Preserves in Action: Pumpkin Carrot Bread with Pear Vanilla Preserves

October 23, 2014(updated on October 18, 2023)
pumpkin carrot bread breakfast

I realize that no one really needs me to suggest spreading jam on bread. It is a deeply familiar application and one that requires little in the way of imagination. But, when you find yourself in possession of a very special loaf of bread, it feels like the best way to go.

pumpkin carrot bread

The bread in question is the Pumpkin Carrot from High Street’s new Fall bread line. A crisp crust is coated in pumpkin seeds. The interior is vibrantly orange and studded with sweet currants. And while it’s perfect all on its own, spread with a little salted butter and some smooth pear vanilla jam (recipe coming next week), it made for simple, special breakfast.

pumpkin carrot bread with jam

For those of you who don’t live close enough to get your hands on a loaf of this bread (sadly, High Street has just one location here in Philly and they’re not sharing the recipe), don’t fret. Find a bakery in your town that is using sour dough starters, long rising periods, and interesting flours. Or if that isn’t available, make yourself a loaf of no-knead bread. Open up a jar of jam. And have your own simple, special breakfast.

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8 thoughts on "Preserves in Action: Pumpkin Carrot Bread with Pear Vanilla Preserves"

  • Was planning on buying some pears this weekend to make your up a batch of your Pear Vanilla jam that I came across in your archives( one using real vanilla beans).
    Can’t wait to get some made, as I plan on putting in gift baskets and sharing with our neighbors and friends. Thank you
    Have a wonderful and enjoyable weekend.

  • The food looks divine… but what I really want to know about are those brötchen boards! Where did you get them??

  • Looking forward to the smooth pear vanilla jam method. I’ve made my own version recently and I’m excited to compare it to yours! : )

  • I love all your jam recipes and have made nearly all of them, but , oh my, that bread looks divine. Someone please have a recipe. It’s got to be out there somewhere!

  • But I love your pear & vanilla jam! Are you changing it? Found a new recipe? I can’t believe it could be bettered!

  • Hi

    How to say this. You baking seeds on your bread. As the male I am scared. Maybe this is why looks divine, something from middle is coming out.