Links: Green Tomatoes, Chocolate, and Winners

November 2, 2015(updated on April 27, 2023)
apples and a pawpaw

My apologies for these very tardy links and winners. I felt a little off on Friday and woke up early Saturday morning with the stomach flu. I’m no longer feeling like death is mere moments away, but I’m not quite back to my chipper, food-focused self. Here are the few links I could gather up for you.

glass dharma end labels

The winners of the $25 gift cards from Glass Dharma are #63/Carissa, #88/Nikki Howser, and #144/Madeleine. If you didn’t win, but liked the idea of the glass straws, make sure to follow Glass Dharma on Facebook. They sponsor a lot of giveaways and always share them on their page.

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6 thoughts on "Links: Green Tomatoes, Chocolate, and Winners"

  • Thanks for this link for another tasty green tomato recipe, I will be using it today. November 4th, and I am pulling the tomatoes up today, I am done, well almost done in the garden. But it has been a good year. We have green tomato curry, green tomato sauce and soon chutney on the shelf. I already roasted and froze trays of candy goodness red ones following your guide. Next up will be all those bags of frozen red ones. Simple sauce/puree I think.

  • This week I made MORE applesauce! We live in the city and have two apple trees that we planted 20 years ago. Our harvest was VERY abundant this year, and I am still trying to find new interesting things to do with apples. Your blog has been very helpful. I am grateful!
    Made the apple/cran compote, the pumpkin-spice applesauce. Big hits with my family and friends.

    AND I’ve been cooking on an induction cooktop since we planted those trees – 21 years. That All-Clad pan would be an awesome tool for the vegan Indian dishes that I have been experimenting with.

    Thanks for all you do!