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I started drinking coffee when I was 14 years old. It was the early 1990s and Portland, Oregon was ground zero for the onslaught of espresso bars that was soon to sweep the nation. Boyd’s, one of the early local chains, had a location just a block from my high school and whenever my budget allowed, I’d get myself a latte (often with hazelnut syrup) or when the weather warmed, an iced coffee.

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I’ve been a fairly regular coffee drinker ever since. And so, when the nice people at Driftaway Coffee got in touch a few months back to see if we could team up in some way, I said of course. They are a subscription coffee company that will send you installments of freshly roasted beans every two weeks.

They trick is that they like each new subscriber to start with theirΒ Rise & Grind kit, which includes four different varietals in one-ounce samples. Once you’ve brewed through each one, you let them know which one you liked best and that’s the one you’ll get in each shipment. It’s a pretty great idea, particularly for people who are just starting to explore single origin coffees.

filling grinder

They sent me one of the two-ounce Rise & Grind kits and onceΒ I was finished admiring the packaging (I’m a sucker for good design), I popped open one of the 2 ounce packets and got to work making a batch of cold brew.

I’ve been a cold brew coffee fan for years now (you can see that the first time I mentioned it was way back in 2010) and make it a lot when the days warm. I’ve refined my approach and upgraded my equipment slightly in the last five years, so an updated post on the topic seemed like a good idea.

ground coffee

I’ve found that everyone has their own ratio for cold brew. My preferred recipe is 2 ounces of coarse ground coffee to 3 1/2 cups cold, freshly filtered water. This makes a strong brew that produces enough to last 2-3 days (depending on how many deadlines I’m pushing to meet). I don’t typically add water to thin it out, but instead add a couple of ice cubes and a generous pour of milk and call it good.

pouring water

I grind the beans and funnel them into a quart jar. I add a splash of cold water and swirl the jar a little to dampen the grounds and let them bloom a little. Once they’ve grown a little, I add the remaining water and put a lid on the jar. I tuck into the corner of the kitchen and let it sit for 12 to 18 hours.

top of brewing coffee

The next day, I perch a cone filter over a clean quart jar and fit it with one of Coffee Sock cloth filters that Cuppow sells. I pour the sludgy coffee through the filter in a couple of batches, until the lower jar is filled with perfect, ready to drink coffee.

jar of brewing coffee

One of my favorite things about cold brew is that it has the ability to take mediocre or slightly elderly beans and make them drinkable. However, when you’re shooting for more than just simply drinkable, using good, freshly roasted beans creates a brew that is transcendently good.

For the batch of cold brew that is pictured here, I used Driftaway Coffee’s Guatemalan beans and it was magical. Earthy and a bit chocolatey, with just a bit of acid for lightness. Oh, and if making your own cold brew feels like too much work, I hear that Driftaway Coffee is soon going to be making their own concentrate.

Drift Away Coffee

The nice folks at Driftaway Coffee want to give aΒ three-month subscriptions away to one of my readers so that’s what we’re going to do. Here’s how to enter!

  1. Leave a comment on this postΒ and tell me what you’re drinking these days. Cold brew coffee? Homemade kombucha? Hot tea with honey?
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Saturday, June 6, 2015. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon thereafter.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only. Void where prohibited.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

Disclosure: Driftaway Coffee sent me their Rise & Grind kit and are providing the giveaway subscription, both at no cost to me. No additional financial compensation has been provided and all opinions expressed are mine alone.

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302 responses to “Cold Brew Coffee + Driftaway Coffee Giveaway”

  1. Well, hot coffee always, but I’ve also been drinking a lot of iced tea that I make in a big batch and keep in the fridge.

  2. I drink cold brew starting as soon as the temperature gets above 50 degrees! I’ve been making it for about 9 years and I’m still using the same Toddy maker I bought at a local coffe shop. It makes a huge carafe that’s lasts me 7-10 days. Yum!

  3. Coffee…always coffee. Will start making cold brew now that it is warming up (and even more so now that I have this easy small-batch recipe!).

    p.s. also wine. and gin and tonic.

  4. Always hot coffee in the morning and now that it is warming up, either coffee or tea over ice in the afternoon.

  5. Coffee from 1369 coffeehouse or Stumptown, brewed in Chemex, or a variety of tea from all over the place – usually oolongs or greens. I’m usually more of a tea drinker, but there’s so much to explore with coffee!

