Holiday Giving: Gifts for Jar Lovers

Weck Jars

Last week, I wrote about some of my favorite canning tools and the reasons they might just make good holiday gifts for the canners in your lives. This week I want to feature some of the odds and ends that aren’t canning necessities  but make a jar-filled life a little bit prettier and more fun (of course, I intended to get this posted on Monday, but that knock-out flu I had has put me behind in my posting. So sorry!).

First on the list is Weck Jars. They’re good for canning, for dry goods storage, and if you spring for a set of snap-on plastic lids, they make fantastic leftover containers. Because they’re a bit pricier than your average box of jars, they’re an indulgence, but isn’t that what the holiday season is all about? Once hard to find, they’re now available for online order from the U.S. distributor, Kaufmann Mercantile and Mighty Nest, and in Williams-Sonoma and Crate & Barrel stores.

Enamel ladle

For someone who has all their jar needs met, what about a pretty ladle? It’s good for filling your jars, scooping up servings of soup and chili and it looks fab sticking out of a crock of utensils. Available from Kaufmann Mercantile, it costs $32 and would be fun tucked in a stocking.

stainless steel funnel

I love my stainless steel funnel. The one I have is made by RSVP and I use it all the time. Not only is it useful during the canning process, but it’s also great for filling jars with dried goods and helping pour leftover soup into storage jars. I even take it to Whole Foods with me when I use my own container for bulk foods, because it allows me to funnel the food into my jars cleanly.

If I didn’t already have a stainless steel funnel, I might opt for this one, because it has a strainer that can fit into the base should you need it. That would be an awesome helper for those moments when you find yourself pouring stock into jars and want to do a final strain.

jar drink toppers

Drink toppers are another fun gift for jar lovers. I’ve written about these a lot lately, so I won’t go into crazy depth about them, but they’re great. There’s Cuppow, EcoJarz, and a lid specifically for iced coffee from the Mason Bar Company (they’ll also sell you a straw if you want a plastic one. I like these stainless steel babies better).

jar cozy!

Once you turn your mason jar into a drinking cup, you need something to absorb the moisture and heat. That’s where a jar cozy or sleeve comes in. There are so many different Etsy shops making these. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Mason Bar Company (cute hand-crocheted cozies from the folks who sell the drink lids mentioned above).
  • Greyslater (sleek waxed canvas sleeves).
  • Fine + Dandy Knits (hand-knit cozies made from organic cotton, pattern is available).
  • One Robin Road (charming cozies made from recycled sweaters. No two are alike).
  • Cadron Creations (hand-crocheted cozies made to fit a variety of sizes, including the newly reissued pint &  half jars).
  • Two Tired Bike (mason jar sleeves made from recycled bike inner tubes. Great for jar lovers who adore their two wheeled transportation).
  • Hide and True (hand-stitched leather sleeves. Spendy, but gorgeous).
  • The Stowe (another leather sleeve, this time with a built-in handle).

lunch tote

Finally, the ultimate gift for jar loves is the Jars to Go tote from A Tiny Forest. Since I first wrote about the original two-jar bag, Kim has expanded the offerings in her shop to include a four-jar bag and single sleeves that fasten up over the top of the jar (perfect for packaging up super-special gift jars).

And since no gift guide is complete without a giveaway, here’s what I have for you today. There are two giveaway packs and we’ll have two winners. The first is from Kaufmann Mercantile and consists of a six-pack of 1/4 L straight-side Weck Jars and that lovely white enamel ladle pictured above. The second is a four-jar Jars to Go tote from A Tiny Forest in Kim’s signature blue-striped fabric (like this one).

Here’s how to get in on the giveaway:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite edible or culinary stocking stuffer (my favorite edible stocking stuffer is Pocky and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is this little microplane nutmeg grater).
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Saturday, December 8, 2012. Winners will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog on Sunday.
  3. Giveaway open US residents only.
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I cannot accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Kaufmann Mercantile sent me the ladle seen above for photography purposes. Kaufmann Mercantile and A Tiny Forest have both provided the giveaway items at no cost to me. No vendor mentioned above paid for placement. 

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724 responses to “Holiday Giving: Gifts for Jar Lovers”

  1. Last year my stocking stuffer was a small box of Homemade Fudgy Chocolate and Cherry Brownie bites. My favorite kitchen helper is a Spiralizer.

  2. I LOVE pocky!!!! I always get one of those dark chocolate oranges that break apart into little segments. Love those. My favorite kitchen helper is my husband- he does the dishes.

  3. When I was a kid (maybe 9 or 10), I started to REALLY like pomegranates. They were hard to come by back then, and pretty expensive (well, at least for us at the time). It was always a special Christmas treat that at the very bottom of my stocking was a pomegranate. Family photos of me unwrapping presents showed the red stains on my fingers, PJs, and yes all over my face.

    To this day, I still love them. Now… is there such a thing as a pomegranate jam recipe?

  4. I most love to find a Snickers soldier in my stocking – they’re really yummy!

    My favorite kitchen helper is my immersion blender – I use it nearly every day and don’t know why I took so long to add one to my kitchen! (It never showed up in my stocking, but I suppose it could have!)

  5. We don’t do stocking stuffers anymore, but when I was young, we got a bunch of mixed nuts (to be cracked!), an orange, and a pop-tart. The orange was the only thing we had on a regular basis, in “real life”. 😉 I did give my brothers both heat-safe spatulas one year. I kept one for me, and use it all the time–so I think that’d be a great stocking stuffer!

  6. I love chocolate oranges as stocking stuffers. Also, I have a stocking in the shape of a cat paw where I put greenies for kitty.

  7. My favorite stocking stuffer are those boozy chocolates shaped like the liquor they are filled with. My favorite kitchen helper is my dog. She lies patiently on the rug while I chop away. Oh…and my favorite knife.

  8. My favorite edible to get in my stocking is a little peppermint pig…and my favorite kitchen helper (besides my husband!) is a tiny garlic clove mandolin.

  9. Pocky is great! I love some dark chocolate bar as a stocking stuffer. My favorite culinary tools are the microplane for zesting/grating and the dutch dough whisk for stirring batter.

  10. My favorite edible stocking stuffer to put in my husband’s stocking is berry syrup made from berries over the summer & hidden away for just this time. Then when we do Christmas breakfast, we use it & taste summer’s bounty. The favorite thing to receive is any little gadget that I have been coveting at Fante’s (I have a revolving list, usually) 🙂

  11. This year my favorite stocking stuffer will be a home made jar of my spicy red pepper jelly or red onion marmalade. I am learning how to can and these two items have been popular with my friends, so how nice to give a little something home made to share for the holidays.

  12. My fav edible stocking stuffer are “little cuties” tangerines. My favorite culinary tool stuffer is a set of mini silicone spatulas.

  13. While I do adore Pocky, my favorite delicious stocking stuffer is Almond Roca. It screams holidays to me, as that’s usually when I got it 🙂

  14. i always get a jar of cornichons in my stocking–it started as a joke with my husband since i didn’t grow up with the “hide the pickle” thing, and didn’t understand why there were so many pickle ornaments, but i love cornichons so jokes on him! last year i got a hand carved wooden spoon in my stocking that is beautiful and useful, the best kind of gift.

  15. I always love to find a Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate bar in my stocking, not any Dairy Milk but the authentic imported pure sugar (not high fructose corn-syrup) candy bar. To this day it continues to bring back some of the greatest memories.

    In the kitchen I admit that my favorite gadget has to be the mandoline, it has made dicing slicing and keeping things uniform so much easier!

  16. My mom and I have a tradition of getting holiday chocolates from Moonstruck and Theo and putting them in stockings. Always a treat! One year I got a tiny whisk as well, and I’ve been surprised how useful it has been!

  17. Well, I don’t get stockings anymore so I’ll stick with my favorite kitchen utensil.. I have a pampered chef chopper thing. I LOVE it and use it often.

  18. Well. MY favorite stocking stuffer treat to find in my stocking is dark chocolate-covered cherries. But I like to get everyone else tiny treats from an import store: jelly in teensy jars, funny little candies not seen on the typical store shelf, dried spices. Last year I made chai tea kits with a package of spices I’d mixed with a can of sweetened, condensed milk to add. And I’ve discovered some nice veggie peelers from Kuhn-Rikon which will go into my sister-in-law’s stocking. She is always looking for a good potato peeler.

  19. For many years a chocolate orange was a staple stocking stuffer for me….so much so that I have friends that are now addicted to them due to me sharing in college. My favorite though would have to be the lemoncello, nutmeg, and truffle oil from my parents after a trip abroad! Even if they don’t take me with I am lucky to get a little of the flavor of Europe.

  20. i have not had a favorite. my favorite is; surprise me!!!!!!! this year i got a box of mixed vintage candy from the 50s for my parents stockings and a box of mixed japanese snacks and candy for the kids stockings.

  21. My favorite stocking stuffer is Twix. I’m a sucker for those. I also love homemade jam and preserves. My best stocking stuffer was a mini lightsaber.

  22. My favorite stocking stuffer is a toblerone chocolate bar! My favorite kitchen gadge is currently my kitchen aid mixer that I scored at a garage sale this summer! I plan on making many holiday cookies this year with its help 🙂

  23. Chocolate covered cherries are my all time favorite stocking stuffer 🙂 I always love getting a new kitchen item for my mom’s stocking…

    thanks for an opportunity to win! Yepee!!

  24. My Mom always put an orange at the toe of our stocking! It’s still my favorite tradition! (The jars of jam I made this year will be full on gifts, not just stocking stuffers this year! Also, a great kitchen tool that fits in a stocking is a vegetable brush/cleaner – the kind that slips on your finger and fits in your palm! No need to peel root vegetables, just give them a good scrub!

  25. My dad and I both love to cook, and I love finding little cooking gadgets for his stocking every year. Don’t know what this year’s will be yet!

  26. Eek I am so obsessed with Weck jars, they are so beautiful! My favorite edible stocking stuffer is by far Maldon salt, you can never overstock and everyone loves it!

