Giveaway: Silicone Sleeves from Mason Jar Lifestyle

Mason jars serve play many roles in my life. Of course, I use them for canning. But I also put them to work holding pantry staples, vinaigrettes and sauces, leftovers, and a wide array of drinks. I often brew loose leaf tea in a quart jar and when the weather gets warmer, a Pint & Half jar filled with ice coffee is my vessel and beverage of choice.

The one problem with using mason jars as drinking glass/travel mug is the breakability factor. Happily, thanks to the folks at Mason Jar Lifestyle, I now have a collection of silicone sleeve for every size jar possible. They help cushion my jars, they serve as a heatproof barrier when I fill a jar with coffee or tea, and they prevent the jars from sweating when I use them for cold drinks. All in all, it’s a really awesome accessory.

Mason Jar Lifestyle make silicone sleeves that fit quarter pints (so adorable!), wide mouth half pints (these are great for those times when you use your jars to pack snacks), regular mouth half pints, pint jars (both regular and wide mouth), my beloved Pint & Half jars, and even for quart jars. They also come in an array of fun colors.

All the larger sleeves have small holes in the bottom, to make it easier to slide the sleeves on and off the jars (the little ones don’t, but they’re still pretty easy to put on and then remove for cleaning). My sister has a stash of these sleeves that she keeps on a set of regular mouth half pints for her kids, and she leaves them on the jars and runs them through the dishwasher with the sleeves in place.

I like to pair these silicone sleeves with a drink topper and a glass straw when I’m sitting at my desk, to prevent messes and potential spills.

This week, I’m giving away two full sets of silicone sleeves here on the blog and another set over on Instagram. Make sure to enter in both places to increase your chances of winning!

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141 responses to “Giveaway: Silicone Sleeves from Mason Jar Lifestyle”

  1. What a cool and awesome product.
    Would probably use on my water glass
    Thank You for this giveaway opportunity

  2. I use jelly and jam jars for teas to use the flavor before washing , so the 1/2 pint would probably work best for me.

  3. These are too cute. Love the colors! I think I’d find the quart size the most useful since I often pack salads in those when I am on the go.

  4. I’d love the half-pint size… Perfect for the smaller amounts of beverage I tend to drink at a time, whether iced water or hot tea.

  5. definitely the tall wide mouth sleeve, when i pour myself a mason jar of coffee, i realllllly pour myself a jar of coffee. would love these sleeves to keep the spills in check <3

  6. These would be great for all the canned goods that have to sit on a stone counter top or table. I don’t love the feel of the glass on stone, so any of the sleeves would be great – quart, pint, even jam jar size.

  7. The most useful sleeve size for me would be the regular mouth point jar sleeves because I always carry a jar with my favorite drink. But if I had a full set I might trust my kids to use jars more! I love the minty green color sleeves the best!

  8. I love the pint and a half jars as well as wide mouth pints. We would put those silicon sleeves to good use at our house! Thanks for introducing them to me!

  9. Pint size jars – I currently don’t drink from the jars because they would break so easily and there is no insulation. These would help a lot!

  10. Overtime I pack soup or snacks in my jars, I’ve been wishing someone would make these sleeves, and now here they are!

  11. I need every size. We send lunch in mason jars nearly everyday and will be kids and there have been a couple incidents.

  12. My friend gives me quarts of kombucha on a regular basis. A silicone sleeve would be wonderful for protecting the jar.

  13. I use mason jars (half pint and pint size) regularly for drinking so these would be really useful to prevent breakage!

  14. Most of my jars are half-pint jelly jars and pint, but I also recently got pint and a half. I think the most useful would be for the regular pint jars. I have the straw caps and lids for regular mouth. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  15. Pint jars are my go-to for drinks. Seems like it might provide a small amount of insulation but be huge like the can cozies.

  16. I think it would be a tie between the regular mouth pint and the wide mouth pint. I tend not to use the wide mouth as a drinking glass because it slips in my hand too easily but the sleeve would solve that problem. Awesome idea!

  17. OH!!! I would LOVE these! I think the majority of my jars are pint. They are too small for drinking but maybe I can use them for yogurt for my youngest. I haven’t bought any of the pint and a half jars yet but this can be my incentive. 🙂

  18. Definitely the quart size. Instead of that super expensive glass water bottle people are buying, I just use a quart mason jar with a drinking lid. I take two to work everyday and they jangle about. Silicone sleeves would be great.

  19. The silicone cover’s are a great idea and perfect for clumsy me and my wife mouth pint jar. Although, I would gladly accept any cover that you would give me.
    I have tons of Mason Jars inherited from my sister in law.

  20. The regular mouth pint jar would be perfect as we use the blue jars for adult beverages. They are pretty and fun.

  21. These are so cool! I didn’t even know I needed them until I saw them. Pint and quarts are the ones we use most frequently for drinking from…thanks for the chance to win.

  22. I would use the quart size most! Thee smaller ones would be great for my girls lunch bag! A little extra cushion. Perfect!

  23. I love these! I have one that has holes–before these were I thing that I use on my pint and a half (my FAVORITE mason jar size as well). The little ones are so cute! I would love to have them for my homemade yogurt for a quick little snack at work

  24. I think the smaller ones would be the handiest! I save the quarter pint jars that Pesto sauce comes in – yes, they’re Mason jars!! – & put bulk spices in them. A non-slip over would be just the thing to make them safer when cooking.

  25. I have been in heaven since canning jar accessories have come around. I love every new product that comes out. Wide mouth pints are my all time go to size and shape!

  26. I think I would use the half-pint size the most, but my father is a big iced-tea drinker so he would go right for the pint-and-a-half, I’m sure!

  27. Pint jar, either side- but honestly, I’d be excited about any size! This is the best giveaway EVER- I have so many jars and constantly use them as tupperware and glasses!

  28. These look so handy! And nice colors. I think I’d get the most use out of the pint size, wide mouth. Thanks for sharing these!

  29. I love how cute the quarter pint jars look in their cozies! I’d probably get the most use out of the wide-mouth pint size and the quart size (for beverages and toting lunch items to work). I love how the colored jars look with a coordinating sleeve, too! I might have to re-think purchasing some some colored jars, just so I can have fun with the matching of them 🙂

  30. Without a question, it would be regular mouth pint jars. We use them as glasses in our house,so these would be terrific in the summer time. I’d be tempted to make tea in them too.

  31. Pint size for me. Those are the jars I use for travel beverages when i’ve forgottem my usual travel mug somewhere.
    These are so fun, love the colours.

  32. They would be great for traveling and visiting. I always seem to be bringing my jars somewhere and getting them to where I want to go is always a thought in my mind, it wouldn’t be with these.
    Thank you for offering the giveaway

  33. I would use the half pint most, for carrying salad dressings and condiments in my lunches during the week, or maybe the pint and a half size for smoothies. Thanks for the giveaway!

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