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May 1, 2017

When you start doing a lot of canning, one of the biggest challenges becomes how to store both your processed jars and the empties waiting for your next project. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time over the years, pondering how to best shoehorn my canning habit into the storage space available in my 1,000 square foot apartment.

I keep jars under my couch, deep in my coat closet, and under my bed (and, if we’re being entirely honest, there is also currently a tower of boxes in the corner of my bedroom. Needs must). One tool that I use to help keep these storage spots useable and organized are the trays made by JarBOX. These clear, plastic boxes come sized for both pints and quarts and are a genius solution for stashing jars safely and securely.

They’re designed to work in pairs, so that you can lock your jars into individual pods. Then, those locked trays can be stacked and locked together, to create a tower of jars that behaves as a single unit, further reducing the chance of breakage. I call on a pair of JarBOX trays any time I need to transport sealed jars to family gatherings and food swaps, because I know they’ll get my jars to their destination intact.

I use a goodly number of my JarBOX sets to store the empties I keep under our bed. I arrange them upside down (to keep the worst of the dust out) and then slide the trays in and out as canning season ramps up. It’s a far better solution than fragile cardboard boxes I’d used previously.

This month, the good folks from JarBOX are sponsoring weekly giveaways on a series of blogs. I’m kicking things off by giving away two sets of JarBOX trays (a pint and a quart). What’s more, everyone who enters the individual giveaways will also be entered to win a Grand Prize of four more JarBOX sets. To keep up to date with all the JarBOX giveaways, make sure to follow them on Facebook!

This giveaway is closed. The winner is #151 – Lei Kaniumoe. Congratulations Lei!

Disclosure: JarBOX sent me a pair of JarBOX trays for photography and review purposes. They’re also provided a second set for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 


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319 thoughts on "Giveaway: Jar Storage from JarBOX"

  • I would use them to help organize my jars in my tiny 100 year old kitchen. Right now they are all piled on the counter 🙂

  • I have 1 set each of the pint & quart & use them as you do, to store empties. I sure could use another one!

  • I would use these to make more efficient use of the shelving unit where my jars are ‘precariously perched’!

  • I will use the JarBOX trays to store/organize my “fermentation in progress” pint and quart jars.

  • I have a very small house with very little storage in my kitchen. The trays would allow me to feel better about packing canned foods away in storage tubs in my detached garage. These look so useful!

  • I would use them for food swaps and to help store empties in a spot less likely for my cats to get into.

  • I would use them to securely store empties down in the basement. I suspect the cat would have a harder time knocking them over in a JarBox.

  • I would use the JarBox to transport canned goods when I travel. When the family gets together, I bring an assortment, in addition to whatever is being contributed to a meal or two, and let them choose. While this has led some to “order” what comes, it has also encourage at least one of the nieces to create. Love that!

  • This would be such a life saver! We have jars spilling out of our cabinets lining the shelves of our pantry very inefficiently and agave been looking for a solution. We would love an opportunity to try them out!

  • i have run out of places to stash all my jars. my counter is covered, i have boxes (not the best way to store them) that are full and running over. it would be so nice to actually be able to organize and protect my beautiful canning jars. thank you for having this contest. good luck to all.

  • I would use them to store canned food in our basement. It would help keep them safe and dust free.