  27. My favorite edible stocking stuffer as a kid was mixed nuts and the non-edible was a nutcracker. One year I got a nutcracker in the shape of a squirrel. I think I will start that tradition with my kids this year!

  28. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is pistachios. I always got them in my stocking as a kid. Sometimes the shells were dyed red. My parents didn’t buy them at other times during the year, so they were a special holiday treat for me.

  29. My favorite edible stocking item are those tins of hard candy that is shaped like fruit. I think they’re french?
    My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a tie between silicone baking mats and silicone spatulas. I go through both frequently. I bake hard.

  30. My favorite stocking stuffer is any kind of See’s Candy, especially their box of Truffles. YUM! I savor them for as long as I can with a good cuppa tea.

  31. My favorite stocking stuffer as a kid was my grandpa’s walnuts. Somehow he would expertly open some up and stuff them with coins and glue them back together without showing any signs of ever being tampered with. We would scrutinize which ones we thought had money but ultimately had to crack open all of them to find out!

    My favorite culinary tools are my Pampered Chef Toaster Tongs (which I also use for flipping bacon) and my Ninja 5 blade blender.

  32. What I could really use in my stocking this year is a candy thermometer (hint hint!), and I almost always get chocolates and pistachios, since my family knows I love them so. I have put fancy Mexican vanilla, and smoked sea salt in my mom’s stocking different years. I’m not done with my shopping yet for this year!

  33. The best culinary stocking stuffer I’ve received is the Lamson “granny fork” that my father gave me the Christmas after my grandmother died. She was a great cook, and had used one like it for years; he wanted me to have something to remind me of her in the kitchen. Reminds me of both of them every time I use it.

  34. my favorite stocking stuffers are vanilla beans and homemade soaps and favorite gadget for a stocking is rubber spatula cuz every year I’m in need of anew one 🙂

  35. The best culinary stuffer is a set of random spices your would never buy. Like finishing salt, unique blends or a pepper that will blow your mind. Spices will inspire anyone to create something new.

  36. well, my favorite edible stocking stuffer has to be the large hershey kiss. its tradition! we got them in our stocking growing up. its christmas day breakfast!! 🙂 my favorite kitchen gadget for the stocking? Id love stainless straws! or a zester!

  37. When I was a kid my favorite stocking stuffer was Bob’s Peppermint sticks – peppermint is one of my favorites, I’d dissolve them in mugs of hot chocolate.

    My favorite culinary stocking stuffer to give (or get!) is a little 4oz jar of homemade preserves, jam, or jelly. I just finished a batch of marmalade and I’m working on some variations on apple jelly.

  38. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate from our wonderful local company, Esther Price Candies in Dayton, Ohio. Everyone loves to get some in their stocking!

  39. I love putting small containers of spice blends and rubs in stockings, they are great for guys and girls! And I’m not sure if it counts as a culinary stocking stuffer, but I always like to tuck a couple “chip clips” into stockings as well, I know at my house I’m always looking for one.

  40. My favorite stocking stuffer to make is my husband’s favorite peanut brittle. The culinary item I’d be thrilled to find in my stocking this year would be an immersion blender!

  41. The best culinary stocking stuffer I got was a spoon rest that clips to the side of my dutch oven. It’s super handy. My second favorite is a wire whisk that has straight tines and small balls at the ends. I’m not sure what it’s called, but it works great and nothing gets stuck in the middle. 🙂

  42. my wife is a baker, so i usually look for some little tool, food color, or cookie cutter she doesn’t have but would really use. otherwise, it’s a variety of fancy chocolates (chile for my dad, dark dark dark for the wife…anything chocolate will make mom happy).

  43. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a big, handmade candy cane from the candy store I worked at in high school. They’re almost an inch thick and eight inches high, and come in all sorts of flavors. I never ate mine, but I loved seeing it hanging off my stocking every year!

  44. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is ANYTHING CHOCOLATE. If it has toffee and chocolate even better. Best cooking stocking stuffer would be stainless funnels. I asked Santa for those this year.

  45. Oh Marisa and Food in Jars, I adore you! Thanks for these excellent ideas for the preserver in your life. My favorite edible stocking stuffer would be blood oranges to use in a delightful marmalade and a selection of Weck jars, of course!

  46. I love the pear vanilla jam recipe in ferny jars for stocking stutters and for a culinary goodies the new rocking garlic press by Joseph & Joseph sold at Sur la Table!

  47. My favorite edible stocking stuffer, or stocking stuffer of any kind, are Mallow Cups! So hard to find, and my favorite candy since I was a wee lass. Sha-ZAAM!

  48. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is popcorn balls-my mom would make carmel and red hot candy popcorn balls. Last year my hubby put a kindle gift card in my stocking which I loved!

  49. I usually only stuff stockings for the little ones. But after this post I think I may need to hang a stocking for me. I have lots of grate ideas on how to fill it now thanks to you. 🙂

  50. Since I’m generally in charge of stuffing the stockings I always make sure there’s something from See’s candies in mine. The benefits of being in charge 😉
    My favorite kitchen gadget is definitely my Kitchen Aid stand mixer. I even took it with me to my sister’s house for Thanksgiving this year to help with the heavy lifting.

  51. I love giving and getting windshield wipers for stocking stuffers…installation is also part of the gift.
    Favorite culinary stocking stuffers are always the vintage/antique kitchen utensils my husband finds. I love the character of the painted wood handled spatulas and serving spoons!

  52. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are M&M’s in those cany cane shaped containers. My favorite kitchen stuffer would have to be nice thick wooden spoons.

  53. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a can opener (probably because I seem to need a new one every year). My favorite stocking stuffer would be shortbread. Mmmm

  54. My favorite edible stocking stuffer: coal cookies (cookies that look like lumps of coal)
    Non-edible: my Tiffany’s cupcake necklace I found in my stocking 2 years ago!

  55. The best stocking stuffer for my wife is some of the British specialty foods she grew up with. I make a trip to the British store and pick up some Cadbury Fruit and Nut bars (they are different from the American ones), digestive crackers, some Irish style bangers, and maybe some Yorkshire pudding mix.

  56. MMMM Maple sugar candies! Melt in your mouth! My favorite culinary stocking stuffer was a microplane…but my new fav will be a candy thermometer…if I get one!

  57. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a set of mini spatulas from Williams-Sonoma. I use them to get the air bubbles out when I’m canning. They also have cute mini pie molds–mini pies are a great way to use preserves!

  58. I love peppermint bark as an edible stocking stuffer and am giving Cuppows this year also! Thanks for the opportunity to win some awesome things! Merry Christmas!

  59. my mom always stuffed my stocking with beef jerky, hence it is my favorite edible stuffer. my favorite beef jerky is made by the fatted calf.

  60. Ooooh! My fave culinary stocking stuffer would definitely be that little microplane nutmeg grater. I really need one & haven’t been able to find what I want in stores recently.

  61. My favorite stocking stuffer is a chocolate orange, which my husband *swears* he’s getting me this year. And he’d better, cuz he won’t let me buy one before Christmas lol!

  62. My fave stocking stuffer is flavored nuts we make…it gives a punch of protein on that morning and sustains us until our later brunch.

  63. My favorite edible stocking stuffer have always been the dairy-free candies and chocolates my family gives me. I so appreciate the efforts they go to.

  64. I love every year in my stocking Lindt/Lindor chocolate truffles! I never tire of them, and the dark dark chocolate in the black wrapper are especially nice by themselves, or on a cheese plate to enjoy with a cabernet or pinot noir. Now that my kids have gotten older, in their tweens, they have figured out that there is such a thing, as ‘good chocolate!” So they get it now too! I usually will put any type of kitchen gadget that catches my eye in my hubby’s stocking. One year it was a stainless steel bar of “soap” to get rid of the smell of onions, garlic or any odor that is hard to remove. (bed, bath and beyond has great selections of kitchen gadgets)

  65. Oh my goodness, Pocky (and those Koala shaped cookies) are my favorite stocking stuffers, too! No joke. My brother and I rarely ate a lot of candy, except on Christmas, when our stockings were filled with literally nothing but Japanese candy.

  66. My favorite stocking stuffer this year is new and are Cuppow!s—everyone is getting one this year. I’ve become a fanatical convert. As for edibles, my favorite stocking stuffer is an unusual Pez dispenser (usually a nice nerdy one).

  67. Santa always put oranges and other fruit in our stockings, and I still love sharing oranges on Christmas. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a microplane lemon zester. It’s one of my very favorite kitchen tools!

  68. “Santa” always left oranges in our stockings. Among all the candy, it was actually appreciated. These days I love dark chocolate with sea salt. Or caramels. mmmm.

  69. We sometimes get those chocolate oranges in our stockings. I think they’re tasty (particularly the dark chocolate), but don’t usually splurge for myself, so it’s fun to find.

  70. Edible stocking stuffers are the best! I adore the salted caramels from our local chocolatier. I’ve appreciated the paring knives with the protective cover I’ve received from my sister as a stocking stuffer.

  71. Favorite edible stocking stuffer = anything chocolate, of course! Though some seasoned nuts would make a fabulous little treat, too.

  72. I have a special fondness for the oranges that filled the toes of our stockings every year. Of course I love all the candy (giant candy canes!) but the oranges are special for some reason.

  73. Hmm, this is a hard one. It’s difficult to choose! Anything with chocolate is always good but I particularly like Ferrero Raffaello coconut almond truffles. The food item I like to put in my family’s stockings is a bag of spiced almonds dusted with cocoa and home made truffles. What I like to find in my stocking are really creative/artistic kitchen tools. I like functional art. That could mean tongs, measuring cups or spoons, anything that makes you look twice! Happy holidays to you and all your readers!

  74. My favorite stocking stuffers all tend to be the edible kind. Good chocolates, unusual candies of just about any kind (Pocky is good, either the known tasty ones or some of the unusual flavors for the novelty factor), or small portions of homemade goodies like seasoned nuts or caramels.

