Strawberry Rhubarb Jam + Giveaway


It’s common knowledge that strawberries and rhubarb go well together. Just about everyone I know has a fond memory of a pie or cobbler made with a smattering of sugar and those two ingredients. It should come as no surprise to you that these natural partners make an exceptionally good jam. Truly, it’s exceptional in it’s tart, freshness.

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I’ve made this recipe a couple of times recently, though as I looked for photos to use in this post, I realized that I didn’t manage to capture the process. This happens sometimes. When I’m awash in fruit and canning more for myself than for the blog (I know it might shock you, but this does happen), I will head into the kitchen and let myself slip into the meditation that cooking something familiar can offer. The camera doesn’t get much play when that happens.

my copper preserving pan

Outside of the stack of sealed jars now cooling their heels in my coat closet, the only evidence that I even made this jam is the corner of that yellow bowl off on the right edge of this picture. It’s full of macerated berries and chopped rhubarb. The new copper preserving pan I got obviously stole the show that day. (I’ve made a few batches in the copper pan so far and I’m really enjoying it. I plan on writing up my thoughts in a more organized fashion sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that.)

hello matching cutco knives

Before we get to the recipe, there’s just one more order of business to take care of. That’s right, it’s giveaway time! This week, I have a gorgeous pair of Santoku knives from Cutco to offer up to one lucky winner. This is the second year I’ve had the opportunity to work with Cutco and I’m delighted to do it. I like their knives because they are sharp (and stay sharp), have heft without being too heavy and are fairly indestructible.

I don’t adore the look of the handle (though it’s far more appealing in the pearl finish), but it’s shockingly comfortable in the hand and doesn’t mind spending a couple of hours soaking in the sink (not so for my wooden handled knives. And yes, I know that that’s not how you’re supposed to treat knives, but life doesn’t always allow me to wash dishes immediately after they’re made).

If you’re interested in a chance to win this pair of knives, leave a comment here tell me about your favorite kitchen knife (my parents still prefer the ancient L. L. Bean fileting knife that my dad inherited from his father in 1971 above all others). One entry per person, please. Winner will be chosen at random. Comments will close on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. and I will post the winner promptly the next day.

Disclosure: Cutco gave me a pair of these knives for free and is offering the set for giveaway at no cost to me. Happily, my opinions are still all my own (I’m not nearly that cheap).

Now, on to that recipe!

Small Batch Strawberry Rhubarb Jam

Yield: Approximately 2 pints (plus a bit for the fridge)


  • 2 cup of chopped rhubarb (approximately 1 1/2 pounds of stalks)
  • 4 cups of chopped strawberries (approximately one quart)
  • 3 cups sugar
  • 1 lemon, zested and juiced
  • 1 packet liquid pectin


  1. Wash your jars and rings and lay them out on a towel to dry. Place your lids in a small saucepan and put over medium heat, so that the sealing compound softens in preparation for canning.
  2. In a 8-quart, non-reactive pot, stir the rhubarb, strawberries and sugar together off the heat. Once the sugar has begun to dissolve, place pot on burner and bring to a boil.
  3. Add the lemon juice/zest to the pot and let it bubble gently for approximately 15-20 minutes. As the jam cooks, use the back of a wooden spoon to mash any large pieces of fruit. Add the pectin, stir to combine and let cook for a few more minutes.
  4. At this point, dip a spoon in the jam and see how it coats the back of the spoon. You can also try the saucer test. If you get a nice, even sheet, the jam is done. You can also taste at this point, to see if you like the balance of flavors. Add a little more lemon juice if you feel it needs additional brightening.
  5. Pour into hot jars, wipe rims to remove any spillage and apply lids/rings.
  6. Process in a hot water bath for ten minutes.
  7. Remove from water and let cool. When jars are cool, remove rings and test seals. Refrigerate any jars that didnโ€™t seal and store the rest in a cool, dark place.

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564 responses to “Strawberry Rhubarb Jam + Giveaway”

  1. I have a nice small knife by Henckles that I like but thats really the only one I have because I have not had the money to get a set which I need. When I got married I never received a knife block set and with all the cooking and canning I do, it’s a bummer so this would be a real much needed treat for me. I started canning a few months ago , as I have a garden and I am hooked! I enjoy this site. Thanks for all your posts and recipes! I made the jam and it is divine and brought back memories of when I was little.

  2. Love strawberry rhubarb! It’s one of my favorites. I just hulled about 5 quarts of strawberries and put them in the freezer. I’ll have to get some rhubarb now too!

  3. My favorite knife has to be the tomato knife my dad bought me. It’s from whatever company my cousin’s fire department uses as a fundraiser. That knife slices tomatoes like butter. So easy. I also enjoy using my 5″ santuko knife that we got when I got for free from calphalon when I was registering for my wedding.

  4. Oooh those look awesome! My fave knives are my set of cutco knives I received on deep discount when I was suckered into selling them one summer! Ha! I’ve never seen those Santoku knives though. They look great. I have tons of rhubarb to put to good use – so thanks for the recipe! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I just made strawberry rhubarb jam last night!!
    I definitely don’t have a favourite knife, we still make due with the cheap ones we got as wedding gifts. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. My husband recently bought me a few Wusthof knives. They feel pretty good in the hand. Making strawberry-rhubarb jam later this week!

  7. Perfect timing! I nabbed the first (chilly Seattle) strawberries of the season just today. Tomorrow I’ll cut some rhubarb from the yard and give the recipe a try. It feels so good to get some canning going again.

  8. I just discovered your site though the suggestions Google Reader gave me. I’m looking forward to digging through your archives!

    I think my favorite is my Wusthof chef’s knife. Not a meal is made in my house without that knife.

  9. My Henckels chef’s knife. Would love another to compare. But use this knife several times every day.

  10. My favorite knife is one that my mom has had for years… it’s unidentified, she says she got it at a garage sale, and though it’s over 30 years old, and has been through it, it still is an awesome knife! the only good one we have in the house.

  11. oh my. I love 4 knives – a J.A. Henkels (Spain) 10″ chef’s with a black handle, a silly yellow handle almost look-alike Zwilling J.A. Henkels (also Spain) and also about 10 inches. Both of these have a heft that works for me and a curve to the cutting blade that makes most hefty jobs a joy. we had to dull the corner closest to the handle as it was sharp and caught us off guard. I also LOVE my J.A. Henkels 3 inch or so hook bladed paring knife (china) – have had to replace as wore the first one out. and finally another J.A. Henkels Spain straight (almost ) bladed paring knife – blade about 4 inches (max) long. I sound like a Henkels ad, but it really is about the feel in my hand – the paring knives are a one-handed treat, light, virtuous, dexterous, sharp (and re-sharpable). the chef’s knives are firm and solid yet not TOO heavy on my aching wrists, and a hand on the spine is not going to suffer from too narrow a back. WE have a number of knives and we have differing opinions, but I sure do enjoy using a knife that is keen to cut! (LOL)

  12. I am obsessed with kitchen knives! My favorite is one that my husband and I conspired to win in one of those grab-bag Christmas gift games. I don’t even know the brand, but it is a little paring knife with a black plastic handle and it is perfect for everything.

  13. I’ve never had strawberry rhubarb. Gonna try this recipe!
    My favorite knife is an awesome knife my daughter in law sent me from Japan. I don’t know the name of it cuz it’s in Japanese. But that knife can cut a piece of hair in half!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  14. Right now I love my basic wood handled chefs knife. I have some nice Henkels but they need sharpening. If I had to pick a favorite knife though, I’d probably go back to this these old paring knives my mom had when I was growing up. The tips were broken off so they had square ends. Very impractical but as a kid I loved the look of them.

  15. My favorite knife is my one really good one. It’s a Shun chef’s knife. I use it every day and I adore it. I have never tried using a santoku and would love the opportunity to win these. I very much like the look of that little one.

  16. My all time favorite knives are made by Global. I like the look and the balance is perfect. However, they are spendy and I have yet to be able to buy any for myself. I’m still using my F. Dick student set from JWU. It’s reliable and familiar after many years of hard use. I once had the Cutco carving set, but my ex husband got it in the divorce. I’d like to give these a try as they look like a nice set. I just wish their sales methods were different and I could order online instead of having to invite the sales person in my home… Unless something has changed in the last 10 years.

  17. My favorite knife is a $10 knife we bought at Walmart. We bought it when we moved across the country because all of our things hadn’t arrived yet (including our fancy expensive knives!). It is still my go to knife haha. I would love to try a set of Cutco knives though!

  18. My all time favorite knife (no matter how many I acquire and I have A LOT) is my Henckels chef knife. I use it many times a day. It fits my hand comfortably and I have two of them but I really love the composite finish. I don’t have to worry about it getting wet. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  19. I have a Wustoff 8 or 10″ knife that I love. I “inherited” it from my brother’s chef bag. When he was hired at a seafood restaurant, he switched over to a long, thin, boning knife.

    I sort of think there’s something about the already worn-in nature of the knife that just makes it more comfortable. [Although dullness is not a desired side effect of the pass-me-down.]

  20. I’m on the verge of starting my first kitchen, so though I’ve used many knives and had a couple favorites, I can’t say that I ever bothered to pay attention to who made them. However, as I don’t currently have any knives of my own (still borrowing these days) I have a feeling that winning these would put them at the top of my list. ^_ ^

    Here’s to hoping! And I definitely seem some homemade jam on the horizon! Thanks for the recipe!

  21. I love Cutco and would love to win these knives! My favorite knives are the ancient wood handle steak knives I inherited from my parents. The serrated blades are still sharp and perfect for cutting up bell peppers and tomatoes.

  22. I love this prompt! My favorite knife is an aluminum handled tomato slicer — and not just because I’m newly outfitting my little studio’s kitchen and it’s one of the only knives I’ve got so far — it’s sharp and somehow just satisfying to use!

  23. Global chef’s knife. I’m devoted enough that i have two, although one of them is a santoku knife. One piece, metal, no wood, no grooves for food to get stuck in, and they look like they were manufactured by space ninjas. They are lighter and thinner than most German knives, and that’s supposed to be a problem, but I just think it makes it do a better job of tasks that you might give over to a filet knife or a slicer. I’d go so far as to say that I don’t need any other knife. So why am I writing this? I said need, not want. I need two chef knives. I want to have rack after rack of knives hanging from the wall like the chef in the opening of Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.

  24. Ha ha, this is funny! My nephew just came over a few weeks ago and did a presentation for Cutco knives–they are amazing! We bought a VERY small set, but did not get (to my knowledge) the ones pictured in this blog post, so I’m entering.

    My favorite knife? The one I call my “potato knife”….the one my nephew dissed by telling me it’s got lots of bacteria between the wood handle and the metal. Definitely need a new potato knife!

  25. We have some nameless knives that the inlaws got us for christmas. I use the chefs knife from that set most often, although they have metal handles, which irritate me to no end.

  26. my favorite knife is a big ol’ cheap one with a falling-apart rubber handle. we probably bought it at K-mart and it’s certainly more than a decade old. we sharpen our knives a lot, but wash them in the dishwasher, so we tend to go with inexpensive ones. (needless to say, those fancy giveaway knives would be a real treat here. and just as jam season gets into full swing!)

  27. I would tell you all about my favorite knives if I had ever had any amazing ones. I have one from Ikea that I like, I think I just like it because it’s new and very sharp, other than that, most of my knives are cheapy ones I got in college.

  28. My favourite knife was actually handmade by my Grandfather. He apparently used old wood from crates and such at the factory he worked at to make the handles.

  29. I love the small batches! I just picked up 4 lbs. of strawberries and a couple lbs of rhubarb at the store, so I think this is what I’m making this weekend! Any sharp 8″ chef’s knife with some heft will make me swoon, but especially a Shun.

  30. I have a Global chef’s knife that I got as a gift a few years ago. It was the first properly sharp knife I’d ever used, and now I can’t believe I spent so many years with with cheap, blunt, awful blades. Love love love it. I’m reluctant to let anyone else use it, so a second good-quality knife would make my boyfriend happy!

  31. My favorite knife is my Fr. Dick 6″ chef knife. It’s my go-to knife. It’s easy to manage and isn’t too hefty.

  32. This is sad, maybe you will take pity on me…but I don’t have a favorite kitchen knife. Mine are all pretty terrible. I do however have a favorite camping knife. It came free with another piece of camping equipment that I don’t event remember. The knife has been on every trip for years. I wish it had a name or something on it because I would never be able to replace it if I lost it.

