A Visit to Korin + Giveaway


This is just one side of the knife section. There is an equally extensive display on the opposite wall.

Last Wednesday, I hopped on a double decker Megabus and rode to New York in order to learn about knives. Many months ago, I’d gotten an email inviting me to visit Korin, a Japanese tableware and knife store and finally the day had arrived for my trip. As a fan of good kitchen knives, I was incredibly excited to learn a little more about the breadth of knives available out there.


Located downtown near City Hall, Korin has been in the business of knives and tableware for 30 years. A family operation, the store was initially open only by appointment to the restaurant trade (they currently work with the likes of Nobu, Grammercy Tavern and Per Se) but in recent years, the shop has been open daily to the public as well.


In addition to selling an incredibly vast array of knives and tableware, they also offer sharpening services using a variety of Japanese water stones. They can sharpen and repair nearly any type or style of knife, save those with a serrated edge. Having seen what they were able to do with some of my more beat-up knives, I am a true believer as to what a good sharpening can do. There is no one that I know of in Philadelphia producing this level of edge quality. Happily, you can mail your knives to Korin should you not live near enough to drop in for sharpening.


Korin sells Western-style knives, traditional Japanese knives and a Japanese-Western hybrid. The difference between these knives is in the edge. Western edges are sharpened so that they have a symmetrical edge. This offers a blade that is fairly durable and relatively easy to maintain. Japanese knives are traditionally sharpened on just one side of the knife. This makes for an incredibly sharp edge, but not as easy for the home cook to maintain.


This is Knife Master Sugai, demonstrating the proper sharpening technique.

Then there’s the hybrid knife. Made of thin, high-grade steel, the edge is sharpened to an asymmetrical edge that leads to a sharper, more durable blade. The only issue with selecting a knife with an asymmetrical edge is if you have multiple cooks in your household who have different dominant hands. These knives are sharpened differently for righties and lefties. Just something to keep in mind.


This incredibly long blade is designed to be used to break down whole tuna. It's a two-person operation. One maneuvers the knife and the other moves the tuna.

One of the things that my hosts stressed when showing me through the knives was the fact that in Japanese culinary culture, there are different knives for different tasks. The giant knife with the extended blade in this picture? It is designed for cutting soba noodles. Thicker blades are designated for butchering, while thinner ones are for making more precision cut. Blade shapes also vary depending on region and maker.


One blade that I fell particularly in love with while visiting Korin was the Petty knife. It’s seen as an analog to the paring knife, as it’s both light and highly maneuverable. However, as you can see (it’s pictured below), it’s got a longer blade that you typically find on a Western paring knife. Since introducing it to my kitchen a week ago, it’s rapidly become my favorite knife for quick tasks like slicing up an apple.


The kind folks at Korin sent me home with two of these Petty knives (if you’re curious, it’s this one), one to keep and one to give away to a reader. If you’re interesting in a chance to win this gorgeous knife, here’s what to do.

  1. To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on this post and tell us about your favorite kitchen tool.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm eastern time on Thursday, March 1, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random (using random.org) and will be posted to the blog on Friday, March 2, 2012.
  3. Giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian readers.
  4. One entry/comment per person, please.
Disclosure: Korin gave me two knives; one to keep and one for this giveaway. My opinions remain entirely my own. 

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1,057 responses to “A Visit to Korin + Giveaway”

  1. I am rumored to have a kitchen implement obsession, but I think one needs to have a birds beak fruit knife, don’t you? I have a recently acquired a Lamson Sharp with a rosewood handle. It is quite exquisite.

  2. Do appliances count? If so, then definitely my KitchenAid mixer. If not, then I’d have to say my vegetable peeler. I had to do without one recently and – trying to pare a carrot with a knife? Much more difficult without the peeler!

  3. I have decided to start yet another journey of journeys into canning. Just googled canning blogs and here I am! Plus I love that this giveaway is about knives because I need one that can actually cut through a sweet potato with ease to make my sweet potato fries and to cut through other hard root vegetables. So glad I found this site. My favorite kitchen tool right now is the apple corer. I am so into apples right now and this tool helps me get the job done in a jiffy! Thanks for the great info!

  4. My old diehard Kitchen Aid stand mixer – the kind with the handle that lifts the bowl up into place. After 25 years it may finally need a tune up.

  5. Hmm, this might sound like pandering since it’s a knife giveaway, but definitely my knives! I keep my knife block close at hand, as no matter what I’m making– whether it’s a quick snack or a more complex, time-intensive dish– there’s sure to be some chopping, slicing or dicing involved! I have a few paring knives as they are a common go-to, but nothing nearly as nice as this!

  6. What a lovely knife!

    My favorite kitchen tool is my iron skillet. It’s very old–my uncle bought it [very] used, cleaned it, and started the process of seasoning it for me. It’s fairly well seasoned, now, but the surface keeps getting blacker and shinier over time, which is a good sign. I cook almost everything in it. (Not so much canning stuff, I suppose, but everyday cooking.)

  7. I love my Bosch mixer. I would love to win this knife, I always think paring knives are way too short for what I need to cut with them.

  8. Thank you for hosting this giveaway – I can’t live with my handy (2 cup size) food processor

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  9. I have a lot of favorites, but if I had to pick just one, I guess my vintage citrus juicer would be it. I’ve never seen a similar design in stores, and honestly didn’t know what it was for the longest – a friend who was clearing out her grandmother’s kitchen gifted me a bunch of items, and I held onto this and what turned out to be a cookie dough slicer despite not knowing what they were – but it’s become an indispensable part of my kitchen since. It quickly juices and keeps the seeds and such inside of it.

  10. Very informative info on the knife edges! One of my favorite tools is the vegetable peeler from Pampered Chef. I also love the Kuhn Rikon can opener that removes the lid with no sharp edges and has other opener functions (available from QVC) and last but not least I can’t live without my Greenpan cookware (HSN).

  11. My favorite kitchen piece is a saute pan (unbranded) I got from a kitchen warehouse – it’s been so worn in that it’s non-stick and it cooks like a dream.

  12. Great looking tool. One of my favorites (so hard to decide) is probably my silicone heat-resistant spatula. Made life for lazy cooks like me, SO much easier. Always ugly when I’d try to use the old rubber ones on food and melt the suckers.

  13. I use my cast iron skillets and (new!) stoneware bread pan much more than my favorite kitchen tool, my food processor. No more mincing onion after onion and the quickest, easiest pie crusts ever!

    I do hope I get the knife … I cut my apples up with steak knives because the paring knife really just isn’t long enough for me either.

  14. I was going to say zester, but after reading the comments it has to be the garlic press for me too. It gets nearly daily use; so much that I forget it’s a gadget and not just one of my fingers!

  15. How cool & what a great field trip! 🙂

    My favorite kitchen tool is my food processor.. Dont know how I’d live without it and I wouldnt want to. 😉

  16. I really enjoy my measuring shot glass. Its got ounces, ml, teaspoon and tablespoon measurements which are useful for me since I often switch between my mother in laws recipes (North American) to my mother and grandmothers recipes (British) and it saves time and frustration wondering how to convert things.

  17. My favorite kitchen tool is my Shun knife. I think it’s the best, but my sushi chef husband, of course, never thinks it’s sharp enough.

  18. This place looks so interesting! I’m definitely going to have to spend some time checking out their site. I’ve long been in the market to upgrade my kitchen knives. But I would have to say that my favorite kitchen tool is probably my mini scraper. Thank goodness I have a drawer full of them because it seems any time I’m working in the kitchen I go through them like crazy!

  19. Wow, sounds like a facinating day. My father used to sharpen everyones knives. He loved doing it. It’s just one of the things I miss about him. Who couldn’t use a sharp knife? I hide my favorite knife so my husband or children don’t use it for say prying open a lid, or packages.

    This would certianly be a treat. Thank you and Korin for this chance.

  20. A cross between my Kitchen aid and my new, very, very quiet dishwasher! I would start the older one as I was leaving, to avoid the feeling I was on the ramp of an airport runway. Amazing that it didn’t flood. This knife looks to be the perfect size. Thanks for opening to Canadians.

  21. My Vitamix! I was in love as soon as I saw that not only could it whip up smoothies, and super creamy sauces, but that you can make hot soup or beverages in it as well!

  22. Just like everyone else here, I love my kitchenaid mixer. Best Xmas gift ever! What a sexy knife! Very excited for the giveaway!

  23. Tough call, but I think my big enameled cast iron pan is at the top of the list right now. It gets a lot of use in the winter!

  24. As much as I love my KitchenAid mixer, I’d have to say may absolute favorite is my immersion blender. It’s lightweight, easily-cleaned, and can make soups, sauces, etc in seconds flat.

  25. My favorite tool is a Global chef’s knife that I received as a wedding gift. It love it because it it light, well balanced, and sharp and using any high quality tool is a delight.

  26. My most valuable kitchen tool is my knife sharpener. It can’t compete with the folks at Korin but it’s sure made a huge difference for me.

  27. My favorite kitchen gadget is my apple peeler. It peels, slices, and cores so quickly. My son just received a beautiful chef’s knife for his birthday, I know that is his favorite. This store looks amazing, we would probably go crazy.

