Holiday Giving: Kitchen Tools for Canners

In my years of canning, one of the things I’ve found is that most of my favorite canning tools weren’t made specifically for canning. They are simply kitchen utensils that are well made, sturdy and just happen to serve a useful role in my preserving practice. From the bottom left corner and moving clockwise, here are some of my current favorites.

  • This six-piece set of stacking measuring cups by RSVP is fantastic. They are made from solid stainless steel and have a nice heft in the hand. I use the one-cup measure to portion jam into half-pint jars and the half-cup one fits neatly into my larger storage jars.
  • I’ve long been a fan of a serrated edge peeler. It’s particularly handy during marmalade season because it allows you peel off the outer zest from citrus without taking any of the pith along with you. What makes this particular peeler so nice is that it had dual blades, one smooth and one serrated. Makes for less clutter in a crowded utensil drawer. The one pictured above is from Williams-Sonoma. Kuhn Rikon also makes a version.
  • Thermapen is simply the best instant read thermometers out there. I’ve bought two in recent years and just love them for minding the temperature of my jams, jellies and curds. They’re pricy, but worth the money (and make sure to check the end of this post for a Thermapen giveaway!).
  • I first found this potato masher at a Tuesday Morning and it has supplanted all my other mashers. What makes it so awesome is that the tines are bladed. They’re not sharp, but they have just enough edge to make it perfect for breaking down cooking fruit. It’s a fantastic tool.
  • A good, fully encased silicone spatula. The one pictured above is from GIR and is quite nice. However, it also costs $22.50, which is more than most people want to spend on a spatula (disclosure! this one was sent to me for review purposes). For a more sensibly priced version (under six bucks), check out this one from Orka. According to Amazon, I bought mine in 2009 and it’s still going strong.
  • A good paring knife. I like the ones made by Kuhn Rikon, but couldn’t find one in the kitchen when preparing to take this picture. The most important thing is that it feels good in the hand and holds an edge.

  • If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time, you’ll know that I am crazy for my 4th burner pot. Also made by Kuhn Rikon (they don’t know I exist, I just like their products), this skinny pot has a spout, a heat-proof handle and is fitted with a rack. This means that it works as a small batch canning pot, a pot for heating pickling liquids and syrups for canning whole fruit and even as a tea kettle in a pinch. On Thanksgiving, I used it to heat up the gravy. It is a genius piece of equipment and I love it so much that I own two.
  • I bought this Cuisinart stainless steel wok at Macy’s last summer on a whim. It was on sale and I had a feeling that it might be a handy size and shape for making small batches of jam. And I was right. The flared sides encourage evaporation and it holds a bit more jam than a 12-inch skillet. It’s lighter than ideal for a true wok, but is quite nice for jams, jellies and chutneys (and it just costs right around $30, which makes it highly affordable).
  • Finally, flour sack towels. I finally got smart and started buying them in colors instead of in white. No matter how much I bleached them, the white ones just never get clean. The deeply colored ones don’t show the stains as much. Amazing the difference these little choices make in my quality of life.

As promised, I have an orange Thermapen to give away to one of you nice folks. Here’s how to throw your hat in the ring for chance at it.

  1. Leave a comment on this post and tell me about your current favorite kitchen tool.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Friday, November 30, 2012. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog over the weekend.
  3. Giveaway open to everyone (the shipping is on me, no matter where you live).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post. I do not accept submissions via email.
Disclosure: Thermapen is providing the thermometer for this giveaway. GIR sent me one of their spatulas for review. Neither company paid to be included in this post. No one else mentioned here knows that I exist or that I’m writing about them.

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670 responses to “Holiday Giving: Kitchen Tools for Canners”

  1. I love my rotary chopper/slicer thingy from the 40s. I have no idea what it’s called, like a mandolin on a wheel. It’s awesome for doing piles of zuke for gratin and potato chips, even when there’s no power πŸ™‚

  2. I love Atlas Fit (gardening) gloves for canning – you can hold items that are hot, hot, hot and still have full range of motion (to tighten lids, etc.). A steal vs. expensive, clumsy silicone gloves at $5 a pair (available at Amazon or gardening stores). A Thermapen is on my holiday wish list!!

  3. I absolutely love my digital kitchen scale. I could probably bake without it, but I am glad I don’t have to!

    Ditto for my KitchenAid, but that’s kinda big to count as a gadget.

  4. the thing i use the most, surprisingly enough, is my pampered chef paring knife. it’s one of the cheap ones, and i swear it cuts apples (singular for snacking) better than any of the expensive knives i have.

    the other thing i love is my pasta maker. i dont get to use it much, but it makes me very very happy.

  5. I have one of those 4th burner pots and oh man do I love it. I was thinking about getting a second one myself. I wish Thermapen had a version that would clip to the side of the pan!

  6. Because apples are in great supply at the farmers’ markets now, my favorite tool is the apple corer that also cuts the apple into wedges.

  7. I have a plastic flat strainer, the shape of a half-moon – not sure of it’s proper name, but “pot strainer” is what I’ve always called it. It’s about a foot long and has a lip that hooks onto the bottom part of a pot or pan as I tip it to drain. Not sure where I got it, but it’s one of my most favorite and often used kitchen tools.

  8. My favorite kitchen tool is a ceramic grater plate that a friend made for me. Besides being just a lovely piece of handmade ceramic, I use it daily. It’s always the most efficient tool for the task, and it cleans up in seconds. I can grate an entire head of garlic, one clove at a time, easily in under 2 minutes. And in that same time, I can grate a fist sized piece of ginger. It makes easy work of hard spices, like cinnamon or nutmeg. For those of you who have never had the pleasure of using one of these, it’s a small, round plate (a bit smaller than a CD) with raised ceramic tines, or little spikes, in the middle. There are some commercially available, though I’ve never used them, so can’t vouch for their efficacy.
    Here’s a link to a similar looking one I found through google:

  9. Oh, what a great prize! And a great post to send to those who might like to buy me a gift…

    My favourite tool is my kitchenaid stand mixer, it always makes great pizza dough!

  10. My digital kitchen scale! It was one of those things that I thought was silly and for dieters until I started using. Now I find myself taking it our nearly every day. Convient for weighing packages for mailing holiday baked goods to friends too!

  11. My favorite is my set of Kuhn Rikon (yes, they are that awesome) paring knives. Reasonably priced ($9-$12), color-coded, a sheath for easy transport and sharp enough to almost cut my fingertip off. They rule.

  12. My favorite cooking tools have to be my silicone spatulas with stanless steel handles. I use them for every type of cooking. I have been known to break the handles on other spatulas while mixing heavy batters, but no more! The stainless handles are sturdy, easy to hang on to and very easy to clean. I have 3 with different head shapes for different applications. I use them for everything from canning, stirring soup or mixing cookie dough…love them!

  13. My dutch oven was the tool that put me over the edge on actually cooking rather than puttering around in the kitchen… that and my kitchen-aid but that came next πŸ™‚

  14. I have the same potato masher and it rocks! Makes the best mashed potatoes. Never though of using it for mashing fruit – duh!

    My favorite kitchen tool is probably this paring knife that came w/ my RevereWare cookset I bought in 1985. It’s just the perfect size, blade shape and stays sharp.

  15. I had to think long and hard about this… I’ve decided to state both my practical and emotional favorites…. Practical is my Pampered Chef mix and chop… It blew the potato masher I was using out of the water…. Emotional is my grandmoms solid wood rolling pin… I never met her, but my mom always said she would have loved to see me make her recipes with that rolling pin.

  16. I have to say my digital scale and my mandolin. Makes my life so much easier in the kitchen. I probably have a top 5 that I might swap around day to day depending on my mood, but those two are way up at the top.

  17. One of my favorite kitchen utensils is a chopstick. I use it to stir the sugar in my tall tea cup, scratch through soft scrambled eggs in the skillet, and stir to the bottom of the pint jar that I use to cook hearty cereal overnight in my crockpot .

  18. Too hard to decide…it’s funny that several of my favorites are old pieces inherited from my dad, or from my husband’s grandmother: our beloved Kitchenaid, fabulous cast iron skillets, dutch ovens and griddles (used almost daily!), my Foley food mill for applesauce and so much more — all at least 25 years old, and some more like 50+. Still working fabulously, with no planned obsolescence factor. Though I gotta love my Microplane graters, too…and my immersion blender!

  19. My favorite tool would have to be my chefs knifes. I use them a lot when cooking and canning. I got two of them about 6 or 7 years ago on clearence, one of the best buys I ever made.

  20. My favorite kitchen gadget is only used once a year but I couldn’t live without it, it’s my cherry pitter that makes much less of a mess than any other method and helps me put up so much cherry goodness.

  21. My favorite tool is the little ice-cream-scoop-like cookie scoop. All my cookies turn out perfect, and it’s so easy. Love holiday baking!

  22. just ONE favorite tool??? lol… This time of year I love my pampered chef cookie dough scoop, it’s perfect for making perfectly portioned cookies every time!

  23. I’m sure there are cooler tools in my kitchen, but the OXO tongs with the silicon tips probably get the most play. I think most people don’t go for tongs, but so long as they have the silicon tips, they’re actually better for many cooking processes: properly mixing a stir-fry, turning meat when searing, or flipping over sliced potatoes when roasting.

  24. Best cooking tool(s)? Brain, then hands I suppose. I have to be extra creative when lacking the other gadgets, and both seem to serve me well.

  25. I love all of my kitchen stuff and i want more kitchen stuff. I guess my favorite thing at the moment is my newest things; these little Endurance egg spoons. I got them for scooping and stirring small amount of things like spices. condiments, and cornstarch. A lot of times i would just rather us a small spoon like these are, when I don’t need to measure exactly.

  26. With all the baking and “goings on” of the season i think my favorite is my extra timer. Seems like I always have at least two things going at a time these days.

  27. I have so many favorite kitchen tools, but I must admit my favorite is my Kitchen Aid Mixer. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t use it.