  33. My favorite knife is a handcrafted knife that was gifted to my husband and I on our wedding day by a close family friend. We’ve babied it and it still rocks our world!

  34. My favorite knife would have to be this little pairing knife I grabbed at a garage sale. I use it on a daily basis. . . I really need to invest in better kitchen knives though!

  35. My favorite knife is one my father-in-law’s father made. Dull as can be, but lots of family history illuminated with every slice.

  36. I have no idea what brand my knives are – no markings – but they were given to me by my mother while I was in college and are the same brand she received as wedding gifts (she is still using them!). I have a love/hate relationship with them, as they dull quickly and aren’t the most comfortable, but they remind me of the many beautiful years spent in my mother’s kitchen.

  37. I don’t have a favorite, but I cherish the knife that has been handed down from my Grandfather’s small town butcher shop and grocery. I love knowing that generations of my family have wrapped their hands around the same handle.

  38. actually i have one cutco knife that i love, as well as my oxo set–they stay really sharp and have a nice comfy handle!

  39. first my comment. I don’t think I have ever tried rhubarb. and lately I’ve read so many things about rhubarb, I am guessing it’s in season? but I really do want to try this recipe. looks good and making my own jam is something I want to conquer this year.

    and with favorite knifes.. my mom had these cutco set she bought back when I was in middle school. there was nothing special about it, but when I started cooking in high school, those were the knifes I used so I have a special little place for them in my heart.

  40. My favorite is my victorinox forschner serrated paring knife. It came with 2 others and was very cheap, but it’s my favorite for cutting strawberries and other fruit. I’d love another knife or two, however– Thanks!

  41. My favorite knive is a little paring knive with a red plastic handle, I love to use it for all sort of small projects like cutting strawberries.

  42. Cutco knives ARE my favorites. I bought many from my daughter to help her earn some money for college expenses, but these are the best knives I’ve used and the pearl finish is the way to go for the best looking and for me to see which are Cutco and which are (inferior, expensive, store-bought knives which actually cost more!) not. The table knives (for everyday, but sharper than most steak knives) are wonderful.
    The Cutco company has been around for a long time and backs their products fully, even sharpening the Double “D” serrated edges if you just mail the knives to them. They are not sold in stores, only by individuals trained by the company and the demonstration of the products is entertaining and fun.
    Their kitchen shears are wonderful! They demonstrate these by cutting a quarter in half! I have a spatula/spreader that is serrated on one edge for cutting and smooth on the other, for spreading, which is wonderful and the ice cream scoop is also excellent.
    I’d love to have some more of these knives and other wares, even duplicates, since my grown daughters will fight for them someday when I may not be around to referee! (Kidding!)


  43. What pretty knives! I admit, my favorite knife isn’t a kitchen knife: it’s this little pocket knife of my husband’s. It feels nice for whittling, and it folds down TINY. … This isn’t because I have no appreciation for nice kitchen knives, or rather, it isn’t that I wouldn’t. But all of my kitchen knives, ever, have been hand-me-downs. Or bargain bin grocery store knives–you know the ones I mean. I do fine with them and live a happy life and more or less manage to pull together edible food. ๐Ÿ™‚ But it would be pretty fantastic to win the giveaway!

  44. The only knife I’ve ever had is a 10″ chefs knife from Wusthof that was a hand-me-down, but I love it to pieces. I would love some other knives though!

  45. As a late bloomer in life I have come to appreciate sharp knives- good knives are an aspiration and your kind offering would seem a good place to start!

  46. The one knife I grab for most of my kitchen prep and chopping would be my 8″ Santuko from Kitchen Aid. My wife bought it for me and it has become her favorite also.

  47. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but my favorite knife is an old paring knife that I have! I use it more than any other knife in my kitchen… ๐Ÿ™‚

  48. I have never heard of Cutco so would love to try and own one. My reach for knife is a small kitchaid Santoku type knife. ๐Ÿ™‚ I just made your small batch strawberry vanilla preserves yesterday but left out the vanilla and added fresh ground black pepper. It is yummy!

  49. I love cutco knives! My most favorite knife is my 8″ Wustoff chefs knife. I want to know more about your copper pot!

  50. My favorite knife for the last year has been the chefs knife that I found when cleaning out my mothers house last May. My Mom passed away on May 10, 2011 & it was one of the kitchen items I kept. Whenever I use it, I feel my mother is helping me prepare the food.

  51. My favorite knife is my Shun 8″ Chefs knife, I take great care to keep it sharp and honed and it really cuts through soft fruits without smashing them at all.

  52. My favorite knife is a big serrated one from….A DOLLAR STORE!! It cuts everything and i am shocked how sharp it has stayed!! But all the other knives i own are old and super dull so i would love some new ones!!

    And i love the taste of strawberry rhubarb pie but there is something about the texture of rhubarb that i cant stand! if it was pureed then i would be fine!

  53. My go to knife is a chun santoku. I bought a set of cutco’s over 10 yrs. ago and they do make a nice product.

  54. The recipe looks YUMMY! Next topic: Growing up, we got a knife as a gift from a German doctor we rented some rooms to. My parents used that knife for 40+ years. You knew you were ‘grown up’ when Mom & Dad let you use The German Knife! LOL!

  55. My favorite is a Global chef knife that I received as a wedding present. I never knew what a difference a well balanced knife made until I started to use this that one.

  56. I do not own a really good knife. I muddle through with knives bought at Target. Good knives are one of those things that unfortunately are on the list, but there is always something that comes up. Would love to have these.

  57. Thankfully my husband sharpens all of our knives now, so they actually do the job well. My favorite is still an inexpensive paring knife that I tend to use over any other knife.

    Thank you for fantastic giveaway!

  58. My favorite knife is an 8-inch chef’s knife that I inherited from my dad. The brand name wore off before I got it, so I don’t know where it came from. It’s the first knife I really learned how to sharpen (on a whetstone) .

  59. Seems like the newest knives are always the sharpest. Currently I’m using some from the Calphalon warehouse sale I bought last Fall. Also, I’ve been using the bottom of a mug as a sharpening stoned – works pretty well.

  60. My favorite knife is still the victorianox pairing knife that I’ve had for years. It’s tiny, light, but keeps a great edge.

  61. Hi all, my favorite knife is one that was given to me from a past job at a restaurant…They were trying to sharpen their own knives, but only managed to dull it so badly that they took off the edge completly. And they were just going to throw it out….Anyhoo, I took it to my dad, who put a new edge on it…it’s been the best knife I own for the last 5 years…BTW, it’s a 10in. chefs knife

  62. Thanks for the great recipe and contest. I have been looking for a super-small-scale strawberry rhubarb recipe to make for my dad for father’s day and this is perfect (and just in the nick of time)!

  63. Can’t say I have a fav knife ;( for cooking. Although, about 10-12yrs ago I sold Pampered Chef products & don’t remember what they called it but I do have a knife that I use to cut my homemade bread with. It’s pretty long, has a cover for it (which I love) and I use it all the time. It’s also great for cutting watermelon & cantaloupes, too. They also had little paring knives that I still have & also use all the time.

  64. Never tried Cutco. When I moved out on my own many years ago I bought a complete set of Chicago knives. I’m still using them 30 years later.

  65. My favorite knife is a large paring knife that I’ve had for the last 2 years. I bought it at a William Sonoma store and I really can feel the difference between that knife and other cheap knives that I have.

  66. Easily my favorite knife is a chef’s knife. Love how it feels in my hand and gets so many cutting/slicing/chopping jobs done! Would LOVE to try the Santoku knives!

  67. My favorite knife is a Henkle’s chefs knife. It fits in my hand perfectly and stays pretty sharp. These Cutco knives look terrific!

  68. i’m a huge fan of cutco — my parents still give them as gifts to newly married family members, or cousins with new apartments, etc. my favorite kitchen knife is probably my cutco bread knife — amazing for slicing the loaf i get from my bread share each week!

  69. I like my Chicago Cutlery chef’s knife. My mom uses some no-name paring knife for everything in the kitchen. I have no idea how she hasn’t cut off a finger yet or something!

  70. My favorite knife is my Wusthof chefs knife – it has been a work horse and chopped everything infer the sun for me ๐Ÿ™‚

  71. I love my Cutco knives. I’ve never had a brand new one, though. They’re so expensive that I got all of mine secondhand! So far, my fave has been the 7-5/8″ Petite Chef #1728, but I’ve been eyeing those Santokus since they came out!

  72. Oddly enough, it’s the old electric knife that my Dad uses to carve the turkey with every year. We rarely use it, and it’s in it’s old, original 1970s box in the closet. I didn’t realize that would be my answer until I started typing ๐Ÿ™‚

  73. My husband broke the tip off of my favorite knife (Henkels) but I use it anyway. It is especially good for cutting fruit!

  74. I haven’t found a favorite knife yet, but always seem to find myself using a big chef’s knife for every task.

  75. I’d have to say my favorite knife was bought several years ago when I wanted a plain-jane carbon steel knife to practice my knife-sharpening skills. I have lots of folding pen knives, and I like ’em sharp, but I didn’t want to mar *them* while learning the whetstone. I went to Wal-mart and found a wooden-handled 12″ carving knife for five bucks. I did lots of practicing, and sure enough, it became my best blade for carving up big chunks of beast. Of course it can’t be anywhere near a hint of water, rust blooms so quickly. The handle is blah, but I guess I’m rather attached to it. It lives on a magnetic strip on my kitchen backsplash. -Susan

  76. Ooh, my santoku is my go to knife for pretty much anything in the kitchen. That and my tiny paring knife. They make a great pair.

  77. My favorite knives are the set of Chicago cutlery we were given as a wedding present 31 years ago. Like yours, they just seem to fit my hand. My husband, on the other hand (no pun intended), prefers a Ginsu knife purchased many. many years ago back in the day when they advertized them by sawing through a soda can. I have to admit, it stays pretty sharp.

  78. Beautiful knives! Unfortunately, I lost all my old favorites a few years back. However, since then I did manage to pick up a knife that I’ve fallen in love with again. It’s a stainless bread knife. There’s nothing like fresh hot bread out of the oven. This knife will cut even, thin slices without squashing the loaf! Even while it’s hot! I don’t remember the brand as there’s no name on it, but I remember I purchased it because it was shiny and I needed a bread knife that could sit out on the counter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  79. Ooooh, sharp knives. I can never have enough. My current workhorse is a Global 8-inch chef: I only wish it held a sharp edge a bit longer. Or I wish we had a decent knife sharpener close by; we mail ours out for sharpening!

    My Mom has a set of Cutco knifes from the early 70’s and they are still sharp. Of course, she never cooks so that’s not much of a testament. ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Am I one of the very few people who love to cook but does not have a favorite knife? Personally, I like variety and am a dab hand at sharpening myself, so a knife that doesn’t hold its edge as well as one might like isn’t an inconvenience. Of course my SO Chris loves one and only one knife and therefore uses it for everything.

  81. I am still looking for my “favorite” knife. I have bought knives in a variety of price ranges and have yet to find one that stays sharp! I’d love to win and try these!

  82. There are two knives in my kitchen that I use more than others. One is a small, but sturdy, paring knife that was my great grandmother’s. It’s so old you can see where parts of the blade have been worn away from repeated honing. The other knife I reach for all the time is a (now vintage) Pampered Chef bread knife, which I tend to use for tomatoes more than bread.

  83. I use my Santoku knife from Pampered Chef often. It was a gift from my mother who randomly sends me kitchen supplies. I think my dad has told her that she has too much stuff and now when she wants to buy it she buys for me.

  84. My husband, at my request (begging is more like it) gave me a nice set of kitchen knives for Christmas. The added bonus is, the knives are so nice to use, he has dinner on the table nightly (working from home has its benefits – for me). That being said, one can never have enough knives in the kitchen.

  85. Can’t tell you how excited I am for this recipe! I’ve been talking and talking about rhubarb to my friends, and how badly i want to make a berry rhubarb jam.

    With bluberries going on sale at whole foods today, do you think this recipe could sub blueberries for strawberries to make blueberry rhubarb jam, instead? If not, what would I need to change in order for it to work?