  75. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is my mom’s homemade chocolate covered almonds made with the best semi sweet dark chocolate she can find. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer has been my egg slicer. I use if for strawberries, eggs, mushrooms and kiwi. I have had it for years and years. Merry Christmas everyone. I just love jars.

  76. My favorite stocking stuffers were the pecan logs my ex mother in law used to make. Also I have that Kuchenprofi funnel and love it. I use it exclusively for making my drip coffee directly into the pot. (weird I know but it works great) Also I’ve been wanting some of those jars really bad and the rest of the stuff is really cool too.

  77. My favorite treat in a stocking is a dark chocolate orange that you break apart. My favorite tool to give is a garlic peeler tube. What fun giveaways! Thanks.

  78. I think my favorite stocking stuffer I received was either an apple or pear with my name carved in it — my dad was (he died 3 years ago) an orchardist (raised mostly apples when I was very young) and early in the growing season he would go out and carve mine and my brother’s names on a couple of apples. To me, as a little kid, I thought it was really neat and kind of magical — how did he grow an apple with my name on it?! We also always received chocolate marshmallow Santas and roasted nuts which we’d snack on all morning long!

  79. My favorite edible stocking stuffer in any kind of Theo Chocolate! (but the dark chocolate peppermint is always a good holiday cheery option! 🙂

  80. To receive… unique chocolate bars, or varietal honeys. I think someone mentioned maple candy, which I would also love!

    To give, homemade spiced nuts, cookies, or candied citrus.

  81. I am going to give retro candy this year as stocking stuffers! My brothers and sisters who grew up during the 60’s and 70’s will fondly remember wax lips, edible flying saucers and candy cigarettes!! Should be fun!!!

  82. I think my favorite stocking stuffer via culinary fashion, would be candied orange peel dipped in a yummy dark Belgian chocolate. Oh my, I can’t wait to make some more!!!

  83. as a kid my mom would go downtown to an asian specialty shop (very rare back in those days!!) and buy us the rice candy with the paper you can eat…it was always a special treat for us.

    now as a mother i put those same candies in my kids stockings each year. even though i can just buy them at most of the grocery stores in our city, i opt to only buy them at christmas so they remain special to my kids too.

  84. Great post. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a garlic press. Blessings.

  85. I like giving small jars of canned plums for Christmas stocking stuffers. They’re a gorgeous color and crazy delicious. I’m also drying some catnip to make some hand sewn kitty toys this year… no stocking left unfilled! 🙂

  86. Lindt truffles! We always got a mix in our stockings, but I’d save the dark chocolate to eat last and trade away the milk chocolate ones.

  87. Oxo citrus squeezer or julian peeler as a gadget stuffer. Chocolate or trader joes organic lollipops for edible stuffer.

  88. My favourite edible stocking stuffer is Jelly Belly beans. So delicious! My favourite culinary stuffers are those ceramic discs that keep brown sugar soft. 🙂

  89. My fave edible is a satsuma (or clementine) and my fave stocking stuffer would be either mini salad tongs or a micro grater.

  90. My favorite edible treat is always chocolate. When we were young it was Tobler mocha bars, now it’s Frangos or Theo chocolate or other shaped chocolates for the holidays! And culinary stocking stuffer, a nice high temp spatula in red from williams sonoma or crate and barrel or maybe nice quality wooden spoons (I heart wooden spoons) or a nice set of measuring spoons orrr a really good paring knife? I love this contest! Good luck to all!

  91. I once got to my grandfather’s house 3 months late for Christmas, and there was what had once been an orange in the toe of my stocking. It had shriveled into a small, hard, green, misshapen lump. I suppose that doesn’t count as edible, but it was definitely memorable. As for a culinary stocking stuffer, the perfect metal measuring spoon set would be great!

  92. I love chocolates and interesting, unique spices as an edible stocking stuffer, and as far as culinary: I agree, a microplane grater is pretty awesome, and they come in gorgeous bright colors!

  93. My favorite edible stocking stuffer are Kinder eggs, which I can still find at Economy Candy in NYC. I’m dying to try something my boyfriend called a “chocolate orange” this year though! My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a good wooden spoon or a le creuset silicone spatula.

  94. My favorite edible is an orange or tangerine. It seems to me to be the most traditional think I can imagine. Very Victorian. My favorite culinary choice this year would be a digital thermometer. That takes me from 19th century to 21st century.

  95. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a a bar or really good dark chocolate. The culinary one would have to be a garlic press or a set of pretty ceramic measuring spoons.

  96. I think I’m going to have to stuff my daughter’s stocking with that beautiful ladle and ask Santa for some coveted Weck jars. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a tangerine from our trees outside (modeled on the orange we always got from Santa as kids). Lovely giveaway ideas Marissa, thanks for the great ideas!

  97. I haven’t had a stocking in a really long time but if I imagine having one, I envision chocolate enrobed marzipan and a Thermapen because it is my heart’s desire.

  98. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a candy cane! My faorite culinary stocking stuffer is a wooden spoon! Thank you so much!

  99. favorite edible stocking stuffer is bar of bittersweet chocolate, favorite culinary tool is my rocking (literally and figuratively) garlic press

  100. My mom usually puts mini rubber scrapers/spatulas in my stocking each year. I actually use those more than full sized ones! They’re so handy.

  101. I think a thermopen would be welcome in my Christmas stocking. And of course anything chocolate. nice giveaways…love those jars

  102. Oh my favorite edible would be a bottle of Fiore grapefruit vinegar. I could drink it by the spoonful or just swig from the bottle! I’m not proud! Lol. I guess my favorite “tool” would be a small whisk. So small, yet so handy! Thanks for a great giveaway. I love weck jars, ridiculous!

  103. My favorite edible is chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! Milk chocolate or white. My favorite culinary are good quality kitchen accessories like spatulas, measuring cups, whisks, or canning supplies.

  104. Chocolate would be my favorite edible stocking stuffer….and a wooden spoon with a flat edge….which is really difficult to find!

  105. Fav edible – Green & Black milk chocolate bar. Fav stuffer – bacon tongs, which are basically giant heat-safe tweezers and so very handy!

  106. I never thought of what my favorite edible stocking stuffer would be! I am thinking a little flavored salt would be nice, although my mom often gets me swedish fish and I’m not sure if that counts as culinary, but I like those too 🙂

  107. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a jar of my home made apple lemon marmalade to go with some Cabot horseradish cheese. Non-edible is the scissors-type tea balls. I usually tie a red ribbon around them and sometimes hang them in the tree is everyone is getting one.

  108. My favorite edible stocking stuffer would have to be anything chocolate. Kitchen related would be a new set of silicone spatulas.

  109. Ooh! I so love getting Peppermint Bark in my stocking! And I love giving (and receiving!) fun, festive shaped cookie cutters. Happy Holidays!

  110. This year my favorite stocking stuffer is the Edgeware Better Zester. Can a zester be life-changing? I think so! Several of my friends will be getting these for Christmas.

  111. My favorite stocking stuffer is a gift card to Sur La Table or Anthropologie. 🙂 Thanks for showing all the crochet cozies for the Mason Jars. Adorable. 🙂

  112. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate, hands down. My favorite culinary stuffer comes from childhood: my par… I mean Santa put a bottle of vanilla extract and a Vanilla Ice tape in my stocking as a precursor to a Barbie ice cream maker!

  113. Oh my goodness, what a giveaway! Well, I am going for the old school tried and true: we would get clementines in our stocking (if good!), so that’s my choice.

    Glad you are feeling better!!

  114. The chocolate orange so favored by others is also my favorite edible stocking stuffer. As for kitchen tools, one year my stocking was heavy it couldn’t hang because my husband filled it with odd-size measuring cups and spoons. I love them (and him!) and use them constantly.

  115. My favorite edible in my stocking is Nutella and a wonderful set of measuring spoons would be nice. Thanks for the chance.

  116. Mmmmm, pocky. We love pocky around here. I’d actually have to go with that as a favorite stocking stuffer, since I’ve actually used it several times in my son’s AND husband’s stockings!

  117. My favorite edibles are chocolates brought home from Canada where I grew up. Specifically, I love Nestle Macaroons and Icy cups (chocolates I am very reluctant to share!). My favorite stuffer I got was a set of decorative metal measuring spoons last year. They’re so pretty!

  118. I love making and giving white & dark chocolate peppermint bark! Although friends might say its my seasoned nuts!!! Everyone needs a wine foil cutter!
    Happy Holidays to all!!!!

  119. My favorite edible is chocolate, any kind of good chocolate! I love and use often mini spatulas and a good set of tongs.

  120. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a half-cup jar of fruit butter. This year it might be blueberry butter that I made this summer.

  121. Favorite edible stocking stuffer? This year it will be 1/2 pint jars of 3 citrus marmalade, which is so good, I could just eat with a spoon. Favorite little gadget would be either new toothbrushes for the kids (they groan, I smile) or an olive wood spoon. Looks pretty peeking out of a stocking and always useful.

  122. I have two favorites: a 4 oz. jar of Thai Pepper Jelly (it’s unexpected and a lovely color for the holidays) and White Chocolate Covered Pretzels (so easy and yet so impressive). Thank you! Have a wonderful holiday season!

  123. My favorite edible would be small jars of spiced honey with cinnamon, cloves, and lemon slices. My favorite culinary would be small spatulas – perfect for lifting brownies from the pan!

  124. Every year I make lots of cookies & candy for Christmas Eve and have containers for everyone to fill with their favorites to take home. I also love to make Sausage Bread or Cinnamon rolls to give to our guest so they have a ready made breakfast for Christmas morning. Merry Christmas!

  125. favorite edible stocking stuffer – homemade glazed nuts! I glaze several different kinds all at once, so everyone can have their favorites. favorite tool for a stocking stuffer – recipe card clips, to hang your recipes from the cabinet knobs, always with a pack of really nice recipe cards to go with it!

