Things to do with Your Citrus Preserves

January 21, 2019

Lots and lots of you have been making preserves with citrus this month for the January Mastery Challenge (make sure to submit your projects here by the 25th). I thought it might be helpful to collect a handful of ideas to help you use up some of the things you’ve made.

Baked Goods

Marmalade Tea Cake from Voodoo & Sauce (Heather is a genius for incorporating jams, pickles, sauces and ferments into her home cooking. Her Instagram is bursting with inspiration).

Marmalade Upside Down Cake, Marmalade Bread and Butter Pudding, Marmalade Breakfast Buns, and Marmalade Tray Bake from the UK’s Delicious Magazine (the Brits really know what to do with marmalade.

Rosemary Thumbprint Cookies with Orange Marmalade from Italian Food Forever.

Lemon Curd Layer Cake from Epicurious.

Dorie Greenspan’s Cream Scones (my pictures are terrible, but the recipe is terrific).

Savory Dishes

Marmalade Shrimp from an article my friend Deena Prichep wrote for the Oregonian many years ago.

Marmalade Vinaigrette from Taste of Home

Make these chicken wings and then toss them with two parts marmalade and one part rice wine vinegar. Return them to the oven and broil them for a couple more minutes until sticky and crisp.

Homemade Takeout Orange Chicken from Food 52.

Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Orange Marmalade Glaze from Simply Recipes.

For those of you who made preserved lemons, I did a round-up of recipes that use them a couple years back. You can find it here.

Now a question for all of you. How are you using the citrus preserves you’ve been making this month? Please share your ideas in the comments.

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2 thoughts on "Things to do with Your Citrus Preserves"

  • I am not participating in the mastery challenge because I have only been canning for a few months and am far from being a master (I skeered). That said- I bought some Satsuma bourbon marmalade from a lady at the farmer’s market a couple of weeks ago, and used some of it over the weekend to make a marvelous marmalade chicken with a recipe I found on Spruce Eats. It was easy and delicious and I wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • As is so often the case, I had a little orange marmalade left over from canning, which I popped into a jar in the fridge. A couple of days later, I stirred it into a batch of chocolate chip scones, and it was so good! Jammy and citrusy and bright.