Links: Green Tomato Jam, Fermented Pickles, and Winners

October 26, 2015(updated on April 27, 2023)
Amanda's ferments

A little over a week ago, my friend Amanda‘s new cookbook, Ferment Your Vegetables, came out. In celebration, she had a little lunchtime gathering for those of us local folks. She brought nearly two dozen samples of recipes from the book for us to try and we dug into those jars. Everything was amazing. I can’t wait to try out the book in my own kitchen. You guys are going to love it, too. Now, links!

tofu kit gear

The winner of Morinaga Make-Your-Own Tofu Kit giveaway is #42/Patrick Schluth. Congratulations Patrick!

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9 thoughts on "Links: Green Tomato Jam, Fermented Pickles, and Winners"

  • thanks for the links – will be trying out several of these! question: on the green tomato jam, i can work out the weights, but am not sure what a good processing time would be (jamie uses the inversion method, but i’d prefer to BWB). what would you suggest?

  • Thanks for the link love on my harissa recipe, Marisa! Appreciate the shout-out, and hope your readers love it.

  • Thanks for linking to my green tomato jam! I love discussing jam with friends, and am always looking for new flavor combos! I’d love to hear suggestions for combinations with green tomatoes – lemons and oranges, yes, cinnamon….

    And great selection of links that I’ll be checking out!

    1. You are so welcome! And what about pairing green tomatoes with cardamom? It’s not a combination I’ve tried, but it just popped into my mind and I think it might be good.

  • If anyone wants to try out a cookbook club without starting one from scratch, some public libraries host them as part of their programming – I know Haverford and Radnor do in the Philly area, and I’m sure there are many others 🙂