  86. My paring knife or my santoku knife are my favorites. My paring knife is practically an extension of my hands when preparing fruits and veggies, but I can’t imagine life without my santoku. I don’t think my boyfriend could either, haha.

  87. I don’t really have a favorite knife, as I have el cheapo set from Target. However, I can’t complain because they have lasted a loooong time.

  88. Hubby & I recently ordered our first really good knife, J. A. Henckel. Never had a “good” knife set and now in our later years are taking baby steps. The only other “good” knife we have is one I purchased in a local grocer, it’s a Farberware paring knife. What a difference it made compared to what I had.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a couple more good knives ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. I like stuff made in the USA, so I use Rada knives and think they’re great. I see CUTCO knives are made in the USA too, so I’d be interested in trying them.

  90. I love our small thin tomato knife that we have. I can slice them 1/8″ thin with that knife! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks

  91. I unfortunately do not yet have a favorite knife. We have a block full and I still have not found my go to. I am always hopeful though.

  92. My favorite is a little KitchenAid paring knife I got for Christmas from my husband’s dad and stepmom. I use it on apples instead of a peeler, so I can look all bada**. ๐Ÿ™‚

  93. mt favorites are the Wolfgang Puck santoku knives I bought while randomly watching QVC…..serendipity ๐Ÿ™‚

  94. Funny, a college boyfriend of mine sold Cutco knives as his first job. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite knife is a Wusthof chef’s knife that was a Christmas gift from my parents. It’s a trusty workhorse.

  95. My favorite knife is a Wusthof chef knife that I received as a thank-you gift from a customer. I have used it heavily and it’s still fabulous. My boyfriend keeps it razor sharp for me.

  96. i LOVE my kyocera ceramic knives–people are always stunned when they pick them up and are so light but SO effective. it’s an awesome party trick!

  97. Just getting into canning these past couple of years, so thank you for all the great tips and recipes. But as for knifes we’re still making due with our less expensive knives that I have to sharpen more often than not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  98. I have a very old carbon steel knife (at least, that’s what my Mom always said it was) that I inherited from my Mom. It can rust so I always keep a little cooking oil on it. And it needs sharpening frequently – but it’s quite easy to sharpen and it gets the most amazing edge on it, unlike any others I’ve had. It also means a lot to be using one of my Mom’s knives!

  99. I made a bunch of strawberry rhubarb jam this week along with rhubarb orange. I’ve been using recipes from “Canning for a New Generation”. I like them because they don’t use pectin. It makes for a nicely set jam. I’ve also made strawberry lavender, strawberry thai herb, and strawberry preserves which used whole fruit. They all taste wonderful.

  100. I am making Strawberry Rhubarb Jam tonight ๐Ÿ™‚

    My favorite knife if my ‘Miracle Blade’ cleaver! Seriously! I have had it for at least 6 years now, never have sharpened it and use it to cut everything!

  101. I really like my kitchen aid chef knife. It works really well on veggies. It’s the one and only knife I have ever purchased. The rest of my knives I have inherited from my parents and grandparents.

  102. I don’t really have a favourite knife yet but I like to sharpen them to make sure they make a great job!

  103. Okay, I had to put up a comment — I use Cutco knives because I used to sell them. First job out of grad school. And they’re still pretty darn sharp. I could really use some chefs knife though. My fave knife is the Cutco tomato knife with the pearl handle. xo

  104. My parents have a no name, no brand knife, that no one can remember where it came from. It’s the only knife I’ll use to slice a cake, pie, or other baked good to be served to a crowd.

  105. I don’t really have a favorite knife. None of mine are anything close to spectacular. But I know and respect Cutco – friends have sold them, my sister went to college around the corner from their headquarters. I’d love to have my very own Cutco knives!

  106. My favorite knife is my JJ Henckels chef’s knife. I rarely use another, but I’m willing to branch out!

  107. Hi! Love the recipe! Believe it or not I tried Rhubarb for the first time ever last weekend on a hiking trip to the Catskills in NY, It was a strawberry and rhubarb pie and fell in love! I will be making my first rhubarb pie this weekend and can’t wait to make this jam! Thank you!

  108. I am in desperate need of new knives. I find myself reaching for unused steak knives to chop up fruits and veggies with! Santoku knives are always my favorite and these look great!

  109. I could really use new knives. We recently got married (4 months!)and the knives we got are already giving me trouble. My favorite knife of all time was one my grandfather made for my mother and we used it religiously throughout my childhood.

  110. It’s definitely my Henckels 7″ Santoku Knife! A graduation present from my grandmother, I use it constantly!

  111. Ironically, I have 2 favorite knives,,, one the filet knife my Grandfather used, that is nearly 100 years old. Grandpa had it in the logging camps as a cook when he was in his early 20’s, Mom has it in her kitchen drawer, and my sister already has dibs… that happens when you are the oldest.

    My other favorite knife is the one my father used every spring and summer. He used it in the garden, to work the soil around his roses, removing weeds there and then in the lawn to remove dandelions. Have you ever seen ANYONE remove dandelions one by one? Dad had great roses.

  112. Hm…my favorite knife (knives!) would have to be the two paring knives I got from my grandmother’s kitchen when we cleaned out her house after she died. They were her “go-to” knives for just about everything….they’re small, have metal handles so can also deal with more time in the sink than they sometimes should (!!), and seem to manage all small tasks I do with them. Plus, they bring back memories of her…working in the kitchen….ah..!

  113. The Cutco Hardy Slicer is my favorite, although I love all of my Cutco knives, the use and the forever guarantee. The Hardy Slicer is versatile with it’s unique edge and shape. I’ve been a sales representative for them for 2 years and know the products very well. They are the best knives you can buy!

  114. My favorite knife is the Cutco Chef’s knives. I rescued 10 Cutco knives from my mother’s garage sale, including some that were my Grandmother’s, and sent them in for polishing and sharpening. The only charge was $10 for shipping!

  115. My brother gave me a pair of Sabatier knives (a chef’s knife and a paring knife) for Christmas many years ago. I love them. Having good knives makes such a huge difference when cooking. He made sure to show me how to care for them properly to maintain the blades. Never, EVER, leave them dirty in the sink. Putting them them in the dish drainer is also a no-no. Just wash the blade after each use, dry, and put back into the knife drawer. I’m glad I follow his instructions, because I don’t know how many other knives I’ve misplaced for weeks at a time because they’ve fallen to the botton of the dirty dish pile.

  116. I gotta say, i LOVE all the knives you have. They always feel so balanced when you hold them, and they’re super sharp.

    In my own household i LOVE the following three knives:

    Chroma type 301 from Porsche. Yes, a super splurge for this cute sharp paring knife, i just love the shape, so unique! (plus it was on sale)

    Global vegetable knife (ultra light…I need to have it sharpened though…i use this knife the most I think)

    Kitchen Aid santoku knives: $16 for a knife that does a great job just like my 8″ Henckels? Yeah it is a great deal.

  117. My favorite knives are actually from Cutco. As a young adult my son was selling these knives so I have a couple that I just love. They are especially nice during hunting season when I am butchering venison as they stay sharp.

  118. My favorite knife used to be a Japanese chef’s knife we got years and years ago, but now I think it’s the bread knife that came in our Henckel’s set. It cuts the crust of my homemade bread like it’s nothing (and as the week progesses that gets tougher and tougher!) but can also slice through a tomato without crushing – perfect! New knives are always welcome though ๐Ÿ™‚

  119. my all time favorite knife that I have is a hand forged steal chefs knife. It was made by John (a monk in WV.) It copies a knife that was passed down in the family for over 100 years.

    It is fiddly, and must be washed as soon as it is used, then whipped down with oil. Or it gets a grey patina. It is sharp, deceptively heavy, and the best knife I have for chopping veggies, Quartering and boning a chicken, or just cutting a pie.

  120. I love my cutco and henckels but my all time favorite is the GINSU that my parents bought at a trade show years ago. That knife could do anything! or so they sold you it could at the show And it had a cool name!

  121. New knives have been on my wish list for awhile now. It’s a big investment to get quality knives. My favorite knife is probably a Rapala fillet knife. It stays sharp. I’ve done everything with from butchering an elk to slicing up a cake. Please take note that I washed it in between ๐Ÿ™‚

  122. You know.. I have never tried rhubarb before. It is not big here in Texas. Maybe this will be the summer I change that.

    My favorite knife is a Henckels 5″ chefs knife. I have small hands and I like that it fits comfortable without being too heavy.

  123. My favorite knife was my Cutco bread knife. Until it broke in half. I think my dh dropped it and the blade just snapped in half near the handle.

  124. i have a small wusthof chef’s santoku knife i got for my birthday a couple of years ago. it was the first knife i owned that cost more than, uh, free with omaha steaks. i still love it and use it multiple times a day.

  125. My favorite knife is my shun classic chef’s knife. My brother got it for me for christmas 2 years ago and it’s just the best, for everything!

  126. I love my Cutco. I sold them while still in school over 25 years ago. I still have my demo set and have added over the years. They are still as wonderful as when I got them. Would love to add to the collection.

  127. My favorite knife is actually a Cutco pairing knife that I received as a wedding gift. Seven years and it is still going strong, I use it every day and would LOVE more Cutco in my life!

  128. I have a Henkels Santoku knife that I received for a Christmas gift from my husband who passed away in 2008. I use it every time I cook, and I always think of him when I do.

  129. My favorite knife is the one I liberated from my mother’s house when I moved away to college, thirty-ahem years ago. It’s a 60’s era wooden handled chef’s knife that’s been sharpened so often it’s not the right shape anymore, but the notch in the blade from when I used it to chop kindling for a campfire is still there, literally decades later. I’m amazed it didn’t break.

    It was my companion for camping trips, living with roomates, living on my own, throwing parties for anyone who happened to drop by, small dinners for two or for four as I was dating and working out how to be a partner and part of a couple with other couples, hashbrowns for one in the times in between.

    I have no idea what brand it is, but I know that its handle fits my hand.

  130. Its a toss up – a santoku knife that I just enjoy using, or the paring knife, kitchenaid? oxo? that is also just enjoyable to use.

  131. I have those same knives and love them. Would love to win another set for my daughter. Thanks for the canning tips. I am just learning and really getting into it.

  132. I must say that recipe sounds delish! And I would dearly love to win those knives, and could definitely use them as well. Tee-hee. My longtime USMC Ka-bar knife has just about been worn down from use. Thanks.

  133. I love Cutco knives, but don’t actually own any myself. I keep buying them as gifts for my family and they are a hit! My knife drawer is filled with Henkels (my favorite is a french knife) but it is time to add some Cutco to the mix. Would love to win a set!!

  134. My beloved maternal grandmother an antique dealer for over fifty years was devoted to an antique King Kutter knife. Oddly shaped but quite beautiful it has to be my number one.

  135. My favorite knife actually is a small paring knife from Cutco, I probably shouldn’t say this but I use that sucker for everything.

  136. I am drowning in rhubarb still I need to get my jam on!

    We have an ancient paring knife that we got from my parents when they got new knives. It’s so old it has no markings to indicate where or when or who manufactured it, but it’s still razor sharp!

  137. My favorite knife is one I got over 10 years ago at the grocery store on promotion. It claimed it never needed to be sharpened and cut through anything (there was even an infomercial about it!). Anyhow, I haven’t had to sharpen it once and it works fantastic everytime. I am intimidated to try new knives so don’t buy as many as I should.

  138. Marisa, I appreciated what you said about sometimes going into the kitchen and leaving the camera behind. Not surprisingly, that’s when some of my best preserves happen.

    My favorite knife has turned out to be a 7″ Miyabi Santoku ( I use it for almost all my fruit and veggie prep, and I take good care of it. I’ve never before had a knife that I’m willing to sharpen every time I use it, like I do this one. I would love to try the Cutco knives.

  139. I used the knives inthe henkels block set we received as a weddding gift about a dozen years ago favoring the bread knife until i found a henkels chef knife on the cheap at tj maxx. I’d love to play with other brands of cutlery someday and very well may do so should I receive an inheritance :).

  140. I’m another Henckels 8 inch chef’s knife person. Though mine is one of their cheaper lines and feels too flimsy for some tasks. I would love to get a slightly thicker/heavier knife.