  28. My favorite tool in the kitchen is my KitchenAid stand mixer. With the different attachments (from meat grinder to veggie strainer), it get used almost every day.

  29. I would just LOVE to have that Thermapen thermometer [rated tops by “Cooks Illustrated”]! Speaking of Tueday Morning, I bought several shapes & colors of wonderful silicone spatulas there this year for a terrific price [$3-4 each].

  30. I admit I love all “gadgets” for the kitchen but my knives are my mainstay. Sharp knives make work so much easier and I would be lost in the kitchen without them.

    Thanks for the chance of the giveaway!

  31. One of my favorite kitchen tools is my iPad πŸ™‚ It is so convenient to use when I am following a recipe from a website or even one of my own that has been typed up. I also love a good wooden spoon!

  32. One of my most prized kitchen tools is my immersion blender. Perfect for scrunching up tomatoes during canning, and pureeing winter roots for soup. And so many other things!

  33. My favorite kitchen tool is a whisk that I got years ago that doesn’t overlap at the end – it’s shaped like five metal petals coming almost together. The genius of this design is that things don’t get trapped in that inner whisk cage that often happens with the traditional whisk. It also doubles as a great light masher.

  34. It is so hard to pick my favorite tool. Silicone fully encased two-sided spatula? Bench scraper to pick up all those little chopped up pieces of deliciousness? Oh, the ceramic knife is nice, too. Will cut through anything. It even came in a case that will not release the knife unless held correctly to keep you from cutting yourself.

  35. Best tool or gadget in my kitchen is a magnetic knife holder strip that I attached to a small section of wall by my counter. Keeps 5 of my well loved tools close at hand. Best thing I ever did.. Love it.

  36. More of a tool for holding my tools, my favorite thing right now is the awesome expanse of pegboard my fiance put up in on an unused wall – I’ve got my cutting boards, colanders, cooling racks, box graters, and small-but-not-small-enough-to-fit-in-a-drawer-tools all up in easy reach and out of my teeny-tiny cabinet space…

  37. I bought the 4th burner pot on your suggestion sometime last year. It’s great for boiling ears of corn too (at least if you are a family of 3 or less). Looking forward to making some more jam for thumbprint cookies – your pear cinnamon recipe makes great cookies.

  38. At this time of year it would have to be my rolling pin! Between pies and cookies it gets quite a workout! Thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  39. One of my new favorites is the fruit/vegetable strainer for my Kitchen Aid ~ tomato sauce, applesauce ~ a snap! Else my knives.

  40. My favorite kitchen tool is my immersion blender. It comes in handy when I’m pureeing soups and I don’t want to take out my VitaMix.

  41. My favorite kitchen tools are my hands, but for some crazy reason reason I just go crazy over new gadgets for the kitchen…specially if they are this nice! I’d love to win these…

  42. My favorite’s is my hand blender, and my apple peeler, it peels and cores and cuts with each turn of the handle. The kitchen tools giveaway is awesome,Thanks….

  43. Right now, I’m loving my immersion blender! It sits next to my best wooden spoons and makes the most awesomely-textured soups.

  44. At this time of year especially, my immersion blender is a favorite and frequently-used tool. Perfect for soups and fruit butters!

  45. I think my favorite kitchen tool is a good quality chef’s knife. I don’t know that that’s exactly a ‘tool’ – but I spent so many years with a crappy knife, not knowing what I was missing. Since I’ve gotten a good one, I’m amazed at how wonderful it is every time I use it!

  46. My fav is the Vitamix – but non-electric would be my bench scraper – it’s a great versatile extension of the hand and fingers.

  47. My current favorite is my own fully-encased purple silicone spatula, purchased at Bed Bath and Beyond. After an old rubber white one disintegrated in a hot syrup, I swore I’ll only buy silicone from now on!

  48. one of my favorite kitchen tools is my 6$ mandoline… It cuts everything and makes prep for pickles or slicimg any veggie/fruit easy, quick and uniform.

  49. This time of year, I give thanks for the almighty Silpat. I’ve got 6 (3 half-sheet and 3 qtrs) that’ll stay in heavy rotation right thru New Year’s.

  50. My favorite tool is one that isn’t made anymore. It’s called a Foley Fork and is designed for dough blending. However, I find it stands in as a masher among other things!

  51. My favorite item is my food processor!! I have a 14 cup one and it is great for chopping all the bulk celery and onions I like to freeze!

  52. So many to choose from. I’d say the most used tool in the house is my bench scraper. It gets used so often that I have two. I also love Kuhn Rikon products. I bought the 4th burner pot after seeing how much you loved it and it comes in handy on many occasions. Also love their pressure cooker and can opener.

  53. My favorite tool is my jam canning pot as we’ve had some good times together. HA. I also love my spout I put into the jar when filling it as it makes canning so easy, without that I’d be a complete failure while canning in the kitchen.

  54. My favorite tool right now is my ninja chopper. It saves me so much time when I have a lot if stuff to chop for soup’s & chili.

  55. My whisks! I love my whisks. I have a small one that’s use daily, I would be lost without it! Would love to try out a thermapen though πŸ™‚

  56. I would have to say my food processor.I’m baking so much this time of year and a lot of items I bake call for chopped nuts,so the processor makes quick work of them. (BTW I have your book on my Christmas list πŸ˜‰

  57. Um, I love canning and I love using my extensive collection of Pampered Chef tools. I ALWAYS use the cutting boards, knives, pans, spatulas, and nylon tools. Insofar as my big canning pot, I found a cheap one at the dollar store that I’ve used for years. I would love wining your Thermapen. It sounds like it will be an extremely useful tool. Thanks for your blog!

  58. My double edged peeler has my vote. It gets used for peeling tomatoes, peaches, carrots and even cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.

  59. I have to pick just one favorite kitchen tool? That’s like asking a mom which child she likes the best! Oh, all right, but shhhh! Don’t tell the others! I have a vegetable peeler that is actually three blades in one device. Found it at Sur La Table. It has a regular blade, a serrated blade, and a julienne blade. Love it when I am peeling peaches, apples, etc. I also love the knives and big ol’ copper jam pot I married into. Thanks for the Thermapen giveaway! I have been through two “less expensive” thermometers in the past year (dropping them into hot jam accidentally doesn’t help), and I have asked Santa for one of these handy dandy tools!

  60. My favorite kitchen tools are all my Williams-Sonoma silicone spatulas. I have them in a rainbow of colors and don’t hesistate to use one, then drop it in the dishwasher, then use another.

  61. My favorite kitchen tool is my sunbeam bread machine. That thing is amazing , I have two small children and I love that we can have homemade bread without me having to be in the kitchen.

  62. My favorite tool is my Henkel Santoku Knife. I bought it about five years ago, and since it’s first use my old chef’s knife hardly ever gets used any more.

  63. My favorite kitchen tool is my double sided spatula. It has a little one on one end, and a bigger one on the other. It is the color red to boot, and spreads its little cheerfulness into everything I make. It is great for scooping out things from the blender as well as getting that last little bit from jars. And, I would LOVE that thermapen! I have been eyeing it like crazy. I make all sorts of goodies that need temperature readings – ice cream, canning, and candies.

  64. I’m not sure if it counts as a tool since its an appliance, but I am so deeply in love with my crockpot. I’d be lost without it. I also use one of those little mesh tea balls all the time. I use to infuse soups, jams, drinks , and any other random thing I can think of in this cold weather. Its one of those cheap little things I thought would sit in drawer but I am always using it.

  65. My “go to” kitchen utensil is an old beat up wider wooden spoon. The handle has a bow to it and it feels good when I use it. It shows many memories. πŸ™‚

  66. My favorite tool at the moment is my immersion blender. I feel like a tv chef when I pull it out and turn it on. love it.

  67. This is a hard one…there are so many to choose from, like my Cutco spreader I use every morning to butter my toast and then there’s my new peeler with little teeth to peel and make little strips out of citrus skin and of course there’s my wonderfully seasoned, cast iron frying pan.
    As a former food service manager, the thermometer was always in a pocket to temp food and I used them before the digital or instant read ones were invented…lets you know I’m not a spring chicken anymore, huh? I still use those old thermometers as they can be calibrated and you know you’re getting a correct temp, but they do take long to register, so this would be very cool to have in my utensil drawer!

  68. My chef’s knife. I love it so very, ridiculously much! My instant read temp probe died over a year ago, and I’ve been using an analogue one since. I’d love to win this contest!

  69. If we’re being honest, it’s my coffee maker — I’d be a wreck without it! But interms of cools adverts, I love my half-sheet pans. They’re so versatile and cook things evenly.

  70. My current fav kitchen tool has to be my immersion blender. It also has a mini chopper attachment which is awesome for onions, garlic, and making small batches of dips. My immersion blender was an awesome addition to my canning projects this summer. It also allowed me to make some amazing homemade cranberry sauce.

  71. Well, since I didn’t win the knife you offered last time, I finally got off my behind and got mine sharpened (3 so far) and boy does that make a difference…LOL! Have a great day!

  72. Lately I have been loving my bread maker. I love how easy it is to mix up a batch of dough to make crescents which goes fabulous with the jams I canned this summer.

  73. My kitchen scale, without a doubt. I even brought it with me to my mother’s for Thanksgiving, because I cannot cook without it.

  74. I have one spatula that’s just perfect. It’s the right combination of flexible and strong that makes it perfect for spreading and stirring.

  75. ouch! you’re going to make me choose? that’s like choosing a favourite child!
    I guess if I were pinned down to it I think I’d have to say my garlic press. It’s a plain old stainless steel one from ikea 10 years ago. It’s got a pivoting hammer and a removable head so it’s super easy to use and to clean. It gets used at least once a day in our house!

  76. My favorite kitchen tool is the mandolin. Despite the fact that pretty much everyone that uses it has been cut by it, it’s a huge convenience to use, as long as we’re careful! I guess I should get a glove to protect the users for when you can’t use the guard. Then that may be my favorite item!

