Giveaway: Meyer Lemons from Lemon Ladies Orchard

January 30, 2017

For the last six years, the highlight of my January has been the day the box of Meyer lemons arrives on my doorstep from the Lemon Ladies Orchard in Emerald Hills, California. My whole apartment fills with their fragrance the moment I unseal the box and I spend the next week or so making marmalade, syrups, curds, preserved lemons, and dehydrated rounds.

Last April, while I was on the first leg of my book tour, I spent a little time visiting Lemon Ladies and getting to know the owner, Karen Morss (she even put me up one night, which was incredibly kind of her).

In the morning, Karen took me on a tour of the orchard, which is tucked into her backyard. She introduced me the 40 trees that make up the orchard (each named after a different woman who had inspired her) and told me about the joys and challenges of growing fruit.

Karen uses organic fertilizer, ladybugs, and love to raise her lemons and it shows in her gorgeous fruit. I am forever in awe of the fact that such glorious fruit just grows on trees in California (I realize it sounds ridiculous, but in the depths of Pennsylvania winter, such things don’t seem entirely possible).

For this week’s giveaway, Karen has offered up a gift box of her lemons to one lucky winner. This prize has a $30 value and contains 3 1/2 pounds of juicy, fragrant Meyer lemons. Use the widget below to enter!

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370 thoughts on "Giveaway: Meyer Lemons from Lemon Ladies Orchard"

  • a few would go in a jar, as moroccan lemons (salt preserved), some would go in tea, and the rest perhaps in marmalade.

  • I think the peel of the lemons would make awesome candied peel to use in cooking! Not sure whete I would start trying to use that many lemons, otherwise…

  • I’ve ordered these long before. This will be one lucky winner! I used them to make lemon sugar and lemon salt.

  • I’ve still been too scared to attempt to preserve with citrus, but thanks for the giveaway! If I win I may have to try marmelade, lemon simple syrup, or salt-preserved lemons.

  • Not entering the giveaway because I could easily offer another box. As a Southern Californian, I do take for granted being able to go out back and grab a lemon whenever I need one. My Philadelphia based sis-in-law was here the last time I threw a tea party, and was surprised when I handed her a basket and casually instructed her to grab six lemons off the tree for the lemonade. The idea of 40 trees is astonishing.

  • I would make salt-preserved lemons! From time to time I see those called for in recipes but never have them on hand. I think it’s high time I made some!

  • Definitely a jar of salt preserved lemons. The rest…some sort of sweet, a batch of salad dressing and freeze the rest for another time.

  • Indian style pickles, jam, preserve the rind to use in cakes bread and scones, limencello, preserved lemons.

  • I love lemons. My first instinct was ” WANT. MUST CLICK” but I am one of those lucky people who live in citrus country. So I will go over to my parents , pick a box of meyers, and consider myself the winner of this contest. I hope someone in snow country gets this box full of summer.

  • Lemons are a stable in our house. We squeeze lemon juice on our vegetables, use it in our couscous, quinoa and farro. We use it in coleslaw and with Meyer lemons, my older daughter likes eat them like oranges.

  • I didn’t think this was the season for meyer lemons.

    I made meyer lemon lavender marmalade last summer so I might try my hand a lemon curd or preserving lemons.

  • 1. Marmalade – my husband randomly asked a few weeks ago if I’d ever seen any in the market, and I hadn’t.
    2. Lemon pie (without meringue – I don’t like meringue – so just “lemon curd” pie.
    3. Candied peel, for next year’s fruitcake.
    4. If there are any left after all that, freeze a few for my first batch of dandelion wine this spring . . . I’m in Portland, OR, and there were a couple blooming as soon as our last snow (14″ – pretty rare here) melted.

  • The very first marmalade I ever made was Meyer Lemon Marmalade! I would make more, but also try my hand at curd. I made grapefruit curd for the first time a few weeks ago, but it’s a little runny. These lemons would give me ample practice!

  • Oh! What a lovely thing to offer.

    Marmalade, of course. It would be nice to add them to other fruits, but using them alone sounds so much more special and positively wonderful.

  • I’ve never tried preserving lemons before so I thought I’d give that a go. Then there is all the other stuff I would try to thaw this eternal winter with: tea, marmalde, cake, humus, etc, etc, lemon everything!!

