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May 1, 2017

When you start doing a lot of canning, one of the biggest challenges becomes how to store both your processed jars and the empties waiting for your next project. I’ve spent a goodly amount of time over the years, pondering how to best shoehorn my canning habit into the storage space available in my 1,000 square foot apartment.

I keep jars under my couch, deep in my coat closet, and under my bed (and, if we’re being entirely honest, there is also currently a tower of boxes in the corner of my bedroom. Needs must). One tool that I use to help keep these storage spots useable and organized are the trays made by JarBOX. These clear, plastic boxes come sized for both pints and quarts and are a genius solution for stashing jars safely and securely.

They’re designed to work in pairs, so that you can lock your jars into individual pods. Then, those locked trays can be stacked and locked together, to create a tower of jars that behaves as a single unit, further reducing the chance of breakage. I call on a pair of JarBOX trays any time I need to transport sealed jars to family gatherings and food swaps, because I know they’ll get my jars to their destination intact.

I use a goodly number of my JarBOX sets to store the empties I keep under our bed. I arrange them upside down (to keep the worst of the dust out) and then slide the trays in and out as canning season ramps up. It’s a far better solution than fragile cardboard boxes I’d used previously.

This month, the good folks from JarBOX are sponsoring weekly giveaways on a series of blogs. I’m kicking things off by giving away two sets of JarBOX trays (a pint and a quart). What’s more, everyone who enters the individual giveaways will also be entered to win a Grand Prize of four more JarBOX sets. To keep up to date with all the JarBOX giveaways, make sure to follow them on Facebook!

This giveaway is closed. The winner is #151 – Lei Kaniumoe. Congratulations Lei!

Disclosure: JarBOX sent me a pair of JarBOX trays for photography and review purposes. They’re also provided a second set for the giveaway. No additional compensation was provided. All opinions expressed here are entirely my own. 


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319 thoughts on "Giveaway: Jar Storage from JarBOX"

  • I have been looking at these thinking I need ten or so (or more) of them. I would love to get my jars under control!

  • I do the bulk of my canning at my friend’s house, which is over an hour away. These would be great for toting the empty jars to her house (I have a bunch rattling around in a shopping bag in my trunk, right now), as well as for bringing the filled jars back home!

  • I could definitely use the organization! Lots of empty jars around this time of year. I also would use to transport xmas gifts to my relatives out of state.

  • it would make getting jars (filled and empty) in and out of the uppermost cabinet I keep them in… and can only just reach.

  • I spent last week cleaning of my pantry shelf to find more room for jars and assorted canning supplies. I will probably use this to store canned foods…easier to find grouped on shelf.

  • I can at my friends house we enjoy finding jars at flea markets and of course the emptys through the year
    This would be great to carry around!

  • Perfect solution for doubling my storage and keeping my jars (filled & empty) safe within reach on my shelfs.

  • Sure would save having to restack my jars every time the cats claw through my cardboard boxes.

  • I still have a lot of boxes from wen jars came in real boxes, but a number of jars have come to me loose over the years and I’m not really satisfied with how I’m storing them. I’d love to look into my food storage closet and be able to instantly tell how many jars I have empty, how many are full, and what is likely in the full jars. These would be perfect for that.

  • This is a great solution for making it easier to store & carry and organize are jars. What a great idea!!!

  • I sooooo need some of these! Currently I have a banker’s box on a shelf in my laundry room that I “gently” drop my jars in to. This would make it so easy to organize them to take them to the shed with the rest of my jars.

  • What a great way to keep jars stacked and safe – empty or full! I wouldn’t have to worry about someone knocking over my stacked jars.

  • These would be great for storing my empty jars and carrying them up and down the hill to and from my store house… very good for “ORGANIZATION” in several ways. Very cleaver ideal especially for folks like myself that do a lot of canning!

  • We have around 15 cases of jars in all sizes. We have quarts, pints, pints and a half, and a variety of sizes and shapes of jelly jars. My 84-year-old mother and I started canning just two years ago. We’ve come a long way! Just bought a pressure canner this year. If we won a set of these, it would be the beginning of our system of jar organization. Right now they are sort of mixed together, full jars and empty jars in all sizes, scattered throughout the basement. This would be a big help.

  • In my tiny cramped 800 sq ft house I would definitely put these to use in every available square foot that I have…. like you!

  • Would love to have these to organize my jars that are in my shed and then in the crawl space. Currently they’re in in random boxes.

  • Reaching into the cabinet above the microwave would be less of a life-in-thy-own-hands type of mission.

  • Where have these been my whole life? I would use these in my kitchen to help secure jars from both dust and wee toddler fingers. Too many of mine have been damaged with my current paper/cardboard box storage system.

  • I would finally be able to start the control of my jar nightmare. I have some in the kitchen, in the hall closet, in the basement, in the garage, in the chair in the living room. argh, I need help!!

  • OMG pick me! My jar storage area serves as mud room, laundry room, pantry, walk in closet, and more. Please help!

  • I would love these to keep in my pantry and store jars once they are emptied and clean. Once a tray was full it could be easily moved down to the basement till the next canning season.

  • OMG….what an amazing way to get organized! I can (get it) totally see how this would help keep track of what you jars you have and how many too. And not to mention keeping the jars completely clean. I never knew something like this was out there but I think I’m going to be in love.

    Thanks for chance,

  • I could really use these to get my jar storage under control. So many jars in every corner of the house.

  • I have been looking for a storage solution. These look like they woud stack nicely.

