Giveaway: Ball Dry Herb Jars

locating the spice rack

The week Scott and I got married (nearly four years ago now!), my dad cut a giant hole in my kitchen wall and inserted floor-to-ceiling spice rack into a few inches of unused space. This had long been the wedding present plan, though looking back on it covering the apartment with drywall dust a few days before the big day wasn’t one of my better laid plans.

Still, I’ll never regret the mess, because I LOVE this spice shelf. Not only did it give me a bounty of additional storage space, theΒ shelves are perfectly spaced to hold the canning jars that house my herbs and spices. Truly, it was one of the best presents I’ve ever received.

my spice storage

For the longest time, I thought I was the only one using slightly past their prime mason jars for this purpose, but in recent years, I’ve discovered that I’m very far from alone. And this spring, Ball finally recognized the fact that many of us use their jars in this way and released a product designed expressly for spice storage.

Ball Dry Herb Jars

Meet the Dry Herbs Jars. They are four ounce jars fitted with sturdy, locking shaker lids. I’m liking these herb jars for several reasons. I appreciate how large the holes are in the shaker lid (they’re akin to the ones you find on Parmesan cheese canisters) because they allow chunky things like kosher salt and red chili flakes through.

Herb Jar

I appreciate the slight rim on the edge of the lid, which means they stack with a sense of security. And finally (though this has nothing directly to do with their utility as a spice jar), I love the look of the smooth-sided four ounce jar. Would that they’d kick those quilted quarter-pints to the curb and sell these by the dozen!

shaker top

Thanks to our friends at Ball, I have a box of these Dry Herbs Jars to give away (each box contains four shaker topped jars).

  1. Leave a comment on this post and share how you store your herbs and spices.
  2. Comments will close at 11:59 pm on Sunday, June 2, 2013. Winner will be chosen at random and will be posted to the blog soon after.
  3. Giveaway open to US residents only (so sorry, further-flung friends).
  4. One comment per person, please. Entries must be left via the comment form on the blog at the bottom of this post.

In addition to the giveaway, I’ve created a Pinterest board for photos of herb and spice storage. If you’d like to pin to the board, mention that in your comment and I’ll invite you to participate. It’s simply for fun, no additional entries to the giveaway will occur if you participate.

Disclosure: Ball has provided two sets of these Dry Herb Jars, one for photography purposes and one for giveaway, at no cost to me. However, I am unswayed by this gift and my opinions remain my own.Β 

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841 responses to “Giveaway: Ball Dry Herb Jars”

  1. I currently store my herbs in a series of jars, containers, canisters, and boxes… I could really use a system. Thanks for the chance to win πŸ™‚

  2. Most of mine are in the original jars. Although I am hoarding the Archer Farms jars to pu my McCormick spice mixes in down the road…and anything from the bulk place goes in them as well. Except the lavender, cinnamon sticks and rose petals. Which live in bail top vintage jars or the like.

  3. I store mine mostly in small canning jars. Though I do have a large set of spice jars from an old rack system that I still reuse too!

  4. I currently use old spice jars and random jars from the thrift store. I would love to have matching jars for all my herbs and spices!

  5. I currently store dried herbs in whatever I can find–small resealable food storage containers, zip lock bags, and reusing jars from store bought spices are the top 3 methods. It would be wonderful to have a better alternative!

  6. I used the tupperware spice containers for years and have only recently started to move them to glass spice containers.

  7. Most of my herbs are currently in 8oz jelly jars, with a few items that we dry ourselves in larger jars (like the 1qt jar of parsley dried from our garden). These would be a most welcome addition to our spice rack!

  8. My poor spices are just in the containers that they come in on a shelf. Some others from the garden are just in canning jars. These would be really cool! I wonder if they just sell the lids? Also, your shelves are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win these. πŸ™‚

  9. Mine are in a variety of containers- if I buy them in a jar, they stay in that jar. If I buy them in bulk, bags or packets, they are either in an appropriately sized canning jar, or in a baggie. Right now they are in a narrow cabinet in my kitchen that not a lot of other things will fit into, but I need to work on a system to be able to see what is in there.

  10. My herb storage is a huge mess πŸ™ I’ve been trying to come up with a good solution for the numerous bags, mismatched spice jars since we moved 2 yrs ago they are just sitting around in a box a basket and it’s a pain to dig around looking for the spices i need. I would love to win some nice spice jars to inspire me to clean up and organize my spice/herb mess.

  11. My spices are currently stored in the packages they came in. But I’m trying to streamline my life, and would love these because I could fill them in the bulk-spices section!

  12. I store most of my herbs on the plant because I haven’t found a good way to keep them in jars. I’d love to dry some to have in the kitchen so I won’t have to wander all over the yard picking a sprig of this and a few leaves of that – especially in the rain! These Ball herb jars look like the perfect push I need to change my lazy ways and get some nicely dried and well-organized herbs in the cupboard.

    Thanks for all your good ideas and fun posts!

  13. I use an assortment of glass spice jars, but I store my spice overages (that I buy in bulk) in maon jars that I vacuum seal. These would sure help and look pretty in my cabinet.

  14. Ugh! My spices are in totally random holding jars in a drawer, so I have stickers/labels on top to figure out what is what. These look amazing (especially since half of my jars are on their side because they are too tall for the drawer!)

  15. I keep everything in the store bought spice jars and I just reuse them. Some may say vanilla bean, but actually have chili flakes in them! It’s slightly confusing!

  16. I store all sorts of things in my canning jars, especially the vintage jars that have a unique shape. These spice jar lids also fit on larger jars. I put one on a pint jelly jar and store my Stevia powder in it. Works great!

  17. I store my spices in glass jars in a drawer. I wish I had the room for Mason jar spice storage! I’m hoping they’ll sell these lids ala carte. Thanks for the great review!

  18. My spices take up most of the cupboard to the right and left of the stove in a variety of containers, celophane, glass and plastic.

  19. My spices are in random old spice jars that had been previously some other spice. I’ve scribbled the name (maybe) in a sharpie if it’s lucky. Otherwise we just guess what’s in it by where it is placed on the shelf. Some of my spices are in giant Costco-sized plastic containers which I know I will never use before their prime. I feel terrible about that. The reality is that I really need to dump my ancient spices and invest in some delicious fresh ones. These new jars would be just the inspiration I need.

  20. I store the spices from the garden in whatever I can find, bags, bottle’s, and jars though they never seem to be big enough. Nice spice rack by the way…give’s me ideas.

  21. Marisa,
    What do you use to store your water bottles– is that a wine rack? Genius!

    I’m currently in transition from an old magnetic spice jar system to small eclectic (thrifted) glass jars. I would totally love to get my hands on some of those smooth sided 4-oz jars!

  22. I store my spices in canning jars, old pickle, olive, jelly jars, decorative jars with corks, zip lock bags, Tupperware…Man do I need a new system! My husband likes the quart canning jars the best with ground cinnamon, ginger, paprika, etc!

  23. Congrats!! I store my herbs & spices in the orig packaging! I know, it’s not good for them or my cabinet!!

  24. I try to use the good glass jars the spices/herbs come in. Especially the ones from Fresh & Easy. Solid lids with tight seal. I usually keep a few empties around for bulk spices and label accordingly. I would like to try these jars from Ball. Nice size too. CHEERS!

  25. We have an old farm house which means very little storage for anything. All my spices and other kitchen essentials are in Ball glass jars stacked anywhere I can find room. I grow and dry a lot of my own herbs and spices so I do not have the luxury of store bought containers so these containers would be awesome for me!

  26. Right now my spices are in many different containers. some glass jars, some plastic bags that I bought them in from the bulk section. Others are ones that I dried myself and just tossed in a snack bag. I could really use a better system. I keep all my pastas and beans in old ball jars, but don’t have enough jelly jars to use for spices. I would love to win !

  27. I have a hodge-podge of sizes and shapes of jars crammed into the top of my pantry. Some are old jars reused. Some are old jars with old spices in them. And yes, there are a few new ones.

  28. My herb and spice storage is a mess! There’s one weensy spice rack on the wall with original glass spice jars that I refill as needed. Mason jars, plastic store-bought spice jars, other jars with cork lids, it’s like a rummage sale up in here! Oh and I would love to participate on the Pinterest Board! (

  29. Most of mine are in the original plastic container from the store and thrown into a big box in my pantry because I just haven’t gotten around to organizing them yet. I have to dig to find anything and it is horrible!

  30. Mismatched jars swimming around in storage tubs. I save Republic of Tea canisters for the home grown stuff, but you can’t see what’s in them :/ These look like the could work well for dried edible flowers and show off the pretty colors!

  31. All over the place – in the cupboard, on top of the fridge, in the closet, in the original container, in Pyrex containers, in plastic baggies. Was just thinking about a different plan today, and am thankful I subscribe to your RSS feed.

  32. My spice situation is challenging at best. Many many TJ’s jars
    Mixed in with this little plastic bags with twist ties full of bulk spices
    Then…. An old Nalgene camping spice kit of un-recognizable camping
    Spices….. Help! Please send the spice paramedics!

  33. I have some in little tins w/ magnets on the bottom that stick to a metal plate hung in my pantry. Great in theory, except they often get knocked off. The rest are in a fabulous pull out cabinet w/ 3 shelves that accommodate various heights of jars/bottles.

  34. I store mine in small baby food jars or any small jar that I have from something that I used that was in it.
    BUT, I LOVE BALL for coming out with these they are Awesome and I now will organize my spice closet with these fantastice jars. Glad to see Ball is still make GREAT products that even my Grandmother and mother would love!!!!

  35. Mine are mostly in what I bought them in, some are plastic bags from the bulk bin. Do these jars have the ability to label the lids? I like being able to see the spice name from the top if I choose to put them in shallow drawers. Thanks for the chance to win!

  36. Herb storage at my house is pretty chaotic and would drop an OCD person to their knees if they ventured a peek. The haphazard (often precarious) stacking of herbs and spices in their mismatched original jars proves to be a dangerous gauntlet especially at mealtime. A quick grab for a favorite from the front row is fairly safe, but if your aim is something more exotic from the back of the cabinet, prepare to unload at least 10 or 20 jars to clear a path. Better don some protective headgear, too. Now, where did I put that jar of saffron?

  37. I’ve been drying some of my own herbs the past year, and I’ve given some of them away in decorated baby food jars that I couldn’t bear to just toss. The rest of my herbs and spices are kept in their original jars when I bought them. These Ball herb jars are awesome, especially with that opening :o)

  38. I store the bulk spices and herbs in larger mason jars or recycled jars from whatever I have. And use old spice jars and reused smaller jars for my spice drawer spices!

  39. Everything is in the pantry, but it’s a hodge podge – some in the jars or bags they came in, some in ziplocs. I would love to see theses jars on my shelf. πŸ™‚

  40. I use a garage workbench for my kitchen island and the top drawer is entirely spices. I mostly keep them in their original container organized by how often I use them but I do have a fair collection of baggies with small bits of spices in them.

  41. I adopt the multi-use approach to storing herbs. Currently I have rosemary flowers in an open bowl on the counter, rosemary and sage in open jars on the same counter, lavender and chive flowers in plastic bags, and various plastic, glass and metal containers with sharpie labeling to remind me what I have stashed in the cupboard…some nice glass jars with stacking shaker lids would be unbelievable…

  42. I purchase most if my herbs in bulk and store my herbs mainly in mason jars. I save unique shaped jars when empty of other foods. I wash and save them to use for my herbs and storing beans, rice, etc. I love glass jars!!

  43. My herbs and spices are a total mess in all different containers and bags! These jars look great and would certainly help me organize.

  44. Well, sadly, I moved into a new home recently, leaving my custom built-in 8-shelf spice racks inside two doors of my 42″ cabinets. Now I have spice chaos. They are everywhere, and generally one or more falls onto my head every time I open a cabinet door.

  45. All my spices are stored in a plethora of hodgepodge glass, plastic, and metal containers. I long for the day when they are all switched over to something more uniform!

  46. I never thought to use jars to dry my herbs, what a great idea!! I always use my mason jars for smoothies, juices, and bulk items like rice and beans.

  47. I have a chaotic herb and spice storage situation. Some are in the containers they came in, some are in repurposed jars and containers, and then I have a mess of stuff still in baggies from the spice guy at Central Market in Lancaster and from the Indian grocer. These new Ball jars are perfecto! And I agree with you on Ball selling these quarter ounce jars for canning instead of the quilted ones.

  48. I buy them in small bulk amounts that are packaged in tiny zip bags. I work out of the bags as I need them, which isn’t good idea because the contents get in the zip part and the bag never seals right after that. I waste a lot because they become stale in no time. Boy, could I use something better!!