  141. To tell you the truth, I’ve had CutCo knives ever since a friend of mine sold them in highschool. They’ve been great! I find they stay sharp longer than cheaper knives.

  142. I love a good knife, but don’t really have one. I tend to favor my 10″ santoku. Even though it’s not fabulous, it’s what I’ve got.

  143. I have one santuko knife I received for my wedding. It is so reliable that it’s the one I always grab for first! I also use my good steak knives for extra pairing knives. They don’t get used all that often, so are always sharp!

  144. Yes! Strawberry rhubarb has been my favorite since my mom used to grow rhubarb in our back yard and make pies, jams, etc with it when I was a kid. I recently made an apple/rhubarb/strawberry/oat crisp that turned out pretty well but I have been on the look out for a ham recipe – thank you!!!! Can’t wait to get a strawberry haul from our first CSA pickup tomorrow ๐Ÿ™‚ OKay – favorite knives – definitely the Oxo color coded paring knives we got as a wedding gift – those little guys are great for nearly everything and SO sharp!! We also have one incredible Wusthof knife that I would hate to cook without…

  145. Ahhh, the joys of strawberry rhubarb! They sit side-by-side in my garden as well as on my jam shelf. Love them. As for my favorite knife, I once test drove a Shun Premier Sankotou knife. It was divine! But, I don’t have $300 to drop on one knife. At least at this point in my life. But, I’d sure like to try out the Cutco! It would definitely be the sharpest knife in my drawer.

  146. This recipe is just what I needed to jump-start my canning season. I know I’m behind; I blame our cool spring – no local strawberries yet! My favorite knife is a Henckels santoku I received as a wedding gift (8 years already next week!). It’s the first one I reach for – light, sharp, and versatile. My wife isn’t as comfortable wielding it, but the smaller of the two CutCos looks perfect.

  147. I love my Kyocera Porcelain knives – they stay sharp (although the handles have stained over the years). They are always the first ones I reach for.

  148. The best knife : one that my great-grandfather made out of a piece of an old windmill blade. It’s still one of the sharpest knives in the kitchen !

  149. My favorite knife was my mothers (she dies 40 years ago) the handle used to be black but is a dark grey now. The handle wobbles a bid but it has been sharped a thousand times and stil comes out on top. Maybe it’s time for a new one?????

  150. My favorite knife is my chef’s knife from Shun that I got about a year ago. I think it’ll become a family heirloom when I have kids.

  151. I still use the Chicago Cutlery we bought when we were newlyweds, but my absolute favorite is a Pampered Chef knife. It’s just larger than a paring knife, the perfect size for dicing fruit for jam. Can you tell my rhubarb is growing like wild, too?

  152. Not a chopping knife favourite, but I have a small knife with the air canada logo on it that I love: It’s small, cuts well, and reminds me of that era when airplanes still gave your decent cutlery to use (and food!)

  153. My favorite knife is a big Crate and Barrel chef’s knife that my husband and I got for our wedding. Doesn’t need sharpening very often and we use it daily!

    Would love to have these in our set though… ๐Ÿ™‚

  154. Over the years my favorite tool has become an old 10-inch carbon-steel Sabatier chef’s knife that was a leftover from an ex-boyfriend. Yes, it needs more care than a stainless knife to keep from rusting, but man oh man, does that baby take a sharp edge!

  155. mine is actually one that I got at Ikea. It was supposed to be a stand-in knife when I moved since my stuff was a month behind me, but it ended up being really comfortable for me to use. I do have to sharpen it a lot, so it won’t be one I hand down to my kids or anything, but it did remind me that the blade is only important if you can stand to hold the knife in the first place!

  156. While it’s not a fancy, all-purpose specimen, my stepmom inherited a bone handled electric knife from her grandmother that is really quite stunning. And when it comes to Thanksgiving supper, or any large roast in need of carving, it’s just about perfect.



  157. My favorite kitchen knife…this is tough because I just haven’t had a kitchen or knives for very long and thus have not established a deep personal relationship with any of them. However, last summer I acquired a little blue handled serrated knife and I use it all the time…we might be forging the beginnings of a beautiful relationship ๐Ÿ™‚

  158. The Cutco Chef’s knife is my favorite, it makes slicing and dicing so easy I hate using anything else. I have really wanted to try the Santuko style, maybe I’ll get lucky.


  159. Cutco has some great knifes. I love the Japanese style knives, more so than traditional knives. Thanks for the Jam recipe. I’ll have to try it out. Our family Priest loves Rhubarb.

  160. My favorite kitchen knife is my Wusthof paring knife. It seems I always have that little knife in my hand for some small task or another!

  161. It’s probably my second most used knife, but my most loved is my Kyocera ceramic vegetable chopper. Even with a few little nicks in the blade – I’ve had it for maybe 5 years – it’s still a complete delight to use (even if finding a knife block for it was a little tricky).

  162. I have yet to experience working with an exceptional knife. I bought a couple Henkels when I took a cooking class about 10 years ago. I have never heard of Cutco and they really seem fabulous from what everyone is saying here. Thanx for the review!!

  163. I don’t have a favorite… at the moment I make do with what I have but I have big dreams of nice knives ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. I just found your website. I haven’t done any canning yet, but I’m reading all of your Canning 101 articles to prepare!

    I love big knives. My favorite is my big o’ chef’s knife, even though it’s from a set from Target. My husband and I were at Williams-Sonoma a couple of years ago and the saleswoman kept insisting that we take a set of Wรผstof knives. “Those are your exchange!” she kept yelling at us (I think she was a bit unhinged) and wouldn’t check us out. Finally, the couple who actually did exchange something for the knives showed up with the manager. Every once in a while, we joke that we should have just said OK and taken the knives! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  165. My favorite knife is one that came in the kitchen drawer of the mountain vacation cabin we bought 25 years ago. It has no identifiying marks except for a U.S.A. brand burned in the wood handle. The blade has been sharpend so many times it’s curved up…it holds an edge like no other knife I’ve ever had…I use it to process chickens. I have a huge set of Cutco in my kitchen and I really love them…but that one U.S.A. knife is the favorite.

  166. I sold Cutco knives for about a week in college. The knives are great, but I am not such a good salesperson :). But my favorite knife is one my husband bought for me last Christmas. It is a “Santokette” from Bark River Knives. It is awesome.

  167. My favorite knives are my Henckles too. They are the first quality knives I have had, and it makes such a difference!

  168. Henkles little 4″ paring knife, i’ve had to replace it so many times as it tends to get thrown out in the tomatoe skins during canning season.

  169. a Henkles chef’s knife. It’s not the best of their offerings, but it was a gift, and it is light and easy to use. Those cutco knives look pretty enticing.

  170. My favorite knife is my bird beak knife. Before I bought it I had never heard of one. Now I find that I use is for more than just cutting the tops of strawberries!

  171. My all time favorite is my Henckles 8′ chef knife. My mother bought it for me when I was 29 (14 years ago!) and it is still in perfect condition. I have it sharpened regularly and treat it well and I’m sure I’ll have it for a lifetime.

  172. I have been known to take my favorite santoku knife of the magnetic knife strip purely to bash garlic cloves so I can peel them. Yup. I take it down, smash, then wash it and put it back up. It’s like a new best friend who I want to spend all my time with.

  173. My favorite knife, it admittedly from a TV ad. Of course, I can’t remember the name of them since my co-worker bought them and I just tossed him $40 for my half. But I LOVE their “chopper” I use it all the time!

  174. I’ve been dying to get a new knife and I hear amazing things about Cutco.

    I recently discovered your blog and really enjoy reading it.


  175. I have a KitchenAid chef’s knife that I like a lot. I don’t have any really nice knives, but I do dream of a big set of chef-quality knives. Maybe someday.

  176. My favorite knife is one that came from my grandmother’s house and then lived at my mom’s until I moved out and took it with me. It is a very thin sharp slightly curved knife that cuts the perfect slices of cheese. For heavy chopping it is not my go to, but for a quick meal of sliced apples and cheese, it couldn’t be better, alas it has a plastic handle that has been slightly melted on one side due to a dishwasher mishap, but I still love it.

  177. I have never had the pleasure of working with top-of-the-line kitchen equipment, including knives, but I’ve been happy with my 8″ Cuisinart chef’s knife for a number of years.

  178. I gotta admit that I use a set of steak knives for most of my slicing, dicing and cutting needs. Kinda sad, huh? Doesn’t that make yhou want to award me the new knives???

  179. I have a couple of knives I love. I have a Cutco cleaver that I love for chopping since it’s nice and strong. I also have my parents serrated knife that I love for slicing bread. It’s got little teeth instead of the scallop serrate so really grabs the bread without tearing.

    I hadn’t even thought of making strawberry/rhubarb jam but now I’ll be keeping my eye out for some at the market.

  180. I have a caphalon chefs knife which I absolutely love. It is really the only knife I use. Would love to try others.

  181. I know I should like our big chef’s knife best but honestly the one I reach for most often is a little serrated paring knife.

  182. I am in such need of good knives! We were just talking about the sorry state our knives are in. We are celebrating our 33rd year of marriage and still have the knives from our wedding! lol Spring is a crazy busy time in the Nursery business so I was wondering if I freeze the Strawberries and the Rhubarb till late July or August do you think they will work for jam or will it make the texture all weird?

  183. My favorite and only “good” knife is a little Wusthof paring knife that I use for almost everything. I’d love something with more functionality!

  184. i like working with a small santuko knife. it works for most anything that isn’t huge and with my smaller hands, it works faster for me.
    i’m hopefully making strawberry rhubarb jam this week if there is still rhubarb to be found!

  185. I still miss a great old wooden-handled knife – sorry, brand name forgotten! – that I used when I started cooking in my parents’ kitchen…perhaps that needs to come home with me the next time I am over there…

  186. my favorite knife is a 20cent thing i bought in costa rica after purchasing a bunch of mangos and realizing our swiss army knife was missing. this little paring knife is the best freaking knife ever! and i have some nice knives. crazy!

  187. Unfortunately, I’m one of the few rhubarb fans in my family. Fortunately, I’m one of the few rhubarb fans in my family….so I can eat all I want of it! : )

  188. My fave knife is a Forschner (victorinox)that I got in my divorce. : ) My ex’s dad was a “Meat” man so I got one of the knives and my ex got the other. It has been used and abused but after 16 years, still looks amazingly good.

  189. I love my chef’s knife and meat cleaver equally. I wish I could tell you the producer of each, but I inherited them after a friend moved out of my home and they have no identifying markings. I just know they cut well and feel great in my hand. Great giveaway and fantastic blog! I’ve been telling everyone I encounter in my gardening/cooking circle about it. Keep up the great work.

  190. My most favorite knives are ones I inherited from my father and are Old Hickory from the Ontario Knife Company in New York, but he was constantly cutting himself with them, so I’m nervous using them and trying to keep them from rusting.

  191. I don’t have a favorite knife ๐Ÿ™ I think if I had a set of knives like those my answer would be different, though!

  192. I love my 10″ chefs knife and use it for almost everything. I would love to have one that held its edge better, though. Mine is from a knife set my mom bought me when I left home…she really knows what a girl needs to set up housekeeping! ๐Ÿ™‚

  193. I almost alway reach for my 8-inch Henckel pro-S santoku, 10-inch chef is probably second in command. I was extremely lucky to get a good collection from my parents and sister about 10 years ago when my sister was living in Germany and they went to visit, and we’ve picked up many more over the years. Since my parents have their 40-year old set still in heavy rotation I have high hopes for these babies!

  194. I am 67 years old and my favorite knife is my Gandmother bread knife! It has serrated blade like none I have ever seen. I have nerver had to sharpen it in all these years and it slices a ripe tomatoe perfectly! I am so lucky to have it for lots of reasons and most of all because it was my Grandmother’s. MK Lawrence

  195. I sadly do not have a favorite kitchen knife because I’ve never had a decent one! My kitchen knives are so bad now, that sometimes I have to get my husband to cut through uncooked sweet potatoes or winter squash! I am in desperate need of a good, sharp kitchen knife!

  196. Cutco!! Best. Knives. Ever.

    Seriously, I’ve had Cutco knives since 1975. Over the years I’ve added a knife or two here and there. I’ve sent the trimmer out to be sharpened once, and I’ve had Cutco come in and sharpen the straight edges before. Other than that, these things are indestructible.