  6. I’m on a huge cold brew kick these days. I tend to brew it in six-cup batches that last a few days and give me a beautiful smooth finish. Like Kate, I’ve also been playing with spices lately, though I’ve yet to try cardamom. Might have to toss some in my next batch…

  7. I’m an iced coffee and iced latte fan. My fiance is a nespresso freak which works for me, since the convenience and taste is very good. But, sometimes I want something else, less espresso. For a regular cup of coffee, I’ve tried regular drip, french press, moca pot, and cold brew. Fifty percent of the time my coffee comes out a disaster. BUT, recently I borrowed my mom’s cone drip coffee thingy, and have had 100% success with making a cup of regular coffee. I’m a believer now!

  8. stumptown coffee’s cold brew has been my soulmate ever since i discovered cold brew existed…but i’d like to branch out and experiment with others (sorry, stumptown).

  9. I drink cold brew iced coffee year-round. My husband usually warms it up. We use the Toddy for our cold brewing.

  10. Coffee in the morning, poured into my stainless steel thermal mug and then nursed through the morning. (A good, Thermos-brand mug is essential because it will literally keep the coffee drinkably hot/warm until lunchtime–a couple hours longer than my last steel mug.)

    In the afternoons and evenings, though? Tea. Black tea with milk and honey–often with teabags, but I use my teapot with its great filter for loose leaf tea at least once a week.

  11. We are drinking home brewered kombucha, how did you know? My kids are obsessed with it and all I flavor it with is frozen or dried fruit or a little fruit juice. The Concord grape juice I canned last year is their new favorite flavor! This sounds like a delightful little subscription service!

  12. I too am rocking the cold brewed coffee as the weather warms up. I made my latest batch with Cafe Kreyol Defense Against the Dark Arts.

  13. Iced coffee with hazelnut syrup and half&half – in an attempt to power through a very long, hard weekend.

  14. I’m strictly a tea and hot chocolate drinker. Northern Michigan summers are cool enough that I can start the day with hot tea, and then have some iced herbal tea in the afternoon. However, my husband is a coffee fanatic, and he would looooove to try this stuff!

  15. Hot coffee in the morning and herbal tea at night! I’ve been meaning to try cold brew coffee for forever now, so I really should make some soon. Thanks for your instructions. πŸ™‚

  16. I’m a recent convert to cold brew coffee and I love it! I’ve also been enjoying slightly honey sweetened mint tea made with mint from my garden πŸ™‚

  17. I make a pot of hot (but not too hot) drip coffee every morning. I had been buying green beans (organic if they were available) online and roasting and grinding my own. Kind of a bit of too much of my time taker upper, so I was happy to find some organic already roasted beans at costco. They are kind of just okay and I would like to find better. This cold brew and shipped fresh every two weeks sounds very interesting. BTW >>> I’ve been wanting a permanent natural filter so I’m happy to discover the coffee socks! I think the paper filters even when unbleached, impart an undesirable flavor in the coffee.

  18. I have 3 favorites: cold regularly brewed coffee with almond milk, regular brewed hot & black, or cold brew black from Starbucks because the one time I made it myself it was a pain. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I’ve been using up some sad old coffee in cold brew lately… partially because its good to use it up, and partially because I accidentally left a nice bag of coffee at the grocery store on accident!

  20. Coldbrew! With a couple Shots of espresso to throw in a brightness that isn’t otherwise there. Coffee is my life!

  21. I have hot coffee every morning. I love cold brew, but only have it occasionally in the afternoon as a treat (it is a treat because hot coffee is black with no sugar; in my cold brew I like a tiny amount of sweetener and a heafty dash of dairy.)

  22. We are at the weird, in-between weather season where I often start the day with hot coffee and am drinking it iced later on. And tea. Always a mug of tea….

  23. I’m drinking homebrewed kombucha (sometimes in mimosa form–just add orange juice!), daily coffee (locally-roasted single origins, burr-ground just before brewing), and experimenting with cold brew! I keep thinking it’s time for some cold brew coffee sock filters…

  24. When I drink hot coffee, I drink Folgers Black Silk–strong and smooth. I make my own iced expresso drinks in the summer with instant espresso.

  25. Hot tea, but the weather is really starting to warm up so a switch to cold coffee would be great. Can’t wait to try your cold brew recipe.

  26. I love my morning cup that I make in my AeroPress with Philz beans. Although it is never as good as at the shop. I must practice more.