  49. I use mason jars for some of my bulk herbs, and the containers they come in for the rest, but goodness do I love these!

  50. Since I grow lots of my own herbs, these jars would be a classy addition to the cupboard. Right now, herbs are stored in pints, half pints and spice jars.

  51. I love all the “new” things that Ball is introducing. I bought their vintage blue jars and love them so much I took one to my office for water.

  52. I live in a small Trailer with my partner, and our spices are in their original jars in a small cabinet. I would love to save room and try this!

  53. I use small mason jars to store my herbs and spices. I would love to try out the dry herb jars. They look really cute! πŸ™‚

  54. We use all kinds of jars to store our own dried herbs, dried chiles, and spice blends. Mostly reused glass spice jars and some of those quilted quarter pints you hate. Even reused mayonnaise jars.

  55. Spices are in all different size and shape glass jars in the cupboard. Also, I keep some in the freezer. Nothing exciting.

  56. I keep changing how I keep my spices, because I can’t find the “perfect” setup for me. But I am pretty happy with how I have them now, on a very unimaginative spice rack in a cupboard. Not a “cool” way, but it keeps them fairly orderly and I can see what I need. πŸ™‚

  57. I just planted my very first herb garden this year! I’m a rookie when it comes to storing herbs. Thinking these jars would make a great “first!”

  58. Right now, most of my herbs are in containers on the deck growing and waiting to be picked when needed. As for spices, I have a mix of glass and plastic reusable jars that I write or affix labels. I really need to go through my spice cupboard and ditch some old dusty spices.

  59. Seriously! I was going to post anyway, but then you’re also doing a give away! I adore your shelves and want to know what was behind there so he could punch into the wall like that. I wanted to do that last year in my stairwell and my mother talked me out of it…grr. I WILL pin for sure, because I have a while pintrest board dedicated to jars and the amazing things to do with them, so yeah, duh.

    AND congrats on the wedding! So many happy days!

    -Anna in Alaska

  60. These are adorable! I sometimes use the bigger jars for spices, but these make so much more sense. I could stand to reorganize my spice rack and these would be the perfect start to that process.

  61. I keep my herbs in paper bags, ziplock bags, frozen in cubes with olive oil and in glass jars with sealable lids.

  62. I use a variety of repurposed glass spice jars (simply organic, among others) as well as lots of mason jars of many shapes and sizes. I would love to try these!! Thanks.

  63. Ooh, I am jealous of your spice shelves. Mine have taken over a complete upper cabinet by my sink. Herbs and spices on the bottom shelf with those stepped things to make them visible; extracts, colorings, leavening and other odds on the middle shelf; and the top shelf is my overstock shelf – big containers and a basket holding all the Penzey’s bags. I would love the Ball jars, especially since it looks like World Market stopped carrying the little ones I’ve been using!

  64. I have been storing my freshly dried herbs in reused herb or spice jars that I’ve cleaned out and bought a few tin style storage jars but they don’t work as well. I saved sage in tin which worked but the container is now rusting and lid isn’t really that secure. I put the majority in a drawer and have them (when they are organized) by alphabet but now we have more than one layer of spice jars and some plastic envelopes of bulk spices that need homes. I’d love to win the Ball Spice jars! Good luck everyone!

  65. I use mostly mason jars (different sizes and styles) at the moment. I did put peel and stick chalkboard labels on them though, so they look cute.

  66. I have a shelf hung to the side of my stove, where all of my super important spices live, and the rest of them are on a lazy susan in a close-at-hand cupboard. It’s what is working out the best for me!

  67. My spices are in various reused glass and plastic jars. There are none that match and on several do not have air tight seals. These new Dry Herb Jars appear to be the perfect answer for herb storage and an organized spice self. I just Love the concept and looks of these!

  68. Unfortunately I have them stored all over in a slew of different sized and shaped jars. Really quite a pain.

  69. I have 2 spice racks that twirl that I bought off some home shopping years ago, and what doesn’t fit on that are in various recycled bottles and even some bags on small lazy susans.

  70. I currently store mine in recycled spice jar, which are way too small. These ball spice jars would be perfect.

  71. Pesto out of everything. Herb butters in freezer. Dried herbs in food dehydrator. Grow em eat em. Love em.

  72. I just use the containers the come in from the store. Except for all the different salts that my daughter loves to cook with, so far those are just in the plastic bags they came in. These jars would be nice to organize the salts. πŸ™‚

  73. I buy many herbs and spices from an Arabic grocer where goods are packed in cellophane envelopes. Storage after opening the package is always an issue. This looks like a great solution.

  74. I mostly reuse spice jars from spices I’ve purchased not in bulk. But I do have about 5 of the ball 4oz jars in rotation as well. They are a great size for spices that I use most often. I would love to win this.

  75. My spice cabinet is a mish mash of a mess! Things fall out when I open, things get’s bad.

  76. I have these mini canning jars with pop off lids that are airtight. I used a glass marker to write the spice name on them. It was a good idea, so I thought, until I realized it’s not easy to distribute the spice without a spoon, or using my fingers (which is not the best way to use spice.)

  77. i store my spices in small glass jars in a spice cabinet created out of an old ironing board cabinet. it’s lovely.

  78. Miscellaneous containers. I’m a bit of a container freak and if I see unusual ones and can get them, I get them. Those little ball jars would be just right for the cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and cloves that I have in bags in the fridge right now.

  79. My spice cabinet is a mish-mash right now. Some pint sized quilted Ball jars, some 8 ounce Ball jars, some recycled/reused plastic shakers from previous store-bought herbs. Spices are on a double-stacked lazy susan in my cabinet. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  80. To store my spices, I use jelly jars with plastic lids. I have a drawer that is deep enough for the jars to stand up in & I’ve written what is in the jar on the plastic lids…

  81. I tend to re-use old spice jars, and have 2 shelves in my pantry devoted to them. One day I hope to have something a little more organized…I have a very happy herb garden and would like to try and dry more of what I grow myself.

  82. Small odds and ends jars for larger herbs and my new Ball spice jars for my home dried crushed herbs. Still need another set though, but alas, no cash.

  83. Right now my spice jars are too tall to fit properly in my kitchen drawer so they have to be laid flat. Looks like these spice jars would solve that problem!

  84. I store them in whatever I can, usually the jars from yeast or the small jelly canning jars… but none of those have a shaker lid like these πŸ™‚

  85. I have used jars from empty spices, crafty jars from Joann’s, old canning jars, zip lock bags. Whatever is left over. All jammed in a cabinet or the rolling cart that holds my bread making supplies.

  86. I refill old glass spice containers from the store and the 4oz quilted jars. I’m ecstatic that they now come in smooth ones.

  87. Mine are in a hodgepodge as well – some canning jars, some plastic bags (from the bulk bins), some miscellaneous small glass jars, some purchased spice/herb canisters that have been refilled. These new jars look awesome!

  88. I use canning jars of different sizes to store herbs that I grow & dehydrate myself. I also keep spices in the little round containers in thiz sturdy box that stacs them 2 deep & 2 high. My mixed seasoning mixes & salts (some of which I mix myself) I keep in a cabinet with a turning table.
    Love these new spice jars & lids!

  89. I mostly use the bottles and jars they come in, but I’ve decanted some into better canning jars — and some are still in baggies, waiting for these dry herb jars!

  90. I store several of my spices in the freezer. I also have some in the kitchen cabinets. I need to be more organized and would love these great jars! Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

  91. the most used ones are in neat glass bottles from an OLD twirly spice rack in the “garage” where the mixer, rice cooker, food processor, are housed. the spice rack is long gone. The big jars are on a large pull out shelf with names written on the tops to find them. Still a lot of searching for the right one. These look awesome. AND I love anything in glass! Neat giveaway.

  92. I store my spices in those pesky 4 oz. quilted jam jars. The quilted bit doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that they don’t seal because they just have lids and bands so they’re not easy to stack that gets me. If I try to stack them they start sliding all over the place which freaks me out because the last thing I need is glass shards and cumin all over my floor. I’m with you though, smooth 4 ouncers for canning would be adorable.

  93. My spice cupboard is the very shallow cupboard that housed the fold down ironing board years ago. My house was built in the 20’s, but by the time we moved in, my great grandparents had already converted the ironing board into a spice storage and the old ice box into storage as well. I hold onto all kinds of interesting jars for spices. I’ve started getting some in bulk from the Indian food market, so for these larger quantities, I store them in pint jars.

  94. Love these. I use whatever empty jar is available, old spice jars, old mason jars, but then I find at times I have to empty them out in order to finish up a batch of something or another. My only little quibble. I would love to see the lid design in metal instead of the plastic without losing the ability to stack. Great idea…on an old favorite friend, canning jars.

  95. I use the original containers for most of my spices, some old jars for things like nutmeg, I love your spice shelves, I’m seeing a project in my future!

  96. I buy most of my spices in build from the local coop store or and Indian store or mail and store them in glass jars as well. These are such a useful size and I love the shaker tops. Thanks for the draw.

  97. Right now they’re all piled into a deep drawer with the most used in a basket towards the front. I love these Ball Spice Jars, thanks for the fun give-away:@)

  98. My spices are handy in a drawer, with their names on top (mostly), in baby food jars, and those tiny jam jars and old spice jars from my old room mate, and… you get the picture!

  99. We have moved to a smaller kitchens and have been trying to,figure out how to organize our spices. I am really tired of the hunt for what I need. Your storage system plus those great jars might just do it!

  100. My kitchen is so small, with the amount of spices I have, I invested in those spice racks that have drawers that pull out and bend down. Each one holds 27 jars and I had to buy 3 of them! They don’t hold my mason/Kerr jars, but that’s ok. Just started dehydrating my own herbs and some veggies and am loving it!

  101. I love the size of these. I usually store too little in large mason jars . Seems to loose flavor or punch sooner. These are great !

  102. We use mostly glass jars ~ some original jars ~ and refill them at the health food store with the amounts we would generally use in about a 3 month time frame. Although, I did recently purchase a pound of brown and a pound of yellow mustard seeds. Americans will eat 7 billion hot dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day.. That needs a lot of mustard!

  103. I just moved, so my spices and herbs are a mess. Some are in 8oz jars, but most are in the bulk plastic containers I get from the farmers market.

  104. These are great. I get many of my spices in bulk so end up with many little baggies. Gets very messy.

  105. I use a revolving spice rack for most of my spices, but I have several that I’m attempting to grow & dehydrate for my own use. These would be awesome! Love the design!

  106. I currently store spices in the Tupperware spice containers, but would like to ditch the plastic. I just haven’t found anything I love that won’t break the bank to switch to.

  107. I have a lot of herbs & spices, stored in a motley collection of small & large jars. Some are reused jars that spices were bought in. Some are canning jars or larger size bought jars. Some are in plastic containers. They end up on a salvaged & repainted spice rack, and also a row of shelves I built on an otherwise wasted wall in my small city apartment.
    ***I would like to share pics if Pinterest is easy to use.

    Thanks, Marisa!

  108. I buy my spices in bulk and years ago bought spice jars from container company. The Ball jars would augment my spice jar collection nicely!

  109. Right now my spices are shoved in little plastic containers or the plastic bags they came in…slowly switching them all to glass.

  110. My herbs are stored in the containers I bought then in in one of my cupboards. I want to upgrade my storage and these jars seem like a great first step. Thank you for the giveaway!

  111. I store herbs and spices in a cabinet with a turn table and on a shelf…it’s a mess! I just started my first herb garden so these would be great!

  112. We keep some of our spices in a small spice rack on the wall next to the stove and the rest in a basket that you have to dig through.

  113. I have used jelly jars as herb containers for years! I love them as they are perfect for the job, and look so nice lined up on the shelf. I also use quart and half gallon jars for dehydrated fruits and veggies, as well as dry goods like rice and beans. I would love to have a chance to try these new jars with the lids. It would be really nice if they would sell the lids separately though, as I would be more apt to purchase them for jars I already have.

  114. I love canning jars and use them for a lot of storage. I usually find an old spice jar or ball jar to store my spices. I would love to win. THanks so much for the chance.

  115. Most of my herbs and spices are in the containers they came in on a lazy Susan in a kitchen cabinet. Ones I grew and dried are in jars other things came in like jam and pesto. Everything’s a big mess, and it sometimes takes a while to find what I want. These would be great for my home grown herbs!

  116. For at least 10 years I have been using ball jars for my dehydrated herbs, peppers, tomatoes, fruits and more and probably have at least 3 cases full of this deliciousness! Love that I can see my spices and dried peppers. We grow at least 15 kinds of hot peppers and they look lovely in the jars! Grind em, mix em, use em!