  126. My favorite to give is a variety of homemade truffles. I am a newbie at canning so I would love anything that helps with the process.

  127. I love chocolate and caramel for edible stocking stuffers and I love my garlic press for best culinary stocking stuffer. I’d LOVE a stocking full of Weck jars the best though! 😉

  128. I always make my family something. This year it’s mustard, the good spicy, grainy kind. I love making a big batch then putting it in beautiful diamond jelly jars. Such a pretty stocking stuffer, and my brother-in-law always opens his the day I give it to him!

  129. I know, it’s weird, but my favorite stocking stuffer is black olives. And my favorite culinary tool is my paring knife. Thank you. 🙂

  130. My family gave up stockings a while ago- but I’ll pretend. Culinary—a Pampered Chef citrus peeler. One of those nifty (and cheap) things that scores an orange to make it easy to peel. Love those! Edible–I love Take 5 bars. I’ll be giving blueberry lemonade jam and peach bbq sauce as gifts. Can’t wait to hear how much people LOVE them.

  131. My absolute favorite stocking stuffer is maple sugar candy. So creamy on the inside with a slight crust. And the flavor of natural maple concentrated down to candy is unparalleled! For a kitchen stocking stuffer, a frilly retro apron tops my list.

  132. My favorite stocking stuffer is Tupperware’s citrus peeler stick. It saves your fingers from citrus overload, particularly when peeling crates of all the wonderful winter citrus for making all kinds of jellies and jams.
    This year my favorite stocking stuffer to give is my homemade root beer jelly.

  133. My favorite edible is candied ginger, we get it in Canada at this little co-op. Yummy. for a favorite tool stocking stuffer it would be bento picks and silicone muffin cups. So practicle and pretty.

  134. I love giving (and getting) homemade gifts. Especially when there are recipe cards attached or ideas for how to use the gift!

  135. I always get a bottle of hot sauce in my stocking from my dad-it still makes me smile, and although it is not Christmas related, I thought it would be fun to share-last year for Easter my husband put all of my Easter treats in a brand new beautiful stainless steel colander instead of an Easter basket! So cute!

  136. I would love to get a jar of just about anything but I usually give strawberry jam. I want to try those weck jars. TY for the great giveaway!!!L

  137. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is anything chocolate!! Usually that means some homemade chocolate covered pretzels or chocolate covered cherries, but sometimes I get a little more creative 🙂

  138. Dark chocolate is my favorite edible stocking stuffer (especially mint chocolate), but I’m making salted caramel sauce and fudge sauce for all my friends. 🙂 For culinary, my dream item would be a vintage silver jigger.

  139. My favorite foodstuff stocking stuffers are actually the clementines my mom used to put in the bottom of my stocking. There’s something very old school about giving citrus as a gift on christmas.

  140. My favorite edible stocking stuffer has always been chocolate – especially if it’s from the little family-run chocolate shop my family has been going to as long as I can remember.

  141. The edible gift in a stocking would always be the Orange, It is such a picture of winter when you eat the sunny citrus fruit.
    The cooking gift would be the mustache bottle opener.

  142. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is the orange that goes in the toe of my stocking. It’s an old family tradition and the tasty citrus is a great offset to the mint and chocolate of the season.

  143. For edible stocking stuffers this year I’m giving some of the chocolate raspberry sauce that I canned this summer. For non-edible, I’m excited about giving my mom a Kuhn Rikon garlic press.

  144. i like getting a nice navel orange, some unshelled nuts, a nice crunchy apple and cereal. it used to be mini boxes of cereal but now i like homemade granola or cereal bars. my mom started this tradition and i still love it.

  145. I have to say the good old fashion clementine at the toe of the stocking is one of my favorite traditions. A sweet healthy treat for Christmas morning that I look forward to every year!

  146. My favorite stocking stuffers are usable items. Fresh vanilla beans, new spoons for the kitchen, and maybe one piece of chocolate thrown in there 🙂

  147. This year I am putting Triple Berry Jam (my very first canning recipe) with a pretty spreader knife attached…that is engraved with…Spread Happiness !

  148. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are bars of dark chocolate from around the world and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer are cooking utensils from the Japanese dollar section of my favorite Asain grocery store – like long chopsticks for cooking, tiny rubber spatulas, little rice ball molds that look like teddy bear heads… So much cute and useful stuff!

  149. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate. Lately I’ve been crazy about chocolate with sea salt. So delicious! Pocky is also wonderful. So are truffles. And York peppermint patties. The sea salt is the best though. Lindt makes a pretty good one but my favorite sea salt chocolate comes from World Market.

  150. My favorite edible stocking stuffer would be anything dark chocolate and favorite culinary stuffer is my vegetable peeler.

  151. My favorite “edible” stocking stuffer is always gum…I never seem to have it when I want it. Favorite culinary stocking stuffer would have to be new wooden spoons/spatulas.

  152. I love giving dark chocolate and my favorite pair of tongs. Both fit wonderfully in a stocking and re usually well received.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  153. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are plain peppermint candy canes – none of those odd flavors here. Candy canes just say Christmas to me. My favorite culinery stocking stuffer would be new bamboo spoons.

  154. My favorite edible stocking stuffer are homemade Christmas cookies and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a Teavanna stainless steel tea strainer as well as their glass tea tumblers. Both my dad and I love tea and usually at Christmas we try to get something tea related whether it’s a 2 oz bag or a new tea related travel mug. 2 yrs ago I received a beautiful glass tea tumbler that I still love and use.

  155. Edible stocking stuffer, for reasons unknown to me – Lifesavers candy. Every year growing up, Lifesavers by the roll, and in the same stocking, a new toothbrush.

  156. I think this year my favorite edible stocking stuffer (for giving, not receiving) is going to be kumquat marmalade. Or grape jam. My pantry is a bit ridiculous right now and kumquat season is about to start again.

  157. Favorite edible stocking stuffer…not necessarily my favorite but my mom always gives us bags of Hershey chocolates, favorite would be when my husband buys peanut brittle, yummy!

  158. My favorite stocking stuffer this year is 12-oz jeweled canning jars filled with vanilla bean-infused organic sugar. And maybe some locally roasted (Peace) coffee to go with the sugar.

  159. Because I love them, my family is all getting homemade jam in their stockings. I have bought a couple of Cuppow lids for stockings, too….but I won’t say for who! (Hint: it might be for myself….) thanks!

  160. Thank you for such a FUN giveaway! I love it! My favorite stocking food item is a small box of very nice chocolates. As for my favorite stocking stuffer….would you believe a rolled up magazine tied with a ribbon? I like to get the latest issue of everyone’s favorite!

  161. I remember always getting a special box of cereal and a little box of rice milk in my Christmas stocking. It’s not anything fancy, but it’s a memory and looking back I can see why someone might have not wanted to cook Christmas morning . . . 🙂

  162. I love edible stocking stuffers. Especially memorable in my family were blood oranges and red Panda licorice. We would each get a blood orange in the toe of our stockings (or occasionally a different unusual fruit), which I’m sure was my dad’s doing. My dad would always get a box of red Panda licorice in his stocking — us kids would never get any in our stockings, but he’d share with us.

  163. My favorite edible stocking stuffers aren’t edible on their own. I have men-children, and they’re most at home on their grills. So my stocking stuffers tend to be grilling rubs and sauces. I must confess, I don’t have a culinary tool stocking stuffer, although that makes me think I ought to ferret one out. Off the top of my head, I’d say measuring spoons. One can never have enough of them (mine are always in the dishwasher!), and some things do require measuring.

  164. I only just started getting stockings as I’m Jewish, but my husband’s family is not. So, stocking stuffers are new to me! I’m a huge fan of chocolate, so my mother in law has been putting dark chocolates in my stocking and it’s AWESOME.

  165. My daughter loves pocky but our standard must have in all stockings is marzipan. Never had any culinary gadgets in stockings but with my son graduating college and moving out on his own and my daughter starting college next year might have to think about that.

  166. As a child, every year’s stocking had a Terry’s dark chocolate orange in the bottom. I only eat them once a year, but I’m instantly transported to New York circa 1985 when I do!

  167. I know it’s corny but I always put socks into my kids’ stockings (get it?). As for my favorite Christmas time edible that is associated with stockings, to me it’s rock candy. As a kid, rock candy used to be left on the hearth beneath our stockings. Yum!

  168. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about this! I do have a soft spot for Terry’s Chocolate Oranges, though, so I imagine I might go with one of those (or some homemade spiced nuts) if I were choosing.

  169. favorite culinary…. plain and simple… gift cards to my favorite restaurants! stocking stuffer… I too, love the nutmeg microplane tool! It’s just so cute and little!

  170. When we were growing up, my brother and I always grumbled about the orange in our stockings. It was a tradition harking back to the depression, when my grandparents were raising a family and an orange was considered a treat. Now that I have a family of my own, Christmas isn’t complete without an orange in the girls’ stockings! No longer a ‘treat’, but forever a simple reminder of my beloved grandparents.

  171. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are chocolate covered coffee beans, I just love them and my favorite non edible is any kind of stainless steel utensil, I can’t get or give enough of them!

  172. My favorite edible stocking stuffer (because my whole family loves them) is Lindt’s Excellence White Coconut Bar. Creamy and yummy!

  173. Love love love the weck jars but as you say an indulgence…so thank you! Fave “shoe” stuffer (it is the French version of the stocking) is always the Whack ’em chocolate oranges, one for everyone. Fave gadget to give toss up between a micro plane or a japanese mandolin. Both handy.

  174. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is candied nuts and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a garlic press. It is so basic, but I am always surprised by how many people don’t have one. I love those little jar cozies. I think I am going to have to try and make some myself.

  175. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is the one that Santa’s been leaving since I was teeny – clementines and laughing cow cheese. Not fancy, but the perfect Christmas morning breakfast!

