Spiced Plum Butter from My Berlin Kitchen

September 18, 2012(updated on October 18, 2023)

This oven roasted spiced plum butter is a delicious way to preserve early autumn plums. Also known as pflaumenmus, it’s a traditional German preserve that is very much worth making.

My Berlin Kitchen

I first discovered The Wednesday Chef sometime in early 2006. I had become an avid reader of blogs about a year before (they were a great way to keep my mind off my terrible day job) and was always on the hunt for new sites to add to my list of bookmarks. Luisa’s voice and perspective on food resonated with me immediately. I spent a morning engrossed in her archives and once caught up, tried never to miss a new post.

My Berlin Kitchen spine

In fact, it’s fairly safe to say that I’ve read nearly everything that Luisa Weiss has ever posted to the internet (I hope that doesn’t make me sound like a stalker. I swear, I’m just a fan). And, when an advanced copy of My Berlin Kitchen arrived just before the mini-vacation that Scott and I took few weeks back, I tucked it into my travel bag and proceeded to read it in a single, giant gulp.

dog ears

As I read, I dog-eared recipes I wanted to remember. I marked the Pizza Siciliana and the Poppy Seed Whirligig Buns. I’m hoping to make the Yeasted Plum Cake before their season is entirely gone and, come Christmas, I’m definitely planning on making the Fruit Bread on page 161. It sounds dense and divine.


As I read, there was one recipe that jumped out at me more insistently than the rest and cried out to be made immediately. The Pflaumenmus or Spiced Plum Butter on page 237 had my name written all over it (particularly since I had the necessary four pounds of Italian prune plums at home, thanks to the Washington State Fruit Commission and their Canbassador program).

Italian prune plums

Of course, I’ve made plum butters before, but never with this particular technique. Luisa has you quarter the plums, stir them together with a bit of sugar, a cinnamon stick, and a couple cloves and let them sit overnight. The next day, once they’re nice and juicy, you pop the pan into the oven and bake them them at moderate heat.

After their time in the heat, the plums are incredibly tender and fragrant. The liquid has thickened a great deal and the slumping fruit just smells incredible.

post roasting

Once pureed, she has you funnel the prepared butter into sterilized jars and use the inversion method to seal. This is the only place where I diverged from the recipe as written and I chose to run my jars through a boiling water bath for 10 minutes. Because this is a relatively low sugar preserve, I wanted to ensure that all bacteria was killed and the best way to do that is with a hot water bath.

Now, just a note about the yield. The recipe says that it makes four to five jars, but doesn’t specify the sizes of those jars. I found that after pureeing, I had exactly enough butter to fill three pint jars. I imagine the jars Luisa used were a bit smaller than a standard pint and so figure my yield was just about right (I did the math and found that had I used the 1/5 L Weck jars, I’d have filled exactly five jars).

finished butter

I plan on applying this same overnight maceration and oven roasting to other fruits, because it made for such a nice finished product and filled my apartment with the most delicious smells.

Disclosure: Viking sent me an advanced copy of My Berlin Kitchen and are providing the copy for this giveaway. However, I’ve not been paid to host this giveaway and my opinions are entirely my own.
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Spiced Plum Butter


  • 4 pounds Italian prune plums
  • 2 cups sugar
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 2 whole cloves


  • Pit and quarter the plums and put them in a heavy 4-quart pot. Add the sugar, the cinnamon stick, and the cloves. Stir well and let sit overnight or four 8 hours.
  • The next day, heat the oven to 350 degrees. Put the pot, unlidded, into the oven and cook for 2 hours, stirring the mixture occasionally.
  • Sterilize the glass jar and lids in boiling water.
  • When the plums have broken down and the liquid has reduced to a thick jam, remove pot from the oven and fish out the cinnamon stick (if you can find the cloves, fish them out too).
  • Puree the jam with an immersion blender until it resembles a fruit butter, and then fill the sterilized jars with the hot puree, screw on tops and immediately turn the jars upside down. If you prefer a jam with discernible chunks of fruit, however, don’t puree the jam; simply ladle the hot jam into the sterilized jars.
  • Let the jars cool complete before turning the right side up again and labeling them. The jam will keep for at least a year.