  28. A good knife is indispensable , but my personal favorite is the slow cooker. Nothing like coming home to a hot meal that’s already been prepared for you!

  29. My favorite kitchen tool would have to be my food mill. How would I ever make cranberry jelly and seedless berry jams without it? Oh, yes, and that really hard, plastic spatula that gets every bit of everything out of the bowl. Can I pick 3? Love my cherry pitter, too. Stop me, I love everything in my kitchen; they are all like my children.

  30. Of the several tools that I love first would be the 8qt stock pot, then my 6 inch chef knife (because I just didn’t know any better before reading your entry today) then my kitchen aid mixer. With those 3 tools I can do anything.

  31. A good sharp knife and my hand made wooden spoons (made by my brother). I would really enjoy a good paring knife, as there is not a worthy one in my current arsenal.

  32. I’m going to have to say my pressure canner is my favorite of everything in the kitchen. It gets used year round. Not only in harvest season. I do jars of turkey, venison, and beans in the off season. But of course, I love any great paring knife, yet I’ve used the same one for 18 years or so!

  33. I’d have to say that my favorite kitchen tool is my Chef’s knife with my stand mixer being a close second. Love being able to quickly cut up ingredients to go in the mixer or other tools and be used for fresh bread, soups and quiches.

  34. My favorite kitchen tool is my mandolin. Hubby bought me a very nice new one for Christmas, but I still have my old one in the garage as a backup…lol. Thank you for a marvelous giveaway!

  35. My favorite kitchen tool is hands down my Vitamix. It makes processing tomatoes (by the five gallon bucket per day in late summer) a breeze. I wash them, core them, and run them in batches through the Vitamix with peppers, onions, and herbs. Then cook them down and can them. No peeling, no seeding, just nice smooth sauce, the way we love it.

    If I ever make it to NYC I want to go to this place!

  36. ok….I’m sensing a theme here! LOL Anyhoo, my chef knives (one from my great grandpa and one that was given to me from a restaurant that they had removed the edge from and were going to throw out!)

  37. My favorite kitchen tool is my mothers Wustof Chef knife. It was one of the few items I was able to bring home after cleaning out her house after she passed away. My mother always kept her knives in great condition: extra sharp and covered with a knife protector. I hide it in the cabinet where I keep my baking pans so my husband won’t use it.

  38. I love my KitchenAid sooo much. Although it’s not the most used thing in my kitchen (My Chef’s knife takes that prize), my KitchenAid is by far my favorite!

  39. I love, love, love my global knife, but I couldn’t live without my rubber spatulas. in a fight to the death, I think the knife would win, but not without some…, well, unscathed probably.

  40. I’ve a set of Henkel knives, so my chef’s knife would be my favourite…..and my most used implement, I think.

    Thanks for opening this up to Canadians!

  41. My old fashioned egg beater 🙂 I rarely use it, but it’s much more fun, for me at least, to pull out than anything I plug in the wall. Certainly doesn’t stand up to a kitchen aid, but it meets my need for eclecticism.

  42. My favorite kitchen tool is my 8″ chef’s knife. It was my grandmother’s, and one of her only stainless knives. I can keep it sharp enough to shave with, while sharpening it maybe 2 times a month and taking it to the stone maybe twice a year. I think I have 30 other knives around my kitchen, but that’s my go-to.

  43. Mt two fav things in the kitchen are my granite mortal and pestal that i found at an asian store for cheap and my potato peeler that has lasted me 9 years with no sharping

  44. My husband got me a knife a bit larger than that from Blind Horse Knives for Christmas and it’s turned into the go-to knife… I’d love to have a good quality paring knife to go with it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  45. My favorite tool is probably my electric kettle. I use it constantly, and honestly don’t know what I would do without it now that I am so accustomed to using it in my kitchen!

  46. My most useful tool would have to be my trusty 8″ chefs knife, but sadly it’s seen better days and needs a sharpening. A friend sharpened it up a bit the other day using the raw surface at the bottom of a ceramic mug! Fun trick! But I still wish I could take it to a place like Korin for a proper sharpening.

  47. I just bought my first really good chef’s knife, and I’ve been cooking so much more. It’s such a pleasure to use. The honing steel really helps as well

  48. I have an awesome knife that I got from NYC by mail order a few years ago and it is a good one too!! It was a very inexpensive knife, but definitely one of the best I have had. It was a recommendation from a blogger…i love the way you guys can teach us things we wouldn’t otherwise know. I have a deep desire to have another good knife and can only hope that I might be the random winner!!

  49. So I figured this should be the tool that I use the most and lately that is m mandolin. I’ve been loving how fast it works to cut up veggies.

    Until I lived on my own and bought new knives, I had no idea how easy cutting food was supposed to be 🙂

  50. My favorite is my okay-ish 8″ chef’s knife – I use it allll the time. Close runners-up have to be my microplane, anodized saucepan, and Cuisinart food processor.

    What a cool trip!

  51. I would have to say my favorite tool is my slant edge, wooden “spatula” or saute tool – I use it for almost everything I cook. Thank you for this great opportunity! These knives look wondeful!

  52. My fave tool would have to be my olive wood cutting board. I get a hard time from all my family that I have NEVER owned ANY decent kitchen knives so winning this would be amazing!

  53. My favorite tool is my JA Henkels chef’s knife. My friend and I cook together frequently and, unfortunately, I only have one nice knife (the other one is from Ikea). A new knife would help preserve our friendship.

  54. My favorite kitchen tool (right now) would be my mixing bowl. I have so many favorites though. My favorite kitchen knife is a slim ‘tomato’ knife that cuts so thin it is not even funny!

  55. It is difficult to pick just one kitchen tool. I love everything that has to do with cooking! I have a 1 quart Revere sauce pan that I have had for at least 15 years. I have warmed up countless servings of soup and oatmeal for my children in it. I would be lost with out it! Great give away!

  56. My first job was working for Lamson & Goodnow many, many years ago so I have to go with my old L&G knives – they sharpen theirs for free.

  57. Thanks for the chance to win that knife! I can always incorporate more knives in my kitchen… My favourite kitchen tool has to be the silicone spatula. Whoever invented that one is a genius!

  58. I would love to visit the knife store! My favorite knife (this year) is from a Wolfgang Puck set I bought for my husband, it’s got a 5″ blade and is just the right size for so many jobs. We also have the smaller and the larger which are equally wonderful, but the middle-sized one is my fave.
    Thank you for all the great info, Marisa, you always get me thinking!
    Sue Blando

  59. considering that I haven’t been out of bed for more than an hour, right now my favorite kitchen tool is my coffee maker, not sure that counts, um……probly my bread knife?

  60. I use so many things in the kitchen. If I had to ‘pare’ it down, it would come down to my chef’s knife, my Wolfgang Puck skillet (always on the stovetop) and my lime juicer! (Oh does that count as cooking gadget or mental health aid!?! tee hee!)

  61. My favorite kitchen tool might be my paring knife. I use it a lot more than the others. I’ve got two of them actually – one is a lovely Wusthof classic and the other is red with white polka dots.

  62. I love my crock pot, but that’s more of an appliance than a tool. One of my favorite tools is a little plastic orange peeler I got at a home party years ago.

  63. Odd as it may sound, my favorite kitchen gadget is my grandmother’s ice cream scoop – solid, thick metal with curved handle. I love it, and it always reminds me of her.

  64. My Le Creuset braiser is at the top of my list. My husband calls it the “magic pot”, because he loves everything that comes out of it.

  65. The proof is in my dishrack. My Le Creuset cast iron skillet goes from stove to sink to dishrack and never gets a chance to sit in my cupboards. I can’t think of anything (except maybe a fork) that I use more often.

  66. right now my favorite kitchen tool is my microplane grater 🙂 though i’m sure this awesome knife would quickly become my favorite kitchen tool if i were to win!!

  67. What interesting information – makes me want to have many more knives to do many more things. My favorite kitchen tool is a measuring cup my young son gave me this Christmas. It has the measurements on the inside so all you have to do is look down into the cup when pouring in liquid – what a great idea!

  68. A favorite kitchen tool? What a hard choice! There are so many things I love and that make cooking so joyful. I suppose I’ll have to go with my newest kitchen gadget as it has all the luster of novelty in addition to my love for it. And that is my hand-crank grain mill!

  69. the most indispensable tool is our chef’s knife which we got a crazy mash up of a store that the Japanese are expert at when we lived in Japan several years ago.

  70. I love my citrus reamer. It is wooden, simple but oh so effective and in heavy use. I wish I could say ‘my knives’ but sadly they are no fun to work with, so the give away is perfectly timed.

  71. Hands down, my favorite kitchen tool is the knife. I can use my chef’s knife for almost anything, even peeling an apple if necessary. When one studies cooking for a living, it becomes the go-to tool. Much like scissors are a hairdresser’s tool, a chef knife is mine.

    I am jealous! There are some Japanese suppliers here in Montreal, but nothing like Korin. In fact, a lot of my former cooks at Koko Restaurant used to order their knives from Korin. It’s nice to see the place behind the scenes!

  72. While it is not exciting or unusual, my favorite kitchen tool is my Cutco peeler. It has never let me down and is without a doubt the best vegetable peeler I have ever used.