  117. Just recently renovated kitchen and added a spice drawer! I love it! I bought spice jars from Chefs Tools and I love them. They are all labeled and in order so I always know what I have. The jars are big enough to hold the bulk spices I buy, but not so big that they overpower the drawer. It’s so much better than my lazy susan!!! Can always add a few more jars to my collection, I’m already short 2 jars! lol

  118. My wife keeps her herbs and spices in the jars they came in or picks them fresh from the garden. I think the idea of drying some of the garden herbs and using them in the winter months would be a very attractive idea to her.

  119. I buy in bulk so my spices don’t always come with a jar. I use Mason jars, jelly jars, mustard jars what ever pretty jar I have stashed away. Would love these Ball dry herb jars!

  120. I use old jam jars to store most of my bulk spices/herbs (I mostly have Bonne Mamman jars but have some Smuckers jars, too). I usually keep my other spices in the packaging they come in, but I just bought some teeny 2.7 and 5.6 oz (they are so cute!) Weck jars to transfer some of those. I also keep corn starch and my home ground oat meal in old spaghetti jars.

    These Ball jar lids look awesome! Will they be selling the lids separately? I hope so!

  121. I’ve developed a little pantry-moth issue (I suspect the bulk dog biscuits), so I’m transitioning everything to glass containers with tight-fitting lids. Hated using up all my 1/4-pt jam jars, though — plus, they don’t stack well more than a couple high. Thanks for the heads-up on these.

  122. I buy many of my spices in bulk and they come in plastic containers. Much prefer glass for long term storage. They fill a drawer in my kitchen.

  123. I’m with you on those quilted jars. These are a great idea, I’d love to give them a try!

    I keep my spices in whatever boxes, bags and whatever they come in all over the place. Not ideal, I know.

    I find the longer I’m at this, the fewer spices I use because I enjoy letting the produce speak for itself more. Which means that I only keep a bunch, instead of a ton.

  124. All our spices are in little 1/2 pint and pint Ball jars in the designated spice cabinet. I keep a few out that I use everyday like cinnamon, hot pepper flakes, salt and pepper.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  125. I have so many spices that I have 2 areas for them. One is in a cupboard with 2 revolving shelves- one for savory & the other for baking spices. I also have a drawer that contains my collection of Penzey & speciality spices

  126. Wow, I had no idea they came out with these! They are so cute I just have to get me a while lot now! Can we say anniversary present! πŸ˜‰ who doesn’t want the spice cabinet to look pretty, especially those of us who have a mix match of reused and recycled containers…thanks for the information and giveaway!

  127. Oh my God,I am excited as you are!!!!I use jelly jars and punch holes in the top of the lid!!!!These are amazing,I would love some!!!!!

  128. I store my herbs and spices in glass jars with white lids that used to hold Amish jams. I purchsed them at the Flint Farmers’ Market, enjoyed eating the jams and then repurposed the jars which fit perfectly on the spice rack I bought years ago at an antique mall. πŸ™‚

  129. I use ball jars for my spices. The 4oz jars for small batches and pints and quarts to store my bulk herbs. I even store my liquid Castile soap in them because I can get it locally made in bulk.

  130. I use canning jars for my herbs and spices except I just use a regular canning lid…….I think these Ball spice jars are pretty nifty.

  131. Genius! I save all the old jars and if I’m lucky enough to happen on a zinc lid or two, I use those for the dry herbs with the old blue jars. So pretty.

  132. I corral all of my small spice jars in one plastic storage box. These are a great idea, not too big, not too small.

  133. I have used the 4oz jam canning jars since they came out for herb. The shaker would be great. Just LOVE canning jars. They are beautiful!! Thanks Ball…..

  134. I save old spice containers and reuse, and I use old jars of all kinds to store my spices and seasonings. I have a floor to ceiling wire shelf rack in my pantry that is full to the brim with spices. I stocked it up on a recent trip to the spice market in Dubai! Such fun! I really love the shaker tops on these Ball jars, and would love to win. Thank You!!

  135. I store them on these plastic “steps” so I can see the ones in the back aseasily as the ones infront. They’re in the containers they came in mostly, a few are invarious jars.

  136. I’m all “reduce reuse recycle” about my spices: I tend to reuse decent spice containers with the label removed, or marked over in sharpie, for new spices. There are also plastic baggies, of course. It’s a wreck. I keep looking at it and thinking “Well, it’s clear that I cook.”

  137. My house has a cool counter end with a door that opens revealing a big spice rack. It fits most of my spices. The overflow goes in bins above the stove. My bulk spices stay in their bags- which is why I would love these jars. May need to buy a few myself.

  138. I would love to try these with the mint that I grow… They seem to be a great idea for shaking out the leaves for tea!

  139. I store my herbs the exact way you do! On a shelf in the breakfast nook. Mine looks extremely more messy though… πŸ™‚ P.S. I pinned something from your spice board.

  140. We have a very small kitchen, and very limited storage space. I store my herbs on a shelf in shallow bins I can pull out and put on the counter for a moment while I’m cooking.

  141. I have a revolving spice rack, and a drawer, and a tray that I can pull down from a top shelf… I think I need to downsize!

  142. Love the look of these. I just remodeled my kitchen and have two big drawers with inserts for my spices. Being able to open a drawer and instantly see what I’m looking for is wonderful.

  143. My spices are stored in a hodge podge assortment of glass jars and old spice containers. Definitely not beautiful to look at.

  144. I love these! I also store my spices in jars- but only some of them mason jars. I’ve been known to repurpose regular jam jars, sauce jars, I even have a pair of TINY jars that had been filled with sample size of maple syrup. So for me, its really whatever I have, so long as I can put a screw top on it.

  145. A lot of my herbs and spices are stored in old baby food jars. I also repurpose commercial spice jars when I find myself obliged to buy off-the-shelf rather than picking up fresher bulk herbs and spices for one reason or another. Once I’ve got the jar, I might as well use it! And, OK, I might have a few plastic bags of bulk spices floating around that I’ve never gotten put into actual jars…

  146. Love these new jars, they are beautiful! Would use them for homegrown and custom mixed herbs and spices.

  147. I have a cupboard with a pull out drawer that I store my spice bottles in, but above the drawer is a shelf that holds a lazy Susan filled with more bottles/jars and all around the lazy Susan are the larger containers I own. Now I have migrated to the cupboard above which is filled with several shelves of spices. I keep some in the freezer, as well. I also have a plastic tote with a handle in the lid that I keep bags of spices to refill the jars. I have too many!! I also dry my own herbs from my garden and keep them in Mason jars. Dried herbs, peppers, etc. These new Mason spice jars look awesome!

  148. I need cute little jars to store them in because right now I have some in one of those prefilled, round racks from the store.

  149. I just started canning last year.. I wanted to try to start drying herbs from my garden this year. When I saw your post I was so excited. Any tips on the best way to dry them for storage in these jars? Thanks for your post!

  150. Our many spices are stored in all sorts of containers, jars, bags, the container they came in, etc…. They are crammed in to the space on the top of the bakers rack, stacked and piled on each other, so every time we want something it is a treasure hunt where everything ends up on the table. I am jealous of your rack…..everything is right there in front of you not buried!!!

  151. Use whatever is available. Baggies, freezing, old spice jars I’ve cleaned out. And please send me an invite on Pintrest.. I love that site.

  152. I have a mixed up mess of glass bottles for my home grown herbs, along with spices in the store bought plastic ones. I keep them on a lazy Susan in my cupboard , which is convenient, but messy.

  153. Most of my herbs and spices are in the containers they came in on a lazy Susan in a kitchen cabinet. I would love to win these jars and buy some bulk herbs.

  154. I *need* these…. my spices are in the containers they came in. very messy! BUT I plan on drying basil and peppermint from the garden this year and these jars will be perfect!

  155. I started buying old canning jars from garage sales over 25 years ago – all sizes too. I use them for storing everything from herbs to rice and have always loved the hunt. I have 2 wide mouth bale top jars which I still can’t find rubber rings for and a really neat small jar that has lever closer on it that I still can’t find out anything else about. they are so versatile, there’s no reason not to use them

  156. Some of my smaller quantity herbs I keep in the bags they came in, but sometimes I transfer them to old empty herb containers.

  157. I use Tu[perware containers for a lot of my spices. For basil and oregano from my garden, I use pint size Ball jars. You can never have too much basil on hand!

  158. I mainly use old jelly jars that came out of my great frandmother’s house. Also original containers and refill them.

  159. I use all different sizes of mason jars to store my herbs and spices. When I get a new order of bulk spices I put some into a 4 oz jars for the kitchen. The rest goes into appropriate size larger jars, which are stored in my basement pantry( pint, pint and half, quart etc.). I use the mason jar attachment to my foodsavor and seal the larger jar. When I need to refill the 4oz jar I pop open the larger jar, fill smaller jar and reseal larger jar. Keeps all the herbs and spices much fresher for a longer time.

    I too, wish Ball would make smooth sided 4 oz jars.

  160. I store our spices in pint jars. Your shelf is wonderful! I have to come up with a better place to store ours tho…I look like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to find spices here and there…lol.

  161. I am another jar saver just for spices and herbs. I do grow a lot of my herbs and then dehydrate them just before winter. Also have a small herb pots for window sills but have all these jars filled with wonderful smelling herbs and mixtures for different dishes. Now that spice rack is a beauty. I would love to have something like that. to put all the jars and grwoing herbs on.

  162. I have an entire cupboard for spices/seasonings. The top is for Asian, the middle had a 3-tier shelf where I store everything alphabetically, the bottom has 2 lazy-susans–one for salts/peppers/rubs and the other for spices that I use the most, and between the lazy-susans I have larger jars of taco seasoning, pizza seasoning, etc. My husband also made me a pull down/out rack for under the cabinet that houses my baking/canning spices.

  163. I just put in my herb garden so until now I have just been buying herbs from the store and keeping them in the jars they came in.

  164. I’m not very good at dried herbs. Last year we harvested and dried everything out in the garage. Then I just used zip lock baggies in the freezer …

  165. Most of them are in those metal Soho containers that are magnetic, and they’re stuck to my fridge. The ones I don’t have containers for sit in little baggies on the counter…

  166. I leave the store-bought dried herbs in their original container but I would like to try drying herbs from my garden

  167. My spices are stored above my microwave and what a HUGE mess they are..I have some that are stored so far back I don’t even know what is there.

  168. I use canning jars a lot, but lately I’ve been saving the T.Marzetti salad dressing jars, and they work great! I like these new Ball jars though, because the can be stacked!

  169. I love the look of these spice jars too! I’m planting my first ever herb garden this summer and have started settin aside old spice jars to hold the dry herbs I’m hoping to gain from the garden. These jars would be perfect!

  170. I will be starting an herb garden this year for the first time and will be using mason jars according to size to store the dried herbs.

  171. I mainly store my herbs / spices in 2 or 4 oz. spice bottles and leave them on a bottom shelf. I have not seen these little jars from Ball – but I will be looking for them now.

  172. My spice cabinet is work in progress. I have those tiered shelf stackers and realized that a brand of herbs I often buy (Simply Organic) comes in square sided jars that neatly fit on the tiered shelving. So, as I empty one of those jars it gets washed and relabeled and filled with herbs from a different source, like dill from the garden, or rosemary from the bulk herbs section at a local natural foods store. So, maybe one day, there will be order and symmetry in the spice cabinet. And of course, there are some things, like herbs for tea, that are stored in jelly jars!

  173. This cracks me up because I store my spices in 4 oz Ball jars with the white freezer lids. I hate how they don’t stack and the quilted sides. This proves they can make them plain. Please, dear Ball….plain sides for regular jars? Love these!

  174. When my Hun Bun built our kitchen cabinets, he measured and built the shelves (in what was to be my dedicated herb/spice cabinet) to fit 2 stacked half pint jars. I can also stack quarter pints and would love to add these. : )

  175. AWESOME–way to go BALL! I recently have been shopping for bottles for my spices as I’ve run out of re-useable bottles. I usually keep purchased spice bottles and peel the labels off (if possible) and tape a new label on with my latest spice. I buy a lot of spices in bulk and have recently started growing and drying my own. My mishmash of spice bottles takes up a lot of room. Wouldn’t it be great to have them all organized and looking pretty?

  176. I use pint jars and old blue Ball jars to store herbs and baking supplies such as flour, sugar and brown sugar. A much prettier way to encourage myself to bake more!

  177. I’ve been waiting for something like this for a long time! Right now my spices are in Tupperware containers (I sold it many years ago), but I’m trying to get away from plastic storage. These would be a great start! Thanks for the give-away!

