Plum Cardamom Jam

finished plum cardamom jam

The first homemade jam I ever tasted was made with homegrown plums. I was just four or five years old and the trees in our backyard were having a bumper year. My mom picked enough to fill her yellow enamel colander, gave them a good rinse under the tap, and turned them in sweet, slightly drippy preserves. We ate those plums over pancakes and with oatmeal every chance we got.

syrupy plums

Though I will often tell people that blueberries are my foundational fruit (and they were the star in my very first solo batch of jam), there is something about the flavor of plum jam that makes my brain go, “ah yes, THIS is what homemade jam should taste like.”

finished plum jam

I recently made my first batch of plum jam for this season (I was asked by Anolon gourmet cookware to develop this particular recipe), from the same kind of sturdy black plums that used to grow in our southern California yard. I added a little ground cardamom for extra depth and I cooked the whole thing in the 7.5 quart wide stock pot from the Anolon Advanced line. Though I don’t normally gravitate towards non-stick cookware for jam making, the width and low walls of the pan made it irresistible.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post (hopefully that was clear before you got to this disclosure statement). Anolon has compensated me for the creation of the plum jam recipe. They sent me the stockpot in which I made the jam (I did really like it, though), and they’re providing the cookware set for the giveaway. The thoughts and words are still all entire mine. 

Plum Cardamom Jam

Yield: 8 half pints


  • 5 pounds plums
  • 4 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 teaspoon ground cardamom
  • 2 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice


  1. Wash plums well and cut them in half to remove pits. Slice the plums into thin half moons and heap them into a low, wide pan.
  2. Add the sugar and stir to combine. Cover the pan and let the plums macerate for at least an hour.
  3. When the plums are quite juicy and most of the sugar has dissolved, remove the cover from the pan and place it on the stove.
  4. Add the cardamom and lemon juice and bring the fruit to a boil.
  5. Cook the fruit at a controlled boil, stirring regularly, for 30 to 40 minutes, until the plums soften and the syrup thickens. You’ll know when the jam is done because it will become more resistant to stirring, and when you pull the spoon out of the pan, the droplets will be thick and slow moving.
  6. While the plums cook, prepare a boiling water bath canner and 8 half pint jars.
  7. When the jam is done, remove the pan from the heat. Funnel it into the prepared jars.
  8. Wipe the rims, apply the heated lids and clean rings, and process the closed jars in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes (do not start your timer until the pot returns to a full, rolling boil).
  9. Once the time is up, remove the jars from the canner and set them on a folded kitchen towel to cool. The lids should seal promptly and will often make a pinging or popping sound as the vacuum forms. When the jars are sealed, the center of the lids will be concave and when pressed, the lid will not move or wiggle.

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600 responses to “Plum Cardamom Jam”

  1. My all time favorite is my Lodge Combo Cooker. It serves as a shallow pan, a medium pot, and a Dutch oven. I use it for everything from caramelizing onions to baking bread!

  2. Got a Farberware stainless stockpot back in 1989 and it’s served me well through years of soups, pastas, and even popcorn!

  3. Hands down favorite is the popcorn pan: a larger saucepan bequeathed to me by my roommate at the end of our respective master’s programs in 2002. By the end of that year it was nicely weathered by daily popcorn use and a layer of melted on plastic bag on the bottom (oops, did not realize I had inadvertently laid it on the bag while hot, yet another reason to say yes to re-usable fabric bags)…my roommate left it with me as I had seemingly ruined it’s looks;). Great for a smaller pot of soup and doubling as my lid pan this season (a nice dousing in vinegar cleans up the inside after a weekend of preserving).

  4. My favorite piece of cookware is this giant, super thin plastic spatula I got when I was in college. Can’t live without it.

  5. I have a couple of pots from the IKEA 365 line that I use all the time…stainless and dishwasher-safe. But for true love the copper jam pot that I inherited from my sister.

  6. Is it bad that I don’t have a favorite piece of cookware? I’m only recently getting into cooking. I have a basic set of pots and pans and that’s about it.

  7. My absolute favorite piece of cookware is a random 12 inch skillet my husband’s old landlord gave us as a wedding gift. We didn’t register for it, but boy do we use it (nearly everyday)!

  8. I don’t know that it’s my favorite, but my girlfriend has a tiny non-stick skillet that’s mostly only useful for cooking one or two eggs at a time. But it’s the first piece of non-stick I’ve used in years, and I’m realizing what I’ve been missing by avoiding it for so long!

  9. I’s say it’s a toss-up between my 3.5 qt Le Creuset Dutch oven and my reversible Lodge stove-top grill/griddle. Both make my life immeasurably better than it was before they entered my world.

  10. A little embarrassed to admit it…but I love my egg poaching pan. I never mastered the art of poaching eggs in boiling water so this pan is a life saver…I can also take the egg poaching insert out and use it as a regular stainless steel pan, which I love for making jam. 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. The 10″ cast iron skillet, or the 8 quart stainless steel stock pot…I love them both because they heat evenly and seem indestructible.

  12. I love my enameled Dutch oven. It’s a bit big for cooking for two but I love it. I may have to downsize for an everyday pan.

  13. When I moved into my first apartment, my parents visited thrift shops for weeks until they found me three cast iron skillets – two large, one saucepan – to get started with. They are by far my favorite pieces of cookware!

  14. i got a giant 12-quart enameled stockpot in pale green for christmas last year. i love that i can fit about 6 pint jars in that beauty, so i can put up medium-sized batches without dragging the giant two-burner pot out from the basement! easier process = MORE canning!!

  15. I love my enameled cast iron Dutch oven – it is the workhorse I use for every pot of stock, soup and pasta sauce, plus I use it to brown meat and even pan-fry steak! I don’t have very nice lighter-weight cookware, so for anything needing a pot bigger than a couple quarts, out comes the Lodge.

  16. favorite by far is a 12 inch skillet with short handles on each side (I’m sure there’s a proper name for it) I use it almost every single time I cook

  17. I had to think hard about this one…but I think my fave is my 5 quart Le Creuset dutch oven. But I love my cast iron fry pans, too!

  18. My favorite piece of cookware would be my Foley food mill. The aged food mill brings to mind many memories of homemade applesauce in my mother’s kitchen during the fall in Connecticut. Years passed as I went to college and didn’t have much time for baking or cooking, yet at an estate sale I saw a Foley food mill and just had to have it! Thus opening my world up to new memories of my own. My friends will see it in my cupboard and ask what it is and I will again share my many memories…hot, steamy applesauce with cinnamon, a must have for every holiday dinner.

  19. My favorite piece of cookware are my two cast iron skillets – i try and use them as much as possible! Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I have a 6 quart le creuset dutch oven that I bought for 5 dollars at a garage sale. I had always thought, Le Creuset, beautiful, but so pricey, could it be worth it? Yes. While mine is not beautiful, brown, I am guessing a 70’s addition to the Le Creuset family? It is the perfect addition to my kitchen, I would probably pay full price for one!

  21. My absolute favorite is a tiny, burnt orange colored le cruset saucepan with a wooden handle. It really isn’t big enough to use for most of the things I make but it DOES make a perfect serving size of hot chocolate in the winter. I found it at a secondhand kitchen supply place (an absolute hole in the wall) and couldn’t pass it up!

  22. My professional grade half sheet pan that my step son gave me as a Christmas present. I didn’t know pans weren’t supposed to warp! Roast those veggies!

  23. Honestly? I dislike most of my pans (a scattershot collection accumulated through my college years), though I do have a fondness for my white enameled stock pot.

