The Wide Mouth Pint & Half Jars Are Back!

February 27, 2012(updated on December 16, 2023)

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you’ve surely heard me wax poetic about my beloved 24 ounce jars. These wide mouth jars hold a pint and a half and are the perfect size for canning asparagus, storing leftovers or using to transport iced coffee.

They’ve been out of production for many years now. I have a small stash thanks to a couple lucky eBay scores, but I’ve always wished that Ball would bring them back. I know I’m not the only one who has hoped for such a day.

Well folks, that day has come. A sharp-eyed reader sent me a link over the weekend saying that she’d spotted new Pint & Half Jars on the Sears website. I got in touch with my PR contact at Ball and this morning it was confirmed. The 24 ounce mason jar is back.

They should be available wherever jars are sold in the coming weeks. The list price is $10.85, which is a far sight less expensive that what the vintage versions go for. Make sure to encourage your local retailers to order this size so that Ball sees how much we value it.

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88 thoughts on "The Wide Mouth Pint & Half Jars Are Back!"

  • I am so excited about this. I steal one from my mom every once in a while when I go to her house – actually I usually “trade” her for a quart jar, so I’m not technically stealing. πŸ™‚ Ha! We love to use these for drinking as well as canning.

    So glad to see that they are producing them again! Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh this is AWESOME. I shall go back to stalking the canning supply shelf at Wegman’s and will await their arrival. πŸ™‚

          1. We’re all set! We already have them on order!! I asked if they could look into Tattlers too… keep your fingers crossed!! πŸ™‚

  • I’m always on the lookout for these at thrift stores. Hooray for being back in production. Now to get my husband to understand the versatility of the mason jar.

  • WOW I can hardly wait to get my hands back on these. My old ones have almost all disappeared. thanks for the leg work!

    1. Kate, no need to be embarrassed about your excitement. I’m sure my neighbors heard me cheering when I found out that these jars were actually coming back.

  • This is great, I know you rave about these jars!

    What recipes do you like using these jars for, as opposed to half or full pints? Basically, what makes these jars so special? πŸ™‚

    1. They’re really good for things like pickled asparagus or beans. I also like them for pasta sauce (often a quart is too much for a meal for two) and to freeze in. They’re also a favorite of mine for dry good storage.

  • Very Good news! This size is ideal for a hardy size meal for students away from home and couples who are busy. Soup and sauces for fast supper nights !!!

  • I looked at them on the Sears site, but they cost more to ship than to buy! If they had a pick up at the store option for them I’d go for it, but not ordering them at this price!

    1. Deborah, I’d recommend talking to your local hardware store and seeing if they can’t get them in stock. That way you won’t have those ridiculous shipping costs to content with.

      1. Thanks for the suggestion to call my local hardware store to ask if they will order them–mine arrive Friday:) The cost at my Ace Hardware is $11.99.

  • That’s great to hear! Any chance they’re planning to release the wide-mouth HALF-pint jars under the Ball name anytime soon so we don’t have to order the Kerr ones online?

      1. Just because I’m curious, what difference does it make if they are manufactured under the name of Ball or Kerr? Aren’t they the same maker (Jarden) anyway? I’m just curious – not trying to be a smart aleck!

  • I just found the cutest little Ball jars at a thrift store. I think they are actually 1/4 PINT jars. Does that make sense? Does anyone know how old they might be? I’m guessing they are no longer safe for canning, but I think they will be perfect when that last little bit of a pot of jam just doesn’t fit in any other jar.

    1. Sounds like you found the ball version of the quarter pint quilted jelly jars. If standard lids fit them and they don’t have any chips, they should be perfectly safe to can in.

  • Just in time for spring asparagus!!
    Hoping we will also get some in Canada-I will definitely be stopping by a few hardware stores to request them!

  • I’ve always read cautions regarding altering canning recipes unless you really know what you’re doing, which I don’t. Suggestions for tested recipes that would work and be safe in this odd sized jar?

    It does sound like an awesome size for storage though!

    1. Emily, when I process in these jars, I use the times suggested for quarts. Feels entirely conservative and safe to me.

  • I’ve never been fortunate enough to come across any of the vintage ones, so I’ll definitely be asking around to see where these will be stocked in my area. Not sure what exactly I’ll use them for other than supporting my jar fetish.

  • So exciting! And I just traveled to California (from Massachusetts), went to Ace Hardware on Ventura Blvd in Sherman Oaks, bought a case of Kerr wide mouth half pints, and wrapped them individually in my dirty laundry to get them home. Keep us posted on further Ball developments–this worked great but I was mocked for doing it!

  • I will be keeping my eye out for this one – your Dilly Beans were a hit and what a joy it will be to not have to trim so much. Thanks for the info.

  • Another way to get this size (although not in a wide mouth): Classico pasta sauces. Yes, I know, why buy pasta sauce when I can make it? But maybe you know someone who likes this brand. Ask them to save the jars, because under that label is a 24 oz Atlas mason jar!

    1. So glad to know this. I recently bought a bunch of jars at an estate sale. I couple were 24 oz Atlas jars which I thought were vintage. But I was puzzled because they both had sticky glue on the outside which wouldn’t have come from a typical home canned label. Now I realize they are just Classico jars. Bummer…but at least my mystery is solved.

  • I was so excited to hear this, I stopped into my down-the-street Ace Hardware on the way home to see if they had them in stock. It was the first time I noticed the “All your Ball Canning Needs” sign in the window! They didn’t have any in stock, but did find them in the system and that the warehouse had ordered them from the manufacturer, so with any luck, they should be arriving at my store in the next few weeks! Sooooo excited!

