Giveaway: Jar Storage from JarBOX

When you start doing a lot of canning, one of the biggest challenges becomes how to store both your processed jars and the empties waiting for your next project. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time over the years, pondering how to best shoehorn my canning habit into the storage space available in my 1,000 square foot apartment.

I keep jars under my couch, deep in my coat closet, and under my bed (and, if we’re being entirely honest, there is also currently a tower of boxes in the corner of my bedroom. Needs must). One tool that I use to help keep these storage spots useable and organized are the trays made by JarBOX. These clear, plastic boxes come sized for both pints and quarts and are a genius solution for stashing jars safely and securely.

They’re designed to work in pairs, so that you can lock your jars into individual pods. Then, those locked trays can be stacked and locked together, to create a tower of jars that behaves as a single unit, further reducing the chance of breakage. I call on a pair of JarBOX trays any time I need to transport sealed jars to family gatherings and food swaps, because I know they’ll get my jars to their destination intact.

I use a goodly number of my JarBOX sets to store the empties I keep under our bed. I arrange them upside down (to keep the worst of the dust out) and then slide the trays in and out as canning season ramps up. It’s a far better solution than fragile cardboard boxes I’d used previously.

This month, the good folks from JarBOX are sponsoring weekly giveaways on a series of blogs. I’m kicking things off by giving away two sets of JarBOX trays (a pint and a quart). What’s more, everyone who enters the individual giveaways will also be entered to win a Grand Prize of four more JarBOX sets. To keep up to date with all the JarBOX giveaways, make sure to follow them on Facebook!

This giveaway is closed. The winner is #151 – Lei Kaniumoe. Congratulations Lei!

Disclosure: JarBOX sent me a pair of JarBOX trays for photography and review purposes. They’re also provided a second set for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 


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319 responses to “Giveaway: Jar Storage from JarBOX”

  1. This would be a great way to store jars of pickles, jams, etc. instead of just stashing them where they fit all over my kitchen.

  2. I definitely need to move out of the assorted boxes I currently use to store jars. Sounds like a great product!

  3. I’d use JarBox trays pretty much how you describe it: for storing empties, for organizing goods in the pantry downstairs, and for transporting jars over to my friend’s kitchen (where we’re trying to can something once a month all year).

  4. Just the other day, I was trying to stack some partially-full cases of jars so they wouldn’t fall over. This would solve that problem.

  5. I would store my empty jars that are stacked. It would make for an easier car trip back to mother’s for the next year’s canning adventure (we always can together). thanks!

  6. OMG these would be so wonderful to storage of empty jars but I would use them to transport canned food when I visit family around the country. We are big home canners and I love to share. Thank you.

  7. Oh man, these would be the perfect replacement for the hodgepodge of cardboard boxes where I store my empty jars. (Most of them currently live in an old Modcloth box that’s been with me through at least two moves.)

  8. As someone who has shelves of jars, cabinets of jars, hutches of jars, bankers boxes of jars — well, you get it — this would be a great way to start figuring out how to keep them all in line.

  9. Oh man, I’m the same as you! I have cardboard boxes of jars stashed everywhere in my house!! These look like they’d contain them much more securely! Would love to try them out.

  10. I need a safe way to store my canning jars for pickle making!! Right now I’ve got them in every open shelf I have…

  11. I have shelves for jams and jellies, and other shelves for quart jars. I lose a lot of storage space because the jelly jars are so small, and would love to use JarBOX trays to make that storage more efficient!

  12. These will be so great for storage of staples in our travel trailer. I use quart jars to store flour sugar etc, Everything has to be sealed to keep mice out at the camp grounds. If these work they will be popular with RV’ers for sure since storage space is often under the dinette bench seats.

  13. Oh, my. How to use them? I’ve been putting the filled jars back in the cardboard trays the empties are sold in and it is not working for me. Especially when they are mixed sizes. Right now I have some stacked in the kitchen, a mixture of empties and filled. So I guess I’d start with that stack and then move on to the stack in the dining room.

    I have been a good girl, though. I have been giving away jam to family and friends.

  14. What a timely giveaway – I was just looking at my canning shelf and wondering how I was going to move everything cross country. A set of these would be super helpful in the move!

