369. This is an amazing giveaway – and I’m excited to learn about MightyNest. For safety reasons, I’d love to trade out my rusted 40-year old graniteware canner. I’ll keep it for sentimental reasons, though! Also moving to all glass for storage (both shelf and refrigerator) and eliminating plastic from my life in steady steps.

  370. Like a lot of people here, I’d like to use less plastic. I now have glass containers and jars that I use, but I also still have some plastic ones that I end up using as well.

  371. I would love to start puttingup pickled asparagus in the wide mouth Weck Jars!! I LOVE PICKLED ASPARAGUS but cannot afford to buy much of it!!

  372. I’d like to start using a pressure cooker for more cooking, both to prep for canning and also for every day meals so I can keep more nutrients, brighter colors, and use less oil or long-cooking items like dried beans.

  373. I hadn’t checked out MightyNest yet-great site! That glass popcorn popper is fantastic. Thanks for the opportunity to win all these lovely Weck jars.

  374. We’re slowly transitioning from plastic containers to glass, and I’d love to do more canning (especially in jars with glass lids!) to have a better idea of what’s in my food.

  375. I still use some plastic (although it is bpa free). I would like to stop using plastic completely. I don’t heat food in it only store. I already use cast iron and stainless steel to cook in and only reheat things in glass.

  376. I’ve been slowly replacing all of the plastic pieces with glass & metal. There are still some things that need to go like old measuring spoons & a few smaller containers that are just the right size for my packed lunches. I also should stop telling myself I’ll get around to sewing produce bags & just buy myself some to stop using the ones at the store.

  377. Plastics!

    I am trying very hard to remove all plastics and BPAs from our kitchen. I would love to start canning with Weck jars and get rid of the canning jars with BPA in the lids.

  378. After some health problems, my eyes were opened to finding products that would be less toxic in my home. I’ve recently begun switching from non stick to cast iron and elimintaing plastics and replacing with glass. A few years ago I replaced all of my dishware for a lead free set. I enjoy canning and always putup applesauce and albacore tuna each August. As time allows, I add other veggies and fruit to the pantry.

  379. What an amazing give-away! But oh, goodness, what a difficult question. I try to have only safe and healthy kitchenware, but I suppose something at least related to the kitchen that I have yet to find locally are bio-degradable trash bags.

  380. My big changes would be to eliminate the last little bits of plastic from my storage containers (only a couple left!) and to make my canning BPA-free, finally.

  381. I’m working on taking my own BPA free containers to the deli department and bringing reusable cloth bags for fruits and veggies purchased at the grocery.

  382. I’d love to continue to move away from plastics with BPA to sustainable products produced with little toxic effect on the environment or my family. I’ve been slowly replacing older utensils and pans with those that are better for my health, eating more local, and putting up foods from my organic CSA so we can enjoy the summer bounty through the winter months.

  383. Wow that’s a lot of Weck jars! You’re right, that link sent me to kitchen drool land :o) I would start with the glass lunch items, then move to the bamboo utensils. So very cool!

  384. I would continue to get rid of all the plastics in the house. I would make and can up something new for my family to eat and stick it in the pantry..My goal is to no longer eat any preservatatives found in so many of the grocery products.

  385. I’d love to replace my mainly-plastic coffeemaker with a Chemex or something similar, as plastic plus boiling water creeps me out even more than plastic for simple food storage.

  386. We have switched from plastic to stainless steel water bottles, but I would like to do the same for all food storage – like storing leftovers and lunches in stainless steel and/or glass.

  387. When I was young, my mother would make plum blackberry jelly. When I make it, the smell of the plums takes me right back to my mother’s kitchen. I have never seen Weck jars. They are beautiful and I love the variety of shapes.

  388. I drink a lot of water at home, but not when I’m on the go because I don’t like plastic water bottles. I would love to get those glass water bottles.

  389. If the numbers are anything to go by then I’m #626 to make a comment. Wow, a lot of activity here. I would get the Squeeze Cellulose Sponge Cloths, 3-pack to make my kitchen safer. They are thinner and easier to hold.

  390. Zipper freezer and vacuum bags. I would love to replace them once and for all with something that preserves bushels of peas and beans in water, stacks so nicely, and takes up little space. It’s one thing I just can’t seem to find a good replacement for (without having to get another freezer to accommodate bulkier options).

  391. I’d love to replace any of the final non-stick pieces of my cookware with cast iron, ceramic and stainless pans/pots. Would love to switch to all weck jars to get rid of the BPA canning lids too!

  392. The one change I would make is DO MORE CANNING! ๐Ÿ™‚ That would be the healthiest choice since you can limit what you put in the food that you eat, and you can put it up when it is at it’s most fresh and nutritious.

  393. I’ve been transitioning to using glass instead of plastic tupperware – easy when you have so many jars lying around. But I would love to get a nice cast iron pan and a wide stainless steel pan for making jam!

  394. I would love to have all glass food storage – I have a bunch of plastic that I can’t afford to replace all at once!

  395. I would love to switch to all glass containers for leftovers, but it’s costly and I have roommates who invariably have Tupperware.

  396. Like most people, I’d love to use more glass for storage instead of plastic containers. Especially for freezing foods. I have a large, chest freezer and use a lot of plastic containers for freezing stocks, fruit, and veggies. Would love to slowly invest in heavy glass.