  73. My 5″ analon santoku knife would be my favorite as well as the
    things I inherited from my Nana. Potatoe ricer, a beautiful oversized
    wooden bowl with a red hand handled chopper and some really old
    corningware bakewear. I’d love another good knife.

  74. Wow, what a cool place and fun field trip! I love that knife in the second picture–like a work of art.

    Besides a set of knives which are used the most, I think my favorite tool is my bench scraper–cuts dough, scoops up chopped veggies, cleans off the dough bits from my work area. Its the tool I’m always reaching for, and it rarely makes it from the drainer to the drawer where it lives.

  75. I love my cookie spatulas (they’re much smaller) and my Cuisinart. and lately, I’ve had a borrowed dehydrator & I’m falling hard for it.

  76. I actually love a simple wooden spoon that was my grandmother’s. It’s only about 12 inches long and has a dent in the handle near the bowl from years and years of use.

  77. I love my knife and wooden spoon plenty, but right now my favourite kitchen gadget is my my mini whisk. It mixes small amounts of liquids like salad dressings and marinades so well.

  78. My favorite kitchen tool is my offset spatula. It has a bakelite handle and I use it for cutting cheese curds as well as spreading frosting. Great contest!

  79. My favorite kitchen tool is my Wusthof 10″ chefs knife. Luckily, other family members think it’s too long, so it doesn’t see some of the use/abuse of other knives. It will be with me for many years to come and through many meals to cook.

  80. It’s funny that you mention slicing an apple with the petty knife because it brings back a childhood memory. My dad made friends with a coworker who was originally from Japan and his wife wanted to learn how to make an apple pie. My mom went to their house to teach her, and was very surprised when the lady brought out a giant knife to peel the apples. But she did it with ease! Maybe it was one of those petty knives?

    Oh, and my favorite kitchen tool (besides a sharp knife) is my immersion blender.

  81. My favorite kitchen tool is my “granny fork”, a long steel three-tined fork with a bone handle that my mother gave me from her grandmother’s kitchen stuff. With really sharp tines, the “granny fork” is the perfect bacon flipper and one of my greatest all-around kitchen tools. 🙂

  82. My favorite, although not the most practical or used, is my apple machine. It peels, cores, and slices apples. I just love the feeling of accomplishment when the apple comes out perfectly sliced and cleaned.

  83. My favorite knife? I am learning to use properly and love my chef’s knife. For baking, definitely my KitchenAid stand mixer – lets me make bread weekly without insanity. For putting dinner on the table, its currently a toss up between my shiny, pretty, new tagine and my enormous wok of happiness.

  84. I couldn’t live without my garlic press – we love garlic! But, my husband would say, hands down – good knives! In fact our first ever fight was about my mis-use of a good knife on some baking chocolate. Don’t worry – I’ve learned, haven’t dulled anymore knives chopping up chocolate, and have come around to see that value of a lovely kitchen knife.

  85. My favorite kitchen tool is my Zojirishi rice cooker. Not only does it cook rice perfectly, but it plays a happy little song at the end of the cooking cycle. I like to think that my rice cooker is very pleased about a job well done. 🙂

  86. I like knives too. I was taught to use a Chinese butcher knife, but I tend to use a santuko these days. Never enough good knives.

  87. Hands down my mom’s old dutch oven. It’s older than I am and the seasoning is the most perfect nonstick surface I have ever used. I love breaking it out when the weather turns cold for hearty stews and camping trips!

  88. Favorite kitchen tool? My electric kettle. As a tea drinker, it’s the best for heating water in a hurry and works for all types of liquids. Thanks for the contest.

  89. i think my favorite thing in the kitchen that helps our busy family life run a little more smoothly is my kitchenaid mixer. but also id have to say that i rely on my crock pot quite often as well. thank you very much for this opportunity. 🙂

  90. hmm, i’d have to say my current favorite is my microplane grater… but i’m willing to switch allegiances for that gorgeous petty knife!

  91. hmmm, hard to choose – my cast iron skillet and my santoku chef’s knife are both total workhorses, but nothing compares to the wooden spoon that was once my grandmothers. Nothing feels as good in my hand and when making one of her famous Greek recipes, it’s nice to know that that spoon has been stirring the same pot of food for the last 30 years.

  92. As much as I love all the gidgets (fillet knife), gadgets (3 stage electric knife sharpener), pots (stainless steel 10qt stockpot), and pans (15″ cast iron) in my kitchen picking one thing is hard. But my vote goes to my step stools for best kitchen tool. Without my step stools our two girls wouldn’t be able to participate in the kitchen safely. We actually had to buy different color step stools to prevent turf wars over kitchen jobs between our girls. Yup, step stools!

  93. I was a bit intimidated by the Kitchen Aid food processor I got for Christmas this year. It has a whole separate kit to hold the many different accessories and pieces and parts. Once I dug in and figured it all out, though, I have come to wonder how I ever survived without it!

  94. I go-to knife is a little serrated one that is great for cutting just about any smaller item. My other favorite tools would have to my bamboo utensils.

  95. My grandfather was a hotel chef in Seattle in the teens and 20’s last century. My grandma, who is 93, recently gave me his hotel recipe book (manually typed with many notes) and his tools. I received a 12 inch carver, an 8 inch chef’s knife and a large grill spatula. They are all carbon steel and have full tangs and my grandpa’s initials were hand carved into the wooden handles. I never knew how a good knife felt in my hand until these. The chef’s knife is my current favorite. I use it daily.

  96. Favorite kitchen tool has to be my stone mortar and pestle. Toasted and then ground spices some how seem…better….when I hand grind them

  97. Either my mom’s kitchen aid mixer (sadly I’ve moved away and no longer have access) or my little paring knife. I do everything with that it seems.

  98. I would have to say that my favorite kitchen tool is my kitchen scale (as opposed to the bathroom scale, which is not my favorite). I love it and use it nearly every day. My husband’s would be his Santuko knife, so I know he’d be very very excited about this. Thanks!

  99. Recently moved and was forced to rearrange all my kitchen tools. Amazed how often I use a micro planer. Of course, a sharp kitchen knife is always a plus.

  100. Favorite? That’s a hard decision… The item I use most is a little serated blade paring knife, but the thing I wished I owned (I’m living with my parents at the moment) is my mum’s old pyrex mixing bowls. I’ve always loved them…

  101. Makes me wish I lived back in NYC! My favorite knife was a French tomato slicer that someone helped themselves to. My now favorite knife is my Cutco carving knife that I’ve owned for over 20 years (and still keep it in its original cardboard sleeve). I would love to get a paring type knife that works!

  102. My microplane zester – I use it for citrus zest, cheese, grating nutmeg….all those weird tasks that are hard to do otherwise or don’t seem worth getting out a grater for.

    I also use spatulas (the stirring kind with a rubbery tip, not the flat pancake-flipping kind) all the time.

  103. My favorite kitchen tool, though not one that gets used terribly often, is definitely my big rolling pin. It’s comfortable to grip, nice and hefty (perfect in case of zombie apocalypse), and dishwasher safe. AND the plastic chills well in the fridge or freezer, which is nice when you’re rolling out biscuits and or pie dough. AAAAND it came with has 3 pairs of slide-on rings in different thicknesses so you can control how thin you roll the dough out. Pretty rad little toy. 🙂

  104. I love my wire swirly thing for making gravy. I don’t know what it is called. My mother gave me mine and I have never seen one like it except in her kitchen. It light and springy and has a perfectly flat spiral of metal about 2″ across on the bottom. Spirals up to the handle. If you push down hard it goes completely flat. Perfect tool for getting the good bits off the bottom of the pan and keeping it off. Also great for stirring puddings and other milk based rouxs etc.

  105. Does my stove count as a kitchen tool? Its a Bosch with continuous grate on top. When the old Wedgewood wouldn’t fit in our tiny kitchen, I compromised. To my surprise, this stove gets quite a workout, and never disappoints. It’s a pleasure to cook on it!

  106. What an amazing trip that must have been! My favorite would be my Santoku knives–I have two–and I don’t think I can cook ANYTHING without them!

  107. I was given a huge stainless steel bowl for a wedding gift in 1983 and it has been beyond useful. It can hold a 26lb turkey carcass for stripping, or a pile of peelings, or multiple recipes of cookies. I will melt the margarine/butter/shortening while the oven preheats & make a quadruple batch of oatmeal chocolate chip (would last this house maybe 2 days).

    Currently in an empty nest, I use it to mix up granola & bake it in the same bowl. I love it!

  108. Mine would be between a global chefs knife and my kitchen aid stick mixer…. Both of them I use very frequently and love… Great post I think it was love at first site

  109. There are so many items in my kitchen that make my life easier, so it’s hard to select just one. However, I recently bought a Hurom slow juicer, and it’s awesome!

  110. How to choose my favorite? I can’t live without my 8″ chef’s knife, but I love my Kitchenaid mixer. For canning, (since this is a canning blog), I lovelovelove my Squeezo food mill. Can’t can without it.

  111. Hmmm….well, the nostalgic part of me wants to say my KitchenAid stand mixer, since it’s tied into so many memories.

    But what I use most often? A good cutting board! I love mine, with a special affection for my granite one. I suppose it doesn’t hurt that it was a gift from my husband, either. 🙂

  112. My favorite kitchen tool is an old-fashion hand-powered food processor—the kind that strains skins and seeds out of applesauce. I don’t use it every day, but when I need it, it works perfectly.