  24. My favorite piece of cookware is s copper bottomed sauce pan that was my mother’s (I still have the lid!). I use it for everything from boiling potatoes, to making rice or (of course) making sauce.

  25. My favorite pan, believe it or not, is a fry pan I bought for a camping trip. We had forgot to pack our regular camp pan so I picked this one up at a grocery store for $10, I figured it would be a cheaply made pan that I would throw it away when I got home.

    That was 21 years ago.

  26. I love my Le Creuset dutch oven which I use for everything, but most recently, roasting a chicken in the oven that came out perfectly!

  27. My vintage cast iron skillets — 10″ and 6″! Frying oysters, biscuits, cornbread, rustic single-crust pies … I’m pretty sure these were my grandmothers’ so maybe 40+ years of seasoning?

    **confession** I do use dish soap in them! But I dry well and do the occasional crisco+oven to keep ’em seasoned.

  28. I have to say my favorite piece of cookware is a cast iron skillet. I purchased a new one a few summers ago, but I find myself reaching for my great aunt Sis’ cast iron pan over and over. I love cookware that has a a history 🙂

  29. I love my Dutch oven, and use it for everything! Although I hear a cast iron skillet is pretty sweet, and it’s worth it to find a well seasoned one at a thrift store or garage sale.

  30. My favorite piece of cookware is an unmarked dutch oven that my mom bought for me years ago. Everything I make that’s over a quart or so gets cooked in that pan.

  31. I love my Allclad items. I use the small sauce pan often since it it perfect for a quick meal. But I also have this shallow curved edge large pot that I love and use for all sorts of things including jam making.

  32. I give my wife a hard time over how much our Le Creuset dutch oven cost us, but hands down, it is one of the most versatile useful pans in our cupboards. That or a good non stick skillet so I can feel like a rockstar “stirring” the pan with a flick of the wrist.

  33. My favorite piece of cookware is a beautiful Staub dutch oven that a friend of the family gifted me when I graduated from grad school. I love cooking in it and pretending to be Italian-Irish like its gifter – plus together we make beautiful soups, which are so comforting!

  34. I have a Le Crueset Dutch Oven I love for everything. It’s forest green enamel so that tells you how old it is!!

  35. A friend gave me an enameled stockpot, and I love it so much. Granted, the uses for it are limited, but it is by far the best pan I own. It has made me realize what a difference quality cookware can make.

  36. My favorite piece is my Le Crueset Dutch Oven! I cook everything in it! Extremely versatile and so easy to clean and care for!!

  37. My favorite is my Sur la Table nonstick skillet. It cooks like a dream and has a sassy lime green handle and was surprisingly affordable.

  38. I own two “real” skillets(aka not part of the Kmart special set of pans I bought for my first apartment) one cast iron perfect for oven adventures and one anonized non stick. Both are basically always out in the kitchen and the non stick one gets a lot of use this time of year for small batches of jam.

  39. I have a cast iron skillet that used to be my grandmother’s. It’s well-seasoned from years of her cooking potato pancakes and other treats. She’s gone, but the skillet makes me happy to think of her every time I use it. It has become my go-to preserve pan and was my tool of choice when I cooked up a batch of plum jam earlier this summer.

  40. I like to use my mother’s old Revere Ware stainless steel stockpot for making jam and jelly. Not even sure of the size-6 or 8 quarts or so

  41. Wow – I think from all the comments I need to invest in a cast iron skillet. Until then, I use a 10″ deep walled skillet for just about everything.

  42. I use my 10″ cast iron frying pan for everything! I love it! Next in line is my cast iron Dutch oven. I love that I can use them on the stovetop and in the oven. They clean easily because they are so seasoned they’re practically non- stick!

  43. (I’ve already entered with another comment, so don’t count this as an entry)

    The links for the Anolon Advanced 11-Piece Cookware Set, Anolon twitter, and Anolon facebook don’t seem to be working.

  44. These days it is mostly our enameled green cast iron Dutch oven. But I run into trouble when I want to make one thing at a time.

  45. My All-Clad 12″ saute pan (with the 2nd handle on the opposite side) is my go-to for everything. I wouldn’t be able to cook without it.

  46. My stainless steel skillet is definitely the thing I love and use most in my kitchen. It makes everything – eggs, pancakes, curries, sauces, sauteed veggies.

  47. I don’t know if this counts but I have recently fallen in love with my mezzaluna knife! I use it to not only mince garlic and herbs, but we use it instead of a pizza cutter! I can’t wait to find more uses for it. But if that doesn’t count

    I guess the piece of cookware we use the most in our house is a aluminum caldero I bought while I was living in the Dominican Republic. It is light, performs as well as a dutch oven and is perfect for making rice with crunchy bits on the bottom. I hope to get a bigger one next time I go down with my husband to visit his family.

  48. My favorite piece of cookware is an orange 2-qt knockoff Le Creuset pot with a crack in the lid. It’s not too big, nice and heavy, and since I found it at a thrift store, it can’t have cost more than $10.

  49. My favorite piece of cookware is my cast iron skillet, handed down from my mom! Makes the best homefries and fried chicken!!

  50. Right now in these hot summer days my Vitamix is my favorite non-cook, “cookware”. Smoothies, cool soups, dips, dressings, salsa’s, slaws and salads– couldn’t live without it!

  51. My favorite piece of cookware is a Revere Ware 3 qt. pot…my fondest memory is of my dad using it to make mashed potatoes.

  52. We are a soup family, so my 6 qt and 8 qt stainless stock pots are put to great use, though I do like my 3 qt stainless saute pan.

  53. I am a big believer in “form follows function”. My favorite pan is the one that does the job right! Sometimes there is nothing that can compare to my cast iron skillet. Other times, my stock pots are going simultaneously. The common thread? I never seem to have enough!

  54. My favorite cooking tool is GreenPan skillet: I use every day to make perfectly folded eggs or thin crapes or pretty much anything.. Thanks for the giveaway !!

  55. I love using my Griswold cast iron skillet that I inherited from my grandpa and think of him every time it’s used. I could kick myself for turning down the dutch oven and the footed dutch oven I was offered with it. I was 20, what did I know? All I could think of was how heavy it would be when I moved.

  56. I’m torn. I’m going to list two because I honestly can’t say which I’d carry out of the house in case of a fire (although both would probably survive a fire) and say that my 12 in ch cast iron skillet AND my big sauté pan are my favorites. I use both more than any other and would take both again if i had to live in a furnished apartment again.

    That jam is gorgeous by the way.

  57. I love my Le Creuset oval dutch oven. I use to only use it in the fall and winter, but this year I’ve been using it for jam and salsa and it is working great!

  58. My favorite piece is an aluminum pasta pot that belonged to my great grandmother. It’s seen a lot of use over the years! I just have to try to remember to use potholders because those metal handles get hot!

  59. I love my Dutch oven, although I haven’t really used it as such- it’s my favorite thing to prepare my canning goods in!

  60. My best friend and college roomate’s mom gave us a bunch of her old cookware for our apartment. Included in it is this 1970’s yellow stainless steel pot. I love it for all my canning needs and then some. I think it will last forever.

  61. My favorite is my 14″ skillet (it fits lots of stuff at once, allowing for 1-pan meals). It’s a little homely and old but I look past the dents and appreciate it for its lovely capacity.

  62. It is a huge pot my great grandmother used for gravy and chicken soup. I feel connected to my past every time I use it to make jam. The 4th burner pot is great too for preparing the brine.

