Thrift Store Finds!

January 30, 2010(updated on December 16, 2023)
new jars

Scott and I are off this weekend, staying in the Reading area and exploring the Berks County Wine Trail (it’s just an hour from Philly!). Tonight, we went off in search of a grocery store to pick up a couple of snacks and ended up finding an enormous, brightly-lit Goodwill next to the Giant where we headed.

I delightedly headed for the door and Scott tolerantly followed (he has good-naturedly logged a lot of hours with me in thrift stores, despite not being a fan of second-hand objects). Guys, I am totally smitten with this Goodwill. They arrange everything by color, so it’s visually appealing and makes for a fun browse.

blue shelf

I was thrilled to discover a cache of old Ball jelly jars with plastic snap-on lids, several old bailing wire spice jars and two, big, yellow-topped jars (found in the yellow section, naturally) that are perfect for grain and soup storage.

Despite the fact that I’m away, I do have a new recipe coming up for you tomorrow. I think I’ve finally found a way to make jam from apples that I really like, so stay tuned for Honey Lemon Apple Jam.

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16 thoughts on "Thrift Store Finds!"

  • I love those old wire bail jars. Our Goodwill is aweful, they charge $1-2 for each used canning jar even if it has nicks on the jar. crazy!

  • Ooh, that jam sounds delicious. Actually, arranging by color also helps a store sell more. Since things aren’t with their type, you don’t suffer from overload before you finish going through the section. Tricksy Hobbitses… 🙂

  • I do love a good thrift shop browse – it’s shopping with a social conscience. There aren’t many things as satisfying as finding a good deal on a treasure.

  • I never knew that arranging things by color was a sales trick, but I fully embrace it, as it’s such a fun way to shop.

    Jen, sadly, that Goodwill is in Reading, about an hour outside of Philly. I went to two different Goodwills in the Reading area over the weekend, and they were both pretty great.

  • my Goodwills arrange by color too! And I LOVE it. Fascinating to hear that it’s a marketing trick.

    Baling wire jars – I didn’t know that’s what they were called. I love them and have some and now I know their name.

    I adore going to thrift stores in a new area – they always seem better and I wonder why. . .

  • Margo, I actually have a theory as to why thrift stores in new areas always seem so good. The reason is that we thrifters all have specific little things that we’re looking for when we walk into a new store. No two people shop exactly alike, and so often, you’ll find a whole cache of your favorite little items upon the first visit, because no one else is shopping just like you. I’ve come to believe that the first visit to a thrift store is always going to be the very best one visit because of this.

  • Wow! I’ve heard of/seen clothes organized by color, but OBJECTS? That’s a whole new epistemological category. Have you been to the amazing New World Thrift in Abington?

  • I have not been to New World Thrift in Abington, but I’m always excited to learn of a new local thrift store. I will definitely have to check it out!