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May 30, 2013(updated on October 3, 2018)

locating the spice rack

The week Scott and I got married (nearly four years ago now!), my dad cut a giant hole in my kitchen wall and inserted floor-to-ceiling spice rack into a few inches of unused space. This had long been the wedding present plan, though looking back on it covering the apartment with drywall dust a few days before the big day wasn’t one of my better laid plans.

Still, I’ll never regret the mess, because I LOVE this spice shelf. Not only did it give me a bounty of additional storage space, the shelves are perfectly spaced to hold the canning jars that house my herbs and spices. Truly, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

my spice storage

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one using slightly past their prime mason jars for this purpose, but in recent years, I’ve discovered that I’m very far from alone. And this spring, Ball finally recognized the fact that many of us use their jars in this way and released a product designed expressly for spice storage.

Ball Dry Herb Jars

Meet the Dry Herbs Jars. They are four ounce jars fitted with sturdy, locking shaker lids. I’m liking these herb jars for several reasons. I appreciate how large the holes are in the shaker lid (they’re akin to the ones you find on Parmesan cheese canisters) because they allow chunky things like kosher salt and red chili flakes through.

Herb Jar

I appreciate the slight rim on the edge of the lid, which means they stack with a sense of security. And finally (though this has nothing directly to do with their utility as a spice jar), I love the look of the smooth-sided four ounce jar. Would that they’d kick those quilted quarter-pints to the curb and sell these by the dozen!

shaker top

Thanks to our friends at Ball, I have a box of these Dry Herbs Jars to give away (each box contains four shaker topped jars).

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you store your herbs and spices.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 2, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon after.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

In addition to the giveaway, I’ve created a Pinterest board for photos of herb and spice storage. If you’d like to pin to the board, mention that in your comment and I’ll invite you to participate. It’s simply for fun, no additional entries to the giveaway will occur if you participate.

Disclosure: Ball has provided two sets of these Dry Herb Jars, one for photography purposes and one for giveaway, at no cost to me. However, I am unswayed by this gift and my opinions remain my own. 

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841 thoughts on "Giveaway: Ball Dry Herb Jars"

  • Would be handy for all the fresh herbs I dry from the Farmer’s Market. Sure looks better than plastic baggies =
    And I totally agree, Ball should switch all the 4oz jars to these nice smooth sided ones.

  • Wow, those are awesome! I store some in the freezer and some on the pantry door and some on the counter. Depending on frequently they are used is where they are stored.

  • i do nothing special with my herbs and spices. i saw these awhile back and thought they were cool.

  • Some in the jars they came in, some in spice jars I’ve recycled when empty, and when I mix up spice rubs… Anything I can find… Baggies, empty jars, plastic containers. These ball spice jars would be perfect!

  • Ooh, I love the smooth sided jars too! My spices and herbs are currently a big jumble in the jars/bags they come in, all jammed in a shelf that’s over my head, so it’s a total gamble whether or not I’ll find what I want without dropping everything else all over the stove. Some organization and fancy jars could only help matters!

  • Glass jars, of course! I have glass jars from Penzey’s for most of my herbs and spices. These squat jars would be very handy.

  • I store mine in bags from the bulk section, old glass jars that used to contain salsa and tomato sauce, the jars they came in, whatever I can find and keep them fresh in the pantry. I need a more organized approach, in addition to a way to keep them fresher longer.

  • Most are in the jar they came in…herbs that I dry from my garden usually go in the 1/2 pt. mason jars. Some spices from bulk bin go in whatever I can find, recycle or just a plastic bag. What a mess! New homes should come with built in spice racks like yours!

  • I primarily store spices in glass jars – including recycled jars with the old faded labels that my mom had on the shelf when I was growing up in the 1970’s. I also use tiny jars for those handful of things that are in the spice drawer in the kitchen that I use sparingly most of the time – nutmeg nuts, ground rosemary, etc. In the storage pantry are the old spice tins for cinnamon sticks whole cloves and other winter time spices. There is also the backstock in bigger glass jars for cinnamon and cumin we buy by the half pound and the gift of colorful paprika tins from eastern Europe that have been reused for more paprika. It is a bit of an organized chaos and those lovely sized jars would be perfect to make more order of the hodgepodge.