  15. These are great! I’ve been trying to think of a better way/place to store my empty jars, and I don’t even have very many jars (3-4 dozen I’d guess, mostly half pints) They’re all in different places; most are on a shelf in a spare bedroom but I also have some in the back of a kitchen cabinet, and some behind the books in a bookshelf.

  16. We have a pantry to keep my if the canned goods in. Then they good into deep storage when empty. I’ll store my jam with these

  17. Right now I’m storing empty and full jars in the original cardboard box. After a while the boxes get kind of ratty, especially in the basement. These would be a huge improvement. Thank you!

  18. I make pasta sauce and salsa for my daughter and JarBOX trays would be the perfect way to delivery it to her. I am sure she will return it for a refill of full jars!!

  19. Very nice looking storage containers. With a moving coming up, these would be a great tools for keeping my jars intact.

  20. These would be great for organizing the jars I have hidden away all over the house. I hope no one ever looks under our guest bed, there are cases upon cases squirreled away under there.

  21. I would store my applesauce! I make enough each fall to last the year, everything else is small batch.

  22. I am a novice canner and would love to have a collection of jorboxes to organize my storage.

  23. I would use these to store my unused, clean jars in the basement. No more dirt, no more dead spiders! Hurray!!!!!!

  24. Oh my! I caught the canning bug a few years ago actually when I bought one of your books! To my surprise it was signed by you as well. The store I bought it from said you had just been there a few weeks ago. Fast forward to now and I have a whole rack of canned goods…mostly your recipes from your book..and we are moving. Do you know how hard it is to move over 20 flats of quarts? I’d use it for moving.

  25. I have a small place, and it’s hard to keep all the jars and the ones that are filled where I can get to them. I would use these to keep my jars slid under the bed!

  26. Every fall, my parents drive east for a visit and to “import” mom’s jam (spiced peach, strawberry, raspberry, plum and grape) and canned tomatoes. The back of the volvo is filled with canned goods, carefully packed so they won’t break. Dad has built a special wood “lift” so that canned goods rest safely on the floor of the wagon, and their luggage rests on top of the lift. I keep stashing empty jars all year, and in the fall, the great glass jar swap happens. Anything that could help tidy storage AND secure transport sounds like a very good idea! We are now growing our own apricots, sour cherries, white peaches, beach plums, blackberries, gooseberries, red & black currants, and thimbleberries. I would love to send mom home with select jars of my own small-batch jams this year – if the birds don’t get to the fruit first!

  27. I don’t even do that much canning yet and my place is filling up with flimsy cardboard boxes and spare jars as I, too, live in a small apartment. These look like an ingenious storage solution so I would feel comfortable stashing them outside the kitchen in the closets and maybe like you under the bed.

  28. I am so excited about the jar box giveaway! I have no problem storing my preserved goods, but storing the empty jars is always a chore! I am moving to a new house and it is much smaller than my precocious home, so some good organization is a must! Thank you!!!

  29. I always struggle to transport holiday gifts to work- these would be perfect to carry jam jars into the office

  30. I always gift our kids with homemade jams, sauces, etc. for Christmas and those boxes would be an ideal way to put them up for the gifts.

  31. Transporting prepared foods to my Daughter’s house when we are having Dinner together. Storing my extra bottles in MY 1000 sq. ft. Apartment. Would love to have these at my house!

  32. Wow, what a great idea! This is so much easier than storing them in cardboard boxes that collapse after awhile. I’m going to start by using them to store my pickled scrapes.

  33. Brilliant! I have so many jars that are still in their cardboard boxes and some in Rubbermaid containers, but they clink and don’t feel very secure. I’d use these to store my extra jars waiting to be used. I also occasionally get canned applesauce from family, so it would be great to have these to transport canned goods on trips. Also, we’ll be moving house in a few months and these would be perfect for transporting jars to the new place.

  34. This is such a great idea! My jars are all stored in a big tub, but I don’t feel they are very safe. I love that they are safe and sound in these trays.

  35. These would be lovely for family gatherings when I am bringing canned goods for everyone.

  36. What a great storage idea. I keep my empties in the garage and the boxes are starting to fall apart.

  37. My mother always stored her jars in the original boxes they came in, but my basement is waaaaay to damp to sustain anything cardboard. Now that I’ve added her collection of jars to mine I rely on Jarboxes. They are the ONLY such product on the market and they are really sturdy and well designed. I could always use more as my selection of jars seems to grow when I’m not looking.