  113. I bought some tongs recently and have found them to be more useful than I thought but I guess my *favorite* kitchen tool is my Kithenaid mixer.

  114. My favorite kitchen tool is my giant cutting board….well, that and my well- seasoned cast iron skillet. The board sits out on the counter full time and the skillet’s “home” is on one of the burners of my stove. It just seemed pointless to keep putting them away when I’d just pull them both out again the next time I made a meal.

  115. Oh wow, there are so many things that I love using in my kitchen that it’s hard to just pick one one favourite tool, especially considering you can’t do a job without everything working together in harmony!

    But one tool? I shall have to make it: a good sturdy pair of wooden chopsticks!

  116. What a task…to pick a fave kitchen tool! Hm I would have to say my maple end-grain cutting board. It is a work horse, and I’m sure it would be immensely happy to have such a special Japanese paring knife putting it to task! 😉 thanks for the draw, and sounds like a fun litle day trip.

  117. My 8 inch Henckles chef’s knife. It is used more than once per day, never put into the dishwasher, sharpened often, and kept in a wood knife block. I am always open to a newcomer if it is of very high quality!

  118. A favorite kitchen tool….just ONE? That’s tough. Although I can think of ways to do most things with the simplest of tools, I bet you & most of your readers would agree that a good knife is at the top of the list (hence your post!). So my favorite hand tool would have to be my Calphalon paring knife. But if I had to choose my favorite electric gadget, my immersion blender would be right up there. As always, great blog, great contest. Thanks!

  119. Such a hard choice! The tool that gets the most use in my kitchen is my chef’s knife. I couldn’t live without one. But I have so many other favorites as well!

  120. I think my favourite kitchen tool is my mother’s sharp chopping knife since my is so horrible. That’s why this would be the perfect prize to win!

  121. Do pots and pans count? I love my Le Creuset oval oven and a new addition of an Allclad 2qt saucier. I have a clay stovetop casserole from Bram that I think I will love when I get more familiar with it too. Oops, that’s three. Thanks so much for doing these contests!

  122. My Kitchen Aid chef’s knife. It was a house warming gift for my first apartment out of college. I have been rocking it for 7 years. Though I would not mind replacing it 😉

  123. My favorite kitchen “gadget” was my ulu which we had custom made while living in Alaska but alas it went “missing” when we moved back down to the lower 48. next favorites…. old cast iron skillet, bosch mixer, and calphalon immersion blender! Things I use on an almost daily basis!

  124. My most-used tool is an old set of kitchen tongs, but I’d have to say my FAVORITE tool is the can opener because whenever I use it my cat flips out and zooms around the apartment, which is hilarious.

  125. My favorite kitchen tool? Hmm, it would be between the French knife I’ve had forever, my Culinary Arts Apron from 1982-1984 and my Kitchen Aid Mixer. ya, I think that covers it!

  126. Knives, yes, could not live without good knives. When thinking about my favorite kitchen tool my contenters all have sharp edges, knives, microplaners, blender, food processor…would not want to be without any of them.

  127. Maybe it’s not a tool per se, but I recently received my first dutch oven, in cast iron, and I’m cooking everything in it! That knife would come in handy since there is a lot of chopping with dutch ovens 🙂

  128. Lately, I’ve so appreciated the Bosch mixer slicer/shredder attachment. In seconds, I can shred hard cheeses, potatoes, carrots, zucchini, apples, etc. It makes my life in the kitchen so much easier!

  129. I love my Kitchenaid! I love to bake so it gets a lot of use. As far as manual tools, I do like my honing steel as it keeps me from getting frustrated with my knives.

  130. I love my vegetable peeler. It’s a lifelong affair – not the same peeler of course – just the marvel at it’s simple way of simplifying my life. 🙂

  131. after reading all these comments………….me thinks a kitchen aid mixer is my next big purchase! in my kitchen i love both my silicone spatulas and my flat wide wooden paddle. 🙂

  132. not necessarily my favorite, but the OXO cherry pitter is a work of genius – i never want to make sour cherry preserves without it ever again.

  133. I have 1 sharp knife that I use for almost everything. It was a gift several years ago, and it’s sooo much better than any of my other knives, that I don’t know what I did before it.

  134. I have to agree with other commenters that I can’t live without my knives. If I’m going over to a friend’s to help cook dinner, my knives come with me. I have one at work and sometimes I carry one in my purse (for all those times I need to peel some fruit on the go…)

  135. At present my favorite tool in the kitchen is my Zojirushi breadmaker, it’s wonderful to have when your disabilities prevent you from kneading dough and you want great smelling fresh bread or bread dough!

    What a wonderful looking knife and it sounds like quality to me…I have horrible knives and could sure use a nice one like this, thanx for the giveaway opp.!

  136. I think my newest favorite kitchen tool is my canning funnel. Handy for waaaay more than just canning…transfering beans from on jar to another, pouring juice into small containers, etc.

  137. My favorite kitchen tool is my Wusthof Santoku knife…I use it for every slicing, dicing, cutting, and chopping job that I do…I LOVE it and would be lost without it…!! Thank you for entering me in your fun contest!!

  138. Hands down it would be my Anolon chef’s knife. I love a good knife and this one is even better than the other two very spendy ones I’ve had in the past!

  139. What a great knife.
    My 2 favorite kitchen tools are my collection of vintage white painted (on the outside in different colors) Pyrex bowls and my silicone scrapers. I use them all. the. time.
    I know. It’s more than one item, and even more than two. But it’s the best I can do. 🙂

  140. Have to say its the first thing i reach for in the kitchen for most kitchen task, my Misono UX10 knife. My wife got if for me as a gift at Korin and it has been the single best knife I have ever used.

  141. I think I’d have to say it’s a toss up between my santoku knife and my cast iron skillet. I use them at about every meal- and I even brought them on vacation!

  142. I think it’s a tie between my kitchenaid mixer and my giant le creuset jam pot – it heats so evenly even on my crappy apartment stove.

  143. Oh so many knives so little time…my favorite knife is and always will be the Chef’s knife, so versatile a must for any kitchen… Would love to get some knives from this shop..there are some real beauties there. Cheers and thanks for the opportunity and for showing us this great vendor 🙂

  144. Rimmed baking sheet/silpat combo. Between granola, roasted veggies, and sweet potato fries, it’s rarely put away. Thanks honey!

  145. By far, it would have to be a really good knife. I just recently received one and what a difference it makes. How lucky you were to get to visit the Korin company.

  146. I’ve become absolutely enamored with my Microplane grater/zester after having received it for Christmas this year. Needless to say, I’ve been adding a punch of citrus-y flavor and goodness to just about everything 🙂

  147. My favorite kitchen tools is my Japanese vegetable knife from Sunrise Mart in Manhattan! Or maybe I just have knives on the brain.

  148. I tend to be the dishwasher, so my favorite tool is the humble kitchen sponge! 🙂 But when I’m cooking, my go to piece is my cast iron enamel pot. Diverse, trusty, consistent heating, and easy to clean! (Fantastic blog and contest!!)

  149. I love my rice cooker. Perfect rice every time without having to adjust for the various stoves I’ve cooked on through the years. Recevied it as a wedding present more than 11 years ago and it’s still going strong.

  150. My Mac paring knife – I think it’s 3 1/2 inches long and as stupid as this sounds my silicone spatula/spoon. Both of those are used multiple times a day.

  151. I can’t narrow it down to one so my new favorite kitchen tool will have to be my Galaxy Tablet that lets me look at recipes from blogs and recipe sites while cooking without having to print them out.

  152. For every day use, my Victorinox Fibrox knife. It was cheap, but it does the job and I like the slightly grippy handle for when my hands are larded-up.

    What I need is an appropriate place in our newly remodeled kitchen to store knives. Right now I use the little clamshell plastic knife blade protectors so they don’t ding their blades in a drawer.

  153. Well, it’s not a knife, but it does have some sharp bits: my favorite kitchen tool is my immersion blender, mostly because it has saved my ass on more than a few occasions (misbehaving jams, sauces, and soups that need a little more body).

  154. Second to my chef’s knife, my fave kitchen tool is my immersion blender. Makes for easy blending/pureeing/etc. without the clean-up of a blender. It also makes the best creamy crockpot refritos I’ve ever had.

  155. I’m not sure if it’s MY favorite tool per se, but my partners favorite tool for me to use is my mesh screen when something is bubbling away on the stove.

  156. My bamboo cutting board, before I had it I used a small old plastic cutting board. Now I have a very pretty board that is big enough to handle lots of chopping.

  157. Wow — that’s quite the store! Thanks for sharing!

    I know common sense should tell me my favourite tool is my knife (it’s an un-fancy santoku) but… in my heart of hearts, I think my real favourite is my mortar (with wooden pestle). It’s handmade earthenware with a spout, and is just the right size for two people worth of pesto, or for crushing spices for chai, or for whipping salad dressing into smashed garlic, or…

  158. So many… but I must say, my 8″ chef knife, my largest mixing bowl and my kitchen tongs are up there with the most used tools in the house.