(Marisa’s note: You can also process the jars in a boiling water bath canner for 10 minutes if you’d prefer to do it the American way.)

Recipe from My Berlin Kitchen: A Love Story (with Recipes) by Luisa Weiss, published by Viking, 2012.

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492 thoughts on "Spiced Plum Butter from My Berlin Kitchen"

  • When I was little, we lived around the corner from a bagel shop, and I remember that I always ordered a plain bagel with butter. They were always the most amazing bagels – there was something about that butter!

  • One of my favorite food memories is dining at a very nice Italian restaurant with my husband and two children. The food was absolutely divine!

  • I remember making cream
    Corn with my dad in the summers…sitting outside in the summer, scraping the cobs. Those bags of creamed corn were like gold, so much work and so delicious.

  • This book looks amazing! One of my favorite food memories is of my husband and I churning out about 100 4oz jars of strawberry jam for our wedding. My apartment kitchen was TINY and it was a hot, hot day in mid June. I only had one little fan so he drove over and hour to his apartment to bring up his window fan which offered us a little relief.

  • One of my favorite food memories… Mom’s venison stroghanoff with onions & morel mushrooms from our property. It’s the only time I will happily eat mushrooms! Us kids asked for that for Thanksgiving instead of turkey.

  • One of my favorite food memories is the time my husband and I went to Florence Italy and we didn’t know where to go to eat, so we asked the hotel recep. where to go. She mention this little off the wall place that was about about a 10 min walk from where we were at. So my husband and I went off and walked and walked ( it was more like 30 mins ) and finally found this place ( wish I could remember the name ). No one spoke very good English, so we told the owner our food choices would be in his hands and we would eat whatever he gave us. So, with that said we ended up eating a 6 course meal with the most amazing food we have ever eaten. He made everything himself, serve us himself, catered to us like we where the king and queen of England. It truly was an amazing and something I will cherish forever.

  • I fondly remember coming home after school to my grandmother’s fried peach pies. I remember eating three of them once. They were so good, I remember the taste still.

  • My favorite food memory (that’s also a canning memory) is making jams with my grandma in the summers. We would make pints and pints of wild grape. Sometimes we would harvest her garden and can pickles or squash. I still remember her standing in front of her stove stirring a pot bigger than me and her yelling, “MOVE!MOVE!MOVE!” when it was time to take them out and I was a little slow on the uptake getting my bottom out of the way.

  • This recipe sounds fabulous – wish I still had that Italian plum tree in my father in law’s yard from the 1970’s!
    Just finished reading your book, Marisa, and loved it! I dog-eared quite a few pages and plan on filling my pantry with your delicious recipes.
    I would rather read a cookbook than a romantic novel (Bodice Ripper, we call them, lol) any day!

  • My favorite food memory would be when my mom and grandma came to visit me (after hubby and I moved from Germany to the US) for the first time and we baked “Schneeballen” together. It’s pretty labor intensive, but we had so much fun baking together.

  • I am so intrigued by both this method for fruit butter and the book. As to a favorite food memory, what came first to mind was staying at a cabin down the road from my Grandad’s house in Mendocino, and the traditional spaghetti dinner my mom would make. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Favorite food memory is baking Christmas cookies with my mom, sisters, and cousin every year. We make it a weekend event, usually in October. People gather on Friday with new recipes they want to try, cookie cutters, cooling racks, snacks, and adult beverages. We mix up doughs that need to chill so they are ready for us Saturday morning. We mix and bake, eat, drink, and laugh, then pack up most of the goodies and put them in the freezer until December. It is done and relieves some of the stress at holiday time and is a great time we look forward to each year.