  38. A wonderful solution to a pile of glass jars! I have been looking for an organizing solution to canning jars for some time now and this appears absolutely perfect! Fingers crossed!

  39. OMG I need to “like” this in a big way! I am about to be given 100’s of jars by a lovely woman who can no longer process her fruit! I don’t want my new jars to break!!

  40. I have a leaning tower of jars in the laundry room and hall closet. These JarBOXes would be much safer than the boxes the jars came in, which is how they’re currently stacked.

  41. Would use to store homemade canned goods that I will be giving as Christmas gifts or I just might store some of my very old and fancy Christmas ornaments in them.
    Thank U 4 this giveaway opportunity

  42. I cannot believe it; what a wonderful opportunity to try these out. I’ve been admiring JarBox storage for a long time. I have a hut in the backyard just full of boxes of jars. The weather has taken a toll on the cardboard…need I say more? Thank you for the chance to win a pair.

  43. I have so many jars and so few boxes to store them in – these would be perfect!
    Thanks so much

  44. What a great product! I can finally organize all of my jars in something nicer and more sturdy than a cardboard box.

  45. Nice secure option! I’ve also found that empty wine boxes (with the dividers) will store 2 doz regular mouth pints; good for storing empty jars.

  46. I have a super tiny, less than 400 sq ft apartment so I would use these to store my empties. I can all year round and there is a constant flow of jars coming in and out!

  47. I love these. I would use mine for I can at my northern home and carry them south for the winter. My jars do a lot of traveling , think these would be better than liqueur boxes.

  48. I have seen these before, but was glad to hear from someone who actually uses them. It looks like a great idea.

  49. The plastic also will not harbor bugs like cardboard. I store my jars in the basement. They always seem to get covered with sawdust because of my guy’s woodworking!

  50. Love this storage option. I would love to get all my jars in these to keep them safe. I would also like to plan out what I’m canning so I can more easily locate items to use.

  51. These are such a great idea! I have been grappling with how to store my empties and filled jars in a small apartment space, and would love to have these to stack them up safely.

  52. My canning habit has slowed a bit since my husband and I stopped traveling as much (I pressure-canned lots of meals), but these would be great for storing the few necessities I try to make yearly (tomato jam, strawberry jam, dill relish).

  53. This is so much better than the current jumble of mixed empty jars in boxes on shelves in the basement, where I can never easily find what I want.

  54. Never saw these before. What a great idea! I would use them to store my empty jars and for traveling especially when I deliver my jams to family and friends.

  55. Hmmm, we live in an 850sq. ft. condo, and I have jars in my closet! A tower, in fact, precariously toddling on top of each other. Yes, we could use this storage solution!

  56. Well, I’d use them to replace some of the cardboard boxes I’m currently storing my jars in. Some of those boxes are getting pretty old, and have seen far better days.

  57. I could really use these. I live in a small condo and have jars hidden all over the house. This would help make them easier to store.

  58. We moved from a house to a small apartment, and suddenly there is no place to safely store all our jars. This looks like a great way to keep them tucked away without worrying about the cardboard collapsing & the jars breaking. Would love to be able to give these a try.

  59. Oh my gosh, how WOULDN’T I use these? It’s always a struggle to keep my jars (both filled and empty) nicely organized it a way that is secure and space-efficient. I would use JarBOX trays for all of my jars!

  60. I have 54 half pints of cranberry port jam that will be favors at my brother’s wedding in July. These Jar Boxes are perfect for transporting them from WV to Bath, PA, and for storing my collection of empties that will soon probably get pushed off my counter onto the hard tile floor.

  61. WOW! What I great idea! I’ve never seen anything like this. Because I can BBQ sauce in quarts all the time (among other things) and save the jars for the next batch down the road, this would be the perfect way to do it! I could easily stack empties, safely and transport my full jars for big events even more safe from fear of clanking or tipping over.

  62. It would be great to have a way to keep jars clean and out of the way instead of taking up all my pantry space when they are empty!

  63. Would store the jars of food that my mom and grandma can. They are teaching me how. Never thought of storing the empty jars.