  77. There is no way I could list just one. And I don’t have a favorite, since I love them all. Well I either love them or hate them. Mostly love. The most frequently used tool is my knife and chopping board. I actually have four smallish chopping boards, but the knife I wash after use. It doesn’t get thrown into the dishwasher.

  78. So many things to choose from…but I believe my favorite (or at least the item that gets the most use) is my Crock-Pot. Fruit butters, stews, beans…that thing is magic.

  79. My current favorite kitchen tool is my vacuum sealer! I use it for everything, including storage for my herbs that I’ve chopped up and frozen in olive oil.

  80. Okay, not really a tool in the traditional sense, but I’m in love with my new gas stove. It’s the first gas stove I’ve had, and I’ve waited a long time for it – but, oh, so worth it!

  81. I would love a better thermometer. My candy thermometers always seem awkward and difficult to secure properly. I’m no blessed good at the spoon or plate test, so I need temperature to ensure set.

  82. I was given a large stainless steel bowl almost 30 years ago as a wedding present and I have used it for so many things that it has to be my candidate for favorite kitchen tool. I even mix up the granola in it and bake it in the same bowl.

  83. Hard to choose between my 20+ year old 10-inch All Clad covered skillet or a stainless steel flat whisk my husband picked up a few years ago. Both are in constant use every day!

  84. It’s so hard to pick just one favorite kitchen tool. I guess I would have to go with my blue silicone mini-spatula. I’ve had it for years and it even has a little nick on the side, but I can’t part with it. I always reach for this one first before any of my others.

  85. Favorite gadget and most used, paring knife. I have two rescue parrots who get fresh fruit and fresh veggies twice a day, and then used for family cooking.

  86. My favorite kitchen tool is my cast iron skillet – it gets used multiple times a day, and I love thinking about all the women who’ve fed their families from it (it was a handmedown!). The Thermapen looks pretty handy too, I’d love to try it!

  87. love my super sharp paring knife! AND my hubby is a pretty good tool in the kitchen. He chops lots! also love my 4th burner pot. used it to steam individual veggies for the freezer for stir fry in the winter.

  88. I really like my Vita Mix. Pricey, but it does just about every task I could wish. It’s been especially great when turning all of my pumpkin into puree for pies and such.

  89. It’s hard to choose a favorite, but probably my immersion blender. I used a blender exactly once to soup…and after the burns healed, got an immersion blender. Much safer!

  90. I have a Kilner jam pot that I got this summer and I absolutely LOVE it! It quickly became my favorite canning item, aside from Weck jars. It has measurements instead which are useful, there is a handle which makes for easy pouring, the material of the pot makes for proper heating of the jam and it has a nice wide opening. I love it!

  91. Lately it’s been my apple peeler/corer because it’s been getting a workout for soups, stuffing, preserves and butters. I hasn’t even made it back to the shelf. It’s stayed right on the counter.

  92. right now my favorite would have to be my silicon whisk, which is perfect for stirring my jellies and jams while they cook away in my dutch oven!

  93. My favorite kitchen item this year is the pear corer…i love this!! As i have made a lot of Vanilla Pear Jam…(which i love) thank you so much for sharing that fabulous recipe!

    thanks for an opportunity to win!!

  94. My favorite “tool(s)” are my two Le Creuset dutch ovens. My mother bought them for me when I was 19 and got my first apartment. That was 30 years ago (don’t do the math!) and I still use them constantly!

  95. My favorite kitchen tool is definitely my kitchenaid knife set. Before I had it I had a bunch of random barely sharp knives and it made chopping anything up a rigorous task. Now that I have a ‘real’ knife set chopping things is a breeze- fun even!

  96. Breville immersion blender with attachments. It is incredibly handy for soups and sauces, and it seems like it will last longer than my broken Cuisinart.

  97. My favorite kitchen tools is my cast iron skillet and my new canning pot! Super excited to use it to can down cranberries and pumpkin butter!

  98. My favorite kitchen is my chef’s knife, I can do almost anything with it and hate the thought of doing without it when it’s time for a sharpening.

  99. My favorite kitchen tool as of late, is my new Henckel’s Chef’s knife. I was blessed with a few William’s Sonoma gift cards at my wedding, and this was one of my big purchases! I do not know how I lived without it before! Thanks for the chance to win!

  100. What a great giveaway!!!! I’m so unsure of the accuracy of my current thermometer. My current favorite kitchen tool is my food processor. It’s an old, well-used model, but it still does the job. I especially love the grating disc.

  101. I have an old metal flexible spatula that I took from my grandmother’s kitchen. I LOVE it, and it serves many purposes, including scraping burnt jam from the bottom of my jam pot!!

  102. My latest best thing ever is silicone encased steel spatulas, I just love them. I purchased my first set when they were on sale bogo at a kitchen specialty store and now have several of all sizes and shapes. I don’t know what i did without them!

  103. I love being in my kitchen!! and I have many favorite things!!!
    I have a mini food chopper I made my daughters baby food with ( yes it’s 25 yrs old & still works!) and I love my microplane. I love my giant stock pot as I make large batches of soup often! I also love my double steamer clam pot!!! I love all my jars ( canning jars from my Mom & Grandmother from biscuit jars to my blue ball jars!!!!

  104. The most used tool in my kitchen is HIC brand silicone spatulas. Perfect size, perfect shape, and perfect rigidity, for just about everything you’d want a spatula for.

  105. not sure that technically they are a gadget but i love my silicone collapsible measuring cups. Can always find the one i need and they dont take up much space

  106. i really like the magnetic lid lifter, finally got one after lots of HOT fingertips and now wonder why i waited so long. also use my fav chopstick as a bubble remover.

  107. I’m really liking my kilner jam pot I got as a housewarming gift. My kitchen aid mixer ice cream maker attachment is pretty cool too. πŸ™‚

  108. I would really love one of those Thermapens!
    My favourite tool in the kitchen is my food processor. My mom didn’t have one even if she cooked a LOT, so I heard about them for the first time in a Mark Bittman article. Now I wouldn’t want to live without it!

  109. I also found the same potato masher at a Tuesday Morning. Like you said, All the other mashers are now just sitting in the drawer! The serrated times do a wonderful job of mashing fruit!

  110. My favorite tool for the holiday season is my *very* large light weight mixing bowl (it’s too large to fit into a cupboard). It’s deep enough that no dough ever splatters out & wide enough that double batches of cookie dough fit in easily.

  111. I don’t think that my 9-inch chef’s knife will ever be dethroned from pride of place. And I tend to be pretty tool-free in the kitchen. But I cherish my collection of ceramic bean pots more than anything, I think.

  112. I just recently got a strawberry huller off chefscatalog. I use it all the time; also use it for putting a small hole in my cupcakes to add fillings. My Kuhn-Rukon multi-use can opener is also one of my favorites in the kitchen. I would love to get a Thermopen because they are so expensive, but now use a less accurate thermometer.

  113. I know it sounds silly but I have one small flipping spatula that I cannot live without. I received as a gift years ago and have since been unable to find it again. It is the best kitchen helper out there( even more so than my daughter lol).

  114. My favorite kitchen gadget is my apple corer/slicer. Those flat plate-looking things that divide apples into six wedges while coring at the same time? Couldn’t do without that thing. I’ve tried the peelers that slice as they go, and I just don’t like them. (My heavy-duty potato masher is also a favorite… I use it for everything from mashing squash and potatoes to make soup to mashing my cooking fruit in jam and mashing my pumpkin to make it quicker to process in the Ninja).

    I guess my Ninja would be another favorite. I have never owned a better blender!

  115. i love them all – my favorite changes weekly! i think the tool used the most would be my crockpot because i can’t really say, “the library” where i get amazing ideas from all the wonderful cookbooks i borrow. thanks for the chance!

  116. Tongs! I taught myself to cook growing up in a tongless household, and when I got my first pair, I found myself using them for just about everything.

  117. Love the tips! My favourite kitchen tool is my fine rasp-style grater that does fine cutrus zest, ginger, garlic-you name it! I purchased it from Lee Valley Tools and have given a few away as gifts because I love it so much!

  118. My favorite kitchen tool right now is my inverted spatula. I’ve only had it for about a year now and every time I use it, I smile; it’s so easy to spread things!

    What a fantastic giveaway. Please put my name in the hat.

  119. I LOVE my wooden spoon, with my grandma’s enamel spoon as a close second. Stirring is my favorite part of cooking— makes me feel busy even when I am only an observer/consumer.

  120. What is used most often in this kitchen is the 8-cup Pyrex measuring “cup.” Have had it at least 30 years and it is used more than any other kitchen gadget – from batter mixing to yogurt making!

    But would hate to give up the favorite knife, the immersion blender and a few other odds and ends. Must agree with others who have said that the immersion blender finds itself being used much more often than I had ever dreamed it would be. (Got it for soapmaking and now have 2 – one for soapmaking and one for the kitchen!)

  121. Probably my silicone spatula, though mine has a hard plastic handle. I find myself washing it off during the course of cooking to use it for just about everything I’m doing!

  122. Believe it or not, I think I’d have to say that my silpats are my very favorite thing. Makes it so much easier to get consistent cookies and breads and makes clean up a lot easier. Last week, even used one to roll sushi!

  123. I have one of those “4th burner pots”, but where I bought mine, it was called as asparagus pot. I use it quite a bit.

    My favorite kitchen gadget, especially during canning season is my electric tea kettle. I can have boiling water in just minutes to use to top off the water bath canner, to heat jars that have cooled, to pour over lids and rings to heat/sterilize them, to blanch veggies, to make a cup of tea, etc… I wouldn’t want to be without it.

  124. I received a very large spatula from my mother-in-law a few years ago and I thought “what the heck am I going to do with a spatula this big!?” but wouldn’t you know, I use that thing all the time! It’s great for making jam. You can keep your hand far away from the spitting hot liquid!

  125. My favorite tool is a Cuisinart stick blender that has several accessories – like a mini food processor, a whisk and a blending cup. I use it all the time.

    Thanks for the chance at the giveaway!

