Links: Rose Hip Syrup, Deep-Fried Turkey & Crispy Pickles + EcoJarz Winners

October 29, 2012(updated on April 27, 2023)
quince, pre-roast

It’s been a quiet week in the Food in Jars Flickr pool, so I thought I’d swap in a few links for the normal Sunday night photo feature (it’ll be back next week!).

The winners of the EcoJarz giveaway are commenters 31, 291, 302, 326, 501. That’s Christina, Jen, Nancy S., Sandy, and Rachel. Congratulations, everyone!

I hope that everyone who’s out there in the path of Hurricane Sandy is secure and ready for the storm. Please be safe!

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3 thoughts on "Links: Rose Hip Syrup, Deep-Fried Turkey & Crispy Pickles + EcoJarz Winners"

  • Thanks for posting a link to my rose hip syrup! I’m so glad you found a bush of your own. I’m really enjoying my hip rose soda! (Get it? Ha!)

  • Marissa, thanks for the links, esp the rose hip one – through that link, I found a couple of other cool blogs and recipes for rose hips!