  64. I’d use them to store my jars holding my canned tomatoes from the garden…soooooooooo many jars of tomatoes…lol.

  65. I’m just now (this past weekend) encountering this struggle. I have so many empties as canning season is just about to ramp up…I am currently using a spare room closet without any organization. This product would solve that problem!

  66. Did you mention shoehorning your canning habit into an apartment. I can totally relate to canning jars under the bed. Sturdy organization would be a wonderful addition!

  67. I would totally use this to make my jars more secure in my closet. As things get moved around so many times I will lose one to the curses of gravity and no space. This would be awesome to have to save them.

  68. I love these jarboxes! My basement is overflowing with a disorganized mass of jars… they end up breaking, getting dirty, and they’re difficult to sort through/find what I’m looking for. I would totally use these to organize my massive jar collection.

  69. Storage for Jars! OMG! I can so use this. I love the idea of using this under the bed. Never thought of it before. Plus, I do a lot of give-aways to friends and families and this would make it so much easier than using a bag and cardboard box.

    I wonder if they thought of a doing 4-ups? hmmm..

  70. I store my jars any little place there is room. They aren’t organized now. I would love to have the Jar Boxes to store them in a clean organized manner. What a great idea!

  71. I have no place to store my empties and under the bed is a good idea if you have a Jarbox to protect them. ?

  72. I am building a new house and have designed a space on my screened porch for canning. These boxes will work great in my new cabinet!!!!

  73. I will use them as an excuse to buy more storage boxes – and more jars, of course. “But look honey, I can manage them so well now!”

  74. I have so many jars and already have a jar storage container, but, boy, could I use another one! I keep my jars in a storage cupboard. Thanks for the giveaway.

  75. OMGoodness, someone is very, very clever. I did not realize that I needed this, but I do. I really do not like how dusty and disorganized my jars are now.

  76. This is brilliant – I would use these to store the empties precariously stacked in our dusty attic!!

  77. I have so been wanting to try these out. Empties are currently stored in a hall cupboard while the full ones are overtaking the kitchen pantry.

  78. Not much space + a lot of jars = I need these to keep jars safe! I stack jars in boxes and I also send jars of food back to college with my son for him to supplement his meals when the dorm food isn’t allergy friendly.

  79. I would use those to give my empties a more classy look than the cardboard boxes they are currently in.

  80. These would make storing all my jars so much easier. Right now they’re behind cereal boxes, stacked by the dryer, tucked in here and there!

  81. I would use a JarBox to transport quart jars from my home, near St. Cloud, Minnesota to my parents home, near Door County, Wisconsin. Each year (that my schedule allows), I head to Door County to pick their famous tart cherries, then I turn them into canned pie filling at my mom’s house. A JarBox would make getting my quart jars back and forth much easier!

  82. I would use the JarBOX to keep the jars under control in my 924 SF house. So much better than using boxes with dividers from the liquor store!

  83. I would love these to store my favorite canning items for home and family , I never thought to store the empties but would luv that option too since I have about 1,000 jars

  84. I also live in a small house and I would use it to store some of my “empties” in an out of the way spot.

  85. I would use this box to carry the jars I can for my mom. It would be easier than carrying a cardboard box that falls apart from old age. Thanks for the chance.Cindy

  86. oh my gosh I could finally bring order back to half of my kitchen – it looks like an awesome product

  87. I keep my empty jars in the boxes they came in. Those boxes and my other small to mid-size canning supplies are stored in cardboard book boxes in my clothes closet. The few wide-mouth pint size jars I use often for Mason jar salads are stored in various spots in my kitchen cupboards when not full of salad in the refrigerator.

  88. Love the ability to stack jars, I never have enough room on the shelves in the basement to store them all.

  89. WHAT? My jars could actually be organized? **happy dance* I would definitely not waste time getting all my jars out of those boxes and into these great storage pieces!

  90. I think I will need lots of these. I have been storing my jars in the cardboard box they came in. It doesn’t take long for those boxes to become worn and brittle. This is a good way to store my jars and keep them safe.

  91. I have jars scattered everywhere! Living in a high-rise building with little storage is not ideal for someone who loves canning and preserving. These would help me get my jars on one place and know they’re protected even if I keep them under the bed.

