Spindrift Sodas: Fruity Sodas That Taste Like Homemade

March 13, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

Spindrift flavors

One of my goals for the blog this year was to occasionally feature foods made by other people. Because as good as the things I make are, once in a while it’s nice to shine a light on the good stuff that other folks are working hard on.

Spindrift is most definitely something that deserves a little praise. I don’t regularly drink soda, but I do like a the combination of fruit juice and sparkling water. When we have juice (or a homemade fruit shrub) in the house, I will often pour myself a glass of bubbly water and a splash of the juice as motivation to keep working through the afternoon.

Spindrift soda

Part of the reason I like to make these fruit spritzers myself is that I don’t like a super sweet soda. Even when I’m out in the world, I’m hesitant to pick up one of those fruit-based drinks because they’re nearly always too sugary for me. Happily, I’ve found that Spindrift has a really good handle on sweetness. I found that the blackberry soda was particularly well balanced.

This summer, I know what I’ll be reaching for when I want a special treat drink. If you see them out in the wild and you like this sort of thing, consider picking one up to try.

Disclosure: Spindrift sent me half a dozen bottles for tasting and review. However, my opinions are all my own and I was not compensated for this post. 

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4 thoughts on "Spindrift Sodas: Fruity Sodas That Taste Like Homemade"

  • I don’t think we can find Spindrift here in rural NS Canada, but I do agree with you that some sparkling juices (especially homemade) are deliciously refreshing and better for our bodies. I’m always trying new ones.

  • Marisa: Didn’t know where to put this so decided to put this in the most recent post.

    This is a suggestion/idea.

    I would love to see a recipe for a puree/sauce/coulis made with pears and calvados.

    Hope you don’t mind the suggestion/idea.


  • Lovely. So glad to see more people talking about “fine” sodas. 🙂 (My heart still lies with Portland’s Hotlips soda…mmm..fruity.) I’d love to know about some other fruit spritzer recipes. Thanks!