Links: Marmalades, Muffins, and Puddles

Waffles, fancy butter and maple syrup.

The nearer we get to my book release, the faster time is speeding by. I end every day muttering about tasks that have gone undone and things that I need to tackle the next day when my brain is fresh. I took most of today off from the frenzy in order to sleep late, eat waffles, and sit on the couch watching movies with Scott. It was a most-needed day of rest and I will dive into the madness again tomorrow. Now, links!

There’s no winner in this week’s giveaway because the giveaway isn’t over yet! If you haven’t entered yet, head over to the post and get yourself signed up.

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6 responses to “Links: Marmalades, Muffins, and Puddles”

  1. I like the looks of that waffle! I also keep a ginormous jug of real maple syrup around ;). Just made a batch of your dad’s pancake mix that you posted about a while back. Sooooo good. It’s my go to mix now. Enjoy your rest!

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