  178. I leave store bought herbs and spices in their container. I did just purchase my first home, and I’ve been thinking of adding a storage area like you have for my spices since my kitchen is a galley kitchen with a solid wall. These containers look great!

  179. I buy cheap herbs from dollar store & dump the herbs & replace with the fresh ones I dried in my dehydrator. I use my label maker to mark the contents if different from label. πŸ™‚

  180. I have a few small glass containers for spices from Penzeys, and a pile of plastic containers, all stuffed into one level of a cabinet. Except the vanilla extract. That is in a big mason jar on the top shelf developing a stronger flavor everyday.

  181. Those are so cool!
    I use jars for EVERYTHING. I have plants growing in some of them, they are to-go containers, I keep pens in some, others are vases, others hold seeds or whatever…you are only limited by your imagination with jars!
    Thanks, love the pics!
    πŸ™‚ Terri

  182. My shelves are full of small canning jars, old spice jars that are refilled, little baggies… *sigh* It isn’t very attractive, but it works.

  183. What pretty jars! Mine are stored in whatever they came in, or sometimes in little throwaway plastic containers. I need to makeover my spice shelf.

  184. I have a spice rack that holds about half of my herbs & spices. The rest are in various bottles and jars in a kitchen cabinet. I’d love to get them organized, and all in the same size jars.

  185. I have store bought herbs & spices in their original containers. Homemade mixes are in Tupperware type containers. I have a few little spice jars that hold spices bought in the bulk section or that came in the plastic bags.

  186. My spices live in a combination of mason jars, and “the containers they came in”. Most of my spices are in mason jars, since I buy the big bags at the Indian Grocery. Herbs are mostly grocery-store, so they stay in their containers of sale. Inefficient, but sufficient.

    I keep dreaming of having the time and money to go totally mason-jar. Or maybe metal, and magnetize everything, and hang it up… (tiny kitchens are tiny).

  187. Some spices are in magnetized tins stuck to a magnet board, others are jammed on a double-decker lazy susan by my stove.

  188. I use old spice jars and TONS of older mason jars as well. Clear, glass, and stackable; can’t beat it!

  189. These are wonderful! I’m hoping we will be able to purchase just the lids at some point in time. I use jars to store just about anything that comes in a bag – noodles, spices, beans – it really helps to keep the cupboard organized.

  190. I had been using old spice jars; but finally started buying small decorative jars by the case that latch and have gaskets at the openings. The looks nice and make great gifts; but the don’t stack well (at all).

  191. Mine are crammed into a cabinet too high for me to reach in original spice jars and plastic bags. Not good.

  192. These look so cool! I would love to use one for a salt cellar on my counter, but I may need an even bigger one because we use so much Kosher salt! My spice drawer is just a mess of plastic bags. I see a major overhaul in my future.

  193. I have one small cabinet entirely dedicated to spices and dried herbs. It is the absolute bane of my existence. I can never find anything on the top shelf without standing on a kitchen chair, and I often have an avalanche to deal with as the jars are all stacked one on top of another. I am a hopeless Penzey’s Spices addict.

    These Ball spice jars look really nice.

  194. I bought a cheap plastic lazy susan for one of my cabinets. It has a second shelf, but taller spice bottles don’t always fit in the bottom part. Then I end of storing them next to the lazy susan, which doesn’t allow me to see what I have without hunting. It works for the most part, but lacks any flair.

  195. I keep my spices in whatever small containers I can find-some mason jars, for things like parsely (which there should always be plenty of!), but also some grocery store spice jars, and some old yeast jars and such. The stackability thing is definitely a problem with the various sizes of containers…

  196. Mine are a mishmash of store-bought plastic bottles, plastic baggies from bulk stores, and glass baby food jars (to hold the herbs I grow and dry in my own garden). I’ve been looking for a way I could streamline that jumble; these jars look perfect! Thanks for the great giveaway.

  197. I’ve just put herbs into my container garden. I’ve never grown them before. Up to now, I’ve just purchased herbs and spices from the grocery store and kept them in the jars they came in. I want to dry some of these new herbs and will need something to store them in. These little jars would be perfect.

  198. Have been wanting to try these but I too keep reusing canning jars and saved jars. Love the space – I’m getting ready to have a rolling rack made for my spices.

  199. I’m ashamed to admit this, but I’ve been growing herbs for over ten ears and I’ve NEVER dried them. I’m afraid of mold. I realize this makes me a bit crazy. I also only recently discovered bulk spices… I said, ashamed. Maybe these jars will be a good jump start for me. :). Thanks for the giveaway! Oh, and I’d love to see that Pinterest board! Is it by invite only?

  200. I store store spices in smaller jars on racks inside my cupboard doors, in larger jars in a wood crate set in the kitchen island, and random containers tucked here and there in other cupboards. I love your spice shelves! so easy to see everything.

  201. I store mine almost exactly like you do! I’ve also got a handful of vintage pyrex spice canisters which I’ve got on an open shelf. Love them!

  202. Your photos make me feel so much better about my “working kitchen” (as a friend put it) (wishing I could post a photo for your enjoyment)…love and peace

  203. I usually store them in small plastic bags in a drawer or in the store cnotainers they come in – however, planted my first herb garden this year and am learning every day to find better ways of doing things, healthier ways ! These little jars, which I haven’t seen before, would be very helpful in getting organized so YES, I’d be delighted to have them !

  204. Herbs from the garden are dried and stored in zip lock bags in the freezer.
    I have a drawer in my mixing area where I keep my spices and the extras are kept in the freezer. I like the Ball jar idea. I may have to look into this, if I’m not your winner.
    For Christmas I was given some spices in little plastic containers, they are in my freezer – they need to be in the jars.

  205. Seems I use whatever cute jars I can find, like jelly jars, baby food jars, etc. Would love to have these.

  206. I use recycled spice jars and ball jelly jars for my spices. It eclectic to be sure. I’ve been promising myself spice jars for some time but haven’t found just what I want yet. These may be it.

  207. My herbs spice storage is a train wreck. Some are in an actual spice rack, some are in a cupboard in either the jars they came in or a hodgepodge of various containers, and many others are in the plastic bags they came in from Penzeys. In my fantasy world, I have everything in smooth-sided 8- or 4-oz. canning jars and a lovely open rack to display them. Someday…

  208. I’ve used & refilled Spice Islands jars over and over again for years now!
    I cannot WAIT to try the new Ball herb jars. How fantastic to have se uniformity in my spice cabinet!

  209. I always use canning jars for my spices. They seal up for the tightest fit and my long handled measuring spoons work great with the deeper jars. I even made a special shelf area for the shallow commemorative ball jars, which are handy for smaller spices and look rustically cool, too! Thanks for a chance at these jars. I was hoping they would come out with a shaker top.

  210. Love these little spice ball jars! Currently, I use small square tins to hold the spices that I use regularly, and then use different sizes of jars to hold the bulk spices. When the tins start running low, I refill them from what is stored in the jars. These little spice jars would be great to replace my tins!!

  211. When we moved into this house (hopefully our last), there was no apparent storage for spices. There was, however, a laundry room (more like a corner), off the kitchen, and in the laundry room was an ironing board which dropped out of a small cabinet. I knew without a doubt that I was NEVER going to use that little, odd-shaped ironing board, so
    we took it out, installed shelves, and that’s my spice cabinet! Works great. We measured the shelves to accomodate both commercial spice jars and our own.

  212. Sigh… a mishmash here …store plastic jars which I do not like at all! And plastic bags…which I do not like! Love these spice jars!

  213. I mostly use the ugly containers they come in–but these are so much prettier, take up less space, and they stack! Hurrah!

  214. I have a terrible system for my spices. I just started looking last week on a better storage system. Currently, they are all just stacked and crammed in a cabinet. Not functional at all.

  215. Since I have virtually no organized storage of spices, I would love to get my hands on some of these jars! As it is now, all my spices are shoved into a cabinet in their original containers, and I’m always hunting for what it is that I want/need.

  216. I have a drawer where spice jars lay flat. It’s not big enough for all of them, so in the pantry I have two tiered shelves where I stock extra and spices and herbs that used that often.

  217. These are great for storing dried herbs and the stackability is definitely a plus. I haven’t seen them in stores around here yet, but keep looking for them!

  218. Love these new Ball spice jars — as well as their new plastic containers. Currently, store my spices in my kitchen pantry. Have been looking for ages for new spice storage ideas.

  219. Most of my herbs store-bought and still in their original jars. I do have a few jars of seeds from gardens past.

  220. I still store my spices in the spice rack we got as a wedding gift. The jars are awful, and I am not a fan of how much space it takes up on my kitchen counter. I have been too lazy to figure out a new solution πŸ™

  221. I have long used Ball half-gallon and quart size jars to hold all sorts of dry goods from grains to pastas to brown sugar and coconut, etc. etc. Would love to try these for my herb storage, though some of my herbs like dill go right into freezer bags and into the freezer for great storage. Wonder if the lids on these jars would be freezer-approved.

  222. I try and store them in glass spice jars, but am also using masons! I love your kitchen – mine is a bit of the same πŸ™‚

  223. I have spice jars all along the walls on my kitchen counter, a spice rack (way too small) in the pantry, and I still find random spices in other places. This is the first year I planted enough herbs to actually dry some, so these jars would be perfect for storing those!

  224. We also have a herb shelf built into the wall by the previous owners. It is more cobbled together than yours. I re-use glass spice jars and fill my spices from the bulk section. I keep extra in the freezer.

  225. I keep my herbs in the containers they come in. This year I started my own herb garden so these jars would be wonderful to store the dried herbs in.

  226. I store my spices in the large bottles that they come from (I try to buy from a local spice store). I am growing a bunch of herbs this year that will be great dried for the winter, so will need to consider how to store them.

  227. Wow, these are so cool ! I’d love to try them. I wonder if the Ball website will say where we can get these in stores?

  228. I’ve been making my own herds and spice rubs for awhile now and I find I’m using old Ball jelly jars and recycled spice jars to put my handy work into. When you open my cabinet doors, you’ll find all different shapes and size jars. It will be nice to finally have uniformity and stackable jars for ease of finding those creations! Plus, they would make a lovely gift to give πŸ™‚

  229. I store my herbs and spices in a collection of unmatched jars on a shelf in my cabinet. Mostly reused jam jars and the jars that spices came in, but no Ball jars so far!

  230. Unfortunately in the jars they come in. I am gradually looking for a better system and LOVE these. I think I have found what I have been looking for.

  231. a mishmash of jars, plastic containers that bill spices come in at the farmer’s market, grocery store spice jars… in short, it’s a mess! By te way, the parm cheese lids atent water-tight but they actually do fit mason jars (regular mouth) and can be repurposed that way! Thanks for the giveaway!

  232. Those Ball spice jars are the bomb!!!!
    I use so many different methods of storage and like others posting, my spice ‘shelf’ is a wreck! So many things just crammed in there – there is an avalanche of jars on a regular basis.

  233. Most of mine are in a stadium type rack in their original jars. The others are stuffed wherever they fit in Tupperware containers.

  234. I tend to repurpose glass jars the most for spice and herb blends, so it’ s not uncommon to see an old jelly jar marked “Cajun Seasoning” in my cupboard LOL.

  235. I store herbs and spices in lots of different containers, but they are alphabetized and on turntables.

  236. Those are awesome! Right now, I’ve just got my spices on a lazy susan in the cabinet (still in their plastic bottles, no less). Time for an upgrade.

  237. I like those lid designs, but 4 oz is way too small! I buy whole spices in bulk, and they’d never fit.

    Most of my seasonings come from my various garden efforts, so I usually end up with quart or gallon quantities of dried herbs, dried peppers, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, anise, coriander, dill, fennel (an aside–harvesting your own fennel pollen is so much cheaper than buying it, and you have stems, fronds and seeds to harvest as well!)…

    Some years some plants do better than others, but my friends and I have a “spice” party where we trade our homegrown excesses and plan a group bulk order–buying in bulk as a group gives us price and shipping discounts, so we’re able to afford organic/fair trade/sustainably wild-crafted spices, teas and herbs we can’t or don’t grow. It saves us money, allows us to support a company we like, and makes it possible to cook with very high-quality ingredients (with appropriate storage).

  238. My spices are stored in the jars they came in, in the empty spice jars they sell at the supermarket, in Ball jars, and in some pretty airtight jars I have found here and there. Just like lots of others who have posted, it’s a mess! Still, it’s worth the mess to have the bulk spices. Much cheaper and often much better quality than the little jars at the store.

  239. I store my spices in mason jars in the pantry that my husband built for me. It’s just wide enough for a jar to fit which is perfect!

