Links: Pickles, Hard Cider, and a Winner

August 18, 2014

rainbow in the fountain

Last week in Chicago went about as well as it possibly could. I taught a bunch of classes, did three TV segments, and caught up with some dear friends. I got home to Philadelphia on Friday evening, dashed up to New York yesterday, and spent all of today doing not much of anything beyond taking a walk around the city with Scott (it was a beautiful day). Tomorrow when it’s off to New England for four nights of classes, demos, and signings. Now, links!

Last week, I wrote a series of posts for The Kitchn about preserving tomatoes. Check ’em out!

syrupy plums

Thanks to everyone who took the time to enter the Anolon giveaway last week! The winner is #371/Deborah. She said, “We have an old, large enameled Dutch oven found at a flea market that gets heavy rotation for jam-making, roasting veggie, making stock, you name it. I love that it shows its age, but still does the job beautifully.” Here’s hoping you like your new cookware, Deborah! 

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4 responses to “Links: Pickles, Hard Cider, and a Winner”

  1. Marisa,

    Watched all of your video links. You could be on the food network! So calm and relaxed in your presentation. You should do a pilot…who knows might become a hit.


  2. thanks for the shout out! And having just worked my way through 2 bushels of tomatoes, I really enjoyed your posts over on the Kitchn.

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