  63. My use-for-everything old Presto pressure cooker which I got as a wedding present 43 years ago. It’s been a stock pot, popcorn popper, chili pot, soup/stew pot, canner, oh, and of course…a pressure cooker!

  64. My favorite piece is a 9 3/4 inch cast iron skillet I got at a farmers market for $10. Cleaned it and re-seasoned it with bacon fat and now it’s the workhorse of my kitchen. Makes amazing fried eggs.

  65. I love the Dutch oven my father in law gave me that his mom used during his childhood. It cooks everything for me on the stove top and makes the perfect artisan bread in the oven.

  66. I have a 5quart saute pan that gets used for most of my cooking, although my cast iron enameled pot is a very close second!

  67. My favorite piece of cookware is my cassis colored 5qt oval French oven by Le Creuset that I got from Sur la Table at a major discount. It was originally $275, but it was marked down to $119. It’s perfect for cooking just about any meal for just me or even four people if I have guests.

  68. I was so excited when I got my grandmother’s Saladmaster manual food processor. I grew up with one and they are awesome.

  69. My favorite pan was my cast-iron skillet, but unfortunately I had to give it away a few months ago when I moved 🙁

  70. My cast iron skillet is my favorite, followed by a large stock pot that my husband got for me last canning season. I use both regularly and don’t think I could do without either one.

    The plum cardamom jam looks delicious!

  71. We have a glass-top stove so I daydream about a flat-bottomed canning pot, and in the meantime I like my mom’s giant enameled stock pot.

  72. I love using my Le Creuset braising pan, which I found at a Goodwill store. Small batches of jam, quick sauces, etc cook up so quickly!

  73. I think it would have to be a pie plate my mother found for me a few years ago. It has a giant pi on the flat of the plate and around the lip it has the first however many digits of pi that fit on plate. It’s awesome and perfect to use for Pi Day.

  74. My favorite piece of cookware is an old cast iron skillet my husband picked up at the flea market. and I must say an old Revere ware copper bottomed sauce pot gets used a lot! Would love to win a new set of cookware. I’d be doing the happy dance for sure!

  75. My favorite pan is one that my grandmother used. I got custody of it when I went to college and needed something to set up a kitchen, and I’ve kept it ever since. it’s a Regal 2 1/2 quart stainless steel pan, complete with black plastic handle and retro 50’s knob on the top of the lid. Nothing fancy, but just right the size and weight. I use it constantly.

  76. My favorite piece of cookware is definitely a Dutch oven. Doesn’t matter what material it’s made from, it’s my favorite. I make sauces, jam, pasta, iced tea, soups, chili, large batches of fondue, pudding – you name it, I make it in a Dutch oven. Thanks for the giveaway, and plum jam is my favorite! 🙂

  77. My stock pot. Although I never use it for ‘stock’, I use it for cooking pasta, making jam, and canning small batches.

  78. When I lived in Berlin a few years ago, my mom brought me an Ikea wok from the U.S. when she came to visit. She had seen it in the store and thought I’d like it for one-pot meals. There’s Ikea’s in Germany, so I could’ve just bought one there, but she really wanted to buy me a wok. Really sweet mom moment.

  79. 60 year old 5 inch pyrex glass frying pan with detachable metal handle that she used to make my scrambled eggs in. I am now 68 yrs old. Mom long gone,

  80. I have a large nonstick deep sided pan that I cook so many things in. It’s good for stir fries, steak, fried potatoes and any other foods.


  81. My favorite cookware is my Le Creseut heavy duty roasting pan. It works great and its enameled coating makes it so easy to clean.

  82. I have 2 favorites: an 8 inch non-stick skillet that is my go-to pan for perfect eggs-over-easy and omelets and an 8 quart copper bottom pot (part of a set of Revere Ware that I got at the actual factory outlet store… back when there was an actual factory) that I use to make soups, chili and, most recently (this morning) boil beets for pickling!

  83. My go to pot is a 4 Qt. Mangalite. My mom used it all the time. It is very heavy and just the right size for a lot of my recipes.

  84. My favorite piece is a stainless steel skillet, made in France . . . that I bought for $6 at my annual neighborhood yard sale! It’s a great piece – beautiful and highly functional.

  85. my favorite is an old cast iron skillet. it was my great-grandmother’s, then my grandmother’s, and now i’ve inherited it.

  86. My favorite cookware is a deep stainless steel saute pan. I use it to make pasta sauce, chicken with veggies, and most importantly: jam!

  87. My favorite piece of cookware is my stock pot. I love to make soups and chicken stock.I love the way my home smells when I am making soup.

  88. My 14″ cast iron skillet is my favorite. If the house was burning down, this pan would be the one thing I would grab from my kitchen.

  89. I picked up a 10″ ceramic stir fry pan at BJ’s last year and I find I pull it out all the time to make tomato sauce, jam, dinner entrees, eggs and veggies. Love the flow of the pan for quick sautes and the colors are bright and cheery!

  90. An old, small cast iron skillet that was given to me by my mom a few years ago. She had it in their attic from someone (a grandparent, aunt, cousin or someone) from yeeeeaaaars ago. I cleaned that baby up and use it almost every morning to cook up some fresh eggs 🙂

  91. My big saute pan I got for my wedding. It is very versatile and I just used it to make some of Marissa’s pizza sauce tonight!

  92. I have a Pyrex casserole dish that is the perfect size for most dishes I like to make, plus it’s colorful and has a pretty pattern!

  93. My favorite piece of cookware has got to be a hand-me-down steel pan that I received from a friend of my Mom’s. That lady was downsizing and eager to pass along so many lovely things. The pan is just the right size for so many things, the handle stays cool and the pot cover has a knob which doesn’t match any of our other covers, making it easy to find by touch. 🙂

  94. my heavy sauce pot that I lovingly refer to as my mashed potato pot. Its the perfect size for me and it seems to never make it back the cabinet after washing.

  95. A cast iron skillet that as a child I could not even lift because it was too heavy. And now it has been passed down from my grandmother to father then to me. I remember using it on our outdoor camping trips to make the most wonderful “camping pancakes” & awesome eggs and potatoes for morning breakfast!! Yum! Looking forward to handing it down to my children.

  96. I have a stainless steel saucier that I love — it’s shallow; a spoon easily gets into the corners; and the color of the jam isn’t disguised in any way.

  97. My Kilner jam pan. Such a pleasing wide shape, heats evenly and easily, lovely little handle. It’s easy to clip on a thermometer. Used for all my canning projects. I can’t get enough of it.

  98. I love Anolon! Well, I own just one that I bought at a church yard sale. I have had it for 20 years. Love it! It is a flat pan that I use to heat up homemade tortillas, make paninis, and grill ham and cheese sandwiches that I have cut into fun shapes for my son,

  99. My favorite piece of cookware is an ancient stainless steel pot that is tall enough to water bath even quart jars in the summer, and to make huge pots of soup in the winter,

  100. My favorite piece of cookware is an old aluminum pot that was my Grandmother’s. We’ve always used it to cook small amounts of pasta in. It’s probably about 5 quarts in a stockpot style. My Mother said that Nanny had that pot since she was little girl in the 1930’s! Every time I pull that pot out I think of Nanny and that’s a good thing.

  101. I have a big old dutch oven that I use several times a week. I would really like to be able to put it in the oven, though, but it doesn’t have oven safe handles.

  102. My favorite pot is my dad’s old calphalon stock pot. It has been used for ages to make all of my family’s favorite recipes and my dad’s favorite soups. My father recently passed away so this pot has an extra special place in my foodie heart now.