  176. hm, stockings are new to me but my husband’s family always makes them for me now and i love when almond joys are tucked in there. and kitchen towels are a good “culinary” goodie i’ve received…a good way to add something fresh and practical to the kitchen aesthetic 🙂

  177. My favorite stocking stuffer would be homemade gumdrops. They are a treat that I only make at Christmas. My grandchildren love them. Oh, also my 92 year old mother!

  178. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a can of black olives. Culinary stocking stuffer, those little nylon square scrapers. They work on everything!

  179. I’m completely obsessed with that ladle!!!
    I think you can’t go wrong with a lovely bar of chocolate for a stocking stuffer, but a small jar of homemade vanilla extract, or homemade almond extract is also quite nice.

  180. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is good chocolate truffles and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer would be more fun cupcake papers! By the way, I keep all my cupcake papers in a 1 1/2 qt. Italian canning jar!

  181. My fave edible stocking stuffer is Brach’s Villa Cherries (milk chocolate). My fave other stocking stuffer is a good wooden spoon or a silicone spatula.

  182. My favorite edible stocking stuffer USED to be, when I was a kid, popcorn balls. But, as things go, now that I’m an adult they don’t hold the same wow factor for me. But because I have told my husband about my love of popcorn balls as a child, now I have to get one in my stocking every year, whether I want it or not!!! My more recent favorite edible item is a dark chocolate orange. That’s my new fav for sure!

  183. Edible treat- P2C2 chocolates from PURE.
    Kitchen tool – Lamson shucking knife and voucher for oysters from Island Creek Oysters!

  184. my favorite edible stocking stuffer from last year was some truffle oil (wow, right?) and I have loved my nice set of spatulas that don’t melt in the pan!!
    what a nice giveaway!!

  185. My favorite stocking stuffer is clementines. There’s something about that burst of citrus on a winter morning that’s great!

  186. I can tell you what my favorite stocking stuffer is GOING TO BE: those Ecojarz lids!!! Just started a job where I have to take the bus early in the morning and was astounded when pricing travel coffee mugs. This is a way better idea!

  187. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a set of silicone pinch bowls. Makes seasoning your food, especially meat, a snap when you can’t put your fingers in your whole container of seasoning!

  188. There may not be a stocking involved, but it’s nice to get some Hannukah gelt during the holidays. I always go for the silver wrappers-if you’re lucky, those ones are dark(er) chocolate 🙂

  189. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a bag of kumquats. I love them, but I usually only have them at Christmas. We try to do all sorts of “unusual” (at least for our geographic area) fruits in stockings. I often also get a new cookbook from St. Nick, and that’s a favorite on the culinary-but-not-edible side.

  190. Vegetable seed packets fit perfectly for stocking stuffers, promise growth in the new year, and something yummy and homegrown on your table. And if you’ve saved seeds from your own garden, you’ve made your gift that much more special.

  191. My favorite stocking stuffers are the ones that change- because my fella and I try to make something new for each other every year. I think his favorites are the homemade peanut butter cups from ‘The Kind Diet.’ sooooooooo delicious! And bigger than reese cups!

  192. My favorite edible stocking stuffer changes every year. This year it is going to be small pretzels in a cute Christmas themed candy bag – half dipped in white chocolate with milk chocolate sprinkles and the other half dipped in milk chocolate with white sprinkles. I’ll be dipping all weekend!

  193. My favorite edible stocking stuffer would be homemade chocolates, or perhaps any small home made food item (spice blends, vanilla extract, etc). My favorite culinary stocking stuffer? I’d be happy with many things! Wooden spoons, that ladle, a new paring knife, etc.

  194. Favorite edible stocking stuffer – chocolate covered marzipan – mmmmm.

    Favorite culinary stocking stuffer – my Baskin-Robbins ice cream scoop (best one there is – I know because I scooped many a cone when I worked there!)

  195. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is pomegranites. My children love recieving them. Favorte culinary stocking stuffer is a honey dipper.

  196. Growing up, my siblings and I received very traditional stocking contents… a huge, perfect apple (my favorite), an orange big enough to feed a rough dozen, mixed in-the-shell nuts, and a variety of gem-like hard candies. There’d also be some little toy or, as we got older, a small roll of money tied with a ribbon. This year, I’m tucking tiny jars of apricot-pepper jelly into everyone’s stockings. Thank you, Marisa, for turning me on to so many great canning projects this year!

  197. Oh how my heart would sing, to win these jars and the joy it would bring!
    I would fill them with relishes, sauces & jam for biscuits, crumpets & ham!
    Not only would it bless my mood, but also to those I gave them to as gifts filled with food!!

  198. When I was little I always hoped to get the Lifesavers package of about 8 rolls that opened up like a Christmas book. These days I always love a good piece if dark chocolate. Rubber spatulas from Crate & Barrel were another favorite tool I received a couple years ago.

  199. My favorite ediable stocking stuffer is an over sized Candy Cane and my favorite gift stuffer is a tiny set of measuring spoons, smidge, pinch, dash. I love them!

  200. My fav. edible stocking stuffer is Hershey candies of all sorts. And my favorite culinary stocking stuffer would be measuring cups,any measuring utensil for that matter. I love getting kitchen gadgets for gifts!

  201. There’s this store in Austin called Mi Casa, and every year around Christmas they sell molded Mexican chocolate hats and Santas. I got them for everyone last year as stocking stuffers, and I’m doing it again this year! A great stocking stuffer for me would be vanilla beans.

  202. Favorite stuffer is definitely a chocolate orange. Not at all fancy but a once a year treat that I always look forward to. Favorite culinary stocking stuffer would be something like cinnamon sticks or vanilla beans that I wouldn’t usually get myself.

  203. My favorite is Terry’s All Gold Orange and I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I saw an all white chocolate version a while back. I haven’t been able to find the white chocolate version since.

  204. My favorite edible stocking stuffer are those lifesaver storybooks. It’s been a tradition in my family since we were kids and I just adore them! Decorated tea towels are my favorite culinary gift I’d say…

  205. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a small package of Almond Roca. My favorite culinary stuffer is the microplane grater that was in my stocking last Christmas.

  206. My favourite food item would be good white chocolate, not the vegetable fat kind that has never even shared the room with a cocoa bean, but the real kind. Non-food item, it would be a set of silicone tipped tongs.

  207. Hmm, we always got an orange, a peppermint and a tube of toothpaste (I figured out, as a mom, that the toothpaste fills up a stocking nicely). For my Soviet-born kids, I always include a packet of “vaffli” — creme-filled waffle wafer cookies. One likes chocolate or orange, the other loves vanilla. And a clementine, for tradition’s sake.

  208. Caramels and fudge is a favorite of mine. I have also requested many culinary items this year. My list includes but is not limited to a new large glass measuring cup, a food processor, and new glass bowls. Oh, and remember when I mentioned “not limited to…”? I really love those Weck Jars sooo much. 🙂

  209. Im old fashioned i like candy canes in my stocking! That said, my mom used to put little cloth napkins filled with homemade pecan sandies in our stockings, and chocolate chip cookies set atop some plastic on the lawn Christmas morning. She always told us the “reindeer left them”!

  210. This year I have tons of homemade jam & preserves & chutney for stocking stuffers, which feels super exciting. As for store-bought edible stocking stuffers, I love clementines and fancy hot chocolate mix.

  211. Oh, I haven’t done stocking in ages! My boyfriend looooooooves jam (eats it with a spoon), so I think that would be a good stocking stuffer for him 🙂

  212. Each year I get my husband almond Christmas stollen for his stocking and some nice coffee. We always enjoy a slice of stollen as part of out Christmas morning breakfast. I usually get him some little jars of spicy mustard or pepper relish, just something to liven up winter cooking.

  213. My family’s traditional stocking stuffers are always Gold Chocolate Coins (Trader Joe’s has them!), tic tacs (a family joke: when we were little & complaining that we were hungry my Mom would offer us a tic tac). Kitchen related: pop up sponges are a fav.

  214. My favorite edible stocking stuffer to give is Chocolate Covered Cherries to my dad. And as for a culinary stocking stuffer, I’d have to go with new pot holders.

  215. I just discovered one of my new favorites this year – the tiny little tins of maldon salt that you can buy online. The perfect stocking stuffer for a food lover!

  216. As holiday candy goes, I inhale Williams-Sonoma peppermint bark (I guess it comes in a tin that’s really too big for a stocking, but as a Jew, I’ve never actually had a Christmas stocking, so I can kind of do what ever I want in that regard). And culinary would have to be mini spatulas – so handy when trying to get that last little bit of something out of the jar.

  217. Great giveaways–thank you! Our favorite “foodie” stocking stuffers include crispy nuts (of all kinds) and a beautiful kitchen helper such as a handmade wooden spoon.

  218. Favorite stocking stuffer… navel orange and Toblerone. I’ve gotten them in my stocking every single year for the past 40 years. 🙂 Our boys get their own jar of Nutella every single year… non-food… postage stamps! Yes i love to send and receive “snail” mail! 🙂

  219. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is an orange, for tradition. It fits nicely right in the toe of the stocking. My 3 year old will be receiving his first culinary implement this year in his stocking: a crinkle cutter for chopping veggies.

  220. I love getting a really good tiny bottle of Balsamic vinegar, the kind where you only need a couple of drops! I always get those chocolate oranges that are in sections when you open them up. So fun! Would love to find a good slicing mandoline in my stocking this year!

  221. Our favorite culinary stocking stuffers are chocolate, fine tuned to individual likes: milk, dark, with almonds or with caramel. We always include socks!

  222. I’m a traditionalist when it comes to edible stocking fillerw. A satsuma fills up the toe and brings back memories of when they were so rare to eat. I think they were banned for a few years when I was a kid.

  223. My favorite stocking stuffer is small jars of exotic mustard. I’m the only mustard fan at our house, so little jars of the best condiment on the planet are just right for me.

  224. Clementines — nothing fancy, but they are such a fun juicy treat to cut the coffee and coffee cake sweetness that usually accompanies stocking unwrapping!

  225. I find a good strawberry huller comes in handy when doing large strawberry jam batches or a mandolin for pickling thin sliced carrot or cucumber 🙂 I love helpful gadgets!!

