Giveaway: Baller Gear from Biscuit Press

January 23, 2017

Both the silhouette of a mason jar and its embossed label are instantly recognizable. And any time something has such an iconic look, it becomes a candidate for interpretation and artistry. I see reinterpretations of the canning jar’s form and branding regularly and I’m often delighted by the creativity and imagination that goes into the work.

One of my current favorite takes on the classic Ball jar comes from Austin’s Biscuit Press. The brainchild of designer and musician Dan Grissom, he uses the familiar jar shape and scrolling text to say Baller. Love. It.

You can get your Baller gear from Biscuit Press in either a iron-on patch, an enamel pin, or an enamel magnet (Dan also makes an array of other clever pins and magnets).

Thanks to Dan, I have three sets of Baller patches, pins, and magnets to give away to you guys. Use the widget below to enter the giveaway.

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94 responses to “Giveaway: Baller Gear from Biscuit Press”

  1. Hi Marisa…
    Something seen not working with the giveaway, unable to direct me to your Instagram page. Thanks!

    • You have to manually copy the URL, paste it into your browser, and hit the follow button. Then you come back and put your username in the blank.

  2. Being a canner and a gardener, I would love to rock this iron on patch…I think my grandma would get a kick out of it 🙂

  3. Love, love, e them. Super cute products.
    I hope I’m one of the lucky winners.
    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity

  4. This gear is definitely baller!
    I’ve been eyeing this pin for a while, and it would be awesome to share the other pieces with my fellow canning/cooking friends!

  5. Very clever. I’d love to turn the magnet into a needle minder for my cross stitch. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. I used to collect a patch from everywhere I visited and sew them on a denim jacket. I have no idea where that jacket is any more but it doesn’t fit me anymore anyway. Put pins on it too.

  7. The blend of quaint and modern is just what I like! If you use a pressure cooker these days, you’re totally baller. Also a shot caller.

  8. Wow! Those are so much fun! I love pins and wear them all the time. One of my favorites is a metal airplane pin with a parachutist dangling from it on a chain.

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