The Filling Station in Chelsea Market

August 14, 2010(updated on December 16, 2023)
The Filling Station

One of the wonderful things about living in Philadelphia is that it’s so close to so much, making it incredibly easy to visit and explore other nearby cities. This weekend I’m taking a break from the canning pot so that Scott and I can do just that. We’re wandering New York City, eating delicious food, and keeping our eyes peeled for cool stuff.

oils at The Filling Station

One of my hopes for the trip was that we’d get a chance to visit Chelsea Market. It’s in the building that’s also home to the Food Network, after all. One spot that particularly caught my eye was the newly opened Filling Station. They sell an array of olive oils, vinegars, flavored salts and sugars, all in reusable bottles and jars.

sugars at The Filling Station

Best of all, if you bring back your cleaned container, they’ll give you 10% off the price of your refill. This one of my favorite ways to buy just about everything and I just wish that more stores would adopt similar models. I left with two small jars, one filled with fragrant black truffle salt and the other with super-fine grey velvet salt.

Chelsea Market doors

Now we’re off to another food destination – the Union Square Greenmarket. Hooray!

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9 thoughts on "The Filling Station in Chelsea Market"

  • You can buy herbs, spices and tea the same way at The Herb Shop in Lancaster, PA’s Central Market 🙂 No discount, though, just the good feeling of reuse and no waste.

  • I was just there a few weeks ago and did not see this store – it must be brand new!! That is so exciting and so cool! Chelsea Market is one of the only things I really love about NYC. I’ll have to visit again soon, then!

    If anyone is in the Princeton, NJ area, Whole Earth Center has a bring-your-own thing… check it out!

  • Ooh I love this idea! Came across something similar in Dublin a few weeks ago but with oil/vinegar and fancy liqueurs only. I wish more places would do this!

  • Ditto being there recently and not seeing it. This is exciting! I also need to try People’s Pops in there.
    Thanks for the info, I’m going soon!

  • I’m excited to read about these places! We just moved here and I’m looking for the down low on the good food places to fill the hole in my heart left by the Berkeley Bowl et al. BTW, I found an apartment big enough for ALL my jars! Woohoo!

  • That place looks really neat. I have always wanted to buy some of those special salts. Have fun exploring!