  • These look awesome. I use old spice bottles/jars for mine. We try to stick to similar spices, because the taste never fully washes out, but I still shudder because I’m using plastic. Ugh. For my fresh-grown herbs.

  • I mostly store my herbs in the garden :o) If not there, then whole spices in small canning jars.

  • These look great! I have been using blackboard chalk painted onto the tops of my jars…but they tend to smear! is it cilantro? or parsley? hard to tell

  • I store mine in the bottles they come in, but since I planted my first herb garden this year these would be fantastic!

  • I’ve mostly been storing my herbs & spices in the garden bed right against the house! We’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate where we can grow most of the herbs & spices we use, aside from pepper, salt, & cinnamon. When I do get around to drying the herbs, I mostly re-use small jars – old spice jars from the grocery store, small Mason/Bell jars, little jars of who-knows-what from the condiment section of a touristy-type shop. I also send herbs & spices from the garden to friends who live far away, which means we go through those re-used jars from time to time.

  • I mostly store herbs and spices in their original glass jars. Recently I have taken to using canning jars for some of my homemade mixes like taco seasoning. These jars would be great!

  • our spices are pretty willy nilly. lots of little glass jars, a few in tiny plastic baggies. we do often buy in bulk and just re-fill our glass jars. thank you for the giveaway!

  • I store mine in an embarrassing array of PLASTIC. Aaagh. But I am
    Sooo excited about these jars you have no idea! Hope I can find them locally soon!

  • I usually refill my existing jars, but these would be great for homemade taco seasoning and such.

  • I use a variety of glass jars, some canning jars of different styles and some old “refrigerator jars” (have a neat red and white lids). Love the shakers!

  • I have a spice cupboard and a drawer that is overflowing. I’m totally addicted to Penzey’s spices…I typically buy the small bags and then move them in the small canning jars…I put the label on top. I did just see where someone painted the tops of lids with chalkboard paint — allowing you to write on/write off.

  • I store all my herbs and spices in Mason jars or reused glass jars that seal well. I am on a limited budget but I have accumulated quite a collection by buying small quantities of various herbs and spices from the bulk section of my local Winco store.
    I would love these little jars for some of my home made spice blends.

  • Oh, those look awesome. I have a hanging metal rack, which I hang my fresh herbs to dry, but could use a way to store them once they are dry.

  • I just cleaned up my spice drawer by getting rid of all the bulk bags. I now have spices in small stainless steel tins, old glass spice jars, ball jars, you name it. I love little jars and can’t quit buying them.

  • I have no fancy herb storing technique, just a small shelf that holds them in the jars they come in. I have a friend however, who bought a bunch of little tin canisters with magnets on the bottoms so she can store her herbs on her refrigerator. They have clear tops so she can see whats in them and it looks a lot nicer than the random magnets on my fridge!

  • Storage is a work in progress at our home. Try to store the small Penzy’s spice jars and mark with a “R” on the lid for the refill spices available that are kept in the freezer for freshness. Is this the correct way? Still learning about them all….

  • Right now they are stored in the small jars they come packaged in. My neighbor and I are starting to grow herbs this year so I would love these to store them in!

  • I store my herbs an spices in any glass jar I can find..mason jars..empty olive jars..any jar that comes into my home that is made of glass I reuse by store ing my herbs an spices an any home made mixs. It would be great to have jars made to store spices into ..

  • I usually leave them in their original jars, but I always right the date on the bottle when I open it. I also store them on a rotating lazy susan in my pantry for easy access.

  • I MADE my spice jars in a ceramics class. They hold 4 oz each so I buy or dry in bulk.
    Unfortunately, if I don’t have a jar made for a particular spice, it sits in a bag crammed down the side. I would love some other stackable jars that have dispensing lids. How cool! My former jars were tiny mason jars in a drawer and the lids were the only thing that I would have changed. What a great new product!