  126. I love love love my “perfect spoon” from Williams Sonoma – it’s very strong for heavy jobs but has just the best flexible edge for cleaning out bowls and mixing really well.

    But I have always wanted a Thermapen!! Fingers crossed!

  127. I started using a kitchen scale this year and it has really made life easier! It’s great for canning and baking — my 2 favorite kinds of kitchen work!

  128. I’ve had Thermapen on my wish list for a few years. What a great giveaway. My favorite kitchen gadget is my apple slicer. I use it all the time. Thanks.

  129. I love canning, but hate chopping! I’ve found my immersion blender is the GREATEST for making quick work of jams and jellies (as well as soups and sauces). Don’t know how my Grandmother did it without one!

  130. My favorite kitchen tool is my Swiss made vegetable peeler that fits in the contour of the palm of my hand and makes it so easy for me to fly through peeling pounds and pounds of pears to make butter in my crock pot. Could not live without it.

    I would so love to win this! I am in the market for one, but would not dare ask for such an expensive Christmas gift! Crossing my fingers…

  131. My favorite tool is my wide-mouth funnel. It’s not only essential for canning, but I use it for getting anything into a canning jar. Since I store grains, such as brown basmati rice, and other items in quart jars, it prevents a huge mess from occurring every time that I refill.

  132. I think that my most favorite tool is my veggie peeler- it’s a wonder how fast I can
    plow thru veggies for soups and stews and lasts forever!

  133. I love cook tools they are my toys. I like to play with them all the time. Right now my favorite tool (toy) is my electric pressure cooker. It has made prepping my food for canning to go much quicker and helps keep my kitchen a little cooler.

  134. How I have been wanting a Thermapen! I haven’t been able to justify the cost, but if I don’t win this giveaway (ha!) I may just have to do it. My favorite kitchen tool is my one very good knife. Thanks for the opportunity, Marisa!

  135. My favorite is hard to say I do so much canning, baking and make soups and casseroles. I think of I had to choose I would say my cuisinart food processor and kitchen aide mixer.

  136. I love my Pampered Chef batter bowl. It’s perfect for mixing and it’s great for storing because it has a lid that is molded around the pour spout. Perfect.

  137. I love my wide mouth funnel for canning. I am grace challenged, and the funnel keeps my jams in the jar instead of on the counter.

  138. Favorite? How to pick just one? I just got a medium-sized ceramic knife. Tired of all the knives in my drawer that are always dull. Hope this holds an edge as promised but so far is doing great!

  139. Wide mouth funnel! I use it for canning and all kinds of other kitchen jobs! It’s just fantastic. What did I do without it for all those years?

  140. My current favorite kitchen utensil isn’t really in our kitchen…it is our weber smokey mountain. My next favorite at the moment is our food saver quick marinator. The thermapen would come in handy for the grill and smoker as well as canning in our household.

  141. I think it would have to be my KitchenAid stand mixer. Since it tis the season for cookie making it saves a lot of time and mixing and I can pump out more and more cookies!

  142. My favorite kitchen tool is my hands. Many people underestimate how useful and – well, handy – they are. Layered with a couple pairs of exam gloves the make even turkey lifting a breeze.

  143. My favorite? A turquoise, wooden handled Ekco hand beater! It’s amazingly efficient and performs most tasks that a modern immersion can.

  144. It’s hard to pick my favorite, and depends on the time of year. But the most versatile and probably most used throughout the year in my kitchen is a good pair of scissors. I have five pairs and they take up their own magnetic strip next to the stove.

  145. Oh dear… so many kitchen tools.. If I had to pick one electrical tool.. it’d be my food processor. I never ever want to be without one ever again in my entire life..

    My favorite hand tool is my Pampered Chef can opener.. again.. I never want to be without one ever again in my entire life..

  146. My kitchen scale. It’s not a fancy one but it worked great for weighing tomatoes for your Tomato Jam recipe. I made batches and batches. The Kilner jam pan is another one. Love it.
    Bless you,

  147. My favorite kitchen tool is a small silicone spatula/scraper. I like a small one to scrape out any jar or pot or pan, and I just feel more dexterous with it in my hand!

  148. Oh, how I love my $7 silicone bowl scraper. It somehow has the right shape for every bowl, and it works well as a sharp edge for dividing dough, too.

    And man I would love that Thermapen.

  149. I like my santoku knife the best. It is sturdy enough for smaller cuts of meat and it is just the right size for most of my cutting and chopping needs.

  150. So many favorite tools, but I will pick the serrated vegetable peeler today since it has saved my sanity more than a few times.

  151. My favorite kitchen tool is probably my Cuisinart toaster oven. I use it every day, many times a day. I cook in it a lot in summer months to help keep the house cooler. It makes leftovers taste freshly cooked & speeds up the cooking times for meals without the rubbery taste you get with many things in a microwave.

    I’d love to win the thermometer!

  152. I’m loving both my dutch oven and my kitchen scale. Love them! I certainly am not loving my thermometer. It is awful. Thanks for the recommendation!

  153. Not canning-related, but I’m having a love affair with my cast iron skillet (just a Lodge that I’ve reseasoned myself). Close seconds are my fancy artisan Santoku (I didn’t know knives could be so sharp!) and my fine Microplane grater — I use the knife daily and the Microplane sometimes as much as 3 times per meal. I use the cast iron skillet for at least one phase of most meals and often skillet cake, partially because it’s just so darn easy to clean ’cause it’s so nonstick.

  154. I love my OLD glass pyrex measuring cups. They’ve survived longer than new, fancier ones I’ve purchased and I use them all the time.

  155. I would have to say my favorite tool is my hand chopper that was given to me by my Mom years ago it has three straight blades and you push down and the two blades come down to meet the middle blade, it is great for chopping large amounts.

  156. My favorite kitchen tool? Hmmm? HOw to narrow it down?
    Depends on the task at hand, but my quality sharp knives get used everyday, so I suppose I would lean that direction. When I go to someone elses house and cook and the knives are dull or just bad, I REALLY appreciate a good sharp knife!
    But I have been lusting after the thermapen for ages, recently I have been making cheese, and REALLY needing a good thermometer, I have been hinting to santa about it!

  157. My must have is a silicone enrobed spoonula! FYI TJMaxx and Home Goods are great places to pick them up at a great discount!

    My husband can’t live without his little magnet wand to get the domes outta the pot. I’m getting him 3 for his stocking so he will always have one.

  158. I’m in love with my ThermoWorks digital thermometer that I bought to make Three Citrus Marmalade last year. It’s revolutionized my kitchen, I don’t know how I lived without a digital thermometer! I’ve been looking at getting a Thermapen too.

  159. Since you put a pot on your list, I’m adding mine, but with a twist. My favorite tools right now are my cast iron things. I’ve gotten very into Lodge items due to two different opportunities to purchase from factory stores, which are hours and hours and hours from my house. I’ve got an 8 and 10 inch pan, two cast iron bread pans, an enameled 5 quart dutch oven, a two burner griddle and the bottom of the combo cooker (basically 10 inch pot with really, really high sides). I love them all so much and they have replaced almost everything else in my kitchen!

  160. My digital scale! I love it when recipes give weights, especially for flour and irregularly shaped things like fruits where volumes can be iffy.

  161. This shouldn’t be this hard. But is it a baking tool, a canning tool, a cooking tool…? I think my current favorite, especially now that it’s baking season, is my Breville stand mixer. My bread machine might be the most indispensable this time of year for making dough, but my favorite is the mixer.

  162. My favorite tool right now besides the almighty wooden spoon is
    my garlic press. I resisted using one for so long, and insisted of
    mincing by knife. But when you use as much as we do… this years
    harvest was 80 bulbs of hard-neck, next year should be over 100 πŸ™‚

  163. I’m loving my wide mouth funnel lately. After shifting away from plastic storage, am using jars more and more. It’s so much easier to get things in there. Wish the funnel were metal instead of plastic, but maybe that’s next.

  164. I have a hanging rack of stainless kitchen utensils that I inherited from my oma, with both a large and a small ladle that get a lot of use in our house. I love that they have history and that they are super useful!

  165. My oldest and most favorite kitchen tool is my 38 year old Kitchen Aid stand mixer. She’s looking her age, with a few dings and chips but functions like she’s brand new.

  166. Awesome contest!! My current favorite kitchen tool is my 6 qt cast iron cooking pot. Everything is being made in there lately!

  167. Kitchen item — the 12 inch cast iron pan passed down from my husband’s grandmother, and possibly her aunt before her. Nothing else gives me a sear like that pan. But “tool” would have to be my microplane — grating ginger, zesting citrus, finely grating chocolate… the list goes on and on.
    And, BTW, I also adore my 4th burner pot, as recommended by you. I already told you about its usefulness for dulce de leche making but I don’t think that I told you I found it on ebay for half the price of retail and they had many more, brand new, if anyone needs one.

  168. I love so many of my kitchen tools, but my currant favorite is an acacia wood cheese grater. It is wood box and drawer with stainless steal graters for soft and hard cheeses. It is made by enrico and is beautiful to look at.
    I have been looking for a good thermometer as all the ones I’ve had in the past have crapped out on me.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  169. My favorite kitchen tool is my Kitchen Aid that is about 15 years old and my next best is my food processor. My life in the kitchen has been much easier and faster with these two. But when I make jams my plastic funnel is the best. I’m not the most lady like when I pour the jams/ salsa into the jars, so the funnel makes it easier and cleaner.

  170. An oldie but goodie is my apple peeler/slicer/corer. Simple but works. Have to try it with potatoes for Potatoes Anna.

  171. I’m currently romancing my digital scale. It’s made Christmas baking so much easier, and leaves me with far fewer things to clean. So much happiness!

  172. I have to say that my newest favorite cooking help are the onion goggles that my sister gave me. They speed up large batch cooking considerably, when I don’t have to pause and go out on the back porch to get away from the onion oils or hand over the knife to my husband when I can no longer see well enough to cut safely.