  • I saw this size in Kerr Jars when we were in Idaho last month. I was pretty close to buying them and schlepping them home. but cooler heads prevailed, and we didn’t bring them back. I’m going to keep an eye out at my publix for them.

  • Hooray!!! I found a case of these at an estate sale last summer and packed them with beets as gifts-they look very stylish! I will be asking my local Ace to stock them. Also, those tiny quilted quarter pints-which my Ace has in abundance-turned into jam samplers that were included in Christmas baskets this year. They are adorable, and generated lots of commentary!

  • perfect size. awesome they’re back! I’ve got a favorite jar that i can’t find anywhere, and left my last one at the ymca with my coffee in it…must find it somewhere.

  • Yeah!!!! They are not on the Ball site but I will keep looking while the free shipping is going on. Good news that Ace can order them. I will stop by my local store tomorrow.

  • This is wonderful news, as a canner and a single woman these jars are the perfect size for my soups and meats. Because sometime the pints aren’t quite big enough and the quarts are just too much.

  • I scored a case of 12 of these a few years back from a local woman on craigslist. I LOVE THEM! In that same transaction, I also received/purchased a dozen of the half-gallon Mason jars – these are great for dry goods and craft storage!

  • If your PR contact at Ball was, well…on the ball, SHE would have contacted YOU. πŸ™‚

    Who does a better job at getting the word out than you? Thanks, Marisa!

  • Oh, I am so excited. I have two of these jars that I scored from a yard sale years ago, so I guard them closely.

  • So exciting! Our asparagus should come in this year and these would be perfect!

    Question though, I notice that you frequently mention that you freeze these jars. You freeze liquids and solids in the actual jars themselves? Won’t they crack? Is there a trick to get them to not crack?

    Thanks Marisa!

    1. I do regularly freeze in jars and there are a couple of tricks. The first is that you only freeze in wide mouth jars. The shoulders of regular mouth jars can’t take the pressure of expanding liquid. The second this is that you always leave enough headspace so that when the liquid in the jars does expand, it doesn’t move beyond the interior space of the jar. The rule of thumb is 1 inch headspace for pints and 2 inches for quarts. These jars get about an inch and a half.

      1. Thanks so much Marisa! I have about 30 pint and quart sized vintage ball jars with the bails that are in absolutely perfect condition. I have to get myself some rubber gaskets and use them to freeze soups, stews, etc!

        PS cannot wait for your book!

      2. Thanks for the information. I freeze but never for long. Now that I have my new fridge with bottom freezer (yea!) I am going to really freeze properly. I am almost totally plastic free in the kitchen. A love of canning jars always helps and now I have you. Ahhh….

  • These are so perfect for my granola gifts, thanks for sharing. I am not a big fan of Sears due to some bad customer service issues in the past, but I think I’m going to bite the bullet and order these. Let us know if you see them anywhere else.

  • What funny timing that you posted this. I was just thinking of going out to look for them the past couple of days. I had no idea they weren’t being made any more. But now they are back. That is AWESOME! But a big question… do the cuppows fit on them??

    1. They should – Cuppows will fit any wide mouth jar which these are. I know I’m getting some just for my Cuppow! 16 oz just doesn’t cut it…

  • Because of free speech, I can say this.
    “Yippee! It’s all your fault and millions of us are grateful. ”
    There I got that off my chest. You can quote me.
    Thank you and thank you for all that you do.

  • Out of curiosity, I checked my grocery store tonight while shopping. They had one lonely case of these and I snatched them right up. Yay! It was the highlight of my day.

  • Hmmm…I wonder who that sharp-eyed reader is? πŸ™‚

    Glad to see so many people excited about this!

    My city has a Winter Farmer’s Market on the 1st saturday of the month and so now I’m off to make some jams for my table to sell there. I have jars of frozen cherry tomatoes and hope the tomato jam is as good with them as it was with the fresh ones this summer.


  • Marisa, do you get jars at Ace in Fairmount? ShopRite doesnt have them yet this season. I just bought some cuppows only to find I’m out of wide mouth pints. Fante has them in stock but are a bit pricey. Excited to use the pint and a half for iced too!!

    1. I do sometimes order jars through the Ace Hardware website and have them delivered to the store in Fairmount. My other go-to spot in the area is Wegmans. The Cherry Hill store always has a stocked canning section, though to be honest, last time I was there, I don’t think they had any wide mouth pints.

  • This is good news but I will keep scouring thrift stores and garage sales for the regular-mouth Classico jars. Those are my absolute favorites. Not only are they a convenient size, but they actually seem thicker and more substantial than the purchased jars. And I love their square-ish shape.

  • Marisa, thanks for passing along the info. I have a dozen of those freezer jars that I inherited from my grandmother years ago (in the original box) and I regularly use them for freezing stock and other storage but have not used them for canning-they’re just such a handy size. The original jars came with one-piece lids in red, green and blue with a snowflake design on the top. I’m hoping they’ll show up at my local TrueValue here in West Seattle.

  • P.S. β€”I wish they would also bring back the 5″ tall, 10 ounce jar. My neighbor covets them too– they are hard to find.

  • I called my local Ace Hardware on Saturday, they said they had them at the warehouse and they would transfer them to the store for me. I should be able to pick them up today!


    1. Thank you Cyndi! Tractor Supply for $9.99 versus waiting for Amazon for $13.99! I want mine for with a cuppow lid and knitted cozy for the perfect 24 oz coffee cup!

  • Wonderful! I gave mine to my grand daughter and then realized I needed them for canning peaches. Amazon, here I come!

  • If you’re Canadian, Canadian Tire are carrying Bernardin in this size. The Bernardin website lists them as “collector’s item” so grab them while you can! (pun intendedof course!