  103. First; thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity.
    My favorite piece of cookware; I would have to say my deep chicken fryer pan along with my cast iron skillet

  104. It’s the stock pot from a cheap set of Farberware — I love that thing — great for soups/chili/stews, canning small batches, applesauce … if I win, it will stay in the kitchen!

  105. My vintage cast iron skillet will always be close to my heart, but my new wide and low sauteuse pan is becoming my go to pan for preserving

  106. I have a 3 qt stockpot with a small spot on the side that is great for making brines and pouring them
    Straight into my jars. No need for a ladle!

  107. I have a large stainless steel stockpot thats only 5″ tall. I use it all the time for my jams and jellies. It is called the Mother in Law pot because the lid has an a metal handle that gets very hot. Burn. Need I say more. Both the pot and the plums are beautiful!

  108. My favorite piece of cookware? Hard to choose as love all my cookware…but if I have to it would be the Griswold cast iron my mother got at a yard sale about 45 years ago and gave to me. She said no kitchen is complete without one. I have since passed it on to my daughter. Guess it has become a family heirloom!

  109. My favorite is my mom’s cast iron skillet. It’s large and I make alot of things including soups and stews in it.

  110. My favoritei is a huge cast iron Dutch oven that was used by a relative 100+years ago when he was a cook for cattle drives. It makes fabulous roast with potatoes,etc.

  111. The large stainless steel pot I make my jams and jellies in. The bottom is rounded not sqared off, so it is very easy to stir and scoop out the product.

  112. I’ve tried blueberry jam but had to cook it too long to achieve the right thickness, berries turned into tiny little deflated soccer balls. Guess I needed a larger, shallower pan!

  113. My favorite piece of cookware is my Grandmother’s huge cast iron skillet. It is about 4 inches deep and about 16 inches round. I LOVE it. I watched my grandmother cook anything from eggs, bacon, fried chicken or rabbit to spaghetti sauce. My mom inherited it and now I have it and I use it ALL the tme!

  114. My earthware griddle pan, environmentally friendly and fantastic for pancakes. Would love to have some plum jam to put on top. Thanks

  115. I guess my all-time favorite is an 11 inch skillet I got from Aldi’s a few years ago. It has sloped sides, a non-stick coating that doesn’t come off, light green enamel on the outside that doesn’t scratch, and the most important part, it doesn’t warp on my flat-top stove, even on high heat! The only drawback is it didn’t come with a lid, so I had to find one to fit.

  116. I would have to say my baking stoneware set that self season’s. I have had my stones since 1995 and they have traveled many miles with me as I have moved from state to state. My second is my family sized skillet “chicken fryer” you can put so much in this skillet it is the perfect size!

  117. I am single and cook in small batches, so my current favorite is an au gratin baking dish from Emile Henry. I have two and they are fabulous!

  118. My small cast iron skillet is my favorite. It’s a hand-me-down from my husband’s side of the family. I’m so privileged to have it!!

  119. a cast iron skillet I found in our garage. It belonged to my husbands grandmother.
    I use it daily & just love knowing it belonged to her…

  120. My very small cast iron frying pan is perfect for one egg but I do also love my big copper stock pot – one cooks for one, one cooks for many; some days it’s hard to choose which path to take!!

  121. Favorite? Well, that depends entirely upon the task. A small, non stick skillet probably is used most frequently because it is just the right size for a grilled cheese sammy, for instance. But, the pieces we cherish most are the cast iron – they are used for almost everything made outside the crockpot. Well, except the BIG stainless steel pot used for canning EVERYTHING!

  122. The older I get, the more I find myself becoming partial to a cast iron skillet I found eons ago at a garage sale. The bottom has a deep crust cover on it, but the inside is buttery smooth. It heats up and holds the heat like a dream and cooking in it is always predictable in a lovely way. It’s taken me nearly 40 years to get used to cooking with a cast iron skillet, but every time I do, I somehow feel like I’m paying homage to all my foremothers who came before me and stood over wood fires and heated stoves to make a meal.

  123. I have a big enameled Dutch oven that my mom gave me for Christmas a few years ago, and rarely does a week go by when I don’t use it at least once. It’s a really happy shade of bright orange that doesn’t really match anything but I love it anyway. 🙂

  124. I have a huge cast iron skillet that I use for almost everything. It goes in the oven, it cooks on the stove, it even goes on the grill from time to time when it’s too hot to cook inside. I honestly don’t know what I would do without it.

  125. My favorite piece of cookware is a heavy, round enameled cast iron pot with a lid. I love to braise in it or cook up a big batch of beans!

  126. I love my large dutch oven. although I rarely use it in the oven, it makes a nice all-around cooking pot for large batches of nearly anything.

  127. My favorite is a tiny sauce pot that my mother bought when she was in her twenties. It’s the perfect size for one person meals!

  128. My favorite pot is an elderly cast iron dutch oven that came from my grandmother. We call it the “Rouladen Pot” in our house because that’s what she used to braise rouladen. It also makes great pot roast.

  129. Like many of you, my dutch ovens are my most-used cookware: jams and salsas in the summer, soups in the winter.

  130. My huge non-stick red skillet with low sides is my go-to pan for making large batches of anything. I used it to make the honey sweetened tomato jam and it worked beautifully.

  131. My favorite is my Kilner enameled jam pot. It is huge though. The analog size would be perfect for small jam batches and I do make a lot of no knead bread it would be fabulous for.
    Sue Malick

  132. The most used piece of cook ware is my Wolfgang Puck Skillet. It sees service everyday. But I recently picked up a wide 3 quart “sauce” pan as a freebie at the grocery store. It’s getting use in my canning activities lately.

  133. My favorite piece of cookware is a 5 or 6qt wide stock pot that I used frequently to make smaller batches of things like soup and sauce, especially on snowy nights 🙂

  134. My favorite pan is our old cast iron skillet. (Used to be my 10inch lecruset skillet) but I got brave and realized what I had been missing! It takes on sweet and/or savory so well and really, it is not hard to clean.

  135. I have a 5 qt. pot that I use almost daily. I use it instead of a skillet or a wok. That, & my favorite metal spoon: commercial kitchen quality & length.

  136. Favorite cookware is, by far, my 10in cast iron skillet. I literally use it everyday. Perfectly seasoned. I have had it for years and plan on passing it down to my kid

  137. My favorite pot to cook in: an old stainless steel Dutch oven that my mother-in-law in herited from her mother, so it has seen a LOT of cooking in the past few decades. I use it to make soups, stews, jams, pot roasts…

  138. I love, love, love my red enamel dutch oven and use it 3-4 times a week. I might be guilty of gravitating towards cooking things that it will be just perfect for. I’m looking forward to trading up to a Le Cruset on ‘tuition liberation day’ when I send the last college tuition payment!!

  139. My large Cruset orange Dutch oven I inherited from a dear friend. It comes down from the shelf almost every night I cook.

  140. I’d be completely lost without my stockpot. It has so many uses – making homemade spaghetti sauce, boiling said spaghetti, making jams and soups. I couldn’t live without it!

  141. I love my large skillet with lid. I use it weekly but especially at Thanksgiving when I make my family’s favorite brussel sprouts with pancetta.

  142. My favorite pan is a really wide “skillet”. It’s big enough to brown meats and veggies without having them touch but the sides are big enough to turn anything into a nice stew. I use it almost every day.