  • I hadn’t seen these jars before, but I do use canning jars for herbs and spices. These would be great!

  • Small mason jars, small plastic containers, small random glass containers… just about anything that’s small and fits in my too small spice cupboard. 🙂

  • I use some World Market jars right now, nothing fancy. Also sad to say I store extra in zip lock bags ….Oh, no! So as you can see I NEED these ball spice jars!!!

  • I use old spice jars or cheap jars I get from World Market to hold my garden spices. But I love jars in general…and my girlfriend goes nuts when I have jars with nothing in them 🙂

  • The glass jars they came in. I created some of my own blends (like for tacos) and these would be perfect for those!

  • These would be fabulous for the harvest of herbs I’ll have this summer! The tips are a great addition.

  • I store mine in the jars they come in & use Tupperware bacon keepers to hold the assortment. Can take out a whole tray at once. Keep baking spices in one, cooking spices in two others.

  • I put mine in drawers, lying down label side up, in utensil trays. So I can see everything instantly!

  • I actually recently purchased a tiered shelf so I could see all of the spice jars I have in my cupboard. It makes things so much easier when you’re too short to see into the back without a stepladder!

  • Heavily used spices like salt & pepper, as well as other baking needs such as baking powder and homemade blends, I keep in mason jars. Other spices are generally kept in their original jars, but I’ve been thinking about moving all of my spices to mason jars, if only to make it easier to measure out. I think these jars may be just what I’ve been looking for.

  • My pantry shelf looks so much like yours! Mason jars of old, blue, new, with plastic, zinc, and some wire topped lids. Love them all!

  • Most spices are in wall racks attached to the side of cupboards.
    Some are hanging in the pot rack with the cast iron. Frequently used,
    like salt and pepper, are on the shelf above the stove. Love the look
    of these new jars!

  • Right now my herbs are stored in little plastic shaker bottles. Not my favorite, but it works for now.

  • We just moved and I was amazed at the quantity of spice jars and bags and random containers we have. Reused spice jars, mason jars, baggies, small brown bags-you name it and it’s got an herb or spice in it! Time to organize!

  • In magnetic containers on the fridge, in jars on the counter, and the rest of the bounty is stored in a basket in a cupboard by the stove!

  • I’m terrible about storage of my herbs and spices. I leave them in their containers and in a cupboard next to the stove. Some of these are more than 18 years old! Yikes! This weekend I’ll be throwing some of those out!

  • I love to dry herbs that I grow in my garden, but right now they are stored in baggies, so I would love to have a set of these jars!

  • Like you, once my home-grown herbs are dried I put them in small jelly jars and recycled jars. The new herb jars are great.

  • Right now, dried herbs from the garden are being stored in old chili sauce bottles and pickle jars. The canning jars I used to store them in have been diverted in hopes of getting a pressure canner and putting up chili, etc. I like using all the odd shaped vinagrette jars and such, since you can remember the shape of the jar for each specific herb/spice on a crowded shelf.

  • I use various glass jars… But none with lovely shaker tops 😉
    One things I’m bad about is re labeling the jars thinking I will remember it’s ground clove or is it allspice… Hmm. Mystery spices!

  • My spices are a source of frustration right now. For years they have been all thrown together in a box, and it takes far too long to fish out the one I need. Trying to devise a solution to fit my small kitchen. Your spice shelf is awesome!

  • Our spice storage takes up 2 shelves in one of cupboards and is like a Hoarders episode. No container is the same, some have labels falling off. It’s bad. This would be a great start to reorganizing! I also love your spice shelf and agree that drywall dust is worth the mess in the end.

  • I have been currently using the glass jars that I buy the spices in, then refill from a larger bag of spices or buy what I need in bulk to get the right amount. For example, I use a lot – no, make that A LOT – of cumin, so I buy a big ol’ bag from a Mexican grocery store to fill up the spice jar as it empties. Due to the lack of spice space, I haven’t been using larger Ball jars for extra spice storage… but I do like these cute little jars. And yeah! They aren’t quilted! It would be nice to get both the smooth-sized jars and the shaker caps separately.