  240. I store my herbs in a mismatch of different size mason jars, spice jars, and paper bags. Always looking for more ways to store the excess garden bounty!

  241. I use little quilted Ball jelly jars, and love them! I would like to try these, they look so convenient with the shaker on top!

  242. My spice collection is crazy. Right now, they live in the top drawer of a rolling plastic drawer thing in our kitchen. I have a bunch of uniform metal containers & rare earth magnets that will someday be turned into a magnetic spice rack, but….that day isn’t here. These jars look awesome!

  243. These jars look great! Right now all our spices are in tall jars in the drawer next to our stove. These would be much prettier to take to the table.

  244. I store my herbs in Ball half-pint jars. They fit perfectly in a drawer and I stick labels on them so I can quickly identify my herbs and spices.

    Please add my to the Pinterest board. I’d like to share my spice organization after I post about it on my blog.

  245. Nice! I keep my herbs in the jars they come in, for the most part, with bulk in the freezer. My kitchen is sunny yellow vintage-y style with red accents, so I love classic McCormick spice containers!!

  246. I did not know that Ball makes spice jars!

    I have a double-decker, lazy-suzan type spice rack which I inherited from my grandparents. I store most of my spices there, above my microwave, in the jars they come in. I have home-grown tried herbs stored in reused glass jars (honey, spag. sauce, etc.) in the pantry. This includes basil, parsley, peppermint, and spearmint. It would be nice to have something better.

  247. I use the jars they come in primarily and then if I buy bulk or loose have odds and ends jars I’ve collected over the years.

  248. These jars ROCK! Who knew!! I’ve used ball jars for my spices but have NEVER seen these. (will admit most of my jars are vintage as am I use them for storing food leftovers. Jars for my ginger mint tea (and yes I use my jars to store my ginger root AND mint after I’ve dried it) Cotton balls in the bathroom, rubber-bands in the cupboard, Even corks and ‘saved’ nic nacs in my craft room. A great way to see the color of your left over paints…store them in large ball jars!Sewing room has jars of buttons and left over rick rack. I make my own mayo and mustard and of course they are in ball jars. I even have many old lids with glass inserts (don’t use those for storing any food stuff except dry-goods). I can my own food. I have Crohn’s and ANYthing from a box or can, or processed food can send me into a tailspin…so instead of suffer and starve, I can my own food.
    My dog developed allergies and YES, I can their food now too (she feels SO much better). I am on a fixed income and at Christmas I make food in a jar for gifts and my family all knows to SAVE AUNT DEBBIES JARS!!
    Glass doesn’t stain, or seep plastic man made chemicals into your food…And best of all when if one breaks, you can recycle the glass. Why add more plastic bags to land fill?
    Glass jars rule!!!

  249. I buy my herbs in bulk and usually leave them in the plastic bags that they come in. I like jars better though, but the one ounce jars you can get for this purpose don’t hold enough. These new Ball jars look perfect.

  250. My herbs and spices are in a wide variety of containers, some on a turntable and the rest just stuck in around the turntable. Some are in the plastic or glass bottles they come in. For the stuff I buy in bulk I use recycled glass jars. For my home grown herbs they are stored in jelly jars. I would love to have some lovely jars such as these Ball herb jars!

  251. My husband made me a shelf system on the wall in my pantry that holds the 4 oz. canning jars. I love my herb & spice shelf. However, I really like the lids on the Ball Dry Herb Jars. They would work much better than the regular canning lids.

  252. Whatever I can find to fit them in, such a hodgepodge of various shapes, sizes and material. I love my spices!

  253. Love these. I too use alot of old mason jars for spice storage. I have a tiny kitchen though, so I also have a whole bunch of round magnetic tins that I use, they stick right on the fridge next to the stove and are very handy. I like the stacking aspect of these new dry herb jars too.

  254. I save the lids from the parmesan containers, they fit ball jars. These would be better though as they are smaller and take up less room!

  255. Mostly, the spices are in their storebought containers. But things that I’ve dried myself, or bought in bulk at the ethnic market or from Penzeys? Those are in either Ball jars or small recycled jars from mustard and such. These would be a GREAT addition!

  256. My spices are currently in a box awaiting our move. I would love to have new jars and start a better way to organize rather than stacking them in the cabinet.

  257. I buy a can/jar of spices, then refill it from Sprouts or Winco. I have some containers that are 35 years old, although the contents are fresh!

  258. I have all of my spices and herbs in a tall kitchen cupboard devoted strictly to them. My family thinks I am nuts because I have so many, but I use them! I think these Ball jars are fabulous. I often buy spices in bulk and put them in regular canning jars. The lids on these are so much more convenient!

  259. We’ve started buying our spices from either the bulk section of our local co-op, or bagged from the grocery store. This is great because then we can just refill old spice containers. For other stuff, I’ve been trying to acquire small jars. But the ones I have don’t stack well and are a pain to (re)label. These Ball jars look cute!

  260. I buy my spices from Penzey’s and just keep them in the jars they come in. But I also reuse those jars when they’re empty. I’ve dropped a couple of spices and broken the lids. I love these Ball herb jars.

  261. I use the jars that the spices come in unless I buy bulk and then just leave it in the bag – but that totally messes up my drawer – so these jars would help tremendously!

  262. I’m a horrible herb & spice keeper. I keep a lot of my self dried herbs in plastic baggies. I also try to reuse spice jars from empty spice jars. I have a hodge podge collection of old spice jars, spice jars from thrift stores/yard sales, and plastic baggies. It makes for very odd organization.

  263. I’m probably doing the same as so many of you-buying bulk herbs and spices and storing in old, reused spice jars.

  264. I currently store my spices in regular spice jars from the store, but I find that the seal on them is marginal so they dry out fast! This would be GREAT way to keep them fresh! Awesome!

  265. I have been storing them in the containers they come in, but have slowly been accumulating small glass jars of all sorts for purchasing spices from the bulk sections of my grocery stores.

  266. I have a pretty random assortment of jars and bottles at the moment, with tons of penzey’s jars (new and used) in the mix as well, all on a lovely set of shelves my husband built.

  267. I would love to win these jars as I already store my bulk items in ball jars and if I don’t win I will purchasing some anyway. thanks for the chance.

  268. I use old jelly jars, old canning jars, and I will snag empty spice containers from work (im a chef) and save them to put all my dried herbs, dried chilies, smoked chilies, and spice mixtures in. Ive also used old tin containers, like sucrets come in, and mini bottles (glass not plastic). Not to mention I am a colector of blue bottles, so anytime I find one small enough for herbs and spices I try to use those as well.

  269. Sadly, my kitchen has very little storage so all my spices are stuffed into a small cabinet. Whenever I need to find something that I dont use as often, I end up having to pull EVERYTHING out and restacking it all back in there. Very inconvenient! I can’t wait until one day when I have a larger kitchen!

  270. I use canning jars for my homegrown herbs, with lids from refrigerated Marie’s salad dressing–they fit perfectly.

  271. I use half-pint mason jars for my most used herbs & blends, McCormick jars (and some tins) from years past for smaller quantities.
    I’d love to unify with Ball!

  272. My store bought herbs and spices are in their original containers. The ones I grow and dry myself are in saved glass jars. My favorite glass jars are the small Classico Pesto ones. I like the square, small shape of them. πŸ™‚

  273. I’ve been putting my dried herbs from the garden in Ball jars, and using old parmesan cheese lids for tops. Works great!

  274. i reuse old mustard, peanut butter, pickle, mayo, you-name-it jars. great repurposing old objects, but it would be nice if they would stack a little more easily. plus with farmers markets in full swing now, i stock up on herbs and usually have some left to dry. those dried herbs are gonna need a new home…

  275. I have a spice drawer, when we did our kitchen, we planned for drawers for pots and pans, the top drawer is very short, but perfect for keeping all my spices, had to order specific jars to fit the space, that was the tough part, half spices, half foil/bags, plastic wrap. Love it!

  276. Herbs and spices end up in whatever is handy: the original jar refilled, the bag from the bulk bin, reused glass jars from capers, etc.

  277. My spice cabinet is overstuffed and disorganized. I’m in danger of blunt force trauma from falling containers every time I open it. I need help!

  278. Penzey’s spices come in nice reusable glass jars with shaker lids. They also sell empty ones for you to purpose however you wish. I also save empty glass spice jars from other brands.

  279. Really love these! I can’t wait to try these. I use old jars I find at yard sales. Since I grow most of my own herbs and spices I have discovered that going from the jar to the pot isn’t always the easiest. I actually use a flour sifter for some stuff, since I don’t have any shakers.

  280. We got some great small jars at Ikea that we currently use for quick & easy access. But for larger bulk items, we use canning jars of a variety of sizes.

  281. I usually use the jars they came in, but I buy a few spices in bulk and re-use some older jars to aliquot smaller quantities out for day-to-day use.

  282. This is awesome! I totally didn’t know Ball made such a thing! My spice drawer is in desperate need of an overhaul. Pretty sure I would find a way to make these work. If not in a drawer then in a basket in my pantry!

  283. I store my bulk herbs in a wide variety of jars and some in their original bags from the store. I just love the new ball dry herb jars especially the tops and their stackability!

  284. I reuse a lot of old spice containers, and any other little jars I might have saved. The little 4-oz quilted jars you mentioned are quite handy, but I agree, it would be nice to have smooth-sided jars for this purpose!

  285. I have a large drawer that is nice for storing herbs & spices lying down in the containers they came in but I believe these containers would sit low enough to fit in the drawer also. What a nice give-away!

  286. I mainly buy the small, cheap spice containers from Bed, Bath, & Beyond, but these Ball jars look like they’d work much better. Would love to try them out!

  287. Are you kidding? I’ve never seen these before. I feel my life is complete! I use some IKEA jars right now, but just push on tops. Not the greatest…

  288. These jars ROCK! I reuse square’ish’ spice jars because they lay in the drawer I use, but these would find a better home!

  289. I would love to try those lids. I dry a lot of my own herbs and therefore don’t really have a collection of lids that works like those do. Fingers crossed.

  290. These look like the perfect size and I love the shaker element. I would definitely be interested in the Pinterest board. Thanks.

  291. I love these! I keep mine in quart-sized jars, primarily, because I can easily go through a 4 ounce jar of many herbs in a week! I would love the put these lids on the bigger jars! It would be awesome if we could just buy these lids as well, without the jars, but I can always find a use for 4 ounce jars.

    • That was my thought exactly. Just the lids would be awesome. I have jars coming out of my ears. I would love to just be able to put the lids on any size jar.

  292. I’ve got a drawer full of spices, plus a section of my walk-in pantry is dedicated to spices and flavorings, many in original containers, some in tupperware spice containers. These jars look perfect!

  293. I have some old white glass spice jars from the forties, the lids are rusty and hard to screw on. The bulk spices go in a tall pottery jar. I would love these little beauties.

  294. My herb garden is doing really well this spring and I would love to actually dry and save them instead of just using them fresh. These would be a great option. Right now I mostly buy my herbs and spices from Penzy’s, so they come in uniform glass jars.

  295. I really like these jars, although I would love them in a bigger size. I currently have multiple lazy Susans in my pantry to house smaller jars, and large containerson an upper shelf to refill the smaller jars.

  296. I love these, and I agree that they are more attractive than the quilted jars. I keep my herbs in random sized, shaped jars.

  297. Sounds like a wonderful idea. I just started growing herbs and I want a better way to store and use them.

  298. I also use old mason jars, salsa jars, and the like. We have various plastic tubs that house the spices by category since we currently have to keep them up in a cabinet due to lack of space in our current kitchen.

  299. I use regular Ball jars, some tiny little glass jars that were given to me (but that are impossible to get anything out of) and some old jam jars. These guys look great!

  300. I have 1) a nice three-tier wire rack that hangs on the wall with assorted small jars, 2) a narrow shelf in the wall near the stove that wasn’t built for spices (shelves too few and way too far apart), but has some jars stacked in it anyway, 3) some space along one side of the stove-side cutting board/table that is beginning to be filled with assorted jars. But there’s always room for more, right? And with an expanded herb garden, these jars look like just the thing (and they will stack better in the above-mentioned built-in shelf, too).

  301. I leave most spices in their regular containers, but have some that are in baggies due to buying in bulk and I was eying these spice jars at Walmart over the weekend!

  302. I’m a bit ashamed to say that I store my store bought spices in the containers they come in. For the herbs I grow & dry, I have glass jars. They aren’t the proper dark glass, but they are stored in a dark, cool place.

  303. I keep my herbs/spices in the jars they come in, but I’d like to start buying them in bulk so these Ball jars would be perfect!