  159. My favorite kitchen tool is my 8″ chefs high carbon steel knife honed to razor sharpness. You only really need a few knives in your kitchen and this is the most versatile.

  160. Good Afternoon!

    I would have to say my apple corer peeler slicer! I Make a lot of apple butter when apples are in season! This tool cut my time in half. Talking about cutting ~ those knives are wonderful! I would love to have one for all my vegetables from my garden.

    Thanks for having this contest!
    S Hankins

  161. Wow! These knives sure beat the cheap-o knives I have. Favorite kitchen tool? I’d have to say it’s my cast iron deep skillet with lid, which gets used almost daily.

  162. My favorite kitchen tool is my block knife. So handy for cutting up veggies, meat, and much more. Could not live with out it!

  163. my favorite kitchen equipment are my bendable cutting boards. I use them for everything and they are very easy to clean. Would love a knife to use on them!

  164. My knives are definitely my favorite kitchen tools. My chef’s knife is a Global (which I love!) but my favorite fruit knife was $9.99 at the local Asian market! I had a crew of high school aged Girl Scouts here yesterday dispatching 3 crates of citrus using $10 knives! We made and canned 6 batches of mixed citrus jam!

  165. My Grandma had a kitchen drawer that was full of the coolest vintage kitchen gadgets. She passed away in 1988, when I was 16, and I inherited the drawer. I use her classic egg beater/hand mixer (which I’m sure she purchased in the 1950s) almost daily. It makes the fluffiest omlettes.

  166. My favorite kitchen tool is a can top puller by Campbells for the new can pop tops on the shelves today. My kids make fun of me but it works so well.

  167. Judging from the frequency with which I regret not having one in my current living situation, my favourite kitchen tool might well be a mortar and pestle. A surprising variety of things are much harder to do without one!

  168. Oh, you know the way to my heart is through a good, sharp knife. My current favorite is a Wusthof santoku-esque chef’s knife. But I’m a fickle beast, and new knives are apt to capture my heart. So sharp. So pretty!

  169. Great post! I’d have to say, my favorite kitchen tool is actually the butter knife. I use it for so many really weird things, I don’t know what I’d to without it!

  170. My fave tool would be my mini food processor. It is wonderful because the knives I have are absolutely awful and they are the same set I have had forever. Hope I win!

  171. My vacuum sealer… everything stays so much fresher 🙂 In jars, or bags. When I open a bag (carefully, lol) of egg noodles and only use half… I just reseal (w/out vacuum) it until I am ready to use the rest. When my hub brings home a deer we vacuum seal the meat for the freezer. Keeping fresh veggies in vacuum sealed jars in the fridge is fantastic!!! They do keep longer 🙂

  172. This post made my heart pound. I covet fantastic knives, however, I could not live without my cast iron skillets and dutch ovens. My cutting board is a close second.

  173. My favourite tool is my wood cutting board. Maybe not a tool, but it is something I use multiple times a day! All I need is a kick butt Korin knife to match it!!

  174. My favorite tool is a silicone spatula that is one piece of silicone–there isn’t any crevice for debris, nothing can come apart, and the handle feels great because it’s soft.

  175. I don’t know if it’s my favorite kitchen tool, but lately, I’ve been finding myself going to the silcon-coated tongs rather than spatulas or spoons when cooking. They seem so much more effective for turning things over when sauteing or stir-frying.

  176. These knives look amazing. I would say my favorite kitchen tool thus far in my cooking adventures would be my immersion blender. It seems magical some days. Cheers!

  177. Oh my! I need new knives so badly! I would absolutely love this one.

    My favorite tool in the kitchen right now is my new (to me) gas stove. How in the world did I ever live on electric?!

  178. I adore my prep bowls. I have four small stainless steel bowls that I bought at a kitchen supply store in India–every time I use them for mise en place, I think of that trip.

  179. My favorite tool is a good knife in the kitchen, and that store looks like a lot of fun. My second favorite tool would probably be my microplane zester.

  180. I couldn’t live without my pair of short tongs – perfect for turning foods in a skillet, or tossing salads, or any other variety of uses!

  181. Recently I have been getting old treasures from my mother. She keeps old kitchen gadgets in her basement. I recently got an “heirloom” food mill. It works like a charm.

  182. I love my Ulu knife- it has a curved blade and comes with a cutting board that has a shallow ‘bowl’ in it. To mince or chop things you just rock the knife back and forth in the bowl. And I think it’s similar to the Japanese knives in that you only have to sharpen one side of it!

  183. My favorite kitchen tool/s are my calphalon non stick pots and pans!!!! They are the best!!!!!!! Thank you for this opportunity!

  184. My favorite kitchen tool is my whisk. I currently have 3 of them. Not sure why I need 3 but I am happy anytime I can use my whisk.

  185. My favorite kitchen tool is my oxo good grips cherry pitter, which I use for olives as well. I love being able to pop the fruit in my mouth and not have to spit anything out afterwards. 🙂

  186. My favourite kitchen tool would be my paring knife. I’ve been known to tote it back and forth between friend’s houses when asked to help prep dinner.

  187. My favorite kitchen tool is my cast iron skillet. You can cook pretty much anything in it and, in a pinch, it doubles as a home security system (apply skillet to evildoer).

  188. I am going to be dorky but like they say, clean hands are a cooks best tools in the kitchen. I agree wholeheartedly!!

    Great trip, maybe I should take my knives there, they need a good repair.

  189. My favorite is probably a tie between my spring-loaded tongs and my Wustof Chef’s knife. I’m always digging them out of the dishwasher – I seriously need to buy at least one more of each!

  190. My Vorwerk Thermomix! I live in Germany and they are really popular over here. Use it almost every single day. Too bad they aren’t available in the US easily (just through Canada). They are expensive but it has already paid for itself by the money I save, no more bakeries necessary!

  191. Maislen pan. Stainless steel. I drooled over the copper version at 400 dollars for years until I found a stainless steel one. I use it for everything.

    On a side note I do not comment very often but love your work in your small kitchen. It’s inspiring to us who struggle with counter space to work. But I especially love your recipes using your preserves. It’s taught me a lot about flavours and flavour combinations, substitutions and different ways of using what I make. If you care to offer more of those, I’ll eat them up (pun intended).

    Many Thanks!!

  192. I once did two summers of field work in the Arizona mountains, living out of a tent 2 hours from the nearest shower. What I learned was that just because you are “roughing it” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring quality kitchen tools. When I’m down to the bare minimum but still have an oven, must have list includes chef knife and cutting board, wooden spoon, rubber spatula, measuring spoons and cups and a good skillet. A quality knife is always the first tool I take with me when I’m camping.

  193. Even a veteran lurker can be enticed to comment when beautiful knives are involved. Especially when ALL her knives need a sharpening.

    No matter how much I love putting things up and growing things for that purpose, my favorite kitchen tool is still the old red-handled wooden rolling pin passed along to me from my grandmother. I occasionally use a marble one for fancier pastries, but I use the older one for crushing pepper, tenderizing meat, de-husking hazelnuts, and a zillion other things in addition to rolling out crusts. My second fave is another inheritance… the tasty-pie maker my grandmother used to make is cheese and apple “pies” on the first day of elementary school each year. It involved buttering two slices of white Wonderbread (sheesh!), filling it with cheese or applesauce, and then toasting it over the flame on her ancient gas stove. I make them with more refined ingredients these days, but I remember her every time I see it in the drawer.

  194. Oh, I think my favorite kitchen utensil is my wooden spoon from my gramma. I am the 4th generation of Ozannes to use it & it fits right in my hand perfectly!

  195. Ooh, this is a dead tie. I love my foley food mill, and my marble rolling pin. They both came out of my moms kitchen, so they are all the more precious.

  196. I love my measuring cups and knives of course but my favorite tools are my speciality ones like my apple corer/slicer. I love eating apple slices with no fuss of seeds or having to eat around a core. Also up there is my banana slicer too. I know it’s cheesy but getting perfectly uniform banana slices in my oatmeal every morning with only four chops instead of 20 has made it worth the $10 price at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Most people prefer using a knife and see those speciality tools as drawer clutter but I love the ones I have and only buy it if I will use it most days.

  197. Although I use it infrequently, my favorite tool is my Continental 1.5 cup mini-chopper, which I use only for garlic, ginger, or tomatillos when making salsa verde, this thing is able to mince or even liquefy just about anything in a matter of seconds. I could certainly use a new knife tho, for sure…

  198. My favourite tool is a breadknife made from the blade of an old electric knife, a piece of wood, and duct tape to hold it together. My father used it for years, replacing the duct tape as needed. He was a child of the Great Depression and never threw away anything that could be repurposed. The knife makes me think of him and smile whenever I use it—and it’s the best breadknife I have.

  199. My favorite kitchen tool tends to vary on what I’ve been doing recently. At the moment, my favorite is my apple corer/slicer. It saves so much time and effort for my almost daily apple addiction.

  200. While I love all of the modern conveniences of my kitchen, from the mixer and food processor to the dishwasher and toaster, if I had to take one thing for the road, it would be my knife roll and my hand-selected knife set. Too many years of work and selection have gone into it to go without it!