  27. I drink coffee or iced tea…oddly enough coffee with sugar and creamer and tea unsweetened LOL I have never tried iced coffee though, something to think about πŸ™‚

  28. Community Coffee (I’m from Louisiana and I love Community Coffee) in the morning and Taylor’s Scottish Tea in the afternoons. I have had cold brew at Onyx CafΓ© in Fayetteville, Arkansas but never knew how to make it until today. I can’t wait to try it.

  29. Just got a new green tea with lemon – really subtle and tasty flavors. I’ve been drinking it hot with tea in the evenings.

  30. We’re having a cold spell so I’m still drinking hot coffee with milk, but looking forward to switching to cold brew.

  31. Hot tea with honey and lemon…need to make some Kombucha as mine is evaporating away and will start cold brew coffee if we ever get consistently warm weather here in MN this spring!

  32. Hot coffee in the mornings, and iced in the afternoons! I use a Chemex for the former and just started cold-brewing in an unused ice tea pitcher for the latter πŸ™‚

  33. (not eligible for giveaway, just wanted to comment)

    I’ve never tried making cold-brewed coffee and now I’m curious. I’ve been mostly leaning towards hot black tea with milk, as is usual for me, but we had a hot spell and I went through a couple glasses of homemade Vietnamese-style iced coffee yesterday. It was really lovely.

  34. I drink hot coffee in the morning (cream and sugar please and thank you!) but I’ve been thinking for several days that it’s time to make a batch of cold brew. Cold brewed coffee in the summer is my favorite drink!

  35. I’ve been pretty stuck on dark roast beans brewed in an aero press, then diluted to a Kiwi long black served as is for a while now

  36. Now that’s its nice out and I have my herb garden growing I like to make sun tea with mint and lemon vebena.

  37. I’ve been doing pour-over hot coffee these days. I like to switch it up and try different things! Stovetop espresso, cold brew, and yerba mate are all in regular rotation around here.

  38. Lots of coffee (I’m currently doing a lot of transcription work–snorezzzzzz) from any source possible, and homemade lemonade in the afternoon.

  39. Our weather is so wacky lately (90 one day, 60 the next) that I’m switching between regular coffee and cold brew!

  40. I’ve been drinking unsweetened iced tea with a shot of Meyer lemon limoncello after the kids go to bed. πŸ˜‰

  41. I love cold brew coffee!!!!! I used to make it all of the time and haven’t for a while. I think I’ll do some tonight.

  42. Cold brew coffee. I make mine with Cafe Bustelo (mexican brand, grocery store bought, ridiculously potent and tasty) and use the whole 10oz with ~6L of water. It lasts my hubby and I about a week, and we can’t manage summer without it, anymore!

  43. Roasterie Shatto Chocolate Milk Toddy; local dairy chocolate milk (best you’ve ever had) + locally roasted beans

  44. Unbelievably, we have a coffee roasting company just down the street, and we can purchase very freshly roasted beans for a fraction of the cost somewhere else. Oh, and the coffee is the very best!

  45. What a cool service (and such lovely packaging too). I’m drinking coffee right now at my office–black and bitter and Whole-30-compliant. πŸ˜‰

  46. I’m drinking a lot of unsweetened iced tea since I’m pregnant and thirsty ALL THE TIME. I also will brew a pint jar of hot coffee some mornings and pop it in the refrigerator to have as iced coffee in the afternoon – it always feels so indulgent!

  47. I have been drinking lots of iced coffee from my Keurig these days. I would love to try something higher quality!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I love coffee, cold or hot. Recently, I purchased some ground chickory and have been adding it to a few of my pots of coffee for a variation.

  49. Hot coffee in the morning, no matter what. With half and half if we have any; otherwise black. We’e drunk Starbucks French roast for 20-plus years and come back to it every time we try something else. So we don’t try much else anymore. I’ve been meaning to try some cold-brew – maybe this is the summer!

  50. It’s cold in CT this week, so it’s been hot coffee during the am for me. Chamomile tea in the evening for relaxation!

  51. I make coffee concentrate in large amounts and keep a jar in the fridge – the rest goes in the freezer. Each morning my husband can boil water, put his desired amount of concentrate in a cup and he has good-tasting coffee. I also use it for iced coffee drinks.

  52. I drink drip or cold brew on weekday mornings (depending on the temp/time of year) and some sort of decadent latte confection on weekends – whatever flavor suits my mood that day.
    I do like Kombucha and tea, but those are for my afternoon caffeine kick. πŸ™‚

  53. I am strictly a black coffee drinker. Grinding my locally roasted beans every morning and making awesome coffee in my Clever Dripper cone.

