Links: Marmalades, Bread Crumbs, and Winners

March 15, 2015(updated on April 27, 2023)
Engaged in a slightly insane jar reorg project involving sheet pans, my label maker, and the space under my couch.

I hope everyone has had a nice weekend! Mine was focused on work related to the new book and spending a little time with a friend who was in from out of town. In other news, I’ve restarted the Food in Jars newsletter, after letting it sit fallow for most of the winter. I’ll be sending it out twice a month from here on out, so if you want to join in on the fun, sign up here. You can also see the latest edition here. Now, links!

Ecojarz Giveaway

Time to announce the winners of last week’s EcoJarz giveaway! They are #14/Monica, #79/Julie, and #124/Anna B. I’ll have another fun jar accessory giveaway up tomorrow, so check back for that!

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5 thoughts on "Links: Marmalades, Bread Crumbs, and Winners"

  • Are those sheet pans in the pic?? What a great idea!!! I should do that to store things under my couch…

  • I was given a citron melon last year – the chopping took forever! My pickled melon didn’t turn out very well – they are very high in pectin – but the mincemeat I made was pretty good. I’m contemplating whether or not to grow them this year.