Links: Jar Jewelry, Links, and a Winner

January 27, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
Jar jewelry. It was only a matter of time.

On Friday night, I found myself in a Jo-Ann craft store. In need of a hobby beyond staring at my computer, I’ve recently started knitting (with lots of help from Knit Camp) and so wanted to pick up a few more sets of needles. However, I never leave a store like that without checking to see what they have in their jar section.

Normally, it’s just a few smooth-sided jars for crafting, but in this particular store, there was a whole quarter aisle devoted to a thing they’re calling “Jar Jewelry.” There were decorative lids (designed to sit on top of regular lids), chalkboard labels, and other little bits. I found some of it kind of charming, but the sets were small and quite pricy. I’m curious what you guys think about the idea of jar jewelry?

Now, links!

GIR spatulas

Many thanks to everyone who took the time to enter last week’s GIR spatula giveaway and share an update on their 2014 so far. Our winner is #230/Claire who said, “We have spent much of 2014 working on kitchen reno designs – so, 2014 has been SO MUCH FUN!”

I’ll have another fun giveaway for you guys tomorrow that I think you’ll like. Stay tuned!

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19 thoughts on "Links: Jar Jewelry, Links, and a Winner"

  • Congratulations Claire on the win.
    Gosh, I haven’t been to JoAnn’s in ages. As for the jar jewelry; a bit pricey for my pocket book. I can always sit down and make my own for much cheaper I do believe.
    May not be as fancy as they have hanging on the rack but I do believe I can make my own jar jewelry and be just as nice………..homemade is much better and more personal to give as a gift.
    Me personally; I wouldn’t spend my money on those items and would make my own.
    Enjoy your day and have a fantastic week

  • Congrats, Claire, I am jealous!

    “Jar Jewelry” is nice, but I find it a lot more fun to make my own. For gifts, I have some gingham and other scraps(you can find them in the bargain bin at Jo-ann’s)and bits of ribbon and cord that I will use to top the jams and butters and pickles. A pretty label printed with vintage clip art, maybe a little charm attached to the cord.
    Only draw back, one day I visited my brother and found the strawberry jam sitting on the windowsill. I asked if maybe they didn’t like strawberry jam, and he said it was too “pretty” to eat!

  • noooo! what’s IN the jar is the jewelry. That’s my position on that. Thanks for getting me all riled up. You can skip coffee if you get good and crabby like this early in the day….

  • Why would I spend over a dollar for a lid? I can print a sticky label on my computer or a lot less and it can have photos or whatever. I bought a huge stack of half sheet labels ages ago for shipping things. Now I use them for my jars. I did buy a good circular cutter. And I print my labels with my garden name (Daphne’s Dandelions) so people know who it is from if I give it away or bring it to a party. And what is inside and the date.

    I confess I’m still looking for a good cheap solution for the side of the jar though. I don’t like normal labels on the side as they don’t come off easily. The wash off ones get kind of disgusting in the fridge after a while. I’m assuming from the condensation when they go in and out of the fridge.

  • Oh, do I ever love jar jewelry, but making my own is how I roll. With my Cameo digital cutting machine, I can turn out labels, jar bands, stickers and tags like crazy! I made creamed honey butter in half-pint jars for friends at Christmas, and with black grosgrain ribbon bands, adorable bee stickers on the front and lid, they were so adorable! I can run sticker paper designs through my printer and then cut it out on my Cameo.

  • Jar jewelry sounds cute and it’s a Great marketing idea but, like a lot of those type things in life, I’m too busy to participate. I’m also not going to spend the money on buying when I can make; there’s a Lot of Appalachia in me -grin-.
    Congratulations on knitting! I’ve a few extra sets of needles; let me know what you’d like and I’ll see if I’ve got it. If so, I’m happy to help your new habit…I mean hobby -grin-.

  • Thank you so much for linking to my breakfast cookie recipe. I hope you’ve tried it and like it, and I appreciate the recognition. My kids are eating them right now, but not in jars 🙂

  • Thanks for linking to my mini mason jar lid tarts, Marisa! I have one more mason jar dessert coming soon. I think you’ll like it. Let’s face it: we’re obsessed with mason jars and it’ll never change 🙂

    I recently saw some ‘jar jewelry’ at Sur La Table, and was a bit shocked by the price of pretty labels. I also saw cute screw top lids that you can use to give away your jam, just in case you don’t get your two-piece lid back. They were cute blue gingham. I didn’t buy them, but I’m kinda regretting that now.

  • It would be cute if you knew for sure that the specific jars you are making were going as gifts. Alas, I don’t usually roll that way. Also, they are a tad on the pricey side…..

  • I was at Jo-Anns last night and missed this. I was in there for one specific item (Seahawks fabric) only to be told they had been sold out for weeks 🙁 I have a terrible time in there buying gobs of stuff and spending way too much money. I consider my “focus” successful when i say I only spent $11 unplanned . .. . . bought some pink tulle, stick on heart rhinestones and elastic to make a friend of mine’s little first grader a tutu 🙂 IT IS GOING TO BE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE. i hate to think how much more I might have spent had I stumbled on this display. Very cute stuff. I found the shiny Avert labes at STAPLES last year and made some pretty darn nice labels for my canning efforts this year. has some super cool design ideas – which allows you to customize to your friends, the event, the contents – whatever floats your boat. These little jewls though are pretty cute and rather tempting.

  • Yay you for starting knitting! Just be aware of the temptation to buy yarn whenever you see something beautiful. Once in your stash it reproduces and you are committed to a lifetime of working through it ;). Also, be sure to check out, if you haven’t already, to find the best social networking site on the web- all devoted to fiber arts.

  • I have a small canning jar with a little jar jewelry that my RA gave me in college in 1982. It had tacks, nails and screws in it. That jar, in all its cuteness has always been in my tool box, and I know where to put my nails for hanging every time. I guess she was a little before her time!

  • mmm….jar jewelry. Not a big fan of the store bought stuff. Too pricey & rather cold. Much prefer to personalize my own my own way.

  • Jar jewelry kind of makes my eyes roll even though I like decorating my jars and spent a lot of time making labels for jars the first year I canned (now I’m lazy and quickly label them with a sharpie on Target “washi” tape). Eye rolling won’t stop me from perusing this aisle the next time I’m at JoAnns though. This also reminds me – Collage in Portland carries a line of 2″ circle stickers in a few colors on sheets that can go through a printer.

    On knitting, as a knitter I’m always excited when I someone starts knitting. I want to caution you to not stash too many needles in the beginning. My knitting needle preference changed over time. I kept very few needles from the first year I was knitting (and kept buying them on whim during 40% off sales) because as I knit and experimented with more needles (material, tip point and cable flexibility vary by brand) I stopped grabbing the early purchases.

    Finally to agree with someone above yes always use a coupon at JoAnn’s (I get them sent to my email and then show them on my smartphone) or Michael’s.

  • I think jar jewelry might be for those who don’t can as a way of being…? I bought into the fancy stuff when I first started canning, but it didn’t last long since I’m cheap. My ONLY tools now are a black Sharpie and a roll of masking tape.

    By the way, that tall skinny (I think 12oz) size jar is my FAVORITE for my morning oatmeal. Fill halfway with old-fashioned oats, add in some raisins or cranberries, dried coconut, a small spoonful of honey, a smaller spoonful of coconut oil, and some cinnamon. Best part is you can assemble the jars in the beginning of the week and just go – no refrigeration required. Fill to the top with hot water at work and 5 minutes later your belly is happy.

    Yay for knitting! It’s a whole new kind of addiction. 🙂