  92. I’d use these boxes to save my marriage – as my husband looks at my stash of loose jars all over the kitchen with disgust!

  93. Right now, I keep my empties in plastic tubs. I have wanted to try the jar boxes, so this seems to be a great way to.get started.

  94. I think I’d use these to neatly store my jars so I wouldn’t have to look everywhere for the size I need.

  95. I have wanted some of these for a long time. They are perfect for protecting the foods I have stored in them and stacking them saves space.

  96. I feel like I have jars in random boxes all over the place. I’d use my jar boxes to gather them in one spot.

  97. Laughing to myself as I write this! We moved into an old farmhouse in Helvetia, OR in 1984. I was a newlywed, pregnant, and facing this small, but OLD house & all that had been left behind. Exploring the basement, I found a root cellar filled with old canning jars! Of course they were on the extreme end of “dusty”, and many had resident dead spiders….but I slowly pulled them all out, cleaned them up, tossed those with permanent staining, recycled more than a few dozen really ratty rims. And then I set to learning to can! After finally cleaning up the hanging spiderwebs (think Hallowe’en) and the old built-in shelves, sized for canning jars, I put up peaches, cherries, applesauce, pears and tomatoes. I love the colors of the fruit in the jars after canning, and I would keep a few on a high windowsill in the farmhouse kitchen, to enjoy the colorful light through them. Once we ate up the delicious contents, I could go downstairs & grab another few jars….mmmmm! Now, we live in our single-story home for used-up parents, and there is no basement. My poor old jars get crammed into space all through my garage shelves–the only “pantry” I have. I would love to store my few jars (I don’t can as much anymore) in one nice, neat system 🙂

  98. I would use the jarboxes to transport my canned goods to my daughters who love when I share with them!

  99. I would use the jarboxes to store jams and whatever else I might be able to preserve. Love your idea of storing the jars upside down!

  100. My mom contributes 100+ jars of jam and jelly to an annual school fundraiser. Jarboxes sound like a fantastic way of organizing and storing all those jars safely.

  101. I would use the jar boxes to store my jars in a more efficient way. I recently inherited my grandma’s jars and my poor pantry is suffering – I’ve got jars everywhere… on shelves, in boxes, and lining the floor underneath the lowest shelf.

  102. I have most of my jars in boxes, but I’m looking for a more stable solution since I live in earthquake country. This looks like a great solution. Thanks for the giveaway!

  103. I was informed by my doctor some year back I was not able to drive any more because of medical reasons. I put up 3 gardens so I can can and dry as much food as possible to avoid having my family take me to the store or stop in after work. I put up nothing less than a few hundred jars of food a year and I dry a great deal too. This would be so very helpful in storing my empty jar for the following yr. Thanks for such a great give away.

  104. I do not have a pantry in my kitchen. I’m using an armoire for pantry storage. Not the most ideal storage but I make it work. Having the storage containers would be a great way to organize my jars.

  105. Inherited several older canning jars from my husband’s mother so i would certainly like to store them safely while I am learning to can. This looks like it would make the job easier.

  106. We can and pickle all kinds of goodies. I would use JarBOX to create gift packages for our friends and family.

  107. I make jams and jellies and sell them at craft fairs. Having these jar boxes would help me store them safely and transport them safely to the Craft fairs.

  108. I have empties upstairs and down. The ones in the kitchen cabinet are precariously stacked one on top of the other. I always worry when my one year starts reaching for that cabinet door. Had I know about JarBox before today, I am pretty sure I would already end 5-10 sets. So many jars!!

  109. I have empties ALL OVER. One of these days they will all crash down on my head. This would help corral them safely! I never knew this box existed, such a great idea.

  110. What a good idea. I usually use the cardboard box the jars come in, but the boxes fall apart after a while. I give alot of preserves during the holidays, transporting them safely would be a big advantage.

  111. I would be so nice to have my jars safe and organized. It would be like a pallet for jars so they can be pulled out and carried all at once. The cardboard boxes get so old and dirty and if a cat gets to them….clawed up. Nice to have a container that can be washed off and reused. They would look so much nicer on the shelves too.

  112. Oh, wow, these would be amazing. Mine are stored all haphazardly right now and I’ve knocked some over, breaking them all over the basement floor. They would help me not have broken glass all over! Yikes!