  173. Ooh, a thermapen, nice. I always see them using them on America’s Test Kitchen.
    Let’s see, my slow cooker has been getting a lot of use recently. This time of year it’s awesome to throw a roast or some stew in there and have it all warm and ready when it’s dinner time.

  174. The coffee press my other half bought me when we first moved in to our new condo. Perfect size and brews a superior cup of coffee.

  175. My favorite cooking tool is definitely an immersion blender. I find myself using it more and more these days, to make everything from whipped cream to sriracha.

  176. My favorite cooking tool is definitely an immersion blender. I find myself using it more and more these days, to make everything from whipped cream to sriracha.

  177. My favorite kitchen tool is and probably always will be a high heat spatula. I’m an obsessive bowl/pot/pan scrapper and my honey just lets me take care of that when he is cooking because he knows his scrapping isn’t up to my standards. Really, I can never have too many spatulas.

  178. I have been coveting a KitchenAid standing mixer for years, but just couldn’t take the plunge and spend the money. For my birthday this year, a bunch of friends chipped in and bought me a beautiful mint green mixer (kudos to my boyfriend for picking an awesome color!). It was one of the best gifts I’ve received and I have been using it like a madwoman. Sometimes I just sit in my kitchen and look at it’s loveliness πŸ˜‰

  179. My favorite kitchen tools right now are my immersion blender and my apple-peeler-corer-slicer — both are great for making apple butter.

  180. I have a little Swiss Army paring knife that a vendor gave me as I walked past his booth at some kind of show. I reach for that knife more than any other; it’s the perfect size and it cuts well. It’s a shame I never saw that vendor again; I would have bought some knives from him!

  181. My silicone spatulas! I know it is one of your fav items, but it really is mine too! They are so universal, everything from hot to cold to entertaining my 23 month old. πŸ™‚

  182. My favorite kitchen tool currently is actually probably the jar opener in the Crate & Barrel canning tool set that I got after the post here a few months ago about the sale they had on that set. I know it’s possible to open jars other ways, but this is really use to use and somehow satisfying, plus it helps me get at the delicious jar contents that much more easily πŸ™‚

    I have a question about a couple of these recommendations–I’m not quite sure what the benefit of an all silicone coated spatula is over the kind that has a wooden handle is? Not staining the wood bit? Also, what do you use the paring knife for? I have one and use it for things like cutting up small blocks of cheese, but for most thing it’s usually just the chef’s knife. I haven’t ever actually used it to peel anything the old-fashioned way, I’m not sure I’m skilled enough not to cut myself with that.

    • I love the fully encased silicone spatulas because nothing can get up under the head. With the wooden-handled ones, you inevitably end up with food particules and mildew under the head. You can pull it off every time you clean it, but I find that to be a royal pain in the butt. I also like this one because you can run them through the dishwasher. Do that with the wooden-handled ones and they won’t last more than six months.

      I use paring knives every day. It cuts citrus. Cores apples. Easily removes bruises from peaches and pears. I use them to remove inner membranes from peppers. Once a paring knife has gotten past the point of being useful for food, I use it to scrape between the stove and countertop to remove grease and crumbs.

      All that said, not every tool works for everyone. The things I love might not float your boat. Mileage varies and that’s okay.

  183. I think I have to go with my Kitchenaid mixer! It just barely edges out the enameled cast-iron dutch oven (which I really wish was a Le Creuset, but sadly, it’s a Target special).

  184. I’m currently loving my Chef’s Choice electric knife sharpener. It was a house warming gift when we moved this summer and it has totally revitalized all of our knives.

  185. My favorite kitchen tool is a little orange and white Tupperware plastic cutting board. When it got too beat up and stained to use, I discovered that it’s no longer made, but I found a new one on Ebay. Gotta love the internet!

  186. my new favorite is the can opener that cuts from the side not the top of the can. before that, I was obsessed with a garlic shaver thing.

  187. My new Lodge griddle. I just figured out that I can keep and use my bacon grease for so many things! I love when I find tips and tricks for things I use to just dispose of.

  188. Right now, I’m loving my one Silpat. I’ve been making a lot of apple chips with the apples that are getting a little past their prime, and the Silpat is SO much better for not-sticking than parchment. And I love that it’s reusable. I’m hoping to get more for Christmas so I have one for each cookie sheet I own and can make multiple batches of chips or other sticky items at the same time.

  189. My favorite kitchen tool is my bread maker. There is nothing like smelling fresh bread as you walk into the kitchen and you barely did any work. We make at least one loaf a week and it has been the best Craig’s List purchases we ever made.

  190. My go to kitchen tool is my wok tool. Actually it’s wok tools because I have two of them. They are great with woks, of course, but work really well in other applications. They are excellent at scraping the bottom of a pan, say when pan frying potatoes and they are usable as small spatulas as well as generally pot stirers.

  191. Last year I bought a Zyliss 4-in-one grater to slice pears from our tree for drying. I am almost amazed at home much I love that thing. It fits in a drawer with no problem (a huge plus in our small kitchen)and it’s easy to switch between the graters and the slicers. I use it even more than I thought I would (and I was pretty sure I would use it quite a bit).

    Thanks for the recommendation on measuring cups. Now I won’t have to re-weld yet another handle back on my current set.

  192. My favorite kitchen tool… would have to be my cast iron. I use it for everything from pan frying to baking. I really need to get a second one so I can make cakes and such in it. But i just haven’t done it yet. :/

    And I want to get a small 6 inch one too, I just haven’t found one second hand yet. I refuse to buy brand new cast iron when I know there are good sturdy used ones out there in the world.

  193. I’m loving my Kyocera ceramic chef knife and paring knife. Light, sharp and thin! So easy to slice whisper thin slices, or not so whisper thin kumquat skins for marmalade.

  194. My favorite tool is one I bought at the outlet center near Milan Italy a couple of years ago. It is a pasta pot with a lid that locks AND has holes for draining the water. I love it!

  195. My favorite is a chef’s knife. It was free (donated for the nutrition education classes I taught years ago) and probably was never top of the line, but it was made to last and has the perfect balance for my small-ish hands.

  196. To be honest, the tool in my kitchen that gets the most use is the old crock pot my grandmother gave me when I got my own place. She had received a new one for Christmas that year and gave me her 70’s one, saying that it would do until I was settled enough to buy a nice shiny new one of my own. Eleven years later and I haven’t even looked at new ones; not only does it work simply and well (two settings: high and low, and an on/off switch, that’s all) but it makes me happy to see it on my counter, considering how many years I saw it on my grandmother’s counter growing up.

  197. My current go to tool is a mini spatula. It’s small enough to fit everyone. Works well for when I’m cooking for just my husband and myself.

  198. My mandolin. I love that I can slice onions so fast my wife’s sensitive nose doesn’t know until I have the onion skins in the trash and the onions in whatever is cooking! Makes life so much easier for both of us!

  199. While it may not be my *favorite* tool, I’m living abroad this semester without a microplane grater, and boy do I ever miss it.

  200. I couldn’t live without my kitchen scale. Great for exact measurements when baking (I bake all my own bread), and great for eating exactly half of that can of soup!

  201. I think I have to go with the ancient cast-iron skillet I got in college (ahem, many years ago) at the Salvation army! I still use it almost every day, and it’s so seasoned I can scrub it or soak it or whatever, no problems and nothing sticks anymore.

  202. My favorite thing in the kitchen is a set of stainless steel bowls. I use it every day for washing leaves for the salads, making bread, peeling fruits for jams, mixing cake batters… The list is enormous! Just can’t think of a kitchen without them.

  203. I love a lot of the tools that you mentioned in your post. Like many others, I can’t live without my Microplane grater. Thanks for the giveaway!

  204. Hard to pick one, but I’d have to say my chef’s knife, especially since I just had it sharpened recently (long overdue). I just got an immersion blender in the mail last week; maybe once I try it out that will be my new favorite kitchen tool. Thanks for the giveaway!

  205. This is one of the hardest questions you’ve asked! I love my kitchen scale, and a really old citrus juicer my mom found long ago. It is mounted to a cabinet and the reamer spins around via a handle at the bottom.

  206. I could not do without either my Kitchen Aid mixer or my Henckels knives!
    I’d give up pasta for a month if I could win that Thermapen! I’m going to hold my breath until you choose a winner! πŸ™‚

  207. I LOVE my immersion blender. I really don’t know what took me so long to bring one into my house, but I use it for everything (nearly daily). I often use it in place of a food processor to make dips, mix batter for baked goods, homemade nut milks, “banana soft serve”, smoothies: you name it, it gets quite the workout!

  208. It is fun to read the comments, its kind of like a kitchen gadget suggestion list :). My current favorite is my new Swiss Diamond pan – it is the most non-stick surface I have ever cooked on.

  209. I have lots of gadgets that I love, but my favorite of the lot is my grandmother’s egg-rite timer. It’s older than I am, still works like a champ (although the colored disk started to wrinkle a little bit about 15 years ago), and it is never wrong. It’s goofy, but I love that thing.

  210. My two most used items have to be a fully clad, 12-inch pan with straight sides and my Cutco Chef’s Knives that I got at a yard sale. My favorite thing to USE, though, is my KitchenAid. I have the fruit & veggie strainer that makes quick work of all kinds of lovelies for canning, but I also have the pasta making set. Homemade egg pasta made only with flour & eggs from the neighbor’s chickens just can’t be beat!

  211. That looks incredibly handy! I’ve only recently discovered the awesomeness that is homemade jam, and my family runs through it faster than I can make it. πŸ™‚

  212. I love my digital kitchen scale! I crave precision and am terrible at spatial concepts like eyeballing quantities, so I don’t know how I got along without it all these years.

  213. I love my Kitchen aid mixer and now I have the ice cream maker attachment and it’s so much fun. Next I want the meat grinder!

  214. My current favorite kitchen gadget is my pressure cooker. I just started using it before Thanksgiving and I used it to make multiple batches of turkey stock and ended up yielding almost 2 gallons! Each batch only took about 1 hour instead of 5 or 6 on the cooktop.