  • My favorite food memory is clam chowder every Christmas Eve. Same recipe, every year. I can’t eat it without looking for someone to start handing me gifts afterwards.

  • One of my favorite food memories is going to my grandma’s house and having her make bread pudding, with a lemon sauce. It was her speciality, and it was delish!

  • hard to know my fav food memory — but I sure do remember my mom making brown-sugar toast and caramel popcorn for me a lot as a kid. the book looks great!

  • I love making holiday cookies with my mom. We spend most of the day making way too many kinds of cookies, but we have so much fun!

  • My favorite food memory was being about 8, and my sister and I helped my mother to can peaches (half peaches in light syrup). We thought it was such a good joke – for one can we put a pit into each peach half. It was about February when my mother got to that jar, and boy was she mad! I think she was worried about chemical leaching from the pits (there is a tiny bit of cyanide in the nuts inside the pits, so I guess she had reason to be concerned). That is not only a great memory, but it was my introduction to canning – and now, about 40 years later – I’m trying to teach this art to my kids.

    We all lived just outside Berlin for 6 months – I’d really love to win that book!

  • My favorite food memory is holidays at my great-grandmother’s house, where she would make yeast rolls and set out her canned dill pickles. The dill pickles were HUGE (at least to me as a kid) and were so dilly and delicious! I’ve never tasted a pickle as good as hers though…

  • My favorite food memory is going to my Memere’s house and her making Chicken and Dumplings for us. I miss the winter lunches but I’m proud to say she passed the recipe to me and I now make it for my children and hope to one day be able to make it for my grandchildren.

  • My favorite food memory is watching and learning from my dad as he tasted and tweaked recipes on Sundays. He would make 4 or 5 batches of something until he got the exact taste he wanted and it was so cool to explore the realm of recipe testing with him as a kid.

  • Getting the box of Christmas food from my grandmother, you never knew what kind of sweets might be packed in it that year–the constants were peanut brittle and fudge though.

  • My favorite food memory used to involve my own childhood memories of cooking with my parents, but has lately evolved to involve me and my own girls- I absolutely LOVE having their help in the kitchen! One of the best is our ritual Friday night pizza- rolling the dough and slopping on the sauce and catching them nibbling on the cheese in the process of sprinkling it on… no pizza anywhere in New York can top it!

  • Ice cream has always been my favorite indulgence. When I was young I fell off my bike at my grandparents house and flipped over, head first, onto a brick. Fear and pain combined, it ruined my day. Until my grandpa showed up with six pints of Baskin Robbins ice cream. He told me I could have some of every flavor. Somehow the pain just disappeared after that 🙂

  • Leave a comment on this post and share your favorite food memory>>

    Favorite food memory is probably very recent. My family is eating healthier and we’re having a good time exploring new foods together.

  • My favorite food memory is of my husbands paternal Grandmother teaching me how to make jellies and preserves. Now as a grandmother myself, whenever I’m canning, I think about how fortunate I was as a young bride to have such a loving teacher.

  • I think I was reminded of my favorite food memories yesterday. We had a holiday dinner, and while the menu may change yearly, the idea is the same. Good food, great company, and good times for all 🙂

  • I love food too much to only have one memory! But my favorite one is Christmas dinner, and it happens every year 🙂 Being from Canada, I have my very specific food I need every year and thankfully, my family here in the US loves it all. We all look forward to Christmas to gather around the dinner tavble and eat this great meal: meat pie, ragout (meatball in a brown gravy), turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans (just so it’s a little healthier!), followed by sugar pie and cream fudge. And that… is only for the 4 of us!

  • My mom and I used to make no-bake cookies (the chocolate, peanut butter, rolled oats kind). These were the first cookie I learned to make, and I remember staring at the wax paper, poking them until they set, and always eating one a little too early, when it was still warm and soft and gooey.