  304. I reuse jars just like you do or the spice containers, these would really work. I will have to look for them, Thanks for the chance to win.

  305. Most of my spices are in their original containers- although many have at this point been refilled with stuff from bulk spices. Spices that I have excess of go into any jars I have lying around that happen to fit them, which could be anything from old apple sauce jars to the 4oz Ball jars. It’s kind of mismatchy, but it mostly works!

  306. I haven’t had much luck growing herbs but when I have been successful they go in plastic baggies. Would love to use these jars instead.

  307. We used to use random jars but then we ordered a bunch of jars from penzeys. We order big bags of spices to refill the jars and store the extra in the freezer. Our spice.. area is a bookshelf

  308. I LOVE these, and covet them. Because right now most of my spices are still in their mismatched boring store containers.

  309. I LOVE these jars! I buy my dried spices in bulk if possible & use mason jars to store them. But even when buying from the bulk food aisle, I try to buy small amounts, so that I don’t have stale or old stuff in my cabinet.

  310. I have been reusing store spice containers (and re-labeling them) for new spices or multiple containers for larger amounts. The spices would be much more user friendly in the Ball jar spice containers!

  311. We have a few ways… either the original container, small glass or aluminum cylinders, or small ziploc bags (that can be kind of a mess). These little jars would work so much better.

  312. I currently store spices in the jars they come in . . . I haven’t yet cultivated my own to store away, but this is definitely something to think about!

  313. Right now I use everything from paper bags to my smallest jelly jars….these would be a most welcome addition!

  314. Currently, I have a tiered spice rack in the cupboard and most of my spices are in “Simply Organic” Jars, which are attractive, so I try to refill them by buying spices in bulk. I do have some in larger jars like bay leaves and peppercorns, and some of the containers don’t match, because my partner or my roommate don’t actually know that I want them all to look pretty. I try to keep them organized alphabetically, from back left to front right.

  315. I use a mix of tins, jars, ziploc bgse in a cabinet in my kitchen. Thinking about getting metal tins and attaching hem to my fridge with magnets.

  316. I store them in old store-bought spice containers but as my spice inventory expands I’m running out of jars to repurpose so my cabinets have become littered with stray baggies of this and that. It’s awful.

  317. I reuse lots of jars for spices but prefer the quarter pint masons. Unfortunately when I want to make small jars of jam to give away, all my quarter pints are full in my spice cabinet!

  318. I’ve got a drawer full of standard-size spice jars, but then there’s an overflow tin in my pantry for things I buy in larger quantities.

  319. My shelf looks just like yours πŸ˜‰ A mix of different sized masons with some store bought bottles. I’d love to have it all looking the same but buying spices in bulk or on sale doesn’t allow for prettiness!

  320. not nearly as consistent as your system, my herbs and spices go in any and all used glass containers: tiny canning jars, old herb jars, baby food jars.

  321. I store a lot of my spices in little metal tins that perfectly fill one drawer of my kitchen in a pleasing grid… but I also keep some right by the stove because they are used every day – and this is where the shaker top would be perfect. The recycled spice jar that I have my herb salt in (the base is kosher salt, so it’s chunky) doesn’t always let the stuff through the holes. Oh, I wish they sold the lids separately, too!

  322. I typically get all my herbs from growers at various farmers’ markets I’ve been lucky enough to be able to now call my friends. I’ve been hanging mine from anything I can find in the kitchen, they then collect dust until I deem them unusable. I find it truly shameful when I finally end up throwing them out. These jars look fantastic!

  323. I use jars, too. But I also use old tins. I don’t like to crush my dried harvestings so I usually store whole leaf (and sometimes even whole stem) which means I need something that holds bulkier items – vintage German candy tins do the trick and they are pretty to boot. They don’t store neatly, however, – there’s always a trade off.

  324. It’s kind of a hodge podge at my place — jars that they came in, recycled jars, and a few little spice jars that I picked up at IKEA.

  325. I store my spices all over my kitchen both in jars and bags. These look like they would help keep things much more organized.

  326. My most recent apartment solved this for me: there is a small shelf just 6″ under the kitchen cabinets and both run all the way around my kitchen. This shelf is just the right size for two rows of spice shakers or tins, or the tins turned sideways. I’ve had all kinds of fun arranging them to look pretty and show off fancier or more exotic spices, and it is ridiculously convenient. I may not be able to go back to a drawer/cupboard system when I move out, but I will be moving again soon, so I suppose I’ll have to manage.

  327. I keep my fresh herbs now in the fridge in jars; dried in their original jars. These look awesome! I’ve started two herb gardens this year on my back deck…they are doing very well. Could use these lovely Ball jars.

  328. I store the bulk of my spices in 4 ounce canning jars or Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter jars. The Smucker’s jars are good for herbs with stems or larger quantities. They have straight, clear sides and continuous threaded lids which make a tight seal.

    • Sometimes it can be difficult to get the label glue off the jar. I use the cheapest fat I have (many jar labels use a glue that is more soluble in fat) and a green pad and it comes right off.

  329. This is a fantastic idea. I often keep herbs in mason jars as well (especially home-grown/dried ones) and this is a nice neat way to store and stack them!

  330. I store my most used herbs and spices in little glass jars with white caps in a drawer next to my stove, the rest are in their containers in my cabinet.

  331. We just started drying our own herbs from the garden last year. I had taken to using some of the other ball jars as my “bulk herb” containers. For day to day use, I had started to save the old glass spice jars and would refill them from my bulk containers.

  332. I bought a house built in the 40s, complete with bread and root veggie drawers. But since I don’t stock potatoes and onions regularly, the spices are in their original containers all jumbled in that drawer. With these little jars I’d feel compelled to display them!

  333. What a great idea…I’m lazy with my herb storage and typically use the containers that they came in πŸ™‚ but would love to utilize jars this way!

  334. I mainly use the original containers the spices come in, but I store them in those clear shoe-box sized plastic containers, broken out alphabetically so I can find them more quickly. I have over 80 jars of spices, so I need that convenience!

  335. After years of buying herbs in bulk and keeping little baggies all over the place, I finally broke down and bought about empty 50 jars from Penzeys. But of course, I’ve since expanded my spices, and often make my own mixes. I also reuse old glass spice jars. I’m so envious of your spice rack. My spices are in four different places in the kitchen. Every day stuff next to the stove, used a lot stuff in a drawer, used less in another drawer, and hardly used in a pantry in the hall (stuff like file). Would love to have a set of these spice jars.

  336. I wish you many years of happiness. I have my spices in two different areas of the kitchen. One is closer to the stove. I seem to divide them between baking and cooking.

  337. I use the quilted 4 oz jars but it is a pain to unscrew the lids when I’m using a number of spices in a dish. I like the look of the top. I’m going to see if my local jar store is planning on ordering these. They might just fit the bill. Do you know if the lid fits a standard 4 oz or are these jars different from the 4 oz jelly? It’d be nice to be able to just buy lids and convert what we have.

  338. I have always loved to grow my own herbs but had a hard time keeping them alive. I finally did some reading and am in a place where my herb garden is actually producing. Now I can finally start harvesting! The only problem is that I don’t have anywhere to store all my fabulous herbs and they end up all over my kitchen in rolls of paper towels.

  339. I was just about to order these so I can get rid of my hodgepodge of mismatched jars…now I’ll wait to see if I win!!!

  340. Most herbs are just sroed in the bottles from the grocery, but I do store some in my jelly jars too. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  341. I am totally guilty of storing bulk bought spices in the plastic bags that they come in. Or.. if I bought already jarred spices, then they stay in the plastic shaker jar. Basically our spice storage is a mess..

    I too wish Ball would sell smooth sided 1/4 pint jars in 12 packs. I hate those quilted things, even if I am making jellies or jams. ugh.

  342. I mostly have spice jars from purchased spices. I have a few of the magnetic kind on my fridge, and for the random spices purchased in bulk when I didn’t have a spare jar, they’re in old prescription bottles.

  343. My spice shelves are filled with a messy collection of purchased plastic and recycled glass jars, and even a few plastic bags. I’d like to be buying spices in bulk — just what I need and can use before it loses its flavor — and these jars would be wonderful! Thanks for the giveaway chance.

  344. Right now I usually store my herbs in the jars they come in, refilling from bulk packaging when necessary. My dream pantry would include all my spices in matching jars!

  345. I have spice jars I got a yard sales, small mason jars, old jelly jars, you name it I have spices or herbs in it. It’s a mess.

  346. I’ve been using the original spice jars, some milk white spice jars that came with a spice rack I inherited from my grandmother, some small canning jars…..these would be cool to have!

  347. My plan is always to reuse spice jars that I’ve saved after emptying them. But really? I have a disability to accurately judge volume. 1/4 cup of dried parsley from the bulk bin doesn’t look like much at the bottom of the plastic bag so I add a bit more, then a bit more. And then when I get home, I have to store it in a pint size mason jar because nothing else will fit it.

  348. I use a mix of jars for my herb storage: old spice jars from the store for smaller quantities and past-their-prime canning jars for large quantities of home grown herbs.

  349. My messy little herb drawer holds a small collection of small glass jars I fill with bulk herbs from the health food store and an assortment of can’t-do-without-herbs I buy. For the most part I grow the majority of herbs I use in my year-around-garden here in Hawaii. I love the new herb jars – they’d make great gifts. I’m going to look for them immediately.

  350. Oh…I would so love these! I currently store my herbs in old spice jars. But, these…oh…so much nicer and more practical.

  351. my bulk spices are kept in a cupboard that i also keep my infusing whatevers. the jars are mismatched but functional for my needs. the convenient cupboard in kitchen is on the other hand quite a mess of grocery jars, small jelly jars, etc. then nifty little beauties just now showed up in some stores here and are quite expensive, so it would sure be wonderful to win a first set

  352. I bought a wall hanging spice rack from Costco years ago (though it never actually made it on the wall!). Additionally, I have a huge shelf in my cupboard filled with spices in their original containers. I would love to have some of these cute little jars!

  353. It’s all a mish-mosh, with excess from bulk buys in tubs scattered hither and yon. Oh, my poor herby babies, you are too old, I only like them NEWBORN *salivates over spice deliveries*

  354. I store my herbs in old spice jars, just mis matched jars, some small canning jars – all glass. I’d love to have a set of these new jars!

  355. I store herbs in all kinds of things…glass jars, the plastic ones the ones from the store came in, bags for some bulk stuff, it is a big old crazy storage mess in my spice cabinet! Actually it is pretty organized, but it isn’t all matchy matchy or pretty….

    Someone had told me about these already and I’d love to try them. I also recently learned that a parm cheese shaker lid will fit on a mason jar! Now I need to get my friends who go through those jars to save the lids for me. I might end up with my own little spice jars if I don’t win πŸ™‚

  356. My husband and father made me the best spice racks for my cabinet door that is longer than a standard door.

  357. Our herbs are in the bottles they came in from the store or, if they’re home grown, they get stored in plastic containers that don’t fit well with the other spice jars. These Ball spice jars look pretty cool to me!

  358. These days I store in bulk bags since I ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs enough spices for ages. But mason jars are so good for almost anything that these would be a great addition to my overflowing spice rack.

  359. I have some of those ikea spice holders that use magnets to stick to the fridge. I’ve learned you can only use those for larger piece spices. Fine grain gets in the lid and makes them impossible to open. So, have those, some in a drawer, some on the stove. Drives me crazy but haven’t worked out a system yet.

  360. I use all kinds of empty jars, including older Ball and Kerr jars. Any jar that is clean and has no odor, with a tight fitting lid, is fair game. I grow a lot of herbs and those I don’t I buy in bulk, so I tend to collect old jars.

  361. These look interesting! I just planted my first herb garden this year and it is doing magnificently! Would love to have some jars to store herbs and to fill up as gifts!


  362. I keep everyday spices in a traditional masala box. The rest I store in glass and plastic containers.

  363. I store mine upright in drawers and write the names on the lids. It’s excellent for visibility but I do have a few jars that are too tall.

  364. my spice cabinet is a combo of an awkward lazy Susan rack with my penzey’s spices crammed into it, and then a shelf of repurposed jars that hold larger spices and ones I’ve dried from my garden. it’s not ideal, so these do look interesting!

  365. I like to save spice jars then refill them from the bulk bins. I have also acquired a few special jars that are interesting shapes that I just can’t part with. I use them for “everyday” spices like cinnamon and kosher salt so I can admire their cuteness.

  366. I keep all of my herbs in a rolling cabinet next to my teeny kitchen. They need a forever home, but for right now this works.