  226. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are oranges. We grew up getting huge ones in the bottom of our stockings and have tried to carry that tradition on with our kids. I love anything unusual for the kitchen. I bought my own stocking stuff for this year already… a marble mortar and pestle!! Been wanting one forever!!

  227. My favorite edible stocking stuffers is the sea salt and dark chocolate coated almonds from Trader Joe’s (repackaged to look prettier and to keep anyone from eating a full pound in one sitting – not that it’s has EVER happened, of course!). My favorite non-edible stocking stuffer are fancy chopsticks and chopstick rests in different patterns.

  228. I’d have to say my favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate coins…reminds me of my childhood. Favorite tool would probably be a cookie cutter for my collection. It’s getting harder for my kids to find one I don’t have!

  229. Hmm…my favorite edible stocking stuffer? Hey, wait a minute…I never got an edible stocking stuffer?! I’m thinkin’ something chocolatey and peanut buttery…yeah 🙂 As far as kitchen tools…wooden spoons…any kind…that’d be nice.

  230. We always have an orange in the toe of our stockings — not so exotic as when the tradition started, but it’s a tasty pre-breakfast snack and the scent of fresh orange and pine is one of those wonderful Christmas smells!

  231. Edible stuffer: peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate! Culinary Stuffer: my amazing garlic press. By the way, Kaufmann Mercantile is amazing, as is their blog. If you haven’t seen it, be sure to check it out!

  232. My favorite edible stuffer–candy coal, of course (doesn’t everyone deserve to be a little bit bad..!). My favorite culinary one–the glass turkey baster with cleaning brush (hate the gooky stuff that ends up staying in the small pointy baster end!), which I ended up using that day to finish off the Christmas turkey! What a great list you’ve compiled–I’ve forwarded it along to my husband as some gift hints….!! 🙂

  233. I love getting Maraschino cherries by Luxardo. They make them the way maraschinos were made in the 1920s-40s. They’re luscious! Excellent for Manhattans!

  234. My favorite edible stocking stuffer? Chocolate cherries or chocolate mint creams. Favorite tool ever was my tiny Japanese ginger grater shaped like a lotus.

  235. So my favorite edible stocking stuffer is totally a tiny bag of coffee beans with the greatest culinary gadget: a single-cup collapsible coffee maker. I’ve received this but haven’t given it – but totes my favorite.

  236. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is vegan fudge, my favorite culinary stocking stuffer this year is an EcoJarz lid. I have to admit – I cheated and bought myself the lid last week.

  237. My family tradition is to always add an orange first (so it sits in the toe of the stocking). Next is the chocolate!!! This year, I bought some nice loose leaf tea and packets of chai tea. My favorite gadget: a tea steeper.

  238. I like to give spicy pickled green beans – they make great bloody mary stir sticks and the brine is a great addition to the drink. I ordered 24 Cuppow drink toppers for family stocking stuffers as well.

  239. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is Ritter Sport chocolate bars! They are absolutely delicious and somehow seem fancier than regular chocolate bars 🙂

  240. Ooooo! What treats!
    My favorite stocking stuffers are vosge dark chocolate bacon bars!!!! Mmmmm!
    And fancy homemade herbal salts.
    I did recieve the little nutmeg grater and some nutmegs last year, LOVE that gift!
    Thank-you for the generous give-aways!

  241. I love to put kitchen tools in stockings, and long handles fit so well and look interesting poking up from the top. The ladle would be perfect. I’ve also used silicone brushes and bamboo handled spatulas. But, a Weck jar of homemade marmalade would be my kind of gift.

  242. My favorite edible stockings stuffers are Jelly Belly beans and pistachios. My favorite “gadget” is a small wire whisk/rubber scraper, to go with a minisize pancake mix for the day after Xmas 🙂

  243. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is an chocolate “orange” from Terry’s. They’re a tradition in our family and there would be howls of outrage if they didn’t appear on Christmas morning.

  244. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is Vosages chocolate. Num num. My favorite culinary stuffer would be a gift card to William Sonoma. I could live in that store.

  245. This year the stockings will have tiny jars of your Tomato Jam as I made tons of it. Oh, and I’ll put in some home made Old-Fashioned Cinnamon Hard Candy. I will also include hand knitted dish cloths. Simple and festive. Thanks for the link to the Kaufmann’s site. Totally cool!

  246. This year Oldest Son’s stocking will be filled with culinary needs, plastic spatula and tongs for a nice non-stick griddle, a garlic press, and a citrus squeezer.

    I have ordered quite a few things from Kaufman Mercantile, LOVE that site.

  247. All those gifts are so beautiful!

    My favorite edible stocking stuffer are those orange flavored chocolate balls that you can break apart into little segments, like a real orange. It might not be the fanciest thing in the world, but it’s a tradition. So I always look for it every year. 🙂

  248. I like giving homemade candies or truffles or jam for stocking stuffers, though I’d be hard pressed to say what my favorite is. As for my favorite culinary stocking stuffer that I’ve received, I think it has to be my frother. Hot chocolate frothed to perfection is such a lovely holiday treat!

  249. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a Terrys’ (dark) Chocolate Orange. Just the perfect size to share with my three grandchildren.

  250. My mom and dad gave us all whisks the other year – they’re not the normal balloon whisk format, they have little balls on the bottom of each ‘strand’. They work amazingly well, especially for things that tend to get lumps otherwise.

  251. Favorite edible stocking (or wooden shoe) stuffer is Droste Pastilles. The milk chocolate/bittersweet blend is my way favorite but there is no bad Dutch chocolate as far as I can tell. My mom always receives new dishtowels/cloths in her stocking since she doesn’t like chocolate.

  252. My kids always get the toes of their stockings full of little chocolates (we’re really mean parents, so they don’t get much candy during the rest of the year 🙂 Our friends get little gift bags with a combination of my husband’s sweet walnuts and my spicy pecans. When I’m feeling super motivated I’ll tuck a few handmade truffles in too.

  253. clementines and chocolate covered cherries!!
    oh yum- is it christmas yet??
    on a different note- i ordered the ecojarz lids after seeing them here on your site. what a great find. i had no idea that anyone was making these. i, too, tote my iced tea EVERYWHERE i go in a mason jar. i cannot believe i didn’t think of this idea myself!
    thanks for the tip, and the give away.

  254. My favorite holiday treat for the stocking is a chocolate smash orange.. ohh I love those.
    My favorite stocking stuffer kitchen item was my Pampered Chef can opener.

  255. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is probably candy – homemade fudge or store bought raspberry or orange jelly sticks covered in chocolate (can’t remember what they’re officially called). My favorite culinary stocking stuffer – wooden spoons! Who doesn’t need more? I still have a giant one my mom cooked with and it makes me feel like she’s in the kitchen with me when I use it.

  256. Hmmm… Orange is definitely on the stocking list, as for fav culinary stuffer I would have to say Garlic press, they’re just so useful!

  257. My husband and I were both raised by “granola parents” so sesame-seed candies, Panda licorice, and the classic orange still make an appearance in the stockings. (We draw the line at carob-pretending-to-be-chocolate, though.)

  258. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is probably both clementines (love this tradition!) and candy canes. We always had both in our stockings when I was young and they still make an appearance to this day! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  259. My mom always put clementines in our stockings; it’s a nice reminder of a time when getting citrus was a once a year treat. Also, you need something to cut through all the refined sugar on Christmas!

    My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a wine stopper, as you can never have enough!

  260. I love clementines for edible stocking stuffers. Delicious, great smelling, and in season! A great cooking stuffer would be a rainbow wood spoon. So bright and beautiful!

  261. I love to put fruit in stockings. My mom tells me stories about how wonderful it was to receive citrus fruit in her stocking in the middle of winter, so I like to carry on that tradition.

  262. My favorite stocking stuffer is reeses Christmas trees or snickers nutcracker. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is my herb infuser from pampered chef.

  263. Chocolate oranges or chocolate coins, real mandarin oranges or small hard Granny Smith apples; these are frequent stocking stuffers in our households.

    We also have the tradition of office supplies in our stockings. Some people find this odd, but who can’t use a new pack of pens or pencils or mini Post-Its? The only culinary stocking stuffer I can recall giving was beautiful chopsticks.

  264. Stockings are the best for small culinary and cooking items. I too like the mini zester for nutmeg (though I just use my large one) because it’s so cute. For years my sister put “egg whiskies” in my stocking and I really loved their size and the way the egg-shaped handle fit in the palm of my hand. But the egg handles always seemed to come off, so we have stopped replacing them.

  265. I’m so new to canning, food gifts, the kitchen, I don’t have a favorite. But I do remember my very first “kitchen” item in my stocking…a potato scrubber, shaped like a potato. Seems like such a small thing, but it was so thoughtful of a friend’s mother to put it in my stocking when I was a young adult. I still have and use it!

  266. candy canes! Not fancy, but festive and always wanted in my family.

    I adore measuring spoons (mine keep disappearing for some reason) and colorful spatulas. I can never have too many.

  267. Two years ago my youngest son (2nd grade at the time) learned that stockings in Europe are filled with fruit (I’ve always put socks and underwear in them), and wrote a scathing email to Santa that he was owed 8 years worth of fruit! So I dutifully picked out unusual fruits that we don’t normally get- blood oranges, asian pears, finger sized bananas and the like. He was so excited when he got to his stocking and he announced “Next year I’m asking for Nachos!”. (last year, he got a bag of chips, salsa and a can of refried beans in his stocking).

  268. My favourite edible stocking stuffer is always the orange that comes in the toe of my stocking. I think it’s an English tradition to put an orange in. My family have expanded the tradition to include a dime (so you’ll always have money in the new year) and a piece of chocolate.

  269. Sees cinammon lollipops, available only at the holidays and my favorite stocking stuffers or tie ons for the bows on packages.