  • One of my favorites comes from my childhood: on the occasional evenings that my dad would have to work late, mom and I would ‘have breakfast for dinner,’ which usually meant waffles and eggs. Such a breaking of the traditional rules of meal order made it feel more than a little special.

  • Best food memory ever was about a food so simple, yet so comforting…. While vacationing in Florence, Italy we happened upon a little hole in the wall restaurant. The smell of garlic just absolutely filled the street! They had this amazing focaccia that had the best flavor of garlic in it and the perfect light sprinkling of coarse salt on the top. I could eat this till near explosion it was so tasty! To this day, nothing quite compares to this simple bread…. oh man, now i totally hav a craving for it!

  • Toss up: Baking Christmas goodies every year, or the Sunday night meals of popcorn and cut up apples…both are amazing 🙂

  • My best food memory is eating at Hosteria Giusti in Modena – where the owner took pity on this lone traveler – took flowers off the side table since all others were full and served me the most spectacular meal. I had never tasted some of those lovely regional dishes – unbelievable.

  • When my mother was alive she made the best chili in her Revere Ware Dutch oven. She gave me her Dutch oven before she passed. Now I make her famous chili which is a hit with my kids and always think of her when I cook something in that pot.

  • It’s so hard to pick a favorite food memory! I am currently vacationing at my very-small-town childhood home. I grew up around all these amazing cooks that grew (and canned) their own produce, raised and butchered their own meat, and milked their own cows. I moved 600 miles away to go to college and ended up settling down there. When my hubby and I bought our first house 4 years ago, the kitchen sink of all things reminded me of my mother’s (my house was built around the same time as my parents’ house). It was amazing how something as simple as an enameled cast iron kitchen sink could bring a flood of food memories – recipes that I had not even thought about in years. Recipes that I had once looked down my nose at because they were not “authentic” (like my mom’s version of enchiladas) or recipes I had simply forgotten about in my quest to broaden my culinary horizons. Of course, I have since made some of those dishes for my husband… and we have thoroughly enjoyed them!

  • One of my favorite food memories was my dad teaching me how to cook sooji ka halwa and other recipes that his had mom taught him. While standing over the stove and stirring, he’d tell me all about his early adulthood and his adventures with learning to cook for himself.

  • My favorite food memory is just something simple. When I was little and I would spend the night at my grandparent’s house I would wake up early with my grandpa. He would always make me toast spread with butter and Amish Blackberry Jam. Then he would cut the toast ont he diagonal and call them “Blackbird Wings.” My grandpa has many wonderful dishes and is by far the best cook that I know but this simple thing was our morning ritual and I’ll always remember it 🙂

  • I loved going to my grandma’s house, alone without my siblings then I could have her attention all to myself and she would cook for me. I LOVED her potatoes, sunshine pancakes and tuna patties. I can still hear the news on in the back ground, she had to watch the news and her brightly colored yellow walls. It all comes back when I make any of those foods. I love how nostalgic food can be, it’s really a blessing.

  • One of my favorite food memories is kind of recent–My parents came up to visit a few years ago on Labor Day weekend and we went apple- and peach-picking. Then my mom showed me how to make peach preserves with our freshly picked fruit. I cherish that time.

  • My favorite food memory is from one summer during college when I was living at home. My mom bought me my first cookbook and she spent the summer teaching me the basics of cooking!

  • My earliest food memory would have to be when my family and I were living in Port ‘d Pille, France. My dad was with the US Army.

    My mom and I would walk into town and buy very long (to a little kid), skinny loaves of warm French bread.

    We would eat some of it right after we arrived home…..slathered with creamy butter.

    Never found anything that would come close to that crusty outside, chewy inside loaf!

