Jam for the June Mastery Challenge

June 1, 2019

Hello Mastery Challenge participants! It’s June and this month we’re focusing on jam making, which is probably going to be one of the most familiar challenge topic we’ll dig into this year. After all, the majority of canners start their food preservation career with a batch of jam.

What is Jam?

For our purposes, we’re going to define jam as a fruit-based spread that is sweetened. Sugar is the most traditional sweetener, but you can also use honey, maple, agave, coconut sugar, fruit juice concentrates, or non-sugar sweeteners.

Just remember that jam made without any true sugar will not hold its color or quality for long). And, if you’re curious about making jam with these alternative sweeteners, make sure to check out my book, Naturally Sweet Food in Jars!

What Style of Jam to Make?

There are no rules as to the style of jam you choose to make. You can go large batch or small, conventionally sweetened or low sugar, added pectin or pectin free, and sweet or savory. If there’s a style you’ve been wanting to try and you’ve thus far avoided it in your preserving life, consider taking it for a spin.

The Recipes

There are more jam recipes in the archives of this site than I have time to count and there are yet still more in my cookbooks. Beyond that, there are hundreds of jam recipes online and in the many canning cookbooks out there.

However, you really don’t need a recipe to make jam. Prep some fruit. Measure out approximately half as much sugar. Combine them until the sugar dissolves. Add a little lemon juice and perhaps some cinnamon or vanilla paste. Cook it in a low, wide pan until it thickens.

However, if you want to work with a more proper recipe, here’s a collection of recipes from the last handful of years.

This month, the deadline for submitting your projects to be counted in the monthly tally is Friday, June 28. I’ll have the submission form up by June 10.

If you want to share a picture of the thing you made, post it to Instagram with the hashtag #fijchallenge. And if you have questions, join us in the FIJ Community Group over on Facebook. Most importantly, have fun.

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5 thoughts on "Jam for the June Mastery Challenge"

  • I just made a successful batch of honey-sweetened strawberry thyme jam! Very yummy. I attempted a lemon rhubarb and it flopped (it has a burnt lemon flavor, as I left the pectin bag in too long). I’m loving this though. Thank you for your wonderful ideas and sharing your knowledge.