Ball Dry Herb Jars

May 30, 2013(updated on April 24, 2023)
locating the spice rack

The week Scott and I got married (nearly four years ago now!), my dad cut a giant hole in my kitchen wall and inserted floor-to-ceiling spice rack into a few inches of unused space. This had long been the wedding present plan, though looking back on it covering the apartment with drywall dust a few days before the big day wasn’t one of my better laid plans.

Still, I’ll never regret the mess, because I LOVE this spice shelf. Not only did it give me a bounty of additional storage space, the shelves are perfectly spaced to hold the canning jars that house my herbs and spices. Truly, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

my spice storage

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one using slightly past their prime mason jars for this purpose, but in recent years, I’ve discovered that I’m very far from alone. And this spring, Ball finally recognized the fact that many of us use their jars in this way and released a product designed expressly for spice storage.

Ball Dry Herb Jars

Meet the Dry Herbs Jars. They are four ounce jars fitted with sturdy, locking shaker lids. I’m liking these herb jars for several reasons. I appreciate how large the holes are in the shaker lid (they’re akin to the ones you find on Parmesan cheese canisters) because they allow chunky things like kosher salt and red chili flakes through.

Herb Jar

I appreciate the slight rim on the edge of the lid, which means they stack with a sense of security. And finally (though this has nothing directly to do with their utility as a spice jar), I love the look of the smooth-sided four ounce jar. Would that they’d kick those quilted quarter-pints to the curb and sell these by the dozen!

shaker top

Disclosure: Ball has provided these Dry Herb Jars at no cost to me. However, I am unswayed by this gift and my opinions remain my own. 

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841 thoughts on "Ball Dry Herb Jars"

  • I like to buy spices in bulk and finding things to put them in can be quite the feat! These are going to be so perfect! It also looks like they will fit in larger jars which would be terriffic!

  • I have a number of ball jars that have acquired hairline cracks over the years; once they’re unsuitable for canning, it’s dry storage duty for them!

  • Has it been four years already since you and Scott got married? Holy cow!
    Right now, our spices and dry goods jars sit on a small bookshelf wedged between a wall and the dining table. I need to change this arrangement someday– it’s just inconvenient to pull every spice bottle to see what it is.

  • I put EVERYTHING in jars…..dry that is:} I have all my beans, pasta, flours, barley, oatmeal,raisins walnuts etc..nay food that is dry goes bay in business buying antique bale and wire mason jars,,, had to have shelves made, bookcase and a welsh dresser hold all he jars…. would love to have the spice jars

  • Mine are in a kitchen cabinet. I like to buy spices in bulk though, so I would love to have more containers!

  • I keep mine in their original containers in a dark pantry. I just planted an herb garden for the first time this year, so I have lots of fresh herbs that I can cut fresh whenever I need!

  • Those Ball jar people are so smart! These would be a large step forward from my many shaped and sized jars that I use to store spices.

  • LOVE! I aspire to have organized spices, but, in reality, my spices are a tangled mass of tiny plastic bags from the bulk spice bins at the store. 🙁

  • I store my herbs in a combination of glass mason jars & emptied plastic peanut butter jars. I would love to have a set of the new Ball shaker jars & lids.

  • These are so awesome looking! I usually use regular ball jars but having jars with lids for sprinkling would be so much more convenient 🙂

  • I send old mustard jars through the dishwasher and use them for spices. Because we buy so many different kinds of mustards, the jars are all different and don’t stack well. These look great!

  • I am currently storing my spices in their original containers. They are such a mess! Some are taal, some are short, some are bigger around than others. I would LOVE to organize my studs in the same types of jars! This would be a great start!

  • My herb storage is rather hodgy-podgy, a mixture of re-used spice jars, small glass goodwill finds, a few quarter pint mason jars, and some small ziplock bags. This storage solution looks excellent. I’d love to give it a try.

  • I keep glass jars or plastic containers and use them for spice storage. Keep them in a dark pantry as they tend to last longer:-)

  • I just planted my first herb garden last weekend – Chives, Parsley, Basil, Cilantro, Rosemary, Oregano, Thyme, and Sage in two BIG containers on the patio. These little Ball spice jars will be perfect!

  • Probably would have to say “crappily”. i have some of the most rickety containers from bulk stores i use. and then the standard box store whatever i bought them in ones as well lol.
    and where……tragically next to my stove.

  • I use a mix of repurposed jars all piled up on one another in a cabinet. The ball jars look perfect as does that lovely spice rack your father built!

  • I use many different types of jars and and reuse spice containers. I grow my own herbs and different spices so I need small and large containers. These jars look appealing and useful. I have not seen them in the stores yet.

  • Not storing my spices very well it appears!

    Yes, would like to follow you on Pinterest.

  • I have dried herbs in past and am actually planning on drying oregano this week. These herb specific jars look like a great, efficient use for herbs and spices. Thanks for sharing!