  54. I drink lattes or pourover, but I make cold press for my man. I filter through a nut milk bag then a paper cone filter.

  55. I’m a big fan of tea, and now that it’s been getting warmer, a ginger pear iced white tea hits the spot perfectly

  56. Lots of tea. I am trying to convert to all loose leaf. Water with some fruit in it the rest of the day.

  57. Good Morning!
    I make an Americano to get me to work, then do a pour over at my desk
    followed by tea the rest of the day!

  58. I’m a die-hard tea drinker. There’s nothing like a big pot of black tea (with almond milk and sweetener) on the back porch on an early weekend morning!

  59. So I walked into a French cafe’ on my first day in Paris three years ago. “Deux cafe’,” I said to the waitress. My travel companion asked, “What kind of coffee did you just order?” “Who cares,” I responded. “It will be French.” The waitress brought back two small cups of deeply intense coffee. I’ve been a French Roast coffee lover ever since. I grind the beans fresh every morning and make my coffee in a French Press. Ah, bliss; that first sip is like manna from heaven.

  60. Mmmm. Coffee…
    I live on the stuff, I grind roasted decaf Colombian beans every morning to take a thermos to work, and on weekends I grind flavored decaf that I can get roasted locally. I don’t use sugar or milk, but I like nutty, chocolaty mellow flavors like toasted southern pecan. Hard to find in decaf.

  61. Whoa, what a great offer! I love my hot morning coffee and then, throughout the hot summer days cold refreshing coffee, full of ‘good for you’ antioxidants! Thanks for a chance to win, Marisa. Cheers.

  62. I drink coffee in the morning, Earl Grey tea in the afternoon and at night have a flavored coffee or mocha. I love flavored coffee.

  63. Fresh ground Guatemalan coffee in the morning (pourover) and then hot tea in the afternoon. Iced coffee when it is hot out is my afternoon treat!

  64. Lately I’ve just been drinking plain, run-of-the-mill coffee at work, because it’s free and someone else makes it. But as soon as it starts getting warm outside I’m always itching for some cold-brew iced coffee…with a little sweetened condensed milk. Mmm!

  65. I am a tea drinker, hot or cold, fruity or strong. However my daughters are both coffee drinkers, so I keep good coffee on hand for them.

  66. Coffee with cream most days….hot even in summer (at least to start the day). Then, if out and about, an iced coffee from somewhere. My favorite blend right now is from our local candy/coffee store…..Here’s Howe…..their Sneakadiddle blend is great (cinnamon, coconut, etc.).

  67. Iced coffee, using a Toddy with a nut bag. 1# coffee, 9c H20, sit 12hrs or so. With this concentrate I use
    1-1 coffee/water. Lots of ice and half and half. Lasts about a week. Grocery store coffee works, but good fresh coffee is glorious

  68. I drink all the coffee. A latte in the morning, iced coffee in the afternoon and now that I have a new coffee pot with an insulated carafe I make a full pot and sit on my porch all morning reading/knitting until it is gone!

    The idea to send a mixture of blends to determine what flavor you like the best is brilliant and though I have a local roaster I really enjoy the idea of trying some new brews sent right to my door is very tempting!

  69. This appeals to me on such a deep level that I want to subscribe regardless of whether I win. I’ve been drinking americanos or lattes on days I work from home, but I stick to various black teas (pumpkin spice today!) when in the office because our coffee is notoriously the worst.

  70. I drink what we call “cheater” iced mochas. Cold brew (your 2010 recipe) with milk and a spoonfull of hot chocolate mix, blended with ice using an immersion blender. One of those in the morning, and then ice water for the rest of the day!

  71. I’m just a plain ‘ol coffee with cream type of girl πŸ™‚ Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  72. Well I am JUST beginning to get into making my own cold brew for the warmer months ahead… Awaiting my hemp cold brew mesh bag to arrive from Amazon in the next day or two … wish me luck!

  73. I grind my own beans every morning and make a full pot of french press for me and the hubby (sometimes just for me!). I’ll either have an iced coffee in the afternoon or some great tea. Big fan of the Downtown Abbey Rose tea from Republic of Tea right now. Hibiscus, raspberry and rose…delicious!

  74. I love, love, love coffee (hot and cold) and try different brands all the time. My nephew sent me a Guatemalan brand (can’t remember the name) that he orders online and it was incredible.

