Links: Meyer Lemons, Pour Spouts, and Winners

February 3, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Meyer lemons and kaffir lines from the Lemon Ladies! Truly the best citrus source around.

My yearly order of Meyer lemons arrived from the Lemon Ladies on Saturday and I can’t wait to dig in and preserve them in a bunch of different ways (this post details some of my favorite ways to transform them). I also have some good pieces coming up this week, including a tutorial on how to pressure can dried beans, a plan for all those questions you guys asked me in this post, a new Preserves in Action, and a peek inside one of my current favorite cookbooks. Now, links!

green heritage jars

Now it’s time to announce the winners of the new Ball Heritage Green Jars. This giveaway set an entry record for this site and I’m so happy to be able to share these jars with ten winners. And now, here they are!

If you didn’t win, fret not. I’ll have another fun giveaway on Wednesday.

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10 thoughts on "Links: Meyer Lemons, Pour Spouts, and Winners"

  • Love Meyer lemons – they make the best marmalade! However, I live right by those lemon ladies (two towns over) and I’ve never, ever seen lemons like those wrinkly, crinkly ones. What are those?

    1. I think they are kaffir limes. I asked the same thing about a photo the LL posted on FB, and that was the answer.

  • A few years ago I went on a mission trip with my church to Guyana South America and their lemons were the wrinkly, crinkly ones like those in the box. It was a lot thicker peel than the lemons I am use to but they tasted great! Also their oranges had green peels and they were fully ripe. Is Meyer a brand name of lemons? I never heard of them.

  • Love Meyer Lemons. Those’ lemon brains’ :} are very unusual looking
    Congratulations to all the lucky winners of the green Ball jars.

  • Hi I just spent the weekend preserving a 20 lb box of Meyer lemons using 6 of the 8 ways in your link above. Everything has turned out fantasticly. Can’t wait to try the limoncello.

  • Congratulations to all the winners! I have heard of the Meyer Lemons. So glad these ladies deliver them, I must check them out. Thanks for sharing.

  • I am certain you have answered this question in the past, but I have a box full of old green canning jars I rescued from my hubby’s grandmother’s house. If they are not cracked or chipped, can they be used? Right now they just hold pencils and scissors.

  • What a coincidence . . .I made the Meyer Lemon Curd from your book on Friday night. Half went into the freezer and half went between two cake layers and became the filling for my son’s birthday cake! It was a huge HUGE hit! Looking forward to getting a couple more jars in the freezer this season.