  215. My favorite right now is my new 9 cup food processor by Cuisinart, love it! But that’s more of an appliance than a tool I suppose! I love and use a plastic serrated “lettuce” knife for all kinds of things, it makes chopping spinach and lasagnas a breeze!

  216. I just love my potato masher that I bought online at Tasha Tudor’s store. It is made of wood and looks nothing like the modern potato masher.

  217. I’m going to second the comment about my kitchen scale being super useful. I use it not just to weigh food (for portioning before adding to the freezer or cooking), but also to weigh yarn so I can “portion” it out for sock knitting and such. πŸ˜‰

    I’m so glad you’re not only giving away a Thermapen but that you linked to it! I heard about this wonder tool just last week while listening to Christopher Kimmel host an NPR program on Thanksgiving. I couldn’t look it up right then, but now I’ve got the link and have saved it to my Wishlist just in case I don’t win. Thank you!

  218. I have a silicon ‘spoonula’ or whatever they are called. The narrow end fits inside a can of tomato paste, and the large end is perfect for scraping cake batter, frying eggs, stirring boiling things so they don’t stick to the bottom, pretty much anything. But the best part is that I think it has a steel core or something, so I can stir even the stiffest cookie batter without it breaking! (I have broken so many spoons and spatulas over the years).

    But what I really need is a kitchen thermometer!

  219. Hands down (but not in the hot jam!)–by far my favorite kitchen gadgets are the fully-encased silicone spatulas like the one you have pictured. I use them for everything from candy making to scrambled eggs, with no fear, ever, of a handle coming off. I can’t believe every kitchen in the world doesn’t have at least one–and this has become my standard outside-the-package bow accompaniment when wrapping wedding and shower gifts.

  220. I have this tupperware spatula that I just love. It’s got a nice thick handle, so it’s easy to grip, and the contours are perfect for scraping out my mixing bowl.

  221. I have a difficult relationship with kitchen gadgets, I am always striving for as few thingamabobs as possible. That said, some are just too useful. I think my apple peeler/corer is possibly one of the most fantastic things ever.

  222. My favorite tool is probably my Vitamix. I use it at least twice a day sometimes 3-4 times to make smoothies, nut butters, soup, salad dressings and ice cream. Totally worth the investment.

  223. My immersion blender, which I bought in August. Great for peach butter, and making pumpkin pie from a roasted red kuri squash.

  224. At the moment, my favorites are the two enameled cast iron pans I have – one a wide, shallow Le Creuset hand-me-down from a friend who never used it, and the second a larger Lodge enameled dutch oven, a yard sale find (and gift from the same friend who knew how much I loved her hand-me-down). The larger one serves as my jam pot; it seems to work much better than my first attempts at jam using Revere Ware stainless steel, which was too lightweight.

    We also try to adhere to a “no single use implements” rule in the kitchen, but certain exceptions must be made. I finally broke down and got a magnetic jar lid wand, which I love. Can’t say this is my favorite tool, but it’s in the top tier.

  225. My current favorite is probably my toaster. I’ve been on a total toast kick lately. Of all the things to love, when I have dozens of silly gadgets in there…

  226. Since I started growing garlic my favorite utensil is a really good heavyweight garlic press. Now I actually use the garlic I grow.

  227. My favorite kitchen tool is actually a enormous stainless steel bowl. I am a very messy mixer and it helps me make slightly less of a mess!

  228. My grandmother’s bread knife…….and I an 68 years old to give you some idea of it’s age! I smile everytime I use it. It is amazing, I have never sharpen it and it still cuts a tomatoe like it was soft butter. MK

  229. I loved my silicone spatula that I got at a store-closing clearance sale years ago. That thing took some serious abuse, and only gave up a month or so ago (one of my roommates was using it and the large end just snapped). I’d love to replace it with one like the one in the picture.

  230. Current fave is my Melitta ceramic coffee pot (was going to post a link, but looks like they don’t make it anymore). Simple, low-tech, yummy coffee.

    But that 4th burner pot might take its place. Seriously, my reaction to seeing that was “yes!” I have all 4 burners going reasonably frequently, so sick of everything being lopsided half on, half off the burners.

    Of course, would love to have the thermometer too πŸ™‚

  231. my favorite kitchen tool is my kitchenaid mixer. Does that count as a tool, or is it a machine? No matter, it definitely revolutionized my baking.

  232. I have a wood handled dough mixer. It’s part wisk, part dough hook. Has two very open, odd shaped loops to mix your dough by hand. I saw it used during a cooking demo for King Arthur Flour. Very easy to use, and easy to clean.
    Just love it.

  233. My current favorite tool is the dough whisk that can be found at King Arthur Flour. I love it for mixing muffin/quick bread batter – no dough in-between tines to clean. It’s wonderful. And thank you for pointing us to the 4th burner pot. I got one and love it. What a great canning idea with the stainless steel wok.

  234. My favorite tool would have to be my kitchen scale. I use it several times a day, everyday…so much that I’m surprised how long the batteries last! (I love reading about what you love to use, and read thru so many fun reader comments too!)

  235. Oh, my scale or my microplane. both are used everyday and changed the way I do things. But having two sets of measuring utensils is up there too!

  236. The Kitchen Aid mixer and attachments. The ricer for the quarts upon quarts of applesauce we can for the year. Oh, and the dehydrator, for the jar upon jar of apple slices we dehydrate for the year. Do I have to pick one?

  237. I know there is an official name, but I don’t remember what it is called. Anyhoo, it’s the wires on a handle that I used to cut butter into pie crusts. I use it on other things as well, but it’s great for chopping butter up into homogenous pieces.

  238. My KitchenAid mixer is probably used the most, but I have a cute little blue silicone spatula that makes me happy when I use it.

  239. My favorite gadget tends to depend on what I am doing at the time. My favorite last week, as I made apple pie, was the apple peeler/slicer/corer kitchen gadget that looks like an undersized instrument of torture. I bought it for around $20 at Bed Bath and Beyond. I bought this a few years ago, and can’t believe I waited that long! It actually works, and apple pies are in the oven baking in about a quarter of the time.

  240. I am thankful for small, heavy-bottomed saucepans. After substantial stretches of time cooking for four, six, 20, and 150+, I’m still getting the hang of this business of cooking for one or two. Appropriately-sized tools provide better guidelines.

  241. My favorite kitchen tool is the green tomato knife by pampered chef. It will go in the dishwasher no problem and it is cheap so if it gets messed up its easy to replace.

  242. My small silicone-bottomed metal mixing bowl that is the right size and shape to whisk eggs for an omelet or beat a small bit of whipping cream to top a slice of pie.

  243. I don’t know if I’d call it a “tool” but I love my magnetic knife strip. What started as a counter-saving strategy for my tiny kitchen now means that my favorite knives, scissors, and measuring spoons are ultra-accessible at all times!

  244. Boring, I know, but I just really love my Global chef’s knife. I have no idea how I managed to tolerate dull, crappy knives for so many years!

  245. My favorite kitchen tool is my KitchenAid mixer. 20 years old, still going strong. I hope to upgrade to a commercial 7 quart version someday.

  246. My favorite kitchen item is the Thermapen. My boyfriend recently dropped ours in a pot of boiling oil. Not until it was gone did I fully understand how much I love that thing.

  247. love my dual ended silicone spatulas by chef n switchit……don’t see an exact pic on line…. but it’s slender enough to fit small spaces and the wide end cleans the bottom of jars….. thanx for the opportunity….

    s cree

  248. I found a wooden handled silicone spatula from Oxo when foraging at Ross. I’ve used it on every batch of preserves since. The spatula is elongated but still sturdy. The wood handle is lovely in the hand.


  249. I am in love with my new apple coring/slicing/peeler. It’s been put through the pace with apple pies, apple butter prep and peeling sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving.

  250. I love my wooden rolling pin! I’m also getting ready to love the immersion blender that I hope Santa will bring me this year! With so many commenters listing an immersion blender as their favorite tool, I’m encouraged to think it will work well for me, too.

  251. I’m loving my digital scale right now. My gf baking is more successful and it’s shaken things up in a way I feel confident about πŸ™‚ Thanks for the wonderful kitchen ideas.

  252. I finally broke down and bought the vegetable strainer attachment for my Kitchenaid this year, and now I wonder how I ever got along without it. It made pureeing tomatoes and apples for sauce so much easier and faster, I wish I had bought it years ago. I almost broke it running blackberries thru it (note: NOT good for blackberry seeds!) and was very worried until my boyfriend got it unstuck for me.

  253. About a month ago I went to a outdoor fabrics store and bought a white fine synthetic screen fabric, pretty much mosquito netting and after cutting it into squares I couldn’t be more pleased. It doesn’t unravel or fray, get gross or stain, cleans easily, and and keep bugs out of projects that need to sit in the open (kombucha, sprouts, etc.). I’ll screw it onto the top of my jars to strain out loose tea leaves if I want to brew tea or anything else in the jar, make a makeshift fine mesh sieve out of a colander, make a spices bag to for mulled wine or canning projects so I don’t end up having to fish out bay leaves or star anise. Honestly the most unending useful $2 for 1/8 yard of fabric I’ve ever spent.

  254. I love all my kitchen gadgets. And I do have a fully encased silicon spatula but I still reach for my le creuset large spoon-spatula more than any other tool.

  255. Oh, I love so many different tools in my kitchen but if I have to pick…my Chicago chef knife. I have had it for 20 years and I still love it.

  256. Good old chopsticks. Not a throw-away pair from a take-out place, but some sturdy bamboo ones that can stir a little bowl of salad dressing or a pot of pasta in boiling water, work the bubbles out of a jar of jam headed for the canning pot, or prop open a pot of rice or stock that needs to be vented.

  257. My favorite kitchen tool is my husband, the chef. Lol!!! For reals, it is my crockpot. It is always there on a busy day. πŸ˜€

  258. My new favorite canning tool is a replacement stainless steel jar funnel. I use it for so much more since I keep it handy near my stove because it’s so shiny and new!