  367. GREAT storage space! Someone was thinking outside the box!

    I love the little 4oz jars. Big time! I put the biggest part of what I can in them so that once a jar is opened it gets used up quickly. Since I have a ton of them I’m wondering if Ball sells the shaker-top lids separately or has any plans to?

    DON’T pick my name. I’m very well stocked with the jars. I just might want a few of the lids. ;>

    As for my spices and herbs, I keep my baking spices in a small lift down box in the cabinet above my baking area: I keep my savory herbs in cheap little CD boxes on a pullout by the stove in alphabetical order:

    One of the coolest herb and spice storage ideas I ever saw was this:

  368. I usually freeze the herbs that freeze well and use the others fresh, but this year, I’ve expanded my herb garden, so I’d like to explore drying too!

  369. Wow, these are great! Right now I’m using a combination of spice jars from Ikea and a revolving spice rack set that I got as a gift several years ago. One of these days I’m going to figure out a way to coordinate them all though!

  370. Spice storage is the bane of my kitchen currently! I need to get one putting together one of those magnetic screw top jars attached to the refrigerator or wall systems. The spice jars are eating my cabinet whole! πŸ™‚

  371. I have those magnetic spice tins on my fridge and I hate them! They are messy and obnoxious, and not at all what I had hoped. I’m still looking for the perfect solution to spices! These may come close!

  372. These would certainly be an upgrade from the recycled baby food jars and grocery store spice jars that I use to both store and give away the herbs from our garden. Am totally with you on the jar style-love the smooth sides!

  373. I’m very excited for these jars! I already store my spices in the 4 oz canning jars, but they don’t stack well so I can only stack them two high. I already have plenty of this size of jar though; I wonder if they’ll sell just the lids?

  374. I re-did my entire spice cupboard in the last jar. I used the 4 and 8oz ball jars. Love the look of everything matching and pretty!

  375. I usually store spices and herbs in leftover jars – jams, jelly, pickle, what-have-you. One thing they miss is those shakers though.

  376. Canning jars (ranging from half pint to quart) line the backsplash area of my kitchen counters in colorful and convenient stacks. I love storing herbs and other dry foods this way because they remain fresh, create a beautiful display, and I am always aware of what I have on hand / I don’t forget to use items that are easily lost in a packed cupboard. πŸ™‚

  377. Any jar I can get my hands on that are clean with a metal lid. I got a hold of some old small jam jars at a yard sale that are square and they are perfect, but not nearly enough! Stackable is a fabulous benefit! Love them!

  378. All my store-bought herbs and spices are still in their original containers. It bugs me though since they’re not all uniform in size and shape. I’m excited that Ball has come out with these jars!

  379. I ashamedly admit that, aside from my standard spice rack, I store my other spices in the baggies I got them in (from the bulk section of my co-op), all jammed together in one big bag, and, more often than not, unlabeled. Yikes. πŸ™‚

  380. I buy each spice in a pretty glass jar once, and then refill the pretty spice jar when it empties. Thank you for the giveaway!

  381. I store my herbs and spices in small glass jars recycled from wherever I can find them. Sometimes small canning jars, sometimes jars from previous spice purchases, and I have some jars that I don’t remember the original source of. The jars get labeled on the top and are stored in a relatively shallow drawer. Easy to find!
    The new Ball jars and lids look like just what’s needed for the herb storage task!

  382. Awesome! I store my herbs & spices in a variety of reused old spice jars, ball jars, and Penzey’s jars. I’d love to someday consolidate to a single jar system!

  383. I have a mish-mash of repurposed glass jars holding my herbs/blends. I adore the wide mouth 1/2 pt jars already, so the shaker lids make them all the more perfect!

  384. I love to go to Zerns in Boyertown and get fresh spice from the spice stand. I would love to add these cute jars to my spice shelf

  385. I would be super happy if Ball kicked those quilted 4 ounce jars to the curb and only sell the plain ones they are using with these herb jars. They are so much nicer. And I use a variety of old Ball jars and glass honey jars for herb storage. Although I did just get the 1/2 gallon jars for storing my dried mint and fruits in. I need another half dozen of them now.

  386. My spices are stored mostly in store containers, but the home-grown ones are in re-purposed baby food jars and ziploc baggies. I’d love to try these Ball jars out!

  387. I dry and powder many of my own herbs and spices. I store them in Ball jars and it is a bit of a hassle removing the entire lid when I use them. These look like just the ticket. I really need to get some.

  388. Ohhhh! I love these. I get all my spices from the bulk counter at Whole Foods, so I never have any containers to put them in, therefore I have a container of spices in my pantry. I love the idea of having a smaller container for them instead of being buried in the spin bin. Thanks for the chance to win these and I will definitely be looking out for these.

  389. My spices are not stored very well. Either from the bottles they came in from the store or in plastic bags. These would be great to have!

  390. I just bought the 4-pack at Fred Meyer last weekend! They are great!

    Some of our spices are in the jars they came in, some in plastic bags, some that we grew are in envelopes in the pantry!!! Obviously, I need to bring order to the spice chaos… More jars would help!

  391. It had been quite a hodge-podge of jars and envelopes until I recently ordered a set of 4oz jars from Fillmore Container. So, while the appearance is getting better, the location is still bad – I have a shelf over the stove. I know the heat and humidity are not ideal, but since this is the only spot I have, I try to just buy small amounts frequently.

  392. I tend to use old condiment jars for the bulk and home-dried herbs, but I’m not going to lie: I also keep a lot of my spices in the little plastic bags from the bulk section. Maybe I can upgrade with some Kootsacs and Ball Dry Herb Jars!

  393. I usually buy spices from Penzeys and they come in economical plastic bags. I usually leave them in the bag and store them alphabetically in baskets in my pantry.

  394. These are awesome! I would love to replace my current mish mash of glass, plastic etc with some of these.

  395. Fantastic product!!! My current storage is a mess – bags from the cash & carry mixed with jars from the store. One minor quake and my house is going to smell very different!

  396. Our spices are in the jars we bought them in, sorted into CD/DVD crates by how often we use them. I can fit 4 crates on a shelf, and it’s much easier to find what I need than when we just kind of threw them in the cabinet.

  397. I use them for everything! Spices are stored in the small jars and I reuse the tops to shaker pram cheese

  398. *most* of my spices are on an elfa rack on my door in jars (would love an invite to the pinterest board to share a photo)
    the rest are in bags, jars and freezer baggies….
    love the organization of the elfa but i have too many spices to fit them all…(because, as some of you can probably relate—i get excited when i am at Penzeys and buy too much, lol)

  399. My herb and spice storage is very random and unorganized. I use recycled store bought spice containers, small and large mason jars, plastic baggies only if I must and any small odd shaped glass jars from mustard, jams and esp. glass tiny gourmet food jars.
    These sound like a dream, and ditto on the tiny smooth sided jars!

  400. I saw these jars at the store and wondered if they were worth purchasing. I appreciate your thoughtful review! Now I need to buy several packages!

  401. I too use canning jars for a lot of mine. I also save those cool corked wide mouth bottles from fancy salt and use them for spices.

  402. Been storing my herbs & spices in Ball canning jars for about 30 years.. and my mom did before me & her mom before her… its a family tradition!

  403. I use a random assortment of jars with tops that I like and have accumulated over the years. I wish they matched! I just have them in a drawer in the pantry.

  404. I store some of mine in the freezer and the rest in spice jars in a cabinet. I hate it, though…they don’t stack! These look great πŸ™‚

  405. I have a fairly large pantry that needs remodeling (dry wall, unstained shelving) so right now my herbs and spices are in random jars and little baggies in a shallow cardboard box. I’m hoping to get a wall-mounted spice rack and some more jars soon.

  406. I have a magnetic panel backsplash behind my stove and magnetic spice jars stuck up there. So easy to grab and use while cooking. The lids are clear so I can see what’s inside, and my sweet hubby even labeled them and alphabetized them. It’s visually attractive as well. Most people that see it think its the coolest feature. I will try to share a picture.

  407. I found two old magazine racks and I use them to store my spice jars. I have other spices I bought in plastic baggies which are hanging off of magnetic hooks on the side of my fridge.

  408. Why, in JARS, of course! All kinds of jars, but frequently the ones which are slightly chipped. Or the antique jars. And some strange but pretty ones.

  409. I am super jealous of your spice shelves! I personally store my spices all crammed into a single cabinet shelf, with an organization system no one but me understands. Since I buy them in bulk, I reuse a mishmash of old jars. (I actually brought home a couple empty spice jars this week after helping a moving friend unpack her kitchen…er. Yes.) These jars look perfect for spice storage–thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  410. Ooh, neat! I just store mine in their little plastic baggies they arrived in but these jars look MUCH better.

  411. I just store them in the containers they come in and just refill with bulk spices. The jars look pretty awesome though. Way easier to refill!

  412. I currently keep my spices in their original jars/cans and stash them in a drawer or lazy susan in a cupboard. Not too exciting. Those little jars are adorable!!!

  413. I use empty canning jars. Depending on the herb or spice and how often I use it depends on my jar size. Most are in a 8 oz jar.

  414. I buy most of my dry herbs and spices online in bags, since it’s much cheaper than buying them in jars. I currently store them in mason jars with the traditional two-piece canning lids, where they fall over in my pantry when I slide the tray out. These new lids would be perfect!

  415. I’ve been using jars of all kinds from pre-packaged spice jars to mason jars – all of which reside in two re-purposed clementine “cuties” boxes used as bins in my cupboard!

  416. I store mine in a variety of jars and containers. I’ve got a massala tin, old jars from Dean and Deluca in NY and a few other view top tins of the Indian persuasion. The Ball jar solution is a nifty one.

  417. I basically have a bunch of plastic containers corralled in the ice cube maker bin from the freezer. Although, several of the commonly used ones don’t quite make it back into the bin and keep trying to leap onto me when I open the cabinet. Although, the garlic powder lives on the counter next to the salt and pepper because I use it so much.

  418. I keep them in old glass jars that once held spices and herbs, after I’ve given them a thorough cleaning to avoid cross-contamination.

  419. Mine are currently a mess. Some are in the original containers, some in mason jars (without shaker tops) and some are in lovely labeled glass spice bottles (given to me filled as a wedding gift from my parents)–all crammed into a cupboard with no organization whatsoever.

  420. I have these little magnetic spice jars that stick to the side of my fridge. Although, we only have enough for about half our spices, so the rest are just stacked in the cupboard in the original store packaging (be that bottles or bags).

  421. I store my spices primarily in old store-bought jelly jars. I have them in a deep drawer and I label the top with the name of the spice. What a cute idea Ball has for spice containers!

  422. I’ve got a mishmash of small jars going for spices (and agree about the quilting on the Ball 4ozs, ugh!) and would LOVE to switch over to these! The shaker lids alone make me swoon…

  423. I’ve got a lot of old Bonne Maman jam jars that house spices we use a lot of (like cumin and Aleppo pepper for my Middle-Eastern husband). Otherwise it’s a mishmash! Love your pantry storage.

  424. My spices generally just stay in the bottles they came in (ie the bottles McCormick put them in), though I do have the occasional spice that I bought in bulk that needs a new home once it gets back from the supermarket. But I do have they on a spice rack that I got from a flea market years ago that has made several moves with me to various grad schools and back. It’s a wooden corner rack that’s hanging next to the back door over the recycling bin, so it has old timey charm and takes advantage of space that would otherwise have to go unused (rather a plus in my very small kitchen).

  425. I use mostly “recycled” (read that reused) jars of all sorts, 4 oz quilted canning jars (I agree these smooth ones are much cooler) and a few nice purchased oval spice jars. I would love to switch over to these new jars.

  426. I store my herbs and spices in mason jars (big surprise!). I use the white plastic lids as well as other lids I find that fit. I love the new jars, they will come in very handy!

  427. My spices look similar to your cupboard. I have bought some of the new jars and LOVE them. So …gradually…I am changing over.

  428. I usually buy my spices in an Indian store. They come in small plastic bags. When I get home I transfer them to plastic spice jars. These will surely come in handy

  429. I store most of my spices in small glass spice jars which I keep organized (alphabetically) in stacking bamboo boxes in my pantry. It works but isn’t ideal – the mouth of the jars is too small for a tablespoon. I’d love to get my hands on these new jars, I think they would work much better for me.

  430. I have a RANDOM assortment of things, some glass, some in their original containers, a few bags. I would like to get organized and simplify by having stacking jars! Those are so cute!

  431. I store them in all sorts of little jars that I’ve collected, and I just redid my kitchen so they have their own pull-out drawer in a cabinet. And they’re alphabetized.

