Giveaway: Grater Set from EcoJarz

When I first started canning and collecting jars, finding cool jar accessories was nearly impossible. Happily, in the last ten years, a world of nifty accessories and adapters has exploded onto the scene. One of my favorite makers of useful things for mason jars is EcoJarz. They make drink lids, storage lids, and food prep accessories out of high quality stainless steel and food-grade silicone.

This week, I’m giving away one of their grater sets. This handy kit comes with a slicer lid, a grater lid, two silicone seals, a stainless steel ring, and a wide mouth half pint mason jar. It allows you to grate, slice, and store the excess easily.

If you want to win this nifty set, please use the widget below to enter!

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136 responses to “Giveaway: Grater Set from EcoJarz”

  1. I hadn’t seen the grater set before reading your blog. It looks like it would be really handy when you don’t need a big box grater. I’m always grating a carrot or onion.

  2. Totally Awesome jar items
    Firstly, would be very handy in grating chocolate shavings and for slicing cucumbers along with other veggies. Very handy when it comes to grating cheese as well.
    Thank you for this great giveaway

  3. I would use these marvelous grater to grate fresh ginger. Then I would make wonderful cookies for the grands.

  4. This would be great for grating cheeses and chocolate. That would be my first thoughts, but I am sure I would come up with many more uses for this grater set.

  5. I wonder if the surface space is enough for efficient grating. I think you should send these to me so I can test them! 😉

    I would totally use this for cheese!! Or maybe individual slaw, since I’m the only one who really eats it.

  6. I would grate carrots for salad. It would be easier to use the jar grater than bring out my big box grater for just one carrot!

  7. This would end up being for cheese, hands down. Anything else I grate requires large enough quantities to warrant breaking out the food processor.

  8. I would grate the cheese that I use to make one of my kids favorites – quesadillas! I love EcoJarz products. I have one of their Poptops and it’s great.

  9. love this – i like the idea of grating lemon peel right into the jar and then making dressing in the jar as well. saves on things to clean!

  10. I would use it for Parmesan cheese ? and he planning on what else to use it for. Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway.

  11. Aside from cheese & citrus peel and onion for all sorts of things, I might just grate a carrot into large peels right into the jar for fermenting!

  12. I love this if only because it seems so much easier to clean than a standard box grater, you can easily access both sides!

  13. I think cheese would be the item I would use the ecojarz grater the most. We use cheese on about everything. And, it would be small and easy to store.

  14. I think cheese would be the item I would use the ecojarz grater the most. We use cheese on about everything. And, it would be small and easy to store.

  15. I would definitely use this for cheese. I think it would also be really handy for camping or any sort of cooking done while traveling.

  16. I have such a thing for that Dubliner Irish Cheddar Cheese. I would love to have this jar so that I could have a convenient stash to shake straight down my throat … I mean to liberally scatter across various dishes to enhance and share (yes, that’s what I meant).

  17. Well, I love cheese, way too much, so that would be first! And veggies are always around, and an easy way to slice them is great.

  18. My family tends to grate too much cheese for a given purpose, and we always have to find a container. Great solution!

  19. There are so many things that I could use this for. Mostly cheese & veggies. This would be less mess and easier clean up. 🙂

  20. Carrots for a quick shredded carrot salad in a jar… put in the dressing ingredients with the carrots and shake

  21. Cheese, obviously. Also the occasional vegetable like carrots or zucchini, but most definitely plenty of cheese!

  22. There are so many Great thank you please could be used for. Probably use it the most for cheese! Thanks so much for such a fun giveaway

  23. I’m thinking this could be awesome for building salads…Slice veggies right into dressing in the jar, then top with lettuce and we done!

  24. I use grated cheese as a treat in our salads everyday so that would be first. But then I can think of tons of uses, I also use grated carrot, hicima, sliced celery and cucumber in our salads everyday too and this would allow me to keep them in jars, already grated. BRILLIANT!!

  25. I do a lot of canning so I always have jars around. I’m on a diet to improve my health so this would help to and to speed up all the veggies I eat. it would be incredibly useful to be able to grate right into the jar!!

  26. Super handy! I currently have a grate cheese on plate, find separate glass container to store extra cheese system. This would be way better!

  27. Parmesan Cheese! That way it is always ready to serve when we have cravings for pasta. Thank you so much for this opportunity. This would be much helpful, if we get lucky enough to win.

  28. Ginger! I’m always getting out the big grater for ginger for my stir fries. This would be so handy.

  29. This setup is perfect for all of my fermented veggie needs. I make my own kimchi using my garden veggies; radishes, carrots, cabbage, green onion, bell peppers, garlic, zucchini – even Garlic Scape Kimchi (YUM).

  30. These look adorable, but it seems like they are not large enough for whatever you are grating to actually go into the jar instead of all over the counter. Any users out there – happy or otherwise – who can comment?

  31. I would grate nutmeg, parma cheese and or lemon/limes. Having a jar collect the grated food would be so much easier than grating over a plate!

  32. Cheese, frozen butter – for pie crust, ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon. I keep all spices in jars so this would work great!! Thanks!!

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