  143. I own a non-stick Analon stove top to oven casserole pan with lid….that I have had for years. I use it at least once a week. Many non stick pans have passed through my kitchen, eventually landing in the trash because of the peeling problem, but my Analon pan goes on and on. I must say that this pan is my favorite for it’s ease of use and it’s durability.

  144. My favorite piece of cookware is my medium skillet. I’ve even started cooking pasta in it because it comes to a boil more quickly than a sauce pan.

  145. I love all of my pots and pans since each was deliberately chosen, but my big cast iron skillet is so versatile and such a workhorse that it really is a favorite.

    I’ll be trying the plum cardamom jam soon!

  146. It is this small/medium enameled saucepan from my European grandmother that is perfect even though the handles been gone for years- it just cooks everything perfectly with little effort on my part.

  147. One of my best jamming pots was scored at a garage sale. It is big and shallow, with a really heavy stainless steel bottom. I haven’t scorched anything yet!

  148. Either my nonstick saucepan or my 10″ skillet. Funny because they’re a little too small for a lot of written recipes but I use them all the time anyway.

  149. Hands down, its a 40 year old Le Creuset skillet that is a

    mere 6 inches. It’s been with me through a dozen moves and remains

    a delight to use.

  150. I love a good non-stick skillet for eggs, and my favorite one finally bit the dust. I bought a cheap one to replace it, but it’s just not the same.

  151. I can’t go a few days without pulling out my enormous antique Lodge cast iron skillet! In fact, it rarely makes it back into the cupboard but spends most of it’s time right on my stovetop!

  152. Right now I would say my favorite piece of cookware is my Dutch oven. I have been making bread and it is the perfect vessel to achieve the best crust and crumb.

  153. My most used piece of cookware is my 10-inch skillet, which is perfect for so many things–from quesadillas to toasting pine nuts. But my favorite piece is my fish skillet, which was a present from some friends long ago. It’s the perfect size for smothering trout in tomatoes in the oven. Yum!

  154. My parents recently purchased ceramic ware pots and frying pans. When I visit, I can hardly wait to use them. Great non stick option. I especially like the ceramic pots for cooking rice and noodles. Very handy.

  155. My parents recently purchased ceramic ware pots and frying pans. When I visit, I can hardly wait to use them. Great non stick option. I especially like the ceramic pots for cooking rice and noodles. Very handy.

  156. I cook and bake all the time, but have to say the item I use the most is my cast iron skillets. I absolutely love how they cook!

  157. My favorite cookware right now is my stockpot. I’ve been a canning fool this season. It was left behind by a tenant when she moved out, she was a chef. She left several pots that I just love. Nice and heavy with very flat bottoms that work great on my glass cooktop.

  158. I love skillets and have different kinds. If I can make a dish in a skillet, then that is where it will come together.

  159. My favorite pan in the whole world is the Kilner Stainless Steel Jam Pan that I bought myself for my birthday last year. I use it all the time!

  160. My mom had a full set of Revere Ware pots from back in the day. The smallest pot holds maybe 1 cup, if you fill it to the top. The copper bottom has all but disappeared from use. The handle has a permanent bent. It’s easily my favorite piece of cookware. It’s been perfect for melting butter for popcorn, chocolate chips for dipping marshmallows, and peanut butter for pouring over cereal. My husband always teases me about how much faster it is to do things in the microwave. But this heats everything up more evenly, plus it’s a connection to Back Then.

  161. My favorite piece of cookware is an inexpensive 6qt pot from Ikea. I use it weekly if not daily; for soups, spaghetti sauce, boiling water, macaroni & cheese, and countless other ways!

  162. Right now, my favorite piece of cookware is my omelet pan. I probably use that more than anything else, and it is usually in the drying rack or on the stove – I never seem to hang it back up because of how often it is used.

  163. I miss my Grampy’s yellow plum tree. Sweetest plums EVER!

    BTW the pan link didn’t work for me so I didn’t get a look at the giveaway. My fav is probably my 12 qt, cast iron dutch oven – indoors or out. It has traveled many miles with me.

  164. Ice cream maker, currently. I’ve been experimenting with savory vegetable-based frozen items, like tomato salsa sorbet and curried pumpkin sorbet. Yummy.

  165. My favorite is a little Revereware pot I got from my grandma, followed closely by the Revereware copper-bottom pots from my great aunt’s house. The one from my grandma is the rice pot. Period. That’s what goes in it. Rice. The ones from my great aunt are fairly little so they tend to be my side veggie pots. Those pots are close to indestructible. I love them.

  166. My favorite cookware is my Le Creuset stoneware baking dish – it’s the perfect aqua-green color, isn’t overly large (I am only cooking for the two of us most times) and even has a lid so it’s extra easy to store left overs. Plus it has handles and is great for bringing to pot lucks or just to use as a chip bowl.

  167. I have a large skillet style pan that has nice 3″ sides that’s perfect for cooking down sauces, just wish I could do more then one batch at a time. Cooking down 25 pounds of tomatoes takes awhile at just a few ppounds per batch!

  168. Cliche for this site, I know, but my big monster Ball canning pot with rack is my favorite. I don’t use it every day, but it just makes some of the larger batch canning I do sooooooo much easier.

  169. I adore my 12-inch cast iron skillet and I use it for almost everything, but I am totally smitten with my 3 quart American Kitchen (made in the US!) stainless steel saucier. It’s perfection.

  170. My huge Dutch oven. I got it on sale when I was 22. I make everything from curry, to
    Jams to chicken soup in it. One year we even did a tiny turkey in it for thanksgiving. Every time I take it out to cook a plethora of happy memories assult me.

  171. I really love a stainless steel skillet I bought at Ikea. It’s one of their more moderately priced items (not super cheap, but pretty good quality). I use it for jam and lots of other things!

  172. I love my slow cooker. It’s not my jam-making pot, but I use it to feed the family while I’m teaching full time and I use it for my fall tomato sauce that needs to cook down overnight.

    The mark-downs might be just enough to draw me into Macy’s.

  173. We have an old, large enameled Dutch oven found at a flea market that gets heavy rotation for jam-making, roasting veggie, making stock, you name it. I love that it shows its age, but still does the job beautifully…

  174. My Emeril chicken frier is probably my favorite – with it’s higher sides and lid, I can do alot in there! But for whatever reason, my husband hates to wash that pan! lol

  175. My favorite piece is a French oven of unknown origin I found at Goodwill for $12!!! It is bright lemon yellow, has a funky lid & my daughters & I use it exclusively for our oatmeal making every day. It’s crazy how much just looking at it makes me smile, I feel like it was a real treasure find!

  176. My favorite piece of cookware, that I could not do without, is my cast iron skillet. Stove top cooking,
    oven baking and camping cookouts…but a close second is the dutch oven that faithfully serves during canning season!

  177. My favorite is my enameled cast iron dutch oven. I love to cook a pot of stew, soup, etc. and just carry it to the table for serving. It will soon enough be soup/stew days – can’t wait for the cooler days of autumn.

  178. I love my cast iron skillet, too! Also I finally got an enameled cast iron dutch oven I’ve wanted forever… So love plum jam!

  179. I had a clear glass stovetop pot for a long time that broke in a move. It was awesome. I loved being able to see whats happening in the pot, and teach my son about the cooking stages of things with it.

  180. My dutch oven is my favorite kitchen accessory! I used it for making jams and jellies, roasting chicken and slow cooked pork and beef!