  • I have glass jars I purchased from Penzy’s. Some with spices in them and some extras. These Ball jars look like they would stack really nice and I love the shape of them.

  • Some I keep in the storebought containers, some I put into re-purposed jars… the fact that these thing are all different shapes and sizes makes for a rather messy cabinet!

  • I usually keep my herbs either hung or in an old (ugly) spice jar. I’ve been looking for these. They don’t carry them in my local Walmart and Ball is out of stock. Amazon is WAY over priced.

  • My herbs and spices are in a variety of jars and bottles that I like to call “whatever we could find at the time.” It seems like we are using increasing numbers of bulk herbs or ones we dry ourselves, or mixes that we make, and although I’ve bought some jars specifically for that purpose, there never seem to be enough, so we use what we can. The only exception to that is vanilla, which is made frequently and lives carefully in the dark in brown glass bottles.

  • I need these!! I buy all of my spices in bags, and need a better way to store them. Hopefully I can find these locally!

  • Sold! I will be looking for these!
    Currently I’m using a mix of refilled commercial containers and canning jars from 4oz to full pints (what can I say… I use a lot of dill and mustard seeds!)

  • I use the spices I buy in their original packaging, and the ones I dry like oregano and rosemary, I find jars for it. It would be lovely to have uniform sizes.

  • My spices and herbs are jammed in a cabinet. Some are in recycled glass jars, others are in baggies and others are in mason jars with the lid/ring combo. This is a great idea. I can’t wait to get some!

  • I store mine in little recycled jars. I have some VERY old spice jars, that were my grandma’s that I cherish, love those old labels. I also use mason jars, of course!

  • Amen about those little quilted jars!

    We reuse the little plastic containers from spices long since used up. Baby food jars, old condiment jars, and even a few canning jars.

  • This blog post reminds me I need to clean my spice cabinet. It’s one of those places in my house that, no matter how hard I try, just gets cluttered and messy. Some of my herbs are in plastic containers, some in plastic bags, some in jars. It’s a mess.

  • Some are in jars, but most are in baggies because I buy them bulk in small amounts and don’t have room for 30 jars. So, if I win this terrific prize, I will have to figure out a new (and better) system.

  • I currently store my spices in the half pint wide mouth canning jars. I was looking at these jars in the grocery store the other day and although I think they would be too small for my bulk spice purchases I was curious if the regular 4 0z. canning lids would fit on them. Like you, I’m not a fan of the quilted jars.

  • I store them in jars- sitting in old cake and loaf pans so I can slide a pan off the shelf for easy access! I think my 10 year old budding chef will go crazy for these jars- he’s already started drying his own herbs!

  • I tried to DIY a magnetic spice rack, but it was a major fail since I couldn’t find a good adhesive to attach the magnets to the lids. :-/ bummer. So they’re back in their drawer in their regular containers. I’d love to grab a couple of these. I love Ball jars as storage! 🙂

  • I reuse herb and spice bottles, small containers of glass, plastic, baggies; whatever I have on hand. The new Ball jars look marvelous.

  • Some are stored the way they came, home dried pepper flakes are in neat little plug top glass jars, some are in Ball jars…a mess in my cabinet for sure so they are corralled into large tupperwares to keep them from falling out!

  • I store my cooking spices next to the stove in pull out slides, and my baking spices in my baking center in shelves in their original containers.

  • How do I store my herbs and spices? Very poorly. Because I buy almost all of my spices in bulk, I have a pull out drawer in one of the kitchen cabinets stuffed with plastic bags of spices (they never quite make it into my little spice jars.) I have vowed multiple times to straight out the mess, but it never seems to happen.

  • The herbs I harvest from my garden are stored in “found” odd jars. I would love a more orderly and classy look, which sure seems to be what Ball has come up with.

  • I use the ball jar salt & pepper shakers, but these are on my wish list. I think a set or two are to be purchased for my daughter and daughter-in-loves that grow their own herbs.