  270. I didn’t grow up with stockings so I have always loaded down my kids stocking until they spill over! An orange and a pair of socks fill the toe and then I like to put gum, Pocky sticks and local made chocolates for treats. Always a new toothbrush and as they got older fun little kitchen gadgets, last year it was homemade scrubbies and crocheted dish clothes. I think the stockings are what they enjoy most! Thanks for the chance to win some great prizes!

  271. My favorite stocking stuffers are little fun kitchen gadgets (that I’ll actually use). For example: a fun set of stainless steel measuring spoons or some fun little serving spoons or stainless steel straws.

  272. my favorite would have to be dark chocolate bars, with or without nuts and other tasty add-ins, the best quality you can afford!

  273. Dark chocolate…the absolute best edible stocking stuffer! As for a non-edible stocking stuffer, I think an instant-read thermometer, good-quality measuring spoons, or refrigerator magnets are all good choices.

  274. I struggle w stockings because it is my favorite part of christmas and so i want to get each person the exact fun things that suit them. So figuring that out is hard. No one favorite stuffer….

  275. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is…….the humble orange. But if I had to jazz it up, I’d say a microplaner too, or maybe some nicely packaged biscotti.

  276. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is a giant peppermint stick. I don’t particularly like them but that’s what my grandparents put in our stockings when I was a kid so it has all the nostalgia attached to it.

  277. My favorite stocking stuffer–well, I’ve never stuffed a stocking, since I don’t celebrate Christmas. But if I did, I’d probably say chocolate-covered espresso beans!

  278. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is little jars of cinnamon-sugar crusted nuts! Any kind of mix will do, but I love the little sparkle they give, and I love idea of someone getting to hold onto a jar after the nuts are gone — even if I’m the only one who gets excited about that — I still have my toothbrush sitting neatly in a jar beautifully labeled “nuts” from the first time someone gave me Christmas-y nuts and I kept the jar!

  279. I’d love one of those microplanes you mentioned! But my favorite to give is my homemade caramel corn. It is so good that I once got an account because the teacher I gave it to gave it to his kid and later the kid told his dad to call me so he could have it again the next year! Funny, but it is amazing 🙂

  280. It’s not Christmas morning in my house unless there are Clementines in the stockings. And I’m pretty sure all my relatives have Microplanes now, as they are undoubtedly my favorite kitchen tool to give away.

  281. Edibles: homemade peanut brittle or Botan rice candy (who doesn’t love to eat the wrappers?). Non-edibles: whimsical little things like funny corn-holders, tablecloth weights, cool condiment spoons.

  282. Cadbury mini Crunchie bars, and the BEST mini knife EVER for a stocking stuffer would be the Victorinox round tip paring knife.

  283. I would love some cute paper straws in my stocking! I want some in every color. My big wish list item would be a copper jam pan, but I don’t think santa wallet is fat enough this year. 🙂

  284. I always get chocolate in my stocking. When I was a kid it was the giant Hershey Kiss and now it is some good dark chocolate.

  285. It is a long standing tradition in our family to find a carefully wrapped marshmallow in each person’s stocking. Can’t say I like it, but it wouldn’t be Christmas without it.

  286. My favorite stocking stuffer would be little spatuls and gadgets. And my favorite edible is the orange chocolate. Yummy. : )

  287. Bar none, my favorite stocking stuffer is the chocolate bar(s) that my husband will scour the area for. Last year it was a weird “firecracker” combo of chocolate and pop rocks (I know; gross, right? But it was pretty good!), and if he’s been paying attention at all this year, he’ll find a way to stuff some Trader Joes dark chocolate covered caramels with sea salt into my stocking (TJs just opened a store here, last month! Woooot!).

  288. since i had a southern Mama, my favorite stocking stuffer is buttered pecans…hard to stop eating them! Or..homemade vanilla extract. mary in cincinnati

  289. Clementines and brazil nuts were always in my stocking growing up. Classic wooden spoons are my favorite culinary stocking stuffer, so handy!

  290. Microplane graters make a great stocking stuffer. The most frequent comment is “How did I ever live without one of these?”

  291. My favorite homemade, edible stocking stuffer is candied pecans. I suppose my favorite culinary item to fit in a stocking would be wine bottle stoppers.

  292. We always got a satsuma in our stocking. I always broke it open and ate it first, before opening presents… I loved them so much I put them in my kids stockings now.

  293. My favorite edible stocking stuffer to give is Lavender Pear Preserves (delicious with warmed brie). To receive is chocolate – at the moment with a flavored sea salt.

  294. I’m gonna be stocking-stuff nothing. Sorry: we’re Voluntarily Simplistic. This year it will be a massive engine overhaul for our daily driver and whumping up a new seed-starting tower. Whew, that’d make big stockings!

    Oh, wait, I asked for some specific seeds, so MY stockings will be stuffed with imported Flageolet contraband. Don’t tell the fuzz, ok?? XD

  295. My favorite stocking stuffer is chocolate! Cute holiday wrapped novelties for the kids and Fran’s Gold Bars or something from Theo’s for the adults! Yummy!

  296. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are Lindt chocolate truffles. They are a treat I indulge in waaaaay too often during holiday season.

    My favorite non-edible stocking stuffer is a teeny spatula. My boyfriend’s mom put one in my stocking last year and I thought it was a little ridiculous, but I have used it a lot this year, especially for scooping sticky ingredients out of measuring spoons.

  297. Favorite edible stocking stuffer are pomegranates. Kids were big into them a few years back and were so delighted to find them in there stockings. So they’ve replaced the oranges we use to put in.

  298. My favorite stocking stuffer is the orange my mom always puts in the bottom of my stalking, even now that I live half way across the country she still sends me my stalking and it still has the orange in it.

  299. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is Truffle Pig chocolates. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is Trudeau one piece silicone spatulas. I hate two piece spatulas!

  300. Edible-chocolate! preferably dark with hazelnuts. swoon….Non-edible? Gosh, right now I could use another pair of merino wool socks as it’s -26C. Thanks for the giveaway!

  301. Stocking stuffer: See’s Candy

    Nonperishable item: A microplane or bright colored citrus squeezer or heart shaped measuring spoons (a “pretty” and useful kitchen tool)

  302. Love my microplane grater because it does such a great job with zesting and grating ginger-nothing else I have does!
    Chocolate in any form

  303. For edible stocking stuffers, we usually get chocolates from this local place that has all sorts of strange shapes like hands and cars. And it’s totally delicious. I’ve never had to think about a culinary stocking stuffer, but I think salt and pepper shakers would be fun.

  304. Last year I made a variety of candy “barks” which went over really well. I wish I had the Weck jars for the salad dressing mixes I gave to the newlyweds and college students.

  305. I love buckeyes! Really, anything peanut butter and chocolate is my favorite. Non-edible, I love cookbooks, even though…they don’t fit in stockings very well!

  306. I love finding my mom’s homemade chocolate-covered seafoam (honeycomb to some people) in my stocking. It wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

  307. Edible- anything chocolate ; culinary – always like giving a good mixing spoon or a spatula that is one solid piece of silicon

  308. best stuffer to leave: every year I make a pound plus of home- made chocolate ‘bark’: toasted almonds, cinnamon, raisins, sometimes cranberries and sweet preserved orange rind- or toasted hazel nut with vanilla extract. I have done a dark chocolate bar for my mom for I dunno how many years. And every year is better than the last. I love Mom. And to recieve? A gift card to Penzey’s Spices to refresh for the coming year.
    Happy Baking <3

  309. My favorite edible is fruit leathers. My mom gives us each a box every year.
    My favorite culinary tool is kitchen towels. Or tongs.

  310. My go to edible stocking stuffer is good dark chocolate bars full of nuts, fruit, cocoa nibs and other assorted tasting ingredients. I also am a firm believer that no stocking is complete without a bamboo mixing spoon or spatula.

  311. this giveaway is so good. I would *love* to win either set of goodies. as a kid, my fav edible stocking stuffer was real maple sugar candy, usually in the shape of a maple leaf or a little santa. I may need to find a couple of those for my kiddos. oh, and I just remembered butter rum lifesavers — those were such a treat. yummo.

  312. Last year, I baked miniature pumpkin tea cakes (recipe from the Tartine cookbook) as a “stocking stuffer.” It was a huge hit — easy to make, easy to store, and delicious.

  313. I love those little foil-wrapped chocolate coins–it’s both “ooo SHINY!” and “ooo CHOCOLATE!” all in one package. Mmm.

  314. Since I usually spend Christmas in Oregon, my favorite edible stocking stuffer has become roasted hazelnuts. Always so yummy 🙂

  315. I love our tradition of getting a tangerine in the toe of the stocking. I would like to get a microplane grater in my stocking this year (remove very carefully…!).

  316. I love to get and share tea and perfect tea accessories. I’m sure the most perfect strainer is still out there and who doesn’t like a nice cup of chai on a cold winter morning.

  317. My in-laws want for nothing, but my mother in law misses her mother in law’s canned tomatoes and my father in law who misses apple butter (which is “the only kind of butter you could get during the war”) so this year (my 2 year of canning) I filled a case of quart jars with processed garden tomatoes for my mother in law and I made 6 jars of apple butter for my father in law for Christmas. I hope they like them!

  318. There is no gadget that I wouldn’t like in my stocking – I love them all! A new spatula… sure. Another microplane… ooh, I don’t have that size. I already have 5 different sizes of tongs, but would welcome those too!

  319. Favorite edible stocking stuffer would have to be anything featuring chocolate and orange. Favorite culinary stocking stuffers are small heat-resistant rubber spatulas!

  320. Marshmellow peeps of Christmas types, or a grand bottle of Bordeaux would work too! And an antique tile for the kitchen to place under a pot would be well loved.

  321. Last year I received a new paring knife in my stocking and I loved it. The funnel with a strainer featured in your post is going on my last-minute wish list!

  322. Edible favorite for the stockings are caramels – the best are homemade. A beautiful wooden or bamboo spoon is something special.