  • OMG that plum butter sounds DIVINE. I missed the season for Italian Prune plums here, but I have a load of yellow plums in my fridge that I’ve been itching to do something with…

    My favorite food memories will always involve Christmas. My grandmother used to have us all over for three days, and my aunt took over after my grandfather died. Christmas has always been pretty food-intensive for us (we’re French-Canadian). Tourtière, turkey, pork roast (for my uncle who hates turkey), sucre à la crème, baked beans, homemade fudge (mine) and so many other dishes we have every year. A few years ago, my aunt introduced us to a new favorite – Pâté du Lac St. Jean. OMG SO GOOD. It’s like tourtière in the way that a hand-frosted ganache cake compares to a Joe Louis.

    I have a lot of bad food memories from childhood (don’t get me started) and I’ve had some major ongoing battles with food that I’m still working on. But Christmas? It’s all about the food and the family, and it has nothing but happy memories for me 🙂

  • One of my favorite food memories will always be my mothers mac and cheese. Even though it’s a simple dish, she made the cheesiest, yummiest, most perfect homemade mac and cheese. With crushed crackers sprinkled over the top. My siblings and I beg her to make it all the time, even now. Soon, she’ll be showing me how she does it. Can’t wait!

  • My Grammy’s fresh baked bread. It’s the most perfect bread for grilled cheese – gets crispy fast and the insides stay super soft and fluffy and light. Nothing like it!

  • My favorite memory is watching my paternal Grandmother roll out pie crust. She used this heavy weight pastry cutter (metal, shaped like a tear drop with a handle, cut the pastry & had cutouts on the side of flowers to make vents), a rolling pin with a cloth liner on it (the crust never stuck to it!), & a shortening which came in a can, was southern, & had no preservatives to it. She made the best crust! (if anyone knows what sort of shortening this is, please post it! )

  • One of my favorite food memories is of my grandmothers layer cake. My cousin and I used to fight over it whenever the family was together. My grandmother baked the most buttery yellow cake, separated into many many layers, sandwiched together with a rich fudgey frosting. One year, she made two, so that my cousin and I could each lay claim to one (even though we shared with others of course!). I treasure the recipes for that cake and for her special pound cakes and think of my grandmother every time I make one to share with others. Isn’t that what great food is about? Sharing the love.

  • I think my favorite food memory was eating langositino risotto in the Cinque Terre in Italy. Sitting along the water with local wine, my 8 year old son and significant other. The fresh food, the ocean breeze the sweet wine all made for a magical evening.

  • Having lived in Berlin till the beginning of my teens, I will never forget splurging on a piece of cheese cake at allowance time. Many times I have tried to duplicate this cheese cake but it never tasted as wonderful as what I bought in that little deli store.

  • I canned around fifty jars of sweet Colorado peaches last fall. We stood in the kitchen of our college co-op and listened to African music while the lids sealed. Beautiful!

  • My favorite memory is going to my grandparents house on Sundays after church. We got a piece of german pumpernickel bread with butter and were told to sit quietly on the horse hair couch and watch tv until dinner was ready. The smells of Sauerbraten wafted from the kitchen.

  • During canning season we used to beg my mom to let us turn and shove the tomatoes into the large saucer machine. I used it this year myself and it brought back so many memories!

  • It has to be the time my mom took her hand off the blender when she was making chocolate milkshakes for my brother and I. Ice cream went everywhere, and we ended up laughing in a sticky mess as we cleaned up the kitchen together.

  • My Gram’s pork and sauerkraut with potato dumplings drizzled with melted butter and her green beans. When I was little we would sit on the wooden swing under a huge maple tree and string those beans…lovely memories…thanks for helping me remember.

  • One of my favorite food memories is of this spontaneous, late-evening meal I threw together when we had some close friends call late, say they were in our area and could they come over? Basically, I just emptied out my pantry and spread out everything that looked good on our coffee table …. crackers, cheese, nuts, salami, apple butter, chocolate bars, a few mandarin oranges (it was the holiday season) and a bottle of red wine – it was festive, simple and yummy! Now it’s my go-to meal whenever we have guests over in the evening. 🙂

  • Favorite food memory? That’s next to impossible, so I’ll write *one* of my favorite food memories: apricot croissants on Saturday mornings with my dad. Heaven!