    (I finally managed to get a couple of friends and my stepmother to buy ’em. Now when I cook at their houses, I know I have good knives to use! hehehe!)

  197. I don’t really have a good knife. I do use my chef knife the most, because I don’t use smaller knives for many things, but I have only ever inherited knives from people who have upgraded.

  198. My favorite knife is a small one that doesn’t match any of the others in our ‘sets’. I like the way it fits in my hand and the blade doesn’t bend when I cut tough stuff.

  199. My favorite is a old commercial Russell 12″ slicing knife which is really good at slicing bacon evenly from full slabs.

  200. My favorite knife is a cutco smallish knife that I bought from my son’s friend when he was just out of college and struggling to make ends meet. I thought I was helping him, but I really love that little knife!

  201. I don’t have a favorite knife because the only one i have is a cheap one from Walmart that constantly needs to be sharpened…i need these knives!!

  202. My mother gave my husband two Henckel knives for Christmas. My favorite is the boning knife, great for so many things! He lets me use them if I PROMISE to wash by hand and return them to the wood block. My history with knives is not great, but I have reformed for these!

  203. My favorite knife’s actually a cleaver that my mom bought as a set from an infomercial. It’s light enough to slice thin, but wide enough to tackle kale or collards. It never gets stored away.

  204. My favorite knife is actually one that appeared in my kitchen one day (I think an old roommate left it behind). It’s a nice 8-inch chef’s knife that has the right amount of heft to it and fits my small hand nicely.

  205. My fiance bought me a handmade Japanese chef’s knife a few months ago and the craftsmanship is just exceptional. Before that, I used a Victorinox Fibrox and that was a great knife too.

  206. I too use my henckels paring knife that came free when I bought my set. It’s the best of the bunch! I do have a set of Cutco table knives which I say have to be the best. I would love to extend my collection with these ๐Ÿ˜‰

  207. Love Cutco knives – an now ex-boyfriend sold them one summer over 10 years ago and most of my family bought them (yay – hand me downs)

  208. we’re still using my husband’s 10 year old set of henckel’s. in fact, i just got them sharpened for him for christmas so that made it a present for him and for me.

  209. I’m kind of new to cooking from scratch and still working on building a good knife collection. The one I go to most often so far is a Pampered Chef 8″ Chef’s knife.

  210. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a favorite kitchen knife since mine are all so bad! I do have a tiny paring knife that I love though…I think it was from pampered chef. Someday we’ll have a good set!

  211. this is a little bit sad… but i don’t have a single good kitchen knife! knives are expensive, and just not something we can swing right now. we got a small cuisinart set a few months ago, and one of the knives actually BROKE IN HALF while cutting some hard cheese! i hope i hope oh i hope to be the lucky winner, and finally have a knife i can adore!

  212. My favourite kitchen knife is still a collapsable all-purpose knife my father gave me for gardening when I was a teenager. I still use it for everything!

  213. I don’t have one! I’ve never been able to afford good knives, so this would give me a start on a decent collection!

  214. Favorite knife…I’ve got a whatever chef’s knife that I use most of the time and (don’t think I’m totally crass) use some no name steak knives for a lot of things. I could use a really good knife set!!!


  215. My favorite knife is actually a cheap, random knife that my sister bought for me (probably at Target). I had requested various kitchen gear for Christmas, and she thought that sounded boring so she got me ANIMAL THEMED kitchen gear. The knife is shaped and designed to look like a shark. But I’ll tell you what, it’s razor sharp and stays that way, and I absolutely love it.

  216. Sadly I do not have a favorite knife as I have yet to invest in a really good one. I do have a mediocre chef’s knife that is my go-to knife though. Your copper pot is beautiful!!!

  217. My mom had a wooden handled knife (I don’t know what brand) that seemed the perfect size and shape for everything. And it was always perfectly sharp… it mysteriously disappeared in a move. I still miss that knife.

  218. I love the polka dots on my Globals more than the knives themselves, but my go-to knife is the “vegetable cleaver.” But I would gladly trade it for that GORGEOUS copper pot of yours!!

  219. I love Cutco knives and our most-used is the Trimmer knife, although our Chef’s knife and the Spatula Spreader are close runners up. I use the Trimmer for everything, from vegetables to fruit to bread. It’s great for peeling. Cutco has the best serrated edges. The Cutco set we have belonged to my husband when we met. I thought it was pretty sexy that a 29 year old single guy had a full set high quality knives. It was a good sign ๐Ÿ™‚

  220. I LOVE good knives!!! My favorite knife right now is a Ginsu knife. Sharp, sharp, sharp and nice handle!

  221. I have a paring knife of unknown origin with a very narrow 3″ blade that is perfect for stemming strawberries. It is also amazingly nimble in the hand and sharp. It was my grandmother’s and my mother shared it with me because she knew how much I loved it. My second favorite is a lovely little olive wood handled knife that my friend made for me this spring while she was in Italy. It makes me feel glamorous and international every time I pick it up, no matter that I’m really not.

  222. My kitchen knives are pretty cheap & terrible, so I can’t really choose a favorite. My real favorite knife is a little butter knife at my parents house, with an Ernie (from Sesame St)-shaped handle. Must be the last relic of a former set, but I always find & use it when I visit.

  223. I love strawberry rhubarb combinations, especially pie. I have an assortment of knives, only a couple of decent ones. The one I use the most is one that is handmade, the blade sharpens easily and stays sharp for a longer time.

  224. I miss the knives I used at The Strawhouse in Northern California. Well, there was really just this one Santoku that was every employee’s favorite. It cut through everything effectively.

  225. My all time favourite is an old wooden Opinel knife that comes camping with me. I am a long time believer in travel knives. They are the ultimate tool and have travelled with me all over.

  226. Hmmm, I have different favorites for different jobs. So, I can’t pick just one. But I have been longing for a Cutco knife for quite some time.

  227. I actually do not own any quality knives. It’s quite sad actually considering how much we cook and could use some good knives. I guess that’s why this giveaway appeals to me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  228. I have two favorite knives a small parring knife from Ramada Knives, and an old knife my husband picked up from a butcher. Love them both. It is hard to keep them washed up since I use them all the time. Thank you for such a wonderful recipe and give away.

  229. I don’t have a favorite knife either….the set we bought when we got married has a loose piece in the formed handle of the bread knife and the paring knife snapped where the blade is forged to the handle….been ogling a couple different sets but haven’t found one worth the investment yet…

  230. I don’t have a favorite knife, when I moved my favorite one (a lovely bread knife that also doubled as a fruit slicer) went MIA. I’ve been missing it ever since :).

  231. Hubby bought for me a Laguiole knife- love it since it cuts everything like butter! Sadly, it’s got legs & walks (he uses it for general home & house construction), so I can never find it when I need it!

  232. I bought an entire set of Cutco Knives, etc. right after I got married. My first “big” purchase w/o my Husband’s permission:) They were sold door to door then. The only remaining piece I have is the long handled fork which I use to this day for frying bacon. My Son refers to it as my “70’s” fork:) He owns an entire set of Shun knives but those are too rich for my blood!!

  233. My favorite knife is a wood-handled knife passed on to me by my grandmother. It’s nothing fancy, but the metal seems to be of extremely high quality. She’s had it since my mother was small, it’s rarely ever been sharpened, and it will cut through just about anything as well as the day it was made. My husband borrowed it out of my knife drawer to do some man work once, though, so it took some damage. I had a few words for him when I found out! LOL.

    I was gifted a Cutco paring knife one year for Christmas, and I’d have to say that’s definitely my second-favorite knife. I know several people with complete sets and they are really just a dream to work with.

  234. I have only one knife, a Henkel that gets a ton of use in my kitchen. While I do love it I didn’t know all the rules of knife care when I first got it so it does need some sharpening soon.

  235. My favorite knife is either my Chicago cutlery Chef’s knife or the serrated bread knife. Neither stays sharp long and I’d love these!

  236. I won a set of knives in the ’80’s playing bingo at a company picnic. I have no idea of the brand, but they continue to be my ‘go to’ knives, especially the serrated bread knife and the meat slicer. They really do what they are supposed to do.

  237. my favorite has to be Miracle Blade. My step dad got me those for when I move out (I was 12 at the time) off a 2am paid programming slot. They are fairly decent. In 6 years, I’ve only had to sharpen 1 knife once! And that’s cause my cousin starting scraping it on a bamboo board for “fun”.

  238. I have one small Cutco knife – which I love! It’d be awesome to have those larger ones, too, for different cutting tasks.

  239. I love my knives. I have almost all Wuesthoff for my good knives. I have earned them over the years, gradually replacing my old wood handled Chicago cutlery knives (30+ years old). I have a drawer for them. My most recent addition was the 10″ serrated bread knife…it is a dream. My favorite is the bird beak paring knife…works so good on massive piles of potatoes and apples. We live in a town with no cooking stores, so over the years when on vacation I seek them out and where some may come back with a souvenir, I return with a knife or shish kabob set (LL BEAN in Maine) or popover pan (Acadia National Park) or wok paddle (Chinatown in Vancouver) or cast iron dutch oven (I think that was some place in Utah, St David’s?) or a teapot for camping (REI in Seattle) and on and on.

  240. My favorite knife is one that was demo’d to me at Walmart 13 years ago. You know the kind of demo that saws a soda can in half, cuts into a brick and then beautifully slices a tomato? Well I ended up with 3 of those knives for $10 that way.I kept one, gave one to my mom, and the other to a friend. All three of us are still using our knives to this day. I have a knifeblock full of knives but almost always reach for this one first. Those cutco knives look wonderful though. I sure could use a knife that will mince garlic better than my wonder knife. The serrations on it are too deep and the blade too narrow and straight to do the rocking motion to mince garlic and herbs.

  241. I still love my Wusthof knives! My favorite is the serrated bread knife… I can use it for so many things! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  242. My favorite knife in the kitchen is not pretty or really all that sharp. But it reminds me of my dad, because it’s the kind he always uses in his kitchen. Even though I use it rarely, it’s comforting to see in the drawer, and makes me feel at home, even though I now live on the opposite coast as my dad and his kitchen.

  243. Only one? Please?!?!? Well my favorite folding is the Whirlwind, swing assist, non-serrated. It’ll take a wicked sharp edge, it’s almost too big for a pocket, it’s comfortable to hold… For a sheith knife, it’s a cheep Winchester (like 12 on Amazon) with a rose wood handle. It also takes a nice sharp edge, and is great for processing everything from fish, to veggies, to poultry (well except for parting them up, it’s a bit small for that) in the field. For further dicing, it’s a bit small, but I think I could hold it all day and hardly notice it…

  244. My favorite knife is the wooden handled one my dad gave me when I moved away for college. It’s got to be older than me!

  245. What a great giveaway! We use Global knives, which are my favorite, although I know they aren’t necessarily the best. I’m a field biologist in Alaska who lives in my tent on a wildlife refuge most of the year so when I come home to a kitchen I am ecstatic to use any knife for cutting that isn’t a swiss army pocket knife!

  246. My absolute favorite is an 8″ Henckels chef’s knife. It’s big and sturdy and comfortable, and I use it for almost everything. It was a wedding present to myself 11 years ago, and worth every cent.

  247. My favorite knife is my Pampered Chef forged steel Santoku. I love it. But I have Cutco steak knives that are wonderful.

    I have to admit that if were to win this giveaway, I’d give them to either my mother or my SIL since they really don’t have good knives and I would like to stop having to travel with mine in order to cook in their kitchens.

  248. My favorite knives are ones I bought in 2005 for like $3 each at target. They’re getting dull, and Target doesn’t carry them anymore. ๐Ÿ™

    I’d love to get some new knives, but the set I want is more than I want to spend! lol Thanks for the chance to win!

  249. I use a couple of Rada paring knives that I really like. Also a Chicago chef’s knife that I inherited from my dad.

  250. I don’t have one. I’ve always had craptasticly cheap knives. I dated a chef once and he ruined me for cheap knives but I could never afford the good stuff.

  251. I don’t know that i have found my perfect knife yet. but i do recall the days when i learned to use a proper chef’s knife. i could never understand how i managed to cut a large amount of anything before i got that knife!

  252. I have to say my favorite knife is from my parents. They had actually recieved my knives as a set for a wedding present and never used them until I needed a set for my new apartment.
    I am so in love with the knives that I use them daily along with the sharpener, they have no idea what they missed out on.