  181. My favorite piece of cookware is a flat iron griddle! It was salvaged from an old, terrible waffle iron my mother threw off the deck in a fit of rage, and it has a lovely dark seasoning patina on it that make the best grilled cheese sandwiches and french toast.

  182. I hate to play favorites but I’d have to say my stainless soup, stew, jam, tomato sauce, pasta, bagel boiler, steamer pot…it does everything! I wan to make that plum jam by the way… it’s going in the pot next!

  183. Fav skillet is my Grandmas 10″ cast iron fry pan!
    It was my Grandmas, then my Moms and when she passed it came to me.
    It is black and shiny and beautifully seasoned and I take very good care of it.

  184. Definately my large te-fal deep 14 inch pan. It sautes, fries, reheats, and does bascially everything. It has a nice glass lid with a hole for steam to escape. This is my second one as I wore the first one out. It gets almost daily use with our family of 5.

  185. My 12-inch saute pan! I make everything in it.

    Though I have a not-so-secret plan to abscond with my boyfriend’s enameled cast iron pot.

  186. I think it’s my stock pot I found on sale about ten years ago. It’s not anything fancy, but I use it for everything from soup, to canning, to baking no-knead bread.

  187. my favorite cookware is a pan i got at a garage sale actually! ;D it looks like it’s from the seventies. olive green on the outside of the pan with a wooden handle. it’s nice and large and cooks everything evenly.

  188. My favorite piece of cookware is an old stock pot I’ve had for over 30 years – it’s got a couple of dings and the lid doesn’t fit on exactly right, but I love that old stock pot and plan to keep it until I die!

  189. My favorite piece of cookware is my enameled cast-iron Dutch oven given to me by my sister-in-law. It makes me feel like a very capable cook!

  190. I have a steel cookie sheet my dad made in the steel mill he worked at before I was born. It has not seen a silver color that I can ever recall. But it bakes the best cookies, bread, roasted veggies ever.

  191. Lately it’s my bread maker – been using it to make pizza dough and bread dough, but not actually to bake the bread. Definitely the best way to go!

  192. It’s tough to decide on a favorite, but I picked up a cheap, orange/red LeCruset oval stock pot at a damaged goods store years ago, and used it for just about everything. It’s super heavy but works so well!

  193. My favorite cookware is my fire engine red tramontina dutch oven. I use it for almost every recipe that calls for a large pan – canning recipes as well as chilis, soups and stews

    • My favorite pan is my 12 inch cast iron pan my friend Gabriel brought me from a garage sale. It was rusted and had burnt crust in it. I polished it up, seasoned it and now I make the best country breakfasts with bacon and eggs for him while he serenades me with his guitar in the morning.

  194. You know, I’m not sure if it counts, but my partner gave me an excellent electric kettle for Christmas this year and it’s definitely my favorite thing in my kitchen. If that doesn’t quite count, then it’s probably my pressure canner. It’s a Presto 23 (I think?) quart pot–it’s enormous and I can do loads of beans in it all at once. Love it!

  195. Our cast iron skillet is probably my favorite because it can be used on the stove top as well as in the oven.

  196. My favorite pot is my le creuset round dutch oven that I got as a wedding present. It fits perfectly on my burner, heats up evenly and holds heat for a long time. It’s perfect for making soups and stews and makes making jam a breeze as it holds an even temperature and helps to keep the bottom from scorching.

  197. Favorite pan is my 12″ cast iron skillet, love the high sides, easy clean up, we don’t need to use special utensils and it’s nearly indestructible, which is necessity around my house.

  198. A stockpot I was gifted for my wedding has become my favorite, or at least, most used. That jam looks heavenly.

  199. I love my 10 inch cast iron skillet. I was always intimidated by the upkeep of cast iron and stuck to non-stick until I realized non-stick doesn’t stay that way but cast iron really does with just a few simple steps. I love how it evenly cooks, retains heat, and just cooks food so well.

  200. I love my cast iron skillet. It has great high heat, can sear anything and reminds me of my grandmother’s kitchen.

  201. I love my 8″ non stick pan with a blue heat proof handle. My parents bought it at a restaurant supply store (one for all us kids one Christmas) and I use it for everything, particularly eggs.

  202. I love my Cuisinart wok. I use it for almost everything. From sautéing vegetables, meats and noodles. Just made clam linguini over the weekend.

  203. My cast-iron skillet that has never once been washed in true Southern style. I cook everything in it and I still don’t understand teflon.

  204. I love my enameled Dutch oven. Not only does work well on the stove as well as the oven, but no matter what I cook in it, clean up is always a snap.

  205. My sister brought me a Faberware covered oval dutch oven as a hostess gift that I absolutely love. I use it several times a week; it’s so versatile.

  206. a dutch oven that we picked up from someone’s trash when I was a small child. My mom has cooked in it for years. Occasionally, will borrow it and use it to cook certain family recipes. We don’t have them written down but know how much goes into that pot. One man’s trash…..was this family’s treasure!

  207. I love using my Mom’s Cast Iron Skillet !! I use it all the time for Breakfast, Supper & Fried foods !! Thank you for allowing me to enter !! luv your site !!

  208. My favorite piece of cookware is a GreenPan dutch oven . . . it’s wonderful for transitions from stovetop to oven for many of my ‘slow’ recipes.

  209. My favorite pan is a 6″ cast aluminum pan that was my mothers, from the 1950’s. It’s older than me. perfect size to make fried egg sandwickes.

  210. Definite favorite: big heavy 13- or 14-inch skillet, about 5 inches deep. All of last year’s cooking & jam-making was done in standard-depth 8- or 9-inch skillets, and I feel like life has *changed* since getting this new one!

  211. I love my cast iron dutch oven. I make bread and everything else in it. We are going to Yellowstone later this month and it will go there also!

  212. My all time favorite is a small Dutch oven with a blue emaille coating and heavy bottom by Silit. I have it almost 30 years and will last another 30. Perfect for anything from jams to sauces.

  213. My favorite piece of cookware is my 8×10 glass pan. It’s all I brought with me to college my freshman and sophomore years of college (before I had a real kitchen) and I used it to cook all of my meals.

  214. My favorite is not a fancy piece – it is a large soup pot that I often use to make jams & preserves. It has never let me down!

  215. Actually I have a stock pot that I use for water bath canning as it is significantly smaller than the water bath canner and serves the same purpose in less time. The only thing was I had to find something to put in the bottom to allow water circulation around all the jars…and many jar rings got used. This would be a great set to have as I still use the copper bottom Revere ware set my grandma got in the 1940’s. And although I love antiques…sometimes they leave much to be desired.

  216. My favorite piece of cookware is a 14 inch cast iron frying pan. I found it in my grandparents basement. When I asked my grandfather if I could have it, he said sure, just don’t tell your grandmother. She was not much of a cook so she never missed it. I’ve had it now for over 30 years.

  217. Two things I couldn’t cook without, my large flat round cast iron grill to make
    pancakes, french toast, bacon and eggs, etc. The other one is my set of square
    Corning Ware cookware, goes from freezer to oven or stove burner. They have
    Pyrex lids and if you turn them upside down you can stack them in fridge for leftovers.
    They are pretty enough to put on the table at meal time.

  218. I have a set of three Calphalon non-stick frying pans and I use at least one of them every day for so many different kitchen chores.

  219. In our little kitchen, the multipurpose Calphalon sauce pan cooks everything from breakfast sausages to marinara sauce.