  75. I’m a MAD brewed beverage lover!!! I brew my own kombucha. Recently I’ve been flavoring it with freeze-dried raspberries. I love tea in any form… hot/cold, sweet/unsweet, black/green/white/herbal. And coffee, of course! I recently went to Costa Rica, went on an organic coffee tour and loaded our luggage with an obscene amount/variety of beans. πŸ˜€

  76. I make a big batch of cold-brewed coffee (one cup of good-quality coarsely-ground coffee beans to four cups of cold filtered water, adding a split vanilla bean and sometimes a three-inch length of cinnamon stick while it’s brewing for 16 to 24 hours on the counter top). I pour the concentrate over lots of ice, add some home-made vanilla liquid sugar and a couple splashes of fat-free half and half. Heaven in a glass. Drift Away Coffee’s three-month give-away subscription would get me through the summer very nicely! The coffee concentrate is also fabulous drizzled over either vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

  77. I love cold-brew coffee, but only in the morning. The rest of the day, I’m relying on water infused with mint and lemon. A quart jar of water with a handful of mint and the pulp from half a lemon does it.

  78. We haven’t tried cold-brewing yet, but it sounds great for summer. I’m currently drinking some lovely hazelnut coffee I picked up at Costco and I’ve been spending my evenings with a cup of Earl Green tea.

  79. Start my day with 2 cups of hot coffee with chocolate soy/almondmilk as creamer, then onto fruit-teas and lots of filtered water during the day.

    I love finding regional coffees as I travel – Blue Mountain from a Jamaican plantation tour, Balinese while visiting eco-farm

  80. Couldn’t have timed this posted any better. Had my first cold-brew at Ray’s this weekend and wanted to try it at home. Thanks

  81. In the morning…it is always fresh coffee. I like a hearty brew. Alas after two o’clock in the afternoon the drink of choice “coffee or tea” has to be decaffeinated. [smile] Right now , I am enjoying a cup of natural pumpkin tea.

  82. When I’m home, I drink jasmine green or toasted rice tea with lots of local honey. But if I’m out and about in the morning, I’ll search out a good cup of coffee.

  83. I drink dark roast coffee, (K-cup) with coconut creamer over ice every morning.
    But your way sounds amazing…will have to give it a go!

  84. We have a big batch of kombucha going. Also, a big pitcher of mint water on the counter — just water with a bunch of mint from the garden. Thanks for the giveaway!

  85. Vanilla latte – hot. Carmel mocha – cold. I guess I’m a creature of habit. Every time I try something else, I’m disappointed. I’d love to give this subscription thing a try!

  86. I’m drinking a lot of water these days with a splash of Simply Orange and some flavor enhancer, my favorite being Orange Mango. It’s my favorite way of hydrating, but I still have at least 1-2 cups of coffee per day. I usually drink hot coffee, but I do drink cold brew as well, when I can remember to make it or buy it!

  87. Drinking a cup of hot Irish breakfast tea with lemon and honey. In the afternoon,
    it’s coffee time and in between and for the rest of the day/night its water infused
    with lemon, lime, cucumber and/or ginger.
    What a great giveaway. Would love to try making cold brew. Probably much better than
    waiting for my hot coffee to cool off so I can drink it.
    Thank you.

  88. I am a hot coffee drinker…..I have not tried Cold coffee but have seen a company at the farmers market that sells Nitra Coffee during the hot days of summer. the line is always long so I am assuming it must be good. It is time to give it a try

  89. I thought it was cold brew coffee time here in Philadelphia but this week has been freezing! Back to hot drip coffee, and lots of it.

  90. Once the weather warms up, I make cold brewed concentrate for iced coffee using NEw Orleans blend (coffee with a bit of chicory) – the best iced coffee in the world.

  91. i just ran out of a cold brew batch, so french pressed it was this morning. I have been wondering how to try out new coffees awhile still being able to tell/discover types that I like. this little starter pack seems like an awesome idea!

  92. I decided to test out Coffee Block coffee (little frozen tub of coffee mixed with butter, coconut oil, and some other stuff). It’s interesting.

  93. This time of the year when I have loads of gardening and house stuff to do I am a cold brew gal.
    I get a 10oz. Vacuumed package of Cafe Bustelo and cold brew a huge vat. After filtering it’s good to go in the frig for two weeks. Never bitter and always ready to pour some kick in the butt energy. I add Truvia and unsweetened almond milk with plenty of ice . Thanks for your offer ! Yum .

  94. Coffeeeeeee, I love coffee. I love rich, earthy beans and drink it mostly black, the darkest roast I can get. I do go with cream some days and the occasional Flat White (or my approximation of one since I can’t get them here) it really depends on my mood. I do go cold though once the water gets hot.

