Open Jars: Peachy Carrots from Queen of the Castle Recipes

February 3, 2011(updated on October 18, 2023)
purple carrots

When I was growing up, my mom kept dinnertime simple by rotating through a mix-and-match array of main and sides. One such side that came up on a fairly regular basis was a dish of sliced carrots, steamed until just tender and then glazed with butter and a bit of brown sugar. I always loved it, although as I got older, it faded from the cycle.

I’m reminded of those delectable carrots, thanks to Lynn from Queen of the Castle Recipes. She cooked up a batch of carrots and glazed them with some of the peach pit jelly she made last summer. Here’s what she has to say about them…

The very best recipe I’ve made in the last two weeks, the one I’ll be making again? It’s Peachy Carrots, from The Four Ingredient Cookbook. Who’d have thought such a simple little recipe would surpass the others? Here’s the recipe, and I will save you all that time-consuming experimenting.

1 lb. package of carrots (the authors recommend you slice and cook them; I simply took a 12-oz. bag of petite carrots and used them whole, without pre-cooking)
1/3 c. peach preserves (I used peach pit jelly I had made over the summer)
1 T. butter

In small skillet or saucepan, combine all ingredients and cook over medium heat until heated through.  That’s it.  Sweet and yummy and pretty darned simple.

They really do sound good. I’m thinking about making them using the nectarine-lime jam I made last summer. Something tells me that the hint of citrus would be a perfect accompaniment to the sweetness of the carrots and the jam.

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10 thoughts on "Open Jars: Peachy Carrots from Queen of the Castle Recipes"

  • Ooooooooooo! As soon as I read this, I thought of all the great sounding variations of this:

    2 T Peach jam + 2 T pepper jelly
    2 T bacon bourbon jam + 2 T maple apple conserve

    I could do this all night. Thanks for the jump start!

  • i’d love a recipe for peach pit jelly! Does anyone have one to recommend? I did a quick search but only found confusing recipes (i.e., using powdered pectin AND boiling to 220 degrees).

  • Catherine, I wish I could heartily recommend the recipe I used this summer when I made peach pit jelly, but alas, it tasted a lot like sugar and not much like peaches ;), which is why I was thrilled to use some of it up in this carrot recipe. I, too, would love to hear if anyone makes a stellar peach pit jelly that has a better flavor than just plain sugar.

  • It is great to hear about all the different ways to use up our jams and jellies!!…as we have a ton of them!! I am forever forwarding these ideas on to my husband (who is our cook). This is an excellent idea. Thanks!

  • Ooh. This is perfect for some jam I received as a gift; it’s a peach jam that’s a little runnier than usual, but would be perfect for this. (I participated in a Secret Santa exchange on an online community, and my secret santa innocently sent me…two jars of her own jam, unaware that I had about 25 such jars of preserves already.)

  • This sounds delicious. I wonder how carrots would work with orange marmalade? I have too much. I use some of it as a sauce over pork chops or poultry.