  201. I would have to say my bosch because of the attachments I have for it. It’s a mixer, food processor, and slicer in one machine. I love it!

  202. It’s probably a toss up between my grater and my jar lifter. Oddly enough, before I had the good sense to get a jar lifter, I was using my grater to lift jars out of hot water (the grater has two pieces that collapse and expand like tongs). The jar lifter is a much safer option.

  203. What a hard decision. I love my enameled cast iron dutch oven…use it all the time! I love my Kitchen Aid stand mixer and blender. I love my big measuring cups and HUGE stainless steel bowl. I could go on and on and on, but I really, really, REALLY need a decent knife so this would make my day!


  204. A well made knife is something I cherish. I love the ones I have, though I’ve used better. These look exceptional, so I’m really crossing my fingers that I win one 🙂

  205. My favorite tool.
    That’s a hard one.
    I would say my knives. I use my paring knife the most.
    You can always think of a substitute for a lifter etc. but to be without my Knives it would be awful.
    I have Henkels that I bought in Germany 27 years ago.

    Would love to win this one.


  206. I have to say, my KitchenAid stand mixer is my most prized kitchen tool. Many others are so very close….but I can make cookies, pasta, ice cream, and sausage all with the same miraculous device! Love love love it! That knife looks beautiful!

  207. My favorites are my KitchenAid stand mixer, which completely changed my baking life. And I have this awesome flat wood spatula/spoon tool that works wonders when I cook in the wok.

  208. It would have to be a decent chef’s knife. I have an 8″ global, and cooking without it is just an exercise in frustration now. I’m so spoiled!

  209. Favorite tool…..my mind went all sorts of directions. It all depends on what I’m trying to accomplish. Lately, I’ve been in love with my rasp grater. I seem to find all kinds of things to do with it.

  210. Scissors! The aren’t necessarily my “favorite” tool, but certainly the most versatile and frequently used. That beautiful paring knife would be certainly be my favorite if I was lucky enough to win it!

  211. My recipes! I am not a creative cook, but I pore over recipes and food blogs, collecting all kinds of delectable things to try. I even had special cabinets built into our kitchen island to hold all my cookbooks 🙂

  212. Wow! I’m so jealous of your field trip!! Very very cool.

    As for me, my favorite kitchen tool(s) are my hands. NOTHING beats the feel of bread being kneaded, or egg yolks slipping through my fingers.

  213. I am so jealous of your trip – it looked amazingly fun! In our house there are two things we could not live without, our 10″ chef knife and our giant saute pan. I bet I use both of them everyday if not multiple times a day! I am super intrigued by the petty knife though… I bet we could find it a nice home right next to the chef knife 🙂

  214. My favorite kitchen too is a cherry pitter that fits on the lid of a canning jar. Love it because it makes a tedious chore oh so easy! My second fave? My husband’s kitchen knives because he keeps them nice and sharp – he would love this one!

  215. My favorite kitchen tool is my basic chef’s knife. I use it several times a day and even though I have other knives, I just never seem to get around to using them.

  216. Iron skillet camp for me. Specifically the cast-iron skillet inherited from a grandmother, coating so deep and black that you don’t have to add more than a teaspoon of oil every now and then to keep things from sticking. Although the tiny whisk is fighting hard for first place in my affections.

  217. I think nothing can beat a good sharp knife. I keep mine in pretty good shape and they reward me with even clean cuts through the food I am prepping. By the way a sharp knife also prevents cutting ones fingers!

  218. I absolutely love using my bench scraper- it’s like a second hand when dividing dough for rolls, you can use it to make pie dough, & it make cleaning up a wooden table a breeze!

  219. My spare pair of chemical splash goggles–my eyes are severely affected by even trace amounts onion/garlic fumes and unfortunately I cannot go a single day with some allium family in my cookery.

  220. My favorite tool is the kitchen sink! We can always make do if we can’t find this knife or that pot, but the absolute luxury of having running water and a sink in a kitchen is such a blessing that much of the world doesn’t experience!

  221. My favorite kitchen tool is my Wusthof santuko knife. The handle is cracked, but I always seem to reach for this knife, it fits my hand perfectly and the blade is always sharp.

  222. Wow, what a great place! I think my favorite kitchen tool is my big cast iron skillet. A farmer friend gave it to me, perfectly seasoned by her grandmother. I think of all the women who’ve fed their families from it every time I use it!

  223. Those knives look amazing!

    My favorite kitchen tool is a spoonula, those weird part spoon, part spatula things. Best invention ever.

  224. Some years ago my mother gave me two Wusthof knives: a paring knife and a 6″ serrated-blade knife. They’re so much nicer than any of my other knives!

  225. Oh I love this post.ast Christmas my husband gave me two Wustiff Santuko knives- 8″ and 5″. The whole day was a series of me calling from the kitchen, “come over here and cut this!” and the requisite “ooooo’s” that followed. I’m still in love with them.

    The do need to be sharpened, though. 🙂

  226. We have been working hard to arm our kitchen with tools that will last and that will suit a practical purpose. MY favorite is the mango slicer- gives me easy access to one of my favorite fruits.

    My husband’s favorite- the knife sharpener! Before he came along all our blades were dull!

  227. My favorite kitchen tool is my little green Kuhn-Rikon paring knife. I live in a college dorm with a communal kitchen, and my knife is just about the one kitchen tool I use that’s actually mine! It’s too short, really, to cut most things (a head of cabbage, for instance, can be a problem), but I love it nonetheless 🙂

  228. They should be called Pretty knives, they are so lovely.
    My favorite kitchen tool is my new Vitamix, my family has never eaten so many disguised veggies!

  229. My favorite kitchen tool is this fancy self opening trash can my husband got for handling our compost scraps. It is a big indulgence but so great to have something that the kids can use without making a mess.

  230. My favorite kitchen tool right now is my non-stick skillet, but it changes depending my favored cooking technique of the moment. My slow cooker and pressure cooker have both held the top spot in the past!

  231. I have a pretty little Squid whisk that I can’t get enough of…and I would love a new, sharp knife to go along with it!!

  232. My fave kitchen tool is my crock pot. Both my wife and I work and it is SO nice to walk in and smell dinner already to go at the end of a long, hard day!

  233. Ah, I went to Korin with my brother a few years ago. He had just gotten a new job at a seafood-focused restaurant and needed a high quality boning knife. I inherited his Wusthof knife after that and I’ll say that a great knife is my favorite tool in the kitchen.

  234. well…i love my knives! but i think my top fave kitchen implement is my antique pastry blender. pie crust is my specialty and i have never found a modern pastry blender as sturdy as the old ones…you can find them in local antique/junk stores for a dollar or two and they are the best!

  235. I have one “good” knife that I admit is not sharpened often enough. But when it is its makes chopping( not my favorite thing) pleasant. I would just love to win this knife! But will have to check out this store on my next (adult, no kiddos to this place) trip to NYC!!

  236. What a fun trip! I have real need for good knives but have a hard time pulling the trigger on the right one. My favorite kitchen tool is definitely the cast iron skillet. We use it for everything from tart tatin to fried eggs to spicy indian dal. YUM!

  237. I don’t know about favorite, but I love when I have a task for my mandolin. It’s fun (and a little nerve-wracking) to go make a whole bunch of slices or julienne. In terms of knives, my Forschner is my work horse. Recently my wife bough a MAC knife that is frankly so sharp that it scares me.

  238. Beautiful! My favorite kitchen tool is an old knife that was my grandmother’s. It is the perfect length and weight to core a strawberry and slice an apple or pear.

  239. What an incredible store! I can’t pick a favorite as I have several, but the knife I reach for most often has the long blade like this one. It is perfect for cutting apples and other things that need a bit more of a reach then a paring knife and not as much as a butcher knife.

  240. My favorite kitchen tool is my Wusthof chef’s knife -my boyfriend keeps it extra sharp and has even purchased a similar knife as a “substitute” so I still have one to use while he sharpens mine.

  241. I’d have to say that my favorite kitchen tool is my new blender. I don’t know how I lived without it for so long. But I bet it would change to that knife if I was lucky enough to win it!

  242. My favorite tool to use in the kitchen has been my MIL Chinois strainer. I never thought it would be as useful as it has become.

  243. My favorite tool is my second-hand cast iron pan. I loved transforming it from a rusty piece into a seasoned kitchen tool. Now I use it all the time; I’d choose it over a nonstick pan any day.

  244. I’m with you all on the cast iron. I have a whole cast iron set, each pan has its own job. But I have to say, my favorite FAVORITE kitchen tool is my Polish pickling crock. There is something fermenting in there ALL THE TIME!

  245. My favorite kitchen tool is the only knife I have right now, a good quality chef knife- a vast improvement over my mom’s dull, old, department store knife set. I’d definitely use another knife.

  246. Tough one. I really love my ceramic knife for cutting fruit, but that petty knife just might make a run for the new favorite 🙂

  247. Even though I have a nice Santoku, it’s not my favorite knife – that would have to be an older one that has a slightly shorter but deeper blade, which has the perfect weigh for my hand.

  248. Passed-down cast iron skillets (in various depths and sizes) are easily the most used in my kitchen, but I am lately making artisnal-type bread using the new, porcelain-lined cast iron dutch oven that my daughter gave me for Christmas. I call my new kitchen friend The Blue Goose!