  253. I love my 10-inch Forschner Chef’s Knife. It was part of our tool kit when I started culinary school and I’ve been in love ever since. It’s cheap, the handle is plastic, and the blade is stamped, but the result is marvelous. It is definitely the work horse of my kitchen.

  254. I don’t know brand names for knives, but my favorite knives are the ones that can be sharpened, and the handles don’t loosen or come apart. I bet leaving my knives in the wash water too long might be the reason for some handles coming apart, so plastic handles might become my fav knives, as long as they can be sharpened ^_^

  255. My favorite is a Wustof paring knife that is actually still sharp (my other knives are not). Had my first canning project of the season yesterday (strawberry jam).

  256. For most chopping I like my 8 inch chef’s knife, but my go to utility knife (blush) is a serrated steak knife that I think dates back to a set my parents got with gasoline purchases (back when gas stations gave away glassware, green stamps and only charged 39 cents a gallon for premium!)

  257. does anyone remember the old Case knives? they were not stainless and always discolored and rusted but they kept a good edge. I use a cutco knife everyday and I’m a chef. mary in Cincinnati

  258. I seem to reach for my 7″ Victorinox with a plastic handle time and again. It just fits comfortably in my hand and the length is perfect. Funny, I remember a chef telling me to start with a longer chef knife to get comfortable with it prior to using a shorter knife. He said if I start shorter, I’d never end up using the longer knife. He was right!

  259. My favorite knife is my grandmother’s. Sometimes I think I just make up excuses to cook at her house so I can use it. It is always razor sharp (she says she sharpens it on the bottom of a ceramic cup!) and my grandfather brought it to her from Japan.

  260. I have a little paring knife — no brand name that I can see. I bought in the first year I was married – 1978 – and still prefer it over ‘fancier’ ones bought over the years.

  261. I have a single Cutco knife that is pink! I absolutely adore it and when my budget allows I would love to own an entire set of these!

  262. My favorite knife is a Cutco small chef’s knife. In high school I sold cutco for a few weeks – long enough to pay off the sample set you have to buy to start. At the time, the prices of the knives seemed like a rip-off to me, so I gave away most of the pieces of the set to family and friends who had bought knives from me. I kept this one, and now its lasted me 15 years, and I’d love to have another cutco to keep it company. Thanks for the chance to win!

  263. My favorite knife used to be a MAC knife – Japanese. We now keep all our nice kitchen knives very sharp and they are always a pleasure to use,no matter the brand.

    What is much more fascinating is my 84 year old father’s favorite knife. He had a serrated bread knife with a wooden handle in the 1970’s. When the handle fell apart, he continued to use the knife without any handle. It doesn’t matter what knife is available, he still uses that handle free knife for everything.

  264. My favorite knife is one that has been through the dishwasher so many times the rubber handle cover is splitting! I am still looking for the perfect bread knife though!

  265. I love my mom’s old butcher’s knife. She used it for everything and then passed it to me. Amazing what that thing could do.

  266. We definitely could use a new set – the kids seem to think that they are good at cutting wood, crayons, rocks… um, yeah.

    I do have a favorite butcher knife we picked up at Ikea 10 years ago or so. No matter what the we or the kids have used it for, it still holds up. Thanks for the opportunity !

  267. My favorite (or at least most used) knife is a little serrated knife that I use for just about everything. Thanks for the chance to win!

  268. I htee to say it, but I own only cheap knives so have no favorites. I woudl love some good quality knives! Thanks for the chance to win.

  269. I honestly do not have a favorite because I do not know enough about knives! I guess I should go ahead and learn since I love to cook so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  270. My favorite chef’s knife that I love to work with is a Wustof, but it’s not my overall favorite knife. My grandmother, my greatest canning influence, gave me an old paring knife far older than I am.

  271. Favorite knife? Well, the one I use the most is my Henckels 8″ chef’s knife and I do love it, it fits my hand perfectly. But the one that I actually like the most is my Cutco bread knife. I bought it from the daughter of a friend who couldn’t find a job the summer after her freshman year in college (hmm, familiar story, my son is in the same boat this year). Thought the knife was way way way too expensive when she rang it up and almost didn’t get it. But I’m glad I did. I use it constantly and mostly not for bread. My favorite use is for carving chicken. I roast a chicken at least once a month and it’s so much better than any other knife in my arsenal for that task.

  272. I absolutely would be nowhere without my little japanese paring knife. I use it every single day and will love it for years to come.

  273. My favorite knife is actually a fiddle-blade saw meant for cutting homemade bread in precise pieces without, well, destroying the loaf. It was a great Christmas present!

  274. I always reach for my basic medium-sized henkel.. not sure it’s specific use, but I use it for most things! I would love to try these!

  275. I’d have to say my paring knife is my most used. I don’t really have a favorite because my knife skills aren’t so hot.

  276. I have recently been introduced to Cutco and have fallen in love with them. I currently only have a couple cutco knives due to my living conditions (have roommates and I don’t want to buy a full set, only for them to abuse them etc). I hid the 4 that I have in my room, immediately wash them after use and store them away. They’re probably the most valuable items I have haha. I love the santoku style knives but haven’t gotten around to buying them yet so id be pleased to win them :]
    Best of luck to all!!

  277. New to this blog, but I remember it by name when I check blogs every few days.

    As soon as I saw the title of the post, my heart lept at the thought of rhubarb! I’ve just been moved to NC because of my husband’s job and they can’t grow it around here! Growing up in central PA, it was always around and now that I’ve started canning for my family, I really miss it…

    Anyway, I must say my favorite knife that I’ve used was a hot pink santoku knife that belonged to a friend’s wife. That knife did it all, including pineapple (which impressed me, at the time).

    I have no idea what brand it was, but that’s the only one I remember enjoying. Waiting for my Wustof knives that I was promised in 10 years….But until then, I use Walmart. ๐Ÿ™

  278. I love my paring knife – Wustof…….a purchase I made as a single career woman wanting to cook just for fun……still use it as a stay at home mom/wife. Love it.

  279. Ooooooo. I have a ceramic knife that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE for cutting up fruits and veggies for preserving ๐Ÿ™‚

  280. My favorite knife is one of a three-piece set that we got when I was little, molded with an endearing little design that I don’t remember now, because I haven’t seen it in years. I still hope it will be found.

  281. I received a Wustof chefs knife for Christmas a few years back and I’ve used that knife more than any other in my kitchen since I got it! Never have tried a Cutco knife before.

  282. oh, it’s terrible – my favorite knife is a black handle (with a white spot) that says “Carbonite” on the blade. A chef friend gave me two – a paring knife and a butcher knife. I never thought knives made a difference until her. thanks!

  283. I have such trouble finding good knives that last and stay sharp (or sharpen well) so I can’t really tell you my favorite knife! But hopefully I’ll have an opportunity to use some knives like these and find a favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  284. Mine is an unknown brand that seems to be somewhere between a chef’s knife and a ? I use it for everything and it keeps a nice, sharp edge. And thanks for a jam recipe that doesn’t make 20 pints! I may have to rustle some up this weekend while the rhubarb is still around.

  285. My favorite knife is any sharp well worn paring knife. I fondly remember my grandmother when using tiny knives to peel fruit and veg. We spent many hot Texas summer afternoons peeling peaches from her trees to make preserves. If I close my eyes tight I can still hear the cicadas and taste the peaches.

  286. My favorite knife is a sturdy kitchen knife that I bought in a “going out of business” sale for just under 5 dollars-it’s about time to resharpen it, though..

  287. Sharp rules…. I have a pull thorough Henckel knife sharpener and just love it for how quickly it sharpens even my not so great knifes. But my fav is both of my Santoku style; don’t know how I lived before they entered my kitchen!

  288. My favorite knife is a Japanese vegetable knife that my friend and former roommate’s mom bought her at a Japanese grocery store in the East Village. She was such a mensch that she left it with us when she moved out and her mom bought her a new one. I think it’s called a nakiri.

  289. I have a set of Henckels that are about 25 years old. A few months ago, 2 of the handles cracked. I bought an inexpensive Victorinox chef’s knife based and a review in Cooks Illustrated. I’m loving this knife! I am so jealous that you were able to make strawberry rhubarb jam. I searched high and low for rhubarb last week before I made my jam, but could not find any. Maybe this week the farmer’s market will have some and I’ll have to make a small batch. You never can have too much strawberry jam!

  290. Cutco knives are wonderful! My mother-in-law used them and loved them. When I got married over 20 years ago, she gave us a set for our wedding. They were the best gift.

  291. I have a set of Cutco and love them – I got them for our wedding and they’re great. I didn’t even know they had Santuko knives – that would be a great addition to my set!

  292. My favorite paring knife came to me from my Grandma. It is made by Chicago Cutlery and has a wood handle. When she was no longer able to drive, she and my Mom drove her Jeep out here so that the kids could have it. Along they way they bought some apples and Grnadma needed to apple to be sliced in order to eat it. This is the knife they chose and then left behind when it was time to fly home. A number of years ago the tip was broken off in an unfortunate oyster accident, but it is still my favorite and I still use it everyday.

  293. i just discovered your website as i’m interested in dipping my toes into canning/preserving (though without actual toes). my favorite knife? my knives are pretty blah and i don’t really have a favorite. probably my chicago cutlery chef’s knife.

  294. My mom used to have this amazing Cutco spreader spatula knife. It was amazingly multi-functional (cookies, brownies, cake, etc…) and she finally gifted me one of my own a few years ago… absolutely love it!

  295. I have a whole set of Henckels I got when we were married, I still love the chef’s knife. I use it (inappropriately) for just about everything.

  296. i think its a tie between my paring knife and my citrus knife. cutting lemons has never been so easy and precise without it. plus they were both given to me by my mother so that makes them special to me. they aren’t fancy but i love them and they do one hell of a job.

  297. I bought a few knives from IKEA over a year ago to tide me over until I got around to getting a good set of knives. Those have worked well enough that I still haven’t gotten around to it!

  298. Sadly, I have a mismash of deporable knives in various degrees of sharpness. ๐Ÿ™ Adding a beautiful new Cutco knife would be WONDERFUL. Ahhhh.

  299. For years, I have used a very small paring knife for many tasks in the kitchen. Thanks for sharing this opportunity. I would love to win the Cutco knives.
    Please note: Even though I have shared the link for my website here, it is not quite finished. It should be finished in about a week. It is far enough a long to be bookmarked though.
    The strawberry rhubarb jam sounds wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks again for the giveaway.
    Karen Stoneking

  300. Victorinox 8″ chef’s knife — best bang for the buck.

    I don’t have a Santoku, knife, and I’d love to win one. I like Cutco knives, too.

  301. I actually have two favorite knives- one I rarely use, but when I need it it comes in handy. It’s a large, old butcher knife that belonged to my great grandfather (who was a butcher). My other favorite knife is a Henckels Santoku that my grandma gave me several year ago- I do use that one all the time.

  302. I carry an old Case pocketknife my grandfather carried while he was alive. Something to remember him by each time I open that old blade.

  303. My favorite knife is a carving knife made from a piece of industrial band saw blade by a friend of my grandfather. Yes, it rusts therefore must be washed and dried immediately. But it holds an edge that allows me to shave a turkey breast.

  304. Man, I could really use some new knives. My favorite is a Michael Graves chef knife that was $10 at Target about 10 years ago. The only thing is the handle is heavy and rounded and if you bump it wrong on the counter it kind of flies up in the air… not good. I have a huge scar on my thumb from it. That and the tip broke off at some point when my husband used it to stab something.

  305. My favorite knife would be the one I’m using. I don’t have a lot. Like the ones I have…..all different brands and old as the hills.

  306. My parents favorite knife is one that I brought back from Japan when I was there as an exchange student. It is a Japanese Ceramic knife that is crazy sharp. They have never sharpened it in 13 years and it is still a great knife.

  307. My favorite is an okay chef’s knife that seems to pull more than its weight in our kitchen, because the rest of our knives are disgustingly dull. Haven’t lost any fingers yet, though! ๐Ÿ™‚

  308. I tried out some Cutco knives at the county fair two years ago and fell in love! I’ve been trying to get my husband to get me one ever since.

