Close Up on the New Green Heritage Jars

February 4, 2014(updated on October 3, 2018)

Green Ball Jars

Friends! I’ve finally gotten my hands on some of the new green heritage pint jars ! I’ve been on the receiving end of a goodly number of jars over the years, but I must confess, I was more than a little excited to unwrap these bad boys. They are just so pretty!

Green Ball Jars

They come in case of six jars and are packaged in the same way that the blue jars were shipped last year. The sturdy box is white and is printed in matching black and green and the jars come shrink-wrapped into it.

Green Ball Jars

The fronts have the traditional Ball imprint, along with the word Perfection (the blue jars say Perfect Mason). They come packaged with silver bands and lids, but if you’re looking for a more perfect color match, you can also get some of Ball’s new green metallic lids and rings.

Green Ball Jars

Don’t forget that these green jars are being made in both regular mouth pints and wide mouth quarts. I’ve not yet seen the quart jars in person, but I’m hoping to get my hands on some soon.

Have any of you seen these jars in person yet? What do you think?

Disclosure: The nice folks from Ball’s PR company sent me this box of green jars for photography and review purposes. 

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28 thoughts on "Close Up on the New Green Heritage Jars"

  • Just can’t go there. But then again I recently inherited a stash of my grandmother’s vintage blue and purple (swoon) jars. For actual canning, tho, I would not be able to bring myself to put anything but green beans & green pickles in a green jar.

  • I love these! Of course, I love jars anyway. I have the blue ones and hope to get these green ones. Glad there will be two sizes. I just love their jars! I use them every day for something. Great for leftovers. Doesn’t take up as much room in the fridge.

    1. Dont get me wrong – these are really pretty . . .but am I the only one here that thinks the industry is dumbing down?

  • I wouldn’t use them for canning because I love to the color of the jellys, sauces, and pickles coming through clear jars. But I would probably use them for other things.

  • I have a bunch of the blue ones that we used for bat mitzvah centerpieces (and now for applesauce!) — but I like these green jars more…

  • Loved the blue jars but had a problem seeing what was happening inside them when a batch went bad…

  • I love the green jars. They will match my kitchen. I am using the small blue jars for dried beans, etc. in the pantry and my larger blue ones for marbles, buttons, etc. more for decorative purposes. Can’t wait to get my hands on these.

  • They’re so darn PRETTY. I think I know what the fella can get me for Valentine’s day now LOL (not kidding either)

  • Oooooh, danger. I did not know that there were colored lids and bands too! I actually think I’m more excited about that new decorative touch possibility than anything.

  • I am thinking decorative uses as well, but maybe pickles and other green goodies. That and I really have to have them in my collection!

  • Being a jar junkie I will probably buy some of these. I like using the blue ones with cuppow lids for drinks. The new colors are nice for crafty uses but just don’t compare to the true vintage blue jars that I have from my great-grandmother’s canning stash.

  • I have both the blue and the green quart size and I agree that they are beautiful! Not sure I can bring myself to can in them but I use jars for a lot of pantry storage. If you have ever had moths in your pantry, you will understand. If moths come into the pantry with a dry mix, they are contained in the jar! I just got a shipping notice that my green pint size jars have shipped too! Love these jars!

    1. If you add a couple of dried bay leaves or a dried chilies to the container when you are storing your dry goods it also helps to deters these little pests.

  • I like them–I’ll think more about the color of what goes in them. I like my old blue ones too–I even have an old LAMB jar which is a light pink color. And I got lucky late last fall and found the new blue pints marked down at Lowe’s for $2.40 a pack–I bought everything they had left.

  • I love the color! I honestly didn’t think about what color the food should be until you other ladies mentioned it. I might get some for drinking and decorating but for canning I think I’ll always use clear jars.

  • Those are even prettier in your photos than the company’s picture. Really looking forward to getting some! With the discussion of different foods in these pretty jars it is a wonder they went to the larger size offering instead of smaller to a quarter pint…wouldn’t pepper jellies be cute for gifts in those green jars?!

    Sure hoping to have my hands on a set of them before St. Patrick’s day…they will be so fun on the table.

  • I’m so smitten with these! We use pint jars for drinking glasses and I can’t wait to add these to the blue heritage and vintage clear ones in the cupboard.

  • I love these! I gave away gifts of granola in the blue jars this past Christmas, but green would be even more festive that time of year, especially with a red bow! Thanks for sharing, I’ll have to keep an eye out for these now.

    1. Wow–that was very generous! Not a single one of my coveted blue jars left the house. Bad Canner, I know! I will try to remember your example and make sure to buy extra green jars for the Most Special Christmas gift recipients.

  • KMART carries the green jars they are just starting to come in. I am in NE PA and our store just got them in this week.