  259. I managed to find a Bosch setup at a garage sale years ago, and as it is what I grew up with, I love it and all its various attachments.

    I am also quite attached to my Microplane.

  260. It’s got to be my cast iron skillets. I have a full set and am saving up for the dutch over and wok.
    Thank you for all your lovely giveaway offers.

  261. I love kitchen equipment but if we got divorced I’d fight for my battered Chinese cleaver. I use it for anything that needs cutting, chopping or slicing.

  262. Right now I am digging this machine desiged to core and peel an apple.if you modify the setting it will also peel a potatoe by just cranking a handle! Super easy!

  263. I have an Endurance pastry blender / potato masher. Similar to the potato masher in your pic. Perfect for breaking up pieces of fruit that are just a tad to big still without turning them to mush!

  264. I absolutely love my kitchen shears, which were a wonderful gift. I can break down a cauliflower in no time, cut up chicken right into the pan or even cut frozen bacon without damaging a good knife. They are a treasure!

  265. This will sound completely lame, but my favorite kitchen tool is the canning lid lifter that I recently discovered at Williams-Sonoma. HA! I’ve been using tongs to get the lids out of the water all this time. The magnetic lifter makes so much more sense and is one of the most clever inventions ever. Seriously! It’s the little things, I guess?!?! I’d love to win. Thanks for the opportunity.

  266. My favorite kitchen tool is something introduced to me by my Swedish in-laws – a potato stick! It comes with a little stand, so it always sits next to the stove, to use to test doneness on any number of things being cooked!

  267. My favorite kitchen tool is my dough wisk from King Arthur flour. It makes mixing all my bready stuff easy and the dough comes off of it!

  268. I use my silicone spatula / scraper so much that it’s really a wonder that I don’t own more of them. I am also very partial to my bench scraper.

  269. My big, wide, and deep sauce pan. Love it for canning. I also love my magnetic lid wand. I don’t know what I did before I got that.

  270. My Microplane zester. No struggling with a knife, trying to avoid zesting the bitter citrus pith — just easy zesting to add lots of flavor with not a lot of effort. It also grates parm cheese beautifully!

  271. I love my mini whisk from pampered chef – I use it all the time for mixing up gravies, sauces, etc. Also my silicone coated tongs – so handy!

  272. My favorite kitchen tool by frequency of use is probably one of my nice sharp paring knives! The KA stand mixer and food processor are pretty handy too!

  273. Years ago, I bought a conical strainer from a local market (made by RSVP – had to look it up). I’ve used it for so many things! Jellies, powdered sugar shaker, flour sifter – most recently I’ve been using it to strain ginger out of ginger milk tea. It has proven itself to be super handy. I’ve also been extremely happy that I picked up the conical shape – that means I can set it over a jar’s narrow opening, rest the handle on the edge of my sink, allow the contents to drain, and move on with my day.

  274. I have a Mario Batelli enamel over cast pot that I absolutely love, I use it at least 5 times a week, there is nothing it won’t do!!

  275. I inherited most of my canning equipment from my grandmother – she kept her screw bands in an old metal potato chip can, and I love getting it down and seeing it on the table as we can. She’s with us in the kitchen for sure! A newer item I love is my stainless steel Foley Food Mill – we make lots of fruit leathers, and the children love turning the crank!

  276. Oh, I DO like that Kuhn-Rikon fourth burner pot. Bought it on Amazon after you told us about it. I think it’s my fave. But possibly the small instant-read thermometer could become my first choice.

  277. My favorite kitchen tool, by far, is my Wusthof Santoku knife. It was a Christmas gift from my husband ten years ago, and it is still my go-to knife for nearly everything.

  278. right now it’s my lime green enameled cast iron pot. for the longest time i kept forgetting that i had it (it was hidden on a top shelf) but now i’m in a habit of using it for almost everything. bring on the soup!

  279. I’d say that currently, my favorite tool is an orange silicone spoonula/spatula (similar to the one in the post) that I got at Marshall’s earlier his year. It is perfect for using to make jams and candies. Nothing sticks to it!

  280. Santoku knife – perfect heft, size, and great cutting-ability. Also love my Le Creuset dutch oven which gets heavy use during these colder months.

  281. Definitely my 2c pyrex measuring cup. I use it for measuring all the liquid ingredients at once (1/2 c water + 1/3 c oil + … ) when I have to mix dry and wet ingredients separately before combining. I also use it for other things, like microwaving a single serving of ramen or frozen ravioli in water (don’t judge – I’m a grad student and pull 14 hour days on campus regularly!). The handle makes it easy to maneuver with a potholder, drain, and then pour into something easier to eat out of.

  282. My grandmother’s 9 inct cash iron skillet is used daily. But so are my Furi knives my stepchildren got me for Christmas five years ago. I cannot imagine pulling off dinner without either item . . .it’s a tie!

  283. I LOVE my canning jars! I use them to can, sure, but I also use them to store leftovers, dry goods, even drink from. Love them and use them everyday. Thanks for the awesome giveaway, by the way.

  284. I have so many favourites! My Henkel Miyabi knife (soooo worth the money), my well seasoned cast iron pans that used to belong to my Dad, my Kitchenaid, which I lived without forever, and now don’t know how I did!

  285. One of my favorite kitchen items is a small whisk. I use it from breakfast to supper! I have four large whisks, but the small one does a better job most of the time.

  286. Weirdly, it’s the white plastic screw on tops for canning jars. I’m so clumsy, and this way I know that there’s little chance of spillage in the fridge when I accidentally tip one of the opened jars over. I also seem to be more inclined to use up my canned treats by using these. I don’t know either, but they make me super happy.

  287. as of right now, top of the list is the grain-mill attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer that was found at a local garage-sale this summer for $10 complete with original manual in original box. Working my way thru’ 70# of flint corn and making awesome Polenta cornmeal……..

  288. My current favorite kitchen tool is a long wooden spoon that has become the perfect shape (somehow!) for all my pots over the years. Unfortunately, it’s begun to crack, so I’m enjoying it while it still works! I’ve seen those thermapens on cooking shows before and they look quite spiffy…would love to try one out!

  289. My favorite kitchen tool would have to be a toss up between my kitchen aid mixer and my food processor. I have a large family and they both save me so much time.

  290. I love my 3/4 cup measuring cup. For some odd reason I seems to have a lot of recipes that require 3/4 cup of ingredients and it was very annoying to have to measure out 1/4 cup 3 times, so I hunted down a measuring cup set that had a 3/4 cup. Unfortunately they are plastic and some of the handles have started to crack and break so I’m hoping to find a metal set next.

  291. My favorite tool right now is probably my silicon spatula which I use with almost everything I cook on the stovetop – it won’t melt!

  292. My current favorite kitchen item is wax paper! I’m baking so many gifts and I love how my pound cakes look all wrapped up with wax paper and twine!

  293. Thank you for sharing your favorites!

    I walked into my kitchen and looked around, trying to decide which tool was my favorite and it was hard to narrow it down to just one. Right now, I’m going to chose my Pampered Chef skinny spatula. I use it all the time for a number of things and refuse to put it in the dishwasher because I had one fall out of the cutlery basket, landing on the heating element and melt. I hated spending the $13 or $16 to replace it but it is my ‘favorite’! LOL So, I replaced it and I am very careful with it. Sounds so silly….it is ‘just a spatula’ after all. πŸ˜‰

  294. My favorite “tool” is my 14 cup food processor. That thing is so nice and sharp and shreds anything I need in no time. When I compare it to my old 7 cup processor, I can see how dull the blades on the 7 cup have gotten.

  295. My favorite tool? I can’t narrow it down, so here are three: Oxo and Le Creuset whisks, both brands are durable, dishwasher-safe and are beautifully designed. And microplanes — excellent graters for citrus, cheese, chocolate and more. By the way, I enjoy your blog. I just made the pear jam with cardamom and brown sugar. Delicious!

  296. My current (or soon to be current anyway) is the immersion blender my husband is getting me for Christmas. No more lumpy anything!

  297. It’s embarrassing to admit this, but you just blew my mind with those colored flour sack towels. I really, really love flour sack towels, but I’ve stopped buying them because they just end up so dingy. Ahem. Well, they do say you learn something new every day… πŸ™‚

    Anyway, I would say that my favorite kitchen tool(s) are my knives. I got my first real set in preparation for culinary school, and while they aren’t a fancy brand at all, they hold their edge well and fit into my hand like they were made for me. It’s just that we have so much history together now. I know I should buy better knives at some point, but these babies are like the perfect pair of shoes– I’ve broken them in (they’ve broken me in) and now they’re perfect.

  298. my favorite tool in the kitchen is my whisk and spatula. I use them for so many things . I bake for my 9/12 group and I have 9 kids all married and 23 grand kids and 24 great grand kids so do alot of baking , cooking , canning , sewing , and crocheting.

  299. My favourite tool is my thermometer, hands down! After a few slightly off batches of caramels though, I’m starting to suspect it’s a little off.

  300. My mandolin is by far my favorite kitchen tool. My knife skills aren’t good enough to get the consistency (or the speed) of my slicey little friend.

  301. my very fave tool is my wood lemon and lime reamer. The wooden ones are the only way to go. They get every last drop of juice – so more bang for your buck. Anyone that does not have one of these my message to you is YOU HAVE TO GET ONE !

  302. My favorite kitchen tool was an immersion blender (until it broke last week). Soups, purees, sauces, and even jams were a breeze to blend and I am always a fan of anything that keeps me from having to use multiple cooking vessels! I think I just realized what I need for Christmas…

  303. I love my handheld flat strainer. I hold it against the pot or pan and strain the liquid in sink or cup if I’m saving. I have 2 cause 1 is always dirty!

  304. My favorite tool, based on constant use alone, has got to be a really nice paring knife. After that, my strainer which I probably use every other day. The paring knife gets multiple uses everyday.