  249. I love my immersion blender, mostly because it helps me lessen the ultimate kitchen evil: dirty dishes. With this baby, I don’t have to transfer soups and sauces to a blender and back, and that makes me one happy girl.

  250. My favorite kitchen tool is the Pampered Chef Food Chopper. It quick and easy to use for small amounts of items that need to be finely chopped. It’s also easy to take apart and put in the dishwasher. I’ve lately been interested in getting a good quality knife but don’t even really know where to start.

  251. my favorite kitchen tool is probably my mortar and pestle. i use it way more than i ever imagined i would, and i can’t imagine life without it now!

  252. My new favorite tool has been a small pastry roller. I use it for spreading pizza dough, pie crust and Sunflower cheese crackers!

  253. I have an ULU and Bowl that my mother-in-law gave me after her trip to see her sister in Alaska. They are quite old and belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I have found that I very frequently turn to them for prep work and actually need to buy a sharpener.

  254. My favorite kitchen tool is my vegetable peeler I received for participating in a healthy challenge at work. Who knew a nice, sharp peeler could make such a difference? Bring on the lefse!

  255. My favorite tool is my 10″ Chef’s knife, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of giggling using the new “green” saute pan that food does not stick too. I’ve already had food slide off by not paying attention.

  256. I think my favorite kitchen tool is my new grow light — I can grow my herbs and microgreens all winter long! I even harvested some baby carrots the other day!!!

  257. cast iron skillet, 8 inch knife, immersion blender, food processor, canner, canning jars, canning funnel, mixer, food scraper, narrow fish turner, I can’t choose just one!

  258. I wish I had something more creative… but I have to admit that getting a food processor literally changed my life! (and I married the guy who gave it to me, so it was a win-win)

  259. mortal and pestle there are so many amazing mixes or rubs or sauce bases… The list goes on and on. It is one of the older kitchen tools along with the knife.

  260. I have many loves in the kitchen… but I love how my mortar & pestle slows me down while doing an incredible job with spices and sauces…

  261. Favorite kitchen tool hands down is the Vidalia Onion Chopper thingy — I have two and use them for everything and especially comes in handy for chopping ingredients for sweet pickle relish!

  262. My favorite kitchen tool is my Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. I use it weekly to cook beans and grains for the week in minutes, and it’s so well-crafted that I’ve never had any problems with it. And it’s great for canning. In fact, I got rid of my enormous pressure canner because I can process two batches of 3 quart jars in the Kuhn Rikon in the same amount of time as I could process one batch of 6 quarts in the big canner because it heats up so fast!

  263. I have to agree with #451 my favorite tool is a very old cast iron skillet, which is significantly older than me and I’m not exactly young. Or, is it an equally old, if not older, and horrendously ugly chef’s knife from my Grandfather.

  264. I am a kitchen gadget addict, so it’s hard to pick just one thing I own as my favorite doodad, but it’s probably an old knife my grandmother gave me. I’m not sure what the make/model of it is, but it has lasted for what seems like forever, and holds an edge better than every newer knife I’ve acquired (including my Cutco!) I love that thing. Of course, there’s always room in my heart (and kitchen) for more quality knives, and that one you’re giving away looks fantastically useful!

  265. I like my cast iron skillets from my grandmother, and my food dehydrator…and most recently, my hand juicer as I made Meyer lemon curd for the second year in a row (thanks, Marisa for fostering that new addiction!!)….but my most favorite kitchen tool is my Crock Pot. Dinner ready by 6 pm with minimal morning effort–priceless!!

  266. I would have to go with my cast iron pots as my favourite, but a close second is a handmade chopping knife that a friend gave me. Oh and maybe my kitchen aid mixer.
    Love the petty knife

  267. Our favorite and most beloved tool in the kitchen is our 8″ Chef’s knife. We literally fight over who gets to use it while we cook! 😉

  268. Wow, these knives are gorgeous! My favorite kitchen tool is definitely my chefs knife, because I use it for almost all my prep work. A good cutting board goes a long way, too.

  269. My favorite kitchen tools are my hands! They are strong, reliable, and confident. Sounds cheesy, I know – but it’s the truth!

  270. My favorite kitchen tool is my roasting pan, it belonged to my Great Grandmother MeMe. Perfect for a simple roast chicken and veggies.

  271. My favorite kitchen tool changes depending on what I’m currently obsessed with and what I have just discovered. Recently it is my pressure cooker. Pulled pork in an hour? Yes please! I have one for canning and one for cooking. Love them both to pieces!

  272. Thank you for the quick tutorial on knives. I had no idea! My fav kitchen appliance would have to be my cast iron pan. But there are a few runner ups….

  273. My favorite kitchen tool would be my new partoku knife. I’ve put off buying a new (better) knife set for ages…I’ve had the first since I got married, so seven years. Santoku knives weren’t even popular back when we bought it. But they are such handy tools.

  274. My favorite kitchen “tool” is my espresso machine. My fabulous husband makes me a latte everyday before he leaves for work.

  275. This is a hard one, what of all my kitchen gadgets and tools if my favorite one to use? Or what one do I use the most? Mmmm…After some thought I’d have to say my favorite one that I use is the common egg slicer. Mine recently broke and I found I hated to be without it. The one that I use the most however is the common potato peeler. I guess I’m just a simple girl.

  276. Probably my citrus reamer, I use it all the time to add a splash of lemon or lime juice to salad dressing, drinks or marinades.

  277. I purchased my favourite knife at Korin: Suisin Yanagi

    It is a great knife and I prepare great sushi and sashimi for friends and family with it. We have great fresh fish products in Halifax.

  278. Hi Marisa,

    My favorite kitchen tool is my grandmother’s rolling pin. It’s solid cherry, has handles for easy gripping and is well-oiled from years of use. It’s not the most used tool, but it’s the most loved.


  279. My favorite kitchen tool(s) are my vintage pyrex mixing bowls. I use them for everything. The old mixing bowls I had were aluminum and were so light and easy to tip. I didn’t realize how much anxiety they had caused until I replaced them.

  280. My favorite kitchen tool is probably my cleaver, but I also really like my cooking chopsticks. Reading other comments of course reminded me of everything else I like so I wonder how long a list of favorites really would be? But then you can’t cook with just one item so I guess it’s justified.

  281. My most used, hence favorite, would be my wooden spatula. But, a new knife would definitely be my new favorite kitchen utensil!!!

  282. I am mad-crazy in love with my kitchenaid mixer. I waited and waited and waited to get one until just a few months ago, and I’m sorry that I did, because I really, really love it.

  283. currently, my favourite kitchen tool is my microplane. There was a sale on lemons at my market a few weeks ago, so HELLO LIMONCELLO. Also, hurry up, spring.

  284. What an exciting trip! Thanks for sharing!

    In my kitchen, I do not know how I ever managed in my kitchen before my immersion blender! (before, I did a lot of cleaning a traditional blender, or choosing another dish to make, but I truly do NOT want to go back to that!!)

  285. It is probably be my KitchenAid mixer, but my Silpat and cookbook holder are close behind! So useful, if not glamorous – well, mixer is orange, so that is a bit of flash, anyways.

  286. I would have to say the two that the good lord blessed with with. Nothing like kneading bread or work pie crust or working through those choc. chips into the cookie dough. And of course I have a few others but can’t beat those hands.

  287. Hmm, I don’t know, I think my favorite kitchen tool would be my 2.5 inch chicago metallic pairing knife, I use it for just about everything

  288. Knife are the best kitchen tool. Although they might not be the biggest multitaskers, they are the most used tool in my kitchen. The knives at korin are works of art, and I get chills when looking at their collection.

  289. My big chopping knife wins by a long shot! I actually quite desperately need a small knife though, the big knife just can’t do jobs like slicing rind off citrus.

  290. I love my different sized ice cream scoops. So versitile! After my mom died, my dad went with one bigger gift for each of us. I got a piece of Lennox for years, and my sister got good knives(at my suggestion!) I live in a cabin in the middle of the woods and NEVER use my dishes, and she uses her knives every single day! I really wish he had given me knives, too!

  291. Right now my favorite kitchen tool is my husband’s immersion blender. Once I decided to actually try it out, I was amazed at the ease of using it. My very reliable 30 year old blender is now gathering dust.

  292. My favourite kitchen tool is my microplane. I use it regularly for parmesan cheese and grating citrus. Actually, I use it so much it seems dull. Not sure if that’s possible. But, I may buy a new one.

  293. I have to pick just one? I think knives are among my favorite kitchen tools because I use them so often! Looks like you had an amazing shopping experience! Thanks for sharing!

  294. one of our favorite tools is actually a tennis ball that’s been split down the rubber line going around it. the two halves make for great jar-opener lid-gripper things!

  295. I like my food processor. I don’t use it much for regular cooking, but I do for a lot of fun cooking, which is probably why I like it so much. I wish I had a decent knife! When I moved out on my own last year I could only afford Big Lots knives and I’ve still got ’em.

  296. Funny enough a really nice paring knife is my favorite tool. Followed closely by a good spatula. Those knives are gorgeous.

  297. definitely my kitchen aid mixer, or my pink chopping knife that my boyfriend got me for christmas. much higher quality than the cheapo knife set i bought at fred meyers, and PINK!!

