Photos from the FIJ Flickr Pool + Anolon Winner

October 22, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


First up this week is a collection of homemade pickles from Katie Blair Designs. She made dilly beans, pickled banana peppers, garlic dill pickle slices, and pickled radishes. You have excellent taste in pickles, Katie!

Pumpkin Pie

Lindsay from A Wooden Nest made these adorable little pumpkin pies in jars. Make sure to click over to her blog for the recipe and instructions on how to make these yourself.


Courtney’s been canning up a storm this season! Her haul was inspired by recipes from my book, as well as Tart and Sweet, Canning for a New Generation. Good choices, Courtney!


Wow! Craftygal Angela pressure-canned up a whopping 28 pints of chili! Sounds like she’s set for easy lunches and dinners for a good long while.

cherry chutney from

Finally, a little blast from summer days recently past. A balsamic cherry chutney from Janelle at Talk of Tomatoes. I imagine that the combination of deep, dark cherries and balsamic is just perfect.

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Time for the winner of last week’s Anolon Nouvelle Copper 4-Quart Casserole giveaway! The randomizer selected #489, which is the comment left by Kate of 8-Bit State. She said, “I’ve been keeping my eye open for a decent stock pot so I can make batches of soup to freeze for later. Right now, I make most of my soup in an oversized Le Creuset dutch oven.” Good luck with your stock pot search, Kate! I hope you find something affordable soon. And I hope you like the 4-quart casserole as much as I do!

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5 thoughts on "Photos from the FIJ Flickr Pool + Anolon Winner"

  • Hi Marisa!

    Thanks for posting my photo! In case you or anyone else was wondering, the sweet little print in the background behind all of my jars is entitled “Jellymaker” by Rachel Bone. It’s a little girl, holding her pot, being inspired by the traffic “jam” in a raspberry patch. Get it??!! I love it! Her site is Red Prairie Press:


  • Fabulous photos!

    Unrelatedly, I went to the New York Sheep and Wool Festival over the weekend, and there was a jam vendor, so of course I had to go tasting. Rhubarb Chambord Jam is totally on my roster for next year. SO GOOD. I may have unbent enough to buy a jar of jam that someone else made. I haven’t done that in years.

  • Marisa: thanks for sharing my cherry balsamic chutney. I forgot that I have that tucked away in my cupboards! Now I know what to pull out for dinner;)).

  • Thanks for sharing my pickles! Thanks to you, I was inspired to do way more canning this fall than I have for several previous years combined, and your pickle recipes have been amazing!