  309. My favorite knife in the kitchen is made by Rada Cutlery (R131 I believe). I like supporting companies that manufacture their goods in the U.S. but they are often difficult to find and more expensive. I love the quality and craftsmanship of both Cutco and Rada.

  310. I’ve never tried Cutco knives but would love to give them a go ….I’m ashamed to say my knives have always come from the grocery store…I would love to have a favorite knife!!

  311. I just finished cooking up 2kg of cherry jam and saw your website. I want to put up some strawberry and rhubarb jam this week. It’s everywhere here in Germany at the moment. Today at the local farmer’s market I drank a refreshing rhubarb schรถrle (rhubarb juice, strawberry syrup and sparkling water) and I had a rhubarb strawberry plunder (treasure pastry) made with spelt. Delicious!! Although I love the fresh produce here, I’m so looking forward to coming home to S.Jersey in 10 days to visit my parents. I hope to blueberry pick at Mood’s and attack my parent’s raspberry and blackberry bushes to make more jam. I’m responding to your blog because I have fond memories of selling Cutco and financing my first 2 years of university. I love good knives and even though I am in the land of Henkels, I will not part with my Cutco knives or my scissors!!

  312. My favorite knife is the Chicago Cutlery chef knife I got as a wedding present 11 years ago… the only reason I have to think about replacing it is the wooden handle!

  313. My Henckel 6 inch chef knife is my go-to. Even when it’s not quite the right knife for the job…I make it work because it’s so much fun to use it!

  314. My favorite knife – my Cutco paring knife – really good quality, and it makes me giggle every time I remember when our parents gave my sister and I these Cutco knives one Christmas, and I was the sister who did NOT immediately cut her finger on the new very sharp knife.

  315. My favorite knife is my Cutco chef’s knife. It is my go to knife for pretty much everything (it is sitting on my cutting board even as I type.) Good knives make all the difference.

  316. My favorite knife is a Global one that we have at our (shared) house in Copenhagen. Global knives are one solid piece of metal, which makes them sturdy. One of the many things I’ll miss when I move this summer ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. This bright green, Kuhn Rikon serated paring knife. It’s ridiculously sharp and comes with a matching plastic, sheath, so I always have an Excalibur moment when I use it. It was given to me by my Grandma Ruth, who bought it because of its “lovely color.” I also love my dad’s old swiss army knife. Each fall I inaugurate the season by slicing cheddar cheese, an apple and a hunk of bread with its trusty blade.

  318. Love the recipe. I have a bunch of strawberries that are looking for a job….now to find some good rhubarb.
    My favorite knife is a treasured serrated utility knife made by Wusthof. I use it for just about everything. I have even used it to open bales of hay (I know…gasp)in a fit of frustration. This thing puts up with obscene amounts of abuse.

  319. My favorite kitchen knife is a Chicago Cutlery choy doh. It is well-balanced and very easy to use. It is probably the most used knife in my kitchen.

  320. our family friend’s amazing knife they got years ago as a wedding present. never needs sharpening, awesome triangular shape, never been able to find another like it.. i make a point of using it whenever we visit.

  321. After growing up with my mother’s errant idea that the duller the knife is, the safer it should be, I finally purchased a set of knives in preparation for culinary school. They changed my life. It’s unbelievable how smooth, how clean and yes, how SAFE these knives are. The next time I visit my mother, I think I’m going to try and get rid of those dangerously dull specimens of hers. Maybe she won’t even notice…

  322. I use my santuko and my paring knife exclusively. We have a whole block of others, and maybe I use the bread knife once a month or the tomato knife in the summer, but everyday I wash the santuko and paring knife at least three times.

  323. currently I’m fond of my henkel knives but would love the opportunity to try these. By the way, I followed your recipe for garlic dill pickles this year and love them.

  324. one of my favorite knives happens to be a meat cleaver i bought in hong kong. no special brand , but when i need to do lots of chopping its the best

  325. I have a Cutco bread/ham knife that I love (I make a lot of homemade bread). I bought it from my daughter when she sold them one week-end. lol BTW, I love strawberry-rhubarb jam, it is a family favorite now.

  326. I love my bread knife so much that I often reach for it, pause, and put it back because I need a chef’s knife or kitchen shears. My hand just goes for it!

  327. My favorite knife is a paring knife I inherited from my grandma’s kitchen. My grandpa sharpened it so many times that the blade is noticably thinner than it must have been when new. It’s very small and the blade is somewhat flexible. Best knife ever for things like peeling or coring!

  328. My favorite knife is the cutco vegetable ! I love all their knifes I even think they are better then Henkels

  329. I love my cutco cheese knife. It has cool openings on the side so that it cuts through a delicious hunk of cheddar or jarlsberg in a snap. I love cheese so much its almost scary so this knife sees quite a bit of use.

  330. I wish I had a favorite knife. All my knives are bought at Walgreens or CVS and they are NOT good. IT really is time to invest in new ones!

  331. My favorite? It’s a toss up between my Tupperware Chef Series Utility knife or Chef’s knife. They are the 2 I use the most.

  332. I don’t know the maker, it originally belonged to my mom and I “borrowed” it a long time ago and it never found it’s way back home. I plan on having it forever, but I would love to have these knives as they sound fabulous and there is nothing better than a sharp knife.

  333. I love knives made by Lamson and Goodnow. Not only to they make knives that are as beautiful to look at as they are comfortable and sharp to use, but they’re also made nearby, in Shelburne Falls Mass.

  334. My favorite kitchen knife is a good, sharp, all-purpose knife (I can’t think of the brand at the moment). My boyfriend’s parents bought two knives for us as a housewarming gift and the woman at the store said “you’re very lucky” to us. It was a really awkward moment because we are responsible young adults and she seemed to be judging us as ruthless teens! Oh well, the knives are still great, and they are probably the nicest things we own!
    I also plan to make this jam with the last of the season’s rhubarb and the glut of strawberries we’re getting now. Strawberry rhubarb is my family’s favorite!
    Thanks for always having great giveaways!

  335. I just found your blog and I love it. I have enjoyed canning since I was a kid. I don’t have a really good knife so I’d put these to good use if I won.

  336. We have a tiny, generic, super-sharp paring knife in our house that just won’t quit. His name is Scrappy, and he has a belligerent Irish accent, because he’s always trying to prove he’s as good as th’ rest of th’ knives in th’ drawer. (What, you don’t anthropomorphize your kitchen utensils, too?)

  337. Great site — and great jam recipe, super similar to my great-grandma’s best one. My favorite knife is a Cutco paring knife; it’s always sharp, and just the right size for hulling strawberries or slicing up something for a snack. ๐Ÿ™‚

  338. My favorite knives are the Wulff ones we got as a wedding gift19 years ago—still doing great 19 years later! Now, I need to go make strawberry-rhubarb jam!

  339. My all-time favorite knife is my Warther knife ( that I purchased after making a Sunday afternoon trip out to the Warther museum in Dover, OH (about an hour drive from my childhood home). Moony Warther was an incredibly talented artist around the turn of the previous century who created incredibly intricate wood-and-ivory carvings, including beautiful model trains (the museum is definitely worth a visit!). He designed the Warther knife because, apparently, he couldn’t find a knife that would stay sharp enough while carving dense materials. Today, the Warther knife company creates incredibly sharp, beautiful knives, all hand-made in Dover, OH. Not only is my Warther knife a pleasure to cut with (it slices through lemons like a hot knife cutting through butter), but using it always reminds me of those gorgeous model trains I saw in Dover!

  340. My favorite knife is an ikea knife! How pathetic is that??! It is totally worthless but I bought a knife sharpener and I take real good care of it and somehow, in spite of the odds, it has remained pretty sharp through the years. I keep meaning to get a really good and fancy new knife but somehow when you have one that works (sometimes with a little sawing. I know, I’m pathetic) it’s hard to justify an $80 expense!

  341. I have a little butter knife – which I bought from a charity shop – more years than I care to remember. I love to use it in the summer when I spread real butter on a thick ‘doorstep’ slice of home made bread – and strawberry jam.

    I have not tried using rhubarb with strawberries so I really must try out your recipe

  342. I am the lucky recipient of two hand-me-over Gerber chef knives. They came at the perfect time and have served me so well. And as much as I enjoy them I would be remiss if I didn’t say I loved my local knife sharpener more. He’s quick, he’s cute, and he take pride in his craft. Hooray.

  343. I don’t actually have a favorite brand, but when I need a good knife, I always grab one of my two Santoku knives. Those suckers will slice through anything and never seem to go dull. Such clean, easy cuts. Makes my prep time go so much faster when I have a lot of things to chop.

  344. I have a cutco bread slicer that was a wedding gift and is my favorite because it’s so sharp. It’s serated and long, though, so not the appropriate knife for many jobs. The gaps I have are in the chef’s/paring sizes…so new knives would be great!

  345. My favorite knife is my 10 inch chef’s knife that I purchased when I started culinary school back in 1994. We have a long history together and it’s been my go to workhorse in the kitchen for most jobs. I would love to have some knew knives.

  346. I don’t have a specific favorite knife, since my set is just a sturdy all-purpose set I got out of college. Over the years I’ve adjusted to learning when to use which size knife – but would love to see these added to my kitchen!

  347. I use a filleting knife from my fishing tools for so many things…But a great knife is really hard to find!

  348. I love my $25 Victorinox chef’s knife – it can stand up alongside knives 6 times as expensive, and it’s the only quality knife in my kitchen shared with four other roommates (I keep it hidden in its sleeve in the back of a cupboard). I’d love to add a couple more beauties to my hidden collection!

  349. i have a victorinox that i love – but i also love this paula deen knife i found on clearance at walmart. i was fully expecting to not like it, but it actually has a nice heft to it. probably all that butter!

  350. I don’t have ANY good knives. I do have a semi-ok chef’s knife, but I certainly don’t enjoy working with it. I think this one will be favorite ๐Ÿ™‚

  351. My favorite knife is a large stainless steel, serrated blade knife my parents gave me. I think it’s made by a company called “ForeverSharp” or something like that. My parents got it from a booth at the AK State Fair, where they were so impressed with the demonstration (my dad said to me as he was giving it to me “It can cut through cans AND bread!”) that they bought two for themselves and then one for me and each of my 6 siblings!

    I laughed as they were giving it to me, thinking that their enthusiasm was likely unwarranted, and that they’d been duped. Turns out, they weren’t. It really is a GREAT knife, and five years later it is still quite sharp!

    Sadly, all the rest of our knives kind of suck, and with both of us in grad school, it’s hardly a good time to be buying new ones. So I’d LOVE to win these!! Thanks for the chance!

  352. Hmmm. My favorite knife is a Gehring 6″ bladed one. Guess it would be a utility knife. It’s not quite 11 inches in total length and is one molded piece of steel.

    I probably use the old Chicago Cutlery “Chef’s knife” more, but if I could only have one for the rest of my life, it would have to be the Gehring.

  353. I use a J.A. Henckels chef knife pretty regularly. I’d like to have some that are a little higher quality though.

  354. I Love the knife my mother gave me for Christmas…. I love it so much because she taught me how to cook, she took my life, which was about all the wrong kinds of foods (sometimes still is) and taught me how to make food with love, flavour, spices, kindness, and occasionally tears. Sadly, i love the knife so much i just take it out of the box and feel the weight of it in my hand, look at the shine and shimmer of the blade and place it carefully back in the box each week… I’ll use it soon for sure. I just need to find the perfect dish to break it in ๐Ÿ™‚

  355. My mom has this little silver-handled paring knife that I remember as being “off limits” when I was young and in the kitchen with her. When I was finally handed that knife to use on my own for something… I remember feeling so grown-up.

  356. My brother is a chef and for his wedding, 15 years ago, he gave out paring knives as gifts to all the guests. I use those knives every day – I have no idea what brand they are but they bring back good memories every time I use them.

  357. I recently opened a jar of the Strawberry-Rhubarb-Rosemary Jam I made about a month ago. I’ve nearly finished the whole pint jar in about 24 hours… so delicious.

    My favorite knife (especially for coring strawberries) is my little sage green Kuhn Rikon Classic Paring Knife. I’ve had it for 6 years and it’s still about the sharpest knife in the kitchen. I wish they made a whole set in green!

  358. My favorite knife is a Viking 8″ hollow ground chef’s knife.I have heard great things about Cutco and would love to try them!