  • Oh gosh, I have so many ideas. First I’d certainly make some jam and some marmalade. We have a raspberry lemonade jam recipe that’s awesome. I think with so many lemons I’d also try preserving them in slices some way. As a minimum I’ll be zesting every single one and freezing the zest and using the beautiful juice for canning recipes.

  • Oooohhh…I would use the lemons to make candied lemon peels and a natural cleaner…after I save some back for eating fresh on fish and chicken!

    So fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Oh, so many possibilities! Lemon curd or a marmalade would be tops, but also limoncello and salt preserved lemons to perk up dishes.

  • I will use the lemons with my Blood Orange juice I am reserving to make some incredible jelly. I will also make some Meyers Lemon Jelly. I have never made limoncello but would love to make some. My neighbor is an expert. If there is anything left I will freeze the remainder of the juice so I have it when I find another spectacular recipe I want to try.

  • I will keep some out to have with tea. I’ll probably make lemon curd and maybe zest & juice some to freeze for later use.

  • I would use them from lemon curd and I would love to try canning them
    Mostly We would use them for fresh cooking

  • Meyer lemons scream; “Lemon Bars, Lemon Ricotta Pancakes AND Lemon Meringue Pie”! I think I could get 3 half-pints of lemon curd, as well!

  • I would use them to make limoncello and curd. Lots of curd and limoncello! Those were my favorite things that I made the last time I ordered a box.

  • I could use a fresh jar of salt-preserved lemons for the coming year – last year’s stash is just about used up.

  • Meyer lemons remind me of my grandparents house in CA. I’d make limoncello and dried lemons for seltzer.

  • I would definitely use some to make preserved lemons, I’ve been wanting to try that for a long time. And Marisa’s Strawberry Lemon Marmalade…and save some to use fresh with chicken and salmon…

  • Never had Meyer lemons, therefore I am very keen on trying them. Maybe for some curd, but salted lemons sound also tempting.

  • I would love to make a Meyer lemon-grapefruit marmalade like I made in a canning class a couple of years ago, which was divine! Also, if it was a little closer to spring, Meyer lemon-strawberry jam would make me happy, but unfortunately the seasons really don’t overlap, at least in my neck of the woods.

  • I have wanted to try preserving with Meyer lemons for a long time! I want to try lavender lemon marmalade!

  • Sign me up! I just spent a small fortune on 5 meyer lemons, they will probably taste ok, but were not very pretty. For Christmas four very special family members received lemon curd from your recipe. I have been wanting to make more for my own pantry.

  • I’ve really been wanting to try my hand at limoncello for a while now. You’ve gotten me quite interested in marmalade as well. I’ve never had salted preserved lemons…they sound so good! I love lemons and have a few at the moment. I like making drinks with soda water, lemon juice and a bit of vodka. So refreshing!

  • I’ve had such fun with this challenge so far. Thank you for creating it and managing it! This past January, I made grapefruit marmalade twice, and a mixed fruit marmalade once.

    A few days ago, I received a box of citrus fruits from my cousin who lives in California. She’s not sure what they are, but they are wonderful. They are yellow like a lemon on the outside and the palest green on the inside, really, they are yellow with a green tinge. Tart like a lemon with a lime perfume, you can actually eat them as you would an orange or grapefruit. I plan to make a marmalade out of them and secret the jars away so that I can enjoy them for a long time. Maybe I will preserves some as well.

    I’m looking forward to the salt preserving challenge. If I win the Lemon Ladies lemons, a few will go into jars and get turned into preserved lemons. I use them in chicken soup. In the winter, when the days are dreary, I like to add preserved lemon. It enhances the chicken flavor and makes my soup taste like sunshine – which is needed in NYC winters.

  • Oohh the lemons look so beautiful! I bet they smell like flowers! Thanks so much for the giveaway. A box of sunshine in the middle of the cold winter.

  • I love to make lemon curd and would try another round of marmalade. I also love to cook with lemons – adding a Meyer lemon to browned chicken and simmering it down is just heavenly!

  • I would love to try the citrus vinaigrette recipe on the Lemon Ladies Orchard Facebook page. I would also like to try a lemon curd and then I would use them to cook delicious meals with!