  220. My favorite is my dutch oven. It’s not a name brand, but it’s reliable and so versatile I use it all the time!

  221. I love my cast iron skillet (along with everyone else it seems). It has high sides and is my work horse. I cook about everythig in it as well as abuse it to no end. Its used as a mallet, tenderizer, weight, and sandwich press amoung other things lol

  222. My cast iron skillet gets the most use year round. This summer, as I’ve explored new canning recipes, I’ve been getting a lot of use out of a medium sized stockpot; it is just the right size for water batch canning a few jars at a time.

  223. I have been getting so much use out of my giant pressure canner this year. Not just for pressure canning, but just as a giant pot to sterilize, water bath, pressure cook…. It’s a great multi-use piece of equipment.

  224. My favorite cookware is my spagetti pot. I put 3 pans together from goodwill. I use it for pasta and blanching, and anything I have to cook and strain. I love that they fit together like they were made to.

  225. Well, actually it’s my 4th burner pot, that you recommended. I use that thing all the time. And on the rare occasions that it’s back in the cabinet, my toddler pulls it out, puts his matchbox cars in the steamer basket and carries it around. Good thing it’s a sturdy pot!

  226. i bought a set of japanese small enameled pots at an estate sale. they are orange and nest, so they can be separate units: small pot, small frying pan. or, the frying pan is the lid. or, the frying pan is the top of the (wee) double boiler. love. it. also, so cheery and bright!

  227. I love my huge stainless steel pressure canner and have used it for many years. I fear it’s time for some new canning equipment as the pressure gauge is a bit wobbly now.

  228. I have this old copper bottom pot that my mom gave me when I got married. It’s the perfect pot for getting the right saute on vegetables. Specially for Indian food.

  229. Dutch oven, hands down. It’s ancient, but we literally do everything in it, including making jam (i know, discoloration, etc. but it’s so heavy the jam never burns!).

  230. a square “pizza” stone that i bake everything on! it comes out so evenly cooked and after 10 years its seasoned perfectly!!

  231. My favorite is a pan I inherited from an elderly neighbor, sold as a chicken fryer. I like the width, the low sides, and that it has a lid. I cook everything in it.

  232. My Calphalon stainless steel saute pan…I use is most every day. I don’t even put it away…it lives on top of my stove.

  233. Absolute favorite thing is a small-ish Le Creuset round pot that is just the right size for any meal for my family from curries to pasta sauces. And it is bright red. What is not to love!

  234. I love ALL my kitchen tools, well, almost all. But I absolutely love my cast iron dutch oven and skillet. They are great because they go on the stove top or in the oven. They just cook so well and evenly, and clean easily too.

  235. My recent new favorite for small batch jam is my Wolfgang Puck breadmaker. It has a jam setting for those little batches of improvisational fruit jam.
    As an aside, I love my new Dessert Bullet… more wasted bananas!!!

  236. My favorite piece of cookware is my dear mother-in-law’s stainless steel pie pan which we inherited when she passed away ten years ago. My wild black raspberry pies and quiches bake so evenly using her pan. I think of her every time I use it. I am forever scouring garage sales and resale shops for another one!

  237. My clay pot! It is such a fun way to cook, is beautiful to look at, and makes anything and everything turn delicious.

  238. I have a cast iron Dutch oven we got as a wedding gift, that I’ve used over and over through the years. I love that thing!

  239. I have an All-Clad Dutch oven that I adore for its versatility. I feel like I can do anything in it. It’s also my main pot for cooking jam!

    As a side note, I can’t wait to try the plum cardamom jam recipe. When I was a child, my family mostly preserved food in the freezer, but we made plum jelly every year (until the deer found our plum orchard). We’d put up dozens of jars a year and eat it all year long. It’s a smell that permutes my childhood memories, still. For years after we stopped beating the deer to the plums, we had jelly for sandwiches. Now that I’m a canner, I prefer making fruit jams to fruit jellies (partially for laziness – I hate the straining process – and partially because I love fruit bits). But last year when I had the chance to buy some plums, I couldn’t resist making a couple of batches of plum jelly. It was more work than jam, and hair-raising because I wanted it to come out right *so badly*, and was so afraid the jelly would end up not setting, or be murky and clouded. But it was worth every bit of the work when I was looking at those lovely, perfectly crystalline jars of plum jelly.

    It was a good moment. Making plum jam will be the best of both worlds!

  240. All clad 10 inch stainless steel skillet with straight sides and lid. Great for pasta, rice, veggies, searing meats etc. Goes from stove top to oven I have two and use at least one every day.

  241. My pots and pans are all pretty old as I have not been much of a cook until now. So I am in the process of replacing everything – I think I have had it all since I got married 29 years ago! I am enjoying the process of cooking now more than ever. I guess my favorite is my stock pot as I like to make soups etc., that I can then freeze for later.

  242. I inherited my grandmother’s cast iron Dutch oven. I use it for everything from making soup, cooking roasts, canning jam and frying chicken. It’s over 50 years old and still looks new!

  243. I use my enamal lined dutch oven the most. It is a beautiful blue and looks so pretty with jammy jam bubbling away in it.

  244. I’m in love with my stand mixer but what probably gets the most use is my small nonstick frying pan that I mainly use for eggs over easy and for argentine-style tortillas (what most people probably know as fritattas).

    What I use most in the kitchen, however, are a small chef’s knife and my all time favorite tomato knife.

  245. My grandma gave me her cast iron chicken fryer with lid. I don’t use it often but when I do I like to think of her and all the food she made.

  246. My favorite is my stockpot. I use it for processing my jelly jars as well as make stock. I just throw some bands in the bottom and put the jelly jars on top. It is so much nicer than dragging out my large canner. I also like my jelly pot as well. I use both pots a lot.

  247. We have All-Clad cookware and I love all my pots and pans. My husband and I cook a lot, and our kids join in too, and although they are heavy, they are amazing to cook with!

  248. My cast iron griddle. One side is flat and the other ribbed. Since it fits over 2 burners, either side will cook an entire meal for 2.

  249. I was browsing the shelves at my local Value U Village and I came across large, orange Le Cruset skillet. The moment I saw it I let out a little gasp and grabbed it up as fast as I could. While a little heavy, it has been a great skillet and I love the story of how I got it!

  250. My cookware is in pretty shabby shape right now because I’m a student (almost 30, in grad school, and just haven’t ever had the budget for nice cookware). I just had to replace my nonstick pan after it overheated. The new one, as cheap as it was, is amazing!! I cooked pancakes without a drop of oil or butter. Granted, butter would have made them taste better. But it didn’t stick!

  251. Not sure if this counts a cookware but I’m very fond of my vitamix and love how versatile and useful it is. Looking forward to reading this site and trying out the tempting recipes!

  252. My favorite piece of cookware is an enamel coated dark blue Staub cast iron skillet. It’s large, cooks beautifully, and can handle many of my dishes. I even have a stray lid that fits it perfectly.

  253. The last gift my mother gave me was a set of black Le Creuset pots and pans. I think of her and smile when I use them. She probably knew that would happen when she gifted them to me.

  254. I use my stainless steel skillet for most of my small batch jams and jellies – the size is just right and it’s so easy to clean.

  255. I prefer anodized aluminum to other metals for cookware, so I would love the Analon set. Having to choose my favorite of what I already have, I’d have to go with my Calphalon skillet. It’s great for skillet pastas, curries, cornbread, and almost anything else I’d throw at it.

