Tomato Jam Egg Stacks

January 25, 2019

We all know that tomato jam can do just about anywhere. Sweet, savory, tangy, and bursting with umami goodness, it’s truly the magic condiment. Lately, one of the most delicious uses I’ve stumbled across is this very tasty English muffin and egg stack. 

You start with a toasted English muffin. I like whole wheat because they’re a bit sturdier and hold up to the rest of the ingredients well.

Then, you put down a layer of tomato jam. This brings a great deal of flavor and also serves as a barrier to keep the muffin from getting too soggy. If you don’t have tomato jam, an onion jam or zucchini butter would also be delicious.

I like to add a layer of sauteed spinach next. I use baby spinach cook it down in a little butter and garlic. The biggest trick is to squeeze it well to wring out the moisture so that the muffin doesn’t sog out.

Finally, two poached eggs go on top. I realize that poaching eggs is one of those culinary tricks that many people think is very hard, but really it’s not. I like to use a non-stick skillet and water that’s at a bare simmer. You can see my technique here.

It’s a really lovely weekend breakfast and makes good use of your savory jams. I’d love to hear if you try it, or something similar!

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3 thoughts on "Tomato Jam Egg Stacks"

  • This is a variation on eggs Florentine, which is one of our favourite brunch recipes – all the same EXCEPT you top the eggs with a dollop of hollandaise sauce. Will add the layer of tomato jam next time – sounds delicious.
    BTW, your smoky tomato jam is my favourite – and I’ve made tons of it for selling at our summer open day at New Victoria Gardens , But I’ll try this one and see …

    1. I figured that since hollandaise is a critical part of both eggs Benedict and Florentine, I didn’t want to assume name for this, since it doesn’t include it.