Links: Rose Hip Syrup, Deep-Fried Turkey & Crispy Pickles + EcoJarz Winners

October 29, 2012(updated on October 3, 2018)

quince, pre-roast

It’s been a quiet week in the Food in Jars Flickr pool, so I thought I’d swap in a few links for the normal Sunday night photo feature (it’ll be back next week!).

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The winners of the EcoJarz giveaway are commenters 31, 291, 302, 326, 501. That’s Christina, Jen, Nancy S., Sandy, and Rachel. Congratulations, everyone!

I hope that everyone who’s out there in the path of Hurricane Sandy is secure and ready for the storm. Please be safe!


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3 thoughts on "Links: Rose Hip Syrup, Deep-Fried Turkey & Crispy Pickles + EcoJarz Winners"

  • Thanks for posting a link to my rose hip syrup! I’m so glad you found a bush of your own. I’m really enjoying my hip rose soda! (Get it? Ha!)

  • Marissa, thanks for the links, esp the rose hip one – through that link, I found a couple of other cool blogs and recipes for rose hips!