  95. My favorite is Hawaiian coffee from the Big Island–no, not Kona, but Ka’u (from the south end of the island). There is no finer coffee anywhere!

  96. Cold brew for me! I do a 1 pound coffee to slightly less than 1 gallon ratio. Let it sit for 24 hours, then filter off the grounds. Gives my husband and I good cold coffee for about a week that is strong enough to start our early morning days and keep us going! I typically make vanilla infused ice cubes to toss in the coffee and add whole milk to balance out the rich silky flavor of the cold brew coffee. Its creamy and delicious, and as the ice melts, the vanilla adds a whole new flavor profile!

  97. I love a good cold brewed iced coffee. Used to buy it, until I read your post, way back in 2010, now I make it myself!

  98. I go back and forth between my morning fresh brewed coffee and Oregon sugar-free Chai. Both with hefty doses of almond milk and a bit of 1/2 & 1/2.

  99. I’m still mostly making siphon coffees (it’s like a little science experiment each time!), but I’ve been doing a bit more cold brew as it gets warmer.

  100. I have upgraded from drinking Dunkin Donuts to supporting my local roaster… Rook. Using my French press for both hot and cold brew makes a smooth delicious cup o joe.

  101. I’m drinking maple black tea with coconut milk in the morning these days. I’m starting to get a hankering for iced coffee now that summer approaches, though.

  102. I do a little of everything – coffee, hot tea, iced tea. I love making a French Press coffee at home, and I love trying new beans.

  103. Cold brew coffee all the time these days. I’ve been making my own and I’m still playing around with the types of beans, length of steep time, and strength of the brew. Practice makes perfect!

  104. I’m a hot coffee drinker, but I’ve been taking breaks lately. I went through a two week period of drinking green tea almost exclusively recently. I may have to give cold brew a chance.

    • I’ve heard of cold brewed coffee and it has always interested me. I think I can give it a try now with your easy recipe. I normally make a coffee using the French press (morning and afternoon)and then have homemade Kombuchu for a special treat, it’s pretty good paired half-n-half with a red wine!.
      Thanks for your great tutorials!

  105. lately it’s been either nespresso or chemex style coffee, black, or teavana’s earl grey creme tea, also black! I’ll be back on iced coffee once philly warms back up πŸ™‚

  106. Love a great mug of french pressed Kenyan coffee! I also make gallons of cold brew iced coffee during the summer.

  107. coffee–sadly I start out drinking it hot in a jar…but as I get distracted through the day and don’t finish it, I add ice and by the afternoon I’m drinking my morning coffee as iced coffee. I need to try the cold brewed method–perhaps I’ll get it together enough some weekend soon to make it!

  108. Well, it depends…

    Just got a new and wonderful drip coffeemaker. Not that it’s probably anything special, but compared to the previous one, it’s amazing. At the moment, I’m drinking whatever it is that DH chose most recently, but what I’d like to be drinking is Burlap & Bean, which is kind of amazing.

    At times of the day which are not first thing in the morning, I’ve recently been drinking tumeric tea, which requires a generous amount of ginger and honey to be palatable.

  109. Here in Pa., you know how fickle the weather is! One day is cold-brewed iced coffee, one day is a warm brewed cup of coffee… Either way, coffee is the beverage of choice!

  110. I’ve been drinking hot coffee from our french press and an occasional cold brew over ice on the hottest days. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

  111. Locally roasted, fair trade, fully caffeinated, hot Sumatra and Guat. (mixed) coffee – and lots of it! We recycle our bags – our local store gives us 20 cents back for every time we bring back in the old coffee bag to use for the next time (we buy our coffee in bulk). We think this is a great idea! πŸ™‚

  112. I’ve been wanting to try cold brew because the acid in the coffee from normal brewing upsets my stomach. I normally like Yerba Mate tea, a Mate Latte is really good. Thank you for this post I’m going to try cold brewing now : )

  113. Mostly I’ve been drinking water. Trying to stay hydrated.
    When I get bored with that I’ll have some iced tea or Almond Chocolate Milk. One of my favorite things.

  114. Breakfast is currently 2 cups hazelnut flavor with half and half. Would love to learn to make iced coffee for the coming summer months.

  115. Yay, so glad for warm weather and the return of cold brew-appropriate temperatures outside. πŸ™‚ I have been drinking Food52’s “magic coffee” lately — it’s cold brew infused with cinnamon and brown sugar, and then a pour of heavy cream to serve. Sooooooooooo good.

