Links: Sauerkraut, Sesame Candy and Congee + Preservation Kitchen Winner

October 22, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)


For the past couple of years, when I found a link that I thought jived with the Food in Jars ethos, I’d throw it up on my Facebook page as a way of sharing the love. However, Facebook recently changed the way they operate, so that unless I pay to promote a those  posts, the bulk of people who follow my page no longer see those links. That’s a non-starter for me financially, so I’ve decided to reduce the amount of sharing I do on Facebook and round up those useful tidbits here on the blog every week or two. Here are some of the links I’ve saved up for you recently.

The Preservation Kitchen

So many thanks to all of you who dropped by over the weekend to check out some new cookbooks I’ve been loving and enter The Preservation Kitchen giveaway. The winner is #239. That’s Katie J., author of the blog Katie’s Pie Plate (love that blog name!). She said, “My favorite recipe is your peach jam, but I add bourbon!” Nice tweak, Katie! We all know, everything is better with bourbon.

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18 thoughts on "Links: Sauerkraut, Sesame Candy and Congee + Preservation Kitchen Winner"

  • thank you for the link and the kind words – yeah, that was a head scratcher! but the sauerkraut is so tasty. also, i totally agree w/you re: facebook. I did a couple of ‘promoted’ posts but financially that’s not at all feasible for me. It’s really sad the way facebook is going – i wonder if there’ll be a better social media alternative.

    1. I was so amazed when I read your blog post. Life is just too wacky sometimes. And I think I’m going to start doing more with Tumblr and Google+, in the hopes of finding something that works for me. Twitter is good, but its effect is so fleeting that posting things there sometimes feels like shouting into the wind.

      1. I was actually going to suggest Google+, but I see you’re already thinking that way. Would love to find you over there!

  • Thanks for so much:

    1. Quince is an underrated fruit. I opened a jar of slices I had canned last January and the taste is like a taste of heaven. Chutney sounds wonderful.
    2. Maple Apple bars – mmmm
    2. I (personal preference) do not want a Facebook account so I appreciate these links here. There are so many good things! Something to read through this weekend.

    Happy Autumn!

  • Thanks so much for the lovely mention. I still have a few bars stored in the freezer for future emergency snacking–stop over for tea and bite any time!

    I actually never joined Facebook, and that feels like less and less of a weird decision every time I hear about one of these new “advances”.

  • Just discovered your fab blog, realizing Steve Legato (friend who shot me for NYT and whose studio is in my bldg) shot your cookbook! Love your blog. Have to check out your book–and so nice to “meet” another Philly food bloguese.

    1. Steve did an awesome job on my book. How funny that you’re in the same building! I actually think we met maybe five or six years ago at a Philly Food Blogger potluck. So nice to “meet” you again all these years later!

  • Oh, I very much like the idea of a link round-up here instead of on Facebook. Hooray for slow perusal over a few slow hours at work!

  • Pay to promote posts? Huh?
    I’d wondered why I hadn’t seen many Food in Jars posts as of late. I do like the roundups here. You can speak more of why you’re showcasing the links.
    The book, I will definitely check out.

  • I had noticed a lot of smaller sites that I followed were leaving facebook en masse. Ah the stupidity of profit margins Facebook! Soon it will be a barren wasteland of sponsored links, big business and a dearth of the character that previously made it the go-to place for connecting. At least I can still find you all via my rss feed reader 🙂

  • I’m not a Facebook person (I agree with Betty White is sounds like the biggest time suck ever!) so I’ll be glad to see these type of posts here.

  • I enjoy your blog, but also am among those who choose not to use Facebook, so I was happy to see these links (I am baking that pie TONIGHT!) and hope you will do more in the future. Thank you!

  • Hi Marisa, My buddy posted this fix at FB and I thought you’d be interested in sharing too for Food in Jars. Thanks for the link to sauerkraut and sesame candy, and all the others! Making sauerkraut today from whopping 12-pound cabbage! You rock!

    Attention Farmgirl Fare readers! If you follow the Farmgirl Fare Facebook Fan Page and have stopped seeing my posts, here’s why: Facebook made changes to get people to pay to promote their posts.

    It’s easy fix – to continue seeing all my new posts on Facebook, go to the top of the Farmgirl Fare fan page ( and under “Liked” click “Add to Interest List.” Please share that info! (And thanks to my friend Gina @ SkinnyTaste – – for the heads up!)

  • Thanks for sharing here instead of on Facebook. I belong to, what seems to be, an ever decreasing number of persons who do not have a Facebook account for personal reasons. So their new way to operate certainly benefits me!

  • Add me in on the fans of you posting these great links here on your blog instead of FB. Though I do have an account there, it is mostly neglected except for checking in on family doings. It is much more fun to venture out to blogs like yours and let the links lead to new, interesting posts.

    PS–apple pie here tonight too!