  • My favorite food memory is making Christmas cookies with my mother. We always doubled and tripled batches because their were so many of us in the family. We started shortly after Thanksgiving and baked, baked, baked and froze them after baking to bring out on Christmas Eve. However by the time Christmas Eve rolled around there was only half as many as we started with because everyone had their favs and couldn’t wait for the holiday! LOL

    I make new memories everyday that my grown, 23yo son and I make a new recipe together.

  • one of my favorite food memories is helping my grandmother make concord grape jelly – I’m just about to harvest my first crop of concord grapes and she has been very much on my mind. I’d love to have her old chinois!

  • While working for a farmers’ market as a young teen, being introduced to Muenster cheese (previously to that, I had only tasted Velveeta!). And about that same time, teaching myself how to make jam.

  • My mom usually did the cooking growing up, but on occasion, my dad (who worked as a cook several times in his life), would take over the kitchen and makes stacks of soft, buttery pancakes, crisp bacon, and mounds of golden hashbrowns…

    It wasn’t until I got to college that I discovered that most people make pancakes from box mixes. Go figure!

  • It’s so hard to pick one memory! A more recent memory is going to Mitchell’s Fish Market (I know, I know, it’s a chain! but it’s yummy!) for the first time, and getting engaged that same night! I’ll forever have a love for pecan-crusted whitefish that I never thought I’d have!

  • I live in Canada, so this isn’t an entry! 🙁

    My earliest food memory.. is either my Mom making homemade chicken soup (which Dad and I would always try and get her to make with just broth and egg noodles.. none of those other vegetable goodies!)… Or! Mom making pizza sauce with the bounty of tomatoes from the backyard. I’m not sure which would be first.. she stopped doing the latter years ago, too much work. Though, now that my brother and I have “grown up”, maybe she’ll find time for it again.

    Also, this post has given me a reason to go visit a certain Farmers’ Market tonight – that one always has the best fruit! Plum butter sounds fantastic 🙂

  • You had me at plum butter. My folks used to have an Italian prune plum tree, but it caught black knot from the peach tree, and both died. I’ve only made plum butter once since then, and clearly need to do it again!

  • I read this recipe at the perfect time! Just earlier this morning I was wondering what I was going to do with the basket of plums my husband picked this weekend. I’ve already made the plum star anise jam and spiced plum jam. Can’t wait to try this one.

    My favorite memories (and ones we still laugh at) involve my dad “building” salads for family dinner. They were never small. In fact, by the time he was finished, he had used the largest bowl available! The dog loved leftovers as long as it had salad dressing on it!

  • I remember the very first time I baked something on my own: I was 10 years old, baking a triple chocolate cake (with cake mix and pudding, natch) on New Years Eve. Right Said Fred was playing on the radio, ’twas a grand time! I was so impressed with my parents to trust me in the kitchen alone. Ha!

  • My favorite food memories are related to the Thanksgivings I hosted over the years. When my parents were living, they came to town for the day, and we always had an eclectic group of friends and friends of friends join us so it was always a different crowd. My dad used to tell stories of coaching football in 1950’s reform schools and being a repo man in Montana when they were young newlyweds. Great food with friends and family always makes the best memories.

  • Thank you, thank you for posting this recipe! I have a large bag of plums in my fridge and wanted to make something other than the spiced plum jam I just made last week. My favorite food memeory is more of an ongoing ritual. Every Sunday my boyfriend grills while I chop, sautee, and prepare the rest of our meal. We sit outside by the fire and enjoy it. Great cap to a weekend and start to a new week!

  • Oh, so many food memories! One that sticks out in my mind right now is helping my mom make cinnamon rolls and then eating them warm with a cup of hot chocolate.

  • When I was in elementary school, my mom let us play hooky from school to spend the day making Christmas cookies every year. (The first year, we had to have a discussion about how no, I probably shouldn’t tell everyone including the cashier at the grocery store that we were playing hooky.)