  116. I have a jar of cold brew in my fridge right now! That gets me out the door in the morning and then it’s iced hibiscus tea in the afternoons.

  117. I’m usually a big cold brew fan, but I haven’t ever made my own. Right now I’m drinking whatever sounds good (which changes day to day), since I’m pregnant, but I can’t wait for iced coffee to reenter my life.

  118. I usually start my day with a very large cup (you know the one I mean) of decaffeinated coffee and would like to expand my horizons.

  119. Piping hot coffee is my morning brew of choice. However, I’ve been debating on starting some cold brew – I love a good iced coffee in the summer.

  120. i drink iced coffee on vacation only- hey they know how to do it in Maine! Rest of the time its diet sodas, water, juice. I would like to make cold brew here in KY and not have to wait for my Maine vacation.

  121. I love homemade cold brew coffee! Thinking about trying it Thai iced coffee style for an extra special treat.

  122. I have an old Krups Mini Espresso Machine. Since they are not longer in production, I shop at thrift store to find replacement parts! I first kept it in my office at work and now I keep it in my kitchen, cranking out double shots of great espresso! I buy Kirkland Signature Espresso Roast, roasted by Starbucks Coffee.Everyday! It is my old Krups Mini, KS Espresso Roast and me!

  123. I am a morning coffee drinker because I like the taste, the caffeine not so important. And a nice big glass of iced tea in the summer months.

  124. I just purchased Trader Joe’s Cold Brew. It’s premade and looks pretty strong. I will find out this weekend.

  125. On the warmer days of spring and summer, I love having homemade cold brew coffee. Somehow it has gotten cooler here in New England the last few days, so I was back to hot coffee. However, I had a cold brew this morning because I wanted to get through the jar I had in the fridge. Cheers to good coffee!

  126. I cold-brew my coffee year round to reduce the acids, due to health issues. I make iced cappucino during the warmer months by blending the cold-brew concentrate with some ice, milk (almond or dairy), simpe syrup, and a spoonful of homemade chocolate syrup. The only problem is, it’s so good that I drink it in about a minute πŸ™‚

  127. Just discovered a new project nearby called refuge coffee company – a local, sustainable, workforce development coffee company and food truck in Clarkston, GA! Sadly, they are only open once a week, and I like my coffee daily πŸ™‚

  128. Mosty water. I love a cup of coffee in the morning, but have found the recently it’s giving me some problems. I’ve heard that the acid in coffee is reduced in cold brew and that it is gentler. I just haven’t gotten around to trying it yet.

  129. We drink regular old Mr Coffee brewed and Seattle’s Best has been our choice of late. The cold brew method sounds interesting and I just may try it.

  130. I am drinking coffee while plucking up the courage to try my first batch of kombucha! Here is hoping the fermentation gods are in a good mood!

  131. these days, it’s tea, cream and sugar, but i started with coffee, and even had a setup with a hotpot at high school so i could make it ‘fresh’ (in quotes, as the teenage me used instant coffee). my husband does a lot of coffee, and has experimented with cold brew before. i love the idea of making it in a mason jar!

  132. Hot summer days mean iced coffee (French press) and iced tea when outdoors/driving. Chilly airconditioned mornings mean hot tea or coffee, depending upon my mood. Have only had cold press coffee once and loved it…Not sure why I haven’t made it at home!

  133. I do my cold brew very much like yours, except I put the coffee in a filter bag before I put it in the water. I had so much trouble filtering and found this method so much easier. It’s like a giant muslin tea bag, only with coffee.

  134. My go-to in the morning is a big mug of french pressed locally roasted coffee (Portland, OR still has a number of great roasters!) with a bit of almond milk. When I feel like a treat, especially on the weekends, I’m a sucker for almond milk lattes with a bit of honey drizzled in. Yum!

  135. I am in my final weeks of pregnancy and I so miss my regular coffee habit. I switched to orange juice from coffee during pregnancy.

  136. Coffee…hot from the french press, cold using a method very much like the one described in this post then cut with milk and ice, as cafe’ au lait blended with chicory and twice-poured-over in an antique french drip pot from New Orleans. All wonderful!

  137. I think I’ll give this cold brewed coffee a try – will be very nice when it starts getting blisteringly hot here in Texas! Right now I’m working my way through some Blue Mountain coffee my mom brought back for me from Jamaica.

  138. I’m drinking a lot of Califia’s Almond Milk Iced Coffee. I used to cold brew but haven’t had time lately… I’d love to get back into it.