  359. My favorite knife continues to be my Wusthoff Trident tomato slicer — so versatile, from slicing bread to managing very juicy tomatoes.

  360. Cutco knives are great! I have two Cutco carving knives and they’re awesome. And they’re union made (I work for the union that represents the workers who make Cutco knives). I also love my Wustov chef’s knife and pairing knife.

  361. I have some Kitchenaid knives and my favorite is the paring knife. It seems to stay sharper than the rest of them! I LOVE Cutco knives but have never owned one of my own. Thanks for the opportunity!

  362. I love Cutco knives! My brother sold them one summer about 40 years ago… now the knives live in my kitchen and get used almost every day.

  363. The terrible knives that I used are from a cheapo set from bed bath and beyond. Yikes. I do plan on doing lots of canning this summer as it will be my first year with a garden. Woohoo! Thanks for the opportunity for a chance to win these knives!

  364. My favorite knife is actually a Cutco knife! I bought it a very long time ago and it’s never needed sharpening.

  365. I am using my grandmother’s knives.
    They are a treasure but I am looking for better knives as my kitchen skills improve.

  366. My favorite knife is actually the ONLY real knife I own: an Ikea 365 Vegetable Knife. It’s a wide, flat blade with a comfortable handle. It’s not the fanciest blade I’ve ever used (oh, Wusthof!) and it needs sharpening every 3-4 days but it works for everything. Bread, tomatoes, veggies, herbs, you name it. It peels eggplant, chops onions, slices zucchini and dices tofu like nobody’s business. I’d kill for a “real” knife but my budget has never allowed it!

  367. Wow, so many entries! My favorite knife has to be the J.A. Henckels brand utility knife…I reach for it all the time. I actually don’t have a santouku knife but my mother-in-law just raves about Cutco! Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  368. Oh how I wish I could say that I have a favorite knife. But to be honest, I never have enough extra cash to buy a really good knife, so I’m stuck using dollar store brands…and they for sure are NOT my favorites. lol Thanks for the chance to win some quality knives!

  369. I have a very old knife that I bought when I was going to college. I love in spite of the fact that it does not hold a sharp edge. It was the first “good” knife that I bought for myself. It does not have a name on it anywhere.

  370. I’m in love with my Wusthof Santoku knives (so much so that I own both sizes). Pretty much every time I open the knife drawer, those are the knives I pull out of the block.

    My parents bought a huge set of Cutco knives when I was in high school and I did like them an awful lot (especially the oval sandwich spread knife).

  371. Well, I love a good chopping knife! However, ever since my father-in-law got some Cutco knives for Christmas, I hate all my knives (which are mis-matched hand me downs;so sad)! I would love to have some Cutco to add to my collection!!

  372. I LOVE Cutco knives. My mom still has and uses her that she got 47 years ago as wedding gifts and I would love to own the Santuko knives shown here. Thank you!!!

  373. It really depends on the task, but I’d say I have three go-to knives. One is my Santoku. The other one is a sharp…. uh, I don’t even know what it is. Sort of like a paring knife but a bit longer.. something from my grandmother I think. Whatever it is is is a comfortable size and shape and has stayed sharp with minimal upkeep. The third is my $1.50 Pampered chef paring knife. it was cheap but it has also stayed sharp pretty well and is great for little tasks like hulling strawberries and slicing avocado.

  374. My husband, who does alot of slicing & dicing SWEARS by our Cutco knives. We got them a couple of years ago from a class,mate of our youngest daughter. The ktchen shears are better than any we’ve ever had.

  375. my favorite is a paring knife whose brand long worn off handle. A gift from my grandad after many years of his use with it. Would love to try Cutco!

  376. Oh my! My favorite knife was a small pairing knife that actually broke today! I have had it since 1999 and have used it for everything and now it rests in peace. I don’t even know what brand it was.

  377. To be quite blunt, I have horrible knife skills for a food blogger. My husband loves knives with every fiber of his being. Since we’ve been together for 15 years and I haven’t been brutally murdered, I’m going to assume this is a harmless fixation of his. Our favorite household knife is an 8″ Wusthof chef’s knife. I bought it for him about 10 years ago. We really could not afford it but I’m do grateful I busted my piggy bank to buy this knife. It’s been with us through good times and bad. At this point, it’s kind of a (creepy) member of our family. God bless properly sharpened good quality knives.

  378. My favorite knife is a really old wood-handled paring knife that belonged to my grandmother. It was her favorite too and she took good care of it and kept if nice and sharp. Every time I use it I remember her peeling an apple for me into one long curly peel. That was an amazing and magical feat for me when I was little lol.

  379. I have an old steel paring knife with wooden handle inherited from my Auntie Coe. It was sharpened so many times that the blade is concave. You have to dry it right away when you wash it so it won’t rust. I love it!

  380. I have a set of oxo knives that we use, and my favorite might be the smaller serrated knife that looks like a mini bread knife. I use it for slicing tomatos and english muffins all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  381. I purchased a small chef knife from a vendor at a craft show. It is completely impractical because it must be sharpened with every use and its motion is off ever so slightly, but the knife is shaped like a bird in flight and is so elegant that it fills me with joy every time I pick it up.

  382. I love my little Kuhn Rikon paring knife.
    I haven’t yet made the jump to quality chef’s knives yet. One day….

  383. I have a santoku (Furi 8″?) and love it. These knifes have a slightly different shape and they look like they might fit in my hands better. The other bonus is that the handles are odd and make me think of the Bryan Adams song ‘Cuts Like a Knife’. Is that a good thing? You be the judge…

  384. My favorite knife or I should say knives are a set I inherited when my Grandmother passed.There’s a paring knife & a 15 inch matching with no maker stamps or names. They’re all metal including the handles & while not perhaps the most attractive, they rarely need sharpened & at an estimated 50 years old, served my Grandmother & now myself well beyond their purchase price.

  385. My favorite knife…how I wish I had one! Sadly all my knives are useless! Hoping to change that and win the giveaway!

  386. I have a very VERY old Sabatier that I love love love! A friend of my Dad’s got it for me when I was 12, because he was convinced I was going to lose a finger using my chefs knife (still have all my fingers and thumbs!). The blade of the knife was found in an abandoned factory (along with many others), and is believed to be over a hundred years old! It’s fitted with a beautiful wooden handle (that’s starting to split, I really should get it replaced.) It holds an edge like nobodies business, and feels just right in my hand.

  387. I love my random knives – no clue on brand. They are sharp, so they work. I’m not hard to please.

    What knives do I not love? My mom’s that haven’t been sharpened in 20 years. If I won, I’d probably keep these at her house (not give, because then she might get rid of them). ๐Ÿ™‚

  388. Not that it’s my favorite, but I always choose my chef’s knife. That one and the bread knife. I love the “sawing” sound it makes when I cut tough stuff with it! Thanks for the chance at winning!

  389. Perfect timing on this recipe as Inscored lots of rhubarb at my farmer’s market this weekend! My go-to knife is a Wustoff 8″ chef’s knife, though as a few mentioned above, doesn’t carry a lot of weight behind it. Can’t wait to see how the rhubarb turns out!

  390. Our family LOVES Cutco! Slowly building an assortment, they are great for everything from the kitchen to the garden, we have one in most rooms of the house! Great tools!

  391. Love my small paring knife that got left behind after a roommate moved out. Always sharp enough and good for veggies.

  392. I have a small Henkel paring knife that I use all the time. We’ve only ever been able to afford cheap knives, and it would be nice to have something that will actually cut my food and not me!

  393. These knifes look great. I need new knifes the ones I work with are the set my husband had since he was in the navy. I would love to get a few new knifes. ๐Ÿ™‚ the strawberry rubarb sounds yummy!!

  394. My favorite kitchen knife is my set of steak knifes I received from a relative that were won at a casino in vegas. I don’t know what brand they are but they are sharp, quirky and always remind me of the relative that won in Vegas and shared his winnings with me ๐Ÿ™‚

  395. Hmm … toughie. My trusty old Chicago Cutlery 6″ boning knife is go-to no. 1. My Wusthof 6″ chef’s knife is go-to no. 2. And my Cutco kitchen shears cover all sorts of tasks that would probably cause me to wound myself if I used a knife!

  396. My favorite knife…my butcher knife…no clue what brand it is…sad…I know. One Christmas probably almost 15 yrs ago I asked for things to put in my hope chest…my uncle gave me this knife. I use it almost every time I cook something. It is fabulous.

  397. I don’t have a favorite knife, but I like to sharpen mine often so they keep in good condition and still do a good job after many years of use.

  398. I’m dreaming of a Shun santuko knife that I visit every few months at House of Knives – sooo pretty!! But I have a cheapo Henkles chef knife that can handles about anything – not a favorite, but it’ll do till I get a great one!

  399. I don’t have a personal favorite knife yet. I look for the sharpest one in the kitchen. My favorite knife recollection is my grandpa’s butcher knife. He used it for just about everything and it was always sharp. I would love to win these knives.

  400. my favourite knife is my HENCKEL, gifted to my by my good pal & cooking cohort. after a recent spring time sharpening from the mobile sharpener who came to the neighbourhood to sharpen my neighbour’s old school push lawn mower, i do seem to be trimming bits of my left index finer nail off. time to get my knife skills back in shape!

  401. I have a set of Henckels that are the bottom of the line of Henckels and they are still good knives, but I have a top of the line Henckels Chef knife that I absolutely love. It is just the right weight and perfect size. It’s about 20 years old and still cuts like a charm.

  402. I have a cuisineart knife that i really love but honestly I havent invested in good knifes yet. I would love to win those
    !!! Lucky 500 range!?!??!!?

  403. My favorite knife is one from my mom. An old butcher knife that’s oxidized with age, but still holds a keen edge.

  404. I bought my Cutco knives to help out a college student several years ago. They turned out to be the best knives I have had.

  405. My best knife happens to be a Cutco knife that I bought from my daughter’s best friend. She needed to demo for me with no pressure to by. She was just out of high school and was very nervous. I didn’t plan on buying a knife but I ended up getting 3 different ones. That was over 15 years ago and I’m still using the knives.

  406. I bought my parents a set of Henkles while I was in germany.. oddly enought I got a better price from an american company than I could actually in germany but for some bizaare reason I didnt buy US a set of Henkles … go figure.

  407. My favorite knife is my Pampered Chef Tomato Knife. It’s the only knife I’ve ever used that doesn’t squish my tomatoes (of course I haven’t been exposed to any high class knives before).

  408. I love my Cutco serrated knife. It always gets hand washed because we need it more often than we run the dishwasher!!

  409. Love my KitchenAid santuko & my Henkels serrated bread knife. I call that last one my “killer knife, as it was incredibly sharp when I first got it, that I was getting cut all the time or putting tears in my apron ot towels when wiping it between uses!

  410. I have a small Santoku chef knife that I love. The rest of our knives belonged to my hubby before we got married, and they weigh a ton. Great for him, but not very comfortable for me!

  411. I found my favorite knife at a garage sale. It has a wavy edge and an adjustable bar for cutting bread. I have since found another one at a garage sale ๐Ÿ™‚ I took the adjustable thing off and use it for cutting just about everything. It seems to stay sharp! ๐Ÿ™‚

  412. My favorite knife is my Calphalon Katana series chef knife. Hot damn, I use it for everything! It it weighted so nicely that mincing garlic is like pie and it is easy to sharpen and stays true to me!

  413. My hubby has some kind of German knives (not well known) that are sharp, There’s one I use a lot that works well, and we always seem to fight over it. there’s not a santuko among them.

  414. I look forward to hearing about your copper experience…I still don’t know when to use copper and when not to, so I avoid it all together ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the contest, too!

  415. my favorite knife (so far) is a red wood handled paring knife by L’Econome that I picked up for $6 from the clearance section at Sur La Table. I’ll be honest – I haven’t even had a chance to use it yet, but I just love the way it looks.

  416. My favorite knife is a pairing knife that isn’t high quality, and has to be sharpened often, but it fits in my hand well and gets the job done.

  417. 2 cases worth of jars have been filled this weekend. I blame you, Marisa. Interested to see how the copper pot works out. I’m loving my weird Italian stockpot. P.S. I’m a knife whore.

  418. My favorite knife of all is my Wusthof paring knife ….I’ve had it for about 7 years and still use it daily. I love Cutco, too!

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