  113. I would love to have this! My jars are stacked on shelves on top each other…this would stop the top layer from falling over. Thank you so much!

  114. This would be heavenly! Mine are currently precariously stacked in the cardboard boxes that new jars come in, but it is a pain to slide them around and get to bottom layers when necessary. This would be amazing!

  115. I could get my jars organized in one place.
    (Thanks for the old school drawing. I find rafflecopter annoying.)

  116. We will be moving in a few months…I desperately need a way to safely pack & relocate my jars! Thank you for the chance to win!

  117. For sure to corral the ever growing pile of boxes in my basement. I also love that you can clean these out unlike the dusty cardboard boxes I have had forever!

  118. Goodness, how wouldn’t I use them! I have plenty of assorted boxes of jars but it’s a haphazard storage system to be sure. I would love to have some boxes dedicated to and designed for the purpose of holding jars.

  119. I store everything in jars. Several years ago I had a problem with rodents and took to storing all my almond and coconut flours, sugar, beans, noodles and basically all food in jars. These trays would be great to organize my stuff. Thanks so much!

  120. I am always taking canned goods to people and even mailing them to my daughter in another state. I think this will protect them better.

  121. My empties are currently stored in their retail boxes in the garage. They get dusty and dirty and bang against each other. The JarBOX looks like a MUCH better solution! I can imagine it would be much safer to travel with the jars in the JarBOX, too!

  122. This would be so much better than my cardboard boxes!!
    I am an Urban canner and use a closet for jar storage.

  123. I would use these to store my extra jars of food in them and not have to worry about keeping the tops clean. They would also be great when I take goodies to my family.

  124. Jars are in my basement, my studio, my attic and my bird room. How can anyone exist without jars?

  125. The bottom of my (small) pantry is all jars. These would be amazing for that. I really miss when Ball jars came in real boxes instead of shrink-wrapped trays!I

  126. These would be great for keeping the different kinds of canned goods organized. Very cool!

  127. These would be so great for taking the jams I make to the food swap and for storage. What a great idea!

  128. I would LOVE to use a jar box to fill with the empty jars, AS we empty them. Right now, they sit precariously on counters, shelves and open nooks until they are put in bags and carried to garage.

  129. I’ve been using cardboard boxes for empty jars, but now have accumulated many jars that don’t have a cardboard box home. These would be very helpful to protect them. (I have a pantry cupboard in the basement where I store all the jars with canned food in them.)

  130. I would love to try these! It would make storing and accessing my full jars so much easier. They currently live on my counter mostly at my apartment because if i box them they will never get used and I have so many recipes to try 🙂

  131. I store all my empty jars in cardboard boxes. This product would be nice to try out and see if it will help with storage. I store my jars in cupboards, pantry, make them into vases and glasses.

  132. I currently store my jars in their old boxes. I would love to have an organizing system! My jars are everywhere and these look they’d be nice to slide in and out of “under” places.

  133. I would use these to transport jars that I’m giving as gifts or donating to the family reunion auction table. Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. I keep my jars on a wire rack storage unit in my kitchen because there are so few cupboards. I’m always wondering when I’ll set off an avalanche by getting one of the jars off balance on the wires. This would be a great solution to my jar Jenga game.

  135. I have been looking at these thinking I need ten or so (or more) of them. I would love to get my jars under control!

  136. I do the bulk of my canning at my friend’s house, which is over an hour away. These would be great for toting the empty jars to her house (I have a bunch rattling around in a shopping bag in my trunk, right now), as well as for bringing the filled jars back home!

  137. I could definitely use the organization! Lots of empty jars around this time of year. I also would use to transport xmas gifts to my relatives out of state.

  138. it would make getting jars (filled and empty) in and out of the uppermost cabinet I keep them in… and can only just reach.

  139. I spent last week cleaning of my pantry shelf to find more room for jars and assorted canning supplies. I will probably use this to store canned foods…easier to find grouped on shelf.

  140. I still have a lot of boxes from wen jars came in real boxes, but a number of jars have come to me loose over the years and I’m not really satisfied with how I’m storing them. I’d love to look into my food storage closet and be able to instantly tell how many jars I have empty, how many are full, and what is likely in the full jars. These would be perfect for that.