  256. I love my Revere Ware copper-clad Dutch oven that I got as part of a set for a wedding shower gift 25 YEARS AGO! I have used that one piece at least once a week for all the weeks I have been married. I even made my FIRST EVER black raspberry jam in it this year!! It reminds me so much of my Grandma to make black raspberry jam. It was the most highly anticipated and absolute best birthday gift I ever received to get a small jar of this jam from her. 🙂

  257. I love my dutch oven! I’m ready for cooler weather so I can make more soups and stews in it. But today, we get to make peach jam together. 🙂

  258. The go-to item I usually fall back on is my steamer pot. I don’t like to cook veggies in water, so I prefer to steam them, and if I cook down the water I can add it to stock for soup!

  259. I love my nearly 100 year old cast iron skillet. Used to be my great-grandma’s who lived to be 102! Who said new is better??

  260. I use my 16 gallon stockpot from a local discount store (it cost a whopping $14 on sale) the most in my kitchen. I love to make jam and pickles. My co-workers complain at Christmas if I don’t bring them each a jar of something special. I really enjoy doing it. The satisfaction of seeing those lovely jars on the pantry shelves is quite gratifying. I’d love to have a dutch oven. There are so many wonderful recipes I can’t try because I don’t have one. I keep looking on the clearance shelves but I haven’t seen one yet. Fingers crossed.

  261. I received a set of cast iron pans for Christmas last year and I have been loving them! They require a bit more effort, but the way they cook everything makes it worth it.

  262. My favorite piece of cookware is a teal enameled cast iron Dutch oven. It’s great for just about everything, and after five years, it still looks great on the table 🙂

  263. I suppose if I had to pick a single piece of cookware to keep above all others it’d be a nice Dutch oven. I find that that’s the piece I turn to most often in my kitchen. About a year and a half ago I was fortunate enough to be able to replace all of my cookware with the 30 piece All-Clad Copper Core set and I absolutely love every piece. I find myself reaching for my 8 quart Dutch oven constantly. It’s also a fantastic jam cooking pot!

  264. Since seeing your demo in Seattle, I have been using a skillet for all of my small batch jams and jellies. It is easier and I can see if I missed any skins or cherry pits. Now I only use the dutch oven for big jobs.

  265. my favorite piece of cookware is my All-Clad 10″ skillet (with lid)…I was a diehard devotee of cast iron until I got the all-clad on wicked sale (still a big fan of the cast iron, tbh), but I really love the versatility and the fact it can go in the dishwasher! (Lazy, but oh well!)

  266. My favorite piece of cookware is my Lodge Dutch oven that I use for camping. It is so much fun to cook outdoors.

  267. I have teenagers, so my main dish has to be plentiful. I have a large 14″ skillet that is deep enough for double batches of whatever I make for dinner. It’s really starting to show some wear but I refuse to get rid of it until I find a suitable replacement!

  268. We have bulk foods store in our little community, and they had a large deep pan that I wanted for making jams. Last year was a jam flop when I tried to make large batches. Now I know why you do not do that. My husband went and picked up that pan, and I love it. I use it for jam and sauteing my pickled peppers.

  269. I have a random 3 qt pot with two handles that was a wedding gift. I have no idea if it’s actually high quality, but that pot is my go-to pot for everything that will fit in it. Straight sides, good lid. The only thing I don’t like to use it for is popcorn, on my gas range, I need a long handle to get a really good shake going.

  270. I love my itty bitty 6″ cast iron skillet. Perfect for grilled sandwiches, an egg, or (if I’m feeling brave) a crepe or two.

  271. First, this recipe looks AMAZING…I am a plum lover and anything with cardamom is a bonus. My favorite piece of cookware is a toss up between my echo-friendly dutch oven and my wok. Both have gotten my husband and I through several moves, several tight-spaced kitchens and several wonderful meals. Cheers!

  272. If I had to choose a favorite I think it would be my stock pot. I love making soups and stews even in the summer (works great for chicken and dumplings too!)

  273. We “splurged” on a mini-food processor as a present to ourselves at Christmas, and it seems like we use it almost every day! That baby does everything. Thank you for the chance to win! I stumbled across your blog today on a hunt for pear butter instructions, and over the course of this afternoon I think I’ve spent at least 3 hours here reading. Thank you!

  274. love plums- but love blueberries more. would love summer jam in February. Plum ain’t too shabby either: though peach and lemon thyme sounds appealing to me right now….

  275. My absolute favorite is a large iron skillet my mother in law bought me from a yard sale. It makes the best upside down pineapple cake ever!

  276. My favorite is my medium nonstick skillet. It’s showing some wear though! Also, my favorite jam out of all the ones I have made is Plum Amaretto–the Plum Cardamom one looks delicious!

  277. 8″ Cast Iron skillet, for sure. It was one of the first pieces of new cookware I bought for myself, back in 2004, and it’s come with me to every house I’ve lived in since.

  278. This past year, it has been a shallow le creuset roasting pan. I throw cut veggies in there w/ any seasoning & it roasts them perfectly.

  279. I was excited to see this website as I was looking for more recipes to use up gallons of plums and blackberries in my kitchen. New pans couldn’t hurt! My Ebbleskiver pan…cast iron WITH the lip is my all-time favorite.

  280. Even though I can’t enter, I had to comment on that beautiful jam you made!! I’m going to try may hand at some with Cardamom in it too!!!

    My favorite piece of cookware is an old cast aluminum HealthTec dutch oven. I found it in my second husband’s garage when I moved in after our wedding. It was the first thing I packed into my car when I moved, many years later!!! I’ve baked a chicken, made jam, simmered soup & fried eggs in that thing. The lid fits so well that you can put soup on to simmer & turn the stove down so low it’s just barely on & go out into the garden for the day & it won’t go dry. I quickly browned a pork roast it once & forgot to turn it totally off before I went out. It simmered all day long with the stove just barely on like a slow cooker & presented me with a roast that fell apart when I got home. The only things I use in my kitchen now that I’m old & single are that pot, a non-stick skillet for stir fry, my Foreman Grill & the slow cooker.

  281. My favorite piece of cookware is my calphalon saute pan. I got it in college and it’s still the best piece, I use it for everything. That plum recipe looks beautiful!

  282. Favorite piece of cookware – has to be the amazingly versatile dutch oven. Don’t know what I ever did in the kitchen without one!

  283. I may have to adjust my farmer’s market agenda to pick up some plums; I think that the color alone persuaded me!

    Anyhow, my favorite is a big Le Creuset pot that my husband and I use all the time to make stews, pasta sauce, jam, whatever…I hesitated about purchasing that thing for so long, but it was so worth it. I am hoping to make some plum butter in it this weekend!

  284. My favourites are and always have been a collection of dutch ovens, small and large. I cook, roast, and bake in them. Thank you!

  285. My fave is an old strainer I inherited from my grandmother. It’s falling apart and I’ve been looking for a suitable replacement for ages. So far, nothing is quite right.

  286. My favorite piece of cookware is my 12 inch cast iron skillet. From stovetop to oven easily and the even heat is a joy.

    Your jam looks wonderful.

  287. My current favorite piece of cookware is a 10″ cast iron skillet that was passed down to my hubby from his great grandmother. So many things have been cooked in it over the years. It is just so versatile.

  288. My stainless steel GreenPan stock pot. My mom and I use it every summer to make all different kinds of jam. We then share our jam with family and friends during the holiday season.

  289. My current favorite pan is a very large (14″?) non stick skillet we picked up at a friend’s yard sale. We can cook 3 over easy eggs at once or pan fry a large quantity of anything. Our cast iron skillets are not as large and my 30 year old wok is not flat, though they have also been favorites in the past.

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