  305. My favorite kitchen tool is my heat resistance silicone spatula. Not very exciting but I love it and use it as my multi-purpose tool.

  306. My favorite kitchen tool is my dough whisk. I bought it thinking that I would use it for one or two things but use it for so many others that I hadn’t even considered. The Thermapen has been on my Amazon wish list for close to five years!

  307. I think my favorite kitchen tool is the julienne peeler, but I haven’t used it very often lately– it’s so much fun to use, though. My favorite tool that I use often is my spider.

  308. My current favorite kitchen tool is my pressure canner, that I bought used at a garage sale this summer! And.. My BIRTHDAY is tomorow, so this would make an AWESOME birthday present! ; )

  309. I would have to say that my favorite kitchen tool would have to be my pasta maker. I am really enjoying the ease in making fresh pasta. It tastes so much better than the boxed stuff I have always eaten.

  310. My favorite kitchen tool is my new set of stainless steel measuring cups. We used to have plastic, this is so much nicer and looks so classic.

  311. My current favorite tool is a messermeister serrated peeler; I just used it to make a double batch of roasted vegtable soup and it worked so well I’m getting another one for my mom.

  312. Favorite tools is a good ol’ spatula! Nothing beats the sturdiness of a silicone spatula, but I also have some hard plastic ones that are great for scraping, if need be. Can’t do without them!

  313. My microplane grater. I love it! I don’t necessarily use it everyday but the ability to quickly grate whole nutmeg has rocked my world!

  314. My fav kitchen tool has to be my wooden spoons. They do everything! TY for the great giveaways and for making such an awesome book! πŸ˜‰

  315. I have an immersion blender that’s got to be at least 22+ years old. Use it all the time for creamy vegetable soups. My instant read thermometer died at Thanksgiving. It would be wonderful to have such a nice replacement.

  316. I finally started using cast iron pans and I don’t know how I ever lived without them! I also adore my Emile Henry mortar and pestle-it’s beautiful and works great.

  317. I’m currently living at my husband’s Grandmother’s house, doing a lot of cooking without any of my favorite tools. I almost instantly went out and bought a bigger cutting board, an LC silicone spatula, a wooden angled-head spatula, and a decent (and sharp!) vegetable knife… but what I REALLY miss? My Le Creuset. Le sigh.

  318. That’s an easy one. My silicone spatula from Chef’n is the most used tool in my kitchen. Also the one thing i must guard most fiercely, because my sister covets it badly.

  319. A food mill. I always thought it was a useless gadget. but that was before apple season! It is great to make applesauce, mashed potatoes, and lots of other things!

  320. My current favorite kitchen tool is a set of IKEA knives with oddly shaped handles (I don’t know if they have this line in the US, I’m in Germany) that make it possible for me to cut things again without my fingers cramping up immediately. I was very doubtful of these knives’ handles when I first picked them up, but I’m very very glad my husband talked me into buying one paring knife to try.

  321. Favourite kitchen tool is flour sack cloths. I have them in white, but also in colours and agree, the coloured ones are best for things involving fruit or any sort of jam making. I especially like vivid greens and reds (they always seem to look good). There is always a stack of white flour sack cloths ready, and also bar mops, on the bench ready for use. After use they get washed, napi-sanned, & put on the line out in the (now) hot South Australian sun. Sometimes they get a little splash of bleach too. The old white ones that have gotten really worn, tattered or stained go into a separate basket–they make the best cleaning cloths.

  322. Current fave kitchen tool is a silly little pizza cutter. No handle, it just fits in the palm of your hand with a red plastic blade guard on top. When it’s time to put away it fits into a base. The blade guard and base combine to make a smiley face (part of the blade is the “teeth”). It sits on my window sill above my sink and smiles at me while I’m doing dishes. Still lusting after the pizza cutter shaped like the starship Enterprise but it was just too darned expensive for something so rarely used at my house.

    • We went for the Enterprise pizza cutter, and make a point of using it, even when we don’t really need it. It’s great, and we still laugh every time we pull it out.

  323. My favorite kitchen gadget is my little Bialetti Moka Pot. I make myself a latte several times a week. It comes with me camping to make americanos, and its just darn cute sitting on my stove. I have been looking for that very thermometer around my area and have not found one yet. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  324. Fave kitchen tool is my 6-quart All-Clad coppercore saute pan. I pretty much don’t even put it away; once it’s washed, it goes back on the stove, ready to be used soon!

  325. Currently (what with the cold weather) my favorite kitchen item is the largest of my cast iron fry pans – good for anything from grilled cheese to stew!

  326. I got a set of Mopines from my family last Christmas and I just love them, They are sort of a towel and a hot pad all in one and they are so handy to have around.

  327. Favorite tool? Hard to choose! My flat measuring “spice” spoons? My 10″ Chef’s knife? Those cute 4 oz jam jars I bought to make my daughter’s wedding favors? How about the beautiful handmade wooden spatulas that I use for stir-frying, stirring, almost anything but eggs? Yikes! I think my favorites are whatever I’m using at the moment that works, feels good in my hands, and is beautiful!

  328. My favorite kitchen tool is my bench knife. How did I ever live without it?
    And at least once a week, when I go to my jar storage cupboard, I thank you for all your instructions and inspirations.

  329. I purchased a canning funnel that sits neatly on the lip of rim of the jar and measures the head space at the top (1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″ and 1″ marks). It has been SO useful in my kitchen! A Thermapen has been on my wishlist for so long. Hope I’m lucky!

  330. Hmmph……my favorite kitchen utensil. So many to choose from. I would have to say right now I’m enthralled with an All Clad saute pan I bought on sale at Willams Somoma last year. It’s made me a much better cook.

  331. Wow, would I love that Thermapen. I tried out all my thermometers in a glass of ice water, and they were all wrong. One of them I could adjust, but it still overcooked my marmalade. One of my favorite tools is my electric spice grinder. Fresh roasted and then ground cumin or allspice is just wonderful.

  332. They are so simple, but I use them all the time: parchment paper sheets. Not having to (usually imprecisely) tear parchment paper from one long roll is one of the little joys in my life.

  333. Probably my favorite kitchen tool is my blender and a soup pot that has a nice thick bottom and a glass lid. Not very exciting but both used just about daily!

  334. My favorite kitchen tool is easily my digital scale. It’s old, it was cheap, and it’s kind of an ugly beige color, but I simply use it for everything. It has been used for everything from weighing 10lbs of barley for making beer to weighing 2 lbs of butter squash to weighing out protein powder for breakfast. It’s awesome, and I would be lost without it.

  335. My favorite kitchen tool has to be my Magic Bullet blender, I use it everyday to make my blended iced coffee and everything I need chopped goes in there too. It is magic;-)

  336. I’m a simple old fashion kind of gal and I have a favorite spatula that stirs pots, flips eggs, and really gets used at every meal. It’s starting to wear out and I’m PANICKED! LOL

  337. I think my favorite kitchen tool is my wooden spoon, honestly! However, I’m sure looking forward to the cast iron dutch oven that I hope to get for Christmas…

  338. Thanks for the chance! My go-to kitchen tool of the moment is a plain old, standard sized rubber spatula. Not that I don’t loooove my gadgets, but I’m all about back to basics at the moment.

    -Nancy N.

  339. I love my 10″ chefs knife and my new de Buyer Mineral B element fry pan. I got the smallest size on sale to try them out and now I want more!

  340. Lately I have been using my cuisinart food processors a lot. I am so happy that I have both a large and small one. These suggestions you have made would make great additions to any kitchen. Thanks.

  341. I have so many useful things that are functional, but plain. I probably get the most joy from using the kitchen timer that belonged to my neighbor who passed away a few years ago. It has a cheery orange face, and it reminds me of her every morning when I cook my oatmeal.

  342. My favorite tool would have to be my knife. Fortunately, my knives are always sharp ’cause hubby likes them that way and he does a good part of the cooking!

  343. My favorite kitchen tool is my jar funnel. Old news, I know, but I never realized how frustrating it was to fill jars ‘free hand’ and then have to wipe everything up until I didn’t have to!

  344. Love my nonstick loaf pan and 9″ rounds from USA Pans – can’t wait to pick up a muffin tin! Now, can anyone do anything about my narrow, deep pantry? πŸ˜‰

  345. After snapping the handle off one of my measuring cups while digging at brown sugar (not even hard!), I finally replaced them with nice metal ones, which I’ve been so happy to use. I asked for similar metal measuring spoons for Christmas – the ones with the mouths that actually fit in spice jars!

  346. My favorite tool is definitely my 8″ chef’s knife from MacKnife. It’s of Japanese design and is super thin and super sharp. I love that knife and bring it with me whenever I think I might be called to duty in the kitchen, mostly because I’ve become a bit disdainful about any other knife.

  347. My most recent favorite kitchen tool is a silicon baking mat. I was so focused on the benefits of using it for rolling out pastry that I only just fully realized that it is also a non-stick surface to be used for baking. Now I like it even more πŸ™‚

  348. measuring cups! I measure all my food to keep portions under control and also use them of course in baking and canning. πŸ™‚

  349. Like others, my favorite kitchen tool depends on the day. Always, I love my fully encased silicone spatula – so much that I’m planning to buy more, as 1 is totally insufficient. I don’t use my digital scale everyday, but it is a godsend when I’m taking a shortcut on something and need accurate measurements. My large Cuisinart GreenGourmet skillet is my go-to for sauces, stir-frys, and small batch jam. And my Williams-Sonoma gold-touch pans for baking, don’t know what I did without them. My next planned kitchen purchase is a digital thermometer for jam, trying to decide on the best one, so I’m really hoping I win this Thermapen!

  350. Wow, I really had to think about this one! I guess my favorite kitchen tool is my scale. I love being able to weigh ingredients. I bake a lot and the accuracy is better using weights – plus I have fewer measuring tools to clean up afterward πŸ™‚

  351. Favorite tool is the ceramic knife. Excellent for cutting fruit. Keeps its edge (if you use
    the right cutting board) and is easy to handle.