  • I have two of the quart JarBoxes and LOVE using them instead of the 30+ year old Ball canning jar boxes my father has kept and duct taped, and duct taped, and… you get the idea. 🙂 I have never seen pint ones, and have lots of loose pint jars to corral in my basement.

  • Yes, these look wonderful, and an excellent way to corral those waiting, empty jars. While I do like using the original boxes, they don’t last forever.

    (PS: Marissa, have been having some issues with connectivity this week – attempted to comment previously and failed. I hope. My apologies in case I have inadvertently double posted.)

    1. Oh, dear – there’s the “older comments” button – I did look for it before posting this comment. Sorry.

  • With no basement for storage, I have jars tucked away in various corners of the house. Having these would surely help get things more organized!!!

  • WOW–these sure would beat the beat-up-old boxes that I’m currently using to store all my empties! I generally keep a box in the utility room and as I use up my canning I deposit the jars in the box then tote it up to the storage closet until canning time when I have to sort for just the right jars and begin the process all over again. These sure would keep them cleaner and more organized than my current system. What a great idea.

  • Gee, not sure where I would start. Jars on my kitchen, pantry, closets, and yes – on a bedroom shelf. This would come in handy. 😉

  • Our root cellar has too many cardboard boxes storing our precious jams and such. This is perfect !!!

  • Canning jars are taking over my counter. I just purchased another dozen Quart jars for fermenting veggies.

  • I would totally store them under my bed, like you do. I seem to have jars stashed everywhere right now.

  • I’d use them to help organize my stockpile, of course, but also to bring a week’s worth (or at least a few meals) worth of jars upstairs at one time. No more odd balancing acts or forgetting what’s available.

  • would definitely use them to help wrangle the empty jars in storage – one of my worst mistakes as a newbie canner was to toss out the boxes once i’d filled the jars and put them on the shelves. kicking myself over that one now…

  • Like I said on your Facebook page. I did not know there was such a thing. This would be great, since mine are all over the house. Thank you for letting us know about your product.

  • I’d use them to replace a few of the cardboard boxes I use now, before they fall to pieces.

  • I have a small closet in my bathroom that is under a staircase. This would help keep me organized with that space.

  • I can bushels of peaches every year for my father and then have to transport them. These would be so helpful!

  • Love this idea!! No more stacking and falling jars from my cupboards, and also no bugs or dust
    Yay for the win!!!

  • I have stacks of jars in boxes threatening to fall over in my garage. People return the jars from what I’ve canned (as a courtesy) about the time I run out so I buy more (and more and more). Help!

  • These would definitely keep jars from falling off over full shelves and breaking.

  • I live in an apartment with very little storage space and have been canning like crazy! Once I learned that jars shouldn’t be stacked, I started putting cases under the bed, but I’m out of space. I’d love to use these to make my jars stackable again!

  • My kitchen cabinet shelves are sagging from the weight of all my mason jars. I’d use these to organize them and store on the utility shelf in the pantry instead! Too bad the jars can’t live there on their own, they’d tip over if set between the metal wiring. These look great!

  • My goodness. I’ll have to check these out. Might allow me to stack a couple dozen together on my pantry shelf and free up the second shelf for, you know, more jars.

  • Wow! I would use a Jarbox to properly store and then move my jars in my upcoming move to Nashville!

  • I have jars every where in my home, under my bed, under my dresser, in cubbies, laundry room and I use my dishwasher for jar storage so these would be VERY helpful.

  • You know that jar that is stuck all the way in the back below the dresser? The one that was part of the group you said” I will just put a couple of loose jars here… it will be fine” Now that jar has been there for 2 years because you can’t reach it. Yeah. That jar is the reason I need a system like the JarBOX.

  • I have several of these already, but I’d love more to store both my empty and full jars in my tiny storage space in the basement.

  • I would love to replace the cardboard boxes currently holding jars in my basement cold room!

  • I have a right lovely jam cupboard for full jars. The empties, tho? Disaster. Stashed in every cupboard, here and there, stacked in the kitchen on the island, in cardboard box after cardboard box in the basement and the laundry room. These would be great to get me organized! And where am I going to put all the pint & a half jars I’ve been buying up before they’re gone?? Those are still in the back of my SUV. *sigh*

  • These will keep my jars safe during storage – What a great invention! Plus, they are awesome for safely shipping jellies to Farmer’s Market.

  • My jars are stored in cardboard boxes in my garage. I could definitely use an upgrade to my jar storage system!

  • I’m really lucky to have an industrial strength set of shelves that relatives gifted us when they moved. I bought a couple of jarboxes when they first came out and the are really stable and secure and stackable. Great product.

  • These are great! I always worry about how to safely pack my jars when I travel home for holidays. These would really help. What a great concept.

  • Most of my jars are stored in their original boxes. The others are crammed into whatever box they fit into. These would be great to re-organize.

  • I would totally use these to get rid of some of my old and quite frankly fragile cardboard boxes. I love the look of these!

  • I love using my JarBox for storing my canning jars on the sailboat.Aggresive weather abounds but no broken jars so I could use a few more?⛵️

  • I would use these for storing my canning jars and also for transporting jars. These look like they’ll work wonderfully

  • They would be so helpful when I am taking my jars to my family’s parties to keep them safe in the car. Broken jars are the pits

  • I would use this for my jars which are stacked in Clementine boxes on a shelf in my pantry. I’m always waiting for one to fall over

  • I NEED this! I winter in one place and summer in another and am always looking for something to keep my treasures safe. These look great.

  • This would free up my cardboard boxes for the half pints an d quarter pint jars! 🙂 Seriously, what a great idea.