  139. I love hot coffee to start my day. Later on in the day it is iced coffee with milk or iced tea sweetened with honey.

  140. love love love this post; it’s perfect because we just started making cold brew coffee at my house, and are still testing out ratios and seeing what we like! it’s definitely been fun experimenting!

  141. Hi,

    Coffee = my favorite 6 letter word. Mmmm… this morning I drank Peet’s Major Dickason blend in my french press. All was good in the universe. Thank you.


  142. Last week we finished the jar of local maple syrup in our frig, and there was some crystallized syrup on the bottom. I poured my latest cold brew batch in there to dissolve the crystals and sweeten the coffee. It’s heavenly!

  143. San Diego has fully entered into June Gloom so hot coffee lattes and tea with cream and honey are what I’ve been drinking these days!

  144. I drink Chemix coffee in the morning because it brews to perfection, or a K-cup when I’m in a rush. Then in the afternoon its cold brew. (Hey, I got two small kids and mama needs her caffeine) πŸ™‚ I mostly purchase it already brewed either locally or Starbucks, but I would love to try your method! Sounds awesome!

  145. In the morning I drink freshly ground beas from central America from my last trip and after work I stick to mint tea made from my min plant.

  146. Coffee. Always coffee. But it’s getting hot where I live, so I’m adding refreshing summer sodas into the mix as well. I keep jars of syrups around for homemade soda. My favorites to keep around are cardamom, cinnamon coffee, and celery seed, although there usually a couple others around that are varying degrees of successful.

  147. We have a small espresso machine. I put a double shot of coffee and fill a full mug of water to make a delicious coffee/americano type drink.

    In summer, my second cup of coffee gets ice cubes added to it!

  148. I’ve been drinking cold brew for the past seven years and make it just like you, however my proportions are a little different. I agree, however, that it can make any type of coffee taste better! Would love to try this brand.

  149. Cold-brewed coffee is omnipresent in this house, along with seasonally appropriate beer – right now, you’d find me sipping something summery and refreshing, like a saison or gose.

  150. I’ve been drinking a decaf cold brewed iced coffee these days, since I’m all pregnant and stuff. In the afternoons, I like a cup of decaf iced green tea with local raw honey and a splash of lemon. It’s been great!

  151. Hot coffee begins and ends the day (and yes, I have no problem sleeping — weird, huh?), but an iced mocha coffee gets me through work. Sometimes it is cold brewed, but often I just chill the leftovers from the coffee maker.

  152. The only constant to my coffee drinking method is
    Quantity. And that quantity is large.
    Hot coffee in the AM. (In a mason jar with my awesome cozy that I won from you!) then iced, cold brew if the blend isn’t too fruity, or just regular most of the time. Lather rinse repeat until it’s herbal tea time after four pm. Coffee is my only remaining vice. Sigh.

  153. Started drinking coffee when I was 12 years old and haven’t looked back. Morning’s aren’t complete without at least one mug of coffee with a splash of milk (drip, french press, bought from a shop as I rush to work.. I’m not one to be picky). Afternoons are for cold brew / iced coffee / iced tea, depending on the weather.

  154. Love your site- found it through my CSA (Philly Foodworks). I’m team cold brew all the way! Make it in big pitchers using a nut milk mesh bag. Hazelnut syrup and cream… Buzz!

  155. I drink a cup of hot coffee in the morning, Concordia Blend from New Seasons Market in Portland, OR. Though I am intrigued by your cold brew post and may experiment with it this summer.

  156. I have been bringing a thermos to work every day filled with Rooibus or Chai Rooibus tea. On weekends I start my day with leche con cafe aka warm milk with a splash of coffee.

  157. I have been drinking lots of water as a serious summer goal, even flavoring a jug with thin sliced lemons this week. My husband starts every day with a cup of coffee and I would love to make him some cold brew as a little treat.

  158. Papau New Guinea “Mile High” from Zingerman’s coffee company. Medium-dark roast. I drink my coffee in the afternoon as I need a pick me up then. Especially at work when doing a 12 hour shift. 3pm is coffee time if we can find the time to make it. Have not tried cold brew but am intrigued! Will have to try this on those hot summer days!

  159. This would be the perfect way to “graduate” from my DD dark roast half mocha half cream half ice!

  160. I’ve been drinking iced cold-brew, despite the fact that we’re apparently just not having summer weather this year!

  161. I use a Chemex in an ice bath, then store what isn’t drunk straight away in a jar in the fridge. would love to win the single origin goodies!

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