  141. I sooooo need some of these! Currently I have a banker’s box on a shelf in my laundry room that I “gently” drop my jars in to. This would make it so easy to organize them to take them to the shed with the rest of my jars.

  142. What a great way to keep jars stacked and safe – empty or full! I wouldn’t have to worry about someone knocking over my stacked jars.

  143. These would be great for storing my empty jars and carrying them up and down the hill to and from my store house… very good for “ORGANIZATION” in several ways. Very cleaver ideal especially for folks like myself that do a lot of canning!

  144. We have around 15 cases of jars in all sizes. We have quarts, pints, pints and a half, and a variety of sizes and shapes of jelly jars. My 84-year-old mother and I started canning just two years ago. We’ve come a long way! Just bought a pressure canner this year. If we won a set of these, it would be the beginning of our system of jar organization. Right now they are sort of mixed together, full jars and empty jars in all sizes, scattered throughout the basement. This would be a big help.

  145. In my tiny cramped 800 sq ft house I would definitely put these to use in every available square foot that I have…. like you!

  146. Would love to have these to organize my jars that are in my shed and then in the crawl space. Currently they’re in in random boxes.

  147. Reaching into the cabinet above the microwave would be less of a life-in-thy-own-hands type of mission.

  148. Where have these been my whole life? I would use these in my kitchen to help secure jars from both dust and wee toddler fingers. Too many of mine have been damaged with my current paper/cardboard box storage system.

  149. I would finally be able to start the control of my jar nightmare. I have some in the kitchen, in the hall closet, in the basement, in the garage, in the chair in the living room. argh, I need help!!

  150. OMG pick me! My jar storage area serves as mud room, laundry room, pantry, walk in closet, and more. Please help!

  151. I would love these to keep in my pantry and store jars once they are emptied and clean. Once a tray was full it could be easily moved down to the basement till the next canning season.

  152. OMG….what an amazing way to get organized! I can (get it) totally see how this would help keep track of what you jars you have and how many too. And not to mention keeping the jars completely clean. I never knew something like this was out there but I think I’m going to be in love.

    Thanks for chance,

  153. I could really use these to get my jar storage under control. So many jars in every corner of the house.

  154. I have two of the quart JarBoxes and LOVE using them instead of the 30+ year old Ball canning jar boxes my father has kept and duct taped, and duct taped, and… you get the idea. 🙂 I have never seen pint ones, and have lots of loose pint jars to corral in my basement.

  155. Yes, these look wonderful, and an excellent way to corral those waiting, empty jars. While I do like using the original boxes, they don’t last forever.

    (PS: Marissa, have been having some issues with connectivity this week – attempted to comment previously and failed. I hope. My apologies in case I have inadvertently double posted.)

  156. With no basement for storage, I have jars tucked away in various corners of the house. Having these would surely help get things more organized!!!

  157. WOW–these sure would beat the beat-up-old boxes that I’m currently using to store all my empties! I generally keep a box in the utility room and as I use up my canning I deposit the jars in the box then tote it up to the storage closet until canning time when I have to sort for just the right jars and begin the process all over again. These sure would keep them cleaner and more organized than my current system. What a great idea.

  158. Our root cellar has too many cardboard boxes storing our precious jams and such. This is perfect !!!

  159. Canning jars are taking over my counter. I just purchased another dozen Quart jars for fermenting veggies.

  160. I would totally store them under my bed, like you do. I seem to have jars stashed everywhere right now.

  161. I’d use them to help organize my stockpile, of course, but also to bring a week’s worth (or at least a few meals) worth of jars upstairs at one time. No more odd balancing acts or forgetting what’s available.

  162. would definitely use them to help wrangle the empty jars in storage – one of my worst mistakes as a newbie canner was to toss out the boxes once i’d filled the jars and put them on the shelves. kicking myself over that one now…

  163. Like I said on your Facebook page. I did not know there was such a thing. This would be great, since mine are all over the house. Thank you for letting us know about your product.

  164. I have a small closet in my bathroom that is under a staircase. This would help keep me organized with that space.

  165. I can bushels of peaches every year for my father and then have to transport them. These would be so helpful!

  166. I have stacks of jars in boxes threatening to fall over in my garage. People return the jars from what I’ve canned (as a courtesy) about the time I run out so I buy more (and more and more). Help!

