Preserves in Action: Peanut Butter and Spicy Apricot Jam

September 26, 2014

pb and j

I spend a goodly amount of my time dreaming up novel ways to use homemade jams, jellies, and fruit butters as a way of helping both new and seasoned canners use up their stash. I embrace this charge and enjoy the ways in which it makes explore and experiment.

However, for all the fresh applications I develop, I also believe firmly that there’s often no higher calling for these homemade fruit preserves than a slice of well-buttered toast or a peanut butter sandwich on soft whole wheat. There is a reason that these are classic combinations and that’s because they’re downright delicious.

spicy apricot pbj

One of the pleasures of making your own fruit spreads is that your able to create interesting flavor combinations that are simply unavailable at grocery stores or from small batch producers. Then you can use these ever-so-slightly wacky jams in traditional ways for all sorts of deliciousness.

I recently needed a quick lunch and so made myself a quick peanut butter and jam sandwich. The first jar of jam I could find was a batch of apricot that was gently spiked with a little red chili flake. Instead of searching for something else, I figured that it couldn’t be that spicy and went with it.

The jam did pack a fairly might punch of heat, but was absolutely delicious paired with the sturdy, savory peanut butter. It was an unexpected use of a sweet/savory jam that I’ll be repeating again.

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7 thoughts on "Preserves in Action: Peanut Butter and Spicy Apricot Jam"

  • I really appreciate these quick guides on how to use preserves that you do. Also, now I want me some spicy apricot jam…

  • Never underestimate the sustenance provided by a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Or peanut butter and banana.

    Peanuts and spicy heat are frequently paired in Thai cuisine — think Paneng curry or that yummy sate dipping sauce!

  • I love this sort of post. I often try recipes for pickles etc with no idea how I’ll ever use them, just enjoying the idea that I’m putting food I have on hand to use before it can go bad. So it’s great to get ideas on how to use these items

  • Peanut butter and pear-chocolate jam sandwiches are amazing. That was today’s lunch. The tomato jam recipe pairs beautifully with Brie. (Consumed while watching the Seahawks prevail over Denver last weekend.)

  • rosehips 2/3 combined with pineapple 1/3 jam or jelly, delicious, also pineapple with cloves. These combinations might have existed for years, but totally unknown to me, so I “invented” them all on my own. Even applesauce with cinnamon and a quarter pinch of cloves, yummy.