Links: Peach Butter, Pickled Okra, and Winners

September 6, 2016

five jars of tomato jam

I think I’m finally coming to accept that I can’t do everything all the time. I’ve been away from home for the last week and a half, and while I had grand plans to post in this space every day, I just couldn’t make it happen. There have been canning demos, time with my sister and her family, more travel, more demos, and then a wicked 24 hour bout of food poisoning keeping me away.

I’m currently in Atlanta, recuperating under the watchful eye of Lyn from Preserving Now. Tomorrow, I’m headed to Nashville for a class at the Green Door Gourmet (I will be completely recovered by then).

running HarvestPro

I never officially announced the winner of the freshTECH HarvestPro Sauce Maker from a couple weeks back. That person is Allison W. I will be in touch soon! And don’t forget, the Fillmore Container giveaway is still going on. You can enter here!

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9 thoughts on "Links: Peach Butter, Pickled Okra, and Winners"

  • I’m so sorry you got sick. I also have had food poisoning lately, in fact it was yesterday. I know how miserable that can be. Have you tried the home remedy of taking a bit of fermented veggie juice? I wanted to try it but mine was two months past the sell by date. Anyway, I hope you feel better!

    1. Pamela, so sorry to hear that you were sick as well! As soon as I was able to handle liquids, I started drinking kombucha, to try and replace some of that good bacteria in my belly!

      1. I hope that helped. I started drinking my home brewed Jun. I do think it helped somewhat, but I also want to try the fermented veggie juice. They say it stops it in it’s tracks. I will let you know if I try it, but hopefully it won’t be for a long time. I hope you are felling better!

  • Yesterday I made your Italian Prune Plum and Star Anise jam.

    I had my doubts, but I trusted you. I picked up about 5 lbs of plums at the market near my Mom’s house along with some fresh star anise.

    I used the Blue Chair Jam Cookbook directions and had about 4 lbs of plum pieces after I pitted and chopped them. Added a pound of sugar and let them macerate for 72 hours, although 48 probably would have been plenty. I added lemon juice and brandy as I didn’t have any plum brandy. Then I cooked them with the star anise for the first ten minutes, then removed the anise and continued until I had jam. It’s processed but I have half a jar left over in the refrigerator for immediate consumption. I did have a taste and man it is good. Not an anise fan but it so works with the plums.

    Thanks so much for this recipe.

    I’m giving my Mom and my sister just one jar each. I’m keeping the rest.