  323. I do know I would love to find some pectin, vanilla beans, and cinnamon sticks in my stocking. For others I love getting other equally useful items, along with some not so useful ones!

  324. My favorite food is that fudge made with that marshmallow fluff and walnuts. My favorite stocking stuffer would be a funnel or a ladle. I’m easy. Anything cooking or canning would be great.

  325. I put Ritter chocolate bars in my family’s stockings. This year in the Thanksgiving drawing for which cousins are giving which cousins gifts for Christmas, I drew the name of a cousin who brought homemade pickles to the Thanksgiving dinner. After reading this post, I think I’m going to give him some Ball jars, the BPA-free Ball twist on lids that are getting increasingly difficult to find, and a gift certificate to Penzey’s.

  326. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is popcorn: cheddar, caramel, buttered! My favorite culinary stocking stuffer: fancy schmancy measuring spoons. You can never have enough of either!

  327. A tangerine in the toe of the stocking. It simply isn’t christmas without one. As for favorite small tool, a microplane or stainless steel cookie dough scoop.

  328. Truffles are the ultimate Christmas morning indulgence to discover in the stocking… plus a jar lifter would fit in there nicely :).

  329. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer is this little tool…spreader on one end, little scoop on the other (perfect for getting the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar:)…and a Lindt chocolate ball to melt in your mouth!

  330. My favorite gift to give are Buckeyes, my friends count on them! My favorite edible give to receive is huge fresh pecans from a farm in Georgia – yum!

  331. My favorite edible stocking stuffer would be Cherry Mash; favorite culinary stocking stuffer is the stainless steel bar you use to wash the onion and garlic smell off of your hands, tied with crocheted cotton dishcloths. (I like these so well I may have to learn to crochet!)

  332. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate. Non-edible would be the “dangly” earrings my kids always give me.

  333. The best culinary small gift–vanilla beans! I also love to put up lots of 4oz jars to gift, one, two, three at a time.

  334. Favorite edible is Fudge! And I love anything shiny in my stocking…..electronics, jewelry………car keys….. 🙂

  335. My fave culinary stocking stuffer is Penzey’s vanilla extract and one of their many cinnamons (I like their most recent edition which is a blend of several cinnamons a lot! A little bit spicy, a little bit soft, very fragrant…) . I put these two items in the stockings of the bakers in my family. Hot chocolate mixes are another favorite and homemade salts, especially rosemary salt.

  336. I think my new favorite stocking stuffer is going to be glass dharma straws, I just love them and think everyone should have them 🙂

  337. I love giving pretty dish towels as stocking stuffers. I found some with all kinds of canning jars on them – giving to my jam making cousin.

  338. My favorite gift to give not receive is the look of joy on a persons face when they see any home canned or baked goody they get from my kitchen…it is priceless to me to see their expression and thankfulness set on their expression and in their eyes.

  339. Love this post! Thanks for sharing it with us!
    Over the last four years, I’ve been making homemade mustard and put them in the little 4-oz. jars, so they make great stocking stuffers or office gifts for co-workers. They are also starting to be ‘wished for’ by those who’ve received them in the past several Christmases.

  340. So funny- the microplane is my favorite, too! I use it for nutmeg, lemon zest, parm, etc.
    My favorite edible treats are Rosemary Brown Sugar Walnuts from 101 Cookbooks. Yum!

  341. My favorite stocking stuffer would be a variety of loose leaf teas and the new tea pot from Davids Tea that you put loose leaf tea in and it disperses the tea through the bottom when placed on a cup.

  342. Oh my favorite culinary has to be a wine opener and the best edible… anything chocolate but I really like those Terry Chocolate Oranges –

  343. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is Almond Roca. My culinary item is a metal pasta spoon. While visiting “back home” a few years ago while my soldier husband was deployed I cooked at everyone’s house. It drove me crazy that no one had a pasta spoon! That year each family received one along with some of the recipes I prepared that they had enjoyed.

  344. I love this dark chocolate fudge with caramel & sea salt on it. My favorite non-edible gifts are gift cards to my favorite places so I can use them whenever I want & get exactly what I want/need.
    Hope you are feeling better!

  345. One of my favorite stocking stuffers ever was a tiny heat proof silicone spatula. I thought it was kind of silly at the time, but I’ve used it way more than I thought I would. You don’t always need a huge spatula, especially with 2 people. I have been coveting Weck jars for a while…. Also any nice teas in a stocking are a nice break from all the sweets around xmas.

  346. When my children were little their favorite stocking stuffers were the little boxes of junky cereal because that was the only time they got it. Back then, they were lined so you could open the perforations, pour the milk and eat the sugary stuff right out of the box.

  347. My mom always put 100% maple sugar candies from Vermont in our stockings, and I looked forward to them every year. Now she and I both live a ways away from Vermont, so I don’t get them anymore.

  348. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is chocolate, for eating and drinking. As for culinary stuff, this year I’m hoping for a new pancake flipper and a bread knife. That ladle would be lovely too.

  349. My favorite stocking stuffer candy is dark chocolate almond turtles and I like to put nice wooden spoons in my daughters stocking.

  350. My local spice house makes a blend called “Vulcan Fire Salt” that is divine on popcorn or in bloody mary’s. I’m excited to try it in my homemade v12 juice next year!

  351. my favorite stocking stuffer to give is something homemade, my favorite to receive is jewelry from my sister, she has great taste!

  352. My favorite edible stocking stuff is Mallo bars (my mom is from PA, near Hershey, and these were always a treat from Grandma) and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is a tiny strainer, just right for sauces and gravys that are still just a little lumpy…
    BTW – anyone ever can Jezebel Sauce? I’ve found lots of recipes but they are all for the refrigerator.

  353. While its to large to fit in a stocking i got a coffee burr last year from a canning friend and I use it for everything but coffee. Mostly spices or grains I want into flour.

  354. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is the traditional walnuts and clementine that Santa leaves in the toe of the stocking. The clementine just tastes so great after a day filled with decadent treats and flavorful meals and of course the walnuts are just fun to crack out of their shells!

  355. Hmmm. Truffles are a great stocking stuffer 🙂 Handmade ones too! I also like to give friends vanilla syrup and some locally roasted coffee beans.

  356. In my stocking is usually lindt white Chocolate truffles. And my culinary stutter would be new wooden spatulas or fun dish towles(love them!)

  357. Favorite edible andies candies and inedible would have to be any new handy gadget for my kitchen last year was my ceramic paring knife

  358. This year, the favorite will be the fresh roasted coffee from our local Cabin Coffee Co., who has developed “Honor Blend” as a great fundraiser for my Boy Scout Troop here in Mason City, Iowa. Thanks for sharing your gifts!

  359. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is any kind of chocolate, and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer would have to be wooden spoons, you can never have too many wooden spoons.

  360. My favorite edible stocking stuffers are those great chocolate oranges that become common around christmas and ferrero rocher, they are so pretty and tasty. And I like getting and giving potholders because i always somehow destroy mine. And cookie cutters especially those pretty copper ones. I use the nonholiday themed all year round and like how they look on the shelf in their jar when not in use.

  361. My favorite stocking stuffer is a jar of Grade B New York State maple syrup, which I never buy for myself. Thankfully my parents still live in sugar country in Upstate New York, so my mom always remembers a jar of syrup for me! Mom also owns a home-goods store, so my stocking is usually stuffed with fun tea towels and holiday-themed dish towels too. I absolutely adore them!

  362. I am simple, my favorite edible is any kind of candy especially if it has hazelnuts (Baci and Toffifay). But now I am dreaming of a stocking filled with cheese.

  363. My favorite stocking stuffer would be a Thermapen. Drat 🙂 didn’t win the drawing!

    But our traditional one is an orange. My folks grew up during the Great Depression and even though oranges are pretty ordinary now, once they weren’t. My dad (now 99) likes to tell about the first orange he ever had — a Christmas present given at Sunday School and how he took it home to share with his mother.

  364. Edible: has to be a chocolate orange, lots of happy Christmas memories of the inventive ways I used to break apart when I was a kid.

    Culinary: I would love a funnel or other gadgets to make my canning process easier

    Merry Christmas!

  365. My favorite edible Christmas gift to give or receive is thin mints, non-edible, you can never have too many silicone spatulas, in the smaller size.

  366. My favorite stocking stuffer is whatever my husband puts in there! From oranges to cookbooks, I am thrilled when he thinks of me! Secretly, I love dark chocolate anything.
    Happy everything!

  367. My favorite edible stocking stuffer are Mozartkugel and my favorite culinary stocking stuffer is Zyliss Smoothglide Peeler.

  368. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is caramel, I have been tweaking and perfecting my caramel recipe for 8 years now 🙂 there is no end in site. If I ever feel that it is perfect I will probably become bored of cooking it.

  369. Oh goodness, let’s see….

    Edible: I’d have to go with the Book ‘O Lifesavers. I get one every year in my stocking and has a ton of memories for me.

    Non-edible: Silicone spoonulas! I can never have enough. Hmmm, I wonder if a 4th-burner pot would fit in a stocking….

  370. My favorite edible stocking stuffer is dark semi-sweet chocolate or Andes Mints. My favorite culinary stocking stuffer would be jars for storing dried herbs.

  371. Edible: Homemade pickled green beans are such a treat this time of year.
    Culinary: I got my boyfriend a sweet spatula for his stocking this year. I’d like a good looking wine stopper.

  372. I’d have to say my favorite edible stocking stuffer is anything with chocolate, as long as it’s the good stuff like Lindt, Dove, Turtles, etc.
    I’d really like to get a silicon spatula as a stocking stuffer.

  373. For stockings this year the men in my life are getting refrigerator pickles and the ladies, pear/vanilla jam and cantaloupe /vanilla jam. Hard to part with these yummies but I love my family more!

  374. I love putting homemade candy in the stocking although this year I am a bit obsessed with cake lollypops. For tools I am a fan of wooden spoons in the stockings.

  375. Haven’t had a stocking in a long time now but would love to find a jar of maple cream in one! Yum. Thanks!