  • My mother baked a pie every Sunday for dinner. Strawberry rhubarb was always my favorite. I make a pretty good pie, but it isn’t the same…

  • My favorite food memory surrounds the strawberry pies my parents would whip up together to serve us kids each summer. YUM!

  • I’m not sure I can pick one food memory, but I’ll go with eating fresh applesauce with cinnamon and sugar, in my parents’ kitchen as a child.

  • Eating an apple cider donut in a park in Charlottesville, VA on my first vacation with my girlfriend. Perfect day. The donut was too hot to eat at first because we had just watched it roll off this contraption the guy who owned the donut truck had set up to pull them out of the fryer. He seemed really in love with making and selling donuts.

  • I remember canning watermelon rind pickles with my grandmother when I was a little girl. She canned everything. But I remember that one the most.

  • I worked at a resident camp for many summer. While roasting s’mores is a good memory, I remember Wednesday night cookouts more. It’s more about the friendships and memories than the food (isn’t it always?), but we did pretty good for a bunch of late teen, early twenty- somethings. A favorite recipe from camp is Bag’s of Gold. Basically, it’s tomato soup (yes, from a red can) with dumplings that are filled with cheese. A favorite meal that I still like to make on snowy days when school is cancelled. And you would think we invented waffles with ice cream, but those square frozen waffles with the neopolitan ice cream slices- they were the best!! And evening snack of Applesauce Gingerbread, moist, warm, spicy and delicious.

  • My favorite food memory is actually a scent. The smell of dinner roasting when I used to walk into my grandparents house is printed indelibly on my brain. Whenever that smell is encountered elsewhere, I’m instantly transported back in time to family gatherings. Love it.

  • One of most favorite food memories is hearing my dad cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, pans clanging and steam rising out of the kitchen and smelling all of the good things he was making- such a great chef; one of the things I still make is his famous stuffing- we would have it for breakfast and watch the parades.. I miss those times so much.

  • oo! i need a new good read. pleasepleaseplease.

    all my favorite food memories are times when a food i previously didn’t enjoy was revealed to me as completely awesome: rhubarb tea cake at Baker & Spice in Portland, my first homegrown tomato (courtesy of my grandfather), justhowawesome refried beans are when combined in fried egg breakfast burrito.

    being picky when i was little made for a lot of awesome discoveries these last few years.

  • Making old-fashioned fudge with my Aunt Frances. I was so excited that the candy turned out well, when my uncle came home I ran to him and told him that Aunt Fudge and I made Frances! She was Aunt Fudge after that. Very fond memory.

  • I can’t wait to try this receipe!

    My most favorite memory of cooking and sharing is when my son moved out on his own and I got a phone
    call saying he didn’t feel well, he was at the market and wanted to know all the ingredients in my homeade chicken noodle soup..We shopped together (I was on the phone) When he got home he called me back and we made the soup together.
    He was happy and healing and said his soup tasted just like mine…he
    contined to enjoy cooking..now we’re teaching his bride..Sharing receipes is love,Patrica

  • I loved eating dinner with my family growing up- didn’t really matter so much what we were having, although, Sunday dinner was my favorite, just being together around our table in our home is a memory that I still relish and want to replicate all the time.

  • My favorite food memory is decorating my birthday cake with my grandmother when I was five. She had flown to NC from Texas to celebrate with us and I was just captivated by her. She is movie-star beautiful, warm and gentle, and just seemed to know everything. She is still my favorite person (outside of my own family!). The cake was a beautiful chocolate three-tiered heart shaped affair. Delicious!

  • Earliest and favourite food memory. The bacon my Father would cook for me while we were out camping together. He would wake me up with a big plate of it every morning. Nothing has ever tasted so good as sitting with my Dad in the middle of nowhere, just the two of us eating bacon and eggs as the sun rose.