  298. I love my microplane- or rather I love the smell of nutmeg running over the tiny blades. And parm…. and citrus zest….Yum.

  299. I do love good knives, but aside from the knives and a proper cutting board, I love my spatula that has a sturdy wooden handle, so it serves as both a mixing spoon and a bowl scraper. I stands up to even the stiffest yeast bread doughs.

  300. My Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker. It’s so versatile. I make my own stocks in an hour and my husband makes the best saffron rice in under 20 minutes. Oh yeah, we can in it, too!

  301. I married a Japanese man and lived in Japan for 13 years. While there, I learned to LOVE a good knife. My chef’s knife is still my absolute favorite kitchen tool. I take it with me when I go help friends or family cook, even take it camping! Hubby-san keeps it nice and sharp for me. 🙂

  302. My favorite tool has got to be my bright red KitchenAid mixer, I probably use it almost every day. What a great wedding gift (almost 10 years ago)!

  303. My favorite kitchen tool is my kuntz spoon. from working the line, to plating, opening lobsters, and just straight all around fun!!!

  304. Favorite kitchen tool is such a hard question, but I think I’ll say that today, it is my immersion blender. I adore being able to whip up some mayonnaise in under 3 minutes, start to finish!

  305. I love your blog and I am excited that we just moved to Portland which you’ve written lots about. I love using my pancake pen from Williams Sonoma.

  306. My favorite? I love them all! Scoops and spoons, mixers and tomato corer. But I use my Wustof Santoku knife all day. It makes a showing in pretty much every meal and snack I make for my three boys and I. A great knife makes such a difference.

  307. My favorite kitchen tool has to be my library of cookbooks.

    After that I would have to say assorted knives, kitchenaid stand mixer, and 1970’s Dansk enamel cookware.

  308. Interesting article. After thinking about it a bit, my favorite kitchen tool is probably my chef’s knife. It’s the tool I pick up most often, the one I’d be lost without. Sure, there are other tools that are more fun, but I could live without almost all of those. But if I lost my knife, there would be no lunch or dinner!

  309. My favorite kitchen tool is my tea kettle. I probably use it about 10-12 times a day: coffee in the morning–start the tea kettle, hot cereal for breakfast–start the tea kettle, feeling under the weather and want some citron tea–start the tea kettle, want to top off my water bath canner with hot water–start the tea kettle, making miso soup–start the tea kettle, need a cup of chamomile and lavender tea before bed…well, you get the idea!

  310. My “couldn’t-live-without-it” tool is a rubber spatula. I have a favorite, and I use it for nearly every kitchen project.

  311. Wow, what an amazing place! My favorite kitchen tool right now is my new beautiful Kitchenaid Mixer. I have been begging hubby for a few years now and finally got the one I’ve been drooling over for Christmas. The best gadget ever!

  312. My favorite tool is my OXO small mandolin. I slice salads, fruit, meat, nearly every thing with it. So I would love a good knife! Favorite use of it is slicing jalapeños for pickling.

  313. My favorite tool would be my gas stove. After cooking on a glass top electric stove for years I finally got a gas stove about a year ago. I love being able to regulate the heat as I need.

  314. My favorite kitchen tool is simply a wooden spoon that I use when I make my bread.
    I love all those mixers with their bright colors but I am not at the point where I want to purchase one. This wooden spoon sits in my container next to my stove top. I have had it for years.

  315. Other than a good knife, it’s got to be my immersion blender. Life is so much better (soup is so much better) when you don’t have to move hot liquids around and risk exploding the blender.

  316. hhmmm….favorite kitchen tool……might have to be a grater. I feel like I can get along without other things, but a grater is something you can’t replicate the product from.

  317. One of my favorite hand tools is an old wood handled chopper I use for egg salad. It was given to me 45 years ago and now that I have chickens giving us their bounty it comes in very handy.

  318. My favorite kitchen tool isn’t directly used for cooking: the container I use to hold all of my kitchen utensils (like spatulas, spoons, whisks, etc) is made from an old french press decoration. It’s been beaten up over the years, but it still holds everything exactly where I need it to be. It doesn’t fall over, it’s easy to move, and it’s still pretty.

    Gorgeous knives!

  319. My kitchen shears are probably the most used, but my favorite is an old twirly rusty whisk that my Mom gave me. She got it for her wedding, and I consider it my family heirloom. It’s great for gravies and stirring tomato soup.

  320. No lie – I’ve been wanting a noodle knife. Probably because it looks so awesome. lol!

    Right now, my favorite kitchen tool is my flexible bench scraper. I’ve been making a lot of bread recently. 🙂

  321. My favorite tool is my cast iron pan. It was my Grandma’s and she was the best cook in the family! I love using a tool that she used, too.

  322. My favorite tool, which is not necessarily the same as my most necessary tool, is my zester. There’s just something about its scalloped shape and the way it peels curving lines of zest as the citrus oils rise up.

  323. My favorite kitchen tool is my blue silicone spatula. It’s incredibly versatile, doesn’t ruin my pots and pans, and I use it every single day.

  324. Oh, my. Favorite kitchen tool? Probably that would be knives. Just about everything else can be improvised. Good knives have no substitute.

    If I could have only one, it would be a Gehring mid-sized knife. But an old, cheapy chef’s knife would be a close second.

  325. I guess a cutting board and knife are the tools that I use nearly every time I’m in my kitchen. And I could use a new one of each!

  326. My favorite kitchen tools are my cheese plane and apple corer. They never stay clean for very long as I use them each a couple times each day.

  327. The chef’s knife that my husband gave me for my birthday back when we were still dating was a life-changer — and not just ’cause I decided to keep him!

  328. A good knife is worth it’s weight in gold…of course …but a close second immersion blender ..it saves time and clean up

  329. I LOVE my grandpa’s very well seasoned cast iron skillet! It’s awesome for so many things and I love that it has a bit of ‘history’.

  330. This is a tough choice! I don’t use my pastry cloth rack every week, but i love it. It makes pie crust making a thing of delight.

  331. I know its not a “tool” in the sense of the word, as a knife is, but I love, LOVE, L.O.V.E. my 9 qt. Le Creuset dutch oven in the color flame. I use it for EVERYTHING. Soups, stews, roasts, sauces, browning meat, making jam, even baking bread! I must say, a good knife would be nice in my kitchen since the only set were bought from a late night infomercial.

  332. Gotta say I’m in love with my immersion blender. It’s great for when I make broccoli cheese soup in the crock pot, a few bursts and it’s good to go!

  333. It’s a toss up for me. My food processor or my Shun chef’s knife. And I’m happy to add another Japanese knife to my collection.

  334. Oh wow, this is tough. I’m going to say my food processor, followed by my hands. I can’t make anything without dropping the utensils and getting my hands into it.

  335. Maybe I’m just inspired by this post, but a sharp paring knife is incredibly important. It’s something I use pretty much every day!

  336. Oh wow! I think my favourite kitchen tool is my 8qt Staub. It is used almost daily in our house. And it’s pretty enough to leave on the stovetop (which is a good thing because our kitchen is about the same size as yours!)

  337. I have a tiny whisk that tends to get a lot of use, but I have to say that what I use the most is a mini santoku knife (though it is certainly not a high quality one). It feels good in my hand, is easy to work with and is a perfect size for a lot of what I seem to do.

  338. My favorite tool has to be my Ninja blender. I’ve owned about eight different kinds of blenders over the years (including the Magic Bullet – piece o’crap). I still use my immersion stick blender for some things, but 99.9% of the time, it’s the Ninja I go to. I use the small pitcher every morning to make my breakfast smoothie 🙂 I love the fact that each pitcher has its own individual blade set and only the motor moves from pitcher to pitcher. I’ve never seen the ad, I bought this on the recommendation of my cousin the chef, but it’s the best kitchen appliance I’ve ever owned!

  339. In the summer it’s my canning kettles! But now during the cold winter months, I would have to say Grandma’s hand-me-down mandolin for slicing up vegetables for soups. I could use an awesome knife for the meat though 🙂

  340. Great looking store & knife. My favorite kitchen tool is my 12″ Shun Classic Chef’s knife followed closely by my Vitamix.

  341. Thought hard about this and I think I’ve settled on my microplane. I use that thing everyday – grating nutmeg over my honey Greek yogurt, adding cheese to my Italian soup, and fresh lemon zest to a hot bowlful of lentils.

  342. I have so many favorite tools and toys in the kitchen and love them all. However at the top of my list would have to be my my pizza stones. They are always at the ready, placed permanently on the lower rack of the oven and they are great!! Not only for cooking up home made pizzas, but or everything. re-heating up bread and left over pizza, finishing off a quiche or just in everyday baking, it adds just a little extra something.

  343. It’s got to be my Kitchen Aid mixer. It’s so easy to make all kinds of doughs and batters. Plus, I have a juicer attachment that I use all the time.

  344. Probably my Kitchenaid mixer, hardly a day goes by that I don’t use it for something although my magic bullet and Santoku knife both get an almost daily workout as well.

  345. My favorite kitchen tool is my baby food maker. Even after she stopped with the purees, I still love it for steaming a batch of veggies quickly.