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May 1, 2016(updated on October 18, 2023)
Mason Jar Lifestyle Mother's Day Mother's Day Coffee Gift Set - Food in Jars

We’re at the start of a new month and so it’s time to thank the people who help support this blog through sponsorship! Please do show them your love if you have a chance.

Back in the top spot are our friends at Cuppow. They are the creator of the original mason jar travel mug topper and the BNTO, a small plastic cup that transforms a canning jar into a snack or lunch box. I feel like summer is prime Cuppow season, because it’s the perfect thing for no-waste iced drinks, so get yours dusted off!

The folks at Masontops joined the sponsorship roster this month. They sell an array of jar accessories, including Chalk Tops, Pickle Pebbles, the Pickle Packer, and (my favorite), the Pickle Pipe. If you’re looking to get into fermentation in a way that is easy and foolproof, make sure to check out their gear.

Lancaster, PA-based and family-owned Fillmore Container are next! They sell all manner of canning jars, lids, and other preservation gear. They posted a really terrific piece recently, featuring conversations with a number of canning bloggers, writers, and educators in which those folks share what canning means to them.

Harvest Right is back this month. They make freeze dryers for home use. Previously, it could cost as much as $30,000 to get freeze dryer, but the ones that Harvest Right sells are are 1/10 of that price. I don’t have space for one in my home, but I so wish that I did!

Our friends at Mrs. Wages are back for another season. They make pectin, vinegar, and more canning mixes than I can count. Their website is an incredible preserving resource and I can’t say enough good things about their salsa mixSign up for their newsletter for monthly installments of canning goodness.

Mason Jar Lifestyle is a one-stop shopping site for all the jar lovers out there! They sell all manner of mason jar accessories and adaptors. I recently had a chance to try out their cork jar stoppers and have become totally obsessed. It’s the perfect way to use mason jars for easy access storage. I’ve got a small tower of finishing salts in wide mouth half pints next to my stove, closed with these corks. Seriously, I love them. (And don’t forget about their Mother’s Day Coffee Gift Set!)

If your company or small business is interested in becoming a sponsor, you can find more details here. I offer discounts for multiple month purchases and am always happy to work with your budget. Leave a comment on this post or drop me a note to learn more!

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