How to Submit Your Marmalade for the January #fijchallenge

January 13, 2017

We are nearly done with the second week of marmalade making for the Food in Jars Mastery Challenge. So many people have already shared their finished projects with me on Facebook and Instagram and it’s been so fun to see them all. It seems high time to put up a Google form so that I can start collecting details on who made marmalade as part of the challenge this month.

There are only two required fields on this form. Your name and the name of your marmalade. That’s all I need to count you among the participants. However, more fields do exist on the form. There’s a space to share a link to your marmalade. That link can go to a blog post, specific picture on Instagram, a Facebook update, a post on Tumblr, or to a picture on Flickr or Google Photos. Just remember that you need to set your privacy settings so that wherever your post is, it is publicly available.

With more than 1,400 people signed up for this challenge, I can already see that I’m not going to be able to do a comprehensive round-up every month. I will do my best to link out to as many people as I can, though. And I’ve also asked for some demographic data on the form so that I can share some general details about everyone who is participating.

Please remember that the deadline to submit your marmalade in order to be counted in the monthly total is Wednesday, January 25.

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17 thoughts on "How to Submit Your Marmalade for the January #fijchallenge"

  • This is so much fun! My canning journey kicked into high gear last year when I went on a quest for….marmalade! It’s how I found your blog! So glad to have the opportunity to expand my skills!

  • Thank you for the post. I also just finished listening to your facebook live video. I really got a lot of good tips from that. I like the tip to make sure the marmalade is at a full rolling boil. I don’t think I have been cooking mine quite that high. Also, can you recommend a good digital thermometer with a long shaft? My little digital thermometer is just too short to hold in the pot of cooking marmalade without getting burned by the steam. Also, I love marmalade, but out of the 5 batches I have made, only 1 has come out good, which is really frustrating considering how much time it takes to make. They are either too sloppy or too hard. What about just adding pectin to ensure set? Thank you so much for all your knowledge and wisdom!

    1. The thermopen from Thermoworks is my favorite, though it is a little pricey. You really don’t need to add pectin to marmalade. You just need to pay more attention and test for set.

  • I’ve made jam and jellies for many years but this was my first marmalade. I just moved, am not unpacked so I bought jars, lifter, and sugar. Since I eat no sugar, few carbs of any kind, these jars will be birthday and holiday gifts.
    Next is salt preserving, I have salted lemons and limes in the fridge now. Love to use them in cooking

  • THis is so much fun!! Thank you for orchestrating this challenge! I just love seeing all the pictures and comments from all the other participants all over the globe.

  • This was my first Marmalade! I’ve made plenty of jams, jellies and preserves, but never marmalade. I guess because we never had it growing up. We always had figs because we had a tree, and I have one in my yard now. I never thought of them in a marmalade until now! Thanks so much for the challenge and the inspiration!

  • My cousin lives in California. She’s got some kind of strange citrus tree in her yard. The fruit is yellow but it smells like a lime and tastes somewhere in between! When I told her about the challenge, she offered to send me a few pounds. I can’t wait to try it!

  • I am having a blast!! Thanks so much for this challenge 🙂 I am on batch 4 of 6 I want to try… am blogging about the results and will register and share my fave when I finish!

  • Thanks for the challenge! This is the third time I’ve tried this recipe (grapefruit marmalade, Ball Blue Book recipe). First time it went great, processed beautifully, ended up winning Best In Show at a local fair. Next time I think would not set, no matter what. I do not have high hopes for this third attempt–it doesn’t seem like it will set. I can’t figure out what caused my beginners luck. Im using a candy thermometer and everything.i do, however have consistent luck with strawberry lime Marmalade. I just love the grapefruit marmalade with some Greek yogurt!

  • Very pleased with myself tonight. I have completed this month’s challenge and made 3 jars of lime and gin marmalade. Unable to link a photo, but I have managed the perfect consistency and my husband even commented on using it on toast tomorrow.

    Thank you for setting this challenge, now I am looking forward to next month’s.

  • I’ve made 3 batches (my first) of Meyer lemon marmalade – plain, with ginger and with cranberries. Yum!