Upcoming Events: Vermont and Maine

August 17, 2014(updated on December 16, 2023)
All set up to demo at the @ballcanning International Can-It-Forward. Join us via the livestream!

As you might have noticed, I’ve been traveling a lot this summer. I’ve been up and down the west coast, spent two weeks driving around the south, and flew to Chicago twice. One portion of the country that I’ve pretty well neglected has been New England. However, all that changes this week. I’m going to be doing events in Vermont and Maine and I hope that those of you who live up there will come, bring your books (or buy one!) and say hi!

August 19 – Waterbury, VT
I’m kicking off this New England trip with a canning demo and book signing at Bridgeside Books. The event runs from 6-8 pm and is free and open to all.

August 20 – South Burlington, VT
On Wednesday night, I’ll be VT Food Swap at the Healthy Living Market in South Burlington from 6-8 pm. My demo will kick off the evening, and then the swap will take place immediately after. Registration is required to attend, but is free, so don’t let that stop you. Sign up here.

August 21 – Falmouth, ME
On Thursday I head to Maine to teach a canning class at University of Maine Cooperative Extension Regional Learning Center. The class runs from 7-9 pm and just is $15 and you can sign up here.

August 22 – Brunswick, ME
I’ll be rounding out my trip up north with a canning demo and book signing at Local from 5-7 pm. This is another free event, so please come, hang out for the demo and pick up a book!

After the events are over, Scott and I are spending the weekend in Portland just to hang out and relax. If you’ve got any Portland, Maine must-sees, please let me know!

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10 thoughts on "Upcoming Events: Vermont and Maine"

  • I just sent you a tweet – but Portland must sees…All food related! Central Provisions is a great lunch spot. Fore St is a good standby. I haven’t been to Eventide (not a huge oyster person), but it has rave reviews – I think you need a reservation. Coffee – Tandem Roasters. Ice Cream – Gelato Fiasco (though you can get this in Brunswick on Saturday. So sorry I’m going to miss you!!). I’m drooling just thinking about your weekend – up here in western, ME, we don’t have too many good places to eat. 🙂

    Also, bring a sweater! It’s been fall weather all week.

  • You’ll be in a great portion of the country! I haven’t tried their ice cream in a couple years but I fondly remember Mount Desert Ice Cream’s blueberry basil offering. They have a shop in Portland now.

  • Marisa, I’m so excited that I saw your post before the Maine events had passed! I just signed up for the class in Falmouth. I have your first book, but haven’t picked up the second one yet because I had heard from a friend that you were heading here this summer. There are so many awesome things to do in Maine and Portland that you can’t really go wrong. Everyone else’s recommendations are great. When people ask me if I have lunch or dinner recommendations, it’s so hard to recommend just one place because everything is good. It sort of depends what you are in the mood for (Mexican, seafood, small plates, sushi, South American, etc.). There is a new place called Vinland, on Congress St. It’s 100% local, except for coffee and wine. Like everything… they don’t even use lemons because you can grow them here. It’s amazing, and something you might like to experience. They do a lot of canning, preserving, and fermenting in order to be able to serve a unique range of food year-round. Also, if you like beer, I’d love to recommend a visit to some of the breweries in the city. Everyone has tasting room hours on Saturdays. Our brewery, Foundation Brewing, is over in the Industrial Way / Riverside neighborhood, and there are four breweries and a distillery all within walking distance – Allagash, Foundation, Bissell Brothers and Austin Street, plus New England Distilling. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, and looking forward to meeting you on Thursday!!

  • There’s a great donut shop in Portland! If that’s your thing, email me and ok figure out the name of it. I’m pretty sure it’s next to a new jerky shop that my husband loved!

  • If you’re reading this before you leave Portland….I highly recommend Susan’s Fish and Chips (no relation to me!). Casual place that looks like a hole in the wall in a converted garage, but fantastic, fresh seafood.

    Try their homemade chowder! Golly, I miss being able to go there regularly.


  • I’m so excited to see you in Maine! I sent my mom to your Canning Tomatoes Cooking Spotlight in Phoenixville, PA last year. I live in Portland, ME and I am excited to attend your class in Falmouth.

    The donut shop Rachel is talking about is The Holey Donut (http://www.theholydonut.com/). They make potato donuts and are excellent. I also like Standard Baking Co (https://www.facebook.com/standardbakingco) for bread and pastries. Portland is full of great restaurants and you have some good recommendations already. My favorite coffee place is Speckled Ax (http://speckledax.com/). Salvage BBQ (www.salvagebbq.com/) has amazing Brisket and a good selection of local beer. Schulte & Herr (schulteundherr.wordpress.com/) is a neat German option. Novare Res (novareresbiercafe.com/) is a good bar for beer and MJ’s Wine Bar (www.onecitywines.com/) is a good bar for wine. Brunch is a definite event and most places have some fantastic options. If you have a car and it makes sense with your schedule, drive out and grab a meal at (http://lobstershacktwolights.com/) when the weather is good — the view is fantastic.

    Saturday 8/23 there is a Sidewalk Art festival in Portland (http://www.wcsh6.com/story/life/2014/03/28/artist-application-wcsh-6-sidewalk-art-festival/7027433/). I believe Brenda Erickson, a recipe painter, will be in Monument Square for the event (http://www.recipepaintings.com/). You might want to check out Le Roux Kitchen (http://www.lerouxkitchen.com/) on Commercial St. for all sorts of kitchen-related implements that you probably already have, but are fun to look at (also if you want a lobster cookie cutter or something). The farmers market is in Deering Oaks Park on Saturday 7am-1pm.

    Maine Today has some good recommendations (http://mainetoday.com/maine-travel/things-to-do-in-portland-maine-visitors-guide-tourist/), and they publish a “Weekender” on Thursday with weekend highlights.