Links: Pickles, Concord Grapes, and a Cypress Grove Winner

September 29, 2014(updated on April 27, 2023)
I've done 20 quarts of tomato purée in the last three days. #foodinjars

I made dinner five nights out of seven last week. I cannot even begin to imagine how long it has been since I managed to do that and it felt ridiculously wonderful. Being on the road with the book over the last six months has been a joy, but it’s so good to be home a little bit more. I do so love having a solid, well-established routine! Now, links.

Cypress Grove cheeses

The winner of last week’s Cypress Grove giveaway is #69/Kat. She said, “My husband makes a wonderful red pepper jelly, which we eat with Jarlsburg all the time!” Sounds like a delicious combination!

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2 thoughts on "Links: Pickles, Concord Grapes, and a Cypress Grove Winner"

  • Wishing I’d won that chevre package! I just made a batch of Quince-Elderberry Chutney (new invention!) last night and ate it with fresh goat cheese and crackers. Amazing!

  • Cannellini beans are the best! I really need to soak up a batch very soon, and then make a huge batch of pasta fagioli. Fall!!