  167. I live in an apartment with very little storage space and have been canning like crazy! Once I learned that jars shouldn’t be stacked, I started putting cases under the bed, but I’m out of space. I’d love to use these to make my jars stackable again!

  168. My kitchen cabinet shelves are sagging from the weight of all my mason jars. I’d use these to organize them and store on the utility shelf in the pantry instead! Too bad the jars can’t live there on their own, they’d tip over if set between the metal wiring. These look great!

  169. My goodness. I’ll have to check these out. Might allow me to stack a couple dozen together on my pantry shelf and free up the second shelf for, you know, more jars.

  170. I have jars every where in my home, under my bed, under my dresser, in cubbies, laundry room and I use my dishwasher for jar storage so these would be VERY helpful.

  171. You know that jar that is stuck all the way in the back below the dresser? The one that was part of the group you said” I will just put a couple of loose jars here… it will be fine” Now that jar has been there for 2 years because you can’t reach it. Yeah. That jar is the reason I need a system like the JarBOX.

  172. I have several of these already, but I’d love more to store both my empty and full jars in my tiny storage space in the basement.

  173. I have a right lovely jam cupboard for full jars. The empties, tho? Disaster. Stashed in every cupboard, here and there, stacked in the kitchen on the island, in cardboard box after cardboard box in the basement and the laundry room. These would be great to get me organized! And where am I going to put all the pint & a half jars I’ve been buying up before they’re gone?? Those are still in the back of my SUV. *sigh*

  174. My jars are stored in cardboard boxes in my garage. I could definitely use an upgrade to my jar storage system!

  175. I’m really lucky to have an industrial strength set of shelves that relatives gifted us when they moved. I bought a couple of jarboxes when they first came out and the are really stable and secure and stackable. Great product.

  176. These are great! I always worry about how to safely pack my jars when I travel home for holidays. These would really help. What a great concept.

  177. Most of my jars are stored in their original boxes. The others are crammed into whatever box they fit into. These would be great to re-organize.

  178. I would totally use these to get rid of some of my old and quite frankly fragile cardboard boxes. I love the look of these!

  179. I love using my JarBox for storing my canning jars on the sailboat.Aggresive weather abounds but no broken jars so I could use a few more?⛵️

  180. I would use these for storing my canning jars and also for transporting jars. These look like they’ll work wonderfully

  181. I would use this for my jars which are stacked in Clementine boxes on a shelf in my pantry. I’m always waiting for one to fall over

  182. I NEED this! I winter in one place and summer in another and am always looking for something to keep my treasures safe. These look great.

  183. This would free up my cardboard boxes for the half pints an d quarter pint jars! 🙂 Seriously, what a great idea.

  184. I would use them to help organize my jars in my tiny 100 year old kitchen. Right now they are all piled on the counter 🙂

  185. I have 1 set each of the pint & quart & use them as you do, to store empties. I sure could use another one!

  186. I would use these to make more efficient use of the shelving unit where my jars are ‘precariously perched’!

  187. I will use the JarBOX trays to store/organize my “fermentation in progress” pint and quart jars.

  188. I have a very small house with very little storage in my kitchen. The trays would allow me to feel better about packing canned foods away in storage tubs in my detached garage. These look so useful!

  189. I would use them for food swaps and to help store empties in a spot less likely for my cats to get into.

  190. I would use them to securely store empties down in the basement. I suspect the cat would have a harder time knocking them over in a JarBox.

  191. I would use the JarBox to transport canned goods when I travel. When the family gets together, I bring an assortment, in addition to whatever is being contributed to a meal or two, and let them choose. While this has led some to “order” what comes, it has also encourage at least one of the nieces to create. Love that!

  192. This would be such a life saver! We have jars spilling out of our cabinets lining the shelves of our pantry very inefficiently and agave been looking for a solution. We would love an opportunity to try them out!

  193. i have run out of places to stash all my jars. my counter is covered, i have boxes (not the best way to store them) that are full and running over. it would be so nice to actually be able to organize and protect my beautiful canning jars. thank you for having this contest. good luck to all.

  194. I would use them to store canned food in our basement. It would help keep them safe and dust free.

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