  432. I store mine in the jars they came in, mostly, though that ranges from 8″ high bulk spices I buy to the dinky little McCormick’s small jars. I know I need a better solution, but haven’t found one yet that I’m happy with.

  433. I have devoted the entire bottom shelf of a large cabinet to my spices and herbs. I bought those little step shelves to line the cabinet, giving me five tiers from front to back. It’s still not enough room, but perhaps it’s time for a little spring cleaning in there. I buy most of my spices and herbs in bulk, so empty jars are always needed!

  434. I grow and dry most of my own herbs and seasonings and I reuse old containers and I would love to have more organization and especially stackable jars!!!

  435. I use a combination of the original jars, and various cute little jars that I have accumulated. The single serving ketchup bottles from hotels work beautifully for this!

  436. Happy Anniversary. My 4th year is today. πŸ™‚
    I store my herbs in a very haphazard way…they are usually dried on plates and then never officially transferred to anything permanent…which leaves me wasting herbs and making quite a mess in the kitchen.

  437. My spice storage is whatever container is empty, clean and approximately the correct size when I bring home spices. So unorganized and it drives me nuts!

  438. I store them in original jars in 3 baskets in my cupboard (ones I use everyday, ones I sometimes use, and ones I hardly ever use).

  439. I keep most of my spices in small Weck jars, but while pretty, something with a shaker would be much more convenient for some.

  440. Mostly I reuse old spice jars, the most heavily used of which go in a spice rack near the stove and the lesser used jars go in a lovely spice chest my brother made me.

  441. Wish they sold just the lids so I could put them on all my pint & quart jars of summer-grown and dried herbs!

  442. I store in both glass and plastic bottles, but the herbs i buy in bulk i put in ball jars and sometimes dry seal them with theFoodsaver attachment for Ball jars.

  443. I use the jars from a spice set and then just refill them or re-label for a new spice. It is ok, but these jars look awesome!

  444. I do like (and refill) the jars that Penzey products come in, alas, I tend to go for economy, often, and buy the spices in their plastic sacks. Plastic sacks (mostly) also for the bulk bin purchases (where I never seem to get exactly the 2 tsp or whatever it is I need). The plastic sacks no longer congregate in the paper sack from Penzey’s. They have moved into IKEA metal boxes that take up too much space. I know, I know shelf life is limited and I need to edit severely…

  445. I store my herbs and spices in ball jars with the white plastic ball tops. I’m really excited to see these!!!!!

  446. I store them in any recycled jar that I have in my cupboard. Having jars with shaker holes would be awesome!

  447. Whatever I do not grow and dry myself is purchased from a local shop. Unfortunately, all the bulk items come in plastic bags. Since I do not have any extra canning jars(yet!) I just stick the bulk bags into a small box in the pantry, otherwise they’ll slip through my wire shelving. I definitely need some of these, whether I win the giveaway or not. It’s a perfect solution for my needs!!

  448. I keep my dry herbs in the little plastic “jewel” bags that I buy them in bulk at my local food coop. They are a mess. I need something like this.

  449. We have a magnetic sheet on the inside of the door of one of our cupboards and have metal tins with herbs. Of course those don’t hold much so we have a hodge podge of different sized containers on the lazy susan and in the pantry. These jars would be a great addition and would clean up how we store some of ours.

  450. I bought a set of circular containers with spices already in them from TJ Maxx a few years ago, then I glued magnets on the back and stuck them to a square piece of metal I bought at Lowe’s. It came in a sheet about a foot by two feet, so I had my dad slice it in half and round the edges plus drill a couple holes to nail it to the wall.

  451. My spices and herbs are in tupperware spice containers. I like them but this ball set is a step up because they are glass. Just came home from shopping and almost bought a set of these, but decided to think about it some more. Just maybe . . . I will win this set πŸ™‚

  452. These are awesome! I use a bunch of mix and match Ikea spice jars and some just the jars or bags they came in!

  453. I store my herbs in canning jars, and most of my dry goods as well. In hindsight, I should have registered for canning jars as wedding gifts–they’re really that essential to me.

  454. I have an 1870 bin table (with two pull out round metal bins for onions and potatoes) that I bought at a garage sale for nothing. All of my spice jars happen to fit neatly in its drawers.

  455. So for my go to spices I have a fabric panel that I sewed pockets into, in each pocket is a test tube full of spices with a cork in the top. I love it, it has small enough volume that I am forced to buy spices regularly and it looks snazzy.

  456. I store my dried herbs in kerr/ball canning jars along with my other spices. I store everything in canning jars. I am almost plastic free

  457. Last year was the first year I had a garden. It was my first time growing and drying herbs. After I dried them I went to several stores looking for something like these jars from Ball. I could not find what I wanted and ended up using other small jars. These will be ideal, just the right size and have the convenient shaker top!

  458. I store mine in more conventional shaped spice jars, but I also have way too many spices, so some of them are still in the little bags (or bags from bulk bins) that I bought them in… My spice collection is an eclectic mess, so I could definitely use these herb jars!

  459. My spices currently reside in homemade spice jars that I created from neodymium magnets and small glass jars with metal lids. I love them, but they are getting old and the magnets keep popping off, so I’m excited about these jars – something new that might work even better!

  460. Mine are sort of mish-mash. Some in jars in a drawer, some in containers in the pantry. Those little spice jars look great!

  461. My spices are slowly invading my cabinet next to the stove. I swear, they have babies in there while the door’s shut.

  462. Um….yeah!!! Lots of my spices are in small mason jars with the plastic screw top lids. Definitely more user friendly to have the ‘spice’ lid!! Also have various spices in various sizes of smaller jars and some just don’t ever make it out of the bag I purchased them in from bulk!

  463. I store my spices in mason jars, but if I had these jars I would use them for canning little dipping sauce jars like ketchup and plum sauce.

  464. Would be handy for all the fresh herbs I dry from the Farmer’s Market. Sure looks better than plastic baggies =
    And I totally agree, Ball should switch all the 4oz jars to these nice smooth sided ones.

  465. Wow, those are awesome! I store some in the freezer and some on the pantry door and some on the counter. Depending on frequently they are used is where they are stored.

  466. Some in the jars they came in, some in spice jars I’ve recycled when empty, and when I mix up spice rubs… Anything I can find… Baggies, empty jars, plastic containers. These ball spice jars would be perfect!

  467. Ooh, I love the smooth sided jars too! My spices and herbs are currently a big jumble in the jars/bags they come in, all jammed in a shelf that’s over my head, so it’s a total gamble whether or not I’ll find what I want without dropping everything else all over the stove. Some organization and fancy jars could only help matters!

  468. Glass jars, of course! I have glass jars from Penzey’s for most of my herbs and spices. These squat jars would be very handy.

  469. I store mine in bags from the bulk section, old glass jars that used to contain salsa and tomato sauce, the jars they came in, whatever I can find and keep them fresh in the pantry. I need a more organized approach, in addition to a way to keep them fresher longer.

  470. Most are in the jar they came in…herbs that I dry from my garden usually go in the 1/2 pt. mason jars. Some spices from bulk bin go in whatever I can find, recycle or just a plastic bag. What a mess! New homes should come with built in spice racks like yours!

  471. I primarily store spices in glass jars – including recycled jars with the old faded labels that my mom had on the shelf when I was growing up in the 1970’s. I also use tiny jars for those handful of things that are in the spice drawer in the kitchen that I use sparingly most of the time – nutmeg nuts, ground rosemary, etc. In the storage pantry are the old spice tins for cinnamon sticks whole cloves and other winter time spices. There is also the backstock in bigger glass jars for cinnamon and cumin we buy by the half pound and the gift of colorful paprika tins from eastern Europe that have been reused for more paprika. It is a bit of an organized chaos and those lovely sized jars would be perfect to make more order of the hodgepodge.

  472. These look awesome. I use old spice bottles/jars for mine. We try to stick to similar spices, because the taste never fully washes out, but I still shudder because I’m using plastic. Ugh. For my fresh-grown herbs.

  473. These look great! I have been using blackboard chalk painted onto the tops of my jars…but they tend to smear! is it cilantro? or parsley? hard to tell

  474. I store mine in the bottles they come in, but since I planted my first herb garden this year these would be fantastic!

  475. I’ve mostly been storing my herbs & spices in the garden bed right against the house! We’re lucky enough to live in a mild climate where we can grow most of the herbs & spices we use, aside from pepper, salt, & cinnamon. When I do get around to drying the herbs, I mostly re-use small jars – old spice jars from the grocery store, small Mason/Bell jars, little jars of who-knows-what from the condiment section of a touristy-type shop. I also send herbs & spices from the garden to friends who live far away, which means we go through those re-used jars from time to time.

  476. I mostly store herbs and spices in their original glass jars. Recently I have taken to using canning jars for some of my homemade mixes like taco seasoning. These jars would be great!

  477. our spices are pretty willy nilly. lots of little glass jars, a few in tiny plastic baggies. we do often buy in bulk and just re-fill our glass jars. thank you for the giveaway!

  478. I store mine in an embarrassing array of PLASTIC. Aaagh. But I am
    Sooo excited about these jars you have no idea! Hope I can find them locally soon!

  479. I use a variety of glass jars, some canning jars of different styles and some old “refrigerator jars” (have a neat red and white lids). Love the shakers!

  480. I have a spice cupboard and a drawer that is overflowing. I’m totally addicted to Penzey’s spices…I typically buy the small bags and then move them in the small canning jars…I put the label on top. I did just see where someone painted the tops of lids with chalkboard paint — allowing you to write on/write off.

  481. I store all my herbs and spices in Mason jars or reused glass jars that seal well. I am on a limited budget but I have accumulated quite a collection by buying small quantities of various herbs and spices from the bulk section of my local Winco store.
    I would love these little jars for some of my home made spice blends.

  482. Oh, those look awesome. I have a hanging metal rack, which I hang my fresh herbs to dry, but could use a way to store them once they are dry.

  483. I just cleaned up my spice drawer by getting rid of all the bulk bags. I now have spices in small stainless steel tins, old glass spice jars, ball jars, you name it. I love little jars and can’t quit buying them.

  484. I have no fancy herb storing technique, just a small shelf that holds them in the jars they come in. I have a friend however, who bought a bunch of little tin canisters with magnets on the bottoms so she can store her herbs on her refrigerator. They have clear tops so she can see whats in them and it looks a lot nicer than the random magnets on my fridge!

  485. Storage is a work in progress at our home. Try to store the small Penzy’s spice jars and mark with a “R” on the lid for the refill spices available that are kept in the freezer for freshness. Is this the correct way? Still learning about them all….

  486. Right now they are stored in the small jars they come packaged in. My neighbor and I are starting to grow herbs this year so I would love these to store them in!

  487. I store my herbs an spices in any glass jar I can find..mason jars..empty olive jars..any jar that comes into my home that is made of glass I reuse by store ing my herbs an spices an any home made mixs. It would be great to have jars made to store spices into ..

  488. I usually leave them in their original jars, but I always right the date on the bottle when I open it. I also store them on a rotating lazy susan in my pantry for easy access.

  489. I MADE my spice jars in a ceramics class. They hold 4 oz each so I buy or dry in bulk.
    Unfortunately, if I don’t have a jar made for a particular spice, it sits in a bag crammed down the side. I would love some other stackable jars that have dispensing lids. How cool! My former jars were tiny mason jars in a drawer and the lids were the only thing that I would have changed. What a great new product!

  490. Small mason jars, small plastic containers, small random glass containers… just about anything that’s small and fits in my too small spice cupboard. πŸ™‚

  491. I use some World Market jars right now, nothing fancy. Also sad to say I store extra in zip lock bags ….Oh, no! So as you can see I NEED these ball spice jars!!!

  492. I use old spice jars or cheap jars I get from World Market to hold my garden spices. But I love jars in general…and my girlfriend goes nuts when I have jars with nothing in them πŸ™‚

  493. The glass jars they came in. I created some of my own blends (like for tacos) and these would be perfect for those!

  494. I store mine in the jars they come in & use Tupperware bacon keepers to hold the assortment. Can take out a whole tray at once. Keep baking spices in one, cooking spices in two others.

  495. I actually recently purchased a tiered shelf so I could see all of the spice jars I have in my cupboard. It makes things so much easier when you’re too short to see into the back without a stepladder!

  496. Heavily used spices like salt & pepper, as well as other baking needs such as baking powder and homemade blends, I keep in mason jars. Other spices are generally kept in their original jars, but I’ve been thinking about moving all of my spices to mason jars, if only to make it easier to measure out. I think these jars may be just what I’ve been looking for.

  497. My pantry shelf looks so much like yours! Mason jars of old